• Oh snap.

  • Oh crap Iki you are f*cked

  • DarkShadowfax

    That second panel! <3 xD

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  • ナナ/ Nana

    Oh but I miss sweet moment of Jera and Raigho from the old page…. New one looks gorgeous thought!

    • Leandro Evequoz

      ikr it is awesome! Cant wait for the other pages 😀

  • Blue

    YAY I LOVE THIS PAGE SO MUCH! The expressions are gorgeous!

  • Leandro Evequoz

    OH SNAP D:

  • Nick Lopez

    I love Isa’s expression in the 2nd and 3rd panel.

  • TevaFox

    Love the exchange between Gebo and Isa!
    Probably my favorite redone page in chapter 1 so far

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    Ooooo! Love this page! ….I wonder if Iki is still hunting lemmings or if that’s gonna be changed. Either way, I look forward to whatever comes next. :3

  • RainingMountains

    Yeeesss he’s hunting lemmings! 😀

  • Gebo is insanely adorable here. Not sure why, but I’m loving his face so much!!! XD
    (Isa second panel, too. :3)

    • Artista

      I hope he gets more screen time.

  • Pilot

    Jera, babe, you’re a wolf, not a cat. Your eyes are scary hun.

    • Real wolves can have green eyes; it’s just a much, much more subdued shade. I personally think Jera’s eyes would be a lot nicer if they were more of a Jade color, not acid/lime colored like a cat. It would be more believable, because all of the other wolves do have realistic eye colors – even Iki, whose eyes are intense blue (just like a husky’s) for the sake of the plot, aren’t unrealistic.

      • Soup

        I might have read your post wrong, but no, pure adult wolves past 3 weeks of age are not known to have blue eyes. They may have grey, which often looks blue under certain lights and reflections, but not blue itself. Blue eyes are a trait more often found in domestic animals (like huskys, horses, cats, etc). If you ever see a wolf with pure blue eyes you can suspect it is a wolfdog of some sort.

        • You totally did read it wrong, ’cause I said “green”, not blue. When I mentioned blue, I said “like a husky’s eyes” – as in, they aren’t unrealistic to see on a canine, unlike neon green which is more feline-exclusive. Real blue eyed “wolves” (or high-content wolfdogs / nearly-pure wolves) DO exist, but they’re incredibly rare – one in a million, if not rarer. So technically, still realistic – and about as commonly seen as in this comic, too.

      • I think the rare Blue colored wolfdogs have by far the prettiest green eyes, but they have to be selectively bred to produce the right gene and they’re never found in the wild.
        It’s sort of my personal head-canon that this is the color Iki is – they’re so silvery like he is, and they actually can have blue eyes too, because they’re part dog. = )
        (photos copyright their respective owners, used only for educational purposes!)

      • Pilot

        Lol not talkin’ bout color

        • Checkers

          I couldn’t help but make this strangled laugh when reading these serious comments on eye colour when you were talking about how feral/feline Jera’s eyes look.

  • Mal

    Gaaah the new panels are looking so good! Isa and Gebo look wonderful. The new and improved art style definitely brings characters to life more

  • Woah, Another page in three days’
    Meh. I love how the writing has improved, though.
    And, ahh, I missed Jera’s ” I’LL KILL YOU ALL WITH FIRE” expressions.

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    OMG, I loved this page so much!!!!!!!!! Gebo is so hugable!!!! I don’t know if this word exist, but I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    aaawwww gebos so cute and fluffy!!!

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    Aww Gebo and Isa!!! Could the two get any cuter?! I be shipping so hard right now. <3 <3 #sorrynotsorry For some reason seeing Gebo and Isa together all cute looking made me squeal with happiness. This page put me in a good mood. Today has been a hard day. Thank you so much!!

    • TheRebelLion96

      I know, right!? ; )

  • Tsume139

    and there’s the other half of Jera we love so much.

  • Alexandra Longden

    OMG Jera’s face-like-thunder is priceless! XD

  • I ship GeboxIsa

  • plantangel

    can i just say… i really really love jera

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    • Artista

      Here comes a “fucking dammit” moment.


  • Artista

    One thing I like about Tankressi is that don’t overuse headshots. This one comic I’m following uses way too many.

    • Headshot? 😮

      • Lolo

        It’s when it’s just a frame of a character’s head rather than partially showing a body or doing fullbody. So for Artista they mean that in the comic they follow, the artists use too many frames showing only a head of a character.

      • Panels that focus on the character’s head, expressions, face, etc.

  • Bahamut

    Gebo and Isa’s faces are so cute!
    Jera’s–not so much… XD

  • Spiritstrike

    And there it is!

  • Jera pls I’m scared

    jk dont make me get the muzzle

    Yo guys. I need new games to play (even though I’m still having exams) so I could take my mind off some stupid mistakes. I like MMORPGs, something similar to FeralHeart and Legends of Equestria.

    None of these please:
    Aura Kingdom
    Impressive Title servers

    I’m fine with humans but I don’t prefer them >_< especially anime (not really against them don't kill me)

    • soup

      there are a few games in development you might like:
      Isles of Eventide
      Primitive call

      • Leoshade

        Primitive Call does not want to be actively advertised at the time, hun, while the game is in development ^^

      • I pretty much considered Arokai a dead cause after its deviantart page was shut down.

        • Checkers

          That’s the thing that always bugged me about these animal-game projects. They set up a forum and gather a community for something that doesn’t even exist yet, when half the time they don’t even have a clue what they’re doing.

          Aro’kai and Isles of Eventide have promise since they have actual demos and/or footage that they know what they’re doing and can actually get somewhere in time, but other ones are just forums for an idea – not a project – because they set sail on rafts when they should have taken their time to build a ship instead.

          • Leoshade

            Primitive Call is actually more invested in their game than the advertising. If you did your research before developing these opinions you would see that the staff are reluctant to share updates because they want to keep most of the game under wraps until it’s release and they aren’t interested in making massive blogs and YouTube channels to advertise the game. You can see below that upon seeing PmC be mentioned here I chided Soup for going against PmC’s general wishes. They do not want to create a massive community when they are well aware they have a game to make. And they produce this game fast. They’re already producing private demos and have shown some footage from them. I’ve seen them myself.

            The head creator of PmC, if I’m not mistaken, is invested in a career in game creation. He is around 26 and knows exactly what he is doing. Most of his staff are also planning to take the same career path– some already have. The community, at least, what is the community so far, is exceptionally well moderated when half the time I can’t stand the rudeness that comes from Arokai. Everyone is focused on the game, including those members in the community. They aren’t “setting sails on rafts when they should have taken their time to build a ship instead.” The rafts will be ready for the ship’s completion, rather.

            I speak as an established member of the community that has been watching this game develop for the last three years, that this game is not some crappy IT server that will be discontinued in a month, as you seem to expect, but rather a game that, if it reaches it’s goals, will have more potential than WolfQuest, Feral Heart and every IT server combined. It isn’t a sparklewolf chatroom like FH. It isn’t an educational animated “game” like WQ. And given the determination of the staff, God forbid nothing happens, will be finished. Probably a hell of a lot sooner than Arokai which goes on hiatus every six months xD


          • Checkers

            You’re taking offense to my statements when not considering that there have been many, many projects that have fallen flat. I’m not talking about PmC, I’m talking about IT servers and projects like Antigua, etc. Projects that people inexperienced start without researching just how difficult it is, and wind up falling flat on their face. There is no denying that that happens far more often than not.

            PmC is not on my radar. It is not really on my radar since it does not seem very public on its dev and there’s yet to be any actual video-orientated footage of its progress, or at least none that I’ve seen. Hence the entire reason I did not mention it, because I know jack squat about it beyond the fact that I see less of it than I do with AK and IOE.

            My entire point was that forums for these games crop up before there is any sort of prototype, hence that people gather on a forum and play a waiting game, instead of being a place with an established prototype and showing it actually has promise. That is something that PmC IS doing that you can’t deny, just like other projects of this nature are.

            I never stated directly that PmC would not succeed. If anything, I only eluded that it is a game project with a forum and following, that still, as of yet, has no game.

            So, no offense, but you basically got your hackles raised over nothing.


          • Leoshade

            I know that, hun. Trust me, I’ve seen many games crash xD But IoE and Arokai were the only games this person listed alongside PmC. Your opinion was obviously fired at it. If not you should have specified that~






            Oh, no! You’re right, PmC has never shown premise or prototype. The concepts they’ve spent years building on are just daydreams. A guy with a degree in Game Animation is wasting his time on a project with no establishment. And there are over 4,000 people waiting for a game that has no promise or material.
            Either you are indeed talking without looking over the forum for five minutes or you’re basing this on the fact there are no tangible demos. In that case I don’t see why IoE isn’t just as much of a disappointment to you xD
            As I said above, work is being made. I’ve seen it myself. I actually held back with those links because I’m not positive exactly what I can share in the comments section of a webcomic. A few of those links were WIPS, for those of you stalking the conversation and being intrigued. They do not release the so-called “prototype” you desire for a project to have worth because they do not want to advertise what they’re well aware does not tangibly exist yet. But like I’ve already repeated they do indeed know what they’re doing and have a plan. The game is being worked on daily. They’re actually planning a livestream here soon– texturing, care to watch? ;u;
            I’m glad to hear you haven’t heard of it until you decided to glance at the forum. Their wishes are being mostly upheld, then xD

            I got my hackles raised over someone who is clearly talking about a game in development that they know nothing about. As I said above I’ve watched the game and community grow over the last three years. I’ve seen these staff handle a whole lot of shit with more patience than I could ever muster and people who assume they have to have ten different demos out to be a game of worth– apparently implying they have no material to offer whatsoever and are no better than IT servers– slightly pisses me off.
            Albeit not as bad as the “omg when release??1” idiots, I must say. ouo


          • Lifeon

            I appreciate your defense of Primitive Call Leo, but I think this is enough now, further comments are not necessary. Not exactly pleased to have a video we put unlisted on the forum in a place only members could see posted publicly on some other forum :/ Will message you further back on the forum if you would like.

          • Leoshade

            No further pursuit of the situation is needed, I’m sick of this anyway. I understand and apologize for that there, I had lost my temper in placing those links. I’m sorry >.<

          • Checkers

            Please do not call me ‘hun’. I do not know you. You do not know me. We are complete and absolute strangers. Using such intimate terms is uncomfortable and disconcerting. If you need to call me something, call me ‘Checkers’. Nothing less, nothing more.

            If you read my last comment instead of looking for something to criticize you’d know I omitted PmC from my first statements because it’s not within my rights to talk about it since I know so little..

            I was staying in my lane about it to the best of my ability, not ragging on it or ‘implying that is has nothing to show and is no better than IT servers’. Please don’t twist the meaning of what I say and go shoving words into my mouth. I said “there’s yet to be any actual video-orientated footage of its progress, or at least none that I’ve seen.” As a person who keeps away from the project due to how quiet it is, unlisted, forum-exclusive video footage is not something I would have seen on my own. I never said it had “nothing”, or implied it was ‘no better than IT servers or failed games’, only that – like many other projects – it is a forum with a game still in progress.

            You are creating lines to read between when they are not there, and then judging what I say based on statements or implications that don’t even exist in what I’ve typed.

            If you’re just going to twist everything I say into something to be angry about, then I think it’s best if conversation cuts here.

          • Lifeon

            You are right there are many games that appear and then fade over the years, too many unfortunately. We don’t need to show our prototypes at Primitive Call because there is no reason for us to. Maybe if we wanted something, funding, views, more staff, then we would, but we don’t, so tiny updates and minimal previews it is. And those are only a thing to thank the people who are in the community.

            Apologies for the trouble the discussion is causing.

          • Checkers

            And I apologize if any of my words come off as an offense to PmC. It seems very quiet and doesn’t seem to want the attention (or at least not a lot of it), so I try to keep it off my radar to let it be. I may lay out observations from what I know but beyond that if I know jack squat, I try to stay in my lane and leave it out of my statements. The tactic for that is usually through omission, and it seems to have failed here.

            When PmC reaches its point where it’s more than ready to flaunt everything it has for all it’s worth I’ll be there.

            After working with games for a while, pre-visualization and internal prototype phases are things I am very passionate about. It’s fun to discuss the ideas and problem solve what doesn’t work; to attempt getting a functioning prototype of a pitch worth pursuing. They tend to only be public/viewable to outsiders when polished enough and/or dev feels comfortable and ready for the attention it would attract, and even for advertising or support searching purposes (WQ pitched a prototype to potential sponsors when starting out if I remember).

            The projects that have undoubtedly failed (aka ‘set sail on rafts’) seem to skip this step. Hence why I am more critical on them, since in my experience, doing so is setting up for nothing more than frustration and high rates of failure.

      • OH MY GOD thank yooooooooooooooouuuu

  • Lynnzl

    The amount of snow inbetween Isa’s front paw and Gebo’s hip changes throughout the panels :O That’s kinda weird.

    Also this is one of my new favourite pages besides that the expressions are so great. Isa is so prettyyyyy

    • zelda74

      Lol snow melts quickly :p

      • Lynnzl

        Not that fast this far north

        • zelda74

          I was kidding x)

  • Moc

    Gebo’s face on the third panel is priceless xD “I don’t give a single fuck, LOL :D”

  • zelda74

    Isa’s face in 3rd panel look so harsh ‘^’

  • Roojie

    I thought Isa was a dude for the longest time… Still love Gebo’s coat color. And Jera’s still a bitter ol’ bitch.


  • Deluge

    Jera:)Any idea for the direction?

    Isa & Gebo:)………..

    Isa:)Sorry but no idea Mom

    • Nick Lopez


  • Offwhitefan

    Gebo’s head tilt is sooooo cute

  • Phoebe Tranile

    This page is awesome! I personally like it much more than the original ^^

  • wahots55

    I love the way the wolves look! Gebo is so cute!

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Oooo someone’s in trouble… Gebo and Isa looks so cute! 😀

  • noemi

    The comic is awesome, but why are you remaking the pages instead of continuing with the final ones?

    • They want the first volume to have consisent art work before moving on to the next.

      • Nick Lopez

        Yeah. It’s gonna take awhile.

  • Erica

    Isa looks so adorable in the second panel.

    • Nick Lopez

      Oh yeah.

  • Artista

    It’s official. We all still love Jewish Gebo.

    • Rookamillion

      A love that will last all-time. XD I miss Maxim. XD

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        What happened to Maxim anyways?

        • Gebo

          banned? cant be.. since im not anymore after the new website update.

        • Pilot

          Maxim had a lot on her plate and left the community 🙁

          • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

            Oh.. 🙁

          • Artista

            Yoi can find updates in her dA journal. Just look up ‘Maxim Wolf Deviantart’. I think She’s getting ready to move to Haifa.

    • Checkers

      Gonna be the killjoy that says they don’t. Never cared for it.

      • Rookamillion

        HERESY! XD

      • SSR

        Was never funny to begin with tbh.

        • Checkers


          I’ve always guessed it was my humour preference; it just never came as amusing to me.

  • Yanderedere

    lol yes love the redos

  • Nafsi-chan

    This page… This page! Oh my God! I don’t know what it is about it, but I love it so much!

  • Noki

    There’s definitely a huge change in overall feel, and I like it. Jera has also changed a lot from her original disposition.

  • Yeah, sure, Let’s go with that.

    • Shop Dog

      Much fun can be had with these slides.

    • TevaFox

      10 out of 10, would read again!

      • I shall treasure this gaping mouth smiley star.

    • Blue

      This. I like this.

    • Artista

      Isa and Gebo. Best siblings ever!

    • Rookamillion

      Remember kids, don’t play in the road. Or trust Krispy Kreme. Those delicious donuts are a trap. They’ll run you down and steal your kidneys. XD


      • Deluge

        I laugh when he did the Twinkle Toe , suddenly the truck fucked him up

        • even more when he raises his hand just before. XD

          like “whoa, waitaminute!” -bam!-

        • Rookamillion

          Let this be a lesson to all who watch…….Don’t dance in front of trucks.

    • Shop Dog

      your going to have to collect frames like this for all the caricatures now right.
      and then you’re have to make an off-white chat game out of them.

      • Rookamillion

        THE OFF-WHITE SHOW! With your host: GEHN! *Applause* XD

        • Shop Dog

          organ trail off-white addition

          • Rookamillion

            Organ Trail? Is that Fab’s special segment? XD

          • Loooool!

          • It’s a fun old video game. You can find it on archive.org

    • TevaFox

      Now that I’ve thought about it… Maybe Jera’s pissed because Iki didn’t give her some donuts

      (︺︹︺) I mean I would be

    • Gehn, your photoshopping skills are marvelous.

      • Rookamillion

        He is the origin of 50% of our memes on here. XD

        Speaking of memes, does anyone here remember snow drift Gebo? XD

        • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

          No what’s that? o.o

          • Rookamillion


          • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul


          • And all the memes and dirty jokes that went with it. XD

          • Artista

            Link me!

          • I posted it originally, but it seems the comments have been cleared. It was that image and
            “Snowdrift Gebo is watching you masturbate”

        • I remember him in the Off-White tennis layer game. XD

        • Artista

          Let’s not forget Iki’s spring board. Oh, and Seven handing Raigho roses.

        • oh boy, I was the one who posted that. lol

      • Ty, ty.

  • I think I’ve said more than 3000000 times, but ISA is the most beautiful wolf of Raigho’s pack, and… it sounds stupid but I love the “couple” Isa&Gebo, I think the relationship between these two young wolves could work lol (page 166)

    • goatfromoffwhiteツ

      I agree with you, Isa and Kaya are beautiful and I ship Isa&Gebo so hard <3

  • cheesecake5573

    oh snap somebody get jera her breath mints we do not need to suffer the same thing again

    • It’s all good, Iki walked off to get her some SKÖLLGATE (TM)

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul


    • Shop Dog

      lol, what the internet?

    • L3Wilde

      Raigho, you attention hog >:o

    • TevaFox

      I can only come to two reasons why this has happened
      A) Raigho hacked the site to plaster his face to everything
      B) paparazzi has been following his tail

  • HELP
    Is this art style copyrighted? Is it legal for me to use it in my art? I’m sorry, I don’t want to look like I’m stealing, art-theft is scary *shivers* especially when other people jokingly took credit of your work but it offends you and yet you remain unnoticed why the hell do popular kids think they have the right to do everything oh my gaaaaah

    (Pic is a fan art I’m working on, don’t tell my other watchers ZebraSong)

    • art style cant be copyrighted, only the art itself can be.

      if it could be, big company like Disney, marvel, DC would be suing the pants of everyone who “copied” there art style. and just imagine the wreckage on manga and anime styled books.

      you can use this exact drawing style, for ex: the way the wolfs are drawn or how the backgrounds are drawn, freely.

      BUT, you cannot make them the same in looks and name or copy/ trace how they were drawn in a certain way, aka in a panel. because you are then stealing the copyrighted art and not just using a style.

      • L3Wilde

        ^^^ this

      • dude if art styles could be copyrighted I’d be fucked from like ten different angles
        I’ve based my art style on so many other artists

    • You’re safe.
      That’s a pretty little wolf though. 0u0
      And, red dog answered your question. I’m just gonna chill.

  • Derp


    • Tia

      I like the update better. It’s paced a little better and it allows to other characters a chance to speak and interact with each other, hopefully gebo and isa will have a chance to develop as characters a little more as they update the comic’s pages.

  • Mistclaw

    I love the page redo, cant wait for the new page. ^^

  • cheesecake5573

    i laughed so much when i found this

  • JohnTheSuiter

    Quick question!!
    Have yall thought about printing out copies as books and selling them?
    Of course once yall have made the updates/redo’s yall want.
    I know I’d buy every volume or chapter in a heart beat ;w;
    Even more so if yall signed them!

    • they have, they just need to redo the old pages first.

      • JohnTheSuiter

        Oh ok cool,
        I must have missed the update on that then xD
        Thank you!

        • Shop Dog

          here you go

          “Hey guys.We finally reached the last page of volume 1. From next week on we’ll continue with updating existing pages, starting chronologically from the first chapter.
          There’s around 100 pages that are going to be redone completely since we find both their art and writing not up to our current standards. Get ready for some scene changes and a bit more info about the OFF-WHITE world.
          As much as we know that long-going comics always undergo art evolution, we’d like to publish ours one day and deliver as high quality product as possible.”

    • soledad

      http://off-white.eu/about/ look here. The Future par.

  • (poor drawing because I have stuff to do and just wanted to stop by to check out the community but I didn’t expect this so here k bye)

  • Meanwhile, Wherever Iki is:
    Skoll: *wakes up a tiny bit* “hm… I feel a disturbance in the force.”

  • vienix

    my god, Gebo looks extra adorable here…

  • plantangel

    commenting on the redone pages like…

  • Artista

    So who’s still here?

    • Checkers

      I’m swamped with a level design project and it’s taking most of my attention, but I check the main page and comments often enough when I take breaks for lunch.

    • RainingMountains

      Life’s been getting in the way of things so I’ve been fairly quiet, but I’m still here

    • I still check back occasionally for new pages and discussions, at least once a day.

    • L3Wilde
      • Shop Dog

        still here im not checking as often because i thought they were away.

    • WARxWOLF86

      Every now and then but not nearly as much as i used to

    • Meeeee

    • TevaFox

      I am.
      Still lurking on the comment section here…dont mind me

    • Rookamillion


    • still hanging around.

  • Artista

    Alright Tankressi, I’m staying patient.

  • I can not get over Jera’s cheek fur. I’S SO FLUFFEH.

  • Deluge

    Mind if you dive in the sea and SEE this?

    • That place must be a real dive!
      Haha, sea what I did there?

      • Deluge

        Sadly yes, i have a Thalassophobia means fear of large bodies of water or a deep vast sea. Ugh that’s why i hate riding at the boat when you’re at the mouth of the ocean.

        • Checker

          I hate wide spaces of water where I can’t see the bottom, especially around the ocean.

          The anxiety I get about it bleeds into when I’m playing video games that have underwater levels with shipwrecks and aggressive aquatic enemies around like sharks.

          Looting shipwreck/chasm locations and accidentally diving into the water when plundering a ship in AC Black Flag makes me get so antsy even though I know nothing will happen while swimming in the water. I almost always have Edward run towards a small boat to return to the Jackdaw so that I wouldn’t have to swim the distance to it, no matter how far away on the map it is.

          The underwater level with the eels in Super Mario 64 and then that one level in Super Mario Sunshine also gave me anxiety because of the setting.

          Strangely I don’t get scared when playing Spyro or during the underwater boss within Zelda Twilight Princess. I’m guessing it’s partly due to the atmosphere and the fact that Spyro and Link (when wearing the right armor) don’t have a breath meter and won’t drown.

          That goddamn shark in Banjo Kazooie though.

          • Deluge

            For me The game that i got sick was Crash Bandicoot in underwater level where all the the Big Eel and a massive tons of Big kelp and also alot of Shark it’s so deep man so deep i found Addele rolling hehe

          • Checkers

            There was an underwater level in Bandicoot? D:

            I don’t remember that at all. Was it in the first or the second one?

          • Deluge

            There was, i only play that game once on XBox but i don’t remember the name of it

          • Deluge

            Okay i rmember it was CB 4

          • Checkers

            Oooohhh OK. I only played the first couple CB games, and usually stuck on the levels where you got to ride mounts (bc i mean c’mon the tiger levels were COOL). Understandable that I don’t remember it.

          • Deluge
        • Rookamillion

          Few things scare me…..Except spiders. Rook don’t do spiders. XD

    • I’m utterly terrified. D:

    • Wolfie

      EW WHAT the heck is THAT ;A; EW I’LL FOREVER HAVE nghtmares XC

  • Artista

    The Pope is in Washington D.C. Don’t how to feel about this.

    • Rookamillion

      I watched his address in front of the White House and his late night mass. Didn’t see the rest. Was it any good?

      • Artista

        I didn’t care. XD I don’t recognize the Pope as someone of importance.

  • RainingMountains

    How many of you are excited for the blood moon tonight? 😀

    • Was pretty cool 🙂

    • cheesecake5573

      wait what did i miss it?

    • L3Wilde


      Sadly clouds kept passing over it but it was still great. :>

      • Deluge


    • TheWolfsFate

      I was too busy screaming my head off at a RED concert. x3

    • Checkers

      It was overcast the whole night in my area so I wasn’t able to see it

  • BreezeBlade

    Omg hati has come the blood moon 😀 !!


  • tigerpaw117

    Sit Iki. good boy.


    • BreezeBlade

      OMG XD
      Well it’s a work in progress but close enough :/
      Good boy you will get it the next time ^_^ ( I hope)

    • cheesecake5573

      i cant stop staring at this 😀

    • Shop Dog

      i wonder how this dog would feel knowing his fail is strung throughout the internet.

      • BrezzeBlade

        that Just has to suck knowing that every one knows your greatest fail and by the enternet to ;/

    • Ermahgerd
      He moves

      This is waay too cute for me <3

    • Deluge

      Rhaigo:Oh Lord Fenrir
      Jera: Shhhh!! Quiet!! He’s not done yet!!
      Gebo:Sorry got excited
      Fehu:What the hell are we doin? Is this for Iki for his clumsiness and can’t even catch some lemmings?

      • Artista

        Even dogs say their prayers! To the dead!

  • BrezzeBlade

    just a random peace of art of mine nothing really.. but the strange part is that i kinda looks like rango just with out the white on the face and chest.. (Click for a lager view)


    • TevaFox

      Wowzers! Nice art you have there 🙂
      I can see agree you say he looks similar to raigho, especially the socks and overall underwhite areas.

      • BreeezeBlade

        Lol XD thanks its just a older one i found when i was clearing things up on my computer..
        it does alot ;/ speaking of raigno maby i should try drawing him i dont know if i should color it though hmmm *thinks*

        • TevaFox

          If that’s an old piece of art then I can only imagine that you must have improved 🙂

          Do you perhaps have DeviantArt or an account like that? Would love to see more of your art but don’t worry if not 😀

  • Breezebalde

    ps that’s just a Old one that i found :/


    anyone getting spooky at the raveyard yet?


    • Deluge

      Nice bone

      • Must be a cousin of Jera’s judging by his lovely smile.

        • Blue

          OH LOOK it’s insanity wolf and courage wolf hehe

        • Leandro Evequoz

          Raithog dont!!! D: Jera is indisposed!!!!

    • Rookamillion

      5 spooky 7 me.

  • Shiros

    The new pages are simply gorgeous compared to the old art. You can really see how much your drawing and even story telling has evolved over the years. Keep up the good work and never stop getting better.

  • I’m terribly curious guys…
    Anyone been to the convention in Troia??

  • Artista

    Just a fyi. I’m going to be on here a lot less, maybe checking every few days or a week. Been drawing stuff and reading books, work, yeah… Oh and since I don’t post much art, have some eyes. Just studies really. XD Sorry it’s sideways.

    • TevaFox

      Such talent plus an overall nice study 🙂

      Here, have a round of applause 😛

  • camolot the creator
    • Nick Lopez