• Nick Lopez

    Again. Poor Iki.

  • Anon

    Damn, I think this sequence from around the wolfaboo scene to now is one of my favourite of the whole comic so far. The art is stunning (really a fan of the purple-blue-orange colours with the past bunch especially), but I feel like it also gives a lot of development to all the characters (Seven’s past, Raigho’s snapping, Jera’s obsession with perfection, Isa’s role in the pack still kind of unclear, Fehu’s distrust, rebellion, and threats, and so on…). I kind of feel like this chapter is where it really picks up for me personally (though the previous chapters are also fantastic, to not be misinterpretted). You girls have really woven something amazing, and I’m really grateful that you stick with it and share it for free.

    Fehu is my favourite character. I feel like there’s so much more that’s going to be done with him, hinted at with him straight up challenging Raigho’s authority and threatening that he will take the pack home himself, like they need a new leader. That thought probably lingers in Raigho’s head more than he’s shown so far. I guess he would be sort of “background” in the main cast, but I feel like volume two may have a lot more with him in the spotlight. He’s a ticking time bomb. I’m not sure if he’s physically in the right condition to take power from Raigho, but he’s smart, difficult to lie to, and old enough to have wisdom and take different approaches to things. I don’t want to think it, but he almost comes off like he could be a villain in later volumes. O.o He comforts Iki on this page, maybe winning a bit of his trust/preference, and is very strongly implying rebellion here.

    Maybe overthinking things, but anyways yeah. I love him. He’s a very interesting floof and I love his design. Somehow conveys this “old dog” feeling. Great work!

  • Pheenixorphan X

    Dun dun dun
    Gee now I don’t know who’s going to snap first.