Page 274 – We failed

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Page 273 – Messenger

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Page 272 – Forever alone

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Page 271 – Very bad!

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We also have a small announcement! We're working on a new version of our website. With the big update we're planning to close our forum. Please, make sure to copy and save from it anything that's important to you. We'll be reminding about it in the future and will leave the forum working for an additional week after the update, but we thought it'd be better to give you a heads up.

Page 270 – Power nap

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Page 269 – Going down.

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Page 268 – Aiming skills

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We were incredibly (and very pleasantly!) surprised when we found those two lovely ladies cosplaying as Hati and Skoll. It was the first time anyone ever cosplayed as our characters so it's super-exciting. Hopefully you'll like their photos as much as we did!

Page 267 – Shoot him!

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It's been a very busy period for us all. Kate has been very sick, Ann and Jessi found new jobs... and we have something new to show you!

Through the last month Kate and Ann have been working really hard at CD Projekt RED. We're both assigned to the mobile-games department and we're the only concept/2D artist there so far. Which makes us even prouder to announce that our game - The Witcher Battle Arena just launched in closed beta! If you own an android device and would like to test it (and see our art in action), please, follow this link: The game will be released soon on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone completely for free!
To learn more visit the official webpage:

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