• Phoebe Tranile

    pretty eye.

    • Adolph Hitler

      hehee, it says ”6 months ago”

  • Ceceoh

    Beautiful eye! They always say it is the face, not the eye itself that shows emotion, but you came pretty damn close.

  • The eye is very pretty *o*
    (I was gonna say something else, lost it)
    Poor Iki, so sad, with that Fluffbutt Jera.

    • Rookamillion

      Tak….Did you just go back through time and post on this page 2 months ago?

      Terminator confirmed? XD

  • Daniela Araujo

    Yikes we’ll have to wait all the time it took to make the comic until where it is now, with this re-doing of pages.

    • Well~ now is a time where you can check out more comics you might end up lovin, too. ๐Ÿ˜€
      (I read too much halp)

      • Checkers

        Please read Cucumber Quest

  • Das Krieg

    Me: *squeaks* Oh, FINALLY a new page! Soo excited! *goes to check it out*

    Whaat? You call this a page? All this time and this piece of crap is all I get?! Yup, ever since Jessi joined your team your comic is going down. I’d understand if the pages would come out more often (like 2, 3 times per week), but THIS…

    • A peep

      you do realize the reason they are remaking everything is so they can print out book one? No self-respectful artist would throw a mash up of styles and quality and call if a book
      just be patient and be happy with the improvement and upcoming new – new pages.

      • Das Krieg

        That’s the thing. Quality of these pages are terrible, and yet I have to wait this long!

        • Tao

          Why do you feel entitled for a page that meets your standards? They are redoing the artwork for these pages to their own standards so that they can print the book and pull their story together more cohesively. They don’t owe you anything, quit bitching about it.

          • Das Krieg

            Maybe because I have seen that they can do better when that new idiot (A.K.A. Jessi) is not spoiling pages?!

          • Karahkan

            oh my god, are you like a seven year old?
            GROW UP
            you’re not going to like everything that comes your way, but you need to grow up and accept it. just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you get to gripe and moan about it and put the people who work VERY HARD on it.

            I personally really like this style, and i am really glad that Jessi decided to help. Before her, the comic pages could sometimes take even LONGER to come out. It makes it easier for everyone

            ALSO, as people have said, the comic is FREE! you’re not paying for it, so you can just leave and never come back if you think it’s not good. Because it’s FREE, you don’t have to look at the updates anymore, especially if you are going to be immature about it.

            Name calling isn’t going to get you anywhere. You may not like Jessi, who i think is amazing, but you don’t have to share it with such childish venom.

            You sound like a little 7 year old who’s favorite toy got taken, even though it’s not even YOURS, and you’re whining about it.

            No-one wants to hear you bad-mouthing Jessi, the comic, or anything. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

            Please be considerate,

        • GaiasAngel

          This is a huge upgrade in quality compared to the old pages and also you brag about something you get for free? wow – just wow. You are rude.

          • Das Krieg

            With ”old pages” I meant pages BEFORE Jessi-idot came in, NOT old-STYLE pages.

          • GaiasAngel

            That Jessi-Idiot does an amazingly well job. Also if it wouldn’t be for her this project would probably be dead already. I’m really happy she accepted to take this great burden on her shoulders so we can enjoy a good story. (which is also for free. This comic cost you nothing)
            If you only got bad words for her instead of useful critique I would recommend you to leave the comment section alone.

            (btw. total out of topic: “Das Krieg” in your nick is gendered wrong. Krieg is a male word therefor it’s “Der Krieg”. (“Das” is genderless) Just for your information. It just looks better if done correct I guess =) )

    • O.W. Fanonymous person

      What part of the new style don’t you like? Personally I’ve been liking the style change (especially compared to the old beardog looking pages, as charming as those were… Not very professional for publishing), but I’m sure the artists would be happy with critisism as long as it’s constructive.

      While I don’t think a page would normally take a whole month to do (I guess the artists have other things to do, and this is just their free time, so they don’t actually owe us anything), I wouldn’t call it a piece of crap. I wish as much as anyone that we could get pages more often, but it’s not entirely fair to the girls to say things like this in my opinion. It’s certainly not crappy art. I wish I could cellshade fur like that. -.-

      Also I’ve found it to be the opposite, the style seems to have stayed the same or improved when Jessi joined the team. More recognizable somehow? Idk, it just has a quality to it that I like.

      • Das Krieg

        Fine, I can prove my point.

        Compare these two pages – http://off-white.eu/comic/page-20/ & http://off-white.eu/comic/page-182/

        You’ll agree that most recent pages (the ones where Jessi-freak worked on, to be exact) have lost their professional and amazing look.

        • it’s okay

          This actually has to do mostly with the scene, lightning, etc. Being an artist myself, I can promise you not all comic pages are going to look gorgeous, but comics are to tell you a story. Sometimes, the girls can just get art-block and get stuck with a page, for example, the page where Raigho tackled Seven: Was before Jessie joined, and Vesner and Akreon showed us the amount of struggling they went through because they just couldn’t get it right.
          Please don’t call Jessie a freak, it’s absolutely horrible. She did nothing to you, at all.

        • O. W. Fananymous Person

          Thanks for explaining! I have to agree with the commenter below, its more of a lighting thing in that scene. Moonlight gives off that eerie green glow that is present in that page, whereas in this scene it’s more of a foggy day from the looks of it. The lighting isn’t as strong and distinct here basically. I’m sure the next time we get a cool lighting scene like a sunrise or something, the page will be a lot more “gorgeous” looking for the lack of a better description.

          Probably also a matter of personal taste too. I’ve noticed that these redone pages seem to look somewhat “softer”, and these particular foggy lighting ones seem to have muddied down colours to help with the mood, which is something that I personally love, but maybe you like more intense colours, and that’s okay. Don’t forget the pages done at the end of the first novel (before the redone ones)— Jessi was helping with those too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • … Not really. I love Fehu and Raigho’s facial structures here, but Iki’s face looks downright wonky in the last panel of that other page. I could never say that I liked it much, and there was another page that bothered me as well (where Gebo just came back and Raigho was telling everyone how they needed to move quickly because of the hoooomans and all that… that last panel with Raigho looked awfully awkward and not exactly the style I’d grown to know and love.)

          If anything, the style’s only gotten more consistent. And as far as I know, Jessi’s main work is with the /coloring/ and the /lining/. So if the style /is/ getting lower in quality, it has little to nothing to do with her.

          • Checkers

            The only differences I see is that the shading is more muted here (due to it being overcast likely; if you ever go out on a cloudy day there aren’t any shadows cast anywhere at all; it’s like someone turned off the world’s rendered lighting) and that the eyes have more simpler shading detail. But it’s literally impossible to notice unless you have it pointed out to you (and it also works just fine, so I don’t see a problem with it either).

          • Well, I wasn’t referring to the lighting at all. I’d personally thought they meant the style of the wolves and their expressions, so I was simply comparing them to faces from older pages; more specifically two pages from Chapter Five.

            I had no qualms with the lightning and never mentioned the girls’ style of lighting or shading. They normally get that spot-on.

        • They look pretty much the same to me.

    • Woulvie Mo

      Don’t be such a needy bitchass, don’t you have better things to do than wait for new pages and complain if there not good enough for you?

    • it’s okay

      you’re obviously quite young and impatient, but please don’t call Jessie out on this. she’s a lovely lady and if anything, she’s helping a lot with the comic. Vesner and akreon are a lot to live up to, and words like this might really discourage her, so please try to understand. I’m pretty sure the delay time has nothing to do with Jessie- why would an extra member, especially with such good art skills make this project go down? The authors are probably busy because of Christmas.
      I’ve been an Off-White fan since 2011 and sometimes we get two pages a week, sometimes we get 1 page in 3 months. The authors don’t owe us pages every week; this happens to be a hobby which they are kind enough to show everyone else. Try and be a bit more understanding. You’ll get used to it as you mature and learn to live with the changing process of the comic. Again, please be nice to Jessie, she’s gorgeous.

    • Dusty

      I’d like to see YOU do any better B(

    • I think someone needs a Snickers.

    • RainingMountains

      HHAhahaha oh please tell me you’re kidding about this. What is so wrong about this? The comic still has incredible amounts of detail and the expressions have improved dramatically. I know that you’re entitled to your own opinion, but can you do us a favor and actually explain what is so bad about this and how Jessie fits into all this? (also my goodness learn some manners, they’re doing this for FREE. You don’t deserve anything)

  • Ohhh, so you’re gonna bring the talk in a little earlier! I am pleased with this.

  • DarkPhoenix

    Tbh the Off White comments are just the same thing over and over. People complaining about the waiting time/style/Idon’tlikethisthisandthis/blah, and then other people coming in with the same points about how the artists don’t owe us anything/just be happy we get this for free/etc. I agree with the second party, the artists do not owe us anything and this is a project they do for fun in their free time and generously allow us to read for free. I’m just kind of tired of the same arguments; We’re not getting anywhere with them, the same things are just said repeatedly.

    The comments used to be pretty fun with relevant discussion/translations of runes/Jewish Gebo/other memes but I really wouldn’t blame the artists if they just wanted to shut them off now. Anyone else’s thoughts on this?

    I also wouldn’t mind paying to a patreon or something to get pages more often or honestly just to support the artists with no benefits on our side. You guys don’t deserve all this shit when you do so much for us and not expect anything.

    • Jessi

      We’ve been toying with the idea of starting a Patreon. We’ve even bounced around tier reward ideas and maybe additional content goals but nothing’s been set in stone just yet. It’s definitely a possibility in the future though!

      Your kind words and support are definitely appreciated! Thank you!

      • DarkPhoenix

        Thanks for the reply, I’m glad to hear this! I would definitely be willing to support if you guys start one up, and I know the idea has been brought up a couple times before this, so I doubt I’m the only one. And you’re very welcome, I hope everything is well on your side of things!

      • Srry4zeSPAM

        Eeew, it’s you!

        • I don’t like spoiled Spam, doesn’t taste good. (Well, I eat food anyway, but it’s rough on the tumms)
          I take it you had some today?

      • GaiasAngel

        I would support that. (And I’m actually not into Kickstarter or Patreon at all.)

      • it’s okay

        Hands down would pay a Patreon!

      • Jessi!!!!! Tak missed youuu
        Runs in circles wagging intensely

      • Maybe do a per page deal like Kay Fedewa did? You guys obviously have busy schedules, so it wouldn’t make you rush to get something out every month.

      • Just out of curiosity, but who does what on the comic anyway?

        • I think this is what they do….? I honestly cannot remember well.
          Aki-line art
          Ves-cell shade &a coloring
          Jess- shading and coloring

    • Checkers

      I agree. I said it last page that it’s cyclical and is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any more tiresome and boring to have to deal with when it happens.

      They either complain when there is no page or find something to complain about when there is one. They need to bloody chill. I’m pretty sure the girls are used to getting that kind of flak with how they’ve improved over the years, though.

      I don’t get the animosity towards Jessi at all, though. She’s a familiar face in the community and she does her job with the pages splendidly. You can’t even tell that another person is doing the colouring at all. That takes dedication. And if it weren’t for her being added on we would be waiting far longer for pages than we are now, so I really do not see what the bloody problem is.

      I miss the deep theoretical discussions that the pages used to have, but we’ve talked the contents of volume one up and down that there’s not much to really go over until we get volume two. That can take a while, but I’m willing to wait.

      (I’ll admit I get slightly irked when the comments are used as some sort of off-topic discussion board, but no one wanted to use the forum, so…it’s…whatever I guess, LOL. So long as people don’t spam youtube videos and kill my browser I can tolerate it. I was never really a fan of Jewish Gebo and some of the other memes though; it just wasn’t in my taste and got overused.)

      • I eventually went to go live at the Forums… Although I did more reading than posting. XD

        • Artista

          The forums are still around? I thought they blew up in Operation: FORUM?

          • I think I might’ve been there in its final days.

  • flyteck

    Why do people respond to the trolls? Don’t feed the fire. Tell them off and move on.

    I haven’t been commenting much but I’m still around, and it disappoints me to see the comment section feeding the trolls XP

    Beautiful page as always, Fehu has always been my favourite and I’m loving his faces in this page. I don’t mind the wait; take your time girls.

    • Checkers

      He looks younger and like a wide-eyed owl in the panels on this page. I love it so much.

      • flyteck

        He also looks super genuinely concerned and I love to see that from him. He’s a good advisor for Raigho ;v;

        • Checkers

          He isssssss I love him so much.

          It makes his anger in later pages more sad, though ;n;

  • Jesus

    holy shit the comments blew up : O

  • Checkers

    Why are y’all feeding the troll farther down in the comments? Was there not some sort of agreement months ago to pretend they didn’t exist if they popped up.

    Either way holy shit. Can we get an icon or two of Fehu from these pages? He looks so adorable.

    Really like the pose Isa’s in too. It’s a bit hard to see her lifted front leg’s foot, but there’s the definite illusion of motion with it.

    • Artista

      Covenant broken. I’m not that surprised.
      Fehu’s eyes look like they’re filled with concern and spice of wisdom.
      I agree. And the illusion of movement in any drawing is hard to accomplish.

  • walks up to Ike and says, You are an all mighty God. Now awaken mighty Skoll.

    • “I am the almighty Skรถll! Bow to me, humans!”
      *takes a step, then faceplants*

      • picks up skoll and gives him a bowl of Deathwish coffee to wake him up

  • Shop Dog

    oo new off white what a pleasant surprise.

  • Leandro Evequoz

    :3 :3 :# omogmoomgmogmg

  • NoraOkamiInu

    Gosh. Can I just say that I love how scruffy Fehu looks?

    • spirit

      I think Fehu might be my favorite character.. Besides Jera’s fluffyness

      • NoraOkamiInu

        It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I love them all. This comic is great.

  • Isn’t there a way to block that Das Kriag from even being able to comment on this website at all? I hope so because wow – either their parents didn’t teach them the meaning of respect or they just straight up tossed it in the gutter to feed off of self-centered-entitlement.

    • Piece of mold that grew in the trash, only way to get rid of it is to set it on fire throw its spoiliness outside.

    • I agree. Das Kriag has no right to bad mouth Jessi. She has done a really good job on this comic, and I love her for it. People who attack amazing creative artists like this, shouldn’t be reading the works at all. If Das Kriag hates it so much he/she can leave, so the rest of us can enjoy the comic. Jessi is an amazing artist and shouldn’t be treated like that, all the girls do an amazing job! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • akreon

      aaand he’s gone.

      • I think I had a heart attack looking at your icon, Aki. XD

      • Yeah, I like the new avatar you’re rocking there.

      • Your icon made that statement feel a lot more ominous than it should have, lol.

  • Anyway — Beautifully done re-do you gals! This is great and I think it has more depth to it both visually and verbally; great job!

  • WARxWOLF86

    Holy crap looked at this before i went to work and there was 4 comments on it now theres 50 on it you guys have been busy

  • cheesecake5573

    so many comments ๐Ÿ˜€
    the site has exploded

  • spirit

    :OOOO OH MY GOSH!!!!!

  • Oh My God!!, for a moment I thought i was going to spend Christmas without any update or new comic page, I’m glad I was wrong, excelent work as always! I wished to see more pages in less time, but knowing the enormous effort that Akreon and Vesner do and all their demands as artist (The Witcher 3), I think one page per month is not so bad, considering it’s free (and this comic has extreme quality), it’s just that, I wonder what happens to the story !! I’ve been so intrigued!! ( the “redo” pages became like an eternity !!!)

  • Why are Raigho’s eyes slit like a cats?

  • Artista

    The flow from the newer pages is much smoother.

  • RainingMountains

    Ahh I just love all these new expressions! Great job girls!
    Also how come all the drama always has to happen when I’m in school? XD

  • Great. Now I ship them.

    • Artista

      Raigho x Fehu?

  • Emareee

    Ah, so Fehu is sort of the voice of reason in this group. Ahhh dang. What happens later on feels a bit more heavy now that it’s more obvious he’s sort of the angel on Raigho’s shoulder. Dang. Dx

  • Tholfie

    Fehu looks like a cute older wolf here! <3

  • L3Wilde

    I really wanna squish Fehu’s cheek fluff tbh

    He’s like those old yet super chill doggies that you just wanna hug all day bc they’re so patient and nice and fluffy

  • mysteriouswhitewolf

    The last panel he has slitted pupils like a cat. :C I love this comic’s art partially because it doesn’t diverge too far from reality, so this derails that wonderful aspect. D’: yuck

    • Checkers

      It’s done to help express the doubt and unease in Raigho’s words and facial expression. Every art decision the girls make has a reason. When you discover what they are on the pages, it makes them fit in with the style perfectly, instead of stand out as ‘inconsistencies’.

    • Artista

      YES! Why do you we love getting the OW cast drunk so much?

      • What do you expect when people play layer tennis intoxicated. Sometimes, Raigho needs a cold one after a long day of work. Sometimes, he really needs a cold one. Sometimes, he also needs a drinking buddy or two.

    • Oh my gawd, you kept that beautiful scene from Off-White tennis. xD

      • I still remember Jera falling for Albert XD

      • Yep. I kept most if not all the finished layer tennis rounds. Both the Off White one, and the other.

  • Gebo

    I still lack the existence of eye whites in these wolves. their entire eyeballs seems to be covered by iris.

    pretty much half of raighos eyes in the last panel should be white, if not more.

    no disrespect tho.

    • I’ve never seen canine eye whites before. I thought they didn’t have any. D:
      well~” the more I know
      (Also, how do you guess when to draw the white part?)

      • I hope you understand me because my english is a disaster:
        Wolves have sclera and can be seen when the pupil and iris are directed sideways, usually when the animal is resting is not seen, in the last panel, part of Raigho’s eyes should be white, few months back, in one of the “redo” pages the Author (Akreon and Vesner) gave Iki a little “white” on his eye, which made his expression magnificent

        • Nikadile

          Don’t worry – your English is very good!! Nice choice of pictures, too ๐Ÿ™‚

        • let them have their stylistic choices. Sheesh..

          • indeed, we actually have to remember that there style isint entirely realistic. and some non realistic expression of emotion is allowed to pass by.

        • Checkers

          Iki has shown sclera a couple times but each instance he’s always been some level of scared, so while having sclera for Raigho would be anatomically accurate, it probably isn’t fitting for the emotion Raigho’s showing here (which is doubtful/anxious).

          Sometimes you have to forgo anatomy laws in order to have your actors portray what they must properly.

        • Artista

          I learned something new today. And your English is really good, actually.

      • Blue

        Canines do have eye whites, actually, but they’re not very large.

      • Gebo

        well dogs have very visible eyewhites. i googled some pics of wolves and they dont seem to have as visible eye whites. but all mamals do have eyewhites.

        and i’d just guess by looking at a dogs eyes.

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    Omg when did this page come out? .o. I was never notified nor did the Home page on this site say anything about a new page. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m happy tho! The changes are amazing so far!

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Nevermind now I see the update on the Home page. Must have been a glitch. But OMG it came out on the 14th, the day before my birthday! :OOO

  • AriaJenkins

    Just curious, I enjoy the newer redone pages but I’m curious to know when this story is going to start going forward again? Not trying to sound like an arse..

    • possibly in 6 months to a year.

      • AriaJenkins

        Oh awesome, alrite thanks for clearing that up for me xD

      • or eight pfbfvffTT

    • Guest

      My guess is more than a year. They want to redo ~100 pages. If we get on average 1-2 pages per month, and so far about 9 of have been redone, well.. there’s the math. (Also not complaining, just stating facts-)

      I’m glad they are redoing the old pages though, the forest ones are going to be amazing.

      • AriaJenkins

        Oh awesome, was just wondering lol this is one of my favorite comics, can’t wait for those forest ones tho xD… thanks for clearing that up for me

  • Artista

    Let’s start a shipping war, don’t care if I get hate! XD

    • Julian John Mckeon

      I’m torn between IKIxKAYA or IKIxISA.

    • Checkers


      • Artista



        • Checkers

          GeboXJewish = NOTP please no

    • *clears throat*
      I don’t care. I ship it.

      • Checkers

        If this winds up being like the shipping obsessions in Asmundr I’m going to cry.

      • Artista


        JeraxRaigho’s Eye


        GeboxHIs Tears



        SevenxFab (Fabuleven ftw)


        DapperxWhite Horse Spirit

      • nop

        you ship incest relationships…?

        • I ship everything.

          • Artista

            How would Fehu and Raigho get it on, or Fehu and Gebo for that matter?

          • It just happens

        • I ship IsaXSnowflake
          Nuff said.

    • Jera’spawXRaigho’sear

      • Oh god, lets just be glad that Lopez guy isn’t good at drawing. XD

      • Artista


        • They’re so similar in appearance, it must be meant to be!

          • Artista

            This is my OTP I’ll go down with this ship!

    • Rookamillion


      • Artista


  • Julia

    Oh my god…Am I the only one who loves Raigho’s look on the last panel? o3o

    • I like it too ๐Ÿ˜€
      Nice portrayal of nervousness for the readers

  • I really like Fehu’s nose. o3o

  • Blue

    Isa’s pose is so off in that one panel :/

    • Checkers
      • Blue

        No, I knew what it was supposed to be, but look at her left hind leg. It’s in completely the wrong place.

        • Checkers

          Then you should have been more clear lmao.

          I see it now, though. It does look a little off kilter;I think the shading on that leg might be the main culprit of it. That tiny bit of light on it’s kinda pulling it further into the foreground than necessary, making it look like it’s out of place.

          To be fair though it took me forever to notice it. I had to plumb stare at her ass for a good few minutes before I spotted it, even with you pointing the spot out LOL.

        • Oh golly I can’t unsee. XD
          Nice eye, Blue!

          • Isa still has a hang over from the night before. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Artista

            We love making drunk jokes and memes in OW. xD

      • Artista

        There is the matter of perspective and body position to consider.

        • Checkers

          Canines don’t really spread their legs far apart width wise when they’re trotting. Isa’s feet are pretty close to their right places at that angle.

  • I just…lol…just looking at Fehu’s expressions.

    • Artista

      The Fehu x Raigho shippers will going on a yaoi craze. *shudders*

      • Lol oh I know.

        • Tsume, Piss Off Bub

          ugh… Older Male Wolfie Luv… ew! too goofy for reality…

          • Artista

            Just wait. Somewhere down the line of history some bastard is going to turn the OW characters into a rule34.

          • Kinda happened already

          • really? I sadly kinda wana see but I don’t at the same time

          • Rookamillion

            Done by FleshCreature.


          • that’s actually more PG than what was running threw my head.

          • Artista


          • Less PG pic somewhere else
            What is Raigho seeing with his new eye
            At least I think that’s what it was

          • Rookamillion

            Ahaha. I remember that one. XD

          • Just found it again
            It’s been awhile since I last split my sides from laughing. XD
            Also, I found Jera apparently figured out the OW comments trend.

          • I actually tried finding it but got no were.

          • It’s not really bad XD
            Let’s hope it stays that way ono

          • Artista

            I can only think of Flesh Creature’s piece where Hati and Skoll are flirting with each other.

          • Artista

            And Flesh’s pic doesn’t constitute as porn.

          • Oh, that’s what 34 is?

          • Artista

            Mmm. . . There’s no straight up sex, so I don’t call it porn. It’s more ‘suggestive’ I guess? But it is creepy, imo. . .guy on guy just isn’t part of my diet.

          • I know it wasn’t serious, so I find it funny. xp

        • Artista

          Poor Riagho. As if saving the the world wasn’t enough.

    • resurrects the most famous of gebo’s out there

  • I believe so!

  • Erica

    I think so ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hey guys…guys, I think I did something. Onward, men! Become patrons!

    • Jessi

      Yaaaay! Thank you Gehn!

    • Rookamillion
    • soldierbob

      I just crawled out of the woodwork to say I did that too! Go forth, mine brethren! In the name of the once mighty Forums – become Patrons! Support Off-White!

      • Yes, in the name of the Forums!

      • Rookamillion


      • Artista

        Soldierbob, you are alive!

    • Bastet

      Yesss! Patreon! Now those infuriating self-enitled morons whining about late updates can put their money where their mouths are!

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    It’s been a bad week for me.. My grandmother passed away 2am on Sunday from brain cancer.. Exactly one year since she was diagnosed with it too… :'( I need people to talk to. Anyone want to talk or got some funny wolf-related stuff or anything..? :'(

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Nyssa!
      GUYS, this fellow Off-Whiter needs support! ^

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Yeah its really hard for me. She meant the world to me.. :'(

    • Celia Fernandez

      It’s not wolf realted, but dogs, still I think it will cheer you up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKTzjEOqA3I My uncle passed away this summer from cancer too. At the begginning everything was so awkard, I couldn’t get used to the idea (and still can’t) that he’s not living anymore. It was so fast, only three months… Stupid as it may seem, watching silly videos in youtube and playing games (Ori and the blind forest… helped me a lot) kind of helps. Keeps your mind occupied with other stuff instead of thinking of them… Slowly you get used to the feeling and you can put it into words. Then you can talk about it and let some of the pain out. You’ll nevers stop missing her or feeling sad when you think of her but IT GETS BETTER, trust me. Crying and expressing how you feel becomes less heratbreking and more as a way to express yourself and let the pain out. And then it will come a day when you talk about it creying less, then without craying, then without all that pain… And then you’ll be thinking of her with a smile on your face, remembering all the good times you shared together ๐Ÿ™‚ Be strong and keep it in mind, ‘IT GETS BETTER’!

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Th-Thank you..

    • My grandma passed away, too ;-; ( on Thanksgiving)

      *Hugs you with mouth *

    • a very good friend of mine died of stage 4 colon cancer in September and I just lost both of my cats towards the begging of the month. My friend was more of a father to me and taught me how to shoot and inspired me to live my dreams.

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Aww man that stings. ๐Ÿ™ I hope you’re okay.

    • Rookamillion

      My Great Grandma died around Thanksgiving as well….Strangely, the reality of it didn’t set in until I read your comment right now. We’re always here for ya Nyssa. Whenever you need to and whatever you have to say, we will always listen.

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Aw thank you. ^_^ Hearing that, and knowing there’s people who’ll listen and care, is helping me feel a bit better. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Also I am sorry for your loss as well. Death always seems to occur around major holidays especially Christmas… :/

    • Artista

      I’m terribly sorry about your grandmother. Cancer…is a bitch. I hope you’ll feel well, Nyssa.

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shop Dog

      why is it that old people seem to go around the holidays. i guess its maybe the stress of running around doing things, or maybe the anticipation and anxiety creates to much strain. what ever the reason is unfortunately ive found it very common folks passing away during major holidays. which taints the holoday for the people still around. but we all have to move on, next year don’t dwell on the one you lost. enjoy your friends, life is short and we cant let it slip by by being sad.


  • Artista

    Merry Christmas from the USA! Also known as Texas and it’s 49 servants. (Yes, my comrades, I went there!)

    • Rookamillion


      • Artista

        Pennsyltucky Punishers… *slow clap* That’s cute, Comrade. That’s cute. Unfortunately…cute doesn’t get you anywhere.

        We don’t have cute. We have tenacity. Just as Mexico. Presenting El Alamo.


        So yeah… Come and Take It!



      • Artista

        Pennsyltucky Punishers… *slow clap* That’s cute, Comrade. That’s cute. Unfortunately…cute doesn’t get you anywhere.

        We don’t have cute. We have tenacity. Just as Mexico. Presenting El Alamo.


        So yeah… Come and Take It!



        • Rookamillion

          Yeah, well we have El Battle of Gettysburg! We beat up on that flag before, so yeah, we will come and take it! >:D

          • Rookamillion

            TO VICTORY!

          • Artista

            . . . you mean by invading the South and burning the crops, plantations, and slaughtering the livestock. William T. Sherman ring any bells? >:)

            On a light note: Ever read the Truth of the War Conspiracy? It’s pretty interesting. Still wondering how Ft. Sumter was assaulted by Confederates first, when it was technically on Southern soil. Don’t know why, but that’s always been strange to me.

            Oh, and one more thing, Pennsylvania lacks a large fresh water supply. . .unlike Michigan! Northern war front opened!

            And thus begins the State Patriot War.

          • Rookamillion

            Sherman’s march to the sea will pale in comparison to Rook’s march to the sea! Scratch that, not only am I marching to the sea, I’m marching across it marching through Europe then marching back to you! >:D

            Nope, I never read it. I love those kinds of books though, so I’ll check it out. I think the reason that Ft. Sumter was attack first was because it was on Southern Soil. XD

            And we have fresh water supplies. XD We have Lake Erie, the Potomac and the Susquehanna plus many more. We also have a nuclear power plant!

            Let it be known! The Second American Civil War began in this comment section! >:D

          • For the Alamo!

          • Rookamillion

            And state too! XD

        • Shop Dog

          i wouldn’t be surprised if California broke up into two states. we have over 10% of the nations population, which Sacramento is proving all the time they cant control properly. the climates int the northern and southern halves of the state are completely different. the people in the northern half of the state are completely different.
          the southern half of California has had to give up a lot of its heritage, because the bureaucrats in the north keep buying up historic sites, bulldozing them for projects which just sit there and never get finished. or get finished but are never used because we never wanted what ever they built to begin with. and i’ve noticed it having an affect on the the kids growing up around here and the beople that move here. most young people don’t even know the heritage of the city or towns that they live in let alone the county or the state.

    • God bless Texas.

      • Artista

        I once talked to an Australian a few years ago from my church. He said that the world looks to the US for freedom, but the US looks to Texas for freedom. Truer words have never been spoken. As a transplanted Yank, I totally agree.

        • I’m a Yank (technically) born in New Jersey. XD Though I don’t know what I am, other than a military brat that’s lived here and there.

          I’ll Join your posse any day.

          • Artista

            What’s it like being a military brat? And thx.

          • It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering the sampler platter. XD If you move around a lot, you get a taste of all walks of life.

            Living on base is not to different than living out in town, though there are things like everything stops for the national anthem at five pm.

            I kind of miss moving around a lot.

          • Artista

            Sounds pretty interesting, travelling a lot. How did making friends go, and did you encounter soldiers with PTSD on some bases? Let me know when need to shut up. I’ve a habit of asking a thousand questions.

          • Well, I was an Air Force brat, so I was around airmen a lot more than soldiers, and my dad’s job revolved around missiles, rockets, and management of ordinance, so, nothing exciting like fighter pilots.

            You do learn to make friends relatively quickly. Especially with other military brats who come and go as often as you do. Though with the advent of Facebook, I’ve been able to keep in touch with old friends.

          • Artista

            Thank the Internet for Facebook! I’d love to rockets up close, as long as they’re not pointed at me.

          • When I was in Cali, it was not uncommon for one to be launched. And if you had a parent or spouse that worked in that department, you knew when one was going to be launched. People standing out on the street and in their front yards also hinted that one was about to be launched.

  • Rookamillion

    Merry Christmas!

  • Have a Merry Christmas, guys!
    Or otherwise, have a merry Openermas!

  • Shop Dog
    • Artista

      I Like this!

    • that’s awesome and funny as hell

  • Soup

    rip the off-white comment section, rip.

    • RIP? were not dead at least not yet. the Ragnarok isn’t suppose to happen until after the comic is finished

    • Ooh, yum, soup! Can I eat you? 8)

    • Checkers

      rip in peace. i have no idea what’s going on in half the recent convos here lmao.

  • I didn’t tell my loved one for his or her own good cliche. *Ding!*

    Sin count: 7