• Alexandra Longden

    I agree with Iki on this one you don’t learn things if you don’t try, Jera was being totally unreasonable as an adopted mother, Iki’s at the age where he must be able to hold his own πŸ˜›

    • Checkers


      Seeing as he’s about 2 years old, he should technically be able to hunt on his own. The fact that he can’t makes me wonder if Raigho and Jera ever let him do trial and error attempts on his own, or if he’s just so bad he’d never learn even if they tried to teach him.

      • Wolf pups begin running and hunting with the rest of the pack as early as about 6 months of age, so the fact that he’s at least a juvenile or a young adult (wolves mature at 3 years, not 2 years like dogs of a comparable size) it would make sense why Jera is so harsh and scornful of his incompetence.

        He’s quite the late bloomer to not be fully capable of taking down smaller game by now. It’s actually rare for wolves to hunt large prey, and when they do they typically target weak or injured animals to weed out the sickly, keep herds healthy and of course drastically improve their chances at success — but lemming, ptarmigans and other rodents and birds really should not be such a challenge for him, lol.

        Not every hunting attempt is successful of course, but it sounds like virtually none of Iki’s are. He just sucks at it, so he’s another mouth to feed for them without being much of a contributor himself – then to make matters worse, he goes off on his own without notice and risks getting himself lost or into trouble – and Jera just doesn’t have the patience for his shenanigans. : P
        Love this page. <3

        • this is also a SyFi comic.

          • Really?!

          • Artista

            Well, more like fantasy.

          • I had no idea – the wolves here do this kind of shit all the dang time, it’s a real nuisance! : /

          • Artista

            It’s natural in a fantasy world. I cannot tell if you’re being serious, or sarcastic.

        • Checkers

          By ‘at least 2 years old’ I mean he’s age the age where he should be able to hunt by now, not that he was 100% mature. I should’ve been more clear on that LOL.

          I think the increased intelligence of the characters in the comic could twist some normal behaviors or facts. I’m willing to keep an open mind that Iki’s either a late bloomer and/or absolute failure at hunting, or that – due to the pack constantly moving around, he never got the proper chance to practice hunting on his own, making him clumsy and useless on actual hunts because he can’t follow cues or acts hastily.

          I think his lemming attempt earlier seems more like the latter situation is possible, since Iki was making a large amount of noise which wound up giving him away, but ya never know.

          Iki’s hunting skills or lack thereof make me really excited for when Othala’s pack appears again in the redone pages. I really want to see if Iki will go “Sheep are weak and slow? I want to hunt one! I can surely catch it!” when it comes to the sheep argument. The whole sheep thing always clicked weirdly in my brain so I feel like it might have more importance than being the crux that makes Raigho lead the pack away.

  • man, feels like iki suddenly went out of character in off white. i liked the older /confused version over the one that actually challenges jera. =/

    • Iki also was challenging Jera in the old version. Not in this particular scene, but later when he had a fit in the snowstorm where he just sat down and after that when he snapped back at Jera for her comment of him never being useful.
      So I personally think that his character stayed the same, but that the authors decided to show this character trait of him here already. c:

      • eh, i didint really consider that a challenge since jera didint really fight back after iki’s little tantrum. and iki was a lot farther from her then a foot or two

        here its a full on baring the teeth and standing his ground in front of the alpha.

        • phake

          well, way hes baring his teeth is more of a nervous/ submissive shape the a snarl http://shady-maddness.deviantart.com/art/Agression-vs-Fear-in-Wolves-cheat-sheet-Snarls-523631168

        • Checkers

          Alpha/Beta/Omega ranking orders don’t exist in wolf packs though. It’s not ideal logic to follow, it’ll just make interactions confusing LOL.

          It makes more sense when you look at it as Jera’s an adoptive mother to Iki and that the two just flat out don’t get along for whatever reason.

        • Mossy Rabbit

          Well, he did the same sort of snarl at Jera in the old pages too. check page 29.

      • Well spotted!
        With the rework we’re going to move some scenes around merge bits of pieces. We were very inexperienced when starting the comic and moods of the characters were all over the place. We also had a lot of long scenes that didn’t say much bet then tried to squeeze exposition into one or two pages πŸ˜›
        The little scene you’ve mentioned will be something a bit different now πŸ˜‰

        • for some odd reason I keep getting this every time I head to Off-White.

          • Checkers

            Is that internet explorer?

            Why would you do that to yourself?

          • yes its IE and I did nothing to cause it. I barely know how to use my computer. it started doing this a few days after they posted the patron thingy.

          • Checkers

            I meant why would you use IE in the first place. All my experiences with the browser were absolutely terrible.

            Have you checked your firewall settings in the browser? IE might think something on the home page is a threat when it really isn’t. You can probably try and set an exception somewhere in the tools and set the off-white site to be ignored by the firewall (if I’m remembering the security options of IE right), and see if that helps.

          • Windows SmartScreen is unfortunately quite buggy and it’s been known to give false positives. I can’t do much about it. I’ve scanned all of our files and made sure it’s safe (every web scanner shows we’re perfectly a-ok). The only thing YOU can do is click “more” and mark our website as safe.

          • i know you guys are a safe sight. what’s funny is it only does it the home page and not the rest. Keep up the amazing work you three.

    • Checkers

      Iki’s challenged, gone against, and generally been some level of disrespectful of Jera’s authority (or at least in what she says) in a variety of ways throughout the whole comic. There was the fit in the snowstorm Lilafly mentioned, the older page 29 (“Yeah?! And what did YOU do, smartie?!”), his facial expressions on page 147-148 can come off as a tad petulant, and then plumb sneaked away from her on page 220 (had an evil little smile on his face to boot).

      He’s always been a brat, but the light-hearted writing in the older pages made it harder to notice. Now that the writing quality has improved and been shuffled around Iki’s character’s far more visible (at least in my opinion).

  • HutchTheLupe

    Raigho’s face! xD, is like “oh for the love of fenrir” nice details by the way, as always

  • RainingMountains

    Whoa, drastic change in Iki. Makes him seem more like a spoiled brat than an innocent one.
    Well…that’s my opinion anyway ^^’

    • I’m interested in hearing why you think this makes him seem more spoiled than innocent? In the page this one is replicated from, he still reacts angrily to her ridicule, so in terms of his response to her, it’s basically the same.
      I’m curious because I personally don’t see how him not being allowed to hunt is showing him as spoiled?

      • i think its because of his goofiness/ jokes in the older ones.

        such as his lemming hunt was a bit more relaxed and cartoony. his defenses against jeras insults were always goofy replies
        “yeah, and what did you do smarty?”

        or on page 40 when there first going into the woods.
        “i hope that there aren’t any woozles around … or werebadgers.”

        or that he has that stereotyped – kid whos always hungry and loves meat”

        and theres his nervousness around kaya. then suddenly is distracted by food.

        his attention toward birds flying by distracted him enough he almost fell off a cliff. along with the line

        “oh wow! birds! so many of them…” which feels like he isint very old if hes never seen a flock of birds before and interested enough to almost to fall off a cliff.

        all these things just made him seem like a goofball who leaned more toward a innocent kid figure. if his older version was left on his own, it seemed like he really wouldn’t last long or even know what to do.

        and now his newer version feels like it leans toward a older teen. he seems more serious/ knows a lot more of the world around him.

        his brattyness coming off from the way he just wanders off without telling anybody. and that he snaps at jera

        “yeah, but as always jera decided to be a kill joy.”

        his wording being a little rude and making seem like he thought hunting was just something fun to do. if he really took it seriously he wouldn’t have romped so loudly while after the lemming. and if he didint know like as jera pointed out, then doesint that just prove her point?

        him not taking it seriously just shows his brattyness more. maybe raighgo and jera could actually teach him if they didint have to go looking for him every time they stopped and waste time with him fighting jera for being a “kill joy.”

        obviously you wouldn’t be saying those things to your mom or dad unless you wanted a time out or a sore ass.
        “yeah, i was messing around till my parents became kill joys.”

        • Checkers

          I think Iki’s being more bratty than his ‘usual’ self here, tbh.

          From what Fehu said on the previous page, it’s safe to assume that Iki hasn’t been told why the pack is moving in the first place, and is now starting to notice something is up. Whether it’s that Iki can sense some spiritual imbalance or that their traveling isn’t the same as following any nomadic ungulates the pack might hunt, he’s frustrated that something’s going on that he doesn’t know about it.

          He could possibly try to balance the frustration by thinking ‘well if I’m not told it’s obviously not TOO important’ and be more OK with wandering off than he should.

          Jera’s right that it’s stupid of him to wander off when he doesn’t even know how to hunt, but is kind of insensitive in how she talks to him here and that could agitate Iki if he’s already ruffled about something. And Iki has a point that he’ll never really figure it out if he can’t try to get kills on his own, and was stupid for not telling anyone, but it’s hard to really put the full blame on him since he doesn’t even know or is sure of what’s going on.

          At least that’s how I’m interpreting it. Fehu said Raigho’s been saying he’ll tell Iki for the last few weeks and yet still hasn’t, so I’m just taking Iki’s acting up now as karma biting Raigho (and by extension the rest of the pack) in the ass.

      • RainingMountains

        I think I just worded it strangely (I’m terrible at choosing words haha). I really wasn’t expecting him to snap at her so strongly and especially since I’ve always viewed him as a pretty dopey and innocent wolf his actions here just seemed so off to his character. With that the first words that hit my head were “spoiled brat” because Jera has a point: how can he hunt when no one has taught him scratch? Probably not even some of the basics? He shouldn’t have run off to go hunt when he has no idea what he’s doing. He could get hurt and Jera was worried about that (she also seems to word things wrongly as well lol). He wasn’t taking others into account for his actions and just went and did it anyway because “why not?” You can clearly see from his posture and words that he just didn’t care. In the older version, it just sounded like a hasty remark that a young child would say when loosing an argument. Now it just sounds off and puts Iki off as a much harsher character than to what we’re used to.

        Maybe I’m just taking things out of context (like usual), but this is just how I interpreted the situation.
        Hopefully you actually understood my ramblings XD

  • An Va

    I love this newest pages, good work guys β™₯

  • Star Wolf~

    This is a lovely page but Iki’s behavior here doesn’t really fit to me o-o

    • His ‘tude in this page isn’t much different than the page it’s replicated from, it’s just more detailed and doesn’t have an in-your-face-humor comment shoved in the middle of his reaction scene this time.

      That’s just my personal take on it though!!

  • Emareee

    Ohhhh damn Iki’s got some ‘tude.

    //screams from a distance

  • OH, OH, I see the reference to one of your very old pages in that last panel! ;w; Except Fehu was there instead of Raigho.

    So it looks like the lighthearted/comical dialogue from before has been dropped for good. It is saddening, but at the same time I’m very intrigued with Iki’s new lines and implied personality. I’d like to see how the rest of this scene turns out πŸ˜€

    • Shop Dog

      ya i miss some of the humor that was in the original pages, but the the art of the new ones is so superior.

      • Checkers

        Plucky journey turned to hell’s hall is really common and predictable. I’m happy they’re starting this off kind of tense.

        • Shop Dog

          yes but for Iki the entire revile of him turning into Skoll was supposed to be the shocker because he was such an innocent goofball before. if you make him more off an ass right off the bat than its going to be less of a surprise when the reviles he’s not who he says he is, when he goes from innocence to evil its going to have less impact because he was never realy innocent to begin with. always being defensive and stubborn takes away from the innocent development of his caricature.

          • Checkers

            He’s not more of an ass off the bat lmao. He’s a brat. Always has been. These pages are showing the conflicts Iki has with the pack. That’s all this is doing.

            There will probably be plenty of moments where he’ll have that innate cheerfulness/innocence that we know him for – it’s present in later pages that aren’t being redone/aren’t getting heavily edited. The improved writing will just tone it down since he’s not being painted one colour anymore.

          • Shop Dog

            ya fair enough

            also checkers you might want to cut down on the lamo after the start off every other post. sorry it just gets annoying when people use those expressions all of the time.

          • Checkers

            Seriously? Damn.

            Whole reason I occasionally use text speak is because people always complained that I sounded too serious/abrasive/”Like I have a stick up my ass” all the time when I didn’t/hardly used it at all. I can never win.

          • Can’t please everyone at once, as I heard someone say. -_(ツ)_/
            Just do as you see fit.

            Don’t worry, in life, no one ever wins, and we’re all losers until we achieve unlimited power!! *insert evil Emperor Palpatine cackle* (in seriousness you don’t lose until you’re dead, and even then)

          • Shop Dog


    • that light hearted comical is what got me hooked on Off-White in the first place. I hope the old pages get to stay as an optional side if someone wants to see how it got its start.

    • I would say it’s not entirely dropped, but it’s more subtle than before. I personally find the more subtle and less random humor more appealing, but maybe that’s because I’m sick of seeing the random eat-some-humor trope? Haha, either way, I’m also looking forward to seeing the rest of this scene. πŸ™‚

  • γƒŠγƒŠ/ Nana

    In terms of pure body language of wolves last panel seems a bit odd. Iki is totally not looking like lower rank and Jera doesn’t look like pissed off alpha female. The key here are ears. Iki looks more aggressive because his ears are pricked forward, even thought his overall body is a bit lowered. Jera’s ears are a bit sideways. So it seems like Iki is more shamelessly showing his aggression, while Jera is a bit hestitant. It’s like her losing starring contest with Iki if described in more human understandable terms. Well maybe that was intentional… πŸ™‚ Anyways, awesome work!

    • Checkers

      There’s no such thing as ‘lower ranking wolves’ in packs, so looking at the body language in a hierarchy archetype that doesn’t even exist in wolves is bound to make it look weird.

      • Wolfie

        There’s lower ranking wolves in pack…

        And omega/omegas
        But this is a comic I don’t think they go that deep to it…more the story and such ..


        • Debunker

          lmao nope, the alpha/beta/omega wolf structure was debunked years ago and was based off a faulty study of unrelated captive wolves. Checkers is right.

          • Wolfie

            LOOK –ALPHAS GET pups yeah blah blah mother father yes. betas are under the alphas and also care for the pups and go for hunt mostly with the alpha male, while the omega and alpha female stay home to look out for puppies(if there’s some)

          • Checkers

            You’re not helping wolves any by continuing to use terms from a grossly faulty and outdated system.

          • If alphas only get pups, how do you explain two breeding pairs in a single pack?
            Yes, I mean pairs. No, not a captive pack.
            That’s like a major ringer.

          • HellhoundMutt417

            Yep, I agree with this entirely. Its actually kinda interesting to see how far we’ve come in terms of researching animals. The entire time while we thought wolf packs consisted of unrelated individuals fighting over who is the strongest, when they’re all really just families. For anyone who wants actual evidence, here is a link to one of the wolf behaviorists, David L. Mech: http://www.davemech.org/news.html
            Even he’s admitted that the whole “alpha” wolf thing is just outdated information, and he has tried to stop his publishers from re-releasing his book “The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species” because all it does is spread outdated research across the world to the younger generations and other people who don’t study wolves. I’m glad people are starting to realize this new research because it is really interesting.

          • Checkers
        • Checkers

          Adding onto debunker. The biologists who coined the whole system have even admitted to them being wrong. They studied captive wolves that were all unrelated and forced to live together in a small confined space.

          Wild wolves live in family packs. The ‘leading pair’ of wolves are the mother and father, while the rest of the pack (most of the time) consists of their offspring. Offspring that want to have cubs of their own leave their pack and build one somewhere else.

          Their social structure can have dominant and submissive cues, but it’s far, far more flexible than a rigid military-like hierarchy.

          • Basically:

            Wild pack = nuclear family + maybe other relatives/family friends

            Captive pack = high school

          • Checkers


          • Captive pack = high school
            This made my day XD

          • This actually makes me really happy. To be honest, the idea of the omega wolf saddened and stressed me out whenever I thought of it. Whether it was “abuse” from a human or an animal, it was awful thinking of one or more wolves being rigidly placed in a category like that and being heavily mistreated or even bullied by their packmates. I’m glad to hear that their system is a little more flexible than that.

          • HellhoundMutt417

            Yeah, I agree that wild wolves (much like all animals in general,
            including humans) just being a large blood-related family makes more
            sense. I mean, if the pack really did run on “hierarchy”, then why
            would the ‘alpha’ even keep the ‘omega’ in the pack if the pack didn’t
            like the ‘omega’ in the first place? To them, the ‘omega’ would just be an extra mouth to feed. It doesn’t make any sense.
            It makes a lot more sense if they’re a large family looking after one another and making sure their cubs take care of themselves, not just a bunch of unrelated individuals scrabbling over who’s the strongest in the pecking order. In my opinion, anyway.

          • omegas acted as a stress ball. they keep the family from ripping each other apart. and if they did remove the omega, then the next lowest in line would become the new omega anyway.

          • Checkers

            Which is why that faulty system made no sense in the first place. If one wolf has to constantly be able to play the jester and stop arguments, then how in the hell would the wolves have been able to work together to hunt down prey in the first place?

            That system wasted heaps upon heaps of precious energy and I’m beyond happy that it wound up being wrong.

        • …I thought that thing has already been debunked. ono
          I mean, this ain’t a captive pack, and for one thing, they’re family, not total strangers.

          • Wolfie

            nah..and it’s not about captivity ? wild wolves has ranks—simply there HAS to be ranks –else the pack is a total mess

          • Sure…
            Because living with the family pack you were born into and could likely trust (and if you don’t like it go disperse and make your own babs) or if a unliked stranger coming along doesn’t even get let in in the first place never happens.
            Why is it so hard for humans to understand that not everything is based on ranks?They aren’t an office building of random angsty coworkers
            Well, to be more accurate than the office analogy, the military.

          • Checkers

            It’s not worth it, friend.

          • I’m spending way too much time on this x_x

          • Checkers

            Same LOL.

            I actually have some articles on the hierarchy being bogus in some tabs in case I need them now LOL.

          • Wolfie

            okay Thank you D: AND SORREH! …you said it was years back they found out right? XD cuz, I remember years back I got told by zoo keeper that there was this thing alpha beta omega thing…

            so I guess that’s why cuz I didn’t really know the thing before you told me …now I saw a video where a man says that it’a more called ” breeding male and breeding female” other than that ….
            it was years back so the zoo keeper didn’t know at that time either. .
            ..yeah I also looked it up just now…and now I know the thing you told is true..and it is actually better than the old thing πŸ˜€
            thank you !
            cuz, I want to support wolves and help them.

      • Brittany

        They don’t have “ranks” like we tend to think of ranks being, but there are definitely structures within a pack that differentiate dominant vs. submissive members

        • Checkers

          Which are basically like personalities or pecking orders among siblings.

    • Wolfie

      Just enjoy the comic

      It doesn’t really matter body languages or not

      They focus more on story and moving on….

      And that’s fine….it doesnt have to be so perfect πŸ™‚

      • ….

        they’re allowed to point out mistakes i’m so tired of the authors being sugarcoated without having the need to yes we know the comic is free yes we know we have to enjoy it but we’re allowed to make comments other than “so good”

        • cumquat

          Thank you. Constructive criticism is a good thing.

        • Wolfie

          you’re right about that ^___^””

    • ArisenFlames

      I pulled out my wolf ecology book for some evidence- “The basic social unit of a wolf population is the mated pair. Known variations include a mature male and two mature females; a mature male, his yearling son from a previous mating and his younger brother (Mech and Nelson 1990b)”(pg1), ” “Wolf packs are usually family groups that move within exclusive home ranges and are hostile to strangers from neighboring packs, although there are exceptions to this generalization due to the dynamics of social and physical environments”(pg36) “In a small percentage of packs, more than one female may reproduce in a given year. Breeding by two or more closely related females in the same pack has been noted after loss of one or both members of the original breeding pair.” “The parents’ priority is to feed the youngest offspring; if there is enough to go around, then the older offspring are allowed to feed (L.D. Mech, unpublished data)” all this is from Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation (Edited by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani

      • I think I have read of that breeding from loss of members (well, I read about pup loss)… I think it was termed “panic breeding”?
        Sounds frighteningly accurate. ono

  • Wolfie

    Dafuq hahaah. …Omg what conflicts xD
    ….Iki you so darn cyoot β™‘

  • Shop Dog

    wow that was fast
    this page looks awesome! but i am going to miss the derpyness of the old iki.

    • Looking more and more like me. Mood swingy and derpy. ono

  • Adolph Hitler

    Soooo you are still going to keep up regular updates, but now you will also post a page when someone pays you?

    • WARxWOLF86

      I dont think thats how it works i think they only get payed if a page is posted but i may be wrong

    • I think they collect the money for all page posts at the beginning of the month. So if they post 2 pages per month and you have the $5 pledge, you’re charged $10 per month. If they only post one per month, it’s only $5. If they don’t post any that month you don’t get charged anything. I think that’s how it works anyway.

    • Well, it will either continue its long updating based in work schedule, or be shrunken when money comes along. As they said, money = less overtime, thus more free time.

  • Leandro Evequoz


  • pore ike

  • Spiritstrike

    Does this page feel a little… I dunno… rushed?

  • Rookamillion

    Iki found himself some ballz.

    11/10 wouldn’t survive an argument with Jera.

    • Artista

      She did threaten to kill a pup. Oh….I wonder what the pack slaughter will look like in the the comcs new ‘Hi-Def.’

      • Bloody slaughter in FULL HD
        *sponsored by the Archbishop Fab Foundation

        • Artista

          Is it bad that I laughed at that?

  • Rookamillion

    Hey Anne and Kate! Congrats on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt winning like every Game of the Year Award ever. XD

    • agreed, I have the wild hunt and its an awesome and funny game. my favorite area is skellige.

    • soldierbob

      It deserves them. I’ve sunk 48+ hours into it and still haven’t finished the main storyline.

  • Sanu Wolff

    Well that explains a lot about his hunting skills.

  • Ohmygawsh Yess, Iki sticking up for himself! Love this

  • zelda74

    +1 Iki, he’s right

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Some things never changes πŸ˜› But it’s nice to see that Iki is more self confident now πŸ™‚

  • LohohoHOVE those snarly expressions.

  • Iki is tired of your shiz after 8 years or so, Jera.

  • Anna

    I like this page – it adds a lot to Iki and Jera’s character.

  • Artista

    Can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m actually on Jera’s side here. Iki was stupid and disobedient running off hunting without notifying either Riagho or Jera. So yeah, Iki does deserve some Lime Eye stare and shiny teeth. I’m liking these redone pages. They don’t make it seem like Jera is a straight-up abusive parent.

    I’m shocked no one has commented on Isa’s smug smirk.

  • Nafsi_Sookie

    Is it me or is Iki a lot more confident in quarelling with Jera?! O_0

  • ffhghgj

    Just throwing a guess in here.

    I think they’re shifting Iki’s personality a bit to make him more of an antagonist, maybe. Idk. Just guessin’.

  • Jera: “…”
    Iki “asfjalsdhgalsdjf killjoy…”
    Jera “Killjoy?”
    Iki “KILLJOY!”
    Jera “Who’s a killjoy!?”
    Iki: “You! you kill my joy!”
    Jera: “Little brat!! Donchu talk to me like dat!!” *waves toe in front of face*
    Iki: *imitates mockingly*
    Jera: “Oh it will be my joy to KILL your joy, boy! I AM YOUR MAMA!”
    Iki: “You never had joy! …and I’m adopted!

    Jera: “WATJU SAY BOY!? Imma smack yo face!”
    Iki: “Raigho told me! Now go kiss a lemming!
    Raigho: “OH SH**! I TOLD YOU NOT TOO-”
    Jera: “You WHAT! Dats it, dats it right dare. Imma ship your a** to the pound.”
    Isa: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re all very pretty, can we get on with the mission now?”
    Fehu: “Hey, no need to rush things, this was just starting to get interesting.”
    Isa *pawface*

    Gebo: “Can I go back?”

    • Checkers

      Who needs light-hearted humour in the comic’s pages when we have Gehn

      • Artista

        I’d like to order three Gehn’s please.

    • Fehu sure does like his soaps.

      • Artista

        It would be so awesome if Venressi included a section dedicated to the jokes we make in the site comments in their printed version.

    • Artista

      Can we get Flesh Ceeature to VA this??

  • Derp

    this new page is weird and doesn’t fit in with iki’s submissive/weak personality.

    • Godless Heathen

      Don’t feed the trolls people, heads up.

      • not a troll, hes stating an opinion. i actually agree with him. iki used to be a silly goof ball in older pages.

        now he just seems a little too assertive.

        • Wolfie

          he’s still silly and in the old pages, he snapped at her too because Jera said “and you Iki are you ever going to be useful” I get why he gets pissed …submessive or not πŸ™‚

    • spiritmoon

      Yea but i like when iki stands up for himself… iki really seamed weak before… I’m glad he’s a little tougher πŸ˜€

  • Kristin Johnson

    He’s actually pretty right about that. Hunting is something you learn by practice, practice, practice.

  • sekkechi

    lol it’s kind of funny, this is actually showing that iki is actually like jera is some ways xD i guess being raised by her has a few things rub off on you. it’s kind of one of those “eeyup, he’s her son alright” moments xD despite him being adopted

  • Love this new page <3

  • Roojie

    Yay Iki does have a spine! I like these redos.

  • vienix

    i so much like this “redo” Iki.
    his personality really shows and is much less obnoxious and childish than before.
    congrats on the patron, btw.
    can we not see the old pages anymore? (i think i remember it was Fehu in the last panel??)

  • cheesecake5573

    the 3rd panel reminds me of another panel in this comic and i don’t remember where though anyway good work guys

    • HellhoundMutt417

      The fourth panel,especially Iki’s position, looks kinda similar to the second panel of this old one:
      It was probably intentional. XD

      • Artista

        Wow…the quality was flat back then.

        • HellhoundMutt417

          Yeah, back when they were starting out. Its amazing just how far they have come with their art skills. <3

      • I lurve this page
        Much cute

      • Raigho’s face in the 4th panel aaaaaaaaaaaa

      • the quality has defiantly gotten better but its still as Awesome as ever. I actually love both styles. the old toony and the new realistic.

  • It’s one of those times where the wise counsel of the alpha really shines through.

    • Rookamillion

      Swiggity Swag. XD

        • Rookamillion

          Every time I try and get on a plane. πŸ™

          • Artista

            The worst part is the “pat down.”

          • No need for a pat down if you’re a naked dog. oΠ·o

          • Artista

            O.O Nanda?

          • If you’re a dog, who needs no clothes, you can’t hide anything under nonexistent clothes! πŸ˜€ (well, maybe thick fur)
            Then again, they’ll prolly still pat down “just in case”. Not that dogs don’t love attention. XD
            omg you’re petting me im so happy guys free petting here

          • Artista

            That last part made me laugh. Exactly what I dog would think.

          • Rookamillion

            Could be a terrorist dog. XD

          • Artista

            You should totally e-mail that the head of the TSA.

  • TheRebelLion96

    The first time they growled at each other like that, Fehu was in the middle of them. Now it’s Raigho. Funny how things turn out, huh?

  • spiritmoon

    Dang!!! Isa, that smirk is killing it! <3 <3 <3

  • I missed angry Iki. ;w;

  • Shop Dog

    happy new year!

  • Isa is a young hunter? or like iki,She has never hunted yet?
    Anyway. excellent job my darling authors!! happy new year to all the WOW COMMUNITY!!


  • Artista

    Unrelated: Does anyone think Gebo may have PTSD?

    • Shop Dog


    • he doesn’t, or at least not yet anyway. since this is before THE pack incident.

    • After the incident, yes.

    • Rookamillion

      Most definitely. He has that thousand yard stare.

  • An Va


  • Everdream

    Little something I created. It’s the only photomanip I’ve made, so probably isn’t very good.

  • Sladin5Ever

    Damn Iki, you’ve finally grown some balls lol. Awesome page ladies!

  • IkiFan220

    Like how Iki gets angry. Didn’t see much of that side of him originally.

  • something interesting i found and thought should share.


    • I know were that photo was taken. if I remember right it was near Lolo Montana. I remember seeing it in the papers when I was in montana

      • says it was taken at the arctic circle in northern Canada.

        • if I still had my news paper id be able to source the article, but it was taken in lolo pass montana near the Idaho border

          • Checkers

            An article or two on the internet in Idaho used the image and it might have gotten into newspapers, but it was taken in the Arctic Circle.

          • Kinda annoys me when they use the wrong photo. .-.

    • γƒŠγƒŠ/ Nana

      That’s not truth. These are canadian wolf, there’s no such big packs of wolves in Europe – there’s no such big plains nor big prey.
      Real source link: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2011/oct/19/bbc-frozen-planet-in-pictures

      • Rookamillion

        There was that Siberian Mega pack. XD

        • Checkers

          I’ll believe that when I see photographs.

          • Rookamillion
          • Noted at the bottom that they may be exaggerating it to get clearance to hunt more.

          • Rookamillion

            Large enough to declare a state of emergency. XD

            I don’t know if I would want to be close enough to see a pack of that size. The amount of food needed to sustain a pack that large…..They would probably be very hungry. XD

          • “We have reports from the Central Government Authority that a National state of emergency has been declared! All citizens are advised to hold themselves in any shelter and to have a large amount of food handy to throw around. The general, live on camera! “Roll out the tanks, comrades, this is it! Oh shiz, the drivers were already eaten! Aaaaaa

          • Rookamillion

            Oh god! I knew I shouldn’t have installed that doggy door on my Wolfpocalypse shelter! XD


          • The only way to survive is to be one with the Pack! ono
            Invasion is inevitable

          • Rookamillion

            I tend to have that effect. I’ve brought on about half of the various apocalypses this fandom faces. XD

          • Any apocalypse with you is worth having. XD

          • RoarOriole

            Some of that footage is from a youtube video back in 2010. Credibility in that video and article completely down the drain because of that.

          • Rookamillion

            It’s RT…. It never had any credibility to begin with. XD The only thing that shocks me is that the article didn’t find a way to blame it all on Obama. XD

          • Checkers

            Oh wait.
            I didn’t want to be logged in on the disqus i use to follow science articles LOL.

      • Checkers

        This image has a Snopes page too.

        Also, moving through thick snow is the most energy greedy thing to do in the winter. If old, sick wolves even had to do that for too long, they’d drop to exhaustion within a short amount of time.

        Part of why wolves seem to do better in winter. Sick prey has to slog through all that snow when they run, and it eats all of their energy until they tire out, letting the wolves catch up to them and make the kill.

      • where does it say there in Europe on the posted picture? the picture never states where they are.

    • cheesecake5573

      thats basically what happens in DofE (duke of Edinburgh) the slowest goes at the front and second is the map readers and then the main group just before the end and the leader at the rear so as to tell if anything is wrong or to make sure everybody stays together

    • my entire world is a lie aaaaaa

      On a more serious note, since this is posted, we can now bring up more accurate information. The strongest pack member (sometimes the pack parents/leaders, though not always) leads the way, not the weakest, else you want pack members to take a break and use up more time. (No idea on if packs sacrifice their own members) As the stronger ones pat down the snow, it allows the following wolves to walk in their steps, making it easier for them to walk through the snow. They also have somewhat webbed paws to help them better go through snow (kinda like.. Snowshoes?)
      Also, I’m not sure how the leader following behind would make sense, since it’d be better for the pack to actually see or smell what they’d be gesturing/expressing.
      (Following up on Checker, I’d imagine the lone prey might have a better advantage when traveling in a herd when they pat down the snow, too, but well… they prolly wouldn’t walk in their same footsteps. Also, being alone, no one else is chased, and no one helps)

    • teajw


      Packs typically consist of 5-8 members, and it is a family unit (a parent pair and their offspring from various litters and sometimes siblings or other close relatives) rather than the rigid, sometimes abusive hierarchy seen in captivity (may I remind you, that the first behavioral study of wolves in which the ‘alpha’ theory was born was conducted in a zoo in 1947, which I think would be more than a little inaccurate in contrast to the behavior of wild wolves).

      It is usually the father “alpha male” who directs the pack while traveling through the packs’ territory (or, during the breeding season, the mother “alpha female” leads because the father is more interested in being behind her), I remember at least one study that proved this.

      • “More interested in being behind her”
        Lol. XD
        It’s sad that so much has been based on that one study in captivity and then using that forward, instead of scientists starting sorta scratch for wild packs. Then it wouldn’t have taken decades.

        • Checkers

          There have been studies going on with wild wolves for decades now. The issue with the faulty captive study is that it’s what biologists found as truth and society just perpetuated even as information that proves otherwise comes to light.

          David Mech’s studies of wild wolves in various areas go as far back as 1968, for example.

  • Vernien

    I think it’s really cool that everyone improves the more time is spent on their artwork. I never really thought about it, but even professionals still continue to improve.

  • Nick Lopez

    You go Iki. Lol.

  • kizyoi

    Now see from the old pages, I felt Iki was more of the “let’s make a rebellious remark under our breath and run away before Jera can bite my tail off” and less like the Iki in this page. He just doesn’t seem the same to me. Kind of ‘overdone’ in a way.

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    What is up with people complaining about Iki not being himself? He still seems like Iki to me. Just cuz he snapped back at Jera does not mean he’s changed. Also, this was just one page, guys…. How about you wait til they redo some more before jumping to conclusions. Ok? Not trying to sound rude here, but they’ve only just started redoing pages, and this is only the beginning of the story. I’m quite sure Iki will still be the silly wolf we know and love……until…..you know. πŸ˜‰

    • Artista

      People love to bitch. That’s why.

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        True, it’s annoying af.

    • Probably because Iki would’ve never stood up to Jera like that. I mean, he looked really scared of her in the older pages. But at least in the newer ones he seemed more eager to contradict Raigho. I’m a bit shocked about his change of attitude, but I think it’s better to keep his character consistent.

  • Vernien

    Iki is still Iki. He’s just on edge like before the update because no one’s telling him anything. Any normal teenager is going to get a little irritated at that.
    Plus Jera has an unwanted opinion for everything he does.

  • Syd

    Isa seems different now, and I like her attitude more. She seems more cheerful and expressive than she did before, giving her more character.

    • Artista

      She’s not emotionally repressed as she was in the first draft. Gotta say, to me Isa was more of a wolf version of Avatar’s Mai character. “So that’s it it then. You had a mother with certain expectations and if you strayed from them you were shunned. It’s no wonder why you can’t express yourself…” -Azula.

  • cheesecake5573

    yay its back to school again and ive got the exams coming up just great not! wish me luck guys i will need it

    • Good luck cheesecake! I have exams, too. D:

      • cheesecake5573

        good luck 2 you to

  • Checkers

    Can we talk about how much the girls have improved on teeth over the years.

    Seriously. I can’t find a flaw in these chompers at all.

  • Diznits

    Did the colour scheme change slightly? I just got a new computer, but my monitor is still the same

    • Artista

      They could be in an overcast now from the look of those clouds.

    • haven’t noticed any difference in the color scheme. my guess is your monitor was reset or something with the new tower

    • Nat

      Your monitor isn’t calibrated. If you’re running Windows, search for “calibrate display color” and run that program. I believe Mac has it’s equivalent if you’re on one of those but I’m not sure what it would be called.

      • Turns out, it was Firefox’s colour adjustment settings. I looked up plausible solutions and took care of it

  • Artista

    Okay, because I love controversy and crashing seas, I have a comment mainly for Americans. I’m also running out of topics…derp. So I hear Texas Gov. wants to form a Constitutional convention. Please list your thought below on which propositions you like or hate his suggestions, or (like me) wonder how in the hell you’ll manage to change the Constitution, unless you have every State involved, and why bribery isn’t on the list).

    • I would have to read into it. Is it the US constitution or Texas’? Also, amending the US constitution requires a super majority (two thirds vote), not everybody. Though we haven’t had an amendment since 1971, since the supreme court likes to “interpret” the constitution these days…

      • Artista

        I’ll take that into consideration.

  • Sevlesruoymlac

    They haven’t updated all year.
    HAHA get it ’cause 2016 just started so it’s only normal that the next update isn’t out yet?
    Yes yes, my jokes are awful, but anyway, these pages are looking great! Keep it up, can’t wait for more!

  • Artista

    Has anyone played Dragon Age: Inquisition?

    • yes, why do you ask.

      • Artista

        Just to start a discussion. I couldn’t think of any subject that hasn’t been discussed that was relevant to the comic.

    • Checkers

      I want to pick it up but I just don’t have the time. I hear it’s pretty good.

      • its a good game. I recommend it

        • Checkers


          I might have to wait until I can get the next consoles though. From what I’ve seen the PS3/Xbox360 versions have major issues even after all this time.

  • Checkers

    People have done it before so I don’t see why not.

  • Checkers

    This is immensely off topic but I figured I’d share it.

    Birthday was today. 21. Apparently someone in my family decided to mention that I’m saving for a laptop, so I got more money than I did gifts.

    One of my aunts decided to be funny about it though. She got me 21 pennies, 21 nickels, 21 dimes, 21 quarters, 21 $1 bills, and then a giant jug of banana pudding with frosting at the top so that it’d look like beer. Buried at the bottom had been a small container holding another $21.

    Apparently it’s a tradition and I’m not the only one who’s received it from that specific aunt. It was slightly embarrassing bc the waitresses/employees at the restaurant thought the pudding was actually beer. I don’t drink at all, so it made me mildly uncomfortable.

    • Artista

      Strange tradition, but kinda funny, too. You have a cool aunt.

      • Checkers

        The pudding’s pretty good tbh but the vat jug is just…why. It’s probably going to take a few days for me to eat it. I hate wasting food so I’d never trash it.

        • itll give you something to snack on at least. and that actually sounds like a fun idea for a prank

    • A giant jug of banana pudding?!
      That is heaven right there. So much foooood *o*

    • Rookamillion

      That’s freakin’ awesome. XD

  • Artista

    Taking a census to see who’s hear. Sound off in whatever sound, language, grunt, squeal, pop-culture reference you like.
    Artista: I WISH TO DEVOUR THE UNBORN! (Guess what it is!)

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    rip Glehn Frey

    • Rookamillion

      I know right? David Bowie and Glenn Frey….It’s like the 80’s just keeled over all of a sudden.

  • Shop Dog

    so are we going to talk about whAT happened here last night?

    • Checkers
      • Shop Dog

        how we suddenly went back in time for a night. and how tankressi deleted all me old comments from the original pages! i went through every single page last night and all but 1 conversations i had in the early days where gone, but where all the darn pokomon threads no!

        • Checkers

          wow that stinks D:

          I found it funny that it time warped all the way back to when 281 was the only recent page. Of all the pages It had to be that one.

          • Shop Dog

            well it makes sense thats when there big break happened so there was probably a higher chance ending up there, and i think that was the last page before the new website.

      • WHAT THE FUCK???

        • Checkers

          That’s exactly what I said after browsing pages for a while and realizing everything was functioning.

          If it weren’t for the fact other people had the issue I would’ve sworn I’d been dreaming.

      • Artista

        I guess Smiley Skoll wanted us to take a trip down memory lane.

      • HellhoundMutt

        Oh, yeah. I remember something similar had happened to me. It was so creepy and bizarre… I was afraid something bad had happened. But at least it seems fixed now. πŸ™‚ I just hope it won’t happen again.

    • Rookamillion

      Tankressi had to travel back through time to stop skollnet from bringing nuclear annihilation on us all. It’s all very routine. XD


  • Not getting along with your step-parent cliche. *Ding!*

    Sin count: 8