• DarkShadowfax

    Beautiful page as always! Love the interaction between Raigho and Jera ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We needed this JeraXRaigho moment! ouo

  • yay, new page. and man she calmed down fast

  • RainingMountains

    I don’t know why, but I imagine Jera saying her last line in a sing-song voice lol

    • Wolfie

      OMG me too XDDD


  • Wolfie

    ahhaah XDD JERA’s face on first panelXDDD

  • Blue


  • Nick Lopez

    Jera is such a tease. Oh and Iki, don’t look up right now cause you’ll go blind.

  • Emareee

    oh my
    my fingers itch
    I must say it
    i have to say it
    right now
    im saying it

    iship //slapped

    • Nick Lopez

      Yip ?

  • Nick Lopez

    Jera is teasing Raigho. Lol. Oh and Iki, don’t look up right now cause you’ll go blind.

    • lol, Jera booty for the win.

    • Julian John Mckeon

      IKI: *looks up* That is WELL used!
      RAIGHO: *blushes*

  • AnnaPL

    Piฤ™kna strona! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zelda74

    Happy to have a new page ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Im a simple person, I see new page, Im happy.

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we’re already at the talk, guys!

    • or if there going to give ike and kaya more time together, or if there going to show more of seven as a child.

  • goatfromoffwhiteใƒ„

    Iki’s like: Eww, seriously guys? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • omgergefx another page squeeeeeeee
    I just went ahead and liked every single comment as of now. .3.
    Anyhoo, wow Raigho, you certainly know how to calm Jera. XD such an infectious smile.
    What a great and ADORABKE pair! ็‹ผใŸใกใ™ใ”ใใ‹ใ‚ใ„ใ„๏ผ๏ผ๏ผ๏ผˆโ‰งโˆ‡โ‰ฆ๏ผ‰
    Jera, stahp, you’re flirting in front of the children!
    Iki… Oh, how you wish they could love you as much. TT~TT

  • Alexandra Longden

    Dawhh that tail to head flick ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Artista

    Raigho uses Seduction.
    It’s super effective!

  • rhez

    … Can we still ship already mated couples? :3

    • Artista

      I do!

    • cricketmilk

      Of course we can, it’s called being canon

    • I ship my ma and da together

  • vienix

    that last panel
    how cuuuute… <3

    • vienix

      can we have a larger view of that last panel? the details of their faces need to be better appreciated x )))”

  • Checkers

    Raigho needs to stop using witchcraft to alter the intensity of his chin marking every panel.

    Cute page. Iki looks absolutely sulky though and that’s great. I feel like I’ve seen the interaction where Raigho makes Jera chill out somewhere before, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    Can’t wait to see if he’ll have a snappish sort of attitude like the old page 19.

  • Shop Dog

    im liking the way jera is developing on this page. also that smug look from raigho.

    • Brianna Carr

      Saaaaaaaaaame the old pages were totally lacking in the relationship status between the two

  • “Honey,..Sweatheart, you’re doing it again.The uh, you know, the stare…and the horns.” No, Hati just doesn’t stand a chance.

    • if I saw that I think id crap my self as im running in the opposite direstion

    • Brianna Carr

      omg lol I can totally see this happening.

    • Artista

      Anyone else getting a ‘Maleficent’ vibe here?

    • Julian John Mckeon

      F&#$ Team Jacob! I go Team Jera!!!

  • Brianna Carr

    Awwww, I love how you put Jera and Raigho’s relationship into the comic now. It’s so sweet and the tail thing that I sometimes see with animals (in the last panel)~ So cute >w< I'm loving these new page updates! Great work so far ๐Ÿ˜€

  • You just know in the second panel Iki’s off screen goin’ “Oh PLEASE don’t get it on in front of me NO.”

  • rhez

    Iki just cannot deal with the significant amount of smugness shown here.

    • Rookamillion


      • Artista

        Jera and Raigho could probably break the Migardsorm.

    • Julian John Mckeon

      Raigho be like โ™ชI’m sexy and I know itโ™ช

  • Just wondering, Are there any mechanically inclined off-white readers on here? I have a few questions about my 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera

    • Shop Dog and bagnome are. (I just left a message for em)

      • I’m not familiar with cars. I understand the fundamentals of what goes on, but I don’t have any experience with troubleshooting, or fixing cars.

    • Shop Dog

      im a machinist. and i do have some experience trouble shooting cars. what seems to be the problem?

      • my 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera defrost quit working a lil while a go, the blower works just fine but it wont switch from vent to defrost or any other setting other than off. so I can only go from off to vent and that’s it.

        • Shop Dog

          is the flap jamming, or is it the control not giving any response. its difficult to trouble shoot something when i cant see it.

          • its not giving any response other than on and vent. what would I look for if its a vacuum hose or electrical. ive been told it most likely runs on a vacuum tube

          • Shop Dog

            well if you want to fix it your self you’re going to have to tale the bottom of your dash off. and follow the heater duct to where the flap that directs the air flow is you if your car is on a vacuum system you may find small rubber tubing that connects to the vent assembly and may either go to a vacuum tank or run directly back to the engine. if its an electric system you find a small servo actuator that moves the flap.

          • ok thank you shop dog your the only one who has actually given me a strait answer.

          • Shop Dog

            mechanical engineering isn’t hard you just need to look at what the people before you have done. the vent manifold will probably be on the passengers side since theres more space over there.

          • *millions of people line up at Shop’s door*

          • Shop Dog

            so hows the car?

          • I haven’t had the cash to take it in. but its running fine and I put in some stop leak to stop my radiator leak until I can get that fixed. ill get my car in when my tax return comes in.

        • Rookamillion

          Have you tried kicking the passenger side dashboard. :3

          (That’s about the extent of my knowledge. XD)

  • Peace

    Meanwhile we wait guys ๐Ÿ˜€


  • It’s always awesome to see them mess with each other in subtle ways
    Like, they’re so comfortable around one-another and it’s just… refreshing, in a way? It’s a lovely relationship

  • Jenny

    Ew!!!!! But they are siblings????!!!! DDDDD:

    Fehu x Gebo forever

    • Checkers

      Just an FYI, Fehu is Gebo’s uncle.

      However I don’t get where your comment came from.

      ‘Sibling’ relationships in the comic are as follows:
      Isa and Iki as sister and brother (though Iki is more or less ‘adopted’)
      Raigho and Hati (it’s implied in an old watercolour bonus page that they may be genetic siblings)
      Skoll (Iki) and Hati (spiritual siblings as guardians of the sun and moon)

      Raigho and Jera aren’t related at all. They’re basically your typical married couple.

    • Raigho and Jara are husband and wife isa is the only surviving biological pup to jara and ike was adopted after he fell from the sky

      • rhez

        Woah now SPOILER ALERT MAN

        • More spoilers found right below me! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Checkers

          I doubt people who are reading for the first time will pause each page to browse the comments, mate.

    • Artista

      Fehu is Gebo’s uncle. Still incest.

      • Even worse than RaighoXFehu. At least they’re unrelated. >n<

        • Artista

          Who says a character must get that S.O. (For once I wish someone would make their MC single. I was hoping that for Bryke’s Korra series.)

          • I think half my MC’s don’t have S.O (some of them at least have close friends)
            Though admittedly I kinda expected almost all of my animal/wolf chars to have one, since everyone loves pups. Strange since practically all my chars are canines

          • Artista

            Do you have a dA?

          • Yea, but I only posted like, three things on it. XD
            I mostly comment/follow. My paranoia terror of theft (I’m very clingy; try grabbing food I hate but is mine) stops me, and laziness. Dear Fenrir if anyone would steal from me though lol.
            Most of what I do is sketchy, doodle on homework, or the vast majority (which are visual
            stories/scenes) being entirely in my head. (I spend days just thinking)

          • Artista

            Art theft is bad, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from posting. I’d almost call it flattery, mixed with an emotion of raw hate and a desire to lock the thief in an Iron Maiden and let them drown in their own blood. XD

          • Checkers

            Someone stole art of mine once (on an old dA I no longer use) and watchers of mine hounded on them about it until they deleted it. This all happened in my sleep so by the time I was awake and saw the messages on dA, everything was gone and I couldn’t see the shit that had gone down, LOL.

          • Artista

            Loyal Watchers are such a blessing.

          • More inspiration for angry art! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Artista

            Can you link me to it?

          • Checkers

            I feel this so hard. My asexual ass craves for a tale that doesn’t have romance in it.

          • Artista

            I know right? At first, I was all the way with ‘MaKorra,’ but then stuff happened, and Mako is very indecisive when it comes to women, Bokorra just didn’t work out (although, they were pretty funny in that belching scene) so I thought, “yeah no…’ In the fourth season, with Korra being on her own for a long time, not much romance in that arc, I really thought she’d stay single. But then KorrAsami burst from the abyss.

          • Checkers

            I found the reveal of KorrAsami hilarious. In most plots I’m usually OK with some couples so long as they aren’t the central plot focus or if they’re somehow established already, but otherwise I really prefer it and like it when major characters stay single.

            I usually only have problems with ships if they’re problematic or if it gets shoved down my throat in some way (like on tumblr or something). Otherwise I might get mildly exasperated but will then chill out after a bit.

        • Artista

          I agree. Gebo doesn’t really fit into the romance department. Iki, probably. Gebo…nah. He need more development and screen time. The first draft didn’t give him much room.

      • Rookamillion

        Unless it’s West Virginia. :3

        • Artista


    • Random comment is randomly relevant.

    • TheRebelLion96


    • Okay guys, let’s all pretend she means friendshipping and not otherwise.
      Fehu is too old for romance sorrynotsorry

  • Sometimes I feel like this. :3


    I’m cooler online.

    • brad is an awesome singer.

      • Oh yeah, I went to his concert a few years ago when he was in my city.

        • I bet that had to have been a lot of fun. id like to go to a brad paisley concert.

  • Rookamillion

    Eyyy Artista, you see that 13 hours movie yet?

    • Artista

      No, I haven’t. I should though. But most likely I’ll watch it once it hits the discs.

      • I have a friend who works at our Regal I can watch free movies with one guest, so we are going to watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Artista

          I feel the jealousy. :3

      • ill probably watch it once it hits the $2 theater.

  • rhez

    Inb4 it runs out of stock.

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    Hey guys check out the 3D sculpture I made the other day of myself as a wolf! It was my second time ever making a 3D sculpture. What do you guys think??

    • Artista

      Not bad! What program did you use?

      • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

        123D Sculpt+ On the iPad

  • Cafable_25

    Freyja and I are loving the new threads. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shop Dog

      The Raigho shirt looks nice.

      • Cafable_25

        It’s absolutely amazing. I’m thinking of getting another design soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gebo


    • It must give really sloppy kisses.

  • “Don’t fuck up.” -Jera

  • Amour

    Goddammit Iki