• TheRebelLion96

    I sense a Rick vs Shane moment.

  • Leandro Evequoz

    This is fucked up !! D:

  • jessikitty

    lol what “pack”? it’s only Raigho’s family and Fehu and I doubt Jera and the pups would follow Fehu over Raigho, so seem like the old grump would end up on his own…

    • JustSomeFucker

      Usually a pack is just the parents and 1 or 2 generations of pups. This pack is average size.

      • jessikitty

        I know, but Fehu isn’t related to any of the pack members, so the authors aren’t being realistic, which is common in most media so I’m not even getting at it

        I was playing at the fact, that Fehu isn’t related to any of them and yet trying to “take over” the pack. Even if he was able to beat Raigho I highly doubt that the others would follow Fehu as they are not his family but Raigho’s.

        • Moonstar

          Being realistic??

          This comic takes place where magic beings and spirits live and you’re complaining about this not being realistic because a wolf is challenging another wolf over authority?

          In the animal kingdom, a wolf can challenge the alpha, and if that wolf indeed wins and dominates the alpha, becoming the new alpha, then he’s automatically the leader. That being said, he would have control over the pack and can in fact tell them where to go.

          Besides, I believe Fehu is getting at the fact that everyone is as restless as he is about this trip. Maybe he believes that they would follow him regardless. (As well, they consider each other family, and this is a fictional comic… So it’s pretty possible.)

          • kissikitty

            I think you don’t understand what I wrote I’m NOT complaining that the authors aren’t being realistic. Wolves in the wild don’t live in “packs” of unrelated individuals, it’s just mom, dad the pups from last year and this year’s pups there is no fighting for “alpha position”, why would the pups want to “become alpha” and mate with their parents? When they’re old enough they just leave their family in search of a partner to start their own “pack”. This alpha shit has been debunked since the 90’s. The original studies that spawned the alpha theory were flawed, they only studied wolves in captivity and guess what happens when you put a bunch of unrelated adult animals into the same cage? They start fighting, of course the strongest wins and tries to chase the other ones out of his territory, because he wants to start a family and raise his pups in peace, but he can’t because the other wolves have nowhere to go. This causes a dynamic of aggression and submission to reduce the aggression which the behaviourists back then interpreted as “hierarchy” when in fact the wolves were just overwhelmed by this unnatural situation, were trying to get away from each other and coping with the fact that they couldn’t. I mean, what would you do if you had to share your room with a bunch of people you don’t want there? You’d try to get them out or even fight if they don’t listen.

            So the structure of the pack in this comic is indeed not realistic, more realistic than in most wolf storys I’ve seen so far, because it has a family at its core, but still not like a pack in real wild wolves, which do not tolerate individuals unrelated to them in their territory
            – but I don’t care because this is a fantasy story and not a lecture on canine social behaviour.

            My point was that I find it weird that Fehu challenges Raigho because I doubt Raigho’s actual family, his “wife” and children would follow the unrelated Fehu over their husband/dad, though Isa and Iki have known Fehu for most of their lives I guess, and maybe they see him as a “real” uncle. Jera loves Raigho too much to leave him and she cares about her pups too much to just let them leave alone.
            So yeah I’m just puzzled why Fehu thought it was a good idea to challenge Raigho and if he really thinks that anyone would follow him, bc I think no one would, not because of “realistic pack structures”, but because of the relationships and family bounds we’ve seen so far in the comic.

        • Technically, Iki isn’t related to any of the pack members either.