• Nick Lopez

    In the 3rd panel, I swear that Skoll has a look of seduction.

    • Leandro Evequoz

      yeah lol

  • Jae

    “You had ONE job!”

    • Leandro Evequoz

      lol ikr XD

  • Leandro Evequoz

    There you go….

  • Anonymous

    Existence is what it should be, it’s misspelled here.

  • Fenrir

    Skoll, becoming corrupted slowly..

    • Munin

      Corrupted how? I never understood what people meant by this, or if Hati is right or if Skoll is right

  • Lucario Mega

    For a moment… i thoght he looking at me ;-; *panel 3*

  • Miss Horizon

    YOU HAD ONE JOB (im so sorry xD)