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    “Be the first to comment.”

    Disqus actually encourages ‘first’ posts. Fascinating.

    Did all the timestamps die on this site? It feels strange to look at this page and have no idea if it’s been here for minutes or hours or what.

    • Jessi

      What is time, really, but a mere construct of mankind, Samedi?

      • Samedi

        A river that carries you inexorably toward your doom.

        • I’m kayaking on a river Rapids. My doom is already here. XD

          • depends does your kayak have the rubber water skirt or are you using the wrong type or kayak in the first place

          • Mine is made of construction paper. :>

          • ya, your beyond f*****. attaches a rope to himself and jumps in to save you.

  • soldierbob

    Sometimes I forget that I’m in a different timezone than tankeron, so I was momentarily confused when the site said the update was on the second when I’m looking at it on the first.


  • Checkers

    You can definitely see the improvement of wolf anatomy over the years in Raigho’s face in panel one. Holy crow. That’s absolutely amazing.

    I recognize the posture of Raigho from the last panel! Another glimpse of the old pages shines through.

  • RainingMountains

    Pouty faced Iki is still pouty faced Iki :3

  • Nick Lopez

    Awwwwwwww. Iki looks so cute pouting.

  • This page is gorgeous, I agree with Checkers on the improvement of the wolf anatomy.

  • TheWolfsFate

    Raigho looks so freakin’ majestic in this page.

  • Shop Dog

    this page cleaned up well!

  • Spiritstrike

    They used the same pose as the old page! Awesome!

  • Angie-Lily

    OH MY GOD.
    Raigho is so cute. So sweet. So everything.
    Raigho, I love you.

  • rhez

    Dat face in the last panel of the old page tho (Isa seems to be missing, though I’m sure she’s somewhere outside the panel)

    • Deluge

      Well those where the day the old pages and still not movin on THAT Iki’s face still funny

  • Twila Lin

    I always wondered. How many of the pack know the truth about Iki? Or the
    reason for the trip? At times parts of the story it’s as if they do
    know, and other times as if there clueless and have no idea why there
    even out there. That’s the only issue I ever had with this story.

    • HellhoundMutt

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing a day or so ago…
      According to Page 261 in Chapter 6, it seems as if Jera has known that Iki was Skoll all along (or maybe Raigho had told her, but she never believed him at first?), while (according to Page 157 in Chapter 5) it seems like Fehu doesn’t know Iki’s actually Skoll.. hmm…
      During the making of these new pages, I hope they’ll notice that and fix it…It seems like a ‘continuity problem’… Or maybe the new pages will fix it.

      • Twila Lin

        Yeah it’s bothered me as well sense I first started reading. Even
        looking back at the older version of this page. “Tell Iki the truth”
        they say.. so they do know… yet later on, they act like they have no
        idea and that Raigho is keeping it all to himself.. Like if he had told
        them, would there be any reason for him to hide himself talking to the
        crows? That hints that the other’s don’t in fact know why there
        traveling at all and he’s keeping it all to himself.

        I do hope they are going to attempt to fix it, I love the story but it seems to conflict in this.

        • HellhoundMutt

          I’m guessing since they’re redoing the old pages, this ‘problem’ might be fixed so that Fehu, Jera, Gebo and Isa don’t know and only Raigho knows. I don’t know… Or maybe Fehu and the other two have a feeling about it, but aren’t completely sure its fact that Iki is Sköll… Or maybe only the adults know about it (Raigho thinks its fact, while Fehu and Jera aren’t too sure, while Gebo and Isa aren’t suspicious about it at all. I dunno… But I do hope they’ve noticed it and will fix it in the upcoming new pages.

          • Checkers

            I think Jera’s always known and Fehu was told, but in his older age has trouble believing it, and that Gebo, Isa, and Iki are being kept in the dark about it for whatever weird reason adults can think of to not tell them.

            Closer to the end of Volume 1 Jera says ‘Raigho was right’ and ‘It is you’ in regards to Iki and the only way she could say those things is if she were told. In these recently redone pages, Jera’s more actively helping Raigho when he gets lost and forgets the way by distracting the pack. She acts with Iki the way she does probably some levels grief over the pups she had lost and some levels annoyance and cuz Iki seems a bit of a brat.

            Page 20 Fehu flat out tells Raigho to tell Iki something, and in later pages he says “I’m old and I’ve never seen any spirits or whatever he’s supposed to be”, so it’s possibly he was told, but doesn’t fully put stock into it. Or at least he does put stock into it until Raigho starts acting like an ass that looks like he doesn’t even know where he’s going and starts losing faith in Raigho in general.

    • Patrícia Bakos

      That’s not an issue, I think. They all know the legend but they consider it as a legend, not something which is actually a fact. If they seem to know that Iki is actually Skoll, it’s because they strongly believe in the legend (so that creatures with blue eyes are spirits). Remember, humans are also divided in this question, Seven’s father did not believe in this and then they got attacked by the snow leopard white spirit. So I understand if not all the wolves believe in it, but the one who absolutely does is Othala. The authors make it clear when the two packs meet.

      If I am right this won’t be fixed but I may be wrong 🙂

    • Emareee

      Jera says later “You ARE him, aren’t you?” and “He was right all along” so maybe at least the adults in the pack know, but they don’t exactly belive Raigho. But hey, he’s the alpha and they gotta follow alphas orders?

      • or at least jara was told and no one else

        • Emareee

          Fehu seems vaguely aware of who Iki could be, though. In the conversation that he and Raigho have later on that almost turns into a scuffle Fehu says something like “I’m old and I’ve never seen spirits or ghosts, blue eyes are just so rare that people made up legends about them”
          SOOO…. Idfk

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    I love how Raigho is talking to Iki, he has to be a cool step-father 🙂 though he didn’t have to bite him later in the moutains, but I think he was just determined to keep Iki following him.

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    And where the hell did Isa go?? I bet she went hunting for lemmings when no one was watching 😛

    • lol

    • Artista

      Isa: “Well, brother, looks like girl can hunt better than you! Eat your heart out.”
      Iki: “All right, Sis, I’ll give you that. But…at least I can hunt where it counts!.”
      Isa: D:) D:<

  • And the sky darkens…

    I am ridiculously happy to see another page– Isa?! D: Where you go?

    • shes probably behind everyone or just off screen next to jara

  • Deluge

    As if you look closely Gebo is like
    Gebo:)Oh no i don’t want to get into their problem especially Jera

    • Awwww sweet little Gebo. Fehu won’t let her hurt you!

  • I can’t wait to see how they trick out Albert’s ride.

    • Artista

      I’ve a feeling it’s going to be fabulous.

      • im still wondering why he chose a hummer, there one of the worst gas hogs out there and there really top heavy. Albert would be better off with a Land Rover or a Range Rover or the Jeep

        • Artista

          I know right? One has to wonder where Albert gets the oil supply.

  • Artista

    Those dark clouds are looming in. I’m currently day-dreaming how great the ‘legend’ pages will look.

  • zelda74

    Nice page ^^ Iki don’t seems happy ^^’ And isa is missing

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Well Jera was so pissed off….She had to kill SOMEONE. >:)

      • Oh my. D:
        How many respawn S she got?

        • and how many continuous does she have after she runs out of lives?

      • zelda74

        Jera is often grumpy ‘^’

      • Artista

        She couldn’t possibly kill the only child she can pass her hopes and dreams to. She may have had to kill someone, but she has to shape and mold someone and keep them emotionally repressed, too!

  • Another new page?!?! Squeeee
    *runs around in circles
    Raigho is sooo cute in this page. He is such a sweet daddy wolf. ;3; Iki is cute, too in 2nd panel.
    Everyone is so much cuter ;-;

  • Artista

    I don’t understand why Riagho would say, “Please,” as if making it a suggestion.

    • Checkers

      Petulant children sometimes refuse to budge from where they’re pouting or hiding when they feel angry or hurt. Parents might use a question like ‘please?’ to coax them out and get them to open back up.

    • sometimes when a kid is angry they are very stubborn. if they feel they are being ordered to do something it just makes them stay more like a stubborn rock and refuse.

      but if they are asked a certain way, such as with a please it makes them feel its optional. so they feel like they had a choice and please also gives the sense of being both polite and more gentle then “go do this right now!”

      • Checkers

        Isn’t that what I already said? XD

        • yeah, i just tried to add a little more. XD





        • Rookamillion




          • Rookamillion



          • What have I started?


          • *Grabs trusty shotgun* Take one step towards me and I shoot. Take two, and it’s a pink slip courtesy of BagCorp Inc.

          • *takes three steps.

          • *Calls the ‘sue yo ass’ law firm*

            *Grabs Tommy gun* You have till the count of ten to leave.

          • *stares deeply into eyes.
            … 8| …

          • Staring deeper… deeperEVER DEEPER INTO YOUR SOOOUUUUL

          • shoots you from a mile away with a .50 BMG

          • You don’t want to mess with bag. I’ve lost count of how many times I sewn myself back up after raiding his fridge. XD
            Nasty shotgunz they have. Well, holes aren’t all that bad, just when 90% of yourself are holes and you more or less have died 13 times.
            His food was worth it

          • fool, I am the master of raiding fridges and bankrupting people over food. for im more than just a hollow leg, im a hollow body and ive been asked be a lot of people if I have a tape worm.

          • Bestow me your secrets please. ;n;
            This one has an insatiable hunger, a burning fire to eat everything until it explodes
            No I am not related to goldfish

          • Checkers

            I feel like I just read a drunken plotline pitch script for The Last of Us.

            Run bagnome, run for your life.

          • Rookamillion


          • Artista

            What the Bloody Mary?

          • soldierbob
          • Rookamillion


          • THIS IS THE END!!!

          • Pilot

            I missed our hazmat images :,D

          • Rookamillion


          • Pilot

            XD I figured I waited long enough

  • vienix

    i just love how things has “matured up” with this redo. Iki has such a believable character which one can relate to now compared to the awfully goofy (and personally obnoxious) personality he had before. Just look at that second panel Dx …

    Say, I’ve been wondering. The patreon page says XXX amount of pledge will be given PER COMIC UPDATE. Does this mean if the comic updates 3 times a month, it’ll deduct three times (and give away 3 times the perks) regardless? If not, does this mean we’re only getting 12 pages per year?

    Please only answer if you’re a patreon or one of the authors ^^;; i need definitive answers before making decisions.

    • Gebo

      send them a note on dA instead or check if theres some contact e-mail adress. I doubt you will get answers here :I

      • vienix

        you think so? i’d imagine their dA accounts would be overflowed with notifications to notice mine…

        i’ll wait a few days then consider the other options.
        thank for the suggestion!

        • its actually a little difficult to contact them. no matter where you go.

  • TheRebelLion96


  • raighos front legs in the last panel bother me. they look a little too short or stumpy. but that could be because there “off set” by how big/ wide his chest is and the angle.

    then again, ikis legs are right next to his and even they seem longer then raighos.

    • Rookamillion

      He’s part corgi. XD

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Ohh! Yeah I just noticed it too.

    • Pilot

      Shh, he doesn’t like it when you talk about his dwarfism like that

  • L3Wilde

    looking at the preview image, I have this strange urge to throw a ball in Raigho’s mouth

    … idk

    Another page well done, tho! Can’t wait to see the next one 😀

  • (Inspired by L3Wilde’s comment)

    • Jara- What you say?
      Raialgo- asdf mnbver tyuio
      Jara- What?
      Raialgo- spits out the ball. Just go, ill catch up.

    • Artista

      Funny. I imagined this when I clicked on the page. I thought, ‘hmm, maybe Gehn did somethingthat….’ and lo and behold it is reality

      • Spirit Equilibrium and Quantum Law was not satisfied by such an empty gaping mouth. The nearest tennis ball in the Off-White universe could not resist the epic atomic pull created by Raigho’s lackadaisically hanging jaw. It was inevitable.

        • looks like Ike is upset that he doesn’t have a ball or rope toy

          • Iki is furious…just waiting for the right time to steal it.

  • cheesecake5573
  • Maxim

    Maxim here! Love the redos, guys! Very clean, very sharp! Gut gemacht!

  • Raigho: Can I talk to you?

    Iki: Ugh, whatev’

    Raigho: Okay, I need you to try to remain calm. I’m going to tell you things that may be hard to accept at first.

    Iki: …okay?

    Raigho: Alright, here it goes…The world in which we live in is influenced and balanced by spiritual forces we can not see, but are in fact all around us all the time. It is because these spiritual forces have been tampered with that we are on a super secret mission assigned to us by the supernatural guardian wolf, Hati. It is of the utmost importance we carry out this mission dutifully to the letter. The whole world hangs in the balance and one wrong move could spell the end of planet earth as we know it. You must understand, this is very real. There are bad people out there that want us stopped, want us dead. They want the whole world to themselves and they will stop at nothing to get it.

    Iki: …

    Raigho: …You may be wondering what this has to do with you. This might difficult to accept. You, Iki, are not really a natural born wolf. You are something more special, something I hadn’t understood for a long time. You are the other guardian, Iki. You are Skoll, the white spirit guardian of our species. The whole balance depends on you. For some reason, Skoll has chosen to find homage inside of you when he fell from the heavens. This, this is why we must return you to Hati. Skoll must return.

    Iki: ……………………………………..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Raigho: Iki, this is serious.

    Iki: Oh that was good. You ALMOST had me convinced there for a second! The whole world catastrophe thing, IMPENDING DOOM! Hah! Oh boy, my old man, you’re somethin’ else.

    Raigho: Listen, Iki! THIS is the the TRUTH! It’s not just some story!

    Iki: COOL. STORY. BRO. Can I get back to the lemmings now??

    Raigho: We don’t have time for this, Iki! We’re going to keep moving, NOW!

    Iki: YOU’RE NUTS!!! Admit it!


    Iki: MAYBE.

    Raigho: Really?

    Iki: NO! YOU’RE NUTS!

    Raigho: Ohhhh, C’MOOOON! MAYBE YOUR NUTS!

    Iki: YOUR NUTS? LOL!

    Raigho: NO I MEAN *YOU’RE NUTS!

    Iki: ROFL!!!



    Raigho: YOUR DOING IT TOO!



    Iki: WELL ME TOO

    Raigho: LOL?

    Iki: LOLOL!

    F4beLdYr: Sup 😀

    Raigho: FAAAAB! My MAN! Sup!

    Iki: who’s Fab?

    Raigho: Idk, I guess I just got caught up in the moment.

    F4beLdYr: Your souls are MINE. Teehee! 😉

    Jera (Admin): /banhammer F4beLdYr

    F4beLdYr was banned from the chat.

    Jere (Admin): Stupid trolls

    • Gebo

      Ragiho : how did you see my grammar mistake when we are in fact talking?

      Iki: I eat a lot of carrots.

      • Raigho: You eat…carrots? Jera, we need to talk.

        • Gebo

          well one dosnt need to hunt carrots atleast.

        • Artista

          Jera: What now, honey?

          • Raigho: It’s Iki, I think I know why he’s been acting so strange. Have you noticed him eating anything out of the ordinary?

          • Artista

            Jera: Hmmm…. Maybe he shouldn’t have eaten the green stuff in that goat.

          • Artista

            Jera: Alright, it WAS the green stuff. I think we’ll need to take him to a doctor. Or whatever the humans scream when I bite their necks and dodge their metal sticks.

          • Raigho: I tell you, and I tell you a thousand times, human interaction is bad. We’ll just have to get him to detox…somehow.

    • HellhoundMutt

      That was brilliant. XD

  • Breezeblade

    lol wile we are waiting i thought i do some art XD
    so what you think?

    • Wolfie

      I like it!!

      • Breezeblade

        thanks 😉

  • Wolfie

    hhaha Jera XDD she’s like Grr -.-

    • Breezeblade

      lol yep thats jera for yeah XD

      • Wolfie

        ahha XD yas


    • Rookamillion
      • Artista

        So that’s how the British destroyed the first White House in 1812.

        • Rookamillion

          Darn those Brits and their 19th Century Spaceship Lasers. XD

          • Artista

            No wonder why America told England to choke on her tea.

      • This is such a sweet combination.

        • Rookamillion

          Raigho better be careful, or Randy Quaid might try and fly an F/A 18 Hornet into his mouth. XD

  • Pilot

    New pages how I missed you 😀

  • HellhoundMutt

    D’aww, Raigho’s trying to be a good daddy to his son. <3
    I probably commented on this days ago, but I really like how the pack is behaving how actual wolf packs behave. I like it how Raigho is behaving like a father to Iki, and is calling him their 'son', as he is their adopted son. And I really like that the pack is not structured by false-hierarchy and ranks, like the 'alpha', the 'beta', the 'gamma', the 'delta', and the 'omega', and that they're all just behaving like a real wild wolf pack should. Not by fighting over anything that the 'omega' does, not by fighting over who's the 'alpha', etc. Basically, I really like that they're actually a family that's trying to survive. 🙂
    And the new pages are still looking excellent, and I can't wait to see the others.

    • Artista

      Things are so much easier when you don’t use debunked science myths.

      • HellhoundMutt

        Yep, and when you use actual information and research in your stories. It makes it all the better when you know what you’re writing about, be that a location, a time-period, a species of creature, a culture, etc. Plus, I guess it also sort of helps spread real information about a topic because the more people read, the more they learn, I guess.

    • To be fair, the tank order research is false. But when studying a pack in captivity they do take on a pecking order. Probably where the “false” research came from.

      • HellhoundMutt

        Yeah, the fact that they had studied on captive unrelated wolves was what started the false information, since they didn’t study a pack of wolves in the wilderness.

      • Checkers

        It’s exactly where the false research came from. Biologists/researchers observed captive wolves in the earlier studies and built the whole system on that, obliviously assuming that it was also how it worked in the wild.

        It wasn’t until they started actually watching wild wolves that they realized they royally mucked up.

      • If I was stuck in a place with people I don’t know at all, then made to live there for the rest of my life, I’d get pecky, too. :p
        spends rest of life groveling in the dirt to everyone

        • Sorry, but experienced employees get higher priority in the BagCorp cafeteria. 😛 Back to the end of the line you go.

          • eep ono
            Yessah! *scurries away*

          • Artista

            Oh, that reminds me, my militia department of Artista Enterprises still need their pay after killing a heard of grotesque gorilla-like human things that threatened to kill your employees. Or you could put Rook under ‘discipline.’
            Even groveling is a high priority. How the Bloody Nora do you keep employees, chain them to their desks and lock hidden lasers on them? Jeez! Maybe I should have thought that contract through with you….

          • Woah, woah, woah. Artista Enterprises? I didn’t see any mention of a new company in the latest Forbes. Errrr, here’s a check… Don’t expect to see you’re self on the Fortune 500 list anytime soon.

          • Artista

            Shit…I knew I shouldn’t have given that copy of the contract to Bob. My lawyers will be arriving in your office soon by the time you read this. Yeah, that contract stated Artista Enterprises, a separate firm in itself, will offer BagCorp. protection of any form. We also do work with your new additional laboratories headed by Rookamillion (all organizations affiliated with The Enterprises will be given a branch within the Corporation). They perform experiments…which sometimes go horribly wrong. The Valentines Gorilla Massacre, for example. (By the way, you might want to accept a few applications. Some of your…employees…couldn’t hack their chains off quick enough).

            It’s an honor to work with you!

            P.S. Neither The Enterprises, nor it’s affiliates are responsible for any damage done to the Corporation be it to infrastructure or employees(er).

          • We don’t need your protection, we own 8 subsidiaries of some of the best military contracting companies out there. All comprised of some the the best former marines, seals, and rangers around.

          • Artista

            But The Enterprises have one thing you clearly lack…ZEPPELINS! Also former Soviets troops and Kurdish women, among others. Even if you don’t need protection, your band of mercenaries could use some extra muscle. (Yay for mercenaries). The Contract will last approximately five years, then can be terminated by either side. To add more meat to the grill, BagCorp. has limited access to Rook’s research laboratories, ranging from cures, to weapon advancement. (Right, Rook?)
            The forums would be the perfect place for this.

      • Artista

        All those books and encyclopedias will need a recall and burning.

        • I’ll keep mine anywayz 😀
          (Other stuff might still be accurate, and I like the pictures)

  • Pilot

    I see Isa’s being as camera shy as ever
    Fehu also looks really surprised in the background lol

    • bacon and mint yummy

      • not mint, its face rose stems. there bacon roses. :3

    • Rookamillion

      Happy National Ferris Wheel Day!

      • Pilot

        I like this better

        • Rookamillion

          As do I, my friend. As do I. XD

      • now I know why Ferris wheels have a roof over all the seats

        • Rookamillion

          You heard it here folks!

  • Deluge

    Yep it happends to anybody

  • Pilot


    Happy random axe acts of kindness day.

  • Dream7Catcher

    Where’s Isa?

  • HostilePopcorn

    Gebo is a good and pure cinnamon roll

  • Flammenfeder

    Hm…. A Problem with this page I just realized… Raigho tells them to ‘go’ – but where? He didn’t even remember the way himself, so how should they know? Only possible solution I can think of is that Raigho told Fehu the directions when he was chatting with him a few pages ago and we couldn’t ‘hear’ what they said. That’s probably it… but still not quite satisfying….

    • Skittles

      Perhaps to go hunt, as they haven’t done that yet in the redos and the hunt takes place after Iki and Raigho hunt.

      • Skittles

        Iki and Raigho TALK*