• Surrah

    Hati is right, Skoll’s attitude of giving up is stupid. Hati knows that there is a chance, but Skoll is not listening.

    • Shichibi

      Not quite.
      Hati just *doesn’t care* …. for him only their job is important and what happens to the humans OR the balance of good and bad is out of his concern.
      Sköll is far more empathetic than to ever accept that.

      Sköll has been through SO much more than we see at first.
      Though, he fought for us so, so much and against the dragons who tried to destroy our race and then even went to the Netherworld with Askr to help us, humans, out and assist Askr in the big, final battle.
      Unfortunately they both lost and not just that… his very best friend, which was the ONLY constant friend, since all the mortal ones would die off at one point anyway, leaving him alone, got killed off.
      This will leave a mark on someone, you know :P, even if you are a holy spirit.

      Hati just wants to continue their job until it is truly the end of the world and they all stop existing.
      Sköll did so much and lost so badly, plus the one he truly trusted… and this crushed him and he lost hope and he probably also knows what will happen when good&bad are mixing and there is no balance… knowing that it will be better to end it off fast and not just letting the world slowly die, overtaken by chaos and immorality.

      • Confused

        So, why would the dragons attack humanity is my question? Did himanity provoke them first?

    • BookwormLi

      I agree with Shichibi. I don’t think that they really have a traditional “good or bad” denomination here, it’s more of which side they take. Sköll wants to give up and let everything fall into the darkness, while Hati wants to keep the world running as long as it can. The two are based more on two opposing elements, rather than good or evil, as far as I can see. Sköll is like ice, more slow, and sluggish, but rigid and unmoving from his opinions, and content with the world as it is now. Sure, he might unintentionally move a few bits and pieces out of his way every now and then, but mostly, he’s extremely nonchalant and minds his own business. You can say he has a cold outlook on life, and is more chill than his brother. Hati, on the other hand, is more like fire, which is always moving, quick to act, passionate, and will effect the environment around him majorly, on purpose or not. He likes things his way, and would not hesitate to burn anyone who stands in his way. He is also seems to have a massive temper, as well being arrogant, having slightly excessive conviction of his own views and opinions, and is shocked by anyone who doesn’t agree with him. I think there are a lot more similarities between them than the two will admit, especially in the way they guard there beliefs fiercely. Sköll, as an impassable barrier of ice, and it seems to be almost impossible to change his opinions, which are not unlike the ice he represents. Hati, representing the fire, loves things to go his way, and would not mind mind burning down anyone in his way to fulfill his passion. I can see their equal stubbornness leading to clashes between the two in the future. Personally, I find it confusing why Sköll was chasing the sun, and why Hati was herding the moon. Their respective personalities should entitle them to switch positions.

      Neither is right, and neither is wrong. It’s just the matter of which position they take on this, and which one will be more beneficial to the world.

  • Fenrir

    Neither is right, and neither is wrong. They need to come together.

  • OFF WHITE lover57

    Bro Skoll aka Iki is just a lazt ass mutt.

  • OFF WHITE lover57


  • Christina Jackson

    the art style always makes me happy