page 194
page 194

  • Pyrope

    You guys never, ever fail to stun me. These last few pages are gorgeous. Keep up the amazing work! :D

  • Goldenheart Dunn

    Yay Hati! That was nice of you! Great job ladies!

  • MountainCola

    is.. is… Haiti a GIRL????

    • Claiy

      that’s exactly what I thought…

    • Guest

      it’s a good guess but hati is iki’s brother,i think :) sorry if im wrong :)

      • MountainCola

        but what about the crows/ravens? one’s obviously a girl and one’s a boy so it’s a possibility that haiti is a girl.. that would make a very interesting plot twist..

    • Omena

      .. o _ o what makes you think so?

  • Biяdѕ σʄ α Fεαȶɦεя

    Hati almost seems like a bad guy but… he still looks cool as shit. That’s the most epic picture I’ve EVER seen…

  • Lonewolf

    i an the 5th one!!!

    ps: awesome page

    • Soulxera

      Wait, what?

  • Hiorou

    He look kinda… evil… Im wonder if Hati intentions are actually good or bads.

    • Guest

      yeah me too :D

  • Dizzy_Luvs_Wolves

    Wow,Hati’s expression in the last panel gives him an extremely menacing look.You nailed it!The way you draw the wolves’ expressions is wonderful.Keep up the good work,I’m really enjoying the comic so far :)

  • Shichibi

    Agaaaain getting bad vibes from him <.< ….
    I LOVE his desgin .. to death <333, though that does not mean I have to love him ..

    Besides, Raigho seems to know him AND … they share amlost the same markings (only that Hati is dark brownish of course).

    • TeoWolf

      I think the same he resembles Isa in fur colour

  • Alexandra Helen Longden

    hopefully looking like that Iki will be less wanting to run and scream

  • Serioussirois94

    He looks pretty cool. 

  • Kikipanda


  • Acinoyx

    Jaki on jest świetny! Już się nie mogę doczekać następnej strony!

  • Alexandra Constantin

    WAH! VERY COOL! I love Hati’s face expression.

  • Rehve

    Hmmm, I never noticed that darker pattern under his belly. I like it.

  • Jess Sheckells

    I love Hati’s transformation!!! Excellent! 

  • CinruCross

    OOoooohhh my goooooooossshhhh AWESOMEEE~!!!!

  • Tsume184

    O.o  ……………

  • Tatchudorf

    That SMIRK! *faint*

  • Bridge

    Panels 2-4 are so amazingly awesome! I’m loving Hati’s design <3

  • SwiftPaw

    Just keeps getting better and better!

  • Saff

    Hati. Looks. So. Badass.

    THIS IS AMAZING! Love it! 

    Can’t wait to see Iki’s reaction

  • Faolanwolfsavor

    I love how this comic is coming out. I’m on the edge of my seat!

  • Lunarwolf52

    This is totally awesome *–* it’s getting more epic by the minute  :DDDD

  • Sky Lily


    He’s beatiful. o_o

    • Dizzy_Luvs_Wolves

      Yeah,same! Something’s telling me that Hati isn’t a bad guy,too :)

  • RunningWolf2

    I’m always Searching for the next page! Excellent job!

  • kitty

    He looks so Mischievous!!  

  • StellaLuna

    OMG thats so Cool! I love how you drew him, He’s one awesome character, and is now my favorite!! <3

  • Araglas

    he looks so glamourus, i love him. dark but smart…realy cool from you how you desinged him

  • Salvatorius

    I’ve noticed it on other pages before but now i just have to mention it:
    The way you draw canine teeth shown in front view is terrible. Way too much upturned, your wolves do look like orcs witht these.

    This reference might help you to get a better understanding for the correct dentition of a wolf, speaking of canine teeth = front view (and any other canid, that is) :

    • blop

      Nope, since Hati’s first appearance (page 9) he has long canines, there is no error ^^

      • Paw

        So he’s deformed lol. Poor Hati.

    • Acinoyx

      I like this teeth. They looks like more scared.

    • Monty-Kinz

      I personally believe that this is done on the last panel on purpose. I had noticed this difference in the teeth as well, but I think it is so obviously defined that it couldn’t have just been an anatomical error. Perhaps Hati’s teeth in this form are just naturally out-turned, who knows.

    • Jessi

       Let’s just leave it to artistic license lol. I’m sure they’re drawn that way to make him appear more menacing. In a world where critters glow, can use magic, and talk, is the alignment of their teeth really that important? ;>

      Thanks for the link to the picture though! That’ll help my drawings~

  • Adriatic

    Since I found this comic, I’ve always looked forward to the moment when Hati finally makes his entrance. He’s always been my favourite character.
    He was beautiful with that ‘mask,’ but now, wow, he’s absolutely stunning. And with that grin, I certainly do not believe that Hati is evil. And his words.. ;o;I’ve always adored that expression ‘To look with the eye’s of one’s soul.’Awesome work. <3

    • Domisea

      Why Hati would be evil? O_o 

      • blop

        His name means “One Who Hates” or “Enemy”.
        Okay it does not mean evil but does not means kind and friendly too xD

  • P0int

    Wicked page :D  Hati’s awesome.

    And has anyone noticed that the image of him at the side of the website’s stop lighting up?  Or is it just my PC?

    • Paw

      It has stopped. Not sure what that means though.

    • Rooki

      It still lights up if you aren’t in “home” or “comic”.

  • skythewolf

    Im not sure which is scarier

  • WolfBlade11


  • Paw

    So, he isn’t pure black either. Cool!

  • Amber

    The animation of the mask leaving his face – amazing! :D

  • xNWx

    he still looks scary but at the same time. awesome

  • Hana

    Love the fack that he isn’t purely black colored. And the lush neck furr is cool :3
    Great page!

  • Spiritwolf

    Ooo hati  i like the new look!! totaly cool ahwoooooooo

  • Anabel

    Felt in love ; ;

  • Sara-ninja

    he look so awezome and cute

  • Fullmoonstar

    So Hati decided to finally show himself in his more normal form. He looks really wicked in the last panel. I wonder what he is going to do with his brother next and what he will do, if he finds out that Iki seems to have no clue about what’s going on. Another interesting question would be, what the others will think about Iki, if he will awake and tells them what has just happed to him. I totally love the way you did the distranformation of Hatis face, the way he looses the Spirit-mask. It looks as if it turned to smoke that slowly vanished. I love it and I also totally love the way you did Hati in the last panel at all. He looks really impressive and powerful. “Soon” finally seems to be now…

  • Warisari

     It’s awesome, like ever, but here is a little mistake: On pg 154 the red raven were called Hugin, but now you call him Munin. (Sorry, of I did mistakes, I’m from Germany. You are an international star;) )

  • Tigerkat4531

    Wooohooo finally got to this point yeah! I’ve been waiting for so long haha AMAZ
    ING work as always.

  • Junsui

    Hati has offically become my favorite character.
    Your argument is invalid.

  • Celtic-Wolf

    I like how in the first panel you can see the little scratches on Hati’s teeth. He definitely looks badass in the last panel. Great job and it was worth the wait.

  • Majeczka13

    I thought Hati is Whole black.
    But of course I was wrong.
    No cóż, fajnie że zrobiły stronę szybko, chciałam w końcu zobaczyć Hatiego.:D

  • :)

    i’m surprised. you made this page fast.

  • Fengari

    Whoa…Hati looks hot in that look

  • KimeKa96


  • FellCrusader

    Well Hati, you look quite handsome today, with a little touch of badassery. I wonder what your brother will think of you now…

  • Miharu

    Ahhh much better I have been patiently to see amore normal Hati :) might calm Iki down a little but probably not much hahaha

  • SladinForever

    Hati is wickedly awesome. That last panel makes him look so evil

  • Nez

    <3 Hati is so cute

  • Angelfonds

    A most wonderful page I must say. This as been worth the wait! Keep it up. I am staring to like Hati and I can imagine a really evil, but stern voice for him. His character is showing xD I love it! :D

  • nekno

    180 degree rule violation between panel 1 and panel 2. Hati was facing right in panel 1 but then abruptly jumps to facing left in panel 2 without an explanation or neutral shot to soften the change. It’s jarring and breaks continuity, just so you know.
    Otherwise, great page; panel layout and panel compositions work very, very nicely. As always :)

    • Bioluminous

      The only time that rule typically applies is in a shot where you have two characters facing each other. This allows the reader’s brain to establish which “side” each character is on.

      By having Hati face away from the “final” panel, it draws the readers gaze away from it until the very end.

  • NazaWolf

    OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! I THINK I FALL IN LOVE OF HATI !!! I LOVE U HATI! YOU ARE SOOO HOOOT!! Although your heart is very dark I can see your soul <3 ~ Equally dark <3 ~ 

  • Luna WhiteWolf

    Yay! Normal Hati looks alot less scary!! :D

  • ArcticWolfSpirit

     Omg make him change back!

  • Nicky

    So brilliant! <3

  • Eclipse

    I love Hati!!!

  • Liz

    @u@ Hati’s gorgeousss.

  • Kirani-wolf

    EXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I barely know Hati an i LOVE HIM!

  • MoonChaser

    Raigho, I think you lost to Hati for the handsomest of them all. Who do you think is more handsome, Raigho or Hati? Yes I’m asking you, people.

    • Tsume184

      handsome = Raigho.
      Crazy awesome = Hati.

  • The Moon

    Oh, wow! This is amazing! I love how you guys made Hati more “pleasing” to Iki’s eyes. He certainly pleased mine, that’s for sure.

    Hati is so handsome. Sorry, Raigho. I agree with MoonChaser that you lost for the handsomest of them all. I mean, check out those piercing red eyes of his…

  • Karen Carnaval

    UhOh! Look at that!! I just notice!! Hati isn’t all black! He have 2 colors :3

    • The Moon

      I think he has three. You can see his true colors when you click “see spoiler” on the homepage. I was surprised, but he has very unique markings and colors. I like it. :)

  • Annabelle

    Wait, what happened with Haiti? Wasn’t it you could click on him before? 

    • Veneer

      That was taken off, like, 2 months ago. It was about him appearing. HE’S APPEARED. My goodness people are still asking about this >.<

  • kirocontoy

    To me, his ears are looking like devil horns. None the less he’s AWESOME

  • Carman

    This gets cooler and cooler as it goes. Definately my favorite part thus far.

  • Veneer

    Is it just me, or does it look like Hati is floating in the last panel? XD
    Other then that, awesome page as always =)

  • SnowStar

    Everything here would be perfect for a desktop background or a icon. Everything is just sang amazing looking. o.o

  • Sephinta

    Wow. Just… wow. This page is amazing. <3

  • VerSION

    That’s!!! HATI!!? OAO!! fenrir!….

    • Loki

       looks like someone knows the fenriswolf :)
      north myth. FTW! ^^

      BTW. great page, love it!

  • Mistclaw

    I have one thing to say…AMAZING!!! it’s so beautiful but I have one question though is Kayla coming back in ever?I’m mean she’s not dead and you can’t just leave her like that but any who awesome work girls keep it up.^^

  • TinynessRules


  • WolfChaser

    Hati has huge upper fangs!

  • Meghancochran

    Really love this story and this page is awesome! love your work ^.^

  • Thefoxylady


  • ama

    Woooaaah! So awesome! You guys always make the best updates, and it was pretty fast too! I noticed a lot of people ask tons of questions about the updates and stuff so a small suggestion..?Maybe you guys could add a bar or something at the top of the site that says how far you guys are with the upcoming pages- like if you’re still sketching or coloring or maybe by percentages? I just thought it’d calm down the torrent of Update questions XD Just a suggestion!

  • Rakshasa

    Hat is reaaaaaaalllly awesome!!! *.* This worth the wait.. o.o

  • AlphaWolf

    Hati is beautiful!   so fluffy…. :)   I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!  But, where is Iki?

    • Muani

       Running around lol xD

  • TeoWolf

    So beautiful the last panel Hati is amazing (he remembers me a little of Isa) and much less scary indeed!! Great page!

  • Destiny

    Oh wow, Hati is just gorgeous <3 Love this page so much! Thanks for the quick update! 

  • WolfOnATreadmill

    Erm, I think is just me, but Hati reminds me a little of…Jera, in the final frame. They’re nothing alike, I know, but that was my first thought, XD.

    • LupusLazuli

      I think it’s just the way he’s ‘grinning’. XD

  • Cupcakesworld2003

    Hati is so beautiful. Hes like a mix of Isa and Jeru

  • Measterwolf

     I wanted to say this a long time ago, but WHY are his (and other wolves) big canines so… oblique/wry. I don’t like that, but that’s my opinion. I realy like the page and the comic. Love it!!

  • Nonesane

    I just love everything about this comic. It’s so beautiful and the plot has kept me on the edge of my seat since page one :D

  • Lilyfiregirl

    next page… can’t wait i will check every day!!!!!!!!!!! i love this!!

  • Lucycamy98

    hati looks so awesome!!!!! i really love black wolves!

  • Masosta

    WOW!! Hati is SO awesome!!! :D

  • Lilyfiregirl

    hmm… i wonder if when Iki wakes up if he will still have the design around his eyes… i hope he does it looks bad ass <3

  • NoWords…

    Hati looks so badass…and fluffy! I love it! ;3

  • LupusLazuli

    Why does he look evil? I thought Hati was supposed to be good! What’s going on here?! D:

    Anyway, great page as always, Hati reminds me of Sebastian Michaelis. :3 

    • Terrawolf

      There’s still a difference between looking evil and being evil. Okay, he doesn’t act very friendly, but I think he has a good reason for that.
      I wonder, what Hati is going to do now and how Iki will react. Hati may look less creepy to him than before, but Iki will still be surprised or shocked. I mean, first he sees a creepy-looking wolf and then he sees how this wolf is changing his appearance. Poor Iki xD He might be even more scared than before.

  • spudpott

    holy cow thats creepy as hell :P

  • Shira Ookami

    Hati is the big bad wolf, but I think he won’ t eat Iki, maybe because Hati need him to get back the balance of the World, or because Iki is too ‘honeyed’ XD

    • Rotten Banana

      Hati isn’t supposed to be a bad guy I thought

  • ThatPerson

    Hati’s adorable! I lurve both of their designs ^^

  • Wolfwish

    Fluffeh….Hati! I WANT YOU!!!!! -runs into the page and huggles Hati-

  • Swiftkill


  • Erik LightFur

    holy crap for a wolf, Hati is hot. 

  • Northernstar

    OK. I’m dead. I invite everybody to my funeral. Please, don’t bring flowers.
    BRING HATI *.* He is sooooo beautiful! And more handsome than Raigho ~.~You’re masters.

  • Snowdreamer100

    Hati looks better after the change

  • Guardianstar

    His fangs stick out, though. I couldn’t help but notice. Other than that he is HOTDOG HOT for a wolf that is XD lol

  • ts

    wow   hotness

  • Umbreona

    Everybody loves bad boys…

    • Cupcakelover23

      LOL, Well it’s true I guess. But everyone loves Iki too, so not always.

      • Reima

        But of course you can love/like more than one character xD

        • Guest

          yeah thats true ;)

  • Sofiaazs

    I love Hati…. He’s beautiful *——-*

  • Jasmine

    More than a little frightened by the amount of people saying how “hot” Hati is O_O

    • StarDust

      I just love all wolves. THEY ARE SO CUTE I WANNA HUG THEM! But then they would try to kill me most likely. Still, WORTH IT!!!

      • Hati, wolf of night

        Well, try use the wolf language and nuzzle then with your nose to their nose,it’s kinda like “kissing” :)

  • Ddunn182

    He looks awesome!!!!!

  • Ampleness

    I kind of want a plushie of Hati now, with a brushable pelt ;v;

    • Guest

      yeah,that would be very cool :D

    • FennecFyre

      -brushie brushie-

    • Hati, wolf of night

      Same here! I want one of Iki too though

  • Shadow Fox

    Is it me or does Hati kinda remind you of Darcia from Wolf’s Rain?

    • Tsume184

      Now that you mention it…. It’s the glowing eyes and the creepy grin. I actually could imagine the same voice for Hati too. hehe

  • Moony

    HATI!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!

  • Strife Hunter


  • Moony

    lol if you look at Hait a certain way, he looks like he has a HUGE smile all the way down his muzzle XD

  • Kallik


  • Amber Wolf Spirit


    • u are a retard

      :O Oh really?
      I thought he was just born with magic red glowing symbols O.O

      if you havent guessed its called sarcasm..

  • Allokai

    Has it been definitively established that Hati is male? -curious-

    • Allokai

      Eh, nevermind, looked back on a previous page. Was kinda hoping he’d be female…ah well…xD

      • u are a retard

        uh Yeaaah..
        in the story Hati and Skoll are BROTHERS…

      • loves_wolves

        dont worry,you arent a retard for making a mistake allokai :)

  • Kiru

    the soulvision forme still keminds me on the mouth of my character.

    and wow nice smirking evil wolf. tho i am confused is he a light coloured wolf now?

  • Akythedog

    This page is really well done. I love hati’s fur in the last panel and..this page is probably my fav page so far.

  • Berkgs

    This is great!

  • Zermeck

    No surprise I couldn’t see Hati before, humans usually have their soul eyes sealed by their own mortal eyes… Because what humans don’t see or understand, they fear and what humans fear, they destroy. I try my best to be open to all ideas, but as any other animal I have my flaws. Well just a thought to the spiritual theme of the comic ehhehe, By the way the best on the web until now in my opinion.

  • BlackWolfShira

    Nyan!…i think hati is kinda cute XD
    I lUUV hIs Furry Paws! <3 at the last panel

  • Nyu-chan1

    Is Hati good or evil? In the last panel Hati looks really evil…Oo..and I love Hati <3

    • Femyr

      well Hati really wouldnt be considered ‘evil’ He chases the moon= night = dark colorations. Skoll (ikki) chases the sun= day= light colorations. Most people just asume that he is evil because of his colors. I dont think he is though

      • Hati, wolf of night

        Well there is a saying: Light does not allways bring good
                                       And darkness does not allways bring evil

    • Notawolfaboo

      Hati is a good guy. ( i think ) because in the prolouge he says that he wants to by more time for “this world”. I think, unless there’s a really weird twist, that would make Hati a good guy. ;3

  • wahots55

    That’s better, Hati. Maybe Iki will calm down a little bit now.

  • Sneak

    I wonder how the human spirits would look? 

    And wouldn’t it be hilariously ironic if Albert and Seven were the humans’ white and black spirits? Highly doubtful that either of them are, I know (especially since the white human spirit is supposed to be missing)…

    • Uruk

       I can answer those questions! If you look at the “cast” section you can see that Albert’s and Seven’s spirit is neither white or black.

      There is a picture in the “gallery” section of the black and white human spirit in the corner. Hope I helped!

    • ama

      They already have a pic of the human spirits in the gallery~ they look awesome!!! :D

    • TeoWolf

      speaking about the cast page Hati isn’t in the characters description

  • Diznits

    Hati is really great so far, I can’t wait to see future development with this character.

  • Donovanstrassell

    Cool, can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s going awesomely good so far!!!!!!

  • Whitelioness460

    Is Hati gonna be evil?? He can’t be evil! D:

  • Spirit Wolf

    I will say that he is a little creepy when he didn’t look like a wolf.

    • Spiritwolf

      wow… holld on im spiritwolf??  why are you named spirit wolf??…..i think hati looked cool in his other form

  • Zircon

    Wow Hati looks so sexy 

    • Blue_dragon

      Raigho was handsome, now Hati is sexy XD

  • Kickgirl52

    So question, Is Iki asleep this whole time?

    • Kickgirl52

      Also, did you notice that the Hati with the moon on the left side is not clickable anymore?

      • Whitefireraven

        Thats because Hati has appeared in the comic, his appearance is no longer soon (as it said when you click him), it is now.

    • Lilyfiregirl

      i think so, i wonder if when he wakes up if he will have the awesome design around his eyes because if he did that would be awesome!! :D i love the art work it’s breath takeing

    • Omena

      Good question. Im not actually even sure. :V

  • wahots55

    You still look evil though…


    SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE BLACKBLOOD ALLIANCE! AT LEAST THESE WOLVES ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE WOLVES!…sorry it had to be said.. good job with the comic stuffs

    • Lasky

      ikr and these wolves soooooo much awsomer!!! ^.^

      • MAGATRON

        I agree with our agreement :)

  • BlackFang

    O my god! Hati looks so bad ass! Could you please just make a icon for the last panel or something, its soooo cool!! n_n

  • Mae’ko

    Hati seems cute to me o.e

  • Blodhgarm1

    “Then i’ll become a bit more pleasing to his mortal eyes.” Yeah, a bit more pleasing with HUGE canines, that’d still creep me out. [Nice page, can’t wait for the next.]

    • Hati, wolf of night

      Just a question, is your name from the books/movies of Eragon and Saphira

  • Coravain

    Wow O.O SO freakin’ awesome!!

  • rashmina

    Wow, robi się goręcej… Ciekawość mnie zrzera co będzie dalej.

  • Lua, my english is a disaster

    Hati is a simple, yet incredibly stylish desing, I love his sadistic appearance and he’s got that cool, calm, badass personality
    What more could you need out of a main antagonist of Off white?

    • Junsui

      He’s actually quite a protagonist xp
      He’s supposed to guard the moon, and he’s somewhat like a god.
      Not to mention he’s trying to save the world by helping Iki guard the sun.

    • Coravain

      Yeah i agree totally!!: D

  • BadSignOfTheMoon

    Yeah Hati! I love him so much, because I actually can’t say if he’s bad or not. And I like the idea of “eyes of his soul” and “mortal eyes”. It sounds so…scary :p

  • DragonFlight

    Go Hati!! So adorable! X3

  • Ida Olsson

     Nice page! :o

  • Rick Ren

    Something tells me this still isn’t going to help Iki’s flipping out much….

  • okami02

    oh gosh hati your so cool XD but man look at his smile its scary and i wonder what he’ll do next but still makes me want to hug him :3

  • Fenrir

    I can wait to see what iki does. Next page = epic freak out

  • Okami Phoenix

    I’m so glad I found a webcomic where the wolves look like wolves and the plot is actually developed. It’s such an uncommon thing nowadays. :’D

  • AbyssQueen

    Hati, you so fluffeh!

  • Cyclefeathers

    I love how his skull-face sort of unhinges to show his “normal” face.

    • Thekitelegacy

      I was about to say the same thing. It’s almost like a reverse bear trap.

  • Amber Wolf Spirit

    how do you pronounce Skoll? i already know that Hati is pronounced likke hey tee but Skoll, i was thinking it was pronounced like ‘ “school” but idk :p 

    • :o

       I was thinking more like “skull” :p

    • Syk0ticrhythm

      I think it’s pronounced “school” because of the umlaut (two dots) above the o. 

      • Hati, wolf of night

        The O with 2 dots is a swedish letter

    • FavnintheDireWolf

      Somewhere, it was pronounced “Skahl”.

      • Mae’ko

        I just use ‘Skc-hole’ :3

    • Uruk

       I’m swedish, and I pronounce it “sk-uh-ll”, since it’s originally spelled “Sköll”.

      • Hati, wolf of night

        It’s a swedish letter too! I lived there for 7 years, and im from norway!

    • Sköll

       Watch 02:36 and you will know how it’s pronounced!

  • Blackcat

     poor Iki…

  • firefox

      It’s awesome, like ever, but here is a little mistake: On pg 154 the
    red raven were called Hugin, but now you call him Munin. (Sorry, of I
    did mistakes, I’m from Germany. You are an international star;) )

    • Tigerperson18

      Srry but on both pages it says hugin.

      • o0Risa0o

        Nope, it was Munin before they edited it to hugin when they noticed that mistake

        • Tigerperson18


  • Person who loves wolves

    AMAZING! Hati looks different as a normal looking wolf, without his mask. But this is just beautiful! Great job!

  • Keisharall

    Hey, Hati, I don’t want to burst your bubble or anything but….that’s really not much more pleasing. O-O You’re on the right track, but dang, you’re still flipping creepy, mask or no mask!!

    • Crazywolf

       Still love it!!

    • Wolfwish

      :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yes, you did burst mah bubble. HE IS IN FACT ADORIBLE!!!!!!!!! -huggles the hati plushie mah dad made meh-

  • Spirit Wolf

    I think Hati looks cute and fluffy… but kinda evil and dangerous……

    • Acinoyx

       Cute and fluffy? Everybody hugs with Hati! <3

    • Spiritwolf

      wow…wow im spiritwolf why did you coppy my name ? you could maby be spirit  wolf 3 or something……. oh i think hatis cool fluffy!!!!!!

      • Sporterra

        You really think Spiritwolf is an original name? LOLOL shut up.

  • Acinoyx

     You must add Hati to the “cast”.

    • Zmora Saph

      And ravens too. ;)

  • Jacksonkwe

    Hey…I just noticed, Hati’s canines are….vampire like :X I LOVE ;3

  • Eve

    Sure, this should really help Iki to relax and trust Hati. *feel the sarcasm XD*

  • XxBluuexX


  • Me

    oooh thats pretty, makes me wonder what humans will look like in this place, or ladybugs….that should be a competition ^^

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