• Brea

    Glad you all are back. I have to say though after the long wait it’s a little disappointing this is the next page, but glad this will be updated frequently, once more.

  • Brea

    Glad to see you’re back to regular updates! Like the new site btw,

  • Zaitiry

    My god! i just actualizated the page and got the surprise of the year!! Good to see you are back girls

  • Natasha Bailey

    holy crap the site changed so much

  • Sydney Jenkins

    Ok new dudes. Gotcha

  • Leandro Evequoz

    DAMMMMM ohhh this is why it took a lot EXCELLENT!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nova Alexandria

    The new background is beautiful and the artwork on this page seems a lot more crisper than older pages. Could just be the new background. Either way, this was a very pleasant surprise to come to today.

  • Scherita Cambridge

    YAY! Awesome! You guys are back!

  • Isra Catori

    I kept seeing ads for the Witcher thing everywhere! Awesome to know you guys were a part of it. Glad to have you back and can’t wait to see future updates! <3 New page looks great!

  • Urist

    Hit f5, got a huge surprise.
    Great to see you back, new site looks awesome!

  • Jae

    I checked this page a few hours ago and had almost decided to give up on the comic, then I saw the FB post saying it was back. Crazy! But I’m so glad!

  • Erica

    Who else refreshed the page and went “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!!”?

    ‘Cause I totally did. And I also literally ‘squeed’ out loud when I realized it was an updated site along with a new page!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    More importantly, I’m happy you ladies are all alright! And I completely understand the hiatus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shop Dog

    thank gods it finally came

  • Shop Dog

    did they added a little symbol for the un marked users if so thats cool.

  • Shop Dog


    • Erica

      It’s a different world all together but I was thinking it looked rather like Prague (mostly because of the gargoyle xD)

  • Gorabe

    Nice =3.

    But, I think in Volume 2, history will happen in a city or near, with the Temple of Askr.


    Nice page. :v Are those goat heads within the architecture in the second to last panel or something else?

  • Important message to archbishop Fabeldyr:


  • tis a miricle!!! all hail new page, and site!!!

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    I was wondering about that skull cluster, looks like it became background

  • What the heck happened here?

    • We’ve been touched by a unicorn.

      • That doesn’t sound good…

        • No it doesn’t, now I got to go make sure I have all my shots.

  • Bri

    Sooo according to a user on here, one of the creators had cancer and thats why it took so long, but they just posted on FB they were just extremely busy….

    • Gary Hughes

      Read the main page of this website, there’s a message there. You’re better off just listening to official sources alone rather than random comments. They’re very often completely unfounded rumors.

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Hey, last I heard of Vesner she was in the hospital for so and so reasons!
        Glad Tankreon’s back either way but it wasn’t a rumor.

    • the author got the cancer removed last year and said she was doing fine.

      and as others have said. the message on the main pages states why it took so long.


  • Heko Taycannis

    First day of summer vacation just got even better! I’m so glad to see the site is back from such a long hiatus, it looks absolutely fantastic!

  • TheWolfsFate

    Holy frick, the change in website design is amazing! <3

    I'm super psyched to see the comic back! I was getting worried for a second. Not for the comic, but for the authors. I'm glad to see everyone is okay and was just super busy.

    This page looks great! I love all the detail, especially in the wood! I'm jealous!

  • baddass background is baddass

  • Heaven Scott

    Yay!!!! I’m so glad they’re back. Missed this so much. Welcome back and love the new page and the updated webpage ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This guy’s like “You won’t believe…” HUFF “how long it’s been…” GASP “since I’ve run like that…” HUFF “after getting my desk job…” /collapses

    I love the fresh look. I think it’s gorgeous. OH, and don’t forget to discuss the new web design and the forum closing on the forum! http://forum.off-white.eu/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1908 Lol, okay I had to.

    FIRST CITY SHOT! It’s glowwwing. Love the fact that this is moving into the human civilization. And that name, Fabeldyr. How does everyone pronounce that, I’m curious.


    • Shop Dog

      i don’t know how you’re supposed to say it. but i’m calling him Mr. fabulous tyres

      • LOL! Now everytime I see him I’m gunna be like “It’s Archbishop FABULOUS Tyres!”

        • I just made a small fan story up top with that name. xD

    • Fable Dare :>

    • Shop Dog

      if you go to the <the comic< sub section then click on the forum it reloads all the threads.

      • Shop Dog

        what the F happened to my comment. did dusscus just mistake my sentence for code or something.

      • What?? Where is this sub-section you speak of with a forum clicky button?

        • Shop Dog

          upper left i blue it lists the different sub sections of the forum as clickable links.


          • Oh I see what you mean. You backed down the section branch to the Off-White discussion section of the forum. And there’s a “Jump To” drop down list enabling you to access everything. NICE FIND MAN!

          • Shop Dog

            YAA i made a good.

    • I’m busy surfing the nonexistent Forums because I don’t exist either! ๐Ÿ˜€

      ….wait. O.o

      (I am really still on it)

      • LOL, Off-White Underground Network is totally legit now!

    • Hannah Simon

      Maybe the “y” is silent?

  • Foxfire

    Welcome back, ladies! So glad to see the comic back in all of its glory. <3

  • Shadowwolf12345

    Woah, looks like Iki/Skoll ate Hati. He may have become an abomination, cause he looks really creepy, with all those eyes. Maybe he put part of his soul into raigho? Maybe that’s why raigho’s eye is blue.

    • Shadowwolf12345

      Maybe his putting his soul will slowly turn him into an abomination himself, that is what i mean. I wonder if he will be able to get his soul back(if he did split his soul)?

      Or maybe the eyes are spells gone horribly wrong. (in his mad, crazed state, his hatred, maybe he wanted too much power and tried to absorb all the spells for a final attack? I wonder if spells can regenerate?

  • Heaven Scott

    man that design on the side of the webpage reminds me of an anime I used to watch but I can’t place the name right now. hmmm……

    • Heaven Scott

      Got it. It reminds me of hellsing lol

  • Shop Dog

    Good job on the boots some, artist to layer them correctly. And good job on the city too. the buildings [just trying to imagine some back story behind it] looks very cramped and mismatched, like what ever city plan the engineers where following they might have had to abandon due to the massive influx of people moving south. just throwing them up where ever theres room… wait. is that a spell i see or just a rille big balloon. right there next to the steeple.

  • WhiteWolf

    Awesome new page and site


    *cries joyously*
    Lovely city design, by the way. And are these potential new characters?!

    • Shop Dog

      could one of these men be the great master or the rotary-dials we’ve been so long searching for?


  • Skimmed the pages a bit and noticed something.

    Pages 45 and 46. They’re both the same. Page 45 seems to be the one that’s missing. :V

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Oh I just noticed too. o.o I’m sure they’ll take care of it eventually.

    • Fixed!
      Thank you for pointing it out.

      • Wow, that was fast! :> Wasn’t expecting it to be taken care of that quickly.

        Finished skimming the pages entirely and I noticed something else. It’s possible it’s my end, but page 55, pages 134-141, and page 258 won’t load. Something on them might be broken?

        I’m assuming it’s just my computer havin’ a blip but since some of it’s consecutive for a decent number of pages, I figure I’d mention it.

        • Fixed that too. Thanks!

  • Shop Dog

    recognize the beast above! you should!

  • Skoll

    I just found this comic recently, its one of my favourite comics to read! The new page is awesome

  • AlniyatCreatureCat

    Love the new website! It’s so beautiful!! As always, the wait is worth it!

  • Generic-username427

    Holy tits we’re back in action!

  • koyuki

    god… I came back to this website, attending that would be certainly page 281 with 1000 comments over… and NO ! that was UPDATED !! MIRACULOUS ! THAT MAKES ME HAPPY TODAY ! THANK YOU ! <3

  • Kikipanda

    The wait was long and hard but I’m glad I stuck around. It brung a smile to my face when I saw you guys had returned. I wasn’t expecting such a return! Brilliant. Thanks for the update & new website!
    Off-White is no longer RIP. <3

  • Kikipanda

    Also this seems relevant, haha. Except we’e be looking more estatic than that guy.

    • Heaven Scott

      I just realized we can post pictures again lol

  • kiwi

    Bahahaha!! Fabeldyr=fableanimal! xD


    What if that sunset we are seeing is the last one?!

    • well akeron said the next few pages should come easy since there wont be any more sun or moon. just blackness.

      jk. XD

      • Nick Lopez

        Interesting. And The Past is gone.

        • Shop Dog

          i guss they need to find a knew place to hide it.

          • Nick Lopez

            Yeah. I hope they put it back up.

    • Nick Lopez

      That wouldn’t be good. Also, The Past is gone.

  • Lynnzl

    YES! Finally some more human culture!
    Gotta love the new site!

  • cheesecake5573

    the websites had an upgrade its so amazing now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • cheesecake5573

    just noticed the picture on the side of the webpage dear god i think i found skoll

  • cheesecake5573

    nooo! i was looking at the previous page to go over how many pages of messages we filled to find it was gone D:
    how are we gonna answer those unanswered questions now?

    • Factoid of the day: at the moment I nuked the old website the previous page had 4607 comments on the comic page and 198 on the announcement post.

      • cheesecake5573


      • Samedi

        And yet, nothing of value was lost.

      • WhiteWolf

        Wow that’s gotta be a record for any online comic

  • sekkechi

    huzzah new page!! it’s 6am and i was just going to bed when i check on this and huzzah!! *passes out now*

    • Nick Lopez


  • Spiritstrike

    Holy hell, talk about a beautiful comeback!

  • FBtrust

    Awesome comeback!You need to continue this comic.You are the best, guys!

  • Sparkleman55


  • Kich

    No wonder you’ve been busy for a while! Witcher 3 is probably the best game out right now, in my opinion. :O It looks so beautiful, and everything about it is just great. Good job!

    • Heaven Scott

      Then is it bad I have no idea what Witcher is?

      • Vick

        It’s terrible that you don’t know what a witcher is. shame on you!
        Now go to google and find out!

        sriously tho I’ve been playing witcher 3 for a week now and it’s awesomesauce to say the least.

        • Heaven Scott

          I’ve never even heard of it lol

          • Corger

            Google it dummy

          • Heaven Scott

            No lol

      • It’s a game, that’s all I know xD

        • Heaven Scott

          What kind of game?

          • Hmm, according to the vastness of the Internets….
            It’s an action role-playing game, recieved critical acclaim on release, with some saying its the BEST RP GAME (wooot), it is bigger than Skyrim (it’s HUGE), and other awesome stuff.

          • Heaven Scott

            Hmm sounds interesting. I havent tried skyrim yet tho haha

  • Trux

    The hell?! You have been working on WITCHER 3?! That is so awesome guys! Then I totally understand why it’s been quiet! Woow!

  • Nick Lopez

    New page. Finally. Yip.

    • YIP!

      • Nick Lopez

        Yup. And The Past is gone from page 208. My bookmark is no good.

  • soldierbob

    Well, wasn’t this unexpected. I get my regularly scheduled email from the forums telling me a post has received a reply, and it’s Gehn saying the website went through a metamorphosis. Then this. Like, holy crap.

    I knew that tankeron worked for CD Project Red, and I had my sneaking suspicions that they were just working. A lot. Looks like that was right.

    And congrats to tankeron. The Witcher III is all set to be a huge success, and I might even pick it up at some point (currently playing Skyrim, might become interested). Welcome back tankeron. I like the new website.

    • Yeah, my home page is off-white.eu, just how I check for update everyday, and when I opened my web browser I was a little disoriented for a second before I realized it was the new Off White website.

    • Going through your comments you’ve made (I’m showing my brother the things the community has come up with), all your comments have been worthy/good. All mine are random/chatty. ๐Ÿ™

  • WHOO WELCOME BACK TANKESSIE! I literally screamed when I found out you girls were working on Witcher 3. Congrats! Also, NEW PAGE IS AMAZERINGZ

  • Snowstreak

    I love how you guys are oh so understanding now, but before you were up in arms with pitchforks and torches. There were several sane people like me and a handful of others in the comments telling you guys that there was probably a good reason for them to not be posting and that they weren’t just abandoning us, in response you started saying they were dead. Now that they are back you act like you had total faith and never doubted them.
    I apologize for my rant, but this kind of stuff pisses me off. I will admit I am not perfect and did doubt the return of off-white but I sat back calmly and will freely admit this. My mind is going blank and all the things I was about to type are gone so I will end on what I have been saying this whole time. Web comic arts, with a few exceptions, do this for free so we should respect them, if they need to go on Hiatus stay calm and do not always assume the worst, there is usually a good reason and for the 5% of the time that there isn’t still stay calm, riots in comments don’t accomplish good outcomes most of the time.
    @the mods, I loved the GIF you posted after looking at the comments upon your return. very fitting

    • I was more miffed by how there was no one immediately available to contact immediately when the comments started getting …out of hand, I guess? That’s putting it lightly but…yeaaahhhh.

      I know I steamed a bit – privately or not – I’ll freely admit it, but I’ve come to believe that negative emotions and blowing things out of proportion are near hard-wired into our DNA, so I can’t really blame anybody for it.

      Those that can patiently wait and make the wise deductions and remain patient have my eternal respect and I hope to one day obtain their level of chill.

    • The pizza GIF? :3

      While I was trying to be a good faithful dog, I admit I was starting to go mad (or rather, going more mad, I was already lacking sanity lul) with the lack of response, although the mantra ‘They’re just busy’ gave me a reason to believe they’ll be back, sometime….. Although I was awfully vicious when it came to people claiming outrageous things about them….. ^^’

      • Snowstreak

        Yeas the pizza GIF, and yeah I remember seeing you in the comments telling everyone to calm down

  • RainingMountains

    *LEH GASP*
    This is so cool! I adore the new site! (and page, of course)
    Also, you guys were working on Witcher 3!? That’s amazing!

  • Avis

    holy shit o_O

    • Avis your pictures are gone!! T^T

      • Avis

        It’s no big deal, it leaves room for the future! ๐Ÿ˜›
        This new web build up though, daaanngg. And they were working on a video game!? I’m kinda jelly, it must have been an awesome experience. I’m glad no one was dying because I was seriously getting concerned about what happened to them and turning into a Molly Weasley.

  • I’m diggin that city. The river running through it and the mountains in the background look amazing. Though my excitement for the new website has overshadowed my excitement for the new page. XD
    I’m also glad that we are closing out this volume with a glimpse of what the capital city looks like.

  • hurrapa

    can u remind please which days are u gonna update?

    • LicianDragon

      There’s never been a set schedule for updates unfortunately. I remember seeing a tentative schedule that had an update planned about every weekend but that was over a year ago at least. They just update whenever a page gets finished. Sometimes that’s within a week, other times it’s within 4 months!

  • HellhoundMutt

    This new website looks amazing. <3 And I'm so happy you all are getting back to Off-White, and I wish you good-luck on Witcher! It looks great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Star Wolf~

    oh wow beautiful page! Love the first panel~

    and the new website is gorgeous! Welcome back guys ๐Ÿ™‚


    New website is TOTAL SHIT.

    I loved normal one, but this one is just LAME.

    P.S. Military persons… Wow, that’s just awesome. ^^

    • MoonSlayer

      Give it time. It’s common to not like change. ^_^

      With my own experience, almost everyone responds that way to something new. After a while, though, they get used to it and are fine with it.

      • Me when my room was shifted around to make room for inspectors:
        It’s so messy here, I can’t sleep, I can’t find my stuff!

        Me after two weeks:
        I love my cluttered room

        • HITLER

          This is different.


            I think I am starting to get what you mean; it’s gotten to look more like (generic?) comic site is what you are saying?

      • HITLER

        Yes, but its not just that. Off-White used to be my favorite comic, and I LOVED their website, but not it’s just like every other default webcomic site, and I hate the way they made it ”myistical” instead of awesome glowing buttons. Besides, since they added Jessi to their artist group, comic visual looking is much worse.

        • MoonSlayer

          I see where you’re coming from.

          Frankly, I find the comic to have very beautifully drawn pages. I would actually like to see them update the first amount of pages with their new style once the comic is finished.

          Though, you are entitled to your own opinion, I wouldn’t call the website quote on quote ‘total shit’, as much effort was obviously put into it, and I do think it looks very good. But it could use some additions, making it more original and unique.

  • Lyrak

    I can see where the new layout is a little less “busy” to let you focus on the art more, but where the comic pages are placed on the page feels a little “off”, and is it just me or are they displaying a bit smaller than before? I feel like I am straining more than before to see the details.

    • It does feel a little smaller, and the comic page is not centered on the webpage.

    • Shop Dog

      is the page un-centered for you? for me the page and the comments are on the left hand side and theres a huge aria of space on the right.

      • Lyrak

        The comments are still underneath, but the page is slightly to the left.

    • I think the art of Skull!Skoll wrapping around the site’s size is creating the illusion that the pages are smaller. He’s a lot bigger than the art of Hati+Iki/Skoll were on the old layout.

      The page also seems slightly left justified, enough Skoll’s getting cut off on the left side. It’s a bit disorienting but nothing too big of a problem.

      • Lyrak

        My poor eyesight says otherwise. There is a fine threshold at which details start to be lost and text becomes harder to read, and this seems to have just crossed it. : And judging by some of the other comments, there IS some kind of sizing issue with the new layout that they’re planning to try and work on – the double pages are apparently being shrunk down.

        • The double pages have always been shrunk down. From what I’ve seen, the issue with the double pages is that no one is able to zoom in on them to get their fullview like before.

          The single pages though do not have that kind of issue. On dA, single pages are all 600×857 pixels. On the website here, they’re displaying at 600×850 even. That’s just a few pixels being shaved off the height, and since it’s only the height, it doesn’t affect the size of the text within the pages at all.

          I think what’s missing is the pages used to have something of a blocked outline to separate them from the dark colour of the website background, but otherwise, they seem to be the same size they’ve always been.

  • Rue

    YES. just yes

  • Emareee

    I hope I’m not the only one who’s excited to see more of the human side of things. “Fabeldyr”…That name is too difficult for my little mind to figure out how to pronounce HNNNG.
    I’m seriously loving that first panel, I want to see a full page spread of that city, so, so gorgeous. * v *

  • Heaven Scott

    Is page 55 loading for anyone else? I can’t get it to load but the others load

  • Lonewolf1299

    I so happy! My favorite comic as back and with a new web page!!!!!

  • Wow, I didn’t know you guys were working on the Witcher. I wish I could get that game, but I don’t believe I have the funds to purchase a next-gen console. Plus, I’m not going to be able to play it that much once I move in to college. Oh well. One of these days…
    As for the page, looks good. I’m assuming Fabeldyr is pronounced “FAB-ell-deer,” or “fuh-BELL-der.” Second one sounds better. I’ll go with that one.

    • Ooo those are nice pronunciations. I’m going with “Fable Dare” as a pronunciation, personally. >W> Makes it sound cheeky.

      • Oh yeah, I never considered that pronunciation.

    • Elanor Carsinda

      Fab Elder


  • Artista


  • Artista

    And this site fits the comic theme better than the last. The old one has a more ‘general fantasy’ look in my opinion, whereas this fits the Norse theme more.

  • Shratath

    new webpage is cool but if it were a little more darker (darker color) it would be better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • MoonSlayer

    Beautiful! *Claps* You guys are so understanding owo

  • Lunewen

    It’s gorgeous !!! 8D Welcome back honeys !!!

  • -runs around screaming in delight-

    NEW PAGE~~~


    Oh gods I’m in love with the first panel. It’s so pretty~ and the gargoyle is fantastic. Great job guys. The new website is also pretty gorgeous looking so far. I’ll explore it some more after I post this comment~

    Once more great job!

  • Nero Nesic

    Oh I am SO VERY HAPPY to see you back ๐Ÿ™‚ You say you were working on Witcher 3? That gives me a motivation to go try it out.

  • Everdream

    Anyone else want them to upload Hati and Skoll holding the moon and sun to Deviantart? I’m talking about the artwork that was part of the old site design. It’s awesome and I always wanted to fave it.

    Also, I love the new site design! it’s beautiful and looks so much better! And this is coming from someone who usually hates when websites change.

    • Nick Lopez

      I agree.

    • Shop Dog

      I do. did you notice the beast above from there Devine Art.

    • I think it’s the new artwork of Skoll on the left of the site that’s making the pages look small. LOL. He’s a lot bigger than Hati and Skoll were on the old layout.

      This new Skoll goes almost reaches the bottom of the page. The old art barely made it to the halfway point on the old design.

  • Hannah Simon

    Yay! A new page! I was getting worried about it’s continuation. *dances wildly around the room.

    The website update looks awesome btw

  • Somni

    “If you find any bugs or broken links, please let us know in the comments.” Here are the things I noticed after looking again at all pages today: -Broken pages 55,134 to 141 and 258, ; – Double page 37 and 38 is too small and you can’t click to see bigger version – Often database error while loading site. But even tho, site looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cami Bosco

    omg finallyyy yesssss its so cool

  • Everdream

    Page 37 and 38 won’t load fully for me. It only shows the first two panels.

  • I just fixed the missing and not loading pages. The only issue we have left are the spread pages. I’ll try to figure it out asap. Thank you for all the help with finding bugs!

    • Heaven Scott

      Cool. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if it was happening to everyone

    • Nick Lopez

      Will The Past be put back up.

  • kizyoi

    Whoa…onslaught of colors. Love the new page and website layout. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HutchTheLupe

    oh my god, i really love the new aspect of the page, really good job girls, and most of all, i really appreciate is you come back and start to upload new pages, i been a little down this days, and this cheer me up a lot :D, i cant wait the next pages!!

  • Natascha Schindler

    Oh boy, almost totally missed the new page release OoO
    since you weren’t posting the update on fb ^^

  • Dawn seeker

    FINALLY an update

    • Caden

      Well that’s rude.

  • Sona

    Kind of wish the comment section here would be deleted so no dick-pics can be posted again…

    • ThIncredibleHibby

      Hopefully activity from the artists means a lot less trolling!

    • I don’t think we have to worry about that much for the time being.

      The reason trolls became a problem was because the authors couldn’t get to it quickly. Now that they have more time, things like that will probably be shot down before it can get too bad.

  • The 1st pannel!โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  • Avaryn

    Anyone interested in some runic translation?

    The line of runes at the top of the site, next to the “home”, “archive”, etc. sections reads:
    Got nothing left to prove cause I’ve got nothing left to lose see me

    Wondering where it could come from, I ended up on this page: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mikkyekko/whoareyoureally.html

    • I listened to the song for three days straight xD

      • WhiteWind

        I listened to this for at least a month straight. Not trying to one up, but seriously I was obsessed because of this video lol

        • Avaryn

          I’m kinda getting addicted to the sing to, even though it’s radically different from what I usually listen to. It’s pretty short, does it come from somewhere specific?

  • VirusCore

    Haha, I really like this page. Good to see the comic up and running again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sweet Generosity

    I’m really happy to see Off White back in business! I see that you guys were extremely busy and that’s understandable. I love the new site it’s really better than the old one just work on the zooming in for pictures since some pages are hard to read, but other than that it’s awesome! I also like that all the comments were deleted…it makes the site feel new and fresh and with all those comments on a new site layout it would have felt cluttered in my opinion. Also this is such a lovely page. :3

  • Zach S.

    Well, as reasons for disappearing go, that’s about as good as you can get. ๐Ÿ™‚ This new page is fantastic as always. I love the shadows you did in panels 1 and 3.

  • Shop Dog

    I know it’s stupid but i just have to ask.
    Has any one tried to decipher the runes behind the menu bars to see if they mean any thing yet.

  • Lol wat

    • Shop Dog

      i’m calling hax on that one.

      • Lyrak

        Nope, their update (check news, though I saw it on deviantart) said they are removing the forums.

        • Forums have been on the chopping block for a long, long time. :V

    • They’ve put up a barrier!

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      Dammit they made it so I can’t take over
      I call hax

      • The forum has just gone covert. It’s all still accessible.

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          But my plans for forum domination have been thwarted.

      • Artista

        What? Hax? The frig makes you say that? XD

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          Because NOT COOL AKREON!

  • Danish chick

    is no one going to talk about the archbishop’s name meaning ‘fable animal’ in Danish?

    • As the men walk into Archbishop Fabulous Tyre’s office, they remark on how grave times have come. The glaciers’ slow but steady wrath edge ever closer on the city, as thousands of refugees flee the cold. The sun grows weaker by the day, with less life in its shine with each succeeding rise.
      And now, they must meet Fabulous Tyre, whose name has also been written as ‘Fabeldyr’. None have met the powerful man, except in dire times, and now these young fellows will meet with his Holiness to bring news of Skoll’ ultimate capture.
      “So, what do you think he is like?” says Glasses.

      • An owl…who perches upon his Segway PT scooter equipped with the most fabulous tires!

      • Artista

        You activated my dirty mind at the fifth to last paragraph. But of course Taki wouldn’t go that route, I thought. I waz raht.

        • The “no mystery” adjusting paragraph?b:o

          • Artista


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      well you’re apparently the only danish person here right now that new that. so, no.
      but that is cool though.

    • Lynnzl

      I’m Dutch and don’t speak a single word Danish and yet I can still understand what it means. In Dutch fable animal means Fabeldier so it’s similar enough xD

    • I am American, and I speak Americanese, so all I can do is laugh at him for having a weird sounding name. :3

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    ps sorry if that was to much.

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    Hah, I love that guy in the left bottom corner panel. He just doesn’t look like he’s running. It’s like… “hey yeah okay, got this super important message for the Overlord of All Humanity, but rules are rules… no running in the corridors! I’ll just walk really fast!” xD

    Glorious page BDW. I’m so glad to see the artists back in action ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      No running in the halls, the hall monitor says so


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  • I was really shocked at first and got pretty much lost around the website lol

  • Ervane

    Now I know why they have a long hiatus to update this comic cause they’ve been working on making The Witcher and I respect that hope we understand on what they’re doing.
    It’s their part of the job (Thumbs up)

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    I love this comic!

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  • cheesecake5573

    im thinking of starting an off-white project on roblox any ideas or advice?

    • I suggest an RPG with levels you have to go through, possibly on per chapter, or two chapters depending on how short the chapter is, but that could be difficult if you’re not familiar with Roblox’s adaptation of lua, or scripting/programming in general. Which also leads me to suggest to learn some basics of how Roblox lua works, and how scripts interact with the Roblox environment. That way you can use the plethora of free scripts and models there are to use on Roblox.

    • Rpg, morphs, create your own character (Try the warrior cats lake territory game, good example there for OCs), cool map that reflects this adventure… coding might take a while, so start with paint buckets for characters.

  • Raigho

    For 3 months still following the light where Iki is

  • Shop Dog

    Is that a spell next to the temple.

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul


      • Shop Dog

        too the right of the temple steeple. 2/3 down the 4th skyscraper from the left.

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    And since it’s so new, i’m not going to critisize it so much it’s just that…

    I would love to have a store (i would defenitely buy things)


    • Below the banner at the top of the webpage is a link to their shop.

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    And this new layout sidebar thing creeps the hell out of me.

    • My hell is creeped out of me too. We need more left and less right. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    • About three months.

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    • Gillian (Quick stone)

      I know right! It’s all cause of that stupid girl human thinking she can make a balance work or something!

    • He turned scary looking, and now resides on the side of the website.

      • Shop Dog

        and now has summoner as a friend to replace hati.

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      “We also got rid of the forum and the cast page. The former, as we warned in previous updates, is gone forever. The latter needs some refreshing and will be backโ€ฆ”

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    For a second I didn’t even realize that this was an OW page, XD

    • Phoebe Tranile

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      …I think I’m gonna keep it this way for a bit

  • Phoebe Tranile

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    The Beast and his pet Highschool Girl Chapter 11 is now release but not translate yet
    Hope you see this comment Caprine ^_^

  • wait hold on

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      • I understood that she had a lot going on in her life, but personally, I couldn’t see myself deleting my account and leave the community.

        • Artista

          In one journal, she says she’s going to Haifa, Israel.

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    • Don’t say hi to the crowd.

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      • SilverDust

        tru dat >o<

      • SilverDust

        You could also tell how fcked his leg was cause when he sat up his leg looked like it was absolute jello

    • Natasha Bailey

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      • SilverDust

        same here I was shouting “Ouuuuch!” while looking at that

      • SilverDust

        Makes me also wonder wth happened to the dude that was next to him XD you just see him get sent flying to the side

      • What’d I miss?

        • A motorcycle incident. A guy said hi to the crowd and got hit by another motorcycle andโ€ฆ BAPA!

          • SilverDust

            the image was deleted D:

          • I saw that, but why? I mean, it wasn’t anything wrong. :/

          • SilverDust


          • Ponygirl74

            I’m glad I didn’t see it. On a side note I’m happy to see that BAPA is still being used. : )

          • It was kind of funny, and I think the guy came out fine, but still, it was kinds shocking to see.
            BAPA shall forever remain in my heart and memories.

      • cheesecake5573

        did i miss anything by any chance?

        • Shop Dog

          just a man riding a motorcycle with his knees sticking out a little too far out. getting smacked by a speeding motorcycle from behind then being flung horizontally across the screen at approximately one be-gillion mph, possibly having one of his legs torn off. fun times you should have seen it.

          • cheesecake5573

            ohh… ok glad i missed it

      • SilverDust

        my comment was deleted bwaaaat?

  • Just got back on to find the update and the reason for the long hiatus being the artists were ILLUSTRATORS FOR THE GAME WITCHER 3

    …now I really need to play, wooooow.

    I’m really ecstatic to see artists I’ve been following for awhile have got to that status, major congratulations!

    Hope to see you other aspiring artists doing cool things as well!

  • ahhhh…I honestly miss the old layout a little with hati and skoll on each side of the page, I suppose site maintenance is still ongoing though, and if that doesnt come back then I’ll just shrug it off, I wont cry or complain over something like a website layout.

    • At least we got the nice Skรถll on the right of the page. Still miss Hati though. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Shop Dog


      • Nick Lopez

        @RainyDayz. I don’t see Skoll. I see something on the left side but I’m not sure what it is. Take a snapshot and show me Skoll, I’d love to be proven wrong.

      • Nick Lopez

        I don’t see Skoll. I see something on the left side but I’m not sure what it is. Take a snapshot and show me Skoll, I’d love to be proven wrong.

        • have to open the page wide to see it.

          • Nick Lopez

            It isn’t working. I’ve requested other views. I’ve zoomed out as far as I can.

          • WhiteWolf

            That’s cool but I’m gaussing mobile users can’t see it like that

          • Shop Dog

            interesting how they drew skoll opening his mouth and the shadow wolf coming out in overlapping stages like that.

          • Rookamillion

            Holy sweet mother of God.

        • Yep, that’s Skรถll. I can’t see him completely either, since I’m on a mobile, but that screenshot reddog took is pretty efficient. Once I get back to my computer I’ll try to pick him whole.

    • Hati and Skoll in the corners was cool, but honestly, I don’t miss it. Anyway, I believe this is the final form of the website, at least until they decide to give it another facelift in the future. Though I believe vesner will continue to do behind the scenes maintenance.

  • Is the building in the last panels seen in the background?

    • Not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say since it is the building where the archbishop does whatever an archbishop does. I feel like it would be somewhere in the more developed part of town over there by the sky scrapers.

      Where ever it is, it’s nice to see what their capital city looks like.

      • I thought it was by the skyscrapers too. Or perhaps the tall building at the center of the dark part? Not sure.

  • Niamh Sinclair

    So happy its back! How often do they upload pages now? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • unknown, still assume pages will be random.

      • WhiteWolf

        I don no I think I read somewhere that they had a few pages ready so I’m just kinda assuming it’ll be bi-weekly Fridays like before or at least I think that’s how it was it’s been awhile

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    Fabeldyr means supernatural/legendary creature in danish ๐Ÿ˜€


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  • How many pages we got left, now? One? Two? Aghhhh we’re so close!

    • I think it’s just one. And volume two is history. I think they’ll concentrate on redoing old pages though, rather than starting to work on the new volume.

      • Though it will be a downer that we won’t see volume two right away, it will be cool to see the older pages updated to the new art style.

        • Yes!! I’d love to see how they have improved alongโ€ฆ what, five six years? I don’t know, but I think it’ll be interesting.

          • Yah, we got a little bit of a sample of that when the Prologue was updated. The original didn’t have all the graphics like the new one did, but the last couple of pages were. Wish I would have saved them to see the difference, but I bet they’re on Deviantart.

    • Raigho

      Nah i think they’ll make it longer story cause they didn’t tell about my past life

      • Nick Lopez

        On top of that, they removed The Past. So right now their isn’t even an insight into your past.

    • akreon

      3 pages left

      • Nick Lopez

        Do you know how much of a wait there will be between Volume 1 and 2.

      • (cue belated gasp)


  • Rookamillion

    I like their architecture. Half Olde-World, half skyscraping modern cityscape.

    • There ought to be Olde-World Skyscrapers. :3

      • Rookamillion

        Made out of wood and stuff. Structural soundness is for noobs! XD

  • my brother bought the game for his ps4 and its epic. I bow down to your godly skills

  • and I like the face lift you gave the sight, its going to take a bit to get usto it but its a good change.

  • Madison Lawson

    Hey everyone, do any of you know or can tell me a summary of the “Witcher” games?

    • LuckyIcecube

      I looked it up and summarised myself: The Witcher is a computer role playing game based off the book series with the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game follows the story of Geralt, a travelling mutant monster for hire, gifted with unnatural powers.

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    Must use phone internet

    Can’t watch videos/listen to songs which stinks

    ANYwhooo I am logging in to say a few words:

    O Mg the new layout is friken awesomesauce and the new page: epic details. Soo bootiful. :,D Wonder what the important message is?

    aaand that’s pretty much it. Laptop will die soon. Sooo used to computers.

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    • You’re not the only one wide eyes. XD

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    everybody reread the prologue and look carefully there has been some editing done

    • I honestly don’t remember what the old prologue was.

      • It was very purple and one side had lots of text. That’s all I remember about it.

    • What exactly has changed? The prologue looks the same from when they redrew it two years ago.

      • Shop Dog

        i think its cleaner than last time. and ragho got whiskers

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          • WhiteWolf

            That’s my problem I’ve always used control/alt/delete when I shoulda been useing lock/load/delete

  • The page, The art style has a subtle change to the shading, i might be wrong but it looks a little different

    • Everdream

      I think it looks different because they are humans.

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          Father! Skรถll looks like has a new girlfriend,Kaya…

          Why I’m not???

          • Kaya

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            PROBLEM ? ;D

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            Who is her ?
            Can I meet her ?

          • Rama Prabawa Aji

            uumm….her name is…Kodokuna ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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          • Rama Prabawa Aji

            What’s wrong with Asian, Hati?

          • Hmmm…So every one of these profiles in this thread (except for Rama) were created either today or two days ago… I wonder how many of them were created by one person. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Shop Dog

            Didn’t we have like three hati’s on this site this past year?… and a Kiya? I wonder where they all are now.

          • Triple the Hati’s, triple the fun!

          • Rama Prabawa Aji

            I think so..
            but maybe they were just looking for sensation,and sometimes I’m interest what they’re talking about…hehe

            At least,troller or spammer should be not allowed on this site X(

          • Raigho

            Ahem.. i think Kaya had a feeling or interest on Iki but not Skรถll when they first met

          • Hati

            He’s my brother and I still call him Skรถll

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    Uhhhhhhm the secret page doesn’t exist anymore D:
    Does anyone still have a saved copy of that page?

    • Nick Lopez

      They took it down and sadly I do not. Hopefully they will put it back up.

    • Vliegende banaanpudding

      Did you mean this one?

      • rhez

        Yes, that’s the one! Thanks!

        • Vliegende banaanpudding

          You’re welcome. I also found this image, but I don’t know if this was also a secret page

          • rhez

            I believe that image could be found on the off-white news or on akreon/tanathe’s dA gallery. Now I wonder if anyone has also saved a copy of that gif of the blue spell that links to the secret page…

          • Vliegende banaanpudding

            Sadly I don’t have a copy of the blue spell thing, but I found another nice image between my saved stuff.

          • Rama Prabawa Aji

            is that real Katarzyna and Anna? O_O

          • Vliegende banaanpudding

            Yes, I found that image with the internet archive here
            but for some reason the image doesn’t show up anymore.

          • Rama Prabawa Aji

            I never know what the real face creator of this comic

            Even at the first time I know this website before, I don’t know the navigation is over there

            Thx for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Shop Dog

            that might have been the concept for the prologue page now that i think of it.

  • tigerpaw

    What happened to Iki on the left side of the screen/page?

  • Surrah

    Bet were gonna have to wait another 4 months for the next page…

    • ;3

    • Ponygirl74

      the creators of off-white said they made some in advance- besides we have 3 pages left before this chapter and volume close.

  • Surrah

    You have to have time to make a comic. Like if you know your not going to do anything this summer then that’s when you should make a comic. Not out of nowhere like “I’m going to make a comic!” and especially if you have other things to do. This comic is probably going to end up like all the others, abandoned (no more pages will be posted). And when you make a comic, make more panels. It’ll speed the story up. It’s ok if you wait like a week or two you know take a break and do other things. But like 4 months… What the heck did you do all that time? Busy? For 4 months? Man.

    • Acuraaquatosphoenix

      Read the front page. 2) There are other things to do on summertime than just sit and work on a comic. 3) If you can do better,start a comic yourself and show how its done oh mighty “I know it all and do as I say”. 4) If its so painful to wait,then go find something else to do. 5) They decide how many panels they want. They have it figured out. They cannot change it only because a selfish dickhead comes and tries to rule everyone.

      • I believe as far as the number of panels and size of the page goes, that they plan to publish it. Most likely electronically, like for Kindle, but since it is the proper ratio for physical comic books, I wonder of they’ll print hard copies. Also traditional comic books aren’t very big so that leads me to believe the reasoning for the few amount of panels per page, so that they are bigger and easier to see if they were printed.

        If they do print it in the traditional format, I’d buy it in a heart beat and put it up next to my other comic books.

      • Kaheera

        Im affraid Surrah is not a ruling dickhead… mind your language!! but for speeding the story, maybe he thought about the fact that last two and half year of real time was about only six hours of story time… think about that and also think about that critic moves you forward (not some sweet cream of yours) everyone should listen critic, especially autors, its just unprofessional what they are doing. but i will wait… and wait again for next update.

        • Everdream

          There’s critic and there’s rude nonsense disguised as critic. Surrah’s comment is the latter.

        • Surrah

          Thank you for understanding (btw I’m a she lol)

        • I don’t think Surrah is being very “critical”, if you know what I mean.

      • Surrah

        1)I did 2)I was using summer vacation as an example 3) I will do a comic myself but I am not a “know it all” and I never said do what I say 4)I do have other things to do and there’s another comic that I really like that posts daily pages (it’s called Asmundr if you were wondering) 5)I now that they decide how many panels they want. I was just saying it would be better if they had more. And don’t call me names. I never called you anything.

        • Star Wolf~

          Kique7, the writer of Asmundr, is actually starting (or more so will try) to post the comic once a week because he has other things that are way more important than the comic. They don’t have to post daily, and some artists work faster than others, it’s just how things are. These kinds of comics are for entertainment at the moment, not for a commission or anything. The artists can take as long as they need seeing as it should be fun for them as well to write it :/ This post was pretty rude. And seeing how old it’s actually been going on for, I don’t think they would up and leave it forever. Just chill out

          • Surrah

            I know he’s doing it weekly now but that’s fine with me as long as it’s not like once every few months. And I didn’t know how long this has been going so I know that it probably won’t stop. Anyway i don’t even think I’ll continue reading this… It’s getting really weird (the story) and it takes long to post. I want to continue reading but I’m not going to wait months for just one page. I was trying to tell them if they can speed it up and make more panels (it actually speeds the story up) in their spare time. Like they can’t be busy every single minute. Sorry if I’m rude.

          • the reason for lack of panels is pacing. the next vol starts in a page. so basically this first book ends after this page.

            then this book will be printed, at some point. and vol 2 will begin.

      • I wouldn’t really go that far with the phallusing. :s

    • SilverDust

      Well then sir aren’t you being something some people would call a “dick”?

      • Surrah

        I’m no sir and please don’t call me a dick. I was just saying this comic should speed things up a bit. Sorry if I’m impatient but for real it takes really long for just one page with few panels.

        • SilverDust

          Welp sorry the way u were complaining sounded dickish to me and I’m sure most people would agree

          • Surrah

            Being dick is being very rude and annoying and I just commented to say if they could work on it more. Is that rude and annorying? Like seriously.

    • Everdream

      The authors have full time jobs as professional concept artists. They are not teenagers working at Walmart or some job that would leave them free for the summer. There’s no reason to think they would ever have more time to make a comic than they do now unless they waited until retirement, which is absurd. There is no reason for them to have to wait to work on something just because ONE person out of thousands think they should. I highly doubt they would abandon something they they worked OVER FIVE YEARS on and plan to make money on. It’s coming at a fast enough pace for what it is and for what they can do, but not for you, apparently.

      • Surrah

        Just read the other replies I wrote.

    • *enacts the biggest face palm of all time in history so that the Earth moves 20 cm*

      • Surrah

        Wow um ok I don’t see why you would make a huge facepalm over my comment… But I would do one on yours because it’s stupid.

      • Surrah

        I just saw your edited comment sry if I said it was stupid because I only say the facepalm part )) Btw somehow your comment is funny lol but yes I understand their busy lives but you know they aren’t busy every minute, they should of been working on this more because it’s a really good comic

        • I kinda facepalm by habit because I’ve read so many comments that I imagine them all to be the same (which is really a foolish thing to do, since most comments are not the same, plus yours was more reasonable)
          (Tho to be honest, my comments can ring stupid x’D)

          I wish they could work on it more. ;-;

          • Surrah

            Lol it’s ok (about the facepalm part) yeah anyway they said they made a few extra pages hope they don’t wait to long to post them and WOW like I have a lot of replies like seriously XD

    • Eh… The comic started six(?) years ago. And it’s also a side project.

  • Julia

    As a Dane, reading the name Fabeldyr sounds funny. But I’m glad you guys are back! And great page btw, I’m loving the coloring.

  • cheesecake5573

    this weeks animation


  • cheesecake5573

    the person whos thinking of doing a map of this

    if its on something like jcouples e.g iki and kaya heres a song that you could possibly use


    or if it is the journey or the spirits / iki skoll then maybe this




    • Deluge

      “Candlelights” pls too awesome to imagine for those two lovinngwolves. “Warriors” can’t feel the concept of that song for this plan

      • cheesecake5573

        yeah your right about candlelights but warrior would be ok if it was a map about the spirits

        • Shop Dog

          I like candle lights but would also like to make a suggestion. different than my last one, this one is a parody rather than an original song. But i think i mite work with kaya & iki/skoll.

    • TFP instantly popped into my head with warriors xD

    • CANDLELIGHT’s art is similar to the video “Die Young”. Same artist? :3

      • cheesecake5573

        Yep same person who did the art

      • Legit about to comment this xD

    • Started reading the Zoophobia comic, and I love it so freaking much.

  • Surrah

    God I shouldn’t comment anymore because people just come right back at ya

    • OffWhiters are creatures to beware for bites. :E
      (Cannot guarantee all members of the species will have the same reaction)

      • Surrah

        Lol yeah if someone said Off-White is bad I would bite back because it’s not

    • SilverDust

      That’s probably for the best

  • Surrah

    I was just like commenting to speed things up because it’s insanely long to post just one page with just few panels even if your busy and people are all like “Rude” and “Your a dick” and stupid shit like I wasn’t even talking to you guys I commented for the artists like seriously sorry if I’m impatient but like seriously

    • being honest is okay, but complaining or being impatient will get you nowhere and wont speed the comic.

      MANY others have commented these things before you. truthfully all the older fans are sick of the “why does it take so long?” comments sprouting every week.

    • Deluge

      Well you should be more generous so other people will never arguing with ya. The last page were fit for 4 months, plus trying return Iki back for them was like mission impossible.

  • Deluge

    Uhg rain all day wish i could cuddle some wolf fur

  • We are the children of the sun,

    The love for everyone,

    Always on our own,

    The fire in our eyes,

    The passion never dies,

    We’re the chosen ones,

    The children of the sun~



    • Deluge

      Damn thank you for sharing this amazing music video her voice is so warm everytime she hits the highnote it’s like they’re still fighting for Ragnarok. love it

    • Rookamillion


      • Artista

        EGYPTIAN! XD

        • Rookamillion

          Pshhhhaaaaa, It’s all about that Lordran son! XD

  • Deluge

    This song her words are too deep https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iddMLJ53x_M

  • Same sex marriage is now a reality folks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Shop Dog

      yes, and it is a good thing. The only problem i have with it though is that citizens weren’t allowed to vote on it. Not that i’m agenst same sex marriage, i just don’t like the gov passing things, wile intentionally not allowing citizens to vote about it.

      • Deluge

        I wonder why the US Gov. made legal, i’m not a racist but following the rules of the bible is sacred and cannot be reject. Well i guess America is more crazier than what Japan’s doin

        • Artista

          America is more secular these days. Been that way since the 60s
          When you take out a divine lawgiver, you can argue anything..

        • LKJ

          The US was not founded as a Christian nation, although many seem to believe it was now, and it certainly seems to be one today. It says so quite explicitly in the Treaty of Tripoli, signed by Adams in 1796.

          • Artista

            Article 11 talks about the Government not being founded on the Christian religion. It doesn’t talk about the social, cultural aspects of the nation.

          • Shop Dog

            the reason they included article 11 in the treaty was because the Muslims were attacking and beheading american merchant men because they were Christian. and the congress at the time was trying to appease them to get them to stop.

          • Britain and France could’ve easily helped in my opinion, but they were butthurt on our upstart success, so I’ve heard. (Plus, competition)

          • Shop Dog

            The east never changes.

          • Rookamillion

            Anti-Americanism was very rampant in those days. Everyone thought we were degenerates. XD

          • I don’t think I could blame them. XD

          • Rookamillion

            Some things never change apparently. XD

          • What about the Treaty of Paris? That came before, what did that one say?

          • Shop Dog

            Why are we even talking about the Treaty Of Tripoli the treaty was void in 1801 when the barbary war broke out, so its words are completely meaningless.

          • I don’t know why… D:

        • It’s funny cuz we don’t follow the Bible in many ways where people say they do and should follow it wholly. (Take Sunday for example. Two examples there, and also no eating lobster allowed ever apparently.)

          Although rules of the Bible being sacred may differ from than just following the Bible literally and wholly (which in my opinion DO NOT DO) (there are good things obviously, but note that some things are very baaad)

          • Artista

            Takeru-san, gommen-nasai…. The cultural laws regarding diet, crops, fabrics etc. were cultural restriction against the Jews to separate tbem from the Gentiles. However, because these laws were never part of Gentile cultures, that being us non-Jews, it doesn’t apply to modern-day Christians. Another example: Jews were making a fuss over Greeks not getting a circumcision, but it no longer applies tbe Gospel is available to all people. Don’t hate me for diving into this.

          • I should be the one saying sorry! I really don’t have much idea what I’m talking about (being stupid again hurrrr)

            This is why I hate including myself in arguments. Yet I keep doing it. XD

            Sumanai senpai ;A;

        • Artista

          America’s been crazy since she went up against the British Empire. Nothing new. XD

          • Rookamillion

            Hell….We were crazy before then! XD

        • Shop Dog

          In america. the way people normally put it is, you are allowed to practice you’re religion freely unless you’re beliefs oppress someone else’s beliefs. this is why the anti gay marriage thing in the bible was a conflict. how ever the way they passed the law [by not having any Christian representatives on the court] kind of broke this belief as well.

        • Raven Black

          Actually, the bible has been re-written so many times that it is now a joke. There used to be more women in the bible but only those that kissed butt were kept in it. On top of that there is so much in it left that is just ridiculous and no longer relevant to today’s standards. Things such as cutting your hair the way most men keep their hair now, shaving your beard, piercings or tattoo’s in the bible equate to death. Women being over 20 and unwed should be stoned to death and yadda yadda. Half the people online would be dead by stoning if you followed the bible.

          On top of that, there are several accounts of gay activity, cannibalism and incest in there.

          Jesus himself had a male lover. ;3 So before anyone brings up “it’s against the bible” they should first read the entire bible.

          • Artista

            You may want to study the Bible more closely.

      • Artista

        I also don’t like how it was done. I knew it’d pass, even though I oppose it, but I now that gov can force gay rights on people without their say, they can force anything. I really think the gov juat used LGBTs as a foot stool to tyranny. I always found it strange the President began favoring it until his second election. I honestly think gays are just being taken advantage of and they don’t know it. Yeah, my pessimism about the gov runs that deep.

        • Shop Dog

          its like rolling snow down the mountain. it may be something ok at first but you don’t know whats coming once this method of passing law builds momentum.

          • Artista


        • soldierbob

          Allow me to clear some things up.
          Nothing was voted on. There was no national law at stake. It was state laws. Specifically, ones that banned the issuing of marriage licences to same-sex couples. It was brought to the Supreme Court of the United States through appeals from lower federal courts that had ruled in favor of banning same-sex marriage. What the Supreme Court did was simply declare that the rulings of the lower courts were unconstitutional, in similar vain to the Jim Crow laws in place in the south after the Civil War. Saying that the government is “forcing” “gay rights” on you is incorrect. It’s like you saying the government “forced” “black rights” on you in the sixties.
          In summary: Nobody voted because there was nothing to vote on. It was a ruling by the Supreme Court. To say that this ruling is a “footstool to tyranny” is incorrect. It is simply the Supreme Court doing the job is was created to do way back in 1788. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States)

          • Erica

            Thank you. I was in the process of trying to explain this to others but you summed it up much more nicely than I would have been able to.

            There wasn’t anything conspiring or surreptitious regarding the supreme court’s decision. This is just how the supreme court works.

          • How long ago was the ban issued? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there since the dawn of US…but Idont know. (I kinda thought it was put in sorta recentish, like within s century )

          • Rookamillion

            Are we talking about DOMA or individual state rulings? DOMA was signed in my President Clinton in the 90’s and was a nationwide ban on gay marriage. The recent rulings in regards to the legalization of gay marriage were issued within the last year and a half and only affected certain states. Different courts hold different rulings.

          • I feel like I’m in school again, sitting while listening to chunks of history, ๐Ÿ˜€

            So, only certain states, but not nationwide? Wait, then that’d uh….either mean they’re exception, or they turned off nationwide first. (Something tells me this is simpler than I think…)

          • Rookamillion

            Nationwide is on your side! XD

          • Rookamillion

            DOMA was repealed a year or so ago. The individual states bans were overruled yesterday.

          • Artista

            DOMA should have never existed in the first place. Down with Clinton!

        • Rookamillion

          I think it runs deep in everyone who’s experienced the last 12 years. XD

    • I’m just gonna go ahead and be that one religious ass and say that same sex marriage isn’t right and I’m rather disappointed about it.

    • Rookamillion


  • Deluge

    Can we disqus later about SSM ans i’m sorry if someone offend my comment
    Gomenasai Takeru

    • Shop Dog

      i dont know that there is any thing more to say about same sex, the legal war for now is done with.

      • Artista

        The social war isn’t over yet, though. Time will tell.

    • Nonsense, I was being a sardine back there, I should be apologizing. XD
      (No offense to the fish)

    • Artista

      Don’t be worried about offending soneone for voicing your opinion in a respectful way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Speak up for yourself as long as your not being a prick about it.

      • Deluge

        Thanks mate, your message makes me confident again and being part of your community was the best

  • แ›—แ›Ÿแšฑแ›–:แ›ˆแ›šแ›–แšจแ›‹แ›–

  • Surrah

    Why are people arguing about things off topic?…

    • Deluge

      Were done now about that so no more argument

    • Shop Dog

      we were bored. the site had slowed down. nobody had rille said or done any thing for the last two days. talking about random stuff is how fans keep themselves entertained between long up dates, so there less tempted to just say “whens the next update”. it’s a normal think for people to talk about other things on this website , and the artists seem to allow it.

      • Surrah

        True but it’s like spamming the page XD you guys know any other wolf/dog comics like this and Asmundr?

        • I don’t know, but I like Wurr.

          • Shop Dog

            me too! :]

          • sekkechi

            same ๐Ÿ™‚ i like wurr as well. … come to think of it i haven’t seen a page from wurr in awhile. ah well

          • I see there’s also support for a Wurr musical. XD

            (They were talking about Les-Mis under the ref sheet)

          • sekkechi

            oh lordie xD haha wow. i also find it funny how not long after i’d mentioned not seeing a page from Wurr… a page pops up in my DA notifications xD timing

  • Raigho

    “You’re like a moon baby, you make howl all night” (*Smirk*)

    • Isa

      Dad stop it you’re embarrassing me

      • WhiteWolf

        Ain’t that what dads are for?

      • Nick Lopez

        Woof. Me sees you blushing from embarrassment. Lol.

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          • Nick Lopez

            Lol. You tongue tied. And mmmmmmm, such luscious brown fur. I complement you it.

    • ^What Gargoyle in first panel said.

  • Jade~senpia

    Oh shit, a new page?! I’ve been waiting forever

  • Rookamillion

    Oh, I’m serious…….and my names not Lee. XD

  • Deluge

    Question Off-the day XD
    What’s the name of this village? I always think of it

    • I’d imagine it’d be a name that’s also Danish. :3

    • Shop Dog

      maybe something revolving around askars name

      • Deluge

        Oh right i remeber the Temple of Askr which name they mention it on off-white cast where it wrote on Seven and Albert’s Bio-Data on old website

        • Shop Dog

          And alberts employment contract p138.

  • Kaya

    So I had been reading this comic since a long time back when it had started off and as I re-read the whole thing again to refresh my mind of the story, I’ve noticed new pages have been added and a lot has been taken away like when Raigho dies and gets brought back to life by the guardian Iki and he had met Haiti in a real dream… I’m so confused now :/

    • I read the parts you mentioned about missing pages and I didn’t see any, but I haven’t gone over the whole thing. What are the new pages that you mentioned? Also pages shouldn’t be missing, if any are, they need to be reported to Akreon or Vesner.

      • Shop Dog

        holy crap sevens hair on 139.

    • Deluge

      Am i the only one who sees a pawprint on Isa’s right eye or am i too blind to see all the panels on page 146-150

      • Shop Dog

        thats supposed to be there iki hit her with green slime.

    • those pages are still there. i found them using the archive though.

  • Vliegende banaanpudding

    I’ll leave this here for those who want to see the lost cast-page

    • Thank you! You have saved a valuable historical artifact of the OW land! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Deluge

      Thanks for sharing this kind of website it means a lot

  • Deluge

    I love drawing so much and here’s my very first character that i just draw in my imagination i guess.. My drawing skills were kinda messyXD but still proud of it Haha

    • You make me jelly. ;A;
      *starts out a drawing on own paper futiley*

    • Rookamillion


  • Tobi

    I love drawing wolves. <3
    This one is my Nayeli.
    It means 'I love you'.
    Everyone says she looks like Balto.
    I think not!

    • Deluge

      Maybe everyone knows Balto and assuming that they’re look-alike but for me you made it by your heart

    • Shop Dog

      gosh thats almost film worthy.

    • sekkechi

      honestly she reminds me a bit of the balto style, but i can tell that she’s not balto ๐Ÿ™‚ pretty name and i like how you drew it ^^ she and the background are well done

  • Shop Dog

    Ya that happy little door isn’t so happy when you see whats on the other side of it.

  • Jessica

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      ไฝ ๆ˜ฏ้€—ๆฏ”ๅ—๏ผŒๅƒไธๅˆฐ่‘ก่„่ฏด่‘ก่„้…ธ๏ผŒ่ฟ™ๆ˜ฏ็”จๅฟƒไน‹ไฝœ๏ผŒไธๅฎนๅ‚ปๅ‰่ทต่ธ

      • Cacer

        translate:Are you silly?Everyplace of the comic use a lot of trying.You can’t do this so you said like this.Clam down ,I can understand your langruage but you can’t, so don’t argue with me.

    • Howling Ghost Wolf

      First world problems.

  • Cacer

    Perfect art !Take every details to heart.God won’t let Your trying waste!(Sorry for Chinese EnglishT^T),In China more and more people know this comic.

  • spirit

    I love the detail in this!

  • Lucas

    But seriously though, the archbishop’s name is Fabeldyr?

    It literally translates to ‘mythical animal’…..

  • HostilePopcorn

    I’m sure ‘Fabeldyr’ sounds great in non-Scandinavian languages, but to us it just sounds a bit silly… ๐Ÿ˜›