The comic

OFF-WHITE is a fantasy comic written and drawn by Jessi Derenthal, Anna Podedworna and Katarzyna Redesiuk. The realm in which the story takes place is a mixture of loosely interpreted Norse mythology and original ideas of the authors. The main plot line revolves around a pack of wolves led by their alpha to meet a mysterious sage, who is going to decide about the destiny of the youngest member of the group.

The beginning

The comic started as a 5 page one-shot. At first it was going to be only a drawing practice, but it met such a warm reception from deviantART users, that soon more pages were released. The first page was released back in June of 2008. The comic is still updated and we try to do it as regularly as possible. At the moment the first pages are slowly being redone due to the major art quality improvement in the newest chapters.

The technique

Even though at the very beginning, the sketches for the comic were done on paper, now it’s made completely digitally. At the moment we’re using Photoshop CS3 and Corel Painter 11. The canvas we’re working on is A3 format in 300dpi, though the target format for printing is A5 hence the simple panelling – small size, less panels.

The inspirations

The beginnings of the comic were very chaotic and because of that we drew from various sources. From the most obvious inspiration – the Norse myths and legends, through love for the winter scenery and mountains, to all sorts of movies, animations and books, we took bits and pieces of impressions to create something of our own. An honourable mention should go to ‘journey’ stories like Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Wolf’s Rain, Watership Down or The Animals Of Farthing Wood for creating an amazing atmosphere and also to artistic output of companies like Disney, Studio Ghibli or Dreamworks for great interpretations of shapes, movement and mimic.

The future

The story we want to tell should close in 3 volumes 200-250 pages each. We’re planning to publish in print the first volume only after we finish it and redo all the oldest pages that need both visual and story-telling tweaks.