page 142
page 142

  • Shadow.

    Nice Tana. Love the new layout, page looking good too!

  • Arly

    I love the new layout! And your pages get better and better!

  • Erica

    Wow. I have following your comic for some time now and I love it! Your art keeps getting better and better! Also love the new layout!

  • Linkaton

    Amazingly epic, I love the intensity of this page!

  • Moonkiss5

    This is soo awesome! ^^

  • Danielle

    Friggin’ epic, as always!

  • Moonkiss5

    This page gets so remarkable in the black site with its orange shades =3

  • Lua_LaMoon

    WOW! AMAZING! REALLY AWESOME work! * Clap clap * ,believe it or not, i follow you for a long time(prior to OFF-WHITE has its own web page), i am very inspired by your art, as natural and well done, original and beautiful, i am delighted to write here, and as always, I will follow until the end lol! I love drawing animals also, and i have errrr … 4 OFF WHITE fan arts! That i hope to show you as soon as possible. Thank you soooooooooooo much!greetings from Argentina
    PD: I speak really bad English, like Tarzan, sorry if you don’t understand me..

  • Sky-Lily

    Oh my goodness……. 8D *drools*

  • XxCinnamonWolfxX

    Amazing work, as always :D

    I love the artwork, and the colouring is beautiful :3

  • Catherine


  • o0Risa0o

    Wow, I didn’t notice the new updates on this website until you now.
    BTW, the new updates on the 2 wolves on the side of this website is really beautiful and it really brings them to life! And they don’t look like they’re stuck on the website wall at all!

    The colors and the sunset/sunrise effect on this page really makes this hunt more beautiful with a bloody ending ^^

  • Emma

    Love it! :]

  • Sinead

    Dear Anna and Katarzyna

    I have read your comic and have always looked forward to seeing when the next page of Off White will come out. It’s in my opinion the beast graphic novel there is on wolves. There’s a very good plot and the characters are well thought up. You two should definetly get Off White published. I wish the best to both of you :) It’s kind of strainge that a girl like me, in a country where wolves have been extinct for over 200 years would like them but, yea there are other people like me who have never grown up around wolves but like them as much as people who have.

  • Celevon Teardust

    Oh. My. God. This is freakin’ awesome! I discovered Off-White a few days ago and in that time I have become obsessed. I’ve read the comic 3 times now and I feel that I have a pretty good understanding of what is going on so far, and I can’t wait for more! I love the artwork on the last few pages and how different it is from the rest. It is the best comic I have ever read! Keep up the good work!

  • Rose

    LOVE THIS what program do you use to make the comic i realy want to start my own and want tips. :)

  • Megan

    I absolutely love this page. Jera, Fehu, and Raigho look so fierce and the bottom panel adds to the power of it! LOVE! <3

  • stupidfowrulz

    Very nice page. I hope the next one has dialog, though. ;)

  • “Kai”

    “Sweet i i liked how much you improved i liked your work since it was made.”

  • Marenna

    OOOOO, I love how did this page. Details are absolutly amazing. Good Job :)

  • Luni

    i just hope that it was the goats blood what splashed, not iki’s who suddenly showed up and got stamped by it huh

  • Anya

    Cool! Good work! =)

  • Raiven

    love it :D
    I just love this comic and the details put into it ^^

  • Nikki

    Love this comic, and the new site lay out!
    Love the wolves on this page :) look forward to seeing more wolves <3

  • Ali

    I love the lighting and the fur details, just stunning! I also love how the ‘splash’ is blended in with the blood.

  • Shy

    The page is really good (:
    I freaking love the lightning there!

  • Nibi2010

    nice :)
    I love the effects of the BackGround :D

  • bubbachubba

    i love the lighting. this page must’ve taken forever to make.

  • zparker1130

    This lighting is plain amazing! The detail of the wolves themselves is amazingly sick! The fur is awesome. Plus, I love this new layout, it’s clean and simple, which I like~! :)

  • cheetahsintheearth

    love how you drew the chamois!
    can’t wait for more pages, I’m glad you made a website instead of only posting on deviantart

  • Felix GIL (kajiss)

    very good I want more

  • Anya

    black wolf – Jki

    • Nika

      Black wolf is Raighos’ mate – Jera ^^.

  • Minuke74

    Łał, zawsze, czytając (tam razem oglądając :P ) nowe strony z Off-white, mam motyle w brzuchu :D
    Robicie naprawdę niesamowitą atmosferę, a talent i rysunki są najlepsze jakie w życiu widziałam.
    Podziwiam, że wam się chce i macie na to czas :D
    Oby tak dalej ^^

  • Nopeita

    I love that chamois! <3

  • romsai

    Awesome !! Keep it up ^__^

  • Lou

    Votre bande dessiné est vraiment géniale !!

  • Inoko Yamaniko

    ooooo love the last panel of how the splash mixed with the blood to give it that effect. :3

  • Buffy & Brian

    Very nice, been waiting all week for the comic. You guys never seem to let me down. I enjoy the blood baths and fighting scenes most. ♥

  • Mizzy Morgz

    great page guys but 2 questions:
    1= how long does it take tae do a page
    2= can i submit a character or perhaps draw a few of the new
    character ideas for use in the comic?

    please reply A.S.A.P!

    • M

      2= Yes you should.

      Keep up the awesome drawings!

  • Nika

    Hej! Widzę, że zrobiłyście niezwykłe postępy. jestem pod wrażeniem. Jestem zafascynowana ogólnie grafiką komputerową i chciałabym zapytać – czy kończyłyście jakieś kursy, czy nawet kierunki na studiach właśnie dotyczące grafiki komputerowej? Chciałabym wiązać z tym swoją przyszłość a nie wiem od czego zacząć, a dla mnie jest już dość późno. mam prawie 18 lat D;.

    Mam jeszcze drugie pytanie – kiedy macie zamiar wydać tek komiks? Szczerze mówiąc chętnie bym go kupiła. Kawał dobrej roboty i nie powinno się to zmarnować <3. A posiadanie tego na półce byłoby zaszczytem.

    Panna Warszawianka.

  • 13thprotector

    Hey, love the series so far, keep up the good work ^_^

  • Acota

    This page is a work of art in itself! Raw, simple and beautiful. This comic is simply amazing!

  • mysteriouswhitewolf

    I love this comic so much!!! Plz do it all the way through and dont leave it hanging. Im also liking the changes to the website. It would be cool if you could put up a fanart gallery?

  • Anya

    I very like is comic!

  • angelic silvermane

    i still suggest to make a movie after the comic is done. alot of potential. respect you two girls for what you are doing and keep up the good work. all the best!

  • offwhiteluver

    Hey you guys please try to take this comic to the top, i no u have lives to get back to but your work inspires me! I want to create a comic as beautifull as this one day and study art when i start collage, please keep up your great work I rearly appriciate your time on this xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Brenna Riley

    So far, AMAZING! When its done you should publish it so I could buy the actual comic. I think that would be great to make it into a real comic, don’t give up on this comic because it will go far!

  • AbyssQueen

    I love this series a lot! I agree with the other comments, you should print & sell Off-White, maybe even make it a movie! I’d buy! ;D

  • Ryan

    I definitely knew about the majority of this, but in spite of this, I still assumed it had been useful. Good task!

  • Severa

    Like many others are saying, I strongly agree that you should print and sell this comic online. There is a 99% chance I would buy it!

  • ThisIsUnBelievable!

    This comic should be a animated series! I would totally watch it.

  • wolfgurl119

    you guys should DEFINITELY make a movie. the special effects would be amazong and you should get the company that made the twilight wolves to animate your wolves. the new page is totally awesome, i cant wait to see it on the big screen. also you should get catherine zeta jones to play seven I can ask for you on twitter if you want. she looks jsut like seven im sure she would love to play her.

  • Das Coyote

    I’m perfectly happy to have this just as it is. A lot of the time people mess things up when they try to make written material into visual.

  • Anya


  • Kaley

    Saved, I love your site! :)

  • I.F.

    I don’t normally comment but I saw your post about how happy comments make you so I just wanted to say that I love your comic and I like the new look!

  • TheKillerCanine

    Your comic rocks! I wish I could draw like you guys. I like the new style and getting back to the wolves. Really, one of the best webcomics out there! Keep up the good work! ;)

  • Jack

    Greetings I located your site by mistake when i was searching Bing for this subject, I must tell you your webpage is absolutely helpful I also like the layout, it is cool!

  • Elsie

    Absolutely love the new design. I was pleased with the content. Many thanks for this cool article.

  • Switt

    I absolutely love the style of the art! If only I could draw like this…~ Kukukuuu~ I don’t care for a movie, but I’d love to see this webcomic come a good way. <3

  • Teresa

    I am translating Off-White in the Czech language (my language) and it’s slow but good! :)

  • Katie

    i love you comic!! its amazing, and i cant wait for the new update!

  • Whiskey

    I will agree with Katie, and then some. Your art is just breathtaking, and the story is wonderful. As The person above me said, cannot wait for the update! ^^

  • Brenna Riley

    Wow, I love the snarling wolves! I would not wanna mess with them guys.

  • cheyenne

    I love this comic! its the best one I ever read. keep it up.

  • kira

    please i want this comic!

  • Kitchi

    “Do Not Want!”
    “Aw fu-“
    -dead- xD

    • Safaia

      lol *Presses the “Like” button*


    Is there a print version? Or a printABLE version?

  • WildatHeart

    I say you should make this into an animated series!

    • Veneer

      an would that be tough….. to capture such amazing artwork into a solid animation….. that would be reeeeally difficult

      • WildatHeart

        true. but probably would be worth it! i mean think how many people would watch.

  • Safaia

    LOL Jera is drooling again XD

  • BlueBlack16

    Hunting best part foreever!

  • KC

    I read somewhere wolves don’t really growl or snarl at their prey, that their faces are more intense then aggressive ._. But idk.

    • Sky

      Yeah it’s true. Look up pictures of wolves hunting, they have this awesome chase face. (lol say that out loud)

  • Illuna-Wolfie

    I really like this comic,

    XDDD “eww Jera you are drooling

  • Hestusia333

    Hi!! I love that story!! this is something just for me!! Hugs and kisses from Poland <33 :D

  • Doglover141

    Where’s the “OMG HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO GET KILLED!” for the … whatever that deer antelope elk thing is?

    • Blop

      It’s a chamois…

      • rawr

        its a proghorn actually XD that what it looks like to me

        • Blop

          No, search with Google and compare them: pelt, horns and blacks markings are definitively those of a chamois ;D

          • lp

            yep, but ummm….since when does blood go splash? unless they ripped its head of at very high speeds, it would not go splash

    • Bloodwolf

      dude it does not anything like a deer of an elk, expecially an elk

  • neaveh

    Eww, Jera you’re drooling again…

    • LimoSpirit

      thats Isa

      • Measterwolf

        sorry, for the second time, but that’s Jera, look at her ear.

        • LimoSpirit

          i know i alrady deleted the comment, i have no idea why is it still there.
          and i just messed up with the names lol

      • Bloodwolf


    • Measterwolf

      no that’s Jera look at her ear

  • Camoline

    For some reason I keep on imagining that chamois saying “Yikes!” in that panel and Jera thinking “My sweet tooth calls me…”
    Weird? 0_0

    • Mieako The Fellow Omega

      Nope. xD

  • nyanwolf

    I can imaging hearing the deer (or whatever that is) saying -OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOSHIT- SPOLIERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS >.<

    • MagneticPudding

      Not a deer :/ Just saying x)

    • The Lone Wolf 2413

      It aint a deer, ya city dude!

    • Bloodwolf

      dude that is totally not a deer have u ever seen a deer?????

  • Sarita


    tons of love for this page, but when the humans have to kill their dogs to survive everyone throws a fit?

    • Van

      Yep, pretty much. ><

      • Mrwarriorchicken


    • Jinelle

      Hahaha. I know right, scrolled down to the comments expecting it. xD;

    • senior

      for seven’s dad and them, it was one time life-threaten situation. Wolves have to hunt and kill on a daily or weekly basis, cause that’s their diet.It’s completely normal in an animal kingdom.

  • Person who loves wolves

    Lol Jera is like, “Your mine now!!” and the chamois is like, “Oh shit!!” (sorry for my cussing, I just had to say that..) O_O

    • Jay

      I can imagine Jera snarling, “SURPRISE!” evilly before she attacks it.

  • rachel

    How come Raigho has white toes on his back legs? In the begining of the story, he didn’t have them.

    • Ryou’s Sparkles

      They’ve changed some of his markings.

  • LimoSpirit

    Eww Isa, you’re drooling…

    • Measterwolf

      I think you thought Jera is Isa, but that “isa” is Jera, look at her ear. 

      • Helixwolf

        The ear said it all

      • Bloodwolf

        any jera has green eyes and isa has amber

  • StarWolfen

    isa is not in there, thats fehu

  • Shadow

    Jera, you’re drooling again…….. (=w=);

    • Bloodwolf

      i noticed that too

  • Anevay

    XD drooling again. ^^ 

  • Dahoward96


  • Helixwolf

    SPLASH! In a pool of tomato sauce ?_? idk

    • Brother Anonymous

      That’s wolves kill him, yhe animal was blood out of splash like blood. Y’know.

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    COOL! It splashed!

    • Helixwolf

      It splashed in its own blood >:D

  • GumiMegpoid12

    Why you say same word?????

  • She-Wolf

    Fehu’s face is gonna make me have nightmares tonight, I’m not even kidding! XD

  • Bloodwolf

    Goat: MURRRRRRR!!!!!!!
    Jera: Rawr! (slobber)
    Goat: splat!

  • Binder the black wolf

    Finally Jera kills some thing sadly it’s not Iki why is holding back him -.-

    • Darkcanine

      There weren’t many hunt scenes in this comic. The only wolves we’ve seen kill prey so far are Raigho and Jera.

  • 20firebird

    This is literally the only time you will ever see a chamois in anything.

  • Shop Dog

    Epic sunset kill, FTW

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