• Nick Lopez

    Iki/Skoll is pissed.

  • Phoebe Tranile

    stop is still a codeword for Skoll-mode

    • Leandro Evequoz

      lololololol right.

    • spirit

      oh my gosh! I didn’t pick up on that ’till i read this! :O so smart!

  • Burrito Uzumaki

    run bitch, run

  • I’ve seen photos of real wolves who are described as showing fear, even when they’re snarling and laying their ears flat. Honestly, they still look scary to me no matter how scared they supposedly are.

    Yet somehow you managed to show Iki’s trauma so superbly even with his own muzzle crinkling up in a snarl. I can tell that he’s trying to put up an intimidating face, yet his overall expression is screaming helpless terror. Excellent panel.

  • Fatima ZA

    Kill her Skoll!! I don’t like her nothing!

  • bluestreak

    Someone’s an angry boy

  • Silver

    Somehow, i don’t think she heard you, Iki.

    …That actually has me wondering though, can humans (and other species) understand Hati and Skoll’s speech/”magical” speech? Raigho mentions that the human black spirit can understand wolf, right? Hm.