page 145
page 145

  • Luni

    thought isa gotta be mad for that kind of treating xD but looks like shes a perfect daughter
    oh jera u went all wrong since very first ikis breath!

  • 25nanao16

    You just dont know how to raise boys, jera ;)
    great page you two ^^ keep up the great work! :D

  • KC

    On the last page I thought the entire pack would be looking at them with WTF JERA faces xD

  • Roui

    That is just funny Isa said Yes mom and I like Iki’s Face it’s really funny nice Job

  • Ali

    Oh Iki <3

    You know, its nice to see a back character like Isa getting in the spotlight as well.

  • FavnintheDireWolf

    Why is Iki’s foot green?

    • FavnintheDireWolf

      Is it goat feces.

      • Alex eM

        oh. god eww…

        • Dreamer-

          ‘Oh god ew’ is right! xD

          • Darkwolf730

            I’m with you there…

          • Celevon Teardust


  • Shy

    there totally should be an icon from jera’s face in the last panel

  • cheetahsintheearth


  • Illegal

    woah… where DID you go wrong?

  • Nopeita

    I love Isa! <33

  • Lua_LaMoon

    In reality it’s not all feces..if you see on the legs of iki there is a piece of colon, and the colon extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated…(Is responsible for forming feces)
    Akreon and Tanathe might already be veterinary!… Forgiveness if you do not understand me

  • Marenna

    Raise, him? I thought she hated himm. :o

    • Celevon Teardust

      she raised him from a pup after she found him with raigho in a snowstorm. I personally don’t think she hates him, is just frustrated. Like when siblings scream I HATE YOU! at each other.

      • Marenna

        I didn’t even think about that :o Thank you ^^

        • Celevon Teardust

          no problem

  • hailfire

    oh boy… yeah well i’m just glad she’s not spazing and just giving up right there. who knows what she may do lol

  • Simple

    Poor wuff mom

  • Lunaterasu

    Ew, all that ear wax coming from Iki’s ear! XP
    I think I lost it at what Jera was saying XD That cracked me up!

    • Ali

      I don’t think its ear wax, I believe its guts XD

  • Buffy & Brian

    My lord, we saw this and thought, ‘A great daughter.’ Only to be back handed mentally by the “great” remark by Iki. We do however miss hearing Jera yell at him.

    Prays to hear her snap again with her blah blahs- ♥

  • Doglate

    Oh my gosh! Did this make me laugh! XD I love the differences between Iki and Isa! Ah, it just reminds me of my own family…. XD

  • Brenna Riley

    Lol, love the differences between the two. This page made me laugh :)

    • Brenna Riley

      Oh and by the way, I love how fast you guys are getting these pages up. I was reading BBA (Black Blood Alliance) but she hasn’t had any pages up in months, and besides; your comic is like 100,000 X’s better!!!! :D

      • Siutghiol

        I belive BBA hasn’t had any pages in about 2 or so years, not very sure

        • Doglate

          Actually, it’s being redone. Nothing has been put up yet, however, but it’s being worked on. There’s a whole new style to it, and there will be some very different changes to the characters. Not exactly in appearance, but more, history and name-wise.

  • Emma

    “Feels funky” haha, love it :P

  • grim d. ackne

    lol!! ewwwww that stuff on iki looks gross

  • mysteriouswhitewolf

    LMAO!!! is it just me or is this page more detailed than the others? Because of the lighting im guessing? Jera is like spazzing out. I LOVE the drawing of her in the top left!!! Lol shes missing part of her ear where that puppy attacked her! XD

  • Okami_Norino

    OMHG !!!
    I just love this page, is awesome,the colors, the light and Darkness is perfect, and i don’t have to write about the history (because is great).
    Isa look Pretty, i would like a Ikky X Isa (love)

    • Ivy

      They’re brother and sister.. ^^’

      • Wolfgirl79

        but in truth, Iki isnt really related to any of the pack! ;)

        • Celevon Teardust

          Yeah, but that would be like me trying to date my step- brother…. just gross.

          • Wolfgirl79

            ye… kinda is gross….

  • Keftense

    heh he is sitting in bile. eewww. what ever you did for the detail of the art; it is simply stunning. This is the only comic that i constantly look at for updates in the story! Simply stunning and captivating story line! keep it up please!

  • romsai

    Iki ! Whats with the attitude !?

  • Surf

    I love this… the graphics in it are beautiful the story is turning out to be something I’m dying to read more of… my only sadness is that I have no patience… XD I can’t WAIT to see the next page!!!!! <3 Keep It UP!

  • Andressa

    Your painting is getting better on every new page! :D The same for the drawing! Oum! I’m your fan! o/

  • Wolved

    Oi… somehow I knew Iki was going to end up doing something like that to mess Jera up! XD I really love the new coloring stlye, still can’t get over it. :D

    • streamfur

      me 2

  • Breanna

    What is the green stuff around his feet?

    • Joy

      I`m guessing it`s the inside of the goat`s stomach..y`know grass n` herbs, semi-digested.

  • Joy

    Hehe, Fenrir. Nice touch :D

  • Symphonic

    is it just me, or does Iki’s sentence not make sense?
    “Have any of you ever had meat stuck in their ear?…”
    i dunno. i just think that the “their” doesn’t go.

    [or it could be me so]

    • geo

      well its not they’re = they are
      and its not there = over there
      so it is the right one :)

    • Kin

      You’re probably looking for “your” instead of “their”. “Your” makes the sentence more personal as opposed to addressing an unknown gorup.

  • Nicholle

    HAH!! These last couple of pages were just a joy!

  • o0Risa0o

    XD like I said back in page 144! Jera’s funny and creepy all at the same time!! XD

  • http://kiba Kiba

    Ciekawe czy jak wydadzą ten komiks to zrobią polską wersje?

    • akreon

      Taki mamy zamiar ;p

  • Arc Thunder

    Oh Dear.. …Nah, still awesome

  • Aaron M.C.

    It’s the adrenaline from the hunt going to her head.

  • Mahina

    Jera has a pretty unique personality. Funny as hell one moment and a bitch the next

  • Alicia Holmes

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is all ;) KEEP IT UP GUYS! I am in LOVE with your comic! Been reading it for so very long now ;)

  • Key Master

    LOL XD
    Omg I loved this!! I see Jera has a little bit of an obsession, perhaps? Then again I have done the same thing x3

  • Kabechet Ahmanrah

    Not as old of a reader as some of your fanbase, but I very much so enjoy reading your comic and I adore the story and art. You have far more talent then I! (And patience, I tried writing a comic once!) P.S. Don’t worry Jera, boys will always be boys. No matter how well you raise them, they will always walk their own path :3

  • Caramel

    Is that ….
    the deer’s brains stuck in his ear?

    Caramel thinks that Iki looks pretty happy.

  • Adolfo

    Really good! like so much that started today at 4:00 pm and finish now (7:37) like the technique of the comic.

  • Katsuma

    GAhahaha this totally shows the difference in Sons and Daughters… Too True!.. XD…

  • Lily

    OMG Poo! LOL its silly though, just adds insult to injury.♥ IN Jera’s case though, a perfect daughter, then very odd and…well….odd son. I L♥ve this comic!

  • Ailoncha

    I really like this page. It’s hilarious.
    And the colours used fit pretty well. I’m loving this comic more and more

  • o-o

    notice iki has something on his foot

    • Bly

      ya still gotta love Iki

  • Kaitlin

    isa is so gorgeous o.o <3

  • Handelo

    What’s that green stuff on Iki’s paws?
    Oh and LOL at Jera’s expression in the last panel :D
    Your really manage to bring out emotions (and personalities) in non-human characters, while staying anatomically correct for the most part. Really well done!

    • Keftense

      hes sitting in bile. gross lol

    • sporkadaver

      LOL brain matter? I LOVE how the wolves are drawn, the facial expressions are prefect. huge inspiration (: <3

      • Keftense

        stomach acid

  • murphycory

    i love the comic so far cant wait for the next page

  • cpdx

    lol love this comic

  • Misaki

    poor Jera o_o
    (Hopes my kid dont turn out like that..)

  • (:

    I NEED the next page. Maaan as soon as this comes out for sale, I’m soo gonna buy it! 8DDD

    • SalemShadow

      same here

      • Laura

        no i don’t fhink it so it will cost money ;)

        • Bly

          Free, is what we need!!!! :) <is roaring drunk.

          • Misaki

            if it was free, how do you suppose the writers will keep this site up, as well as the comic? Hmmmmmm???

  • Dragon

    I think I knows who the dark spirit wolfeh issss

    Been stalking this comic for an age.

    I cannot wait for the next update. -tries to sit still-

    • Laura

      Hey the page 146 should be up at Saturday last week

      • Dragon

        last week?

  • Laura

    do any of you fhink Jera has become nice and i sutch it was a shame Starfire’s pack died i hope they all get to alive agin

    • Celevon Teardust

      I think she’ll be back to her screaming ways in no time, we just have to be patient.

  • Radio-Chu

    loving the series, keep up the awesome work~! c:

  • Ravyn

    I want more! D:

  • Bly

    Awww, you’re right.

  • Lisa

    Niesamowity ten wasz komiks, wilki to fantastyczne zwierzęta
    Byle tak dalej :)

  • Rin

    Hm… I’m not really happy with the direction the art has been going (it all looks like DeviantART Loves You), but I’m absolutely DYING to see the dark spirit so I’ll have to stay tuned!

  • Samantha Couvertier

    Iki looks so funny in this page.

  • Syk0wolf

    Lmao I love how part of Jera’s ear is still missing because of that pup. x) Too bad about the poor puppy’s fate though. ;-;

  • Kody

    Hah! I love Jera’s face at the end. You’d almost be able to guess what she’s saying even without the words.

  • Ravyn

    Ewww…Iki…. >.> I want to know how he got meat in his ear… DX

  • AshWolf99

    To me it looks like Jara is freaking out over iki and is gonna start being nice to him more just so he wont be such a slobb… oh i have a wolf thats white named iki, and another grey one named Jara! shes ikis sister though so yeah…

  • Rebound

    Ah, Isa is such a lovely, beatiful, perfect child. :3
    And then there’s Iki…

  • EvaWolf

    Isa is so beautiful! :)

  • Mitins~

    wheres the new pic? someone reply plz :) thanks ^^

    • EvaWolf

      Do you mean Isa in the second picture?!

      • Mitins~

        …? what do you mean??? i was just asking why there are no new parts for the next picture.. that is all <:) thanks for the reply ^^

      • Notte

        You mean the second PANEL?

    • KillTheSound

      Mitins: this is the last new pic, be patient.

      • Mitins~

        alright…thanks for the reply :D

        • Sinnie

          Yez, they’re studying for some exams and stuff~ ^-^

    • Kitchi

      I think you mean strip, but yeah, it’s not out yet. be patient. ^^;

  • Emily

    Iki, Iki….

  • DemonaLuff

    What is that green stuff in his ear?!?!

    • Celevon Teardust

      Feces, guts, earwax, bile, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those. Either way, EEEEEEEW!!!

  • Notte

    It looks like a part of her curled up and died.

    • EvaWolf

      Lol! :D

  • EvaWolf

    Off-White teach us to be patient! :) ;D

    P.S. Thank you for this amazing, wonderful, fascinating, magnificent, adorable, awesome, talanted, smart, super cool story…

    Lots of Love,
    From one of your biggest fans,

  • Aero

    I cant wait for the next… Pannels! And did Jera even put any HEART into raising this child!?

    • Aero

      No i dont think so..

  • Tao

    is Isa a boy or a girl?

    • TOSKA

      he’s a dude

      • lolwut

        no a girl


          That’s the joke, dude


            Oh wait I thought u said is Iki a boy or girl…stupid astigmatism -.-

    • Syk0wolf

      Isa is the brown wolf and is female. Iki is the blue eyed white wolf and is male.

      • Prince-Gabriel

        Ike’s grey~

    • geo

      she is female…

  • Emily

    Iki… wow…

  • DemonicWolf

    Poor Isa…she looks absolutely disturbed.

    Lmao. This comic is amazing. <3

  • EvaWolf

    Ha! I just love this page! I have read it a thousands of times and just love it! :)
    Isa really IS a perfect child… and Iki… well… :D
    We all have to be patient for new pages of the story so… thanks for new coments! Keep it up!

  • mitoki

    awsome story, i just started reading it and i must say this is relly relly well done, the are is adorable and the story has a relly good plot, its dark but you even that out with lots of comic releif^^ i’ll keep an eye on this one thats for sure.

  • cheyenne

    like mother like son..wait no! ^.^

    • EvaWolf

      Ha! :D


    Hmm…how do you manage to get meat IN YOUR EAR!?!

  • Clair

    is there going to be more??

    i real like this story and i just started reading it

    i will have to explor the site some more

    • EvaWolf

      Of course there will be more pages, we just have to be patient and wait for a moment.

  • ShadowWolf

    Now this is different.XD

  • MinkQueen

    Jera is crazy

  • MinkQueen

    Love IKI though

  • EvaWolf

    My favourite character is Gebo! :)

  • Tara

    She may be crazy after losing most of her pups, but Jera sure is beautiful in the first panel! ^^

  • Pinpoint-facade

    This is a great idea, and so beautifully drawn. I do think, however, that it could benefit from some editing to make the language more fluent and easier to understand. I’d be happy to help you with that if you wanted, I have an account on DevArt (it’s under pinpoint-facade) and you can check that out for an idea of my kind of writing, etc.

  • Linkfreak 210

    i love this page!! i especially love Ikki!!! (did i spell Ikki right?? :()

    • EvaWolf

      IKI, with one K! :)

  • Teddycat

    how come theres only 140 pgs?D:

  • Teddycat

    how come no more after 140? DDDD:

  • Teddycat


    • EvaWolf

      It’s the 145 page! :)

  • Shadowlupen

    D: 146? *sobz*

    • Teddycat


    • akreon

      Soon, very very soon ;)

  • Safaia

    What in the world is the green stuff on his paws?! o_O it looks like poop!

    • DFD

      I’m guessing ear wax?

    • Tara

      It’s highly doubtful that it’s ear wax. It’s probably the antelope’s stomach contents. Ewww…

      Also, where’d all the other earlier comments go? Were they intentionally deleted?

      • Selkey

        Probably Bile

    • IsmaielDeath

      It actually is. The brown thing his front paw is on is the large intestine of the animal.

      • Jenny

        Its stuff from the intestines, and i know that herbivore’s scat tends to be green from grass….so yeah…thats poop

  • Tkey

    I’m rather sure its bile or some kind of intestinal fluid from the animal they are eating.

  • KimoWolf

    lol i love jera’s expression on the last panel lol lol lol

    • EvaWolf

      Agree! :D …Sometimes she is just so strange…

  • EpicBlueWolf

    Lol I love their expressions!

  • http://none cpdx

    ok been 4 months update?

    • BDWolf

      no kidding! come on! its about time to update!!!!

      • Valkyrie

        those who are waiting for something good never waits too long

  • http://facbook wolf blead11

    aha a good mother

  • Wolves239

    jera is EXACLY like my mother…

  • AshWolf99

    Jeras like my ma but im not Isa im Iki… yeah my mas not nice she calls me stuff like tht just cuz she thinks im worthless i was drawing and she goes ive seen better, i was like thanks ma soooo nice nobody feel sorry its just her personality but idk y cuz my bros r like isa shes always nice to them n she does it right infront of me.. shes never even said i luv u to me, so i dont ever say it to anyone

    • Slinkers

      Go cry, emo kid.

      • KC

        *smacks Slinkers*

      • Micah

        that’s really immature to call someone that even if they say stuff like that it may not seem like it but your bullying this person and that makes you no better than all of the assholes who pick on kids for no reason so get a life and stop your constant need for attention, words hurt so shut your mouth if your just here to make people miserable

        • Micah

          oops think i put this as a reply to the wrong person. sorry if i did but all of that goes to “slinkers”

    • DreamerTheresa

      Ash – where do you post your drawings, honey? I’d love to see them.

    • stupidfowrulz

      I’m sure there ate about a billion other people on the planet with worse lives than you.

      I don’t even LIVE with my parents, dude; and a wolf comic is a bad place if you’re looking for buttpats for your case of butthurt.

      • WildChild

        you know what stop being such an ass and be nice for once! your trolling and its annoying.

  • Anita

    I feel really bad for Jera- having watched as her children withered away and died right infront of her… It’s sad. I understand why she’s so protective and focused on Isa :( I love Jera.

  • Rosalina

    Man, Jera kind of reminds me of my mom… always getting me to try and sit up straight. XD

  • Vaudevillian

    H..How did he get meat.. in his ear? O.o

    • Valkyrie

      well, at least “it feels funky”!

  • Amber

    W-wait..this is the very last? btw Isa looks marvelous

  • Valkyrie

    I just love this comic! And Jeras face, love it! xD And hope the next page is coming soon :3

  • TezFoxable

    Hahaha! Seems like my mom!!!

  • spudpott

    god, that does look funky. :D

  • Spotty

    What is that green stuff? Its like meat mixed with dirt or something… o.O

    • Kitgaria

      the green stuff is supposed to be whats inside the intestines >_< its pretty gross tho XD

    • Meghanna

      Maybe bile from the gallbladder and liver? Pretty gross stuff. Helps with digestion.

      • Cataline

        The “green stuff” inside the pronghorn’s intestines is scat. It’s poop. Animal is herbivorous, so maybe his poop is greenish? That’s my guess.

        • Wolf Sting

          Ew. That is really gross. XP

          • Jenny

            Yep it does tend to be green, I live on a farm with over 20 horses, and its not that gross, the scat dries up and literally turns right into soil, plus u can still see the grass in it and stuff…our dogs like to eat it xD maybe i dont think its that gross cuz i can see the whole nature cycle thing, its just something in a different form, or state…

  • Vicky

    Thanks for sharing. What a peasulre to read!

  • Sarita

    Gosh, Isa is BEAUTIFUL in that 2nd panel.

    And then there’s Iki.

  • Ria

    “Have any of you ever had meat stuck in their ear? Feels funky!” Best…line…EVAR!!!

  • nissa

    I just love Jera’s expression in the last panel. I love the expressions you use in general, showing a lot of emotion without making the wolves seem to unrealistic :D

  • NyraWolf

    Iki is so funny!!

  • Kirani_wolf

    so o.0 is that thing in iky’s paws blood mixed with mud and green nastey stuff? 0_0 yummi!!!!!!! xD

  • alli

    i just realized something: fenrir. i’ve heard that name before, referenced as a wolf god type of deal….no wait, i think that was fenris. quite close though

    • Callistan Sairias

      I think Fenrir and Fenris are two different names for the same wolf in Norse mythology.

      • Tristan

        In Norse mythology, Fenrir is the giant wolf responsible for Tyr losing his arm. Fenrir is supposed o be the strongest of all wolves, so it would make sence that normal wolves would view him as a god.

      • The Valkyrie

        Fenrir is the son of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. He bit off Tyr’s right hand when he was bound in unbreakable chains. At Ragnarock he will break free and kill Odin before being killed himself.

        (yes I am a bit of a Norse mythology nut :P)

      • Trolldrool

        The gods and legends of the norse mythology had a wide array of
        different names and pronounciation depending on where the people who
        worshipped them lived. Odin in Scandinavia for example had been known as Whotan in the germanic forests only a couple of centuries earlier. And some places the wargod Tyr was Tir or Ty. I think it’s pretty
        safe to assume you’re correct.

    • Wolf Sting

      Fenrir is the giant wolf that Loki made. He is supposed to be able to kill Odin. I think that’s what my bro told me. It’s a Norse legend, and I’m only 13, so I don’t know much about it.

  • cryij

    One perfect child and one… not so perfect child… Like a normal family!

  • Mello

    I love Jera’s expression in the last panel…

    • Anonymous

      Same, it’s hilarious! XD

  • Tybel

    O.O Iki is standing on sum intestines and poop is everywhere D:!!!

    • Sonic

      Oh my Iki…… that is too horrible! Clean yourself in the snow befor Jera goes ******!

    • TrinityWingerter

      That’s blood -_-

  • katnizz

    sit straight and don’t hunch she sounds like my Mom

  • Person who loves wolves

    Aww, Jera looks very friendly in the first panel. Also, Isa minds her mom very very well.

  • Marie

    ROFL. Jara…. you can see the desire to facepalm… or is it facepaw??

  • http://offwhite Tc

    omg i love jera’s face in the last pannel lol!!

  • Fenrir

    omg i just realised that jera has the same coat color, texture, and eye color

    • Rotten Banana

      Nah, Isa is browner and has yellow eyes instead of green.

    • Uruk

      What? No, she doesn’t. Isa is of a chocolate brown colour with yellow eyes, while Jera is black with green eyes.

  • red wolf

    LOVE isa! :D

  • Mary Kate

    Eww, whats that green stuff?

  • Wolfwish

    Where did I go WRONG!? Yeah where DID you go wrong Jera?

  • Andrea Slobodyanik

    Her face. Its funny. Jera’s. She’s like WTF?

    • Bloodwolf

      HA HA thats what i thought too

  • Wolfstalker

    XD his earwax looks like barf

    • Jay Walker

      It’s not earwax. That’s green gunk (Possibly algae? Don’t know how it got on land, though…) that happened to be on the ground, and his paw was on it. Then he got it on his ear…

      • Wolfstalker

        I think in might have been half-digested Leaves/grass. He did say ‘Meat’ it must’ave been in the intestines.

    • Yuipo

      If you look closely you can see it came from the intestines. It was probally something the dear-thing ate.

      • Wolfstalker

        Like half-digestesd grass/leaves?

    • YL

      It’s probably something from the rumen–in other words, partially digested/fermented plant matter that the antelope/whateveritis ate. I once had to poke around that stuff from a cow in a biology class. It really really stinks. I’m as horrified as Jera is.

      If you want to see what it looks like (beware, dissected cow stomach–it’s not really horrible, but if you’re sensitive towards that kind of stuff…) 

    • Therepplicas

      actualy, that is the digested grass from the goat’s stomache. xD

    • wolf123

       ow i wish it was earwax no its not its something like poop from the gout and he ated that!!

      • Bloodwolf

        yep lolz

  • Wolf_Girl17

    lmfao, IKI!!! I love you! <3

  • Phoebe Derba

    Isa: Yes, mom.


  • NikkiSheWolf

    gross, look at Iki’s paws e )-( e

  • StarWolfen

    Isa looks so innocent

    • Emzone

      She looks like that “perfect daughter” Jera’s talks about.

  • Paradiseaddicthe1

     Jera, you’ve gone wrong with Ika many ways!

  • Anevay

    Iki lawl – again.

  • Lunathelonewolf

    Haha Jeras face is so funny in the last panel! lol xD

  • wolf123

    is that green stuff puup or something??

    • miscat

      Its body liquids from the organs, most likely the stomach.

      • Helixwolf

        Or the grass

        • basangi

          it sure was grass once

          • Helixwolf


          • Bloodwolf


  • Beanpants13

    you can see where jeras ear was bitten

  • Shadowofthemountains

    *insert convenient sunbeam over Isa*

  • JadeMoon

    ME: Uh… Iki… you have some… crap all over you
    Iki: What? Oh! I love crap!*HE EATS IT OFF HIMSELF

  • Sky

    She has a tear on her ear from when the pup bit her!!!

  • Tahja

    Has anyone other than me noticed that Iki is drooling while he’s scrathing his ear?

    • Helixwolf

      Ewwwwwwwwww, your right

    • Blackwolf

      He must have learned it from Jera :P

  • blitzer99

    Jera….do you want me to go by alphabet of just hand you a list?

  • Dragonfly

    That green stuff is poop. It’s coming out of the colon in the 3rd panel.

    • Helixwolf

      GOOD LORD D:

    • CelticIrishSwordswoman


    • HutchTheLupe

      holy crap!

    • rachel

      I always had a feeling Iki would be the one to play in poop…

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    My gosh, woman!

  • Luna-Dark-WolfXP

    she look like a bear

    • vulli

      what’s with commentors on all these pages thinking wolves look like bears

      • Bloodwolf


  • Helixwolf

    Jera: Ah Isa, you look so beautiful and graceful (turns to Iki) WHERE THE F**K DID I GO WRONG?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Blue leader of mountain pack

    Jera: Ah isa, you look so beautiful and graceful (turns to lki) WHERE DID I GO WRONG WITH THIS PUP

  • Bloodwolf

    isa’s eyes in the 2nd panel shes like wtf did u just do to me!

  • Bloodwolf

    ewwww iki looks so gross!

  • Cap

    Jera’s mind

  • WolfNightV4X1

    Well…there’s always one…

  • White Anubis
    • Lonewolf1299

      My god…

    • Christy Weaver

      She’s run away to avoid being called Woofsie-puff again.

  • Limia

    mothey instints

  • Sutera Uchiha


  • IK Thunderbolt

    I can’t believe that they know Loki’s son

  • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

    xD Oh gosh

  • Millitrix

    Haha. “Have any of you ever had meat stuck in their ear? Feels funky!” … Oh, Iki.

  • Alyssa J C Larsen

    Clean or Dirty
    witch one do you like?
    Me dirty!

  • Syrex

    oh god xD

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