• Shop Dog

    Fehu is my favorite

  • Blue

    What a wonderful mother.

  • Shop Dog

    tha art on this page actually seems ok compared to the new style.the only think i would like to see changed is isa and gebo.

  • Spiritstrike

    This page is gonna look gorgeous when its redone.

  • Lilly Loves

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love it

  • Rookamillion

    Iki has come of age…. It’s time for…… “the talk” XD

    • You see, the birds and the bees–… Oh, not that talk?

      • Nonsense, it’s the lemming and fly talk!

        • “The lemmings…AREN’T LEMMINGS, Iki! All of them, machines sent to kill us all!”

          • “You’re mother was trying to protect you from them! We could’ve lost you back there!”

            And now we know why Jera screams so much at Iki when he disappears….
            The Lemmings are watching.

  • MossyRabbit

    I’m definitely loving the new interactions. The characters seem much more natural and genuine toward each other.

  • Pilot

    Iki’s got some hairy pits

    • rhez

      It tends to happen… when you never shave ever since you were born.

      • lol. that and im sure puberty has something to do with it as well

        • Artista

          That must be some radioactive puberty then.

          • not really radioactive, some are just more hairy than others.

    • Artista

      I thought of Toph from “Avatar” when I read this. Who else?

    • TheRebelLion96

      I think that’s his elbow scruff.

      • Pilot

        Sarcasm ರ_ರ

    • Erica

      He should dye it blue. Then post a selfie with it on his tumblr. B)


    lol yeah yeah XD i have done that a time or two..

  • Artista

    I really like this ‘father son’ thing the authors have going here. As a reader, it draws me into the comic more, and establishes their relationship in my head better. Raigho actually sounds like a real dad. I read on a writing tips site that the first draft is often the ‘shallow’ look, second gets deeper to the core.

  • rhez


  • Nick Lopez

    Like the page. Not sure what else to say. Oo.

    I really like Raigho now. He actually seems like a caring dad. ;n;
    (Makes his fam’s witnessing of his fall even more heartbreaking)

    • HellhoundMutt

      I love that Shiba Inu. <3 I also love how he's behaving like a father to him. I wonder how he's gonna respond being interrupted by his son… XD

    • Artista

      Wow…never seen a dog that smiles like that. Only in Japan.

      • Japan has many strange things the world does not. O3O

        • Artista

          They do have things the world doesn’t have. Like an entire language based on respect (seriously, and I thought Latin languages were polite towards their superiors). Masu, masen, des, desu, koto-ga arimasen, jai-ni, da. Forgive me if I get a few endings wrong. It’s been years since I last looked at my Japanese study book. I wish English worked that way. It’s the best language for translating certain things that require more…finesse and grace.

          • I tried thinking on the endings, and I got a real bad confuzzling in return. Dx
            It’s a lot easier when you just learn to say a language without thinking too hard about what you’re saying (endings) haha. (I also tried thinking hard on English, ouch)
            I didn’t hear/read enough growing up thus I more or less have my own hideous dialect. XD
            (By the way, I think most people know two, Tokyo’s dialect (since it’s the capital) and their own local that they speak in house)

          • Checkers

            I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese language and wanted to learn it. If only I had a spine and didn’t care that my friends would make fun of me for it, I’d actually dedicate some time to self-study at least. ;w;”” *sigh*

            There’s a lot of stuff in Japan that I think can kind of stay there. A couple colleagues of mine have been there and sometimes share videos of unboxing of some merchandise. Some of it is cute but other times its downright surreal – like fully functional kitchen appliances scaled down to a size only workable for mice.

          • I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore at Japan, making appliances for mice, but wow. It’s guaranteed though that they’ll make even stranger things in years to come. 😀
            Do they plan on becoming Ant-Man, or make super intelligent evil space hamsters?

          • Gebo

            this feels so ironic. ive always found japanese the most annoying languges. guys sounds like bears ad girls sound like tiny mice.
            and they all complain and moam.

            mostly in anime but yeah.

          • I sometimes find higher pitched males and lower pitched females (on second thought, I’ve never seen girls talk with such a high voice)
            Then again, those examples were of live action. Anime definitely high voices all around. XD (it always blows my mind that there are actual people with those voices)

        • Gebo

          Japan is -made- of Weird.

        • Artista

          They have a penis garden, sharpeners shaped like a girl’s rear (I’ll let you figure out where they put the pencil), twisted, bloody shows, Haduka Matsuri, sexualizing of women, multi-color-neon hair, a Mt. Fuji that’s active, and gender separated bath houses where nudity of the same sex is not considered ‘weird.’. And a Prime Minister that is giving Asia the heebie-jeebies because of their increase in military spending.

          • That’s only the shallow waters we’re treading.

          • Artista

            Shallow…waters? O.O

      • ive seen huskies and malamutes smile and act like this a lot when I was working with sled dogs

      • Checkers

        I’m pretty sure that kind of ‘smile’ means something a whole lot different than what it looks like, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it’d be since it’s so uncommon for me to see it in my area.

        Tightly closed mouths I know can be a symbol of some sort of stress, but as for muscles taut on the face to where it makes the ‘smile’ like that, I do not have a clue.

    • Artista

      His breakdown and harshness makes more sense now. It’s not as constant in this draft.

  • Checkers

    The snow looks better and better every page for some reason. It just looks so authentic.

    Raigho once again the poster child for flaunting off how fabulous the wolf anatomy has become. The teeth. THE TEETH.

    His right ear looks a bit awkward in the second panel though. Reminds me of the elephant ear treats we used to get when I had a dog.

    • Artista

      Ah, it seems just like yesterday people were giving Venressi flak over Jera’s teeth. Now it’s like, “Take THAT bitches!”

    • Jessi

      HA! Do you hear that @akreon:disqus ? You’re getting compliments on the teeth after so many years! ;> You did it!

      • Artista


  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    new page yaaasss <3

  • RainingMountains

    Gosh I just wanna gush over these expressions every time I see them. They’re so human like but still feel canine. It works so well!

    • TheRebelLion96

      It really does! : )

  • Nick Lopez

    I know I’ve already commented but these redos are creating an alternate reality or whatever the term is. The original page 24 shows the pack hunting.


    Seems like the story is gonna have 2 versions. Original and redo.

    Some redo pages are completely different from the original. Oo.

  • Raigho: “A dear friend of mine warned me not to…”

    Iki: “Yeah, yeah, you hooked up with some white pelted chick with those alluring blue eyes and the rest is history. I knew I was a mistake…”

    • Ohgawd no, Gehn, why xD

    • Artista

      This can suddenly make Iki more relatable to some people… 😮

    • HellhoundMutt

      …. That’s awful to think about. Poor Iki… XD But also kinda interesting to write about.

      Raigho: …. I wasn’t going to say that. =__=

      Iki: … Yeah, right…

      Raigho: …. You know nothing, Iki Sköll.

      Iki: …….. Shut up, dad…. http://gifsec.com/wp-content/uploads/GIF/2014/05/Jon-snow-sad-gif.gif?gs=a

      • cheesecake5573

        someone do a redo of the page as this XD

      • Artista

        DiCaprio better get an award for his performance in that movie.

        • HellhoundMutt

          And he did. XD Several months later.

    • RainingMountains

      You made me choke on my drink XD

  • You know, you gotta respect the improvements. I look at the next page and I see just how much better they’ve gotten. So much talent there.

    • Artista

      Not talent, man. Hard work.

  • King

    Boy do i miss the forum XD, ya’lls art has improved so much

    • Rookamillion

      Forums. I cri evertim. XD

      • King

        ahh yeah it was nice to talk to people on there but it tis ded now

  • Shop Dog

    Raighos a little bit more gentle that before.

    • It makes it even more of a contrast to how he acts when the whole situation is starting to get to him, and how shocked Iki is when Raigho snaps and bites him

      “He bit me. He really bit me! He’s never done that before!”

  • Sophie T.

    I kind of like how we’ve (hopefully) skipped Jera saying that she hates Iki. As much as I like Jera, I didn’t like the scene where she straight up said she hated Iki for acting up; he’s still her son, after all. In this version, she still doesn’t like his behaviour but she knows it’s not necessarily his fault; the adults are all aware that the kids are going to misbehave because they’re frustrated.

    • So wait, family members don’t scream how they despise one another? o.o

      On a more serious note, she seems much more.. Well, motherly? :3

      • Artista

        Jera has reached character development level: 2

    • Erica

      Agreed. Although in the original version, I knew she didn’t truly hate Iki and was just acting out her anger, her perceived disclosure of hatred felt a little too harsh — even for Jera. Now, she obviously still has her anger issues but her reactions are a little more believable.

    • akreon

      Yep, that page is out.

  • spiritmoon

    ikis Such a little brat in the new version XD Its so well written <3 I liek this version so much better 😀

    • Wolfie

      I agree XD

  • Blerg

    The art is so much better

    • Wolfie

      it sure is,

      I still like the old one too, it’s kinda cute X3

  • cheesecake5573

    erm just kinda saying but the story seems to be slightly more fast paced right now with the updated pages not sure if its just me or if its meant to be at that speed of progression

    • its actually going slower. they should be pretty much past the talking/ showing the “myth/ legend” and begin hunting elk by this point, but they havint even started the myth talk yet.

      it seems to be going fast becuase the authors uploading pages at a slightly faster rate then what we were used to. just goes to show how uploading speed can effect a storys pace so much.

      • Could you imagine how fast paced it might appear, if they uploaded each week?
        “Holy mackerels this story zooms by” *not even halfway to scene*
        (I wonder should the story pace even more slowly, would it appear to be going at normal speed?)

  • Have a dose of cute, guys.

    Happy Lantern Festival! I may not have wishing lanterns to see, but my eyes are locked on the firework-filled nightsky.

  • HellhoundMutt

    I was just wondering about this last night: If the authors were to add Fenrir into the comic at some point in either Volume 2 or 3, what do you think he’d look like? And what role would he play in the story? I can kinda imagine seeing him as a gigantic wolf-god with one right fiery-red eye and one left icy-blue eye. He’s Hati and Sköll’s father according to the prologue and Norse Mythology itself, so I wonder if they’ll find a way to squeeze or fit him into the comic at some point somewhere. I think it’d be kinda interesting to see him make an appearance in here.

    • From what we’ve seen in the prologue, it doesn’t look like these first beings had a parental figure. I think Fenrir might actually be the name of the great wolf that Hati/Skoll used to be before they split up into two beings, which could easily be explained as sons of a ‘father’ source. It’d be pretty awesome if they had to fuse again at any point in the next volumes, though 😀

      • Gebo

        thats really an intresting teory.

      • any other design besides mine is fake wannabe i know for a fact

        • PFFFT Of course, Diz, how could I forget <3

        • Rookamillion

          True fact

        • Checkers

          Challenge Accepted.

  • Evanescence

    Is there going to be a volume 2? Like a continuation of this one?

    • yes, there just re-doing the old pages so they’ll match the newer/ nicer art style. =]

      vol 2 wont be starting for at least 2 more years though, just my guess.

      • Artista

        The good news is that 2 and 3 revisions shouldn’t take as long, now that they have an established art style.

      • even evanenscence can’t go on without off-white

  • Deluge

    Wish you all live happy together as brave as a Wolf

    • Artista

      I have the urge to shed a tear every time I see this.

    • This has to go on my list of creepiest fucking things I have ever seen.

      • Artista

        Kill it with fire!

    • Tis a sad life, that of a poor creature such as he.

    • over the hedge 2 looks great

  • Happy early birthday vesner

  • cheesecake5573

    have you guys seen it! pokemon sun and moon has been announced to be released this year along with a redo of pokemon red,blue and yellow

    • its about time. looking forward more to red/blue/ yellow then sun/moon.

    • Checkers

      Calling RBY a ‘redo’ is a bit misleading. They’re only porting them to the 3DS through the eShop.

      To say ‘redo’ kinda implies they’ve updated sprites and colours and stuff, when judging from the screenshots on their shop pages, they haven’t.

  • L3Wilde

    Raigho did you mean it must feel…


    … :v

  • Artista


    • Pilot

      They is gonna be so cute

  • Maovu

    I cant’ wait!

  • RainingMountains

    Happy birthday Vesner!!!

  • Artista

    So yes, the one who waited over a decade to get it and finally got it, and earned it (nine times over). Hollywood finally did The Thing.

  • NightFall Wolf

    wow love this comic

  • NightFall Wolf
  • Artista

    *cricket chirps*

  • Babalii Yagaru

    Next page better be freaking amazing

    • Well jeez, they totally spend 504 hours on a single page and nothing on their own life, eh? .-.