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  • Ida

    ”heartless bith” haha

    • streamfur

      they kill the pups awwwww

      • Safaia

        Well, if the humans only killed the adults and leave the puppies alone then the puppies would starve and freeze to death. Which would be better? Slow and painful oooooor quick and painless? have a pick :P

        • Veneer

          id say kill off a few adults to scare off the rest of the pack. compromise. and if the wolves dont leave, finish them off.

          • Epoch

            Not sure the wolves would understand that. :/
            When animals are attacked, the keep attacking until the attacker goes away. There is no compromise.

          • wolvesbelonghere

            you have a point. wolves have a fight-or-flight survival response. and they naturally try to avoid humans

          • Wolfspirit

            I say dont kill the wolves at all O.O

          • Dragonrider

            yea. its still sad to kill them but the people have to defend their sheep. in the previous panal the guy said that they couldnt aford to lose another one. but i still hate that they destroyed the entire pack

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      WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?! (yes I’m too lazy to use Google Translate ///.-)

      • Prince-Gabriel

        Its nothing important just spam.
        a dumb chain letter.

      • stupidfowrulz

        Not everybody has to speak English for you, dumbass.

        • Izzy

          There’s no need to be rude, ass hole.

          • Izzy

            Hurts doesn’t it.

          • stupidfowrulz

            And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • ShadowWolf


    • Talvari

      If they killed the adults and not the pups… The pups would have just starved to death, duh.

    • FavnintheDireWolf

      They should have rounded up the puppies and turned them into sled dogs. XP

      • Dialtastic

        Nope. The natural instincts of the wolf would pull through due to lack of domestic breeding and the sled-wolves would be completely unmanageable.

  • SilverWolfKeegey

    XD i just love this “yeah yeah i know…
    heartless bitch…”

    • Amber

      well she is 1!

      • stupidfowrulz

        Not really, she’s just more numbed to the effects death has on people.

  • WhiteWolfWatching

    I know that they even killed the puppies, but all of the adult wolves were once puppies. And, if you think about it: if they left the pups, and they survived on their own, then they’d just grow up. And then the villagers would want to kill them again. >.<

    • Laura

      but it is still sad :(

      • Random Wolf

        The puppies would have died anyway without any parents. They were honestly doing the pups a favor. :/

  • Howler



    • Callistan Sairias

      I don’t mean to be rude, but you seem to do an awful lot of bitching yourself. You’re not obligated to read the comments, so if they bother them, you don’t need to read them. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion (including yourself), but I think it would be nice if we could try to be polite to each other.

      • Callistan Sairias

        Excuse me… “If they bother you, you don’t need to read them.” I mis-typed.

        • Ria

          I quite agree with you, Callistan Sairias . I understand that this is a comic, but it also makes me sad to see this. Blame my soft heart. But I think that if I wanted to post something about it in the comments section, well, that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? Comments.

      • Spirit

        I agree with Callistan Sairias, if you don’t like the opinions of others, then why waste time replying? Unless it is directed to you, you need not respond to it.

    • CoolPie

      I mean no disrespect but even if its a comic people want to say how they feel so if u dont like the comic coments LEAVE…and if u dont mind if u didnt leave please stop with the complaining its annoying for some people to read.

    • rainbowz

      Dude,I kill a dog for survival. I feel sorry for it. Good ‘nough?

    • offwhitefan

      Well….I just want to say something about what you said….
      oh come on! Men do you think that in real life humans dont kill the poor wolves? they do! and its sadly real it might not be real in the comic but it shows us the reallity! Also, everyone here are free to say their damn opinion, so if you dont like it, DEAL WITH IT! or better! dont even read the commends! You ofended everyone here with your post you know! :@

      • Ogaa

        … I think he meant that these characters aren’t real, thus Othala’s pack wasn’t killed in real life, so “you shouldn’t whine about something that isn’t real.” M’kay?

  • Riley

    ._. Poor pups O.o

  • TinynessRules

    Yay for him at least feeling sorry for the pups <3 sad they died :( cant believe the hunters killed that many to begin with. great story though!

  • Sparky

    hahaha, I love the look on the guys face in the last panel….. love this comic, just started reading it today!

  • Wolvesforever

    All those deaths… D: Poor wolves… They didn’t deserve it! x'(

    • Hedgehog

      The pups didn’t even get a chance! They were so curious and happy and…

      • WarriorsHowl

        innocent? ;.; 

  • Char

    That dude is right,she is heartless ;n;

    • offwhitefan

      yup she is :(

      • Meg

        She’s not heartless, she just knows how to push her own feelings aside to get things done. Yes, it’s painful to see that the puppies were killed too. But there’s nothing they can do, and they have an important task that they need to keep a level head for.

  • Mieako The Fellow Omega


    • Terrawolf

      Who cares about Dain? Regin was the awesome one!! Nah, just kidding, just because I like Regin more, doesn’t mean I don’t care about Dain.

  • VolkanoRose

    stupid seven….

    • PuppyLuv5543

      Why is everyone against Seven? She just doesn’t want to get distracted from her goal of finding the white wolf spirit, and doesn’t want to get upset in front of her partner. Like Meg said before, they can’t do a thing about it anyway.

  • BreakCoreBlue

    I have a feeling that Sevens remark is sort of directed to the readers that have done nothing but complain about how the animals die, even though hunting is a humane sport (Certain weapons and traps such as bear traps are no longer allowed) and what those hicks did a few pages ago could be called illegal. To be honest, I’m fining Seven to be more ‘Practical’ than ‘Cold’.

  • Swiftkill

    Seven is a heartless b****

  • Trolldrool

    She makes a valid point. Often when people protest that animals are killed, they only think of the cute animals. When people hear that in China, people eat chickens, they barely even blink. When they hear that they eat dog, suddenly all chinese in their eyes become…well…how to say it?

    Note, I’m not saying that serious animal activists are this hypocritical, mind you.

    • Alealia

      I think that people have a thing especially for the eating of dogs and cats because most of us have a bond with these animals. Humans have had bonds with cats and dogs for… as long as we can remember!

      So whilst I agree with the cute thing, when it comes to some animals its because of our long bond with them.

  • MoonClaw

    Omg, What happened to Kaya!? Did she die too?! No!!!

    Kaya? Iki? Please god Kaya is not dead…

    • Rumour

      can’t see a black wolf…

    • PuppyLuv5543

      I don’t see a black wolf anywhere. Plus, she was at the border of their territory last time we saw her.

  • AntraWolf

    Nop, seven IS evil XD

  • WarriorsHowl

    I’m gonna quote a book-

    “I just hope you don’t eat squirrels, because they’re so cute . . . I mean it’s not like cuteness should decide if something lives or not, but, um, I mean, let’s face it, that’s why we step on spiders and not Chihuahuas.”

    • Junsui

      I agree to that, but I find some spiders cute. xD

      • LimoSpirit

        lol :D well its ture, every creature is cute in a way, they are animals, little/big alive bodys <3 :D

  • ElementalQuest

    Hey Seven, just sayin’ here, but I think I’d rather eat my ugliest of my three dogs that the cutest of the three first, and it’s not because he bites at me and is the biggest of the three either.

  • Mary Kate

    “Heartless bitch” “I heard that, smart-ass!” XD

  • AnimalLover15

    “Heartless bitch”Yeah that’s what she is but i have one thing to say to her…Why are you looking for the wolf with blue eyes???

    • gumgumfordumdum

      If you read the first chapter you’d know that silly! 

  • Haliehyena27

    Thank you Albert for showing some common sense and compassion

    • Ledar10

      Common sense? Compassion?

    • Uruk

      So common sense is killing an animal because… it isn’t cute?

      • Nox

        She’s saying that cuteness should factor into it at all.

    • Shus

       Option #1: Actually stake out the area and then shoot a wolf that
      actually kills the sheep in an attempt to deter them from going there
      again. ATTEMPT
      Option #2: Lace a carcass with poison and leave it as bait for
      the wolves to take and slowly, painfully kill them, and any other
      animals that may pick at it.
      Option #3: Kill off the entire pack as there are too many and are too much of a problem.

      After reviewing all of the facts, option 3 is the most humane, if bloody and devastating to some of us here.

      only a few wolves wouldn’t change anything, and taking in the pups wouldn’t
      amount to anything because the people in the area didn’t want anything
      to do with them, so they would have died a slow and horrible death if they survived.

      • Hurdihur

        Option #1: Don’t kill the freaking wolves. Just flag them away.

        Option #2: The only option that is humane is 1.
        Option #3: We don’t always have to kill things.

        Killing a few wolves in one area impacts A LOT. It means those wolves will not be able to keep down the populations of other animals. Also, they are not doing much harm. A few sheep or cattle each month? Big deal. We have these things called plants. Unlike us, wolves need meat to survive healthy.

  • Cat

    Silly Albert! If they killed all the wolves BUT the puppies, the pups would die horribly through something like starvation, disease, or larger animals.
    Silly Albert.

    • SpiritWolf

      well Iki was alone and he didnt…

      • Uruk

        He wasn’t alone, Raigho and Jera found him.

      • Beanpants13

        that is true, but Iki is a powerful spirit, and I don’t think cold weather is gonna kill the white wolf spirit. But good point!

    • Anevay

       actually correct, but he and seven or othala and and that pale wolf i forgot the name of would’ve found them. I’m sure Albert would have take them with him to some other wolves into a zoo or such.

    • Meeep

      And If they didn’t kill the wolves in the first place….
      Albert is only trying to say that the wolves didn’t HAVE to be killed.

  • NikkiSheWolf

    heartless bitch indeed! well said, Albert!

    • Anevay

       Liked dat comment. ^_^

    • Blackhearted

      Yeah! I was like: Way to Albert! Whoo!

  • Nobody

    I think Seven is being heartless because she doesn’t want to feel too upset

  • Uruk

    I actually like Seven’s reasoning on this page. Why? Because she’s saying that cuteness doesn’t and shouldn’t decide if a living being lives or not.

    • Kerith Nuhn


  • off white

    i think it would be easyer if the puppys died cause i wounld hurt less then starving to death any one agree

    • Meh

      Yeah, but if they hadn’t killed the wolves in the first place……You see, it’s called Logic. We use our brains for it.

  • おかやま ゆきえ

    Bitch please Seven

  • Helixwolf

    Yeah, yeah, I know heartless bitch. Like me!

  • ThatDarkWolf

    Hope she dies.

  • blitzer99

    damn seven you heartless bitch!
    why can’t that brown pup come back and bite her ear off!!!!!

  • Joe Edven

    she is a heartless bitch!

  • Angry person

    Yeah, Seven. F*** you.

  • SpeedyWolf

    When the creator of this comic created this She/he had Humor :D

  • WolfLover

    its sad that the wolf pup died…but kindof funny…mostly sad

    • Hannah Bartlett

      Excuse me, but how the hell do you find it funny?

      • WolfNightV4X1

        Probably Seven’s reaction…she’s trying to be tough as nails, and Albert says she’s some heartless bitch for it :P That’s the funny part I think OP was referring to,

        but the dead pup…sad :(

  • Chukkanut

    *facepalm* The older comments saying that killing the puppys was an act of mercy. No. It was an act of spite. MERCY would be to at least let 3-4 adults live to raise the puppies.Heck, mercy would have been to not kill ANY of the wolves at all. You can keep wolves out of your territory without killing them. In fact, an old method of hunting them by using brightly colored flags (for some reason, wolves find them scary) can be used to repel them.

    • draggywolf

      I think it depends on your view of the whole situation. In all it was a awful terrible deed that could have possibly been avoided. But once they had killed the pack it is possible (although very, VERY doubtable) that they had shown mercy towards the pups. Also the bright flags trick could only work for so long I could imagine and wolf packs and wolves in general are different from each other. Personally I think there should at least be a backup plan to that if it doesn’t work or wears off. (You said it was old so I’m assuming the amount of human interaction was lower) Nothing resulting in physical harm or anything mind you but something that is also effective

  • A normal guy…

    Yay Seven FTW she’s so right you know

  • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

    Poor puppies .-.

    • Rainstormwolf55

      They didnt deserve that, even if they annoyed Jera

      • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

        Right xD I agree

      • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

        I agree!

  • Alpha Rockasa

    Oh my god I actually REALLY hate Seven…

  • OddOne

    I agree with Seven, in a weird way.

    As wolves they grow up to be killers. Survivors. Yes they are cute now, but they aren’t cute when they are shredding your sheep herd apart, eh?
    Cuteness in most animals, only lasts for so long. And as humans, we will always automatically have some soft spot for the young.

    Remember the situations where the coyote or wolf would take a kid or a puppy/small dog of the sorts? I don’t believe they ever thought ‘wow that human child is so cute…i wont kill it’….it was more along the lines of ‘Free. Easy. Meal.’

    So yes, it may make Seven cold. But to logically think about it. She has a point.

    • Lucky

      Wolves are like all the other carnivores, kills and eats to survive. And they take small animals, because they’re easier to take, you really think they can kill other twice as big as themselves? Come on, all the carnivores are like wolves, don’t only blame them for killing.

      (I actually prefer them infront of humans).

    • Nathalia Mayumi

      They may kill the sheeps, but actually, the humans are in their territory, so…

  • ahkeria

    oh i wish that the swearing would stop, sigh. it gets worse though!

    • bagnome

      Offensive language is only offensive to those who are offended by it. Calling someone a name or insulting him or her is one thing, but shouting something like “shit” because you stubbed your toe is just the use of a word is a tension breaker .

  • Nathalia Mayumi

    Heartless bitch XD

  • Blue Jay’s Wolf


  • cheesecake5573

    albert is correct they’re too cute to be killed

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