• CrazyWolfFreak

    Iki’s face in his first panel is always a highlight 🙂

  • Shop Dog

    dat jaw.

    • Artista

      It’s timeless!

  • Tenka yoru

    aww Iki is so cute

  • cheesecake5573

    i vote for this page in the whole comic to be #1 for cuteness

  • Hannah Simon

    Please keep those expressions on Iki’s face when you rewrite this! PLEASE! 🙂

    • Celia Fernandez

      Yes! His grumpy face is too good!

  • Aminus

    gah iki’s so cute

  • GDA

    Even after all this time, this page remains my favorite, and the center three frames are the reason.

  • Rachel Coleman

    I hope the redone page for this one doesnt lose the ikki magic :’}

  • Well now this page flows better with the newest redos fhbvdfkjbfdh

    • Maybe they’ll just keep the first few panels, and restyle it?
      Also, gosh Iki’s face is too much for me to haandle hvndjdmj

  • Leandro Evequoz


  • WARxWOLF86

    Haha isas face in that last panal

  • Shop Dog

    o boy

  • Why is Isa so cute here? I could just squeeze her x3

    • Nick Lopez

      Isa is always cute. Though Kaya could give her a run for her money.

      • Artista

        Wolf Bachelorette Contest!

  • Shop Dog

    i do see isa has some neck problems though. since they reuses the outline for the body of the caricatures and just redrew the heads, there necks sometimes appear to have different lengths between panels. on this one rether than make her neck shorter to compensate for the fact she’s turning. they accidentally made her neck longer that when it was in the straight position.

  • Honestly, Jera is the one losing her head here. XD
    That is a jaw every mother and father would be proud of, so biig and scary. All shall tremble before her mouth!
    Also, Iki </3 Still adorable
    Fehu and Raigho can apparently speak line-dot. ——— – —— — —————?
    Also, Isa is being cute, too, AGAIN. Such an adorable smile. XD
    (Has she ever smiled before?)

    • And you don’t speak line-dot? Here, allow me to translate:

      Fehu: Were you watching last night’s basket ball game? The Minnesota Timberwolves got penalized, big time.

      Raigho: Yeah, that’s complete bullshit on the NBA’s part. There’s no way that should have been a penalty!

  • Nick Lopez

    Poor Iki.

  • HutchTheLupe

    Isa XD!, Yey, mom find Iki, now he is dead! :D! yey!

  • rhez

    Isa’s expression clearly shows that the current situation is completely normal and typical.
    I love it!

  • Breezeblade

    Hahahahah she sure did find him ^_^; that’s for sure you could here here for miles XD

    Poor iki :/ and to think he has been hereing that most his life.

  • Breezeblade

    Her* sorry misspelled that XD my bad

  • HostilePopcorn

    Isa’s face is precious. Isa is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

  • Eia01

    Hahahahaha!! XD

  • Me

    I love how the new pages being updated still have a decent flow with the older artwork so you can still read it in a cohesive manner. That’s *got* to take a buttload of work to make happen. Thanks for the update!

  • cheesecake5573

    I love how isa is just like hey looks like she found iki like this happens all the time

  • Checkers

    Not sure why but the first thing I thought when seeing Raigho’s posture int he last panel was ‘attentive pinecone’. Must be his bushy tail freezing in a high position.

  • flyteck

    I like how Isa is happy that her brother is getting yelled at X3 She didn’t seem very concerned when she said he was missing, so she’s not happy because he’s been found.

    • Artista

      Classic sibling relationship. It’s great that Isa is getting more dialogue. In the original, I think she only gets 6 or seven lines throughout the whole comic.

  • RainingMountains

    I had to force my mouth shut with my hands just to stop laughing too loudly in school XD
    Man is this page hilarious

  • Rookamillion

    Panel 3’s letters. XD

    • Shop Dog

      i have a theory they everyone at the history channel studio just died a long time ago and nobodies gone to check on them. thats why they have been looping the same content over and over agin for years.

      • Artista

        So THAT’S what happens when real historians die! It all makes sense now.

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        If so, then those people are history. 😛

        • Shop Dog

          ba dum tssss

  • Deluge

    Okay, Jera care bout Iki not hating. See alot of changes

  • Spiritstrike

    And character completely established!

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    lol what is wrong with YOU Jera ? calm your tits

  • Ahh, isn’t Jera such an angel? :’)

  • Artista

    Random thought. What would it look like if Off-White went Assassin’s Creed?

    • goatfromoffwhiteツ

      like this ?

      • Artista


    • spirit

      :O! <3 <3 That would be epic….

    • Checkers

      They’d likely be eagles instead of wolves in that case LOL.

    • ECH

      god no

    • Shop Dog


  • Julian John Mckeon
    • Shop Dog

      oh little girl, you know not the pain you mock.

  • ironic wolf

    I’ve never seen i child so hsppy to hear their mother screaming…

    • ironic wolf

      A not i. lol

      • Smiley face

        Spelling is a ditch

        • Blue

          HAHAHA a ditch XD

  • L3Wilde

    Ew Jera… You’re drooling again…

  • I play a game on Facebook called Fish World. It has A LOT (I can show you all if you want me to) item parodies (e.g. village princess is a parody of Anna from Frozen). But the point of this comment is that I wanna show you guys a wolf that coincidentally (or not) resembles Skoll.

    I’m not hating the game or anything I just wanna show that wolf lol

    • Shop Dog

      that dose look a lot like skoll with the markings in the face. he has jera’s ears though i don’t know how i feel about that.

    • Everdream

      I recognize that wolf from somewhere. It’s a heavily traced/referenced version of a popular artwork on DA. I’m trying to find the artist to let them know.

      I think the name of the art work is something similar to “spirit wolf” or “wolf totem” or something.

      It’s a shame that art thievery is so bad even “professional” games do it now.

      Edit: Found the artist: http://rekacryistall.deviantart.com/art/This-is-NOT-your-character-183641768

      • Checkers

        I KNEW it was familiar when I saw it. I spent half the day trying to find the original image before having to give up to go work. Thank gods someone found it lol it was bugging me and I was twitchy the whole day.

    • Shaunalee McKean

      That is an illegal reuse of my legal property and they are profiting from it. I would like the link to this game so that I can give a cease and desist request and follow with legal action if it’s not heeded. Thank you for your assistance and bringing this to attention.

  • teajw

    this page inspired me to draw a snarly woof so here is Jera :0

    • Artista

      We also call her Lime Eyes.

      • I’m tempted to draw Jera with Limes for eyes.

        • Artista

          Do it!

  • Shop Dog

    well it seems a little stagnated in comment sections around the winter time. and probably one major factor in this is, how how distant family members who you assumed where dead suddenly grow out of the wood work around the house this time of year. and eat up all youre time that you would normally be spamming people with cat photos ant gifs. so to give a little bit of sympathy to you i’ve brought out this old Christmas parody i used to listen hum when i was younger, in-laws by H&B. sorry i couldent find any digital copies online i only got cassettes. you’ll just have to follow along with the old mark 1 eye ball.

    you better not shout
    you better not cry
    you want to move out im telling you why.
    my in laws are coming to town.
    there loud and there deaf say everything twice-
    like it or not the’ll give there advice
    my in laws are coming to town
    there so opinionated, superior they think
    they eat there weight in food each day and they clogged my bathroom sink.
    i’d better stock up on the things that they need
    metamuselas-sipine, prune juse but no cheese.
    my in laws are coming to town
    they sit on the couch when nabbers stop by
    they stare at the tube
    they don’t even say hi
    my in laws are coming to town
    i’m seething when there sleeping
    i’m ticked off when there awake
    i’d like to slip some crazy glue in between there denture plates
    i’m at my wits end there getting to me
    Dr. Coborrcian when are you free
    my in laws are coming to towwnnn.

    • If you don’t have a cassette tape player that records to CD, you could get a double sided aux cable, attach it to a cassette and your computer and record with Audacity or something. It’s what I did to create a digital copy of one of my LPs.

      • Shop Dog

        the problem is my cassette player is built into my radio and that doesn’t have any jacks on it. i can tape record things with my phone but then the audio quallity goes down, so i tend to only do that for records and cassets that are already damaged or i don’t intend to share.

  • Artista

    Belgium is under lock down…

    • Shop Dog

      the police raids have been going on all week actually. yesterday when i checked they where up to 170 raids with over 110 stolen weapons recovered. the people im Belgium aren’t allowed to talk about the police locations in social media, for fear it will spoil the police’s surprise when about to raid a building.

      • Artista

        Have they stated whether or not its terrorist related?

        • Shop Dog

          do you really need to ask. yes its terrorist related. they have recovered scores of guns which where stolen from the military, sevrle bombs, arrested multiple people who where behind the paris attacks to begin with. but still they have these nut jobs stirring up trouble in public spaces. i hope they get the whole thing under control soon. we wouldn’t wan’t riots like we had in last year. even if that was under different sercomstances the same public anger/fear/hate is there, and the last thing we need is for things to go out of hands in domestic Europe.

          • Artista

            I was asking if they Admitted it was Isil. During the Russian plane crash it was a few days before they ruled out any other possibility. (Of course I think it’d be Isis!)

            Anyway, I think it’s possible we’ll be seeing more of these incidents as long as the refugees come through the Europe. Worst case scenario Europe becomes a war front again. The refugee migration makes a perfect Trojan Horse. Wow, I’m pessimistic… Hopefully Europe doesn’t break out into riots, but the people will only take so much until they light the torches.

          • Rookamillion

            Insanity. All of it insanity. The whole world has gone insane.

          • Sometimes I wonder if the world has always been insane, and we just didn’t notice enough… Or it became moreso.

    • 🙁 Oh no…more things happening now? These current events are awful

  • Okay well anyways, question to you guys, does anyone know if “Milk for the ugly” will have continuations or if it’s going to stop where it is now?

    • Shop Dog

      i think milk for the ugly is finished for now.

  • Checkers

    I’m probably the only one but I can strangely feel the build up of Jera’s spit-filled snarling in the back of my throat while looking at it. Sensation’s vaguely similar to gargling a mouthful of water and I have no idea how to feel about that.

    • I’m going to go and try that.
      Always hated gargling.

      • Checkers

        It’s just the feeling you get in the back of your throat when you gargle for a bit mixed with when you have too much spit in your mouth. It feels uncomfortable and slightly gross, yet accurate to the panel.

  • Shop Dog

    “welp its fat day agin!” happy thanks giving.

    • Artista

      Happy Thanksgiving, Comrades!

    • Checkers

      The true ‘Fat Day’ is Pączki Day imho. Most of what I eat at Thanksgiving is generally healthy. Pączki Day though? Nothin’ but donuts.

      • That sounds like an awesome day to become fat.

        • Checkers

          Most other places don’t call it ‘Fat Tuesday’ for nothing LOL. Most of my friends call it ‘cheep’ day because the news station always seems to have some coverage on those marshmallow sugar duck things.

      • Rookamillion

        Pączki Day? It’s all about that Fasnacht Day! XD

    • Rookamillion

      Ahha! I forgot to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving! XD

  • Phew, so he was not run over by a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck.

    And lol Isa’s just all happy like “Hey, I know that familiar sound! Iki is being chewed out, and that means he’s found! :D”

    • Checkers

      Why does that rhyme.

      Do you think these things through or does it come naturally.

      • Lol I didn’t know I was rhyming. Yeah, it’s just the stuff that comes out of my keyboard.

        • Checkers

          I admire such skill.

    • Rookamillion

      Pshaaa, he just got lucky this time. Krispy Kreme will get him eventually….Once Krispy Kreme has a taste for blood, they don’t stop until their target is eliminated. XD

      • Ahah! Now we know the real villain of this story xD

      • I’m calling it; in these updated pages Seven and Albert’s jeep will be changed to a Krispy Kreme truck.

  • Tbh I find it sad that Iki has an abusive mom… mommy…. Mommy Dearest *shivers*

    What’s gonna happen in OFF-WHITE’s Mommy Dearest??

    • Artista

      She’s gonna get tranked in the booty and pass out.

    • Jera’s original concept was abusive, but now she’s more accurately portrayed as someone who is overbearing and neurotic.

      • Shop Dog

        bit like the Kardasians

  • You know who dis is

    *Scrolls and reads comments* I love how even though I’ve left, I can still find my influences amoungst you all. I feel like Jesus Christ or something LOL.

    • I don’t think it was very much different, personally I kinda just went about the same way I did for the past years.
      Something I’m missing?
      begins constructing an altar

    • Rookamillion

      Are you Jesus Christ…Or Jewish Gebo! XD

    • Artista

      Die hersteller von Judisch Gebo ist…. Mein Fuhrer! Unser Fuhrer!

    • Checkers

      It’s like water on a sponge. People just absorbed bits of your presence over the years.

    • Pilot

      MAXI?? Aaayy

  • http://9gag.com/gag/aw76NBR?ref=android
    (9gag won’t let me save)

    • that’s really cute and i just wana play with that puppy

  • Shop Dog

    jera yells at iki so much even her tung has mussels.

    • Samedi

      Muscle is most of what a tongue is made of…

      • Her muscles have muscles?

        • Samedi


        • Gebo

          her tongue has ze abs

  • Ikiihana

    Am I the only one who thinks Jera is kind of cute in the first panel? She’s not baring her gums (so she’s not like angry angry), those upper lips looks so soft and whiskers makes it look even fluffier. Oh, you so angry Jera. RRRRRR… >:)

    • Shop Dog

      apparently YES.

    • *Tak is trying hard to see Jera’s cuteness XD*

  • Hetin

    Excuse me,but…
    Off-White’s group is from 3 persons,and we hardly get 2 pages in a month! Shouldn’t they update like… a little faster?
    For example, Kique7 on DevianArt submits ‘Asmundr’ pages every freaking day!!

    • Checkers

      More people =/= faster updates. The girls don’t have the same amount of time as Kique does to be able to do pages more often and does it because he wants to (and imo, the comic’s art quality suffers for it).

      The girls have jobs/duties that take up their time and make it harder for them to update as frequently as they used to (there were 2 pages or so weekly, once upon a time), so they do their best and update when they can, and that’s still pretty impressive.

      For all intents and purposes they can take as long as they want imo, I’m just happy OW isn’t dead.

      • not to mention two of the girls live in Poland and the third lives in the states. so you hafto deal with the time difference as well. tanathe works for a videogame company and helped produce The 3rd Witcher game, not sure what Arkon and the other lady does, Either way free time is a luxury.

        • Checkers

          //squints into the distance// I was pretty sure they both worked on Witcher 3 as artists. Now I’m all confused LOL

          I’m not sure what Jessi does. I can’t remember if it was mentioned before or if I forgot. But yeah, they do have time differences to work with.

          • i had to do a bit of digging. ya arkon and tana both worked on the witcher 3 and they did a fantastic job on that as well. i too cant remember what jessi does.

      • Adolph Hitler

        Of white IS almost dead.

        Actually Asmundr goes faster because it’s easier to draw it.

        • Checkers

          Because the art quality is downplayed for the speed, obviously.

          Judging by your name you’re just a troll, though. So w/e. This is just the start of another cycle of ‘updates are so slow the comic is dying’. Seriously. Either find ways to fill the time or move on completely and read something else lol.

          • Adolph Hitler

            Nah, Asmundr is in great quality.

            Don’t worry, I’m not a troll, I’m just Neo-Nazi (actually Neo-NS). I support Hitler and find him amazing, so I use his name.

          • Gebo

            I assume you must be blonde an blue eyed then?

          • Adolph Hitler

            Not really, but I’m a perfect aryian.

          • Adolph Hitler

            Wow, it looks like I’m saying it as A.Hitler.
            Well, it suits. 😀

          • Did you have a water bear as an icon, by any chance?

          • Adolph Hitler

            Oooh, yup. That’s me.

      • Another thing, Jessimu is still working for her degree (living in the States, I will not confide which) while the other two (in Poland) work at CD Projekt Red, which, I can imagine will most definitely contribute to their less focusing on this, as it did last time. Jessi hopes to be done soon to be with us.
        As for the other two, being an independent adult sucks.
        Edit: carp, I totally did not read Paul’s post before posting. Bad Tak!

        • its ok, ill munch on your leg next time

      • Artista

        The comic’s attention to backgrounds, panels, and dialogue placing suffers for it.

        • Checkers

          Pretty much, though I give Kique props to the backgrounds; comparing it to other comics it’s decent, but considering the update pace it’s actually quite impressive. The speech bubble placement is really awkward and dialogue can be pretty droll too but since he seems to be doing the comic for fun though so it’s w/e. Were he seriously planning on selling/publishing it when finishing it I’d be far more critical about it.

          I’d love to see what a page could look like if he put a week or so’s work into it. I’ve been tempted to redraw a couple of pages on occasion – just to see what it’d be like with a more detailed art style, but part of me feels as if it’d be rather rude so I just visualize possibilities in my head when I’m at my work desk.

          • Artista

            The backgrounds probably take around a few days for Kique. it would be interesting to see if he worked on a page for a week. I do like his more realistic approach anatomy, but it could use some exaggeration.

            I think a single page for OW takes around 4-5 hours. I’m estimating based on the speed paint videos. Though, given life, probably a few more. And now that they are concept artists for Projekt CD, the majority of their time will be taken up, since that department requires drawing a lot of different looks and possibilities, and detailed things. Oh, and I forgot to add deadlines.

            I don’t think it’d be a bad idea if ou did re-draw some of his pages and panels as a study or critique exercise. (Just burn them later. XD)

          • My brother has three two jobs now… He nearly has no time for us now. Dad has only one, gone all day, other brother gone in college and drills. ;( (and to think I wanted to get a job during school)
            why u steal my famerie, jobs

          • Artista

            You gotta do what you gotta do. Sucks these days to keep a good standard of living you need at least two jobs, unless you have a degree for a well-paying job (e.g. medical field).

        • Guest

          tbh I think Kique does a wonderful job with furs and backgrounds. Off-White definitely looks amazing, hell some pages look like glass-windows they are so beautiful, but it’s a double-edged sword. Kique’s feels a bit more realistic, because when you look at an animal, you don’t see every single strand of fur on its body glimmering in the light. On the other hand, it’s impressive how artistic and stylized Off-White is and all the time in details.

          But one big perk about less super detail is faster updates (not in the demanding way, just as a fact). So as much as I love Off-White, and totally intend to buy it when it’s released, I’m having an easier time keeping up with Asmundr because the pacing is so fast, I don’t have to go back and reread pages to remember exactly what was said before. But Off-White getting turned into a real book comic will definitely help with that. I’ll totally reread it when the time comes, to really get the whole story as one big epic adventure.

          • I just try and enjoy either one. There’s plenty to be happy for, despite whatever problems that are also there.
            Although I’m well aware not everyone can be this absurdly-happy of a dog such as Tak.

    • Adolph Hitler

      Agreed. When they got that third artist they said it would sped up pages and make sure they come out regularly.Through page quality have reduced because of this new artist I at least expect pages every week.

      P.S. Asmundr also have website.

    • I’ve never known what Kique did as a job… Mind elightnening this poor soulless creature?
      Also, you must take into account the detail and free time. Assuming everyone has the same ability and schedule is blasphemy. Plus, not everyone can foresee the future.

    • Gebo

      also, Kique only uses premade tools for most landskapes and backrouns and simple shading on the characters.

    • Kek the guest

      And kique traces from stock photos instead of draws everything from scratch
      Plus what Gebo said

  • What kind of Christmas presents would you guys give to the OW characters?

    • Checkers

      Iki would get hunting lessons for sure lol.

      As for the others I have no clue.

    • id give jara some valium, ike would get Kaya back.

    • Adolph Hitler

      Chew-toys? They are dogs after all.
      P.S. Seven & Albert wouldn’t enjoy chew-toys at all…

    • Lemming to Iki, a ticket to Anger Management (and a Iki chewtoy) for Jera, shades to Raigho, a blanket for Gebo to hide under.
      And still thinking.

      • Artista

        Seven DESERVES an anti-tank rifle (aimed at Riagho)! Albert can get a fancy calculator and health insurance, since it expired before he went hunting.

        • Oh, how could I forget! D:
          Also, an industrial strengthened fancy calculator!

          • Artista

            Perfect, Taki-san!

          • Artista

            What about Fehu? Kaya can have a tied up Iki.

          • Aw golly, the memories of that thread… XD

      • I’d give Raigho Nick Fury’s coat and eyepatch.

    • If anyone is up for it, them receiving suggested presents can make a nice thing to enjoy while we wait.
      By the way, like in past times, we can definitely create our own things (for lack of a forum).

    • L3Wilde

      Well I’d definitely get Jera some chill-pills… I’d also have to agree on an Iki chew toy and maybe a choo-choo bc those seem to melt the iciest of hearts on TV. oh ALSO a nice little towel or something ’cause dat drool yo

      Fehu and Isa could use a trip to a nice island or something ’cause they been so chill thru all this mess and they deserve a break.

      I’mma get Gebo a blankie and probably a whistle for emergencies and maybe a rubber ducky ’cause who doesn’t want one of those? Also a hug bc floof

      Raigho would get a lil’ wolf-sized pirate ship and a pirate costume (with eyepatch of course) ’cause that’s all an alpha wolf could ever ask for right?

      And Iki would get one of those tennis ball launchers except with lemmings instead of tennis balls and probably a book on how to pick up girl wolfs ’cause he could use some work

      Hati would get some nice lil’ earmuffs so he won’t have to deal with his brother and probably nest-warmers for birb friends. Also a princess Celestia (equipped with Luna) so he won’t have to raise the sun AND the moon 24/7

      Albert of course would get one of those spiffy new phones so he can have a calculator and a bunch of other cool gadgety-doos

      Seven would get some cool new hi-tech big guns n’ stuff (whatever’s legal anyways pfft) but also a fancy-yet-epic outfit with an also fancy-yet-epic car or somefin’ so she can be cruisin’ while bruisin’

      aaaand that’s pretty much it since it’s 1:40 in the AM

      woa so much longer than that needed to be huh

      • spirit

        LOL!!! I love your list!!! “Iki chew toy”. We should get Jera a stress relief program.
        We could get her some stress balls…. And… a stress toy (I guess thats the iki chew toy). hmm… Maybe a nice, warm spa? And a chair that pounds on your back when you sit on it……

        I guess I'd give Iki a trial lesson on being less annoying.

  • well with about 100 pages to redo i feel we can predict volume 2 will start in about 8 years

    • Maybe I can shorten a day by throwing these green cotton things at their incorporeal mailbox.
      That is, if I had the ability to acces such things. Dx

    • Artista

      *tries hard not to complain*

    • I lost it at that gif. xD

    • …. Um… sh*t.

      I actually started doing the calculations to show everyone that the wait wouldn’t be so bad, but when you go with an average of one page per month (and in all honesty that’s being kind of generous) you get an approximate of… 8.3 years.

      Well, sh*t. xD But you know what, that’s okay. There are plenty of wonderful stories out there to fangirl over in the meantime, and should the wait be too long and our passion for Off-White dwindle to a passing thought of rare remembrance, the comic will still be here, and we’ll find ourselves checking on the site once in a blue moon and delighting in the 3 or… hey, maybe even 4 new pages that have come out since the last year! And smiling because of the memories and because the characters are still the same old lovable wolfies (or humans). And there will be a whole new generation of little 12 year olds whining about the slow pace and we’ll laugh at them too, because that crud never gets old.

      • spirit

        Speed it up x10 XD

    • Das Krieg

      What a gross and sadistic gif.

  • Michelle Caswell

    Incoming rant:
    I’m taken-a-back by the overwhelming amount of negative comments directed towards the creators of this webcomic. It is not fair of you all (as in, this community) to talk so terribly to the people who do this with their free time and you act as if you own and control them in order to make content which is somehow EXPECTED for uploads/etc, and of them… I feel like this pressure only makes things harder to keep running at a smoother pace, and tons of readers tend to ignore the fact that the illustrators are working on another more-important project with their skills/time and that they actually get PAID to do that. This is a free project most likely started because it was fun, and has lost its magic due to people complaining constantly that they are not uploading often enough or that re-doing old pages is not what they wish to see.
    You’re all so ungrateful for the time and effort that has gone so rightfully unnoticed in this community that has formed around the ‘Off White’ series. The creators are in no way obligated to provide you with ANYTHING, so why are you all still bitching about how things are going so terribly with a comic which you do not own the rights to and have merely stumbled across during your time browsing the web? I don’t see any of you creating content and sharing it with couples of thousands of people… So please, unless if you have hundreds of free hours to pour your heart into a comic which does not reward you with anything but more people commenting about how much they dislike how things are/wish there were more uploads and/or that it is taking too long you should shut your ungrateful pothole of a mouth and give in to having less expectations of the creators of this comic which is so graciously provided for you – free of charge! /rant over

    • Checkers

      It’s a cyclical thing and it’s really not surprising to some people anymore, lol. At this point it’s best to take anyone’s seriousness on update pace with a grain of salt. They’re either new to the comic and not used to the slow pace, or are a regular being sarcastic about it.

      • Speaking of sarcasm, I really miss Sporterra’s doses of sarcasm.

    • HellhoundMutt417

      THIS. 🙂
      I honestly don’t mind at all about the creators re-making the old pages so they match the recent storytelling and art-style. Re-writes are important for stories like Off-White. Writers and comic-creators always edit a few things before they publish a work of fiction. It’s what everyone does. If people didn’t rewrite or edit things before they published them, the results would other whys look — depending on the content — kinda sloppy in my opinion, especially if story ideas or events end up being very out-of-place or inconsistent compared to more recent pages.

      For example, if I was to write a book with the earlier pages of the story written like this: “hE lukD Up ATAS A Sun Shyning dawn UPON the SKAI 2 HIs hayr” only for the writing style to suddenly change half-way through like this, “The dog backed out of the log, shaking his fur
      clean” and if I published it without checking for grammar mistakes or any edits whatsoever, then…. Yeah… it would probably be kinda viewed as messy due to the obvious lack of edits. XD The first half, anyway.

      People need to understand that Akreon’s, Vesner’s and Jessi-Mei’s lives
      don’t always revolve around Off-White. Like you said, they have more things going on in their lives, so whoever is complaining about them ‘taking too long’
      and hate that they’re re-making the old pages need to understand that
      not everything always has to go one’s way. ESPECIALLY when the argument
      has to do with a story the complainer doesn’t own. They don’t have the right to tell them how fast they should go or how long they should take.
      That, and these kinds of pages take time. They have to draw, color, shade, color and shade the backgrounds, write the dialogue, etc, and a lot of those can take a long time to accomplish, especially when you’re a very busy person. These people are either new to the story, are young and so don’t understand how big these kinds of projects are, or they are being trolls or just downright impatient, ignorant people that need to understand that they can’t always get what they want.
      Or, like Checkers said, they’re being sarcastic… or something… XD I don’t care how long they’ll take or how fast they’ll become. Its better than it being dead. And just because its taking them a while to upload the pages it doesn’t automatically mean they’ve given up on it.
      If they had given up on it, they probably would’ve said something. 🙂

    • Are you referring to my comment? It’s a joke. I was making humour. Queue beating dead horse with classy 1800s cane

    • Spirit

      Uh… XD … I dont… Disagree with you… But sometimes its good to have harsh comments because it points out mistakes….
      I’d rather someone give me a harsh comment about my drawing so I can improve it rather then someone saying “Yea, sure, thats nice”.

  • Woulvie Mo

    Some great things are worth waiting for 😉

  • I want to squeeze Raigho’s tail with my hands so much right now ;w; knowing that I can’t do it is torture

    • Raigho plushy? o3o

      • Yeeesss

      • spirit

        These guys should make Plushie animals of the main characters ;D I’d totally buy a Raigho/Scoll Plushie :D!!

  • Deluge

    Found Rhaigo in real life so cute. Does this mean that other OW char would come in real life? @_@

    • HellhoundMutt417

      Aw, that fella really does look a bit like Raigho. 🙂

  • cheesecake5573

    i have noticed that not alot is currently going on so i am going to re start up the self promotion art posting and pls comment on the stuff

    (since for some reason this image wont work on this website here is the link)


    and seriously please comment and up vote

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      OMG HAHA I ove it it’s funny the drinking part egg but the rest rocks. :b

      • Breeze blade

        Lol why did I say egg Xb I ment ehh

  • Clari

    I love the comic so far but it takes FOREVER for the pages to load and it is frustrating :/