page 143
page 143

  • Lua_LaMoon

    Isa looks beautiful! Iki looks a little more white or it seems to me?
    *beware of the crow*

    • Daph

      Maybe the shades =) Well, it does seem to me too, but however he is pretty and beautiful as always =D

  • Daph

    And yay! Isa talks =)

  • Kagalli

    All a sudden Isa seems so much warmer, just from that little conversation!

  • Elyn

    Iki and Isa look so cute in that last panel. X3 I love all the little details in this page. :D

  • Alex eM

    Munch Munch No Talking with ur mouth full Iki!

  • FavnintheDireWolf

    The details are really amazing. I don’t like how Raigho’s left foot is almost at a 270 degree angle in comparison to the rest of his leg.

    • Celevon Teardust

      yeah i noticed that too.

  • Celevon Teardust

    Ugh! Iki is icky! Such a slob… I love it! Beautifle artwork once again!

  • Misaki

    holy bujesus..
    for once in her life, Jera isnt glaring, or snapping at Iki :O
    le gasp

  • Silverwolf

    Love the crow shadow.

  • June

    I love the subtle myth reference there.

    Poor Skoll…

  • Sky-Lily

    Isa! She looks so pretty even with that piece of gut on her nose xD

    And I see a red-eyed crow =o

    • FavnintheDireWolf

      If there were “like” buttons on this, I would “like” your comment.

  • Katsuma

    Oh My gosh! I love this page.. :3 I love how their eyes seem to glow even when they’re not shadowy! I also ADORE Jera’s right ear.. XD!! Poor Pupppyyy…D:

  • Ali

    Gorgeous new page, I love Iki’s facial expressions!
    Once again your art astounds me.

  • M.Master

    With that look on Jera’s face, you know she’s going to say something to Iki xD The comic looks amazing, glad it’s on a normal posting time!

  • Anne

    Eek those crows are giving me the chills. Actually, alot of the drawings frightened me while I looked at them, but it’s all good. :) I want to read more. I would gladly pay for it too.

  • Inoko Yamaniko

    lol iki has cheeks xD

  • mysteriouswhitewolf

    Love how you did the blood on their muzzles. It looks good.

  • sai

    Iki is soooooo cute ! :D

  • http://kiba Kiba

    Ja niemogę ten komiks jest z dnia na dzień coraz lepszy !!!!!!!

    Dawaj Gebo !!!

  • Serendipity

    xD Iki has his cheeks stuffed!

  • Wolved

    That’s just so epic! ID

  • o0Risa0o

    watching Iki eat is so cute!
    And from those crows, it makes me think that Raigho’s going to talk to one of those crows or just watch them

  • Meg

    I love you guysXD! Keep up the good work!

  • Ataala

    This is the best webcomic with a storyline I’ve ever read. Keep up the good work!

    • Whiskey

      I will agree.

    • Aldawolfa

      Cullen? It couldn’t be. Aatella! Lol never mind, stranger.

  • Whiskey

    Iki is just adorable!

  • Brenna Riley

    OMG!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • stacia


  • Off_White Fan No1#

    Wow!!! :D

  • Lycan

    Hmmm?…!! That Crow Has Red Eyes -.-‘

    • Ice-Wolf

      of course that are hugin and munin I think …

  • Nikki

    love Jeras face there :) love the comic as well, best comic iv read for a very long time :D

  • Emily


  • Kai

    “Where is page 144?”

    • Moon

      Lol, it’s not up yet =3

      • lolwut

        its out now

  • hailfire

    wow, i don’t check this place for awhile and you guys have new pages AND a new layout! nice!!! so glad so see new stuff!

  • Kim

    Do I see the red eyes of Huginn (Or Muninn?)?

    I think I miiiight! >D

    • Laura

      or the raven dark spirit :)

      • Ryou’s Sparkles

        That’s who he meant. Those are the raven’s names. XD

  • Veneer

    makes me laugh every time i see Jera’s torn ear XDDD

    • Sky

      I know right?
      Lil pups of the future: “So Grandma, how did you get your scar? Was it in a fight with a bear? Was it killing a fierce bull elk? Was it in an attack by an enemy wolf?”
      Jera: “Yup. Definitely the first one.”

      • dragonia


  • Nikki

    Iki not able to catch anything…
    If Iki is the white spirit, who i assume has something to do with Skoll the sun herder, this fits nicely with the whole story of Skoll and Hati not being able to catch the sun and moon :)

    • Aldawolfa

      Wow! You’re right!

    • ShadowWolf

      Actualy, the white spirit of the wolves is Skoll.
      Iki is Skoll, but he doesnt know it, I dont think.
      And the person Reighno is taking him to I am guessing to be the black spirit, Hati.

      • ShadowWolf

        Just guessing, but it would make sense, why Reighno couldnt tell Starfire who it was.

    • JackFrost

      Lol I’m replying to this post because it’s close to the top and more people will see it. But has anyone else noticed the rage people go through when they killed the dogs to live? How come no one said anything about that poor animal thing that has its guts ripped out? Is it really that different? Sorry, just wanted to point that out…

      • Dani


      • Sky Lily

        Cause it’s only okay if wolves are doing it.

        Also, it’s totally okay for dogs to kill their humans to survive. It’s just not okay the other way around.

        The wolfaboos have spoken. *sarcasm*

        • Jenny

          Cuz when alot of people see wolves killing deer they see “ahh nature, circle of life, all is as it should be, they’re killing to survive” when they see humans “bastard killing for fun! trophy hunters!” (even tho that wasn’t the case earlier) Unfortunately we dont see humans being apart of nature anymore….most hunts r just for fun, and that is upsetting….or for hatred, or worse….for amusement.

          • icyfreezerpop

            I would like your comment if I could!

          • Uruk

            Well, now you can like it! =D

      • WarriorsHowl

        Everyone is forgeting an important fact.
        The humans didn’t just kill the weak or old. Sigh. I gave a whole lecture on this at that page.

  • Wovek

    its funny how Iki can have a mouth full of bloody deer meat and still look so cute :D

  • http://offwhite Tc

    dont talk with your mouth full iki lol XD

  • Swiftkill

    Fehu looks cool

  • red wolf

    love isa in the third panel =D

  • Liza Belova

    htupid sheep. lol i feel sorry for the pack

  • Wolfwish

    You can really tell how much they have improvoved

  • Kretka

    Anyone noticed the red eye of the raven? Is that black raven spirit?

    • ThisIsSpartaaaaa


    • basangi

      oh thanks for mention it.

      So many beautiful details in this comic! <3

  • Ermah Gerd

    LOLOLOL, Iki’s cheeks in the last panel, is it odd it made me laugh? 

    • Anevay

       same. XD

  • Anevay

    ‘like thih’ / ‘Thah we didn’th eath thah htupid sheeph back thre’ LAWL full-mouth-english XD

  • Lunathelonewolf

    Jera looks as if shes smiling at Iki… C:

  • Maya Bary

    everytime i see this page i go grab some meat and eat it like he does ._.

    • Lupa-SheWolf

      Are you a wolf?

      • Maya Bary

        maybe c:

        • Lupa-SheWolf

          Me, too :P :D

          • Maya Bary

            im eating meat like he is…as usual :3

  • ThatDarkWolf

    xD! that last panel.

    Even with guts in his mouth it’s sill adorable c:

  • altea the white wolf

    am i the only one that thinks that in the second panel, the goat looks like it’s staring at them going “why you eatin’ my guts?”

    • Saber Wolfie

      No, he looks more like, “Wha-what happened?” He looks like he just woke up with a hangover, and then he sees a bunch of strangers eating him! XD

      • altea the white wolf

        that would be crazy

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    Cool! You can see the guts! It’s rare when you can actually see what they’re eating!

  • Hypetonian

    Isa looks cute in the last panel. :)

  • GumiMegpoid12


  • Binder the black wolf

    Damn it Iki be a real wolf not a freaking retard *sighs* Jera hurry up and kill him please

  • WolfNightV4X1

    Oh Iki ‘^_^,

    …oddly enough, this page is making me hungry o-o
    I mean, I’m already hungry…but still

    Is that weird? That’s totally weird, I’m sorry

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Wh.. why are you eating my insides? :c

    • NatureCreature

      You’re alive!!

  • Teddy Nhu

    Is it weird, that I think the meat Iki is eating looks like pasta?

    • Millitrix

      … Red pasta?

      • Maria Forester

        Pasta with tomatoes. Why not?;)

        • wolfsrainfan

          heard about muscle fibers?ß

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