chapter vi – fangs of steel
chapter vi – fangs of steel

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    Oh wow! That’s amazing *_*

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    Beautiful artwork!

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    By the way, the prologue work you did was amazing!

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    Holy shat guys, nice job!

  • Samedi

    ‘Here, I don’t think it’s proper dead yet, you stab it as well!’
    ‘What? Why don’t you just stab it twice instead?’
    ‘Well I can’t take this out, can I? Look how it’s glowing like! What if it comes back to life?’
    ‘You can’t be serious…’

    ‘Oh for the love of- alright, FINE, whatever. You owe me a sword.’

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      make that two….xD

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    BEAUTIFULLLL !!!!!!!!!!

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    hehe, funny Samedi

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      Sam is always funny.

  • YEEEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! Nowy rozdział, ale super. ;DD

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    THE NEXT CHAPTER, I cant wait!

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    I don’t know what to say. What’s the reason behind the impaled wolf skull, it’s an epic picture.

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    Can’t wait for this week to be over,it’s been killing me for the new chapter to start.

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      What is so hard about having a little patience, people?  Geez.

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    Crazy sh*t I guess is about to go down with Hati coming down on their ass and Rahigo will be like ‘WTF did I miss something here!?’ and iam sure that girl is halfway up the hill with that horse by now so that will complicate matters also 0.o

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    A co z drugą częścią? Będzie robiona normalnie czy będzie przerwa między I a II? :)

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    Holy crap. That is some pretty darn badass chapter cover right there. The icicles(?) look really astounding! I wonder if Hati’s gonna go all BOOM at Raigho’s pack on this chapter and Seven’s gonna come all BOOM to the wolves and for top of it even Kaya’s gonna come sniffin’ around.. Aaaand in the end Iki(Skoll) covers them all in icicles. We’ll see! ~ Great work on the art, girls! c:

    • FA

       I think they’re swords

    • Goldylocks

      I don’t think those are icicles. I believe they are swords. 

    • kowshe

       I thought they were icicles at first too, but looking harder they look like swords with the handles broken off.

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    Finally! New chapter! :D

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      They’ve got a life.  Get used to it and wait patiently like everyone else.

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    GASP! Final chapter! *dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun*
    At least it’s not the VERY last, there’s another volume, so there’ll be more. :D YAYZ!

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    This takes “awesome” to a whole new level! Amazing as always!

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    Amazing! :D

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    EEEK! so pumped up!!! :D

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    looks amazing

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    Well considering all the blue I am gonna assume this relates moreso to Skoll somehow, It probably just means that since he remembered everything he’s in a lot of pain, and is aware that he just screwed himself and the world to die.

    • Dusty

      Or maybe about a time he died before he was Iki and before the White human spirit was eaten and was reincarnated. Maybe O_o

      • K Blaise

        Or maybe they just decided to draw something creepy and went with a skull with swords through it.  :D

  • Aaron C. (Gehn)

    And the gloves come off! Or, well, in Hati’s case, the mouth guard? I think this cover is really rad. Now if I were to guess gist of the cover, I’d say spiritual hostility, or warfare.

  • Susan Rand

    I still think you have too many teeth up front; like you have an extra tooth up front; that last one on the front/far side, should’ve been the fang. 

    Very nice work; it was fun watching the process last night. 

    • Fern

      Actually, the number is right on the upper jaw. Canines have two fangs and then six in between. Unfortunately as I don’t know the proper terms, I’ll just describe it as so (bear with me, lol). The two fangs, then at the edge on the front are two smaller triangular teeth with four incisors shoved in the middle. On the bottom jaw there are also six incisors wedged between the lower canine teeth but I can only see four on the picture. Nevertheless it’s still a beautiful chapter cover. :)

      • Miharu Kurokawa

        I am in agreement with you… I think the drawing may just appear a little off because the longer fangs (I believe those are considered the canines) should be off the to the sides of the head a little more so that the medium and small sized fangs in between (I believe these are called incisors) can have more room and not look so squished. I googles a picture of wolf jaws and looked at it hahaha

  • silvermoon

    I would hate to see the bloody mess that left when the wolf died… O_O

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      So you’d decide to give us this horrible image in our heads???

      • Jessi

        The episodes where Hige gets his shoulder severed with a sword and when Darcia rips his throat out comes to mind. There was lotsa spaghetti sauce comin’ out of that mutt.

        Oh…spoilers. Oh wait, as if no one here hasn’t seen Wolf’s Rain five hundred bagillion times. Plus one.

        • Aaron C. (Gehn)

          Ssshhh! There was nothing happy in Wolf’s Rain.

          • Jessi

            Oh, oh right! Everything should be sunshine, daisies, waterfalls and unicorns! :V My apologies!

          • Aaron C. (Gehn)

            Nuuuuu it’s not like that, Jessi! It was a loooooooooong time ago, and my memory is vague, but my recollection of Rain goes something like this:

            “Wolves, who are people, but not really. Dying wolf. Homicidal wolf. Dead guys. Pants way too tight. Jacket too tiny. Won’t ask. Blood. More blood. Doom and gloom. Obsessive hunter. Psycho man and woman. One of them has fetish for blood. Likes to drink blood. Machine running on blood. Sucking blood. Blood blood blood. Bloody death. Pink haired chick in a white rubber suit. Team killing. Is friendly fire on? Blood. Insanity. Incineration. Drowns and doesn’t care. Umbrella. Wolves like cats now….wut? There’s got to be better ways to go about breaking your ailurophobia!”

          • Jessi

            Oh. Ooooh. Yeah. That’s a good summary I think! The best.

          • Aaron C. (Gehn)

             Thank you! Thank you! I am so privileged to receive this honorable award and I just want to say…..I forgot my speech.

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            BOOO! Get off the stage!


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            *Dies from laughter*  I can’t breathe!

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            You sir, are win. XDDD

            from what I remember of the manga yeah it did go somethin like that.

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            what about rainbows?! D:

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          i’ve seen it tha’ many times ^^ 20 times each winter and autumn :) yep, im neva tired of that beautifull anime.

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    Bonechillingly beautiful. While the others can’t wait to see the next page of this chapter, I can’t wait to see how creative you’re going to be with the chapter covers of the chapters that need a redo ;) I bet they will be as spectacular as this one. You did an amazing job, girls!

  • andrea ramirez

    Love it! especially how the light comes from inside the skull

    but i also miss the style of the old chapter pages, how they were so exaggerated and fantasy-ish.

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    YES!New chapter!!!! i can’t wait ^-^

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    Wow At LAST!

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      Oh, go chew on a log.  It’ll help pass the time.

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    Genial genial, ya no aguantaba el siguiente capítulo!!!!

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    Me encanta el efecto de craneo luminoso se ve INCREIBLE!! y sobre todo las hojas de las epadas se ven tan real!, colorear metal es sumamente dificil y en este cover se ven tan sencillas fiu….

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    Fangs of Steel? That reminds be of Kiba from Wolf’s Rain! :D
    Also, uh-maaaaaaay-zing as always, ladies!

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    I’ll tell you what, that will give you a mighty fine head ache in the morning.

    • Jessi

      Splitting, even. Excedrin and Goody’s powder won’t fix this…

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    That is so bloody cool

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Hmm i noticed there are 5 swords, could they possibly stand for Raigho, Jera, Fehu, Gebo and Isa??? just a thought

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    • LimoSpirit

      nuuu akreon’s gonna kill you for spoiling the comic like she almost killed Aaron C. !!!
      “If I were you, I would run…
      …And I would run fast…”

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    Wow, beautiful chapter cover, and so ominous too! I’m very curious about the sword blades broken off in the skull… I can’t help but wonder if they mean something very important. XD

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    and the skull obviously Iki’s, but besides that bossin’ cover

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    I’m German and I really love this comic! Please don’t stop :)

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     I hope nothing happens to Iki in this chapter! D: Even though he’s not really the Iki we all grew to know and love throughout this comic, but he’s still my favorite!

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    Oh wow! This is wonderful! So ominous and frightening. I can’t wait for the next chapter! I looked back on the first page and compared it to the comic on page 213… You guys have improved so much! I love your art! :)
    (Iki is my favorite character… Him and Jera and Kaya)

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    This dont smell good….>_<

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      By the looks of it, it think minty fresh is the type of aroma it gives.

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        That would be green. Blue is for the ‘cool/strong’ mints that sort of transcend ‘fresh’ and reach ‘if this were any bluer, you could clean windows with it’.

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      • Sunstar

        i actually think it would smell like snow

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    @.@ is so prettyful… <3

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    O_O Why do I perceive this as a bad omen for the future of Iki?

    (Nice job on the artwork! Wish I had half of the talent of you guys. :D)

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    God, this comic just gets better and better!! It better be published as a proper comic book one day!!

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    Wish this awesomeness could be turned into a wallpaper. *drowls*

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    Sorry me again I looked more closely at the pic and to me *IN MY OPINION* the right *far side* of the skull is shaped oddly I know the angle is hard to draw it at  and like I say before it looks AMAZING. Even I can’t draw something this detailed just wanted to put that out there. Amazing work by the way on the re-do’s for the intro pages to the comic.^^Can’t wait for more!!!

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      Of course it’s shaped oddly that skull has been penetrated by five swords for petes’ sake :D

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    I hope the next coming soon.

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    That wolf must of put up quite a fight for all those swords to be broken.

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      Undead wolf. That’s the only way I can fathom that to be possible.

      • WolfLink11

        What about a spirit wolf? :)

    • K Blaise

      What about just a random skull they decided to draw with blades through it?

      • StarWolfen30BLW

         What about it

        • K Blaise

          I’m just thinking inside the box.  I know sometimes when I draw chapter covers for my stories I just like to draw random simple stuff that has nothing to do with the story.  They’re just pictures I think would look cool on paper.

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    is there any set times you guys are going to start updateing?

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       They try to aim for once a week, though there are often minor delays since school and work comes first. ^^

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      They have a life too.  They’re human, so get over it.  We can’t all be perfect like you.  Sorry.

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          I was being sarcastic, but are you talking about my ego or his?

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    Somebody watched Game of Thrones? :D BTW I love the cover, it’s sooo freaking amazing work!!!

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      off topic…

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    Four are through the skull, and the fifth is being bitten. Hmm.. Maybe it’s just me, or am I overthinking things?

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    This chapter is different from all the other chapter starters. What I mean is that a skull with swords in it seem too normal. All your others are mysterious and well different. Don’t get me wrong, this page is pretty awesome. I know I couldn’t do that.

    • Lua can’t speak english

      I agreed with you, this is (maybe) the simplest chapter so far, but it’s awesome!

      • schneekrahe

        I think they mentioned at the start of the last chapter that they’re changing the styles of the chapter covers – s’probably why this one’s a lot simpler. I think they might’ve mentioned they wanted a simpler style, but I can’t remember xD;

  • Zermeck

    WOW this remind me a song of Hammerfall: templars of steel xD

  • Brenna

    Don’t know about anyone else, but the blades look more like ice to me than steel. Granted, very thick and sharp, but ice nonetheless.

    • K Blaise

      Ice is more jagged and square-ish.  If you look at the ends, they temper down to flat points like a sword.  Although…..the color really does looks like ice don’t it?…

      • Aaron C. (Gehn)

        I think it looks a little like that because the surfaces of the blades are dull
        and etched, and the intense lighting makes them appear to be illuminated
        transparent objects.

    • Sindeku

      Well, you need to look at it from the artistic and symbolic side of things. According to the comic’s lore so far everything was born of Ice and Fire, this trend continues down from the beginning of time into the blades themselves. They’re forged in fire and tempered by ice. That even continues on to Hati and Sköll in the story; Hati and his flaring attitude represent fire, while Sköll is ice, calm, tempered, thoughtful.

      The blades were forged in fire and, as it looks in this picture, are pierced into the skull of Sköll. It’s almost a reverse tempering with the fire’s rage putting ice back in place.

      That, or I’ve completely overthought everything and I’m just a fan-boy that wants to sound important. Either way. xD 

    • Clover

      it could also be the reflection of light thats given off by the holes in the skull that makes it look like ice rather than a steel sword…
      but who knows
      its still an amazing peice of art :)

    • Sunstar

      no…DUH ;)

    • Zaximo

      Brenna… I totally agree, they are way to blue to be ice :P make em more silverish gray and it might work :)

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    I cant wait for this chapter x]

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       i’m sure you would like to as well


    You are really slow with this comic. You may as well postpone it indefinitely until you have several pages to release on a weekly basis. The most you have come out with since last year is a cover page?! I don’t even know if you read these comments, but if you do, I sincerely hope you take this one to heart.

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       they were working on updating the prologue. hence why the main comic didn’t progress further. you should go check the main page before being a dick.

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      If you can’t get used to the fact that these girls still have lives, go troll somewhere else.

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          Yep there are girls who bring this amazing comic to life. Their names are Anna and Katarzyna.

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      Translation of above post:”My favorite comic is not updated-my life is ruined!!!11!!1!”

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      Uhhhh no. I think it’s you who does not read the captions of the updates. They have come out with many new pages and many new updates since the new year. And even if they did not update like they said they would this weekend, does not give you the right to post a comment like that. They have lives too, and they don’t spend every second making this comic. I think you need to be happy that they are even doing this comic at all.

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      While the comic isn’t as fast to update as others out there by no means does it need to be postponed. And if you read back through a bit you’ll see that they’ve been doing visual updates to the prologue for the story that way all of their content is on par with itself. Those who have followed this story for a long time know how things go, and judging by your claim that ‘the most [they’ve] come out with in the last year is just a cover page’ I’m willing to guess you haven’t followed the story for more than a month at most. 

      If you don’t like it, don’t follow it, be on your way.

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      ..Actually, they’ve redone/added 12 new prologue pages since the year started. I suggest you check those out.

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      Obviously you haven’t kept up with this comic for as long as we have because we have.  They’ve gone back and started updating the beginning since their style has changed so much.
      But, hey, we all appreciate you stopping by and ruining our day and we’re glad to know that even MORE impatient people like you exist than there should be allowed in this world.
      Please go find someone elses page to fill with negativity and leave us loyal readers to our comic.
      Thank you.

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      They are slow but there buisy people. They got more things to do then a comic. For example… Collage. work. study. university. More inportant things.

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    i hope they bring up the next page soon cant wait im so crazy in love with wolves :3 i don’t mind waiting though i can be patient (sometimes o.o) 

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      I think you and Jera share something in common. ^^

      • Megan Slater

        you know i think we do i do get a bad temper when annoyed XD

        • Aaron C. (Gehn)

          Oh, I meant you were both “crazy in love with wolves.” Jera is a wolfaboo, you know. See page 149.

          • Megan Slater

            oh XD

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    aww no more story man i like this book i hope you continue the story

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      its called a comic and the story had not ended yet.

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    I love this comic !!! and i really like that you are updating older  pages it shows you care about you work . cant wait for the next ones!!!!

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    wow! I saw how they made this skull on a video! So amazing done!!

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    This looks sooooo badass, its freakin’ awesome.

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    O_O Maybe this stands for Iki holding Jera, Gebo, Ragiho, Fehu, and Isa’s lives? or maybe it’s that idiot Skoll holding their lives. XD

  • Sade Adjibodou

    How did that happen?
    “Hey bro pass me a sword there’s a dead wolf here.”
    *1st guy stabs wolf’s head with the sword

    • Helixwolf

      HA nice one ;)

    • Lupa-SheWolf

      I died.

    • altea the white wolf

      “hurry give me another sword!”
      *stabs it again*
      “what the crap!”
      ‘try again”
      two hours later…
      “I made it worse! much worse!”
      “run the crap out of here!”

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    wow that last chapter was very good! just wow look at this wow cant wait to read on! :D

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    I always thought that those thing in the skull was ice but they are just broken swords.

    • Lupa-SheWolf

      I realized it when I read your comment… I thought those things was ice, too.

      • Helixwolf

        And what does the swords for? Are they suppose to represent something or something that the pack will find?

        • Lupa-SheWolf

          Human attacks. :D

          • Helixwolf


          • Lupa-SheWolf

            We get along well with you.

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    No comment everyone.

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    i just realized something. Skoll an skull kinda sound alike. know what i’m sayin’?

    • Helixwolf

      Yes I think we all do

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    I went back to read from the beginning and boy does it all come together when it’s read all at once! It flows beautifully, so I just wanted to say, Wonderful job ladies!


    Pure Art , Pure Art

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    Is that a sword blade in the skull’s teeth?

    • SevenZee

      Those are sword blades IN the skull. All of them are sword blades.

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    Are those sword blades?

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      • CelticIrishSwordswoman

        Transparent blades, all we need…

  • Helixwolf

    *skull used harden, its super effective!*

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    Gah! im so confused! this is really good and a nice twist on Norse mythology but if someone could explain what exactly happened that would be great

  • Iluq

    The blades in the eye-holes…very nice foreshadowing ladies. I’ll be paying much more attention to the chapter images now.

    • flyteck

      It seems the blue glow also has some bearing.

  • Foxeh

    Yes, I also understand the image as well. Very nice foreshadowing indeed.

  • AFO wolfpack

    Oh no. Does that mean Raigho is really going to die? And in this horrible way.

  • White Anubis

    It could mean the war the humans and Sköll had

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