• Phoebe Tranile

    i was kinda hoping that Iki remembered and then the cliche “keeping superpowers a secret” came in place

    • Well, he doesn’t remember, so it’s not the cliche “keeping superpowers a secret”. In the mortal world, Iki is totally unaware of his powers because, like Munin said previously, he’s “suppressing his memories”.

  • Drakine

    I think he forget since he killed Munin and Munin is the spirit of memories. so by doing that he destroyed his memories of being skoll.

  • Blue

    Why is the shell red when Munin was the blue spirit…?

    • Thoughts

      I think because Hati used red spells to get him to the dream place. Just a guess though.

  • Vavs

    Fehu’s eyes are red again

    • You could say he’s…

  • Vernien

    I didn’t notice until now, but I love how Iki and Hati (Does Hati have a mortal name?) aren’t completely white and black.
    Iki’s a light grey, and Hati’s black and brown. They still have relatively light/dark pelts, but it isn’t entirely white or entirely black, giving them diversity though it retains the same likeness.

  • Rev Barnn

    did any one noticed Fehu’s eye’s?