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page 163

  • iRaynebow

    It must be Gebo, but I’m surprised that his presence could be strong enough to stimulate Iki’s spiritual powers like that. Or unless, Iki’s powers are strong enough to sense anyone’s presence.

    • Fullmoonstar

      It could also be Kaya… ;)

      • iRaynebow

        Possibly Kaya, but I’m not so certain on her arrival. The comic never indicated that she left her pack grounds or even abandon some clue that she left.

        • Brandon

          she brobly follow that girl

        • Fullmoonstar

          Oh….she could have left….Seven and Albert have talked to Mr. Davies and Frank and their fellow guy for a while…and since she noticed, that she would not stand a chance, she possibly could have gone to find Raigho and the others to help her kick the hunters butts or to be save with them…

  • Sephinta

    Whoa. Did Jera just admit that Iki was… right?!

    • Fullmoonstar

      I thought so too….that will absolutely convince Fehu^^

  • Fullmoonstar

    Oh Raihgo….you could be a little more careful ^^ I like the way, he is making them all fly, poor Fehu and Jera. It looks as if the fall would be a hard one. Iki’s face in the middlepanel is priceless and together with the comments of Fehu and Raigho, I bursted out in laughing. It’s pretty interesting to see that Jera is agreeing with Iki, even if she wanted to eat his face only a few panels before.
    It’s also very interesting to see that everybody thinks that the “friend” who is coming is Gebo…..of course this would be very likely…but it could also be Kaya….since she saw what happened and survived too…..I personally think that Gebo will return and I also think that it’s him returning now…but I am not 100% sure of this, since Kaya is still out there too and could easily find the pack by their scents. Well…we will know it for sure pretty soon ^^ *excited*

  • illuna-wolfie

    poor Iki I want to give him a hug

  • SangUlven

    WAAAAAA this is all so interesting :O
    I can’t stop following and reading this comic

  • Panda And Wolf

    Omg did Jera just admit that Iki was right about something?

    • Vicotoria

      yes, it is amazing >.<

    • Kaya

      I have the same reaction.

  • DemonaAvarice

    Perhaps it is the other spirit? I mean if he said friend when he was in his glowy state perhaps he foreshadowed his other half coming.

    • Brandon

      awsome that was guick

    • E.

      I think it´s Gebo :) Or perhaps Seven, who is after Gebo o_o

  • Falcon

    It COULD be Gebo, or Kaya, but also it could be Seven… Judging by how Jera looks on the last panel, i’d guess Seven or Kaya. Notice how Jera says “someone”, yet Iki says “a friend”. If it was Gebo, wouldn’t Jera say it was “a friend” too?

    • Dember

      I kind of doubt it, to be honest. She was beyond supportive of Raigho kicking him out, to the point that she said Raigho was “finally starting to behave like a true leader.” So, I don’t know if she would consider Gebo a friend. Then again, with Jera, I’m not sure she’d consider much of anyone a friend. =/

  • Shichibi

    Maybe it is something out of the ordinary?
    I’m thinking about Seven, with the horse she is maybe faster than a wolf … though, I’m not sure if Iki would refer to her as a ”friend” XD?

    I do not think that it is Hati, if Hati would meet up with them on his own, they would not need to change to route to get to him faster =P .

    Most likely it is Gebo and since he is wounded / in shock, it was enough ”energie” to let Iki manifest his true self (page 153, Raigho to the ravens) ^^.

  • Riptide

    There is so much character in this story! Finally, something great to read and enjoy!

  • Allayna

    Gotta wonder if Ragiho knows or wonders if Iki was being ‘spirit-y’, and thats why he just tells Iki he fell on his head instead of questioning him about his statement.

    • Allayna

      oooh, look at the last panel, out of all of them i think Ragiho can somewhat see Iki’s face, and the appearing white mask.

      • LoneWolf357

        I think you’re right…maybe that’s why he got up when he did ^^

  • Amanda

    I love this comic and am always looking forward to more of it :) Beautiful art and unique story :D
    I see people saying that it could be Gebo, Kaya, Seven, or Hati. Iki refers to the object as a “friend” and Jera refers to it just as “someone.” I’m more likely to trust Iki’s word choice because he went into his white spirit mode which probably enables him to see more than Jera’s regular senses. Hati would not come to them if he was forcing Raigho to move through the dangerous pass. The last time we saw Kaya she was spying on Seven and those three horseman. It never revealed what she did after seeing her pack murdered so it’s possible that she is coming. Seven is not a friend to the wolves at the moment. She is on horseback so it’s possible that it’s her. But she’s going after Gebo, who she believes to be the white spirit. Gebo had a head start so despite his injury, it is possible that it’s him.
    My first thought was that it would be Gebo. If he were to come back to the pack, it would probably help diffuse the tense situation that Raigho and Fehu got into previously. The only doubt I have is whether or not Gebo would trigger Iki’s white spirit. Gebo is in trouble and he is a friend so maybe it is him.

  • Lua_LaMoon

    - sorry if you don’t understand me, but i speak english like tarzan- As I always say, I do not like Raigho, but man! he looks beautiful in the first panel! Congratulations, I loved it, on the other hand, judging by the sour expression of Jera, it must be Kaya , although if the young female wolf discovers that Iki called her “friend”, It would break her heart(Kaya likes iki)

  • LoneWolf357

    I wonder if Iki’s head really hurts because he fell on it or if it has something to do with the face that he was changing then suddenly stopped…something to think about ^^

  • Fenriswolf

    !I have a question! How can I stay up to date for the next streaming? Do I have to follow you on twitter?

  • Kirani_wolf

    whoa!! AAAAA MY HEAD,it HURTS WHAT APPENED!! you just fell on it dumbass. :> cute. doesn’t he remember? and by the way OMG Jera just admited Iky was wright. And I think thats gebo or i dont know. O.o

  • Kirani_wolf

    I can’t see anythin’how does she know?????

    • Anonymous

      Below the speech bubble is a mountain. Below THAT mountain is ANOTHER mountain. ON that mountain is an unnatural shape with shading of a different kind. Also she can probably smell it!

  • pancake wolf

    I think I know who’s coming though I might be wrong CX

  • ajbluesox

    Hahaha! I totally thought that it was gonna build up to some epic glowiness and explodiness.

  • Celevon

    I still think it’s the black human spirit. :)

    • Wolf Sting

      Oh yeah, I forgot that the white spirit was the only one to disappear for the humans! Who is that anyways? Is Seven the black spirit? O.o

  • Flowerlark

    I wonder if it’s Gebo returning?

  • Eclispe

    I love Raigho! Throwing everyone off like that! It’s good to know that Fehu is safe and sound!

  • ChillaxinWolf

    I wonder who it is?

  • A Devoted Fan

    Suspeeeeeense! Who is it??

    I think it’s Kaya, cuz Iki said it was a friend.

    • IrondragonMetals

      Isn’t Gebo considered a friend too? Cuz he was in they’re pack for a while sooo… *shrugs*

    • luckystar2

      yea but Kaya is his girlfriend not just his friend :D

  • moki

    Gotta be Gebo finally catching up to them after running his ass off to survive. Suspense!

  • luckystar2


    • Jessi

      I don’t think there is enough enthusiasm in your post! Needs more, hahaha!

      But from what I can tell, you want it to be Gebo! :D

  • Metalvanner

    Beautiful anatomy, as always ^^

  • romsai

    I hope it’s Gebo…

  • skylark

    I would love to point out a fine example of the male sex. Note that notw 3 pages before this one, Raigho and Fehu are all but ready to trea each others throats out…and now they are both at easy and (to what i assume) making fun of Ikki. ahhh emn! XD!

    Also i love the anatomy. Just so well put. I also wonder who it is. Hoping it someone completely different, just for a twist!

  • Akiata

    My guesses for the “friend” who is coming:
    1. Hati
    2. Kaya
    3. Gebo
    I wonder if Kaya and Gebo are coming to them…

    • Grace

      i love hati, i want that he come

      • White Wolf

        I am Hati xD
        I think is hati..

    • mystique

      You’ll never know, even though he said ‘a friend is coming’, anything could happen.

      It could be Seven.
      Or he could even be talking about the horse.

      • Gehn

        LOL! The horse! That would be interesting.

      • White Wolf

        hmmm… the horse…. SEVEN!

      • Wolf Sting

        Wait, what horse r u talking about? I don’t remember a horse. Which chapter/page is it from?

  • KyomiNeko

    “You just fell on it. Buck up.”
    Ah, Rahigo, you are so sympathetic…

  • Gehn

    Jara doesn’t seem to be terribly surprised at the appearance of the newcomer, and it is someone Iki knows; so most likely Kaya or Gebo.

  • kirocontoy

    I’m thinking it might be Ikki’s little crush xD Or Gebo. But, we’d have to see :)

  • Spotty

    N’daaawwww just when Iki was becoming all bad-ass spirity D':

    • Nightrun0


  • TheGoldWolf

    Yay,next page yay!

    • Nightrun0


      • TheGoldWolf

        Me too.

  • Niccers

    I don’t believe it would be Gebo or Kaya. Why would /they/ summon the spirit within Iki? Naw, it seems like it’d be someone more important. Unless of course, one of them has a larger part to play in this plot.

    • Erin

      Because Gebo (a former packmate) and Kaya (a crush/potential love interest) did have both personal and emotional significance to Iki, it’s possible that sensing their presence could be enough to just graze the surface in triggering the white spirit. Since Gebo fled before Kaya did, I’m betting the “friend” will turn out to be him…with Kaya catching up with them unexpectedly somewhere further into the story.

      I think, if the snow leopard ever makes a second appearance, it will be if/when the pack travels through Gunnthra Pass. He’s probably the cause of the avalanches that Fehu claims wiped out several packs — since we’ve seen him cause one to bury the hunting party Seven was with when she was younger.

  • Anna

    Hmm.. Gebo, Kaya, Hati and Seven are all good guesses. But I personally believe it’s the snow leopard :). I don’t think Gebo, Kaya or Seven would trigger Ikis spiritual powers, because they seem like “ordinary souls”. And Hati wants Raigho to get to him, so it’s unlikely he would meet them. But the snow leopard is a white soul like Iki, so therefore Iki may refer to him as “friend”. Jera may not see the “friend” so well, so she’s uncertain who it is.

    But personally, I would like to see Gebo the most. I miss him <3

    • Nachany

      Seven is NOT a friend! She is chasing Iki for some weird experiences with white souls to save humanity but it will most likely end up badly for the wolfs if she and the humans succeed!

  • NyraWolf

    OMG, awesomenes!!
    I really want to know who the ‘one who is coming’ is xD

  • SpottyZebra2011

    Wow! OMG, I cant tell you how much this comic is appreciated.
    I have told all my friends,family and total strangers about this, you never fail to amaze all of us!
    What you do is just breathtaking, the art, shading, characters, designs and the overall greatness! this is just amazing and we are all so very thankful for what you guys do!
    thanks so much!

    • WolfMistress

      Haha, funnily enough, I’ve told everyone I see too! I agree with you – Off-White is one of – if not THE – best web-comics I’ve ever read!

  • find a penny

    0_o…. UPDATE! i LOVE this story, its absalutly amazing and you need to update because im going to die if you dont.

  • Galaxy

    Oh there is fehu…can’t see him at the pervious page

  • Thefoxylady

    I love this comic! I check it everyday for new pages! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  • John

    Another amazing page <3

  • swiftdreamingwolf

    Oooh I hope its either Kaya or Gebo
    great job!

  • Tinyness Rules

    awwww D: was looking forward to something mystical and creepy happening!! still loves though <3 and raigho must be pretty strong to throw them all off hehe. cant wait till the next one! <3

  • WolfMistress

    So I suppose we won’t get to see Iki the White Spirit in action just yet… Shame, but I still can’t wait to see who’s coming! I still suspect the snow leopard, or maybe Gebo, though I’m not sure about him, unless he has a connection to the spirits as well in some way…?

  • love wolf

    i dont care who it is but i hope itz kaya or gebo or prombly the wolf with the red eyes

  • Zeph

    Ahh, no white spirit just yet? I think it is Gebo, Kaya, or that Snow leopard. The last one would make sense with the white spirit thing.

    • Syk0ticRhythm

      Maybe, but that white spirit was in a flash back. Still a possibility though….

  • Doglover141

    I hope Kaya came to them!

  • Shadow Fox

    I’m new to Off White but this is really cool cant wait for the next page!!!! I really hope its Gebo or Kaya.

  • Aniala07

    I only saw some of the comments posted here. It seems the three characters people think could be coming are Gebo, Kaya, or the snow leopard.
    I think it would most likely be Gebo, because he saw the destruction of the pack before Kaya did and immediately started running to catch up. Plus, the snow leopard was in a flashback, so it is probably not part of the current story line. =P
    Also, Iki did say that a “friend” was coming. I doubt anyone in the pack knows the snow leopard at all, never mind as a friend.
    I could very well be wrong, though. xD Gebo just seems like the most obvious “friend” to be coming.
    If I’m just restating what someone else posted… I’m sorry. xD tl;dr

    • TinynessRules

      the friend could also be one who has similar powers as him, who is a friend that he may not truly know of. never know o-o i vote on Gebo or someone who is similar to Iki

      • Snakemouth

        My vote Gebo

        • Miastclaw

          I agree I think it’s Gebo.

    • TheAwesomeOne

      Well, the snow leopard is a white spirit as well as Iki. It gives a little sense to his appearance happening, even if it was in a flashback. His mention of a friend could very well be any spirits as he shares the common need if balance between his species as all of the others.

      • Lunatalia

        The problem there is that Iki did not react to the presence of the crows, and they were BOTH halves of their species’ special pair.

        I’m going to guess that it is either Gebo or a new character, possibly the she-wolf, Kaya. I doubt that it is Seven, as Iki described the newcomer to be a friend. Seven would react with violence, if she found the wolves. The snow leopard everyone talks about was in a flashback. And someone they don’t know could still be described as a friend, if their intentions are good.

  • Thefoxylady


    • Thefoxylady

      Sorry it’s too early where I am lolz

  • Kyu

    hearing Jera saying, that Iki is RIGHT at something Oo

  • Loki

    Why should the snow leopard be coming? His appearance was years ago, when Seven was a little girl. Maybe it could be Hati?

    • Alex

      The snow leopard would be a fascinating choice, all things considered. But how can it be Hati after the crows just finished chastising Raigho for not moving faster in order to reach him? Seems contradictory to me.

      It would be interesting for Seven to show up, too, although I can imagine Gebo showing up just as easily, if not more so. Kaya, too for that matter.

      Great job so far, guys! These comics are beautifully done, content and plot-wise, and with such stunning visual, too!

      • Loki

        Okay, if Hati was showing up it would make no sense after considering what you said.

        Maybe it’s somebody we don’t know yet?

  • Wingedwolf

    So awesome i cant even believe you drew this! it is very amazing artwork and realism! I wonder how long it takes just to draw one frame.

  • EvaWolf

    I think it’s Gebo… :)

  • Overcast

    I still think it might be Hati.

  • Snakemouth

    Wait WHOS coming Is it Kaya or Gebo or Hati come out with the next page soon PLEEEAAASE!

  • Snakemouth

    HEy I love Iki in the second box

  • Ghostwolf

    I’d say it’s Gebo. He had the head-start, and as I recall, isn’t Kaya following Seven?

    • ChikaWolf

      Kaya is following Seven but Seve is following Gebo, remember?

  • Wolfgal

    Love it love it love it…only problem now is i have 30mins to do my homework. Can’t wait for the next page. I always get excited when i find something cool like this about wolves! I plan to stay a comitted fan and cn’t wait for the next peice. You can find me on deviant art or chicken smoothie as albealer for those of you who know of the site(s).

  • Khako

    Please oh pleeeease be Gebo!!!! I miss him! <3

  • Greywynd

    Hoping it’s Kaya, her remains weren’t with the rest of her pack far as I can tell. I’m betting she made it back to “the hunt” too late.

    • Thefoxylady

      If you look back, Kaya was the only survivor. She had been laying around in the forest and was woken up by the crows. She had found Seven and Albert where her pack was slaughtered.

  • Jenn

    Buck Up.

  • Raja

    Gebo seems to be the only one that makes sense. Hati wouldn’t come to them. Why else would he tell them to go to him? Plus, I doubt he’d be able to tell–Hugin and Munnin already left. Kaya is with Seven and Albert, and the snow leopard is most likely dead since it was from Seven’s childhood. Plus it isn’t even in their territory. Gebo was already running in the mountains after he had been shot, if you remember.

    It’s either Gebo or someone we haven’t met yet.

  • Thefoxylady

    I’m betting it’s Gebo.

  • Almost-Illegal

    What about seven? Or some random spirit?

    • Nachany

      Iki said a friend is coming and Seven is a hunter after Iki, not a firend.

  • Bannana Muffin

    Ohhh is it Gebo to tell the group about the lightning spitting demon i wonder. i hope so!! or maybe its the girl wolf who ran away (i forget her name) <3

    • Wolf Sting

      The she-wolf’s name is Kaya.

      • Bannana Muffin

        Thanx (: im wondering when she will show up again.

  • Place it here baby!

    Please, people… don’t spam…PLACE YOUR BETS HERE!!!
    I’m first: I’m betting that Kaya is coming!

  • Spirit Wolf

    I think it’s going to be Gebo; although, I would LOVE IT if Kaya showed up.

    But then, if Iki is supposed to be Skoll, then maybe it IS Hati. Maybe when Iki zones out like that and talks in a weird voice, it means that that’s Skoll speaking through Iki.

    By the way, I am in love with this comic! XD

  • Luka

    It has to be someone major in the story. Iki’s eye did it’s glow thing, & if you look in his eyes, you can see someone coming. or maybe i’m going crazy haha

  • nightrun0

    I Love the look of Jare on the third panel ;)

    • nightrun0

      ops I spell jera wrong lol

  • mutsumi

    I love this Jera’s fece^^

    • mutsumi

      fece × face ○

  • Wolfie (I’ve returned! :D)

    People, people, did we all forget?!
    Not that Kaya and Gebo wouldn’t be a welcome surprise.

    • Nachany

      Seven is a hunter after Iki, not a firend.

      • Karamelka

        yes :D

  • Wingedwolf

    78% Gebo.67% snow leopard. 1% seven, and 0% ikis girlfreind

  • Riff-Raff

    I REALLY hope it’s Kaya! Iki and Kaya were SOOOOO CUTE!! XP

  • ME

    wow, how did Jera just shut ALL of them up with one word??? making me wonder who exactly is the alpha around here ^^

  • Lisa

    Nie wiem czy łopatka jery jest dobrze narysowana ( oczywiscie tej spadającej jery) jest naprawdę dziwna

  • Seven Hills Away

    I wonder why Jera did not freak out and can stay so calmn XD
    And just say “Quiet” Mhm.. doesn’t really fit her aggressiv nature x3

  • XiaQingGu

    Saturday.Got up at 9.Suddenly it occured to me that it’s still midnight in Europe…Still eager to see the next page!!!Jera is so powerful!!(Geili~)
    (I wonder why DA always say that my e-mail is blocked….It works very well…TAT)

  • Nakomiwolf

    Luka you are going crazy lol. Stared at the eye for 2 minutes…saw nothing lol.

  • Wolf Black Girl Spirit

    wen the next page’s coming up????

    • Raja

      I’m guessing you didn’t read one of the previous newsposts at all.

      • Place it here baby!

        What???sorry, I got only at the comic (reading now)

  • Lily

    I laughed when I saw Iki in the second panel.

    • CyraWolf

      me too lol

  • Paragon

    I think it’s odd that Iki flies over Raigho’s tail in the first panel. XD Concidering Raigho’s posture and since Iki sat on Raigho’s head on the previous page he should really be tumbling off backwards. :P

    Other than that I really love this page. The second panel with Iki holding his aching head is very funny. ^^

  • Kirani_wolf

    me have question; WHO MAKES DA BACKGROUND!!! o.O IT’S ALL WAYS SOO AWSOME. how do u make it?

  • Lua_LaMoon

    luckily that raigho did not fought against fehu, this alpha has enough strength to throw three wolves (two adults and a young-adul wolf))

    • Miastclaw

      Ohhh snap! Fehu hope you learned a lesson from gettin thrown off Raigho’s back. But it’s also kinda bogus because he also throws off his wife if i was Jera I would have beat him for trowing me off like that!!! >: x

  • Miastclaw

    Wow don’t get on Raigho’s bad side he’ll throw you off the cliff!0.o

  • Miastclaw

    You know now that i look at the 2nd panel now Iki looks kinda humanish don’t you think?

    • HaloOkami

      Ya kinda :) HaloOkami

  • Random one who’s english aint great!

    I bet that next time Iki lands on his head, he’ll get that weird reflection in his eyes again and turn into the white spirit :P

  • EMG2490

    Haha I think if you cover Jera’s ears in the second panel, she kind of looks like a bear… or is it just me?

    • Ryou’s Sparkles

      Oh. My. God. XD

    • Adelcoco

      i think maybe st. bernard dog or chow chow dog

    • VampGirl17

      Defently! I so can see Jera looking like a bear in that pannel!

  • Kira

    Haha Fehu: You should feel my back kid XP

  • VampGirl17

    hahahaha oh, god that was perfect

  • WolfyPL

    Raigho has got red eyes in first panel 

    • Audoro

      They’re orange.

    • Guest

       They are not red they are orange if you bother to look more closely

      • wolfyPL

        You’re right. lol

  • Silver The Wolf

     ”WHAAAH! My head! It Huuurts! What happened?!”
    ”You just fell on it. Buck up.”
    ”You should feel my back, kid.”


  • Sayjay

    ..What? Did I misread- Jera said that Iki was RIGHT?

    • altea the white wolf

      she did! it’s a miracle! the end is near!

  • Mega Creep

    Why does iki remind me so much of Naruto?

    • Yudaii

      I thought the same thing!

  • HaloOkami

    Lol that’s what i tell my little sister any time she hurts herself XD Buck up HaloOkami

  • StarWolfen30BLW

    Umm, Raigho has red eyes

    • Huntress Layntya

      No, they’re just dark amber.

  • basangi

    Raigho is strooong

  • Shastahuskywolf


  • Wolfsabre

    Fehu is definitely my favorite character, and I always thought he had the best design, too.

  • Kitchi

    Raigho is STRONG. o-o; I’m kind of glad he didn’t get into a fight with Fehu. I like Fehu and I feel like Raigho would have shredded him.

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