• Shop Dog

    Baby Munnin !!!

  • caelix ghost

    No seriously, How is Munin back that quickly?! Hati said it could take years for Skoll to have a full reincarnation, but it only takes Munin a few days?!?! @_@
    Not gonna lie though, I love the image of Hati curled around baby Munin in the nest ^_^

    • Wolf

      Perhaps because birds are smaller in size? Or maybe because memories are more consistent than the sun?

      • Happyfuz1 (Oc Valara)

        Noo, good thinking tho. (OHH no now I sound like a teacher slow this is bad)

    • Lunar

      Birds grow up quicker than wolves and usually live shorter lives. A wolf takes 2-3 years to reach maturity, while birds take 1-3 months to leave the nest.
      Munin could also have his growth accelerated, cause he only reincarnated recently and already has the beginnings of flight feathers.

      • Happyfuz1 (Oc Valara)

        YUP!!! And that’s why he said that it would take years

    • Soultail

      mugin is memory.. i think that is one factor too

    • Jel

      It could take years, months, days. It is unpredictable. Munin was lucky I suppose.

  • Chantel Fick

    Pfew relieve, i thought mugin is dead like gone forever..

  • Happyfuz1 (Oc Valara)

    Aww they all look great!