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Hey guys.
We finally reached the last page of volume 1. From next week on we’ll continue with updating existing pages, starting chronologically from the first chapter.
There’s around 100 pages that are going to be redone completely since we find both their art and writing not up to our current standards. Get ready for some scene changes and a bit more info about the OFF-WHITE world.
As much as we know that long-going comics always undergo art evolution, we’d like to publish ours one day and deliver as high quality product as possible.

Thank you very much for sticking around and stay tuned for more updates.

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Hello dear readers, it’s been a while!

We are happy to announce we are ready to get back to posting Off-white.

First things, first: you may wonder what happened to us. The answer is overwhelmingly simple – we were just insanely busy with work. We really do enjoy working on this comic but it’s not the only thing we have going on right now.
That’s why this white wolf:

had to temporarily take a back seat and let this white wolf get a bit more of our attention:

Both Ann and Kate worked on Witcher 3 and The Witcher Battle Arena as illustrators and concept artists, so hopefully you got to see some of the work we did there!

So yeah, after the hiatus we finally managed to catch up a bit with the comic. We even have a few pages ready in advance to ensure more regular updates.

Another thing you might have noticed is the fact that we’ve finally updated our website. It’s been a long time since we’ve refreshed the coding of the page. Hopefully everything will run smoother now.
Unfortunately due to the new architecture of the website all the old comments had to go (sorry, we really did try to move them!). We also got rid of the forum and the cast page. The former, as we warned in previous updates, is gone forever. The latter needs some refreshing and will be back… soon-ish. If you find any bugs or broken links, please let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the new page, the new website and please, don’t kill us.