• CrazyWolfFreak

    Haha, another favourite page <3

  • Shop Dog

    “stupid is, as stupid does”

  • Please, never change Iki. u>

  • Shop Dog

    please don’t get rid of Iki nose diving into the ground. thats like my favorite part.

  • Iki would be that guy who deletes System32

  • Bluekii

    OK, that last panel of Jera is actually terrifying.

  • plantangel

    perspective on that last panel is perrrrrrrrfect <3

  • Moc

    Run Iki, run!!! XD

  • RainingMountains

    New page already?
    This caught me off guard, buuuut obviously not as much as poor Iki over here 😉

  • Deluge

    Yep, That’s me whenever i hide something that i always keeping it away from my GF.

  • Ver

    I personally don’t like this new style, It is too comical. I cant read it and think about it seriously now.

    • I think the new style makes it more fun and interesting. Plus it adds a comical effect to the characters and allows the creators to emphasize their expressions.

      <3 Off-white!! 😀

    • Checkers

      Compared to other comics I’ve read and the older pages this new style tones down the exaggeration a whole ton, so I can’t really connect with how the style is ‘too comical’.

  • Deluge

    1st panel. Too cute and adorable

  • Checkers

    The perspective on Jera’s face in the 4th panel is so great.

    I’m just staring at it and grinning like an idiot because you actually feel like you’re looking up at her from the camera’s angle, while at the same time it’s not overdone so it looks aesthetically pleasing.

    It actually attracts the eye to Jera’s nose and teeth and eyes and the rest of her just sort of looms.

    I’m seriously blown away with how the new intro in this chapter is being done. It’s a very familiar formula I’ve seen in stories when it comes to introducing a ‘goofball’ character (character is missing from group and found doing something on their own, aggressive character is the first to find them and channels their anger at them) and at first I’d been kind of disappointed in that but the composition of the pages are swaying me over because the beauty of the art makes up all the new freshness to the formula being used.

    Being able to compare it with the older pages makes it even better because it really shows the difference and how they compare and show that this scenario – while not unheard of – is definitely a better route to use.

    • Checkers

      Also the posture Jera’s holding in the second panel makes an interesting contrast with Iki on page 260

  • HutchTheLupe

    everyone knows what is comming next XD!, run iki run!

  • Brightheart10

    Oh man I live this page! I can’t stop laughing!

  • Shop Dog

    yes we waited so long for this. we know get to see the terror of jera from first person perspective.
    and dat face iki

  • Panel 2 sums up perfectly that feeling you get when you know something is behind you.
    Heck, this whole page does. XD

  • Shop Dog
    • Star Wolf~

      This was adorable XD
      Iki’s noises omg

  • Leandro Evequoz

    Oh iki you are soo dead.

  • That first panel… Cute.

  • Rue

    1st panel: “I messed up. Meh.” *Derp*

  • Shop Dog

    q the mems!!

  • I know this has been posted multiple times, but this is proof now! They are one and the same!
    ( soul staring eyes and teeth)

  • Spiritstrike

    And there’s the rest of Jera’s character introduced: commanding, loving, and most importantly… short-tempered!

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Lol it’s like when my cousin took my phone and tried to unlock it and then I came in >:D

  • Val

    Imagine seeing that face from the last panel in a dark ally on Halloween night.

  • I think we lose a lot of Iki’s childish goofyness in the new panels, but that’s okay, Iki is sure to make that known in future antics.

  • Alexandra Longden

    NEEP! 0.0 Iki run that’s the face of ‘Iam gonna f**k u up!’ D: RUUUUUUNNNNNN!

  • Kati Gray

    … Dat smile… *hides behind my cat*

  • redrover

    Those eyes in the first panel look like my dog’s

  • Blue

    Jera is me on my period in a nutshell…

    • Rookamillion
      • Blue

        Hahahaha XD that was a perfect reaction.

        • Artista

          I thought all women were Jera-deadly on their period. XD

          • Rookamillion

            Depends on the person. XD My ex-gf was perfectly fine. My mother on the other hand? Oh hell nah.

          • Checkers

            Only thing that changes about me is that I need immense amounts of hot chocolate and sleep sitting at the kitchen table tbh.

            My sister would be bedridden and whine as if she’d been shot, and then wonder why no one would be sympathetic with her when she’d suffer instead of doing the smart thing and taking painkillers.

          • Bastet

            Some people just can’t take painkillers on their period. I gave up trying to find any pill that wouldn’t violently get out the way it came in years ago. I find it (and subsequent nausea and dry heaving) so unpleasant, I prefer to just lie down and wait for pains to pass for those 1-3 hours. Outside of those few hours a month I have no problems taking painkillers, though.

          • Checkers

            I’m aware some people can’t take painkillers on their period, but my sister wasn’t one of them. She’s just the type that hates all form of medicine, both liquid and pill form.

          • cheesecake5573

            i hate medicine so i just went on amazon and found a substitute that works for 12 hours takes 20 mins to kick in its not meds to so yay

          • Bastet

            Not-medicine that works for 12 hours?? Sounds like it’s either some possibly-dangerous homeopathy stuff… or an answer to my prayers 😉 Will you tell me its name so I can investigate?

          • cheesecake5573
  • “And then I saw Jera towering above me like a magnificent oak, esceot this oak had shiny white ivories that gleamed in the cold light. This is when I learned it was the end of time.”

  • Jera is soooooooooooooooooo cool, her expression reminds me of the mad Darcia, ready to tear throats!!

    Amazing work


    • Darcia is her long lost son (who supposedly died)

      • Artista

        It would be miraculous if Tankressi got with WR’s creator and they both decided to make Darcia Jera’s long lost son.

        • I would cry with joy. They’d make a great family ;3;
          (Commence Jera belittling Darcia as he attempts to talk to Hamona)

  • Myshkat

    Is it just me, or Jera looks like Iki/Skoll?

    • He gets it from his mother. 😀

    • L3Wilde

      It’s like they always say: Like mother, like son


  • Love the characters as always, although I’m saddened to see that Iki’s original line has been scrapped. “I’ve been hunting lemmings! Though… I haven’t caught any…” I mean, his hunting a lemming here was a funny illustration on its own and a fun shoutout to the original pages, but that former warmth and endearment has been toned down.

    • Shop Dog

      i know i was so sad that ikis stuff was gone. that was like my favorite page of the whole comic.

    • KMC

      I DEFINITELY agree! Those three panels were my favorite in the whole comic. It was just such an adorable introduction to his character.

      But then again, I feel as though Iki’s character has changed in the making of the comic. Instead of showing an adorable, playful, naive character in his first appearance, they’re showing a troublesome, clumsy, ignorant character, someone who brings up a more “omg this guy’s a total dope” reaction, so when it’s revealed that the reason they’re traveling a VERY LONG way is just because of their leader’s belief that the village fool is an ancient spirit… it’s an eyebrow-raised “…really?” moment. Like, wow, Reigho, are you sure (your brain hasn’t been misplaced somewhere)? XD

      ….sorry, I really love thinking about how the characters feel during the comic, lol. XD I honestly have to respect them all, for not questioning sooner. Sorry for the rambles!

      • So basically, he went from Cuuuute to Moon Moon. XD
        (Why so many hate moon moon ;^;)

        • KMC

          Or Sun Sun, in this case. XD

          • You just made my day.

          • Artista

            We need a meme with Skoll and Iki, and whatever character titled, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

          • HellhoundMutt

            I guess Hati is Moon-Moon now, because Skoll is more Sun-Sun. XD

    • I would seriously squee to death if they moved it to being the next page… (≧∇≦)

    • Checkers

      Everyone seems ready for there to be a Jera enraged chase because of Iki’s running off like in page 151 but they seem to be forgetting that Iki on page 161 states (more like panics I guess) that while volatile and quick to anger she usually isn’t anywhere near as bad as on page 151.

      Because of that I’m still holding hope that the next page there will be something similar to those three panels of Iki drooping over not catching any lemmings, with Jera growling out the question from her pose of anger and Iki immediately going from ‘oh shit did i do something wrong’ to innocently babbling on about what he’s been doing, ignorant of the impact that he would make in wandering off. It’d be a nice connect to when he runs off from Jera again later in the comic.

  • MissSable

    It was at the moment, Iki knew…

    He had done fucked up.

  • Gebo

    Jera looks like a balloon in the last panel.

    • ?????

      i just spit out my tea

      • Rookamillion

        I read that comment, went downstairs, brewed a cup of tea, Brought it back upstairs, then spit it out. XD

  • zelda74

    Lol Mommy Jera not happy x)

  • rhez

    This would be the (new) page where we “first” see Iki’s uniquely blue eyes, other than the cover.

  • HellhoundMutt

    Moon-moon, you so dead…

    XD Iki’s panel at the bottom reminds me of the scene in the climax of the 2009 Pixar film UP, where the dog Dug encountered his former pack, where they looked like they wanted nothing more than to rip him to shreds, and he only said nervously: “…H-hi….”

    These new pages are looking better each time. Keep up the great work, you three. 🙂

  • Acuraaquatosphoenix

    that last panel…its like the psyckotic Ikki..omg… I love the expressions XD

  • Artista

    That last panel was perfect.

  • Julian John Mckeon

    first panel laughed a lot. my dog makes that exact face.

  • Artista

    The “derp faces” fit the wolf anatomy better this time. While I loved the original ones, these expressions ‘fit.’

  • Deluge

    Something Fishy XD

    • Artista

      Jeez, the old pages were so FLAT! Anatomy looks SO much better.

  • lupus

    iki is so cute

  • Настя Шаламаева

    Oh, i love Jera’s face.

  • vienix

    hah. cute.
    say, does anyone know what’s the average for page updates? is it one per 2~3 weeks? thanks in advance

    • Deluge

      We don’t know on when will they post a new page but as you can see, just look down where you see the Updated Page Calendar. The Blue symbol refer as the last page update

    • So far, it appears to be once a week, every Saturday. That’s the current trend for this month, at least.

      • Artista

        I’d argue every two weeks.

    • usually update dates are pretty random and can constantly change.

    • vienix

      alright thanks everyone

  • Wolfie


    AWW x’DD

  • Wolfie

    BTW, Jera looks so beautiful ! 🙂
    especially last panel !!! Awesome view!!

  • Shop Dog

    i come to you preposing an expedition into the realm of ow comments. in search of lost meams gif and doodles relating to the ow community. and safly storing them on the last page for future use. who’s with me.

    • *wee little old guy speech to expeditioners*
      The lost glorious creations of the Late Comments Section must be recovered with whatever resources we can muster! Onwards, comrades! insert epic war cry or something
      The expedition will not be easy and quick, and is not guaranteed to have you leave alive and in full pieces easily. *food, shelter, and all other expenses will not be covered, as there will be no supplies. Intellectual death will not be compensated for, nor will dismemberment by tentacles*
      However, some evils must be left buried for eternity… The assholery of the past has no place amongst the new era. Tread carefully, or you’ll end up like me.
      (This is by no means serious, unless you want it to be guys XD just got bored. Ya know, it kinda has a point, now that I think about it)

    • Rookamillion

      I, Rookius Millionshire III, famed comment explorer, gif hunter and master scholar of the antiques era of the forums, shall join you in this glorious expedition!

    • cheesecake5573

      and i shall protect thee from the dreaded trolls

  • Version Herrscher

    OMG…I cant stop laughing at this one XD

  • saitouuryuuji

    well that’s one big scary smile. How would you like to turn around and have somebody smile at you like that?

  • bitschslap

    These drawings are seriously lovely. I still can’t believe she puts so much effort for each page. And she’s REDOING the old pages and the story, which i am really surprised and happy about!!

    • Blue

      It’s not just one person working on it -.-

    • It’s actually 3 people. XD I still find it impressing the detail in each drawing, though. And the page redoing is for publishing. Otherwise 7(?) years of work wouldn’t be of much profit.

  • Ian’t her tail supposed to be raised.. or.. or.. something?

    • Random Fan

      Actually, yeah, it probably should be. Her tail position could mean she’s uncertain, like she hasn’t quite got a grasp on what in the world Iki is doing yet. Which, kind of makes sense. Jera does have a semi-permentant snarl on her face at most times, so maybe her “confused” is nearly synonymous with her “I’m going to kill you” lol

      • Artista

        Well she did threaten to kill a puppy later on in the comic.

      • ok thx

  • cheesecake5573

    Turns head in slow motion
    Iki : holy shit not now!
    Jera : iki you little (insert insults here)
    Iki : plants face back into snow thinking why does this always have to happen to me

  • rhez

    On that day, Iki received a grim reminder. He lived in fear of Jera.

    • She-Wolf

      And also lived to annoy Isa XP

  • L3Wilde


  • cheesecake5573

    translation for this page
    first panel : i woke up this morning feeling like shit
    second panel : and then mother came in
    third panel : not again!
    fourth panel : get up you little shit its time for school

  • Shop Dog

    Jera’s wedding song.


    • Artista

      This…this fits Jera’s relationship with everyone.

      • Shop Dog

        when in need of a good thing, you can find it in the 60s.

  • Deluge

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XR7naZ_zZA Remind me of this two were like Iki and Kaya. So beautiful song

  • Deluge

    For all this time, i found the White Cat Spirit when he became trend in the whole world

  • Shop Dog

    happy halloween guys.


  • Rookamillion

    Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody! 🙂

  • Blazedwolf

    Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  • Deluge

    Happy Halloween!! and don’t forget to greet Skoll in your dream XD

  • Rookamillion

    My deepest sympathies to all the Russian fans of this webcomic……. The U.S. and Russia might not see eye to eye on all matters, but the U.S. is no stranger to air tragedies…… We understand the pain and loss of these horrific occurrences. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who lost their lives and their loved ones. Please be safe.

    • Deluge

      Yah i heard of that issue about the Russian plane crash. Condolence for the people who passed away from the plane crash this day hope their soul would be Rest in Peace, sad it shock all other country.

      • Rookamillion

        On Halloween too…… A day people should be enjoying with their families……

    • Artista

      It wouldn’t be surprising if it were ISIL.

      • Rookamillion

        It is possible. Those bastards are capable of it…..It could have been an attack similar to the one on Pan Am Flight 103 back in ’88…..We’ll have to wait and see. The investigation will let us know shortly.

        • Artista

          We need the world to fear the US again, In the sense that when you mess with the rattlesnake twice, It will bite. Hard. Make ’em feel the fear of our troops’ barrels pointed at the back of their heads and their corpses spread about in a 100 mile radius. In all honesty, ISIL wouldn’t be around if we weren’t weak. I hope the Red Army gives ISIL hell. 🙂

          • Rookamillion

            It’s not really the Red Army anymore…… that was the Soviets. It’s just the Russian Army now.

          • But the Red Army sounds so much cooler. :3

          • Artista

            That’s why I used it. XD

          • Well~ unless they bring Soviet Russia back.
            (Just for this occasion.)

          • Rookamillion
          • Shop Dog

            yup thats actually a possibility with Putin running things.

          • Artista

            But aren’t they going to need their Iron Curtain?

          • Shop Dog

            don’t they have one already.

          • Artista

            Not if East Poland, East Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Northern Romania aren’t under their control.

          • Shop Dog

            that was a joke artista no need to get serious on me.

          • Artista

            Oh. Sorry! I don’t always get it when people joking on a comment section.

          • I thought their curtain was made of tin?

          • Shop Dog

            do you think mr president said it might be a bomb right off the bat because he wants to get russia on out side(by on our side i mean fight the war for him). ya know having a common enemy they need to take care of rather than pestering Ukraine.< not that exact wording.

          • Rookamillion

            Well, it may be a few things. The U.S. only said that it being destroyed by a bomb was highly probable based on the evidence the U.S. has seen. It was the British PM who said that’s what definitely caused it. Whether these statements are genuine or political in nature is up to discussion…..But I hope they are not the latter. If it was a bomb, it will surely complicate things for both the U.S. and Russia…Thus far we’ve been operating fairly independently of each other, but we each have our own separate goals. It is truly a Cold War-esque proxy war with Russia on one side and the U.S. on the other. How long before we rub each other the wrong way and something truly awful happens?

          • Artista

            Now that you mention it, it does have a Cold War-esque feel to it. I can definitely see a war with Russia developing, given our circumstances. We probably would have been at war already if we deployed troops to Ukraine to fight the invading Russians and rebels. Last thing we need is another war front with the Asian Giant. As if our Allah-loving friends in the ME aren’t bad enough!

            The War on Terror has lasted nearly 15 years. Getting into it with another superpower would just-and it pains me to put it like this-add to the body count. In all honesty, I pray we don’t end up in a conflict with any country until the Jihadists are kaput. Ah,international struggles are such bitches. It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out.

          • Artista

            I know. XD

      • Those guys will kill anything and anyone (?). Even poor artifacts. 🙁

        • Artista

          These people, and others like them, have an ideology that permits the murder of men, woman, and children, old and young. Killing ‘infidels’ grants them 72 virgins and them and their families assurance of salvation. I read in a newspaper ISIL destroyed some ruins in…I think Syria. Savages… Apologies for ranting!

          • Great thanks to those brave archaeologists and scientists saving some of the artifacts amidst the terror.
            Also, no need for apologizing!

  • Does anyone have adult (not inappropriate ones) coloring books?

  • Artista


    • Rrrrrrrrravioli

      • Artista

        That’s funny. I meant to scrap that comment. It was a test since Disqus wouldn’t let me post without a confirmation number. Wasn’t trying to start a thread. XD

  • Phake

    I think I’ll be a lot nicer to see jera be a bit more…motherly/not as quick to anger you know? In the first draft I think it was done for comedy more then anything else, she’s ganna snap at him but it’ll be nice to see her as the concerned mother then just an angry ‘mom’ who can’t stand her ‘son’ (like when they where tracking together)

    • She was concerned for him on at least two,occasions

      • Phake

        I know she has been but I was hopeing for a more genuine feel to it (like I said it seamed to be for comedy at first) like, she doesn’t start off just yelling.
        I get she didn’t bond with him well but going off on him right way like in the old page just feels cold hearted

        • Checkers

          I think her harshness has to do with her background. While it’s likely she’s probably exaggerating some amount in her rambling on page 220 and page 221 (and then what with that whole sparkly wolf reciting thing on page 149), but it’s possible that her birth pack was very strict and much of her demeanor came from the influences growing up in it.

          Then when the other pups in the litter Isa was born in died kinda made something snap, thus making her far quick to get nasty.

          I don’t think she really means it, though. From <a href="http://off-white.eu/comic/page-269/"page 269 we can see that at least SOME of her cares, but aggressiveness seems to be the main way she expresses it. Iki is a total goof, and if she really has a strict and upright view of how he should behave, any worry about him can quickly be mixed with and even hidden with frustration and anger.

          I kind of like how she’s just really growly and angry faced in this new page, tbh. The old version of the comic had her go into a ramble and felt a lot worse than this. She seems to have more restraint in this rendition.

          • Checkers

            WOAH my html broke horrendously. Holy crow. Whoops!

            The blue text in the last couple paragraphs are all one link for Page 269. The line where it starts should say ‘From page 269 we can see blahblahetc’. I must’ve forgot to move out of the link code when typing all that out. x___x

          • phake

            well the blue does looks prettier o3o

            but ya thats what i meant, even though you can see where her anger comes from but it was always too quick and at that point we didnt see any motherly love towards him, it was always ‘iki is jares verbal punching bag’, even more so when we see just how careing she can be with ragho too! i do like how she opens up to iki in those pages and even tried to protect him (that was so sweet!) but like it would be nice if we could see her try first, get annoyed, then shout, like on 144/9, even though shes shouting it feels more like a habit then shes really angry and she treats both iki and isa the same…until iki does something stupid, it just feels like it would be a more natural way to go about it then have her go off right away.

            i know her anger iwas meant to be for laughs and she clearly wouldnt hurt him but seeing how this comic has gone from a kinda anime-ish look/humor to something more realistic i do wonder what theyll do with her, here it looks like shes ganna at lest try to talk iki XP

  • I think since its been a while since we last have a page update, I think we ought to make some fan work. Maybe a few random things. Lemmings, blueberries….whatnot.

    • Rookamillion

      I concur.

    • Question:

      Do we call the red blueberries cranberries or redberries?

      • Rookamillion


      • I never really thought about it. D:

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Either cranberries or….or….cherries!

  • I just realised how much Jera reminds me of father Jack from Father Ted.

  • To keep the comment section alive, I propose having a weekly theme!
    For example, I dunno, let’s choose music, for instance.
    For a week we share good music, find theme songs for the characters, find songs that fit the page, etc.

    • Shop Dog

      a lot of you have probably seen this band but i like them. postmodern jukebox just takes modern music and composes it with more traditional methods. ie without the computer ade.

    • Rookamillion

      One of my personal favorites.


    • mittenstheninja
    • Shop Dog

      yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Edmond Fitz. dec 10 1975


      • Artista

        R.I.P crew and captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

      • Checkers

        I remember learning about this in grade school.

    • Checkers

      My browser nearly died trying to load up multiple videos at once upon scrolling over them LOL. Can we maybe keep themes of stuff to something that won’t embed stuff? Maybe like a weekly comic question or something.

  • Deluge

    Sad Fehu Huhu T_T

    • Artista

      He doesn’t get enough screen time.

    • Artista

      You know how good Venressi’s character designs are when you can compare them with species they would based on.

  • Diznits

    I can’t believe Iki is fucking dead

  • Shop Dog

    my condolences to France…

  • Artista

    Even the President was in tears! His own daughter was at the soccer game. I heard from others that the attackers were throwing bombs at crowds and killing them one by one. Disastrous… May France raise her blade and shield to face her newest enemy, and my sympathies and prayers for the French people.

    • Rookamillion

      Take some small comfort in that the US and UK air forces most likely vaporized Jihadi John in a drone strike earlier today. He isn’t going to be beheading anybody ever again. The same fate awaits every other member of ISIS.

      • cheesecake5573

        Here here

      • oooo, yes. The Air Force, my favorite branch of the military. 🙂

        • Artista

          Army and Marines are better…. #sorrynotsorry 😛

          • Well, I guess we can take our A-10’s and provide CAS elsewhere. 😛

            My Family’s always poking fun at each other with that, so I don’t take it personally. XD Just part of being in a military family.

          • Artista

            Which of your family members have served and what branches?

          • Father was an officer in the Air Force for 21, and his father before him was first enlisted in the Marines, then flew Huey gunships in Vietnam as a Warrant-Officer. My other grandfather to served in Nam, but he was drafted.

            I also have a younger cousin who is aspiring to be a fighter pilot for the Navy. Go all Top Gun on ISIS.

          • Artista

            That’s an awesome family tree! What do they think on the current administrations dealings with the war and the military? Several vets I’ve talked to are infuriated.

            I was tempted to go into ROTC, but didn’t because I thought it’d conflict with my BSA meetings.

          • Long story short, they heavily disapprove of the administration’s handling of both, and in general.

            As for ROTC. I took JROTC all four years of high school. It was college ROTC that I changed my mind for since college ROTC is the one that prepares and trains you for entry into the service as a commissioned officer.

      • Artista

        I don’t take comfort in knowing an enemy is gone until I see a dead body. Period. I never once saw a photograph of Hitler after his suicide. Call me crazy, but even I hope that even one ISIL member will see sense.

        • Rookamillion

          Well uh…… I don’t think there really is a body. Two hellfire missiles don’t leave much to show.

  • Rookamillion

    Dear God……. Not France too……..My deepest Sympathies to the French fans of this comic……Our hearts and prayers go out to you. Here in America we mourn for you as we would our own.

  • Damn
    Bombings always happen unexpectedly.
    How the hell are we gonna stop them?!

  • Deluge

    Pray for Paris guys that is what we can do for our beloved French people

  • Shop Dog

    miss Kate and Ann i think you should do something special on this site in honor and tribute to the french .

    • Artista

      As sweet as that sounds, they have enough on their plate. I think We The Fans should make a tribute.

  • Leandro Evequoz

    Condolences to France. R.I.P

  • PsychoticKhaotic

    It was at the moment Iki knew…

    He had done fucked up.

  • SilverDust

    Foo might want to start running or she gonna smash your ass Iki!

  • Angela Andrea Espinal Sanchez

    Oh – oh….. O_OUUUUUUUUUUU