• Nick Lopez

    Awwwwwwww Jera, you do care. Too bad you got tranqued.

  • Phoebe Tranile

    “i’ll save you!”
    *dramatic running*

  • Gecko_Gaming

    Now, this is actually a very interesting page.

    1: Hati specifically stated that the stone circle SHOULD have enough for Skoll to make the first leap into the sky, and keep the sun moving across the sky. Skoll just used them to revive Raigho. Whoops…

    2: Notice how Jera has treated Iki like shit this whole time, since she never fully accepted her knew son, after her other two died. Now, however, since Skoll has revived Raigho, she, for (Dare I say) the first time, is treating Iki like a son.

  • TheRebelLion96

    Way to take one for the team, mom!

  • Leandro Evequoz

    Well you tried better luck next time ­čśŤ

  • Good try, dear

  • Confused

    Well, I’m confused. Why is she acting like he’s Iki again when she realized he’s Sk(o)ll?

    • Loin

      Iki and Skoll are the same wolves. She can call him by either name, because Skoll also knows he is Iki in his mortal life. I think.

  • Angie-Lily

    Hmh… Jera’s cut changed ear… It was on the right one before, wasn’t it?

  • Elly Molyneaux

    You know, I’m kind of hoping that Jera turns into the ultimate momma bear (or wolf) after this.

    She’s a hard as nails mum, and I’d like to think based on hints from previous pages that she treated Iki as her son even if she didn’t truly accept him due to her grief of losing her cubs. It seems like she only recently started acting the way she has been towards him because he’s been “acting out” as was mentioned near the beginning. She has a soft side, and I want her to be all “MY BABY” from here on out.

  • Fatima ZA

    Jera really loves Iki, before and after sheknows he’s Skoll. Only Iki is never in danger like now that’s why she act like a mother to him

  • Nifon Khall

    Am i the only one who liked Jera she is a caring mother she just wanted Iki/Skoll to be as mean and feirce as she is

  • Chantel Fick

    Jera is not so bad, It’s like me trying to teach my brother something.

  • OFF WHITE lover57

    Oh so now she’s fucking nice when she didn’t give a shit about him? What a bitch!

    • kara

      Prob because he just saved Raigho

    • Frostbite

      SHE is a CONTROL FREAK dude!