• Dat ass shot.

    • ….I kinda want to poke it.

      • Ponygirl74

        Pokes Ika – then a wild Raigho appears! Wild Raigho used blasphemy! It’s super effective!

  • This page is amazing!! Iki looks so adorable in that last panel. XD
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jett Ashfeild

    I ship Jeiki

    • Star Wolf~

      But jera is basically his mother ‘-‘

    • Karahkan

      as Star Wolf said, but Jera is LITERALLY his adoptive mother.

    • Everdream

      How would Raigho feel about his “wife” cheating on him with their adopted son?

      I guess I should be surprised there are not more weird pairings already, considering this is the Internet.

      • Iki is his adopted son and also his spiritual brother. (Hati is Raigho’s brother, Sköll/Iki is Hati’s brother) Just to make things more strange. 😀

    • She’s a wolf, not a cougar.

    • I instead promote Mother Son brawl family bonding.

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  • Oh look, it’s one of those tundra Iki plants…it sprouted butt up.

    New pages look great.

    • Hmmmm, I’m not liking the looks of those results. Back to the BagCorp Genetics Lab.

      • Rookamillion

        Dammit Bagnome! I thought we had our genetics figured out after the last……”mishap”. XD

      • Wait, that wasn’t intentional?

  • anon

    Reminds me of a few days ago, my friend and I took our wolfdogs to the lake.

    His girl started digging a hole, so my genius pup walked up behind her to see what was so interesting and promptly got hit in the face by a clod of dirt.

    Next time she decided to observe from a safer distance, lol

    • Kathryn Frizzell

      Wow, it is nice to see someone talking about their wolfdogs… and see animals that are ACTUALLY wolfdogs and not huskies or gsds!

      • anon

        Haha, yeah these are the real deal. These girls are mid contents (a bit over half wolf, but mixed with White GSD; or husky & malamute respectively) and both used for educational work, to teach the public the truth about real wolfdogs and wolves. = )

        • Kathryn Frizzell

          They do look mid-content! The white one you can see the GSD influence in the ears especially. It amazes me that misrepresentation is so bad when with just a little practice, it’s so easy to tell the difference between a wolfdog and a dog.

        • I usto volunteer at a wolf sanctuary that took mostly the mid to high content wolf dogs

          • Yes, as have I. I’m sure you already know then, unfortunately, that misrepresentation is by far the reason most are there… people get a husky, malamute or even a german shepherd, or a mix of any or all, and they believe it’s a wolfdog or even a pure wolf – so they tell everyone who will listen about what a wonderful, perfect family dog their “wolf” or “hybrid” is.

            Then, if those people end up with a real wolfdog because they heard about what a great pet it is “just be the ‘alpha’ and your wolf will behave as well as any geriatric labrador!”, they quickly realize they are by no means “good pets” – because wolves DON’T make good dogs.

            They can be wonderful companions if you’re willing to go above and beyond to accommodate them into your life and provide for all of their special needs and care requirements, but most people who just want one “because they’re cool” never planned to do that – they want the wolfdog to fit into their lifestyle, not the other way around.

            Then the animal either escapes and ends up in a rescue that knows what to do with it if it’s lucky, or dead if it’s not — or they just drop it off at a shelter themselves because they realize they were in over their heads, don’t want to mess with such an inconvenience anymore, and the animal is left to pay the price… often with its life.

            Misrepresentation kills. That’s why we educate; it helps save lives.

          • Most shelters here immediately kill wolfdogs. 🙁

          • Or anything labeled or otherwise believed to be a wolfdog, yes – even if it’s a dog with very minimal or no wolf in it whatsoever. That’s typically how it works everywhere, sadly.

          • What if it has a tag?
            (By the way, killing it for looks is a stupid reason, since I know there is a majority that think a regular dog looks wolffish)

          • It’s not a matter of the animal having identification tags on – it’s that if the animal is surrendered as a wolf or wolfdog (or “hybrid” of any sort), they will take the owner at their word – even if the dog actually isn’t – and treat it as such.

            Likewise, if the shelter staff (who are NOT in any way trained or educated to determine if a dog is part wolf) happen to believe it is part wolf, then it will be treated as such – again, whether it is or not. Many consider them “dangerous animals” or otherwise “wild”, both of which are completely false; they are no more dangerous than any other large-breed dog, and even ‘pure’ wolves born in captivity cannot survive in the wild.

            The primary legal reason for this is that the rabies vaccine, while it IS effective on wolves and wolf mixes, is not “legally authorized” for use on such animals – because if it was, that would give the impression that the law promotes the idea of owning wolves or wolfdogs.

            Therefore, the law doesn’t know if it works on them or not (it does) and because rabies vaccines are legally required for dogs to have, it causes a lot of confusion and in the end, the animal is the one who suffers as a result.

            The best case scenario is the animal being pulled from the shelter by a wolfdog rescue or wolf sanctuary – both of which are usually full to capacity and cannot rescue every purebred husky who got mislabeled by an ignorant breeder or owner.

          • Well~ they ought to get the one that does work on them?
            They’ve run programs to eradicate rabies in the wild, using rabies vaccines (a,though that was a decade ago according to the year my sources were published, not sure about my basic background) but of course no one wants to spend extra money. That, and it’s never stated whether it’s different from pet vaccines.

          • I thought I mentioned at least two or three times that the rabies vaccine for regular dogs DOES work on wolves and wolf-dog mixes… Wolves and dogs are two subspecies of the same species; Canis lupus and Canis lupus familaris. That’s why wolfdog mixes are not even true hybrids – wolves and dogs are the same animal; dogs are just domesticated wolves. That’s also why no DNA testing technology can reliably tell them apart by blood (even if some swear up and down they can), because they’re just too similar. The problem isn’t that the rabies vaccine doesn’t work; it’s that it is not “legally” approved for them. As I just said, by making it legal to vaccinate “pet wolves” or wolf mixes against rabies, that would imply that they condone the idea of owning wolves or wolfdogs as pets – they are still illegal in many places, so that would open up a whole new can of worms. You’d do well to join the Wolfdog Community if you’re seriously interested in finding out more information about it.

          • Ah ok, I should have read again, more in depth. ^^’

          • butthatsnoneofmybiznisstho

            lmfao didn’t u get your dogs all seized a while back & then backtracked saying they were “just” dogs ;x


          • Yes, I had someone report my animals for being “pure wolves” – which are illegal everywhere in the US – and Animal Control showed up at my door, forced entry into my home without a warrant and took my dogs because they “couldn’t tell” if they were wolves or not” – and left it up to the discretion of unreliable DNA tests which regularly give false positives even on purebred Siberian huskies and German shepherds, and their lexpert” at the shelter who deemed that, because my dogs acted shy and fearful when dragged out of their loving home and locked in a filthy, cold, wet cement prison cell surrounded by other terrified dogs barking their heads off and strangers they didn’t know or trust, that was “sufficient evidence” that my dogs could be illegal “high-bred wolves” or “F1 wolf high-breds” – their exact words. So they sold them as a “rare breed” and made $3000 total off of them. They are currently in San Francisco, we are still fighting to get them back home where they belong. For the record – the dogs they took from my home WERE in fact dogs. How do you think I learned it’s so damn important for people to learn the difference between a real wolf and a wolfy-LOOKING dog??

          • Yes, I had someone report my animals for being “pure wolves” – which are illegal everywhere in the US – and Animal Control showed up at my door, forced entry into my home without a warrant and took my dogs because they “couldn’t tell” if they were wolves or not” – and left it up to the discretion of unreliable DNA tests which regularly give false positives even on purebred Siberian huskies and German shepherds, and their “expert” at the shelter who deemed that, because my dogs acted shy and fearful when dragged out of their loving home and locked in a filthy, cold, wet cement prison cell surrounded by other terrified dogs barking their heads off and strangers they didn’t know or trust, that was “sufficient evidence” that my dogs could be illegal “high-bred wolves” or “F1 wolf high-breds” – their exact words. So they sold them as a “rare breed” and made $3000 total off of them. They are currently in San Francisco, we are still fighting to get them back home where they belong.

            For the record – the dogs they took from my home WERE in fact dogs. How do you think I learned it’s so damn important for people to learn the difference between a real wolf and a wolfy-LOOKING dog?? I mean do these LOOK like wolves to you? They look like any other husky or shepherd that idiots MISTAKE for wolves every single day.
            And by the way – fuck you for finding the misery they put my dogs through so damn funny. That is heartless. I hope no animal of yours ever suffers the same misfortune at the hands of imbeciles who can’t tell a husky or german shepherd from a fucking wild wolf.

          • Artista

            How the flying fuck are these two considered wolves? Obviously a Shephard snd a husky. Why are people so stupid? How long ago did they abduct them?

          • It happened back in April; but it gets better… these are my two others they took as well; but we got both of them back.
            One is a 9 year old Siberian Husky, the other is a 3 year old Husky / Shepherd mix. If you couldn’t tell just by looking at them I’d be concerned, but neither have a drop of wolf in them, nor are they anywhere near 50%+ to be an illegal F1, let alone pure wolf. We won them back because they said the husky/shepherd mix acted “less fearful” and easier to handle than the others, because being scared when locked in a filthy cell at the animal shelter is apparently a sign of being a wolf — but they insisted that the husky is definitely either an F1 or pure wolf because “he paced around in his cage a lot” which is also, according to them, a sign of being a wolf.
            However, I’ve had him for so long that his vet records pre-dated their laws prohibiting F1s, so he was “grandfathered in” and they had to return him. They changed his breed information on his license from “siberian husky” to “hybrid wolf”. : /
            He also suffers from separation anxiety and not only broke off about
            half his teeth during the 6 weeks they kept him, but still has scar
            tissue visible on his lips and gums from trying to chew out of the chain
            link fencing they kept him in – and only just recovered from having
            infections in his elbows from laying on rough, hard cement flooring
            covered in his own excrement…

    • Artista

      Is this Alberta?

      • No, it’s Lake Folsom in California.

        • Artista

          It’s very pretty.

  • The adorbs in this page is too much eeeeeeee
    Don’t give up, Iki! The Kingdom of the bunnymen lemmings is within reach!

  • tsume

    moon moon……

  • Nick Lopez

    Iki is mooning his mom. Lol.

  • themuffinwho

    Moon moon no. That is not the thing. You did not get the thing good.

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    Iki/Sköll: Hey Hati I know you can see me, why don’t you come chase THIS moon… 😉

    • Nick Lopez

      Yip. 😉

  • Deluge

    Oh my god!! I miss the party am i late?!! so cute

  • Nick Lopez

    Also, this is a good example of bland nudity. Who here agrees on that.

    • We’re always naked here! (Except if you wear a collar)

      • Errr, what? XD

        • Rookamillion


      • Artista

        Blood hell? 😉

  • Spiritstrike

    Oh Iki. You failed the Moon Moon.

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  • Rookamillion

    To sum up panel one and two:

  • Nicholas Wells

    Poor Iki. Pup just wanted a snack, and he’s going to get chewed out for it.

    I’m also guessing he missed. Came close though.

  • zelda74

    Lol Iki x)

  • cheesecake5573

    His face in the last panel it’s so fluffy looking this has to become an icon

  • Deluge

    I always close the door whenever i’m undressing my clothe. Y’know need a little privacy @_@

  • RainingMountains

    Oh my god this is hilarious XD

  • What will the black and white lemming spirits say about this?? Shame on you Ikiiiiiii!
    Jk you can probably even eat the spirits

  • Lynnzl

    It probably shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but with such a realistic style seeing Iki without manhood is just kinda weird. Don’t kill me.

    • LicianDragon

      Could be that the artists didn’t think of it, since most of us are used to seeing neutered dogs. Fur seems to hide everything pretty well back there if you look at pictures of male wolves.

      • Could be that the artists didn’t think of it

        Actually, at least one of them explicitly stated that they will not be drawing them.

        • Lynnzl

          I can’t find said archives, but I’ll take your word for it. It just bothers me when a style so focused on being amazingly realistic leaves out such a detail I guess xD

          • Ah, sorry! I was gonna snap a photo, but it was long.
            I’ll go look for it!

          • Lynnzl

            Oh thanks so much for looking into that xD I fully understand why they wouldn’t feel comfortable, but you get my point xD Their style is one of the most detailed I’ve ever come across so I guess I just expect it.
            I saw someone mention Asmundr below, and I’m also thinking of this coming called The Whitefall Wanderer. These all feature canines with these detail xD I guess I just got used to it since I draw them as well (despite my style being cartoony as heck).
            And, yeah, while wolevs do have lots of underbelly fur and often have their tails low, if you study them up close you’ll see it anyways.

        • Lunatalia

          I actually can’t find the archives, either. I remember that comment thread, though. Akreon said that she wasn’t really interested in drawing genitalia, and that while it would be more realistic, it’s a stylistic choice.

          • Artista

            Last thing we need are wolf penis jokes. Ugh, those porn spammers from April through July…. This place nearly turned imto Tumblr then.

          • Lunatalia

            Definitely agreed. I’m fine with either decision, but it needs to suit the webcomic in question.
            Asmundr takes a more realistic approach, but it’s also far more mature in terms of content than Off-White is, so it makes sense.

          • Hey Lunatalia, I see you got a icon! Awesome choice :3

          • Lunatalia

            Haha, thank you! c:
            I’m too big of an Okami fan not to borrow some fan art from the internet.

          • We’ve already had enough… >.>
            (No need for more)

          • Sorry! D: I put up the link to it. Hope it works!

          • Lunatalia

            Thanks again, I appreciate it. I was right- I do remember reading that conversation. C:

        • MAXIM NO…..

      • Lynnzl

        My dog isn’t neutered, plus the wolves I interacted with and studied closely weren’t, so I’m used to it I guess xD

      • By the way… You said, most dogs we see are neutered….
        Are you saying we chop off all their maleness?! D8
        (Kinda implied through you saying we are used to seeing neutered, meaning we can’t see their manhood)

    • Goes to show how un-manly, or… Un-wolfy, he is.

      • Artista

        Well, masculinity-not the barbaric stereotype-is a dying trait among most modern men.

        • Honestly, I find it hard to imagine why nearly everyone is so afraid of the crawlies. People scream at me to murder them. :/

          • Rookamillion

            Rook don’t do no damn spiders….. No way, no how.XD


          • Send em my way! >:D

          • Artista

            Only crawlies that freak me out are certain types of spiders. And I don’t think having a phobia of bugs is un-masculine.

          • I’m probably just really wierd is all. XD
            I find them to Be extremely adorable sometimes.
            jumping spiders, moths, beetles etcetera

        • Rookamillion

          We have to bring it back Artista……..That’s it, pack your shit. We’re moving to Scandinavia and becoming Vikings. We’ll just raid small British towns and occasionally Paris until we resurrect the lost masculinity. XD

    • We had a plenty few threads joking on that matter. XD
      “Am I a girl??”

    • Rookamillion

      You’d be surprised how often this topic comes up. XD

    • Everdream

      I for one am glad for that. It feels weird to me when people do draw that. Who would want to see wolf dongs?

      • Lynnzl

        I give them genitals in my style since…you know…realism?

        • I wouldn’t know how to properly draw em. XD
          (The last thing I want to mess up on is a poor guys manly)

      • Wel, since we all keep saying as if we see an actual wolf’s penis (oh no I said it plzdontkillme), it’s called a sheath (the prepuce, to be scientific?). It’s not the same as seeing the actual thing snug in there.
        I personally would be weirded out seeing the real deal, but the noticeable fuzz? …not so much. (Talking about wolves here of course. Dogs could have barely any fur, and that’s a whole nother story x_x)

      • Rookamillion

        You don’t want to know the answer to that question. XD

    • Another thing (gee I’m sure commenting a lot now…), I wouldn’t feel safe for Iki if it was visible… It always strikes in me fear because of such vulnerability. (1st panel especially)
      (okay that’s enough Tak)

    • If we still had the old comments available, I’d point you to the conversation on this page: http://off-white.eu/comic/page-256/
      but… they are gone UnU*
      Maxim, where art thou

  • Jae

    Hey, Off-White Fans!

    I’m looking for Beta Readers for my novel, Chimera!

    Chimera is
    a New-Adult (ages 18-30) Urban Fantasy novel about monster fighting.
    It’s essentially Pokemon for grown-ups. If this sounds like something
    you would be interested in reading, please PM me on my “Jae Lynn” Facebook page. The novel is 80,000 words (about 300 8.5″ x 11″ pages), which is 30 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue.

    beta readers will be required to read one chapter at a time, then
    answer a set of questions. Your job will be to provide detailed feedback
    on my manuscript and help me reach the next stage in the
    writing/editing process.

    Again, if this sounds like something you would like to do AND have the time to commit to, please contact me! Thanks!

    • Rookamillion

      Sweet! I’m not sure if I have the time with school and all, but if I do, I would love to help!

      • Jae

        Awesome! 🙂

    • I’m going to be honest with you – the art quality is not up to par for me, or most others, to take this seriously. You would be much better off finding (or better yet, paying) someone to illustrate it, because in all truthfulness this looks more like a young teenager designed it (poor grasp on anatomy, generic style, shaky pixelated linework, lazy photoshop filter background and all) and that just doesn’t make me think “for adults”, much less “this is something that grabs my attention and I really want to check it out.” Also, is it really polite to advertise your novel idea on someone else’s webcomic, to ride the coat tails of their popularity? I’m sure there are better places to post this. Again, just my humble opinion.

      • Jae

        I said this was a NOVEL, not a comic. There is no art for you to critique. This image is simply something i used to get my message across “I’m looking for beta readers.” And in not riding the coat tails of their popularity, I’m posting this in a place where people who like similar stories (animals, adventure, action, low-fantasy), will see it. There is no monetary profit for me to gain, I’m just looking for a handful of betas.

    • I’ll try to see if I can have time, I usually have only time to comment. x_x
      (Of course I do the routine, too, and work)
      However, for the sake of target audience, you would want a more professionally detailed work, if it is truly market to adults. However, if you drop the age… It would be more acceptable for the image quality. Just good advice from someone who looks (and reads) at a lot of books. Maybe not enough books, though. Just keep on drawing and practice. 🙂
      As for advertising here, I don’t mind much, since I understand there are a number of artists and writers from differing levels, and (large/heavy) readers of books. Although for the sake of better feedback, perhaps finding specific people, or “professionals ” (really good) is the way to go.

      • Jae

        This is a novel, not a webcomic, so I’m definitely not claiming to be an artist. I just recycled this image from some thing i did previously. The actual book cover is much more “grown up” and professional.

        As for requesting betas on here, I’m simply doing it because my story is similar (action/adventure/low-fantasy/animals), so i knew i could find readers with a similar interest. This is a closed beta and i am only looking to fill 20 slots (about 12 have been filled so far from here and other networks). If this were an advertisement for profit, i would never post it in the comments, but given the nature of my post, i see no problem with it being here.


        • Oh, it’s only for cover? Roger! (Are there more images? :3)
          And yes, I think it’s alright sharing with similars, but I wasn’t sure if it was profit or free. Good luck on it! :3

  • HutchTheLupe
    • Kati Gray

      That is actually how most large-ish canines hunt in snow. It works quite well. (red foxes, coyotes, arctic foxes, and many species and subspecies of wolf use it). It also works pretty well in sand for those like fennec foxes, red wolves, and other desert dwellers.

      • RainingMountains

        It just looks painful to me hahah XD

  • Kikipanda

    Loving the last panel! 😀

  • nux

    I love how Jera doesn’t even question what Iki was doing

  • Shop Dog

    heads in the ground jera’s about to pop.

  • lol. I love this page but I liked the comedy of the original

  • rhez

    For those looking for the old page that was here: http://off-white.eu/comic/page-14b/ or http://off-white.eu/comic-pages/005.jpg

    • Shop Dog

      thats not the old page because this isn’t a normal redo. it is an entirely new page, that page will come after this one.

    • His last face is so sad </3

  • NatureCreature
    • Artista

      Iki: “Because I’m worth it!”

  • Rookamillion
  • Pilot

    Aaand there goes the idea of Iki being some cool badass hunter

  • bitschslap

    i love this

  • Bob

    Iki in the 4th panel reminds me of my dog when he got in a… STICKY situation! Heheh

    (My dog got his snout stuck in a peanut butter jar when he found a way to jump on the kitchen counter…)

  • BeeMcK

    Just out of curiosity – why isn’t Munin white in color? I thought white spirits were lighter than their black spirit counterparts…

  • L3Wilde

    I’m gonna hug the fluff-butt

  • Frank

    We found him!

    • Oh no! The lemming tipped you off! D:

      • Rookamillion

        F*ckin’ snitches! Them lemmings are rats! XD

      • Bastard lemmings!

  • Anyone else miss the old web design? Where it had Hati on the left and Skoll on the right, that was pretty cool.

    Not going to judge the current choice off design, though. I just really liked the old look is all.

  • Spina

    Iki remember me Scrat in “Ice age”

  • ruthie

    Iki: Bleh! I swallowed a rock :3

  • Julian Fox

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sk%C3%B6ll O-O skoll is from a real legend??? HATI IS TOO? THIS IS A REAL LEGEND!? i thought you made it up XDDD

    • Krystal Ewing

      Yep. So are the ravens. Everything in this comic is based off a real legend. Look up names 😛

    • Artista

      Tankressi based OW on much of Norse mythology.

  • Julian Fox

    In wikipedia it says “Fenrir is the father of the wolves Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson” I FOUND IKI’S REAL FATHER XDD

    • TheRebelLion96


    • Julian Fox

      my mind is blown XD

  • Julian Fox

    and now i know skolls last name XDDDD

  • Artista

    The Skoll design on the left side of the site reminds me of Hellsing, with the many blue ‘eyes.’

  • lupus

    the merch for off white is great

  • RedRover


  • cheesecake5573

    somebody animate this
    last panel iki’s head pops out and he shakes it
    because were worth it

  • Mischeif


  • Introduction of a slightly awkward, outcasted, main character. *Ding!*

    Sin count: 6

  • camolot the creator

    Foxes do this all the time.
    In real life.
    Exactly like this.

    It’s hilarious.

  • Serene

    I think I will like this character…he reminds me of myself

    • Aaron Mallett

      (i know this is old) but SAME!