• Nick Lopez

    Kaya. She back. And boy does she look fine. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo fine.

  • Blue

    She looks so beautiful on this page <3

  • Niamh Sinclair

    pretty wolf 😀 cant wait to see more of her in the coming pages 😀

  • Clueless

    Poor Kaya<3 lost her entire family, but I'm glad she survived at least. Iki and Kaya are really cute together<3

  • Happyfuz1 (Oc Valara)

    I had a feeling that she wasn’t brutally killed, then she wasnt., I had a feeling that we would see her again
    And there she is!
    I LOVE Kaya, and I hope she becomes mates with Iki…Its ment to be. In the spirit relm or the real world, I hope that they can see each other again….soon…º♡♡º
    Kaya’s an important character, and shes also one of my favorites! ♡º♡º♡º♡º♡ HAAAHAHAAA I can’t wait for Volume 2 Hahaa! Love it, keep going! ♡