• Harley Quinn

    Nice redo!

  • Star Wolf~

    The amount of improvement is gorgeous <3
    Very nice re-do X3

  • L3Wilde

    hOLY wow this page surprised me

    I cannot get over how good this is looking ;u; So excited for the pages to come!

  • Are we still going to be able to see the old pages in comparison? I love the new ones but seeing the comparison from last time was just awesome!

    • I believe all you have to do is click on the new page to be taken to the old version. It worked for me, at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Checkers

        Clicking on the page only takes you to the next one, not the older version of it.

        • It has for me…?
          Maybe the device we are on matters? Or maybe sometimes it don’t work?

        • Huh, it works for me. Ahh well!

  • And of course Iki is outta the picture, probably going off somewhere!
    I really can’t say if I like the edited script or the old one. Although the lostness is made more evident.
    Why is Gebo so nervous looking ?

    • Fenix

      Could be Raigho’s way of hiding the fact that he talks to the ravens. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Rue

      hopefully he is looking for lemmings!

  • Blue

    Awesomeness <3

  • Shop Dog


  • Gebo

    I actually like the dialoge on the old page better than this. and Raigh howling dosnt really make sense anyway?

    • Tall Loser

      My guess is that Raigo’s howling has something to do with the Ravens.

    • I agree with Tall on this one regarding Raigo’s howling. as far as the dialogue goes, I personally like this new version a lot more. It’s basically the same statement but covers more ground in less time and in less words, mean-while we establish Jera’s authority in the pack without having to cover it on a separate page. Surprisingly, artists waste less time this way; that, and there’s more room for art where the text would have wasted it. That’s just my personal opinion anyway!

  • Spiritstrike

    This is really establishing Jera quite quickly. She’s soft-spoken with her mate, and commanding quite strongly with the pack. Next page should instantly show her quick temper with Iki.

  • Rookamillion

    A new old page! XD

    • This page was so two years ago, but so in the now…this page is contradictory!!

      • Rookamillion

        It must be one of those damned hipster pages that was doin’ the gig before it was cool. XD

  • plantangel

    i’m glad jera still looks quite gentle/sweet toward raigho, i was worried the new page might take that from her, great job girls!

  • zelda74

    Can’t we see the old page this time?
    I don’t unserstand why Raigho is howling..

    • Eviae

      He is howling for the ravens to show him the way I think.

      • zelda74

        Oh ok !

    • Oh mighty gods
      Tell this poor wolf where I might find the way
      To our salvation!
      The lemmings!

      • Rookamillion


    • clicking on the page brought up the old one for me.

    • Shop Dog

      you can get to page 11 by clicking the next arrow.

      • zelda74

        Oh ok thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Deluge

    And of course, we were waiting Iki’s show up

    • RainingMountains

      I’m simply awaiting him to plow through the snow searching for lemmings again XD

  • Noob

    I love the new page! And I am so glad you still show Jera’s sweet nature towards Raigho <3

  • Lynnzl

    Something about the way those first three panels are handled feels kinda off to me. Like I think they’re trying to create the effect that Raigho is standing still on that hill and looking out over different parts of the land and that the “camera” is panning over Raigh’s shoulders to show off the backgrounds properly.
    He is angled well in the first and second panel for this effect, but the third and second panel utilize the same *almost, they didn’t angle him enough, tho* body base, giving the illusion that he only moved his head and that someone there suddenly is much more grass visible. I’m way too analytical ain’t I?

    • Sophie T

      No, no. I think your being fair. I’m actually glad you explained the camera thing because the first three panels confused me at first.

    • Who knows, maybe the girls might see the same thing after you point it out?
      By the way, panel 6 is missing a snowflake.

    • That confused me, as well, once you pointed it out. I wasn’t really paying attention to the background, but now I can see that the landscape is different in each of the three panels. All we need is some better angling for Raigho, I think. Either that or– if the authors want to cut down on extra work– just copy/paste the background from the top center panel to keep things more consistent.

    • Checkers

      I figure it’s because Raigho was still walking. He can’t let the pack know that he, well, forgot how to get where he said they needed to go, so each panel is a pause where he did stop to look and think, while the head turn with the camera is for composition since the camera has them facing right by the last panel.

      His speech bubbles in those panels paired with the change of scenery kind of mark a passage of time, where at first he felt mildly confused (1st panel), started to realize he was lost and wasn’t sure what to do about it (2nd panel), and then finally stopped completely to admit it to someone and ask for help (3rd panel).

  • Just ask…

    • He’s too prideful for that! XD

      • Pff. Directions? We’re men, we know where we’re going.

        • I was totally heading for…Rockford! Eyup, not lost!

          • All you need to know is to not make a right at Albuquerque. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • What is it with men and not asking for directions???

      • Well thats the truth about men
        Thats the truth about us
        We like to hunt, and golf and drive around lost
        And scratch and spit and a whole lot of other discusting stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUk0JTGI93E

        • Shop Dog

          hey i saw that navy jack in there. get som stars and strips on that roof.

    • Shop Dog

      HA! HA! She said “directions”.

    • TheRebelLion96

      The age old question.

    • Shop Dog

      Fehu: well that’ll be the day.

  • Nice rewrite. Between the two pages, that was a lot of information. I loved that you reused the Jera and Raigho’s panel but flipped it and reworked it. To be honest I think the howling and Jera’s firmness feel a ton lot better. The howling still doesn’t make sense but least it’s not as weird as before.

    • What’s nice is that the direction Jera and Raigho’s panel is facing right now is actually how it originally was. In the very very first version of the page, the panel had them facing the right. I’m kind of happy to see it return to that way <3

  • Random Fan

    Wolves howl for a number of reasons. I can think of two reasons Raigho might be doing so in this page. One, as I’ve read in the comments a lot, is that he’s signaling to the ravens to guide him. Another possibility is that he’s checking to see if there are other wolves nearby. If someone returns his howl, he’ll know to avoid that direction.

  • Shop Dog

    tallying up the fan census tomorrow if you don’t leave a dot. you don’t get counted. you can find it on the previous page.

  • Phoebe Tranile

    Beautiful, as always. I like how Jera isn’t as snappy as before.

    • Lunatalia

      Actually, some of her previous dialogue seemed super soft and concerned to me. I guess this reflects more of a strong-willed Jera.

  • Nafsi-chan

    There’s something different about the lineart… But it looks good!

  • I have a question, who does what in contribution to the art? Like who draws the line art, who colors the characters and shades, who draws the backgrounds?

    • i know jessi only does coloring and shading. i think the girls switch between lineart and back grounds.

      or possibly one is only involved in scripting

  • The prologue was, now the first chapter.

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    All right my little week long survey is now over. In total we have about 24 people actively post in the comment section at this time. Not to say there aren’t other fans, but these are just the ones we’ve grown most familiar with.
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      24 is such a good even number and a good TV show. I think my soul can rest happy now.
      Maybe you should do a poll for the lurkers-people can upvote your poll post without having to comment? Atleast that will be more accurate in a way ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

      • I got something better than 24… hehe 25 LOL

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          25 FTW!

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      I’ve never been number 10 before.

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      Don’t forget me man! I’m hella busy with college, but I still check the comic everyday, and message when I can! XD

    • and you just lEFT ME OUT

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        • *Pandora voice* how dare you take that tone with me

    • Hey, I used to be a pretty active poster around these parts myself x3 I stepped out though, and I miss a few of the old active posters too, fun times.

  • no, they just redid the prolong, now they’re redoing all of chapter 1 and i think chap 2 as well.

    they posted a planned re-do, to do list on DA i think. tells what they plan to redo.

  • Artista

    They should have done different camera angles for Raigho in the 1st 3 panels. Look a bit wierd composition-wise.

    • suinu

      I disagree. It looks like to me. Years ago how she use to draw wolves from the back I would have agreed but she’s really worked on putting things in the right spot while drawing wolves from behind.

      • What Artista is meaning is that even though Raigho looks at different places, the camera appears to be still looking ahead in the same direction.

      • Artista

        I meant the background.

  • btw while on the subject of members is bagcorp still a thing? I remember there was a fad of churning out offwhite memes. hahaha, I still have them saved.

    Edit: hehe, well scrolling down I see dopey page reduxes are still a thing