Finally new page is up. I would like to thank Jessi for helping me out with flat blocking. Jessi you are awesome. From other news Kate got a new computer. She needs few days to set everything up but I think it's safe to say we are now back to regular updates!

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Ok so I think I should update you guys to what is going on - or at least do it more officially than in comments. Two weeks ago Kate's computer caught on fire. That alone obviously sucks but we also were unsure if we had all the "Off-white" files backed on my computer and external hard drives. Fortunately we have. Kate's computer could not be repaired but she already ordered a new one. It will take between a week or two before it arrives. In the meantime I’ll try to finish at least two pages on my own. So yeah, that's the situation.
For now - here, have a very ancient watercolour piece I've painted when "Off-white" was just starting out. I've found it while moving to a new apartment. Now you can all marvel at its sloppiness. Before you ask - no, I don't know how to make it bigger. Kate is the one who knows how to code the website. I'm just hoping I didn't break anything.

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emblaA emblaB We're still working on the newest page so in the meantime here is another work in progress of the possible Embla design. Let us know what do you think :3
You can find previous takes on the character here: link and here: link.

Check out this amazing fan video about Jera and Raigho by the lovely OnionEyedGoat!

Well, that was unexpected. A wonderful fan art video from our local firestarter Gehn! Thank you for this glorious (and hilariously accurate) mash-up!

And worry not, our dear readers! The Grail has been found! It was behind the couch all along. Now that we're done with searching it, we can go back to working on OFF-WHITE. Expect a new page this weekend!

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