• Darkcanine

    Miscolored Jera is miscolored.

    • HellhoundMutt

      That’s not Jera. It’s Raigho.

      • flyteck

        That’s called sarcasm my friend

        • HelklhoundMutt

          I didn’t know that was two months before this was uploaded. I should’ve paid attention to the date. XD

      • I don’t think they created a new page for the updated cover, just replaced the old image, which would make sense since this comment is from two months ago.

        • HellhoundMutt

          Oh, right. I didn’t notice that was two months old. I though they had meant this version. Now it makes sense. XD

      • He’s referring to the Chapter Cover before it was updated. (2months ago)

  • Behold this relic of a past life!

  • TheRebelLion96

    It’s been too long–for a recap?

  • Blue

    Beautiful <3

  • Niamh Sinclair

    Woah 😀

  • anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone noticed.. but some of the tears are silhouettes of wolves.

    • Leandro Evequoz

      Oh that is true.

    • Hitler

      That’s the first I noticed.

    • Artista

      I think I just saW
      w Munin.

  • Leandro Evequoz

    YES!! :3 this is A.W.E.S.O.M.E

  • Eeyy, tiny wolf! 😀
    Also, gaze upon Raigho’s untouched beau face!

    • Artista

      Raigho is everyone’s bae now.

  • Leoshade

    I want this in the shop so badly xD This is gorgeous!

  • L3Wilde


    this is epic omg

  • Hitler

    Wait, is this your new style?

    • Artista


      • Blue

        That’s not how it’s spelt. It’s Jawohl.

        • Hitler

          Agreed. -_-

          • Artista

            Jawohl. Ein, falisch Führer?

        • Artista

          I know. It’s a typo, buru.

  • RainingMountains

    Look at dat pre-gen Raigho face

  • LucAri

    has nobody noticed the up-side down crow shape?

  • Cacer

    cool! Like it!

  • Shop Dog


  • Raigho you gorgeous beauty.

  • Lonewolf1299

    I want to ask about this real quick.. By chance does Off white still have the old pages?
    So people could look and compare and such

    • Artista

      There may be some that haven’t been updated in the 2nd chapter.

      • Lonewolf1299

        I’m mostly asking if there is by chance we can keep the old pages but also the new ones too ^^

  • Artista

    Gonna sound like a bitch now. Man it’s gonna takea long time for everything to update. Okay, done bitching.

  • plantangel

    ooh! i was excited to see this page redone!! i love the little details put into the background – raigho looks amazing more realistic

  • Socke

    Without the chapter #, that would be a great poster.

    • They should make this merchandise like the Volume 1 cover was! (Removing the words)

  • cheesecake5573

    He looks so fluffy 😀

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Yep, gotta love Fluffy Raigho. :3

  • Auryuu

    I was wondering if you guys could keep the old pages and put them in a section of the website or something so that we could refer back to see how much have changed.

  • Ann

    A small (and nice) change in style? Looks “aquatic”, “watercolour”-ish and more lively.

  • Megan Johnson

    The tears are wolves!!!

  • WARxWOLF86

    OK I’m going to go full retard here mostly because I’m working and don’t have time to look where can one find the old chapter one cover I can’t remember what it looked like

  • Shop Dog

    Miss Kate and Ann
    Would you be so kind as to include a way to see the old pages so that we may still be able to see you’re improvement over time.

  • Incredible job !, Raigho needs to blink to know that he is alive! (man! my english is a disaster DX)

    I agree with ShopDog about the old pages, I am going to miss all of them (especially the chapter covers), it would be great to have a site, page or gallery of “concepts and antiques” to view them.

    Personally I love to see the evolution of the artists comparing their old jobs with the newest ones , it helps a lot to learn how to draw LOL…

    Waiting for new updates

  • Helpful Baguette

    For everybody wondering about still being able to see the old pages, I think that the Wayback machine would work. I was able to access a screenshot of the old cover through it so I think it’s okay.


    That said I think it’s a good idea for the artists to store the old pages in some seperate folder. It’s really nice to see their progression from fluffy beardogs to the amazing quality everything is now (not trying to be offensive). <3 Great work girls!

  • HellhoundMutt

    And so the revolution of the redrawn pages begins! XD
    Raigho looks so gorgeous and I just adore the anatomy. <3 He looks so serious and so realistic. You three have paid a lot of attention to wolves. 🙂 Keep up the great work, and I'll be looking forward to seeing more of the redone pages.

  • matthew halim

    Yay 😀 hopefully it wont take to look! I’m so looking forword to this!!! Hati skoll and raigho are awesome

  • Phoebe Tranile

    Wow !
    I love how you are going to stick with the different styles for each cover image ^^

    • Phoebe Tranile

      Oh yeah, heh I love some of the ‘rips’ are in a wolf-shape

  • Heaven Scott

    I was lookibg through freebies and noticed one of the icons where FEHU eyes look kinda pink. I checked the actual page and it was the same color. Not sure if its just me or not haha https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bceab375730084fd370689b34e17e9e5c3a8964f1080d91ab045002584096011.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32aba88f9905de38721ad72753762a1f4a810464d0d4f13f12a8ee0a0500a4ca.png

  • wahots55

    I just fell in love with Raigho all over again! <3

    • Artista

      Everyone has. How can anyone not!

      • Leandro Evequoz

        For me it is not Raigho IT IS A FEMALE WOLF 0_0

        • Artista


          • Leandro Evequoz

            No Jera has green eyes and her skin is black/ blue.

  • He’s staring into my soul.

  • WARxWOLF86

    Lol I just seen the two other wolf images in this cover other then raigho

  • RedRedq

    That wolf anatomy is amazing. You have practiced so much.

  • old cover for anyone wanting to copy/ compare.

    • Shop Dog

      there like sea horses.

  • Gareen


    • plantangel

      if you look carefully you can see another wolf and the main rip raigho is coming from looks like a raven/crow !

    • Sí, yo veía el lobo alla. もう一人の狼は左にいます。And there is also an upside-down crow that Raigho is coming out of.

      • Artista

        Sí, lo yo veío también. ¿Puedes traducir los Japónes en a romaji? Graci.

        • Mō hitotsu no ōkami wa hidari no ue ni imasu. Raihō san no atama no yoko ni.

          • Artista

            Yay! Ahora yo puedo la escribir en hiragana completa. XD

      • Yo también lo vi, y al cuervo de abajo.

  • Surrah

    Hey where’s my comment… I could of sworn I commented something like “Wow he looks so realistic!” :/ am I losing it?… XD 😀 🙂 😐 🙁 D: DX

  • Скрытность

    Он прекрасен *~*

    • Deluge

      я знаю

    • Kalanidor

      О,русский комент.Мелочь,а приятно.

  • naelii

    Following the ideas of using new styles for each chapter, a fun idea would be to use some fanart in the book

  • wahots55

    I just noticed the wolves in the cut-out! XD

  • KMC

    Just out of curiousity — no rush intented! — how long do you (the artists) plan between updates for the redone pages? Once a week, once every two weeks, ect.? Are you going to have a “cushion” of so many pages before releasing a new one? Or do you make each week’s page that week? c:

  • GaaraXBlue .


  • Kels

    Omg I would sooooo buy a book of this entire volume! It’s absolutely beautiful! I just find myself staring at all of the art and it’s so hard to focus on the words haha!

  • Bloodbender