Hello everyone!
It's been a while since we wrote anything personal here, but today is important to us and we'd like to share with you some very good news!

We've been working on Off-White for almost 6 years now. During this time our lives gradually changed, and we've acquired new responsibilities. Ann is busy with creating a museum design for her major degree in architecture, and Kate works full time on the newest Witcher game. With all that keeping up with a regular update schedule became more and more challenging. Because we are still very committed to this project, we felt that we've been letting our readers down lately. We've decided it's time to make some changes. To keep the updates regular we've invited a new member to our team! Today we welcome Jessi as our new artist and writer!

Here's a few words from her:

Hey Off-White readers!

You’ve probably seen me around, especially in the comment section for the past couple of years. And for some of you more experienced, long-time readers, you’ve seen me in both of the Off-White forums as both user and Global Mod. I’ve been reading Off-White since 2009 and not only have I forged a strong friendship with Kate and Ann, but I’ve met plenty of wonderful (sometimes hilarious) fellow fans that have also become dear friends of mine. This comic and this community have been a pretty important part of my life, and even though I may not participate very often as of late, I still check the site at least once a day to see what’s going on.

And with that, it’s a huge honor to be brought aboard the Off-White team! Kate and Ann have been long time role models of mine. They’ve offered critique, advice, and even taught me all sorts of things to better myself artistically, and I feel like I can finally repay them for all the headaches I’ve caused them! I feel like they’ve awarded me with a new way to better myself by allowing me to work on this project with them, and I hope to do all of y’all proud. Happy reading, everyone!


With this change we hope to no longer have problems with hiatuses while one of us has to take a break from Off-White either because of work or private reasons. Give Jessi a warm welcome and visit her deviantart [link] and twitter [link], while we work on a new page of the comic! verymuchlovejessiyes

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  • Alteo

    Woah, congrats! I’ll look forward to your contribution to the comics :o

  • ArkaTheWolf

    Welcome Jessi! :)
    I hope Off-White will be more awsome now (Off White is amazing! *-*) with a new member!

  • Lex

    Congrats Jessi :)
    Can’t wait to see more pages that you’ll be working on :3

    • tanathe

      Jessi is our dear friend and she already helped us many times when we had too too much work! To give the closest possible example – the coloring and shading of characters on page 260 is all hers :D

      • PilotRA

        She did a great job on that!

      • Sporterra

        WAIT SERIOUSLY? Damn A+ job cause I thought one of you two did it.

      • Spiritstrike

        Wow, I didn’t see that coming and that is beautifully well done!

  • reddog f.13

    awesome. =]

    congrats jessi!!!

  • Carrot

    I can’t wait to see your work in the series! Congrats also!

  • PilotRA

    Congrats Jessi! :D I hope you have fun!

  • Darkcanine

    Congratulations, Jessi! You’re lucky to be up there working with them on the comic!

    • Maxim Wolf

      I don’t think she moved all the way to Poland. Pages might be sent to her for her to work on.

      • Darkcanine

        I think you misinterpreted my comment.

  • Sporterra

    ahhh this was adorable to read WELCOME TO THE SHOW JESSI c:

  • Golddragon983

    Congratulations Jessi!!! Glad to see you joining the Off-White team :)

  • LunaSibe

    Well it was about time we had someone else helping out with the comic! Welcome Jessi, feel yourself at home! :)

  • LunaSibe

    Off-topic: Today I was looking to buy some new t-shirts and suddenly I was thinking I wouldn’t mind at all to buy an off-white themed t-shirt… why don’t we have any t-shirts at the store yet? I’d sure get one! :P

    • Takeru Avila

      We should make silkscreen printings on shirts! :D

      • LunaSibe

        Yeah sure, why not? And it would probably get some extra fans for the comic too :)

        • Takeru Avila

          Well, I was planning to make the print of Iki, since he is like my favorite wolf character (that has clear definitive features), but…. I forget what happened, I did it of a regular wolf. Now that I think about it, I should’ve done OR-7. I like him, and he is not dead!!!! Squeeeeeee

  • Charo

    Hi Jessi!!

  • Natiss

    Wow, nie miałam pojęcia, że pracujecie nad Wiedźminem… Aż mnie zatkało z wrażenia. ;)

    Good luck, Jessi! Wish you all the best. ^^

  • jewish princess ✡

    Hey, can I interview Jesse for our group VKontakte by the Off-White?

    • Jane Lon

      Ого, русские здесь есть))))
      Простите, не удержалась)))

    • Maxim Wolf

      D: Oh mein Gott………….. Jessi hat ein Interview.

  • Sky Lily

    Congrats, Jessi!

  • Kitchi

    wow! Congrats, Jessi! :D

  • Rookamillion

    WOOP WOOP! Congratz gurl, you done made it big time! XD

  • SpazTomato13

    So glad to have you in our ‘army’. X3

    • Artista

      United, we shall overthrow the fandom called HOMESTUCK and DOMINATE THE EARTH!

      • Artista


      • SpazTomato13


  • Coyote Outlaw

    Congratulations, Jessi! :D
    Welcome to the team! <3

  • L3cargo

    Congratz, Jessi! :3

  • wolfie.g.28

    Congratulations Jessi!

    Also, does anyone else find it coincidental that the last page made was called “Changes” x3

  • SaitouuRyuuji

    Congrats. :D

  • soldierbob

    Congradumalations Jessi. Those of us still active on the forums wish you the best and look forward to your artistic contributions to the comic.

  • Fenix Porto Pontes

    This means the comic’s art style will change again? I hope for the better :3

    • Natiss

      Actually they said that shading and coloring on page 260 was all Jessi’s and honestly I haven’t noticed any difference. ;)

      • Fauna

        There is no page 260, we’re still at 267 :P

        • Natiss

          Oh, yeah, you’re right. But the latest page (the one updated at home site) is called 260 so I guess this is the one they were talking about down below in comments.

      • Fauna

        Acually never mind, it seems they just haven’t updated the comic page archive. Sorry!

      • Maxim Wolf

        that’s right. Besides, when other people are taken on into a project where they have to the art, they’ll copy the style of the art/coloring/shading and what not to match the style of the original artist to keep consistent. They kinda do the same when they convert manga and comics into anime or animations. That’s why you see “Character Designer so and so” in the credits. ^^

  • DurpDawg

    *reads first few sentences* OMG R DEY GUN QUIT
    (then) I’ve never seen Jessi in the comment section o.o

  • WhiteWolf

    Just think of it like there the 3 stooges alown there good two togather they where great and now all three there going to be unbeatable and hopefully unstoppable and congrats to all three of you it’s another step forword to what we all hope will be greatness

  • TheWolfsFate

    Congrats and welcome, Jessi!

  • White Anubis

    Congrats Jessi!

  • Alixandra

    Congratrs Jessi

  • Jayau

    Congrats Jessi! Your art is amazing, I’m sure you;ll be a great addition to the team and I look forward to the new pages.

    The only problem is, though…
    what can we call you guys now that Tankreon has a third member?

  • E.

    Welcome and congrats Jessi! :D

  • Fullmoonstar

    Congrats here again Jessi. I know that you will help to make Off-White even better:D

  • Maxim Wolf (schule)

    When I grow up I wanna be a Mod like you! :3

    • Darkcanine

      The terror! Jewish Gebo everywhere!

      • Maxim Wolf

        ………….I just got an idea……

        • Darkcanine

          Oh no.

          • Maxim Wolf

            Oh ja.

          • Artista

            And I will send my G.N. army after you. *phone rings* What? Uh-huh…yeah…WHAT!? What do you mean, “they’re refusing? …son… Oh, just cause she’s…. FINE! *hangs up* Apparently they refuse to attack a German lady because of ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’. I will get you one day, Maxim! But for now, I’mma steal Darkcanine’s soul.

          • Rookamillion

            WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! XD

          • Artista

            I will strip your soul from your body now. Start running… Angel of Death, attack! XD

  • winchester

    Witcheeer <3

  • Ayi82

    congrats Jessi!

  • Tia

    Whhhooooo jessi *throws confetti* :D

  • Lareyn

    Yaaaay!!! Jessi! :D Gratz!^^

  • Nick Lopez

    Welcome Jessi and I’m sure you’ll do OFF-WHITE proud.

    • Maxim Wolf

      She always does!

  • Rue

    Go Jessi! Your art is amazing!

  • Takeru Avila

    I knew something good was up when I saw your name at the Copyright on the bottom! Congratulations on being on the OW team!!! :D
    We need to come up with a new team name now, any suggestions guys? c:

    Also, love the picture of you three xD

  • flyteck

    Tankreonessi? How do we make three names into one omg
    But welcome to the team Jessi; you’re gonna do awesome!

  • InvisableDreamer22

    Yay! Great job on getting on the team Jessi. Congrats and good luck, i’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. :D

  • The Gray Watcher

    Heya Jessi!! Although it’s really not my place to say, but on behalf of not being on the team! Welcome!! :D haha ^^ It’ll be both fun and interesting too see both your artwork and story in “action”, Best of luck (although I don’t think you need luck) to work with Off-White.

    Cheers and Highfive from Norway :))

  • tudee


    • flyteck

      Sounds good, but kind of like an insult considering jank isn’t normally a good thing XD

      • Artista

        Janesreon? (Jah-ness-ree-ahn)

        • Sporterra

          Tankressi. =|

          • Artista

            Yes. =]

  • Aaron (Gehn)

    Hey, thanks for taking her on the team. She deserves it. Congratulations on the big promotion Jessi! Love you :D

  • Artista

    Congratulations, Jessi! I can’t wait to see pages you crank out.

  • Wolflover443


  • Heaven Scott

    Congrats Jessi, can’t wait to see the new page that you all come up with. Cheers and good luck

  • Maxim Wolf

    For Jessi!

    • Jessi

      Oh my gosh! Gebo Airlines offers the perfect solution to flightless birds!!

    • Rookamillion

      And on that day….Rook died of a cuteness overload. XD

  • Shichibi

    Congrats Jessi :3 !!!
    Even though, it is not such a big surprise XD, if I read correctly you already helped them out with a few pages here and there ^^.

  • Sky Lily

    I hate to sound greedy, but may I ask whatever happened to “Milk For The Ugly”? I’d really been looking forward to seeing that comic; I hope it wasn’t lost with Tanathe’s old computer. D:

    • tanathe

      It’s done, it looks great, and we might have another big announcement very soon ;)

      • Sky Lily

        Oh, that’s great to hear! And another big announcement? Sounds exciting :D

  • Ferox

    I’ve stuck with this comic since day one and I am so impressed about how far it’s come! But, I can’t find where it says the updates. Is it every ten days, or once a week? I don’t want to seem pushy–you can’t rush perfection (the definition of this comic) but I’m just curious since I check the site like five times a day. :P

  • blood


  • Iluq

    Jessi certainly has been around a while! She was in the box with Ginger and Elyn.
    Congrats Jessi! I’m looking forward to seeing more great things from you.

  • Jad’e

    YAY JESSI! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Best wishes to this new forged team :)

  • nightwood25

    My, my! Congrats, Jessi, and good luck with your projects, girls! I’m really happy you three are working together. :D

    I’m really looking towards to meeting you all someday. l3

  • HutchTheLupe

    GREAT!; now a Bunny, a Cat and a Bird are designers of a Wolfs comic, is a little ironic, dont you think?, anyway!, Contratulations jessi. i know you are going to do a exelent job! :D

    • Grammar Nazi

      It appears I have been summoned?

      • Artista

        Would you like to join my Fuhrer of Grammar Nazis? 8)

      • Rookamillion

        What Nazi dares invade this chat!? XD NOT WITH BJ BLASKOWICZ! XD

  • Ashamed of Myself For Hatred

    Is there a new schedule or are we still doing Saturdays? Either way, does anyone know when the next page is due? I’m not complaining, just curious. >.>

    • Takeru Avila

      Well, hopefully it’ll be soon c:
      Always nice to be excited about when the next page is, (and next comments xd)!

  • Pestka no log.

    Kate works on newest Witcher game? That’s so awesome.

  • CJ

    Congrats Jessi! Can’t wait to see more of your amazing artwork! :D

  • Kay

    Good Luck Jessi no pressure! These rabid readers shouldn’t bite (too hard at least) ;)

  • Tigerpawthecat

    waitng for the next awesome page. hoping it might be from jessi too :3

    also i made this XD because i was so bored…. blaergh

    • LunaSibe

      I like it! Looks a bit… surreal :)

  • HutchTheLupe

    “In the begining, the people fight each other arguin about the things on this comic, one day, the mighty Arkeon, put a end to all this arguins, using the powerful wearpon…The BanHammer…now, is your time to keep the peace in this comic, now, is your time to rise!, use this wearpon wisely, is strong, but at the same time, is dangerous”

    I was just a little boring, so i made for you Jessi, i already done one to Akreon, but now is my gift to you :3, i really hope you like it :D

    • feather

      omg this is so idiotic .. “whoever has a valid disagreement with anything of how poorly the comic’s time management is handled or suggests another alternative method to ease the frustration of fans…let’s just get rid of them! boom! problem solved!

      You know who else had that same sort of thinking to dealing a problem? Hitler.

      • HutchTheLupe

        what? why you take this things so serious, is just a joke its start long ago, when 3 persons in this comic start to arguin and insulting each other, i try to stop them, but i cant do nothing, anyway, Akreon had to ban one of this persons, and i made a similar image. is not a suggest, is just a joke, if you take this kind of things so personal, is not my trouble.

  • Artista

    Jessi, do u think Jera’s nickname should be Lime Eyes?

  • Anon

    Ah yes…. “No delays from now!”
    What happened?

    • LunaSibe

      Technically it’s still not delayed since their average time per page is 1 week and a half. It’s just not any faster, for now. Perhaps for the page after the next, it will be a bit faster? Just be patient, we aren’t really paying them to finish the comic… it’s their work and they haven’t made any contract, they have the right to finish it at their own rhythm. Heck, if they didn’t want they could have even decided to not put it here page by page…

    • Takeru Avila

      When did you expect it to appear?

  • Yamidami

    Welcome and congrats Jessi :)
    All good things come in threes :D

  • wicki

    More please

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