• Nick Lopez

    ……………….barrier shatters.

  • Phoebe Tranile

    you know, when I first saw this page and in the first crack at the top I thought that Sköll and Askr were a centaur or something. I have no idea, I’m just weird.

  • Leandro Evequoz

    Oh my ………….D:

  • Epiphany

    The dragon is joined together. The white-haired duke or whatever he is, his/their eating Askr probably gave him/them the ability to appear as a human… it’s all coming together…!

  • Fenrir

    Finally…wake up, Skoll! You’re needed.

  • Artista

    Talk about Mind Fuck.

  • Emilia Lindberg

    Wait… Omg… I have a theory!! We see the human white spirit get swallowed by a dragon on this page… And they say that no other human white spirit got born since then…
    WHAT IF… The reason of no new born white spirit is becuase of the old one still being alive somehow!!!!! Skoll got blasted away so maybe he didn’t have the time to see if he/she really got killed!

  • Pheenixorphan X

    Oh snaps. The white human got eaten by a freakin dragon. That would mean then that dragons exist here.
    But think on this, why are they merged? Aren’t they meant to be separate in order to keep the balance of their species alive?

  • OFF WHITE lover57

    Old memories.