• Dat face doh.

  • Shop Dog

    these guys reming me of those bums from wolves rain.

  • UniDraGuine

    what heartless people…i still cant believe what seven’s dad told her a few pages ago about people always being more important. i have never felt more ashamed to be human to be honnest, were such selfish creatures. (good job on the comic btw, its very good)

    • Pheenixorphan X

      Uh for the record, Seven’s father meant it more as people are important as in he’s referring to his daughter and his friend being important. No parent would want their kid to starve, hell, like he said he’d of done of anything for her. To be fair if it came down to it them being extremely desperate, he’d of probably resorted to cannibalism and killed the guy just to feed her.
      Trust me that line flies out the window real fast when it comes to survival moments like that.
      I don’t disagree with you tho. If I had the choice between an okay animal and this asshole of a human being, I’d let him pop off. But then again I just hate assholes in gerenal. LOL

  • Pheenixorphan X

    God this guy’s a douche.