• Nick Lopez

    He’s lost his mind.

  • Phoebe Tranile

    oh my
    the last panel was actually my icon for a bit XD

  • Burrito Uzumaki

    iki, whoah dude, youre scaring me

  • Fizz

    … why so serious? ­čśÇ

  • Leandro Evequoz

    Oh crap he went INSANE……. WHY SO SERIOUS? >:D

  • Fauna Luna

    Bitch, he’s crazier than you are, now.

  • That moment when I miss all the old comments that used to be here, because Gehn’s work was gold.

  • Clayton Reese

    “I’m so insane, it’s like I’m NEARLY sane.”

  • Ann

    The thing Sk├Âll is talking about: “Poor, Poo Askr…”. Does it mean that Sk├Âll could have saved her, but chose not to because he is not allowed to do it?

  • Ann

    thing Sk├Âll is talking about: “Poor, poor Askr…”. Does it mean that
    Sk├Âll could have saved her, but chose not to because he is not allowed to do it?

    • Checkers

      Sk├Âll’s likely lamenting on the fact that his behavior and his actions are all opposite to what Askr would have wanted or trusted out of him, and is thus voicing it.

      It’s like how when something bad happens and a person gets so paranoid and depressed about it they feel it’s the end of the world, and Sk├Âll’s crumbling away with all that pain and guilt. Only difference is that the impact of the situation with Askr’s death is actually marking the literal end of the world, and isn’t just a metaphor to how distraught he is, making his emotional state only that much worse.

  • draph91

    smile dog, eat your heart out

  • HellhoundMutt

    This will always be one of my favorite pages. XD Just the expressions and the idea that resulted afterward, along with the shading and highlights and the anatomy of Sk├Âll’s body in the fourth panel, as well as the first three animation-like panels that came before it. I just like wild, grinning canines. XD
    Darcia would probably feel bad that the smile he gave to Kiba in the OVA of Wolf’s Rain wasn’t that wide. XD So futsin’ beautiful.
    Also, I’m surprised Gebo hadn’t gotten a heart-attack or reacted at all when this happened. His brain had probably shut itself down after he saw Raigho get stabbed and then it got worse after he witnessed Iki/Sk├Âll jump. And then when he saw Sk├Âll’s face in the last panel, he was probably like:

  • Gebo

    I never liked this page. it takes the seriousness away, and Sk├Âll turns into the joker. or the ”mad villian” wich is overused and too obvious, normal. boring.

    • Munin

      Then skip it ffs

    • Zero

      He’s not the crazy silly Joker-type villain. He’s depressed, the serious kind. He doesn’t care anymore and he’s laughing his pain away. Two completely different things.

      • Gebo

        yeah, he is not. but he is in this page – thats what I meant. and it felt completly out of character. simply too excessive.

    • terence sterling


    • HellhoundMutt

      I always loved this panel. I can’t draw grinning canines as well as this, but I usually look at this and real canine photos for inspiration. XD The anatomy just looks so perfect, which is one of the reasons why it looks so frightening alongside how seemingly nihilistic his opinions have become. Sk├Âll, you’ve completely lost it… :-[

    • LoboGuara5bruxaria

      Knight of Cerebus at it’s finnest!

  • HellhoundMutt

    I know I’ve commented on this page before, but I just love how Iki/Skoll seems like such a nihilist here. He’s just like, “Oh, the world is pointless now, I’m just gonna play happy family until we all die!” He even told Hati at the end of the previous chapter he wants the world and all its inhabitants to ‘die in darkness’.
    He really has lost all hope and doesn’t care what happens to the human race and wolf species anymore now that the white human spirit Askr is gone, taking the balance with him (if Askr was male, or was he female?). The world is pretty much doomed because of Sk├Âll’s actions and he just doesn’t care anymore. It’s kind of sad that he feels just so hopeless and lost. At least, that’s what I think Anna, Jessica and Kate are aiming for.
    I also really like how his motivations contrast to his brother Hati’s. Hati is really trying to save the planet for what little hope they have, while Sk├Âll just doesn’t care for the world anymore and wants it to fall into darkness.
    I like how it also runs over the stereotypical wolf story cliches where the “white wolf with blue eyes is completely good and pure while the black wolf with red eyes is completely evil” by making Sk├Âll (the white wolf with blue eyes) be the one who’s making the wrong decisions, while Hati (the black one with red eyes) seems to be the one trying to make right decisions despite his intimidating appearance, while both of them don’t seem to be completely good or evil. They seem to be neither, like grey characters in a way.
    It makes it more realistic, and I like that a lot. <3

    • Fck yes you right about this stereotypical “white wolf good wolf, black wolf blablabla” xD

    • Anonymous

      Askr is male. Embla is girl. Have you been read the Norse Mythology? I want read it a little, but I didn’t have to time.

  • Peridactyl

    I wonder if, in the next volume, Jera will bring this moment up. She seems to be the only one to have seen him go crazy.

  • Shadow Hunter

    Oh no, Smiling Dog is Iki secret brother!
    And he learned how to… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2567047cf9ccdd9bfcdfe9c8761cbf6424d832483b39e93bfe67ecf358a705bf.jpg DEAL WITH IT!

  • Silver

    …”One MORE abomination”?

    Also i just love Skoll. He’s had so little screentime but really hasn’t disappointed with the hype. Besides the SERIOUS just…presence he has, he seems to filter between creepy and pitiful and back again in just the span of a few panels. He’s just…Broken. And can anyone really blame him? (Still doesn’t get you out of shirking your duties, young man!)