• Leandro Evequoz


  • spirit


  • Bits and Pieces

    feelin it like it happened to me

  • raptorwolf

    question when iki heals raigho what are the words i tried to translate them as they are
    old Norse/runic or are they random old Norse/runic letters ?

  • Shop Dog

    grrr i hate how we lost all the old comments for these page!!! there was so much emotion in people when these where first released. but now we’ve seen them the wow factor is gone and recreate how we felt when experiences where new. the theories and ideas we would debate of what would happen on the next page wont happen agin because we know what happened in the first volume. and having that removed hurt the development of the community, people are notacably less enguaged since the old text was deleted. idk ignore me im just a rambling old mutt.