• Nick Lopez

    Isa is such a hottie.

  • Darkcanine

    Last page, bear faced Isa. This page, bear faced Jera.

  • Blue

    Isa’s beautiful <3 she inspired the design of my fursona!

  • Shop Dog

    jere you’re the one who’s missing a fang here.

  • Julian John Mckeon

    Jera: Where did I go wrong?

    Me: Let’s see… You’ve stated on numerous occasions that you hate him. You refuse to accept him as a son. You’re a crazy perfectionist. You don’t know the meaning of the term ‘positive reinforcement’, and you’ve really done nothing to earn Iki’s respect and admiration; leading him to try and live up to your unrealistic standards.

    Now, shall I get you something for that burn?

    For those of you reading this; try saying all that out loud as though it were that scene from Liar Liar:

    • AGV

      The vid is no longer :<

      • Julian John Mckeon

        fixed it.

  • Pheenixorphan X

    Omg XD