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    WOW……just WOW…

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    wow… just wow… i cant stop staring at it. its so beautiful and the story it tells…. woooow
    i really have a lot of respect for you that you can make such a piece
    both of you!

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    wow, coolio!

    THis is frickin’ awesome!

    Such an epic story…

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    First AND second post! Sweet…

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    Oh my.. This is amazing!

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    This page is epic. Did I said that out loud? I meant EPIC.

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     LITERALTEARS. ;A; This changes EVERYTHING. How can i sleeeeep knowing this happened ;w;

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    This page made my heart skip!

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    This was an awesome page! No words, not needed. And this is my favorite contrast of colors with the blue and red (probably a holdover from loving Aladdin when I was a kid). Now I wonder how this is going to effect Iki. How much of his old “self” is going to be realized now that it appears he remembers, or does he remember it all? And if so, will it carry into the “real world”? Great work, guys!

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      (still laughing…)

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    wooo Iki’s woken up and remembered his past and loosing his pal the human spirit to the two headed double spirit dragon now the rest of the pack and Iki’s adopted parents will prob see him full on spirit powah and be like ‘what the frick has happened to our Iki!’ XD

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       I do believe Raigho knows that he the blue spirit.

      • Darkmoon

         ^ is

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    I’m speechless. This is… amazing. Breath taking. Beautiful. The story that it tells, it portrays it so fluently. I’d love this as a wallpaper because this is just far too amazing.

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    :|_________________| Oh. My. God.

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    oh mather of god…. awsome :D

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    WOW just… Wow… A battle between the wyvern spirits and Hati and Askr, this wyvern is “half-fused”, it’s half white and half black, what should have caused that ? Girls you ARE THE BEST !!!!

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    Gave me chills~

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    HUGE….. this page is indeed an important clue to the future of this story. 

  • ChewaShoe

    I don’t know which is more heart-wrenching; the events that were obviously repressed, or Iki’s expression.

    The cracked up facial markings really give in to that heartbroken look in combination of his face. Hati really did break Iki.

  • So did Iki and Askr, ah, interrupt something in panel 2?

    • K R Blaise

      No those are the White and Black Spirits of the Dragons.  Apparently they are joined as one and share one body.  Some rumors say that one dragon was trying to survive extinction so they joined to survive together.
      My theory is that they joined because they figured they were stronger together and because they could.  :D

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    AW YEAH!

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    Wow… I knew this page would be awesome, but I never expected it to be THAT epic.
    Am I the only one who thinks that this would be an awesome wallpaper?

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    I can see why.  Yikes.  Looks like Skoll/Iki had a less-than fun encounter with another pair of spirits.  Can’t wait to learn the story there.

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    I think I’m staring just like Iki at the monitor… :O

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    Wait, take a second and take the 200 live action page and this one, first the live action one. Then this one. Iki is so shocked and dumb found, LOOK AT WHAT YOU DONE TO HIM. D;

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    I want a wallpaper of everything here.

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      I second that! We NEED a FRIGGIN wallpaper for this page~~~just TOO AWESOME :3

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    I was looking through the cast page… And Seven and [the guy’s name, can’t remember now Dx] were sent to look for the white human spirit by the Temple of Askr… I guess that Askr is worshipped or something x3

    Anyways, this is an amazing page .w. Anyone who doesn’t forgive you for taking this long is going down in a pile of your fans, including me :P I really hope that Hati doesn’t tease Iki more, because I have a feeling that in his current state, Iki could crush Hati with a single glare :D

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    WOw. Poor Iki. :(

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    Holy crap this was totally worth the wait!

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    Wow…the cracks in the page are so realistic…i almost thought it was by screen that got cracks from loading a page that is too epic too process…how am i suppose to sleep with such an awesome image stuck in my head…this is probly gonna lead to a wet dream:P

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    Oh … my … God.
    I´m speechless. Yeah…I am! That´s at any rate the best page of all time. Really…I’m impressed. It looks like the white soul would be gone now …
    I really love the different panels. I think it’s hard to remember for Iki…or Skôll this time. I´m very very enthusiastic.
    Really good work. In this small panel-these are Hati and Raigho? Oh, I can´t wait for the next page…oh, I can, but I´m soo curious.

    • Sky Lily

       Actually, that’s Jera and Raigho when they found little pup Iki in the storm. :3

    • Fullmoonstar

       The ones in the last panel are Raigho and Jera, just before they have found Iki in the snow. Hati is in the sky above them, just as a black shade again;)

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    Wallpaper PLEASE!!! i beg you

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       Exacly what i was about to ask.

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    Lol, dragons.

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    O.O Sooooo epic…. epic page is epic…

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    I don’t care if all the pages take the same time of this. It’s AMAZING!

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    That dragon/wyvern nomnomed on the human white spirit
    just like that .___.
    and Iki’s “skull” face, like that od Hati when he first showed up..
    hmm I wonder what’s Hati doing howling in the first panel though..?

    nice job
    is it possible to have a larger view of this?
    I feel this size doesn’t do justice to all the detailed scenes in here..
    keep it up

    • jack frost

      This might just be me, but in the first panel, it looks to me like Hati’s hurt/in pain for some reason… Although he’s probably just howling, you’re right XD

    • Blue_dragon983

      Both theories :D, I think Hati is howling in pain because he couldn´t get in time to help his brother maybe?

  • Nekrednyk

    How could they ever think that would end well? A wolf and a human vs two dragons? 
    Skoll–I bite your tongue. 
    Dragon–I bite your head.
    And what was the human gonna do, punch it? Just foolish. 

    • jack frost

      I agree with this .3.
      But I guess they had to try.

      After all, Hati said that Skoll had been fighting for 300 years… Maybe this wyvern/dragon thing is what he’d been fighting?

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    Oh my goodness…

    So many questions… is the white spirit gone for good?  What was the war over?  Who were those dragon guardians?

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    FFFEEEEEAAAARR!  *explodes from complete overload* This is spectacular!
    I expect a lot from you guys artwise normally, but I did not see this coming… Just wow. You’ve blown everyone away with this new page, with the story and with the artwork. It may have taken you longer to do this page, but damn and hell did the wait make up appreciate this page even more!

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     i wonder how that fight started with the dragons the other 2 white spirits

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    IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY THATZ AMAZIN!, how do u post pictures here? 

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    holy crap!!! THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<mind blown

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    Wow, dragon spirits…

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    So beautiful….

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    Iki się nagle wydaje jakiś doroślejszy ^^

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    these are Fire and Ice, the elements that first made the world. after
    all, they need represantation in the mortal world as well. why not a two
    headed dragon?


  • Alexandra Constantin

    O…M…G…. So…There’s are… His memories?.. WOW!
     I love the panel near his legs, with Raigho and Hati..
     Iki!! Don’t broke, don’t broke! ( Ah, i  mean Skoll)

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    Holy crap that was like his entire back story on one page and omigosh that’s SO sad! ;_; -forevercry-

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    That’s how he got sent down as a pup! Love this, hope you guys make it into a wallpaper!

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    Can you make this into a wallpaper? It would be awesome…

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    I never thought we’d find out how Iki came to Earth. It’s amazing to see it, but sad at the same time – the two dragons blasted him to this realm. He fell like a star, and Raigho and Jera found him then… Oh gosh, the whole comic just flew before my eyes. Shame the human spirit was swallowed… I have a feeling we’ll see her again soon.
    Beautiful work. We’re all in complete awe. *Standing ovation*

  • Violetta Skorina

    Oh my god, it is so beautiful. It is perfect *__* Better than perfect *___* 

  • whoever

    Skoll shouldnt be made to feel guilty…it wasn’t his fault, it looks like he tried as hard as he could to protect the human…Now the question is, Is the Iki that we know, now gone forever? (skoll might have a different personality) and what is that dragon exactly?

  • AaronClausman

    You broke Iki’s face!

    What a creative way to show Skoll coming back to his mind. His memories are violently recollected, and shatter Iki’s world as he knew it. Well done.

    Now, it looks like Skoll and Askr are confronted by a double headed dragon spirit. During combat, Askr is devoured, and Skoll is forced to reincarnate as Iki. The only questing is what was Hati doing? Was he calling to arms or summoning the beast?

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    Oh my God, Iki, what did you DO?

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    ej ale gdzie Iki ma ogon? Nie obraźcie się tego tak właściwie nie widać ale chyba powinien go mieć XD

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      trzyma go pewnie do góry, więc ciało zasłania xD

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        No może ale strona i tak jest przepiękna szczególnie gwiazdy tam gdzie raigho i jera stoją

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    Thie page is Epic!!!

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    So amazing! As always ever page takes my breath away

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    I’m wondering what’s going to happen after this . . .
    especially to Iki . . . (since this is Skoll now, right?)

    • AaronClausman

       Well, I’m still waiting for him to go super Wolfyan and supersonically fly out of there like Neo in the Matrix to go save Askr…but that’s only a speculation.

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    Omg this is absolutely amazing

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    omg… poor skoll… :(

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    this is by far my favrite page!. Really amzing

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    oh my gosh. this is the most beautiful page page ever.

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    Black ad White Dragon spirits? o3o So cool.

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     This is so…beautiful

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    OMG this page is AMAZING, totally worth the time it took *———-*


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    what is that???
    isn’t the red spirits his brother what’s going on

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    Oh my… this… this is…*nosebleed* amazing!!!

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    I think I had a mental orgasm while looking at this page.

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    Oh wow o-o that was just, awesome. Really love this page but i feel bad for Iki D:

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     Skoll’s face… poor guy
    So I’m guessing from this, he was killed by the dragons (What do hey represent?!) and his next life was being the pup, Iki. Askr was also killed and her new form is a mystery currently, unless you drew it in that one thing. So now, Akreon and Tanathe, I think there’s some questions to answer.
    1. Who are the dragons and what do they represent?
    2. What do Askr and Embla represent?
    3. What did Askr look like before she got eated?
    4. Since Munin is the guardian of memories is Hugin the guardian of forgetting or what is he?
    and 5. Do I get a begal?

    • Okami129

       Oh, also people, look why it took so long. Normal comic pages take… well it could be done within the week or day, however I became familiar with this and these are a PAIN. See, it’s not just drawing panels, it’s stars, glow affects, shattered glass, and worst of all drawing above drawing ABOVE DRAWING ABOVE DRAWING…
      So be happy you got your page and shut up about being impatient, it’s a team effort for them anyway and a hobby. -So cruel-

    • Alexander Nightingale

       What are you talking about?? The white human spirit didn’t look like a man or a woman. Also the human was eaten, which stopped the white human spirit from ever gaining a new form.(that’s kind of the point of the whole freaking comic, Askr is apparently dead and won’t return for what looks like forever.)

  • Illuna-Wolfie

    so in conclusion The white spirit, both human and wolf, fought with the dragon spirits and the wolf could repeat his revive cycle, however the human white spirit couldn’t  

    • Alexander Nightingale

       I should hope the white human spirit couldn’t come back after that. He was freaking EATEN by the red dragon!!! IDK but I think if the white human came back and remembered THAT, the human race would be on the edge of extinction every generation!! The white spirit would probably be suicidal in every life after words!!

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    Officially my favorite page. Iki remembers who he is! And those dragons!

  • LimoSpirit

    and Raigho and Jera saw the shooting star! at the snowstorm! I Understand now! :D

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    he remembers

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    So where Skoll and Asker trying to stop the Dragon brothers (or sisters) from doing something and got killed in process? 

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    Such a good comic page, LOVE IT!!!

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    Did the dragons do something wrong or what?  Why are they attacking the dragons

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    Dang Skoll, what you do boy?

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    This has to be my favourite page…

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    Iki suddenly became a thousand times more interesting. Great job! 

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     . . . 0_0 . . . I was waiting impatiently for this page . . . It was worth it. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest just after seeing this page.

  • Alkaid

    Oh, by the way. IKI! DON’T BREAK IKI! i mean skoll ^^;

  • ForeverLost

    (*SPOILER ALERT!!!*)
    This is what I’m getting; Askr (who I think is the human white spirit) was going on a journey with Skoll, to bring down the dragons, which no one wanted, for they were killing other species nearly to extinction, and the easiest way to get rid of them was to take down the dragon white and black spirits. I’m not entirely sure if it’s one dragon with two heads or two separate dragons, I much less know their genders and/or names, but I’m getting a hunch it’s 1 dragon with two heads, and they’re both boys. So they were fighting, and Askr was eaten by the dragon black spirit, unable to reincarnate or whatever. Aksr’s pained cries probably distracted Skoll, and the dragons took this quick moment of motionless sadness (Askr and Skoll were true friends) to blast Skoll. Their blasts could’ve changed Skoll to not remember anything and to change him to a mortal wolf pup. Apparently it was an air fight among the clouds, and the white spirits can walk on clouds, so basically the dragon(s) don’t need wings, even though they were using them, because in all the parts that we could see the dragon’s wings, they were spread. But since we know mortals do not walk the clouds, he fell to the ground, and Raigho and Jera found him. Living with them, his memory was sealed from the sad, losing battle. But I have the feeling the dragon(s) were/was defeated by the human and wolf black spirits (and obviously the human and wolf black spirits survived) because no one ever saw dragons again. The End!
    This is my longest comment ever on Off-White. I don’t know how I figured this out from only one page, but hey, I still figured this out.
    Thanks if you read this all.   

    • Dizzy the Motor Mouth

      Yeah,good thinking :D

    • Fullmoonstar

      At least you think that you have figured all that out….
      There are still too many variables, maybes and whatevers here, if you look at me. Oh and…you can not prove all that, can you?

    • Alexander Nightingale

       I think the place in the clouds is were the spirits go moments after they die a mortal death and wait to live again.

  • someone awesome

    omg omg he remembered!

  • Rosha

    Am I the only one getting epic feels here? ;-; I don’t usually feel this much emotion from a comic page. Cartoons, anime etc. yes. But not comics/manga. I feel like the wolf and human white spirit were a team ready to die for whatever their intention was. The dragons are perhaps divine spirits, not to be messed with. They were horribly overpowered and died in vain. For some reason only Skoll was reborn, maybe the death of the human white spirit was punishment for their attack/betrayal(?). Either way I believe not only does Skoll blame himself but he also knows the reason. However this is simply what this page makes me FEEL not my theories.

  • ForeverLost

    I absolutely MUST ultimately congradulate the girls for completing this. WONDERFUL!!!

  • Alexander Nightingale

    Why does everyone keep calling the white human spirit a she? If you look at what I guess counts as a second panel, everyone can see it’s a guy. A freaking man that everyone is calling she. Anyway, I love this page! Great job!!!

    • Ugliestpancake

       Ummm.. did you even see the art for the black and white human spirits? Askr is a girl.

      • jack frost

        Can I ask where that art is? I thought Askr was a boy, too :P

        • Dizzy the Motor Mouth

          It’s in the Gallery page :) And a lot of people thought he was male, so you’re not on your own :)  LOL,I love how moody people get when others get things wrong. It’s hilarious,isn’t it? :) 

    • Jessi There ya go. Read the artist’s description and you’ll see that Askr is, indeed a female for the purposes of this story. And perhaps in the spirit world, gender doesn’t really exist or matter.

      • Jessi

        Ack, I just realized it was another user who asked for the art, but it may help clear up the confusion anyway. :)

  • Blue_dragon983

    Jera and Raigho and the bottom watching a “star” falling…. This page is awesome!!! Poor Skoll, he lost his friend :(, and I think Hati will fell happy to having his brother back, but at the same time, he would possibly feel bad now for taking back so painful memories to Skoll. And yes, as someone said earlier, I think now Iki’s personality will change a lot. Also, I want to know what did the dragons do and which guardians are them.

    • AaronClausman

      I don’t know about Hati’s happiness, but he is currently laughing his head off.

      • Jessi

        I guess we’ll find out soon enough, but if my brother went missing and shirked his duties because he was being an irresponsible buttface and I had to take over his chores ’cause he was living in denial…I’d probably act the same way after tracking him down. Or just beat the bejeezus out of him, depending on my mood. I’m not saying Hati will be a totally nice guy at this point, but I don’t think he’s all too happy he’s still got a mess to clean up. He just may have his brother’s help now.

        Of course I could be wrong and he’ll still be a conniving douchecanoe despite breaking Iki’s brain. ;P

    • Blue_dragon983

      Sorry if I post again XD, I wanted to ask all of you for your opinion, some of you are saying that this is a two- headed dragon, but, why are there four wings and not two?? It looks for me like there are two dragons flying together and not just one. What do you think?

      • Raiju

         I think they are the black and white dragon spirits. Seems clear enough to me. Though why they are working together to try and attack the wolf and human, I am not sure. Really curious as to what it all means now.

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    OMG A-mazing

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    So THAT’S how they found Iki. Interesting…

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    This page is EPIC!!! Awesome job on this page! Love the two dragon spirits!

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    This answers so many questions, but raises so many more.  Thank you, everyone involved, for bringing the glory you bring to the webcomic medium.  

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    Wow. Well, I didn’t expect two dragons. Maybe they were threatening the existence of that world. 

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    Oh my… O.O

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    Wow…now I understand the delay :P this is the coolest page in the entire comic can’t wait for the next!!!>v<

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    O.o …….. It’s so………. beautiful!   THE PLOT BEGINS!!!!!

    • Wolf

       I think you mean “thickens.” The plot began a while ago ;)

      • Tsume184

        i guess so.

      • Tsume184

        i guess so.

  • Dhole

    I wonder if those dragons are supposed to be Nidhogg/Nidhoggr? It could be a singular dragon with two heads, or Off-White could have diverted from the mythology a bit to make Nidhogg into two separate entities.

    In Norse mythology, Nidhogg was known as the “Dread Biter” and was supposedly the most feared of the early Nordic dragons. He lived at
    the foot of the world ash tree, Yggdrasil. The tree had three great
    roots, one of which reached over the freezing mist and darkness of Niflheim
    where Hel reigned as Queen of the Underworld. Nidhogg could also
    be found at Hvergelmir [the bubbling cauldron], the spring in Niflheim
    which is the source of all the rivers of the world. Nidhogg was a dragon
    that devoured the corpses of evil-doers, and he would gnaw at the roots
    of Yggdrasil when he got tired of the taste of dead flesh. Since the
    world tree supported all life and Nidhogg attempted to destroy it, Nidhoggr
    was personified as evil itself. Both Yggdrasil and Nidhogg were destined to survive the final catastrophe
    of Ragnarok, the doom of the gods and ultimately, the end of the world.
    Fires and floods would not deter the dragon from its incessant feasting
    on the boundless supply of the dead.

    Based upon that, since the end of the world appears to be drawing near, perhaps Askr and Skoll decided to take it upon themselves to try and stop Nidhogg from feasting upon that ‘tree of life,’ hoping it would buy some more time for their species and for the world (which would coincide with Hati’s intentions at the beginning of the comic when he’s searching to reunite with Skoll). But, this adventure of theirs would prove to be their undoing, and Nidhoggr was able to easily overpower them. He was able to devour Askr. If Askr is still trapped within Nidhogg, it could be preventing him/her from being reborn (the clash could also be what left the scratch marks upon Askr’s face in the concept sketch). Skoll managed to *barely* escape, surviving the fiery attack that Nidhogg unleashed upon him, but it blasted him right out of the Netherworld. The trauma of Skoll’s fall then reverted him back into a mortal form and caused him to repress his memories. The other spirits probably don’t know exactly what happened, just that Askr was last seen with Skoll and has suddenly disappeared, breaking the symmetry of the human spirits. Thus, they blame Skoll for Askr being MIA.    

    • watchdog

       that is some deduction there, amazing knowledge on mythology

      • Wolf

         I must agree with you there.

    • Junsui

      And this is now my explanation for the comic.
      That is just so amazing just wow.

    • Dizzy the Motor Mouth

      Thank you very much for the information :)

    • LimoSpirit

      and you except me to read this all?! lol only joking thanks 4 the informations :)

    • Shadowwolf1357

      And I thought I knew about mythology…holy crud dude, nice. And you might be right but we have no idea what the creators of this comic are thinking BUT I do agree that this is a good possiblity of what happened.

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    Wow o-o

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    I… I…
    I can’t even describe this!! Man, how I wish I had your artistic skills…
    Oh, and I just remembered the chapter’s cover! Is it related to this page?

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    And the mysteries unravel. There are endless possibilities for this page! ;D

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    Hati, you gave Iki brain damage

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    Impossible to draw this :D

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    Hati totally broke Iki.

  • Wolf

    We appreciate the delay, believe me! This is amazing.

    Hati…. what have you done?

  • Marina

    So…. Iki will still be called Iki? :3

    • Junsui

      Iki was just the name given to him by Raigho and Jera.
      I’m guessing he will be referred to as Skoll now.

  • Samedi

    Okay but in all fairness, something in him was ALREADY broken, however you look at it.

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    • Samedi

      It’s vertical… just… make it the background of your phone, or something.

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     Is this how the white human spirit was destroyed. Or died?

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    Ok…now i know i have to search about white and black dragons in Nordic mythology xD

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    Wow he was repressing a LOT.

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    :O I know so much now I feel I will break soon lol. Wonderful page and a lot for Iki to hold back on. I feel your pain my friend.

  • Cece

    So absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful story.

    In that shard to the left of the page, it looks like Hati is entombed in ice. Was this done by something or someone, so Hati could not stop Skoll from doing whatever it was he did?

    I’m still not clear on exactly what happened, but it was bad. So bad that a strong spirit like Skoll not only supressed the memory, but created a persona for himself that was totally opposite of what he was. Silly, ineffectual Iki could never convince anyone to follow him to their doom.

    • Shichibi

      Well, I see it as like  … Hati was calling out for Sköll, but he was either not listening (too stubborn) or unable to respond.

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    WORTH THE WAIT BY 100 this page is amazing!

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    Wow…absolutely gorgeous! This was totally worth the wait! But now we must wait again for the next page of this beautiful artwork. I simply love this. I feel as though my own heart is breaking as Iki/Skoll regains his memories.

  • Windseeker

    Hey, is that Reigho and Jera down there at the bottom?

    • Fellcrusader

      It is Raigho and Jera. Raigho told Othala earlier in the story that a beam of light crashed into the ground, then they found Iki. So yes, it is them.

      • Shichibi

        Strange still, because it is a star coming down far far away.
        And it was snowing back then, in Raigho’s story.
        Only after Sköll pierced through the night sky, he looked up and the clouds fled.

        • LittleBlackTeacup

           Perhaps it was a few days later they found Iki?

        • Samedi

          If they were out of the weather looking over in that direction, it could be within the misty/foggy atmospheric effect you can see there. Or if that wasn’t supposed to represent looking through more atmosphere as I assume, it might even BE that effect. Sort of like when you see a storm far enough away, and it just looks like an epic grey wave. ’cause you know… otherwise it’d be in space… which would be weird.

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      Yes, he is an old soul. And yeah, those memories probably grew him up really fast. I’m thinking there will be a change of character. Like he’ll be more mature and not so…idk, clutzy I guess lol

  • Shadowwolf1357

    I just recently started reading this comic…and it is awesome. My friend told me about it and when I was able to read it…well it was a school night….and I got yelled at for staying up late 2 read it…lol

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    Anyways, my prediction is that he get jolted out of the spirit world and the rest og the pack with be confused. ( although they will be confused anyways…)

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  • TheBadSignOfTheMoon

    It’s so amazing! You did a very goog job. I like those dragons although I don’t understand them ;)

    • Shadowwolf1357

      The dragons are-i’m guessing-the black and white souls of the dragons, liek every species has one. Idk if there ARE dragons in this but thats my best guess. I’m guessing Iki, and the human white spirit were trying to stop them from fighting…but it’s only a guess.

  • Amelizraines

    What I don’t get is why both the white and black spirit dragons seem to be connected to one another…. Wicked page and probably my new favorite. :) 

  • Shadowwolf1357

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  • Squishy Crayon

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    Wow I’m so obsessed with this comic.
    But what is Hati doing in the sky over there to the left?

    • Shadowwolf1357

      Uh, I’m not sure. Maybe he was coming to help and realized he was to late? It doesn’t seem like it but Hati does care….maybe he felt the blow that sent Iki/Skoll to earth. As different as they are they are connected, so they might feel each others physical pain. Maybe.

    • alb lup

      I like maybe Hati is howling because he could have possibly warned Skoll about being with the white human spirit and told him only bad would come of it but then he could have possibly left Hati to be with the white human spirit anyway and maybe he’s howling as a last attempt to warn Skoll of the danger he’s getting into. Or maybe he’s morning the loss of his brother as he fell from the sky at the bottom. Or maybe he’s howling so that Skoll will hear him and return… -shrug- I dunno.

    • Em

      I think it was because Hati was doing the whole ‘chasing the moon’ thing. I could be wrong, but that’s what i think since he is the moon herder.

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    Hati: I fail to see the problem. 

    • Shadowwolf1357

      Thats the mark the white spirits of the wolves has. Hati has one too but its different and it’s red instead of blue. The cracking on Iki/Skolls face represents the memory barrier breaking down. He’s remembering what happened when the human white spirit disappeared.

      • LupusLazuli

        I know, I was making a reference to Yugioh Abridged when Noah’s face went all freaky. But thanks. =)

        • Shadowwolf1357

          Oh. Its been a long time since I saw yugioh and I don’t think I’ve seen any abridged yugioh so I didn’t understand your reference lol. Thanks for clearing that up lol.

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    • LupusLazuli

      Be patient. I understand it’s a little annoying that they haven’t updated us, telling us that the page is going to be late for various reasons. But the longer the page will be the better it’s going to be, so be a little patient. They do have lives unlike us internet habitants. =P

  • Liza Leonova

    Is anyone else starting to think that the artists are putting TOO much detail into the pages? It takes them forever to finish them… and what do they get in return? People clamoring that they need to hurry up and finish the next one.
    Less detail = more pages  = win-win
    Not only do the artists spend less time on the comic, but the fans can also enjoy weekly updates.
    But this is a beautiful comic, and I am willing to wait as long as it takes.

    • Sky Lily

       Artists take pride in their work, and forcing them to starve themselves of the detail and life that they want to give their pages would be a pretty cruel thing to ask.  Besides, they plan on publishing and selling this comic when it’s done.  Why sacrifice market-worthy quality for impatient fans? 

      Off White is such a well loved comic not just for its plotline, but for the brilliant life that each page has.  It’s a breathtaker and I like it that way.

      • Liza Leonova

        I wasn’t FORCING them to do anything. It’s their comic. They may do as they please. I was making a suggestion.
        Of course, I do not think that a different opinion is necessarily a wrong one. 
        You think the current balance between quantity and quality is fine, and that is your opinion. I made the suggestion that perhaps the artists may like to tweak that. Ultimately, it is THEIR choice whether to listen to the fans or ignore them.

    • Natalietai_silentandstill

      its not too much detail its QUALITY! 

    • WolfyProwler

      I believe they should keep doing what they’re doing now. After all, most of us here have the patience in waiting for the next beautiful page to be released. And we also understand how busy they are in person.
      Besides, I’m sure that when this series is released into a book format, you would want the pages to look like a professional comic.
      And I’m sure when they do transfer it into another format, they would have the feeling to want to edit the photos to look their best, which would cost more of their time in the future.
      So getting it done now than then would be better for all of us, we get better graphics, and it saves their time in the future, plus they usually do release pages on a weekly bases, but you can tell after this page, it will be a true wind breaker. That we finally get to see Iki being smart/serious, and remembering things, and Jera’s soon to be gaping mouth. So I’m sure this one took a little more thought and effort since it’s release hasn’t been made this week yet.

      Just saying. :)

      • Shadowwolf1357

        LOL. I want to see Jera’s face when they wake up and his face is all glowly and he’s serious and smart and beating them at everything lol. That would be SO funny. You make very good points.

    • akreon

      Sorry but for me it’s always quality over quantity ;P

    • The Doctor

      We think the comics are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Who cares if it takes them a while to finish each page? You should be happy that they even take the time to make this series as fantastic as it is. If you cannot be patient, you should probably just stop reading these comics altogether and move onto a different series :

      • ChewaShoe

         If you read the last line of their post they said that they’re willing to wait. Why is it that when anyone posts a pondering on the waiting time that people automatically assume that they’re crabbing about the lack of a new page?

        I don’t care how long it takes to make a page, I’m just bothered that some of us here don’t seem to fully read a post and seem to assume any post that mentions the waiting time as a person who’s “impatient for a page”.

        If anything it would be that lack of full comprehension that would chase people away because they would be hesitant to post something for fear of being reprimanded just for speaking their mind or “wondering out loud” in their text. :/ What’s the point of reading a free web comic if you can’t share your thoughts about aspects of it with other people that read it?

        Sort of pointless if you ask me.

        • Shadowwolf1357

          Your right. Some us are impatient, I agree, but others are speculating about what might happen. The suspense is awesome. If you get my meaning, that is lol. Speaking our mind is fine, but if you ARE an impatient soul, I would suggest finding something else to occupy your time and come back in a few days to see if the next page is out.

          • Dogschewshoes

             Being a high school senior who’s social issue project has to be done in one semester I do have a lot of stuff to do and little free time.

            It just saddens me that every time I come here during some of my free time all I see are people either nagging for a page…or nagging at the people that want a page to shut their mouths and go away. Not a very pleasant atmosphere in my opinion.

            The pages are wonderful and the people speculating about stuff is awesome. I just wish that both sides would refrain from trying to ‘justify’ their means in regards to page updates > > No one wants to see “NEW PAGE NAOW PLZ!1!!!” or even get caught reading a million “it takes an incredibly long time to master art so therefore pages may take a while, just be patient or go somewhere else”. It’s snappish on both sides and is just flat out annoying. XD

    • Okami129

       Oh look, I’m gonna be one of the few sane people. My dear, an artist myself I know the detail is actually a perspective of opinion. I understand what you’re saying, but looking at some of the speed paints, it really doesn’t take them that long and isn’t that hard most the time. Shattering glass is a different story however. Look at it this way, the longer the wait, the better the page.
      There’s also the possibility of writers block. Anyone who’s wrote a story or done a roleplay knows this feeling.
      Besides, I myself rather have a longer wait than have something that looks like crap. ;)

      • Shadowwolf1357

        Thank you for your sanity, and you make valid points, you never know what’s going on in the aritists lives, they may have had a family tradegy. I hope not, but it may have happened. Family is more important than a comic, and I’m sure if that is the case, than when they do get the comic out it will be great and I’m sure none of us will ask for an apology for keeping us waiting because that would be highly rude.

    • Chase01

      I hope you realize that last sentence you said didn’t make it okay to say everything that you just said. You just go ahead and do an undetailed comic and put it out there for the world to see and publish it too, and TRY to feel good about yourself knowing you did a half-ass job. I think i made my point :)

  • WolfyProwler

    Wow! I know I’ve drawn many hypothesis to predict the next page, but now I’m sure that the cracking on his face will mean that on the next page(s), he will look like Skoll’s true form.
    I can’t believe I just now thought of that. X)

    • Chase01

      Believe me your not the only one XD

    • Shadowwolf1357

      Your right WolfyProwler, he will probably be in his true form, which will probably look totally awesome and may be way the next page is taking time. Seeing Skoll’s true form after it’s been hidden so many years will probably be glorious and breathtaking. The next page, will quite simply be amazing, no matter what happens.

      • WolfyProwler

        Thank you, ShadowWolf. And we were right! It took so long because they were making 2 pages as one was not enough for the fans’ comic hunger. I too anticipated to see what the first words Skoll would say, those two next pages are awesome. :D 
        And I just can’t wait to see how Jera and Isa will treat him. ^-^

        • Shadowwolf1357

          Your welcome. And yes the next two pages are quite simply awesome. ^^ Now we’re all glad we waited lol

  • So_quest

    Wow @facebook-100000562813721:disqus your a idiot. I don’t care how long it takes. This page is BREATHTAKING. This has always been on the top list of comics. Most comics are just eh with the graphics but obviously these too are willing to spend their energy and time to make their comics brilliant and beautiful and that is what I love most. If you want a shitty comic with quickly uploaded pages please go elsewhere. You’ll never find that here. Most comic even how shitty don’t even upload that often. So take your unappreciative, critical, unpatient butt elsewhere. 

    • Ixcelon


      First of all. Typos.. Wow,*You’re An* These two*Impatient*

      Secondly. That was uncalled for and so rude. There’s seriously no need for that. Thirdly. If Liza Leonova is such an idiot, why haven’t I seen any typos in her sentences? -Also, if this was meant for Liza to read- You could have just replied to her instead of just randomly stating she’s an idiot. It was so pointless.Lastly.. Your foul criticism towards Liza is all over a comic? 
      Not that I’m telling you straight- but isn’t that a bit childish?
      Not to mention that you accused her of criticizing the artists. 
      She was simply suggesting something- That’s a new story, and I highly doubt the artists would change anything because one person stated their opinion.It would’ve been better if you had just kept quiet. 
      (sorry for that long rant)For the Artists of this comic: I love it, along with all your other art pieces. Keep up the great art work~ <3

      • Chase01

        so rude?… wow… Liza was being rude not So_quest… and u need to realize Liza was criticizing the artists and insulting some of the commentators who ask for them to hurry up and she made it sound like they were getting aggravated but ive only seen a couple of people get mad over it and everyone else just says stuff like “i cant wait for the next page!”

        • Waganja

          I don’t think Liza was being rude at all. I saw her post as being more sympathetic than anything. 

          “Is anyone else starting to think that the artists are putting TOO much
          detail into the pages? It takes them forever to finish them… and what
          do they get in return? People clamoring that they need to hurry up and
          finish the next one.”

          Translation: The artists put their heart and souls into each page and all they get in return are people shouting YOU ARE LATE AGAIN or MAKE THEM FASTER!!!

          That isn’t rude. That’s the truth. >_>. I do see more comments saying “Can’t wait!” than “OMG DO THEM FASTER”, but those people are still there on every page, maybe not complaining per se, but definitely voicing the opinion that the updates are too slow.

          The last time I checked this comic was almost a year ago. There were sixteen new pages. By webcomic standards, that’s a very slow update – if they were working on some epic graphic novel to be published, that still might be too slow. Luckily for the artists of this awesome comic, they aren’t getting paid to do this, so they don’t have a boss breathing down their necks. There are plenty of high quality art-wise web comics that update weekly, or biweekly. Though granted, those comics may very well be that person’s job.

          Artists in the working field usually need to learn shortcuts and quick ways to do things because there are DEADLINES to meet. That’s one of the reasons most animated cartoons feature characters that only have four fingers. Sacrifices in quality often need to be made.

          It’s completely fine for an artist to want to take as much time as possible on their finished artwork, but when people are expecting new material on a regular basis, Liza’s suggestion doesn’t come off as rude so much as practical.

          But, then again, who knows? The artists aren’t making a salary off of this website, at least not one you can live off. They likely have full time jobs. I know I scarcely have time to doodle anymore, let alone do a masterpiece, due to the need to make money and not starve to death.

          Insulting everyone who has a different opinion than yours gets you nowhere to boot. Liza didn’t say “OH MAN YOU GUYS ARE SO SLOW YOU NEED TO CUT CORNERS AND PRODUCE 4000 LBS OF CRAP!”, she said, “I think that if you found ways to finish your pages faster with minimal sacrifice to quality, your fans would be happier!”

          That’s not a rude suggestion at all. Though, as I said, these artists may very well have full time jobs and a busy life, so in the end we should just be patient and try not to rip each other’s throats out just because we don’t agree with what someone else said.

          • Dogschewshoes

            This post is just win right here. Thank you thank you thank you.

            You pretty much said what I’ve been trying to say and have been thinking for a while.

          • Impoverished-Picasso


    • Liza Leonova

      Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am sorry if my opinion offended you. I did not mean to offend the artists or the readers in ANY way. 
      And I did say I was willing to wait. AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

  • Example

    I’m starting to think something happened to the artists in real life, since we haven’t even gotten a post about the wait.

  • Shadowwolf1357

    I hope not Example, that would be one serious cliff hanger, as no one else would be able to tell this story the way he authors of this can. The graphics are beautiful, the storyline engaging and entertaining. I love this comic, I will wait for the next page, and know I will love the detail and whatever happens next.

  • WolfBabe102

    Why are people complaining about the detail in the pictures and that its taking to long. This comic is well worth waiting for and the detail drags me in even more. I like people having their own opinions but please take into consideration the effort they put into it.

    • Chase01

      yeh same here in my opinion no detail makes it less interesting its annoying me that everyone complains

  • Gabriela

    that cold feeling you get throughout your body when you are being accused of something terrible you didn’t remember and suddenly it just clicks and you cant help the flicker of recognition in your expression.

  • Ilovevolleyball001

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    • Chase01

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  • Nightwood25

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    Epic comic, by the way. ;3

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    I’m speechless… :O

    *bows to the makers of the comic* ^^

  • LittleBlackTeacup

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    • Thulium

      When Iki fell, it stopped snowing :D

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    Amazing job as always, guys! I love how it looks chaotic, but really easy to follow along on. It’s like disorganized memories. I just…I just adore it! <3

  • Paradiseaddicthe1

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  • Rabidclownsattack

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    • Dragonrider

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    Wow, I am listening to a sad song at the moment, so this really, it’s just, idk, POW!
    (That made no sense…)

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  • Ewohflk

    So Askr is the first man in world and got eaten by dragon?

    • Genell S

      Askr is a girl :P

      • Jessica Waller

        well maybe when Askr was with skoll, Askr was a guy then that picture we saw in the gallery Askr then was reincarnated? not sure if that fits. as a girl? taking a wild guess here…


    Iki looks VERY.. sad

  • Akapilinska

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  • ShakeYoBones

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  • Wolfys

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    • Helixwolf

      Just because someone thinks that Askr is a female or is Seven does mean that Askr is a guy you know.

  • Liehnova T

    I think Seven is Askr….

    • Iki is amazing17

      Same here

      • Arcaine

        She doesn’t have blue eyes, though…

  • Shale1999

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    • Helixwolf

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  • Alexandra Ribali

    wait so askr died? XD dumb question :3

  • Em

    Hmm…I wonder This page begs the question why Askr didn’t come back like Skoll did. Perhaps the spirit cannot be reborn if their body is destroyed?

    • Helixwolf

      Well Askr did die and the two people (forgot their names) are trying to bring back Askr but they need Iki/Skolls spirit to do it probably, cause of some spirit shit. So in short no he can’t come back.

      • Lupa-SheWolf

        And they are going to kill Iki, aren’t they?

        • Arcaine

          I doubt it, they were relieved when they didn’t see any wolves with blue eyes when Othala’s pack was killed

          • Helixwolf

            good for them (wave flag)

          • Lupa-SheWolf

            Yes, but how they can transfer Sköll to a human body?

          • Arcaine

            (Late reply is late) Weeeell… Technology!
            Or I don’t know. Maybe they need Sköll alive.

  • Helixwolf

    Are the dragons fused together or not it is really confusing.

    • Tahja

      They are two seperate entities, just swaying around each other. Almost like how a snake’s courtship dance.

  • Helixwolf

    Iki is not Iki any more HE IS SKOLL!

  • Arcaine

    Ok I’m confused here. Who is a girl in this comic? I mean, of Hati, Hugin, Munin and Askr. I’m reading comments and it’s confusing ._.

    • Khan

      In the gallery, you can see the white human spirit is a woman. Then, Askr is the girl. Hati, Hugin and Munin are all male

  • altea the white wolf

    i think that might be Hati over on the left side of the page

  • Daniel Kauwe

    oooh! just have to express my excitement here!

  • Orithya

    Oh! Iki is evolving!
    Hurry, press B! Press B! D:

    • altea the white wolf

      congratulations! your Iki evlolved into Skoll. enjoy your new off whitemon.

  • Helixwolf

    Wait, the black spirit made the white spirit right? You an tell me if I’m right or not. >:3

    • Tahja

      In a sense, the black and white spirits just split from each other. Kind of how Eve split from Adam in the bible.

      • Helixwolf

        Oh yeah. Thanks a lot Tahja!

  • Mistclaw

    I thought the human white spirt was a female? If you look in the site’s gallery the very first original piece made was of Embla(human black spirit?) an her white spirited sister Askr. So why is Askr being portrayed as a male?

    • Nox

      Yes, Askr is female. Since this is showing their souls, I’m guessing it’s just supposed to be a generic human shape; not male.

    • Caprine

      They have many different incarnations

  • Altea the white wolf

    Askr was raised by the wolves!

    • WolfNightV4X1

      I love that song so much >w<! I had no idea there was a nightcore version. Awesomeness!

  • Guest

    | | (OMG)
    | | /
    _________ /

  • Wildehond

    Iki is Superman. He fell from the sky with powers. Raigho and Jera raised him. Story of Superman/ Iki’s life lol.

    • WolfNightV4X1

      Haha! It’s like Smallville: Off-white edition :P

  • Chukkanut

    I think that the white and blue should be for the moon and the red and black should be for the sun. It would fit the colors better. If you look at the sun (hurts you eyes of course) Its a yellow/orange/reddish and around the edges its dark while the moon is white and glows slightly blue. But people like to accosiate darkness and redness with night and evil i guess. :/ I never understood that because im a nocturnal person.

    • Caprine

      black spirits aren’t any more evil than white spirits, they all lord over different things it doesn’t mean they’re anymore evil or good. Like the Snow leopard white spirit we saw before, he was greedy and cruel and caused a lot of trauma for not only the humans but they hinted that they had killed packs of wolves too, and he was a white spirit. Hati just seems like kind of a dick.

      • Chukkanut.

        I meant to establish that black and white spirits weren’t good or bad automatically. I don’t think I explain my reasoning well though.

  • TheRebelLion96


  • Draconi

    If they were fighting the dragon, why didn’t they ask the black spirits (wolf and human) to help?? And why has this dragon kept it’s instability in the form of being both colours and having two heads? I mean, before the spirits split to black and white, they were grey, right?? What was the dragon actually doing? What was it supposed to lord over? Why did the dragon consume Askr?? Why were they fighting in the first place? I suppose it could’ve been the dragon’s instability that drove Askr and Sköll to fight, but again, wouldn’t Hati and the black human spirit (sorry, don’t know it’s name or gender) have been helpful to have?? Also, when was all this happening and if it was due to the dragon’s instability that Askr and Sköll fought it, where were the other spirits? Couldn’t they have helped?? And what would’ve happened if Sköll and Askr had defeated the dragon, what would’ve happened to the dragons as a species?? Would they, and consequently, their cousin species (reptiles and perhaps birds), have died out? But if Sköll and Askr hadn’t failed their “mission” (as Hati did say Sköll did just like to fight), would Ragnarok still be happening?? I’m assuming yes, but slower, because in the prologue, Hati said that many species were dying out anyway. However, don’t the species die out because their black and white spirits died? But… don’t the spirits get reborn? But my point was, if Ragnarok were still happening, what would happen with Raigho and his pack? Would they have been any better or worse off? Or would nothing have changed?? Actually, Fehu would have presumably challenged Raigho. If Fehu had won, he’d have taken the pack home and this entire mission to prevent Ragnarok (i think) wouldn’t be happening. Sorry, i’m nit-picky and a bit confused really ._. Sorry… ,_,

    • Shinsun

      As I understand it, at least, what I can infer, is that Skoll and Askr were close friends, and also kind of like rebels. The dragon spirits were destroying grey human souls, as Hati explains in a later panel, so they fought the spirits in retaliation, but Askr was eaten and Skoll’s incarnation was killed. As for the black spirits, Hati and Embla I believe, they didn’t believe the death of a few hundred grey souls was worth a war between spirits and a disruption of the balance, so Skoll and Askr fought the dragon spirits alone. Again, just speculation, but I think one of the humans earlier mentioned dragons were among the races that fell into decline, possibly extinction. In the prologue, there’s a lot of explanation about loss of balance and races dying out. As for Ragnarok, we’ll have to see how the authors portray it, but the legend is that it’s the end of the world, in which the Earth freezes (for like…eight hundred years or something? I forget), and then melts, drowning the inhabitants except for two survivors. I don’t know where they’re going to take that, but the loss of the sun herder can’t be good for the outcome. …I don’t really know any of this for certain, but I hope the (speculation) explanation helped. :)

    • Dragonheart

      I’ll ignore the points Shinsun made and put in that I’m fairly sure the dragon spirits were in fact two seperate beings, merely acting as one.

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    Dem feels.

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    Oh, damn. This is so fucking perfect.

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