• Sanu Wolff

    o.o First comment for once! but wow so bloody I was shocked! Surely if he is one of the spirits surely would he know that if he goes through with it they will surely be doomed?

    • rebekarma

      Congrats^^ But poor little cat… ._.

  • RainingMountains

    Oooh, red and blue text!

    Also, what the heck is going on?! (dark magic? There are dragons in the bowl of blood)

  • HutchTheLupe

    red and blue texts???, i but if Askr is dead, so, that must be the human red spirit, omg, this is geting really intresting! :D!

    • Nick Lopez

      No. The creator’s have stated in the past that the red human spirit is female. If I remember correctly, her name is Embla.

    • no, they’ve shown what the black human spirit looks like. shes a female.

      i think that person is the dragons. explains the dragon blood bowl and the mixed red/ blue bubbles as they were attached to each other. and they controlled black magic as well.

      • HutchTheLupe

        uhm that can make sence…we dont know that happen after Askr died in hans of the dragon spirit, darn, so many questions! D:!

  • Poor cat :’P

  • kaedekit

    Red and blue text? What’s going on here?

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    nuuuu poor kitty ;-; nice page tho! yayyy!!

  • laila millers

    Next page please… I need to know what’s going to happen! ;_;

  • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

    I see dragons in the blood

  • Nick Lopez

    Poor kitty. And so creepy.

  • i think someones possessed by the dragon spirits that ate the white human spirit.
    the dragons did control black magic after all. which is what that all looks like.

    they mite be trying to get skoll fist to try and finish him off.

  • Alex

    Just a guess but Iam guessing from the look of the dagger, the dragons in the blood & the unknown person saying ‘mortal’ like he’s not one himself my guess is this guy is that many headed dragon that killed Skolls human spirit companion that got chomped!

  • Greynose

    why kill a cat to speak to dragons? I see no connection.

    • Tahja

      I think it’s mainly a blood sacrifice. You’ll need blood from a victim and we don’t technically know if he’s trying to reach the dragons beyond the veil. For what we know, the dragons could’ve taken up a human host instead of devouring all of them in order to preserve their species.

      But for all we know, the dragons have been mentioned and seen time and time again, so they do play a vital role in this whole scenario.

  • Ponygirl74

    I think Alex and redogf.13 are on to something.

  • Tahja

    Holy shit! A human that possibly is a combination of two spirits?! I wanna know what is going on! And that poor kitty. Honestly, I didn’t think it bled so much, it filled a bowl. Now, I’m beginning to sense the Wolf’s rain vibe in this. What the hell does this guy want with Sköll?

  • Acuraaquatosphoenix

    this is creepy o.o but exiting as well >) DO I see potential combination of 2 souls…the bubble hints at that >)

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn


  • Shad

    Hey guys i have looked into the runic alphabet and the wall painting says something like this (the left dialogue is blocking one word…) ; “FROM …….. THE DRAGON DARK COMES FORTH” . Damn look like these dragons arent dead at all? O.o

    • It seems that while mortally, they are extinct, but the spirits hang around. Also, it wasn’t explained that they were defeated…. Perhaps the dragons in a way won the battle against humanity, and are behind the scenes controlling them through the leadership.

      • Shad

        Yeah,it makes sense! This comic is not only art…It’s masterpiece.
        Maybe….The last dialogue is being said by the dragons? I’m really not sure.Also,it’s somehow weird that the human would speak by both spirits.Of course,the dragon could because it looked like one with two heads so…
        If anybody could see through the left dialogue and tell us what’s written here,bah ;___;

      • Artista

        Aishite anata no atama!

  • Shop Dog

    what the crap!!

  • Leandro Evequoz

    OMG WTF!!! for those who saw wolf’s rain OMG IT IS A NEW DARCIA?!!

    • Shop Dog

      i am having recollections from felidae and wolfs rain now.

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      I have my assumptions
      Though I am gonna go with a theory it’s Askr being controlled by dragons (Because white hair and dragons) since it’s hard to kill a spirit

    • Why Darcia?

  • Shop Dog

    so by making a blood sacrifice you can communicate with extinct races. geez did that take a turn for the satanic or what!

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      I KNOW RIGHT?!

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    No really though, holy shit, this is probably one of the more graphic things I’ve seen even for me, and I was thinking of drawing dark and heavy toned things again. I think what makes this so disturbing is not only that it’s a cute little cat that the fuckface killed, but we can clearly see it cut open, no organs or anything to blur the clean cut, plus the blood is clear. Honestly actually this is kinda disturbing more than the usual horror movies because of how clean that cut is, and that’s a huge deep cut.
    Kinda rambling but this is the first time I saw something like this, and it makes me scared for Iki/Skoll, like what if Iki/Skoll will suffer the cat’s fate? It’s a disturbing thing all together but I figured they’d use machines like test tubes and glass bubbles to trap Iki in and suck the energy out, not fuckin sacrifices to the wall gods done by vampires! RUN IKI RUN!
    Hope Seven gets her reward money still but RUN IKI RUN!

    • I think the artists are trying to keep the gore at a reasonable level xD

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Usually though when people add organs they make something feel less believable and more mediocre/comical, so they had more impact using less.

        • Artista

          SAW is the prime example.

  • I can relate this to Tigerstar’s death, and that cat in felidae that got killed by Francis….

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      This is probably worse because the cat was probably innocent, pinned down, and cut open with that huge knife, dreading the result the whole time it’s alive and only understanding that there’s a big scary man with a knife holding it down and hurting it.

      • Sounds like sleep paralysis.

        • Leandro Evequoz

          OMG NONONO SHIT SHIT IT IS A NEW DARCIA?! (for those who saw Wolf’s Rain)

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Watch him try to turn into a spirit

    • AmayaWolfe84

      Oh, and the sacrificial blade is dragon styled with the scales and tooth/claw tips.

    • Shop Dog

      i was thinking of the part were the german scientist started strapping cats to the bench and started dropping acid on them wile cutting them apart.

      • That was horrific. D:

        • Shop Dog

          oh and wile i’m at it lets not forget the puppet nightmares. and dismemberment of cats in general.

    • My first thought was Varjak Paw, actually.

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Can you explain? I’m too lazy to read the books

        • guy made hyperrealistic ‘fur real friend’ like cat toys by taking real cats, gutting them, and replacing the insides with the machinery of the toy

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            HOLY SHIT

          • yeah, exactly

            my memory of the book is real fuzzy, but that’s about the jist of it

          • Shop Dog

            Oh, you mean like what they do with those animatronic dolls in museums. / chuck E cheese

          • Taxidermy? It’s kinda like that.

            But it was meant to sell in stores for children

          • Shop Dog

            Down town in the balboa park aria they have this place called museum of man. where they would take human corpses, slice them in very thin layers and lay them out so people in the medical field and the general public could see them. its was a interesting if not very creepy way of teaching human anatomy.

          • *dies inside*

  • AmayaWolfe84

    Does anyone else notice the twin dragons in the bowl of blood?

    • Yup. It’s also the reason why the speech bubble is half blue, half red. The dragons are like joined together (a two headed dragon)

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Could this be where albinos come from?



  • Ohooo, this is rather curious.

    Looks like some spirits are taking residence inside a human vessel. The images in the bowl seem to make it seem like the dragons are the ones.

    Mayhaps this is caused by humans trying to use other spirits in their attempt to revive Askr? Or mayhaps the dragon spirits obtained the ability to possess a human body in place of Askr after having devoured her?

    Really curious.

  • Shop Dog

    That is a terrible wast of drywall sir.

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      You deserve an award

  • Emareee

    Oooohhhh OHHHH I’m interested. I’m very interested. I don’t even feel bad for the cat tbh I’M JUST– im just EXCITED

    • Don’t explode from overexcitement Emaree D:

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    So, how long do you think it’ll take till PETA gets there?

    • Shop Dog

      hey!! that is food in some countries.

      • I’m sure PETA would declare war on them. .-.
        (Then again, they are rather crazy, they might be fine with that, but against having pets)

        • PETA will declare war on anything tbh

          • “I declare war on you, blade of grass! Taste the wrath of my lawn mower!”

        • Shop Dog

          Pfft, what ever, that cats as good as lasagna.

          • I love lasagna! Why you make me hungry in the middle of night? ;A;
            (Speaking of which, there IS a cat outside right now…not that I would eat her, I love cats)

          • Shop Dog

            it she staring at you’re screen an looking at you like “what is this nut job looking at”

          • A lot of times, ya. Other times, just sniffing and licking self, and lying asleep all over the place. XD

    • Already creeping outside the window.

  • Dragonheart

    *coughs and raises hand* I can read runes… they actually say something here.
    I can’t read a lot of it due to the speech bubbles, but I can read “the dragon mark” in the middle and “forth” on the far right-hand side.
    All over what I can see:
    “From —(a/o)w the dragon mark comes forth” (“comes” is a tad blurry but still readable, barely)

    Well played, writers. I am intrigued to see if this phrase actually comes into play.
    Now of course I have to go back and see if there are other phrases in the runes on previous pages XD

  • Shop Dog

    OH my god was that the white cat spirit !!! IKI GET THE SHIT OUT ‘O’ THERE DOG!!

    • Lyrak

      I think maybe the “you” being referred to here IS Iki, like, s/he can hear what the other two are saying, and is just sort of talking in response.

      …though I AM intrigued by the fact that this person says “our” and the speech bubble is blue fading into red – white and black spirit combined colors. Am wondering if perhaps the white human spirit isn’t really dead after all?

      • Shop Dog

        I thought she was s/he was talking to the dragons.

        • Cye

          They didn’t beat them. They ate Askr and toppled Skoll. That’s why humans are currently on the chopping block, and the wolves are trying to save them. Having come out together, if the humans die, so do the wolves, and too much of the balance. I do beleive that the bishop is the dragon[s], wondering what Skoll is up to this time. This is also why they wanted the white wolf spirit. To try and replace, recreate the white human spirit.
          The poor kitty, was just collateral damage from nheeding blood magic, presumably to scry.

          • Shop Dog

            oh right i forgot they lived through that. was it the humans that eventually killed of the dragons then? That would make more sense as to how disappointed she sounds.

          • Cye

            The dragons didn’t die; Askr died. Skoll fell, and became Iki. He was so dispondent at losing Askr, that he just gave up, and hid as Iki to essentially wait for the end.

          • Shop means the species. It’s stated that the dragons were driven to extinction.

          • Shop Dog

            no the dragons went extinct

          • the dragons went extinct, but the dragon spirits still live. because there are no more dragons being born, they cant reincarnate back to earth. so they must have to use there black magic to posses other live vessels.

            perhaps only temporary without these “prayers”.

          • Shop Dog

            yes i know. i all ready said i remember.

      • iam assuming its the dragons of black magic. the dragons are connected, which could be why for the duel colors.

  • Hannah Simon

    Woah! Can’t say I saw that coming. This just keeps getting better!

  • Gary Hughes

    Didn’t need to see that…

  • Lyrak

    It just HAD to be a tabby cat. >.< Dammit it looks enough like the cat I lost a couple years ago it's making me cringe.

  • Artista

    Two dragons in a boel of blood. I wonder if the Archbishop absorbed the dragons spirits. Or the dragons are possessing a vessel. That poor kitty.

  • Artista

    We better see Embla at the end of this.

    • *Embla is seen outside through the window, looking in*
      “Dafuq are my people doing?!”

  • HutchTheLupe

    cheeees, i was standing looking the blood in the bowl, and they are 2 dragons in the blood D:! oh my god!!

    • Artista

      I can’t believe how realistic that looks…

      • HutchTheLupe

        i was looking the effect of the blood before realise there are those dragons on it

  • Shop Dog

    so if the cat s/he just sacrifices is the white spirit of the cats. Does that mean the spirits can literally sacrifice there own cousins to save there own races. thats kind of messed up thats like if Hati suddenly decided ha wanted to kill Munnin. its like a monarchy struggle.

    • Artista

      Hati would never kill Munin! They have an eternal bromance. Im sure he’d rather kill Sköll. XD

      • Shop Dog

        Thats exactly why its messed up.

    • we don’t even know if that’s the white cat spirit. personally iam just assuming its a regular cat they grabbed.

  • Avaryn

    So… Is this one the last page?

    • for this vol, yes. unless there going to add a back cover page.

      • Nick Lopez

        If this is the last page then they should have announced it as such.

        • they announced that there were only two pages left a while ago.

          • Nick Lopez

            I always miss this stuff. Lol.

  • Shop Dog

    i would hate to be that guard just standing outside a room where cute real and mythical beings go to get slaughtered. with little window slits that allow you to see inside.

    • I’d hate to know what happens whenever he disturbed Fab.

      • Shop Dog

        Oh U have a fav animal *butchers.

        • “My fav animal is a human!”
          *person gets striked down*

  • Elanor Carsinda

    To be honest, the amount of blood on that knife doesn’t seem to look very consistent with the deep cut on the cat’s stomach. I mean, unless the blade is made out of some material that blood doesn’t easily stick to or something.

    • Aien

      I find that blood does not stick to many metal blades very easily in fact (I realize how morbid that sounds too, I’m totally not a serial killer)

  • bahamut

    Is that archbishop the dragon spirits? How do they look human? And I saw a comment stating that was the white cat spirit… how can you tell?
    I love this page, it’s full of stuff I want to know about!

  • Celia Ána Rosendahl

    thar be dragons

  • koyuki

    before, the dragon eats the white spirit human right ? so they could change form ? and the white spirit wolf is also wanted… seems like. but it was ejected.

  • Wanderer

    Holy crap, the new character is insanely creepy! There are dragons in the bowl of blood. Oh my gosh! (Shudders)

  • Ticklicous

    Good lawdy lawd I am disturbed on so many levels…

  • WhiteWolf

    A well then

  • New antagonist, methinks.

  • Dr. W

    Hey, longtime lurker here! I wanted to let the authors know that they are doing an awesome job with this comic, and the art is amazing.

    Also, as a huge fire emblem fan, and one who is eagerly awaiting the US release of Fire Emblem Fates (2016, why Nintendo), I can’t help but find the similarity of what’s going on in this page and certain… spoiler heavy events, that happen in the new game, rather amusing. Especially since the japan release of fates and this page happened within a few days of each other.

    Perhaps one of these dragons goes by the name… Anankos? Lol, if only…

    Looking forward to more of this great comic!

    • //wheezes I cannot EXPRESS how excited I am for Fates.

      I’m literally hoarding all the money I can get my hands on to make sure I’ll be able to get both of the routes x____x Because I cannot choose which one to get first.

      • Dr. W

        I want to go for Nohr because I love classic Fire Emblem gameplay, but I want to use the Kitsune like Nishiki and you can’t get them on the Nohr path. 🙁 The Garou and Managarmr (Hi Hati!) are neat but I don’t like them as much.

        But who am I kidding, I’m getting all three routes too lol.

        • Originally I was planning on getting Hoshido, since I wanted to see how a more Japanese setting would work with Fire Emblem as a whole (also to see how much they butchered mythology, considering the names of characters on the roster, there’s probably a lot) but then Nohr had to go and get returning characters weaseling into its roster 8 [.

          So here I am patiently waiting to throw $80 at them next year for both games and then the third route DLC. x____x I’m hoping a special edition thing will come up so i’m trying not to pre-order them now and be done with it.

    • RainingMountains

      I admittedly didn’t enjoy the previous installment, FE Awakening (I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like it), so I’m really, REALLY hoping that Fates will give me a better impression on the FE series (never played the previous games)

      • Dr. W

        Awakening really is not representative of Fire Emblem as a whole. The gameplay style is very different than most of the other games due to the fact that your resources aren’t limited, and broken stuff like pair up and spells like nosferatu exist to trivialize the game, among other things. Fates keeps some of these things but balances them much better, most have been reporting it’s much more challenging. The Hoshido version plays more like awakening with grinding and whatnot, but Nohr version is just like a classic Fire Emblem.

        Awakening’s story was also a joke, but Fates’ story is shaping up to be fantastic based on people who can read japanese, although it is VERY dark. Fire emblem hasn’t had a game with this dark of a story since FE 4 and 5. (which never came out in America, but both are very popular here nonetheless. They’re also Norse themed which is very cool to me, and I imagine most readers here considering what this webcomic is based on lol).

        • RainingMountains

          Glad I wasn’t the only one who realised how broken the mechanics can be. I thought I was just really weird since so many people say it’s really good (some of my friends say it’s “the best RPG out there”)

          Also I gotta agree with the story. I do believe that it was good at times, but it was really guessable throughout. Super excited that Fates is turning out to be fantastic, though! (I need something to keep me busy on my 3ds when I’m not playing Xenoblade X)

          • Dr. W

            I also want to add that Fates’ soundtrack pretty much blows any other Fire Emblem soundtrack out of the water. I’ve been listening to it constantly even though I feel like I should keep it fresh for when the game drops. Someone help me!

            I also think Kamui and Aqua are much more compelling main characters than Robin or Chrom were (Robin’s just a guy with tomes and swords, disregarding spoilers, while Kamui has a unique sword exclusive to him and can turn into a dragon which is pretty sweet. Aqua is actually pretty pivotal to the plot whereas Chrom was kind of just… there.) Not to mention the fact that Kamui is not nearly as much of a mary sue as Robin turned out to be. This game WILL make you feel the consequences of your choices.

  • Rachel DiPietro


    New character that kills an innocent cat for a bowl of blood to communicate with dragon spirits = IMMEDIATE DISLIKE.

    I hate seeing cats being tortured and killed like that. Asshole. :'<

    • LightningTalon72

      Me too. That made me cry.

      But did anyone else notice the color of the archbishop’s speech bubbles? Is he some hybrid spirit creature?

      • Rachel DiPietro

        I did.

        It almost certainly is coming from the dragon spirits. Remember when Iki/Skoll has that flashback on the huge splash page that shows a two-headed dragon which looks like the white and black dragon spirits fused together?

        The speech bubbles are doing the same thing– white and black spirits fused.

    • Hunter Strait

      geez people, pull your heads out your ass, its not real.

      I like this character.

      • Rachel DiPietro

        Thank you Captain Obvious. So nice of you to pull into port. Quite polite, too.

  • Red Rover

    Oh, dear. What a horrible person to cut open a cat! Cats aren’t my favorite, but still it’s a horrible thing to do!

  • Shop Dog

    Gaa! now look what you’ve done! now its going to take a full-day to disassemble that table and get it run through the planer machine to get the blood out. Then 3 days of corse sanding to prepare for the finishing process which is going to add anywhere from 4-6 days wet sanding if the jobs to be done properly. thats more than a good week of work you’ve taken from the carpenter. think of all the hard work that went into that table.

    • not to mention all that wax that is getting melted onto by all those candles!!

  • Well that’s creepy!! Bad arch-bishop person who we know nothing about but already dislike!!

  • Heaven Scott

    Man I don’t care for that last panel….hmm oh well. But still really good details

  • Sparkleman55

    ERMAHGURD THE TEXT COLORS!!! Sköll is the only one with blue and Hati is the only one with red. I MIGHT BE ON TO SOMETHING!!!

  • LightningTalon72

    Screw this dude already for sadistically torturing the cat.

    • LukaTisus

      Fairly sure the cat was dead before it’s guts were ripped out lol

      • Jinx

        Being disemboweled is a slow death and in almost all cases of animal sacrifice the animal is not humanly killed before such deeds. I had found quite a bit of video evidence of this to show but i’v reconsidered for this comment sections sake.

  • lupus

    um……..well then

  • Caprica

    Is this guy related to the dragon spirits in any way?

    • Shop Dog

      Well he’s summoning them, so yes he is in some way related.

    • Yeah, he’s their nephew. :>

  • juan the sombrerian

    rest in pepperoni: cat

  • AvidReader66

    He probably doesn’t care about balance, he just wants to revive the dragons so he can get ahold of magic again. That’s my 2 cents…

  • Mistclaw

    I have a theory. I think he’s the human white spirit, Askr. I think when the red dragon sprit ate him and when the dragons were killed off, the next reincarnation cycle combined the both of them into one body ( which is Askr’s human form) but it may be the dragon’s spirit trying to revive itself to seek revenge against the humans, as Hati had stated earlier. Or it is Askr and the dragon spirti who’s seeking more power and is going to take his spirit (Skolls) to revive the dragons to use their magic, hence why he says ” our friend”.

  • Spiritstrike

    Can anyone translate the runes on the wall?

    • Kyrie

      The text in the middle says ‘the dragon mark’ and I can’t read those with the bubbles on them… only the last word and that is ‘forth’

      • It’d be pretty badass if A.B. Fab is fully possessed and turns an epic black magic dragon thing. (Hence the ‘forth’? The dragon literally comes forth? XD I know, I FAILZ)
        (Darcia wolf anyone? Someone mentioned “NEW DARRCIA”)

  • Surprised and Sad Surrah lol

    Hate when cats die in a comic/movie/show whatever. I love cats man. Cats are life XD good thing the page was uploaded before another 4 months

  • Surrah

    Wait why are we talking about dragons… Did I miss something? XD

  • Surrah

    Oh nvm I remember lol

  • Elu Niabi

    I love this page (other than the dead cat)! But why is that humans speech bubble both blue and red? He is a mix or combined white and black spirit? And is that even possible!

    Oh, you guys did a great job!

    • possible its the dragons. with the duel color bubble, dragon themed knife, and the two dragons in the blood bowl.

    • I believe the prologue stated that the dark and light spirit began as one, then later split to make work easier, so I think it’s possible. The real question is, why is the bubble red and blue indicating that he is both spirits when Aksr was killed.

  • I have a “gut” feeling that the cat will be soar in the morning. XD

    • The puns, they make my sides split. XD

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Well since it’s the best way to “kill” time why not keep this pun train going?

  • Hannah Patton

    Kitty :'(

  • Skoll

    Yay new page! Poor cat though D:

  • Lynnzl

    Geez that got dark. I mean, I love dark and morbid stuff and all, but I didn’t expect this much in the comic yet.
    Also, I have a feeling that this is not the final page like announced back a while ago. It doensn’t seem like as much a cliffhanger as there could be, and I think that the authors want to get the biggest one possible. Ah well, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess! Excited!
    Also WHY KILL A MACKEREL TABBY OF ALL CATS? He reminds me so much of this street cat I take care of.

  • CombinedSpirit

    Why the cat? Anything but the cat…!

  • hate

    That fucking bastard!!! Not only character, but creators who dare to CREATE such a gross character.

    That’s it, I quit following this goddamn comic. It used to be awesome, but this crap of a page is final.

    I hate you now, stupid Shit-White!

    • hate this comic

      btw cat’s wound is wrong, authors should learn a bit of anatomy.

      • wow

        a m a z i n g

      • Akante

        Yes I know, god forbid any artist take any artistic liberties! Gasp!

        • hah

          what ”god”?

      • wow x2

        BTW, if you feel the need to criticize their anatomy, you should at least tell them what’s wrong with it.
        good lord.

        • still me

          I told. That wound is too light. It must be more deep to cause a death.

          • Strife

            Then the cat died from slow, painful, blood loss! :’D

      • Starsy

        I’d like to see YOUR cat drawing. And if you’re specialized on cats, then try a dog or wolf. Or raven. I think you draw MUCH WORSE than them and you just critize under mask of interent ’cause is fu**ing easy to critize on internet.

        BTW: Be hater of something famous isn’t cool. And especially not for so stupid reason as is character of character who’s in the comic for the first time.
        BTW 2: People ARE, WILL BE and WAS rude and cruel. Try to watch Game of Thrones, that is almost perfect showing of old-thimer people and how cruel they really was. Eemember whitch-hunts? It’s not so long when people hunted those “witches” and they don’t really care it’s stupid, they just wanted blood so they kill and torture especialy womans who, for example, know more about herbs.

        • Celia Fernandez

          Don’t be stupid enough to answer that. Is clearly a troll, don’t even bother.

        • ur an idiot.

          I don’t care about human killing, but CATS JUST DON’T DESERVE IT.
          P.S. I DO specialize drawing both canines and felines

    • Roojie

      Not everything is rainbows. This comic was dark from the beginning. The fucking world is ENDING. LOL

      • haha

        Don’t caaaaaare!

    • Akante

      With that logic, you’d have to not read/follow/support a fair amount of literature, movies, shows, etc. There always needs to be an antagonist, it’s an artistic choice and if you’ve that much issue with the antagonist of this comic being what the creators have made him to be, then good riddance. The comic doesn’t need nor want people of your taste in their following.

    • RhovanaHunter

      Ahahahaha, just because they made a character who killed a cat?! xDDD Cats are being killed every single day! Sacrifices in the form of animal blood is made pretty much every single day somewhere in the world. Let it be lambs, pigs, cats, dogs…whatever. That shit is real you know!? But this right here…it’s just DRAWN! Why’s it such a big deal for you? Bet you wouldn’t fly over to China to save all the poor dogs from being eaten.

      • Fact of the day: Some people do fly to China to save dogs. (Well, in particular the Yulin Festival)
        Do it there, you’re a hero. Do the same thing here, you’re a terrorist.

    • Hey, calm down ! This is a fictional world with fictional characters and fictional events/facts !

    • bacon


    • Tahja

      Troller be trolling. I can’t believe you get riled up when an animal is killed but when hapless humans die during a snow storm that pushed them to the brink of extinction and resorted to these extremes in order to survive, people seem to turn the other cheek. The cat played a role, but it was none to vital. One cat doesn’t decide the fate of their universe. Jeez, take your 5000 down to 5 please.

      • heee-he!

        Don’t care about humans. They deserve it.
        One human doesn’t decide the fate of universe, too. Go kill yourself.

        • Tahja

          In terms of this, yes the humans and wolves are in balance with each other. The human spirits embody good and evil within their world; now that Askr is gone, all semblance of mortality or good in the world is gone; replacing it with this cruelty that people, in this world, justify is okay.

          If you were in their world, you’d understand just how harrowing and dire the situation is for both sides. The humans need another white human spirit to preserve their dying species and the wolves are trying to protect the balance of nature as a whole.

          And did you just seriously tell me to go kill myself? You’re tripping serious high balls if you think anything that’s happening here is defining people to murder cats in this one. Just relax and reflect on the story, before defining the authors as sadists who take their time out to murder the first horse, bunny, cat they see and then draw it on a piece of paper.

    • Artista

      Awww, a hate letter. How cute! Let throw it in the fire.

    • I hate you, too, shithead. 😉

  • bobbin

    I’ve noticed as a comic becomes popular and goes on as long as this one more people feel that it is their right to put down the artist’s talent, these fine people have graced us with their amazing work totally free of charge, learn to appreciate rather than be rude. Excellent work as always guys, look forward to the next update!

  • Hunter Strait

    Here comes the crazy cat lovers! Oh boy, now we’re going to get some butthurt in here!
    You guys wouldn’t complain or be upset if the animal was a pig, chicken, or a goat (I couldn’t give 2 shits about the species of the animal for that matter).
    Nope, if a cat, dog, or wolf dies, everyone loses their shits.
    remember that chamois that the pack killed? Nobody felt sorry for it.

    Just want to point out that this is a comic, not real life, quit bitching.


    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      Actually I still would be shocked, the reason is becauuse of how it happened and why, not because a cat died. (Plus pigs and goats are kinda cool/cute) We know it’s not a real animal that died and most of us are joking around or shocked by the sudden dead kitty, so nobody’s gonna actually try to call peta or the aspca or sue the writers for killing a fictional cat.
      The wolves have been given personality, so people see them less as animals and more as people, thus they don’t feel the same when wolves die as they would with cats or dogs.
      And that is a very deformed anus, do you need help?

    • I know! What about CHICKENS OR PIGS?! <3
      (Cows, too, even if they look tasty)
      I read an article on how while people in the UK protest against another nation, they ignore what they do with their pigs. (It's rather horrific)

      (I've had chickens for pets, lovely creatures, but….I..still….eat chicken. ;A; )

      (However, I'm still getting 'butthurt' because of the manner the cat died. It's not being eaten, is it? The chamois was. And it's not likely the cats gonna be more use to Fab anymore)

      • Hunter Strait

        Well it was obviously a sacrifice.

        Maybe the dragons will come out nowhere and eat the cat?
        Or the people might eat the cat? I know mountain lion tastes like pork, so i guess, why not eat a cat?

        • Ooh, the dragons come out to eat…. I do hope we get to see the dragons in their mortal form. (Or maybe they’re possessing AB Fab, and he’s makin lunch)

    • Artista

      If someone cries at the dead cat, then…yeah.

  • Crazycatlover

    Teraz wiemy, kto jest tym złym. Zabił kotka. 🙁

  • Jinx

    Well that’s fucking disturbing, picking a pet type animal is kind of cruel to your readers but hey your comic your choice, perhaps it has a symbolic meaning. Love the effort you put in to the crepuscular rays.

    • Hey, just so you know, I’ve had chickens as pets. People sometimes have goats or pigs as pets. Is it not any crueler if they had picked those animals?
      They can be pet animals, too. It’s just we don’t care for them as much.

  • rhez

    Oh jeez. Incoming PETA rage in 3… 2…

    • rhez

      Psst, looks like the archbishop is channeling a monologue from both the dragon spirits, and “our friend” here would be Sköll (totally not their friend).

    • akomi

      ohemgee suchz aboos ovah here teh awthers shuld be asamed of temsulves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

      im gonna call da popo bcuz dis is too aboosive for deh pooh kitteh!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

      (Despite the poor cat, this is actually a really beautifully drawn page filled with so much detail, has the authors’s styles changed or is it just because of the new website?)

      • Very nicely drawn, regardless of how it makes people feel. XD
        (Yes I love cats but this is good art) (I pretty much like most things that move, or don’t move.,.)

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      Peta: -Kicks down the door- I HEARD U DOIN STUFF IN HERE, and I came to kick ur ass
      -Reality it’s the author’s doors and Akreon is so done with their shit.-

      • Akreon: “I am so done with your shit!”
        *takes out the BanHammer 9000*
        “I’m banning you from LIFE!” *SMASH*
        *PETA flies off into sky until they glint*

        • I envisioned Jessie, Akreon, and Tanathe sitting around a bucket of KFC chicken when they barge into the door, then the three of them jump out of their seats wielding the biggest guns one could carry and protecting their fried chicken.

    • *takes cover in anti-PETA bunker*

  • Beccaboo Howell

    hmmm Egypt? Europe? eastern area?

    • What do you mean? The setting of the comic?

      • Beccaboo Howell

        the setting on this page looks very easterny like

        • Well, like Tak said, it’s in a fictional world.

    • It appears European of sort, but it’s set in its own realm.

  • Aierdome

    Pleasant, this archbishop ain’t. Also, just how much blood did this cat hold so that this huge painting could be done?
    Can anyone remind me what the dragons were responsible for, or was there no such info?

    • Jaysong

      the dragons were Guardians of Dark magic I believe..

      • They’ve also eaten human grey souls. Although I recall something about….revenge?

    • the dragons were eating grey souls of the humans as revenge for driving there species extinct. this making skoll and askar furious.

      they went and fought it, but failed. askar was eaten, the dragons won, and skoll blasted down to earth to try and start fresh because of his failure.

      the dragons were also the spirits of black magic. and connected together at one body with 2 heads.

  • Vliegende banaanpudding

    Yay, a new page 😀
    Also nooo why would you kill such a lovely cat?

    that’s just


  • Beautiful page. I’m curious about that strange man who sacrified the cat.
    And I love the Dragons in the blood.

  • donotapprove

    This made me cry… Why do you do that… And why it had to be drawn so… ._.

  • Laura

    Okay…this comic is getting creepier and creepier

  • Tsuni

    Awww…. poor kitty. I mean… I feel sorta bad… I guess… but yeah. I honestly cannot feel sadness over a drawn cat right now. Any other time I would cry for any animal character dying but… my cat just died yesterday so I cannot cry for a fictional cat right now.

    But I just love the art style used and how this page especially was drawn. The dragons in the bowl of blood was a nice look.

  • Jack A Lynn

    Such a perfect blood drawing! To make blood look realistic is very hard. But you guys are already perfect so it’s no challenge for you I guess xD

    (and lol about all raging cat lovers here xD)

  • Moc

    That praying person…. could be Embla and Askr at the same time? Or some kind of white and dark spirit in one human body? His speech bubble is blue and red.

    • Tahja

      Not likely. Embla and Askr were already separate entities at the start of the aeon. Plus the Archbishop is a he, Askr and Embla are both females. I suspect he had taken a black and white spirit into his body and gained unearthly powers while doing so. Similar to how Sköll breathed his “fire” into Raigho in order to restore his life force. It seems that Raigho wasn’t the only abomination created.

      • Moc

        Woah, that is dark, but I love it 😀 What if this person wants Sköll just because he can “eat” his light spirit? What if he wants to hunt down the spirits? Maybe he belives this is the only way to save the world…. or he wants to rule the world. So much questions :O

      • Unearthly powers….abominations….
        Can’t wait to see a battle. 😀

  • zelda74

    I don’t unserstand who is this personn, he has two spirits inside of him? O.O
    And poor kitty 🙁 He didn’t deserve it

    • WhiteWolf

      I’m thinking this ain’t all about this guy trying to reset the balence but instead trying to get all the power for himself and if this is the case it ain’t good for iki

      • zelda74

        Ow ok. Not good indeed !

  • I don’t really mind the bloody cat *shrug* it just reminds me of a picture of a woman bled to death… I just find it.. mildly interesting.

    I think the archbishop is more like talking spiritually than being the spirits themselves. (Otherwise I don’t get it :U)

  • Emeloser

    What if the Archbishops name was Curiosity. Then Curiosity would have /really/ killed the cat.,

    • boooooooooooooooop

      But satisfaction would’ve brought it back again. c:
      people always forget the second half of the quote.

  • Brightheart10


  • Brittany Amori

    Just be thankful they didn’t draw the entrails of the cat shown behind the slit into its abdomen. I feel bad, even though it is a drawing. But, it’s beautifully drawn. You guys have such talent! ♥

    Also, this comment is coming from a vet tech. It is just a drawing, so I wouldn’t take much offense. It sets the scene for the character and there’s been much more gruesome things into books. I know the creators of this comic are animal lovers, so they would never do such things, but they are just writing a story and they’re setting the scene. I wouldn’t advise people to take much offense.

    One more thing, again, I’m saying this as a vet tech and an animal lover. I rescue animals and to date I have 13 cats. I love animals, so don’t think I’m defending the act that’s in the comic – I’m just defending the people writing it because it’s just a story.

    • True, it is a story. As much as I love animals, you should see what I came up with.

      • Artista

        Ooh! I love life stories! *sits Indian style*

  • Avis

    ooooooooooohhhhhhh crap. What? What is- WHAT?! Why am I the only one freaking out?! Blue/red speech bubble? WHAT IS THIS THING?! “Our friend?” WHAT IS THIS THING?!?!?!?!

  • kizyoi

    That archbishop is the two dragons in one body. I mean they shared a body before right, so who’s to say they weren’t reborn into the same body? Dead giveaway, but I love the twist. 🙂

  • kizyoi

    Also, from what I could see of the spell on the back wall this is all I could get:

    “From…..w the dragon dark c…..forth”

  • Is anyone starting to get pissed that he may end up wasting the cat body?
    There’s nothing I hate more than someone killing an animal and just leaving it like that. (If he plainly throws it out, I’m setting him on fire)
    (Something must be hungry…..little trees? Cat gets a decent burial and helps nature grow)

    • I would laugh if there was a café at the base of the building that served cat as it’s weekly special.

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Oh my god XD

        Every wednesday they serve a cat casserole or something with a charming name, people ask what the meat is because it’s so tender and they say they say it’s cat which makes the people look in horror and never come back again.

        • Just tell them it’s a secret recipe. 😉

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Like what you do when people ask about how your products work?

          • Suuuuuuuuuuure….
            *Whispers* Here’s a wad of cash, and don’t tell anybody.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            -Takes it- Heheh, secret’s safe with me

      • Servant, we are ashamed of your use of such cheaply purchased sacrifices
        “Bu-but Master! It was the weekly special! Surely that isn’t cheap for your taste?”

  • Sweeft

    Look at all the butthurt people! 8D -grabs popcorn and heads down-
    As a cat owner, lemme tell all of you something. Cats die everyday. How many animals die every year from religious sacrifice? Its a fictional cat, goddamit. Calm yo titties people.

    • WhiteWolf

      I ran over a gopher today

      • Did you eat it?

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          Sure hope she did, waste of gopher if she didn’t :U
          Once I saw deer roadkill and we were debating throwing it in the car and cooking it for dinner if it was still good/fresh, reason we didn’t was it’d get blood on the car.

          • First thing I thought was “I’d say just lick it off”, then again last time I did that I didn’t feel so good. XP

          • WhiteWolf

            HE he didn’t stop

          • cheesecake5573

            a restaurant near where i live picks up roadkill deer all the time and cooks it for people

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            That’s a good use of venisen

        • WhiteWolf

          Nope never even stopped

          • Aww. D:
            Well hey, some lil coyote is gonna have lunch today!
            (At Cletus’ Road Kill Café)

          • WhiteWolf

            Yup that’s true but a crow probley got it

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        -Curls up with PETA signs-

        • WhiteWolf

          Don’t worry it was quick like 100kmh quick

      • No worries. Just bring that there rodent on down to Cletus’s Road Kill Café.

        • How do they manage to stay in business so long? Surely it’d be hard to find enough kill to cook, unless….
          The customers just bring it themselves and have it custom cooked!

        • Sweeft


        • WhiteWolf

          With a 8600LB truck going 100 kmh on a gravel road I don’t think there was much left

        • Shop Dog

          todays special cattail soup!!

      • Sweeft

        nice…? xD

  • Come on guys! Can’t you see that cats are the perfect sacrificial vessel? Why, you might ask? Because they have nine lives! This archbishop should be a saint for pioneering efficient and eco-friendly blood related ritual technology!

  • The dragons…?
    Well this is interesting

  • Lynnzl

    Hey, look, it’s a fictional cat that has no established personality and we didn’t even see alive for a second, let’s get massively upset about it! (Hides under the table)

    • *hides under with*

      • I should probably join you…And not come out until the end of the next volume. XD

        I have a feeling I rustled a lot of jimmies.

        • Lynnzl

          Anyone else fancy joining us?

          • count me in!

          • Lynnzl

            Welcome to the bunker!

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            And me, if people are actually getting heated about a drawn cat (You can feel bad for the cat, but don’t attack the authors)

          • Lynnzl

            Well it sure is becoming crowded in here. Also Shop Dog please turn us upside down we need the protection of the magic table.

          • -bows- please take care of me until the nuclear fall out of dead cat rage dissipates and it’s safe to once more continue on with life.

          • ThIncredibleHibby

            ..Can I join? 😀

          • Shop Dog

            I sense no danger here. Now if you excuse me i’m taking this table topdown to get refinished. you can play with the legs.

          • *clings to table legs*

          • May I come with you, please ? Those people getting upset because the authors killed a fictional character are scaring me away …

          • Rookamillion

            Oh god….. *Bangs on the door* They’re….they’re swarming me! LET ME IN QUI………ARRAHGAHGAHGAGHAGHGHAG


          • cheesecake5573

            let me in now this is too much!!!

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      I think amusingly that’s why people get so upset about the cat’s death, it’s an animal and treated like an animal unlike the wolves, and animal lovers can get sensitive. (Like when Seven’s dogs died and the puppies were killed, though the puppies were characters they looked like dead puppies when killed)

      • I’m curious to know.
        What would upset people more? Seeing a wolf eating a cat, or a human killing (maybe eating?) a cat?

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          The latter, because while the prior is nature, wolves hunt to eat and eat to survive, people on the other hand do it for cult sacrifice rituals.

          • Cult definitely bothers me more than eating.
            (People do eat cats in some countries)
            (Random question, are American folk the only people who don’t think of insects/bugs as food?)

          • I’ve seen insects as exotic foods in some shops, like the scorpion lollypops, but nothing beyond that. And I think there are other countries that don’t eat insects. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t eat an insect, and I’m fine with that.

          • The only times I did was purely an accident. *shudders*
            Hint, don’t leave your soda out. Wasps love soda.

          • Hmmm, if I had to guess, I would first guess first world countries when it comes to who doesn’t eat bugs, like us Americans, Canadians, British, etc..

          • Shop Dog

            I only know this one restraint in Colorado that specializes in snake. thats probably the most exotic legal establishment i know of.

          • When I think of Colorado and exotic food, I think Rocky Mountain oysters. XD

        • When ever humans are involved, people seem to think it’s the end of the world, like the page where Seven’s father needed to kill the dogs to save his family.

          • If we made a story entirely made up of animals, except anthro animals, and have them be involved with the exact situations with other animals (let’s say, tiny rodent things, because I can’t make up anything such as here right now……
            No one is ever gonna flip out. Ever.
            (Actually, they may, since anthro is more like human)

            (If we did all ONLY FERAL, then no one really cares.)

        • Rookamillion

          The person. XD

      • Lynnzl

        I probably would care if it were a real animal, but this is a fictional animal without personality (I’m not asking for it to be an actual character, xenofiction can give animals personality without humanizing them), and therefore I just care less about it.

        • Speaking of xenofiction, know any good ones I can read? :3

          • Lynnzl

            Mmm Watership Down (though I’ve never read it, not yet at least) seems to be really good. From what I have read, I can definitely recommend Bambi by Felix Salten (and the sequel. Oh and yes these are books, not movies), White Fang and Call of the Wild by Jack London, and perhaps Kazan and Swift Lighting by James Oliver Curwood.

          • Avaryn

            I’ve seen the movie thing of Watership Down. I just loved it. It’s actually very deep. Though my parents bought it for me and my brother when we were younger (because of the rabbits), and we ended up a bit shocked and not understanding everything.

          • Jade

            Ooh White Fang is goood. It made me cry. ‘^’

    • Hey
      When this is over, or we could do it now, we could rename the bunker, “Lynnzl Table Club” xD

  • So we went from anger over a cat death, (stuff) ~~>>~>> to road kill delicacies.
    I love my comments section.

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      This is just like a tumblr conversation

      • Artista did say we were becoming like Tumblr. :0

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          And then she left dramatically

          • Then made a dramatic entrance.
            Wait, what?

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            I don’t even

          • Artista

            Why does everyone think that I’m a woman? I’m the opposite.

          • Probably the ‘a’ at the end of your name. Either that, or its cuz the vast majority of us all are female. XD
            By the way, are you getting a profile pic, or are you cool with the Standard Disqus Image?

        • Artista

          ….and I was not lying.

  • I do not like the look of them dragons in that bowl of blood…it just screams of very bad, ominous things….Don’t even get me started on the colour of the Archbishop’s speech bubbles either. Something about it makes me think of flashing neon signs with possession as the key word.

  • H.T.B.

    I hope the cat was dead before hand

  • Silverstorm79

    Is that like…Askr, was it? Possessed by the Black Dragon spirit?

    • askrs female. that’s a dude.

      • Avaryn

        Really? I’ve never noticed Askr was female, maybe I missed something or didn’t pay enough attention. Where can you see Askr’s gender?

        • Supreme Ü

          Are we sure this Archbishop is a guy? That we don’t see any booby bits stick out isn’t really that conclusive.

          • could be a girl based on face and the tied up hair style. but i would expect a chest showing outward at least a little. unless thats a mannish girl with a flattish chest. <-<

          • I think somewhere, one of the two artists mentioned that the spirits in this realm can reincarnate into either sex.

      • Rachel Kathleen

        Askr is a male. In Norse mythology, Askr is male and Embla is a female. The first “parents” of the human race.

        • True, but in this comic…
          Their reincarnations can gender flip. 😀

        • yes, but the authors have confirmed them female and posted images as them being females.

  • Vliegende banaanpudding

    Or maybe it is just a stuffed cat with ketchup on it :O

  • maybe the dragon spirit hopes that by sacrificing white spirits he can bring back a few dragons to life and grow his species back from extinction.

    • And then rule over humanity as victors over the war?
      I for one welcome our new dragon overlords.

  • E.

    I don’t think it’s the dragons. Earlier they speak of the dragons as ‘from beyond the grave’ and this person says ‘friend’ while talking about Sköll. The dark magic was though the only that was left. Perhaps they’re trying to use dark magic to bring more time or something. I don’t know. Sorry for my bad english 😛

    • i think the “friend” bit is sarcasm. dark magic never brings good things.

      • Artista

        Do you know which side of morality Askr covered?

        • The part where words are not sarcastically used?

        • depends on the subject?

          all around it seems like askr resembled what skoll USED to be. a fighter and a loyal friend. so as far as i know, good?

  • Shop Dog

    Funny how its’ not so much cat people raging. but people panicking about the cat people going to rage.

  • ???

    Poor cat… ugh tf with some people

  • Seba

    He he, he’s like mix of Viserys Targaryen with Joffrey 🙂

  • Supreme Ü

    People keep going on about the dead cat and the dragons, but what about the patterns in the blood splatter?

    • Tahja

      I was thinking the same. That cat must have put up a hell of a fight but left a hell of a mess in the process. Plus, due to the length of the slash, the cat was gutted. Most likely after it lost it’s battle to the dagger.

    • technically that splatter shouldn’t exist. splatters are caused by quick hits/ cuts and blood flinging off the weapon. or blood pumping out quickly from the cut area(mainly a artery). the splatter is mainly from the first kind, its too thin for the later.

      the blood would have just pooled from that cut. neither does the angle make any sense. the cat had to be lying down based on the splatter angle. so it had to be dead/ unconscious before then.

      and it must have taken a little while to get all the blood out, would have been faster if he slit the throat and let gravity do the work as he held it.

      sorry if this is gruesome to a few. DX

      i swear i am just a writer and not a serial killer.

  • You know, I just realized the last panel is really sad as those blood stains are not going to come out of that nice wood table…

  • Erica

    I’m just amazed at how there is not a single blood stain on the archbishop’s clothes.

  • Since Tahja mentioned that Raigho wasn’t the only abomination….

    Not likely. Embla and Askr were already separate entities at the start of the aeon. Plus the Archbishop is a he, Askr and Embla are both females. I suspect he had taken a black and white spirit into his body and gained unearthly powers while doing so. Similar to how Sköll breathed his “fire” into Raigho in order to restore his life force. It seems that Raigho wasn’t the only abomination created.

    I made a little something, battle between Raigho and Fab (well, what comes before that)

    OffWhite Finale
    *pack enters the city, invades Temple and powering through levels*
    (It has a game feeling, kinda, doesn’t it?)

    Somewhere in the City, Raigho and his pack are rushing to rescue their beloved derp son, Iki, also known as Sköll, before the humans steal away his spirit.
    As they run through the city streets, sending citizens fleeing in terror, Isa perks up.

    “I sense a strange aura nearby,” she exclaims, “It must be Iki!”
    “How can you be sure? He could be anywhere!! My poor baby!”, screams Jera while Raigho tries to reassure her.
    “Don’t worry, she can probably sense Sköll, too….I see his light shining from that building!”, when Isa answered…”No, it’s not Sköll I feel….It has to be Iki! No one else has that powerful level of stupidity around them!”
    Everyone falls silent with dropped jaws, as then Fehu bursts out laughing helplessly.
    They tread silently through the snowfallen streets, sniffing out the area.
    “This is the place alright, I can see his light faintly…but something feels wrong here….and it reeks of humans,” Raigho comments before Fehu nudges him to mention that they are in a human city after all.

    *Ist Floor Level, Main Temple of Askr entrance*
    Raigho busts the door to the building down, once again marveling at his newfound power bestowed by Sköll. They began to enter the building slowly, unpeturbed by darkness but unsettled by the silent emptiness in the entrance, when suddenly the Temple Guards appeared from behind pillars.

    “Stop, animals! You creatures have no right to be in this Holy Temple! Back, heathens!”, Guard Captain shouts before being tackled by Raigho, followed by Jera tearing through the line.
    “Out of my way, fools!”
    Within minutes they were defeated. Gebo trailed behind, nervously poking at the incapacitants, and saw Guard Captain still awake.
    “You can’t fight us all and win! They know you are here, and will slay you all!”
    With Gebo freaked out and frozen, Guard Captain crawled over and reached to grab his throat.
    “Prepare to-Aagh!
    Gebo promptly bit the captain’s head, and ran over him to scurry over to the rest of the pack.
    Raigho looked grim, as he saw light shining through the ceilings.
    “He’s somewhere in this place….we’ll tear through every hole, every corner, until we find him. Let’s go, everyone!” The pack howled in excitement and anxious feeling, not knowing what may lie ahead.
    Thus the party began their attack on the Temple. Over the hours, they pushed through the levels of the Temple, closer and closer to Iki.

    “We’re almost to Iki! Just one room left!”, Raigho shouts to his pack.
    “Shouldn’t be a prob- What is that?
    *Boss Level, A.B Fab/Niddohg*
    Stop right there, creatures. How dare you enter our domain without invitation. It seems you are too eager to die here by our power…
    “Shut up, horrid creature! You stole our son away, and we are going to rip you to bits to get him back,” Jera raged at the man.
    If you wish to claim the white wolf spirit…. you’ll have to combat us, mortal wolves” He began cackling sinisterly, marveling at how such weak creatures would attempt to face him. He defeated Sköll and Askr, and will soon have control of mankind once his race is reborn. What can mere wolves do against him?
    “I’m not just a plain ol Midgardsorm wolf, strange dragon human!”, Raigho barks angrily. “I am Raigho, leader of this pack, who cheated death and faced off great odds up to this city. I have been given strange powers by Sköll as well. Prepare to die, creature!”

    Raigho 2.0 VS ArchBishop Fabulous Tyre / Niddohg

    To be continued?

  • L3Wilde

    Who cares about the cat is no one concerned about the oddly numbered candles in that room? I mean would it kill this dude to get one more (or one less) candle for that sacrifice?? 19 candles, really? Rant rant ranty rant! >:o

    • The candles are uneven! RAAAAAAGHHH

      • L3Wilde



    • I counted twenty…?

      • Ponygirl74

        I counted 19.

      • L3Wilde

        I counted a bunch of times and kept getting 19 D:<

  • L3Wilde

    Oh, also, I looked into the runes. From what I can see, it reads:

    “From (now?) the dragon dark come forth”

    At least, I think that’s what it says… Eh.

  • Incredible as always!, this is the last page!! OMG, I have so many expectations and intrigues, the dragons spirits have possessed a human (may be a… wizard?, a warlock? a pawn?) And … it seems that dragons love blood magic
    Poor cat, that’s really nasty.
    I have seen through literature and (sadly) in our society that people often have a great cruelty towards cats (even more than other animals), sometimes by rites, sometimes because they don’t like them, this kind of people are truly monsters…


    • Cats always get mixed up in magic stuff.
      Especially if it involves getting killed. :c
      (Sacrifice, being ‘familiars’ hence why so many cats being killed (my cat was black, too, everyone kept sayin bad luck))

  • Jabuka

    Was that the white cat spirit?

    • Don’t know. It’s eyes are closed.

      • Jabuka

        They are gathering white spirits, so it would make sense if the cat was one.

    • most likely no.

      • Shop Dog

        well its paler than the average cat, i assume it has a spirit, and it’s organs are being used for magic. i wouldn’t be surprised.

        • we havint seen any other house cats in this series. that could be just the authors choice of coloring.

        • I’m much paler than the average Asian, does this make me a spirit? :0
          (Jk my eyes are yellow+Light-brown)

    • I know! Let’s check its eyes!
      Oh wait…

  • Breezeblade

    poor cat :C the color of the words there both blue and red I think this crazy cat killer is a spirit like skoll and hati. because when skoll and hati met the words where the color of the spits of sun and moon.

  • Breezeblade

    also the Blood on the wall.

  • MJ

    What if this guy is that dragon spirit we saw when Sköll first awakened from Iki? The two dragons were combined together, if I’m remembering right. And this guy seems to be obsessed with the dragon spirits (notice in the dish of blood and the knife) he may also be indirectly speaking towards Sköll “what are u up to this time our old friend?”. Also his speech bubble is both red and blue. He also says “our” when referring to himself

  • Wanderer

    Wow, this comic is getting really intense. I love it. I am really hoping that I will be able to see the Human Spirit soon. ^^

  • Surrah

    I knew it. Say that I seeing hate the cat dead and everyone loses their minds. “It’s just a cat that isn’t even real” Okay, but I don’t like seeing a dead cat. It makes me feel sad.

    • Well, it’s truly a strange thing, because there was really only like, what, one or a few dead cat hates? (one of which was a troll)
      The majority was “dear lard cat lover wrath coming!” Or “NUU kitty die, I am sad :c” (which isn’t problematic. People get sad looking at things that die, real or not.)

  • Surrah

    Anyway, people are pondering about the dragons. I’m just here like; they look cool in there lol. Me like dragons :3. But I have no idea what this guy is doing and who the heck he’s talking to 😐 don’t tell me guys don’t wanna know XD But I’m pretty sure this spirit (according to the colour of words in the bubbles) is talking to the dragon spirit. And this prayer is real creepy like who’d wanna be in there.

  • Vienix

    i wonder if eating the white human spirit made the dragons able to take the shape of a human? i don’t think the people realize who the archbishop is really is

    • Breezeblade

      but vienix would have fingered it out now bye the color of the eyes the eyes is what tells that its a dark or light spirit?

      • Perhaps blue eyes isn’t quite rare. (Well, in the dragons case, it’d be like half and half, reallife eye pigmentation has some quirky stuff)
        (Or he has colored contacts)

      • Vienix

        yeah i’m thinking it would be obvious which really raises all these questions. If the people know who this is (basically the dragons who brought upon the humanity’s downfall and all) then why? the hell are they their archbishop?
        though i’m thinking the dragons are using these “sacrifices” to maintain a disguise (things like the eyes color.. and a bit of magic?)

  • Rae

    And now my interest is regained >:}

  • Morgianna

    ._. wooow…. i love how the website looks now… *the last time she came was about 2 month ago* i´ll come more often XD

  • Naimara

    Poor kitty…
    And I love the look of this comic… just like screenshots of an anime 🙂

    Please finish the next page! :3

  • LuckyStarhun

    The page is awesome as always! However this time I don’t really understand what’s happening here… Is this some kind of animal offerings? Also I am unsure if the archbishop talks to Sköll… Maybe one more panel could be helpful for less experienced readers like me ^^

  • Anglo-Saxon Runes Reader

    Hm. From what I can see of the runes, they say… From… (obscured)w…. the… drægon… mær(?)… co(obscured)… for… th…
    That’s it.

    • Anglo-Saxon Runes Reader

      It looks as if to me the archbishop possibly holds the two dragon spirits in his body?

    • Shaska

      I read (from what were whole words) “… the dragon dare…. forth”

  • Zurcsly

    ehh! was that cat also a white spirit or only a gray spirit?

  • Zack

    ah not the Cat!

  • trololololol

    …… oh…….. hes talkin BOUT SKOLL! hehe still got it

  • Deluge

    What a Catastrophy on what happen to the cat, is the cat a white spirit? If yes, are you kitten me?!

    • Alyce

      Sweet hell, the puns…. o.o

    • That’s a su-purr-b pun. Or maybe two.

  • KITTY!!!!! KITTY WHY?????? *cri*

    • Deluge

      It’s ok meow my friend, it’s purr-y sad to see this page he’s now in heaven i guess?

      • The puns be real XD

      • Kitty Heaven, where you can sunbathe ALL day long, hunt all the mice you want, and get more than nine lives!
        Visit now today!
        *no refunds available, one way trip, talk to your transdimensional aether agent for more*

        • Deluge

          Hahaha the puns turn to poetric

  • The feels! ;A;
    I really miss my cat. Lot nicer to be with than my family. (Well, to be honest, it’s terribly hard to get along with my family, much less figure out what they want)

    • Deluge

      Yeah, same situation but we need to be close in our family and get along. After doing that, go back to your cat and him a big warm hug with love. Even if they don’t like it or scratch back in your face haha XD

  • Does anyone else notice the two dragons in the bowl of blood?

    • sekkechi

      i noticed. perhaps it’s a way to connect the dead human white spirit who was killed by the dragons? the speech bubble on the human is both red and blue after all…hmm……

      • sekkechi

        or maybe maybe the ‘human’ here is a vessel for the dragon spirits? dragons in mythology are known to take human forms after all… hmm

  • Nafsi-chan

    Wow… This took a dark turn so fast!
    There are no words to describe my feelings righ now…

    • Brynn Cherrier


  • Brynn Cherrier

    Well I don’t care who dis person is but he killed a cat so he should die

  • Brynn Cherrier

    I wonder if that was the white cat spirit

  • Luna Cobriana

    Holy crap!! It’s the dragon spirits in one body! Now they know Skoll is alive. Hati, Huginn, and Muninn, we need Embla NOW!!!!!

  • RainingMountains

    Huh. Only now do I see that Mr. Bloody here says “our friend”, not “my friend”.

    Yeeaaahhh…I’m super late to the party haha

  • ACO K

    I’ve been reading this comic for years. That what this is a COMIC, NOT REAL LIFE! I’m also a Animal Control Officer in California in the USA! I’m NOT offended that some cartoon cat got sliced and diced! If it was REAL LIFE I’ll would be reporting the creators to the RSPCA(They live in the U.K) if this was a real cat. It not so big freaking deal! GET OVER IT PEOPLE IT’S NOT REAL!

    Yes, some evil twisted people do this to all animals. I’ve seen my fair share of it and animal abusers. If anyone wants to see a picture of a REAL MACKEREL TABBY CAT getting it’s guts ripped out. I be more then glad to post those REAL LIFE PICTURES! Then you WILL HAVE SOMETHING REALLY BITCH ABOUT!

    The bishop is the dragon, but Asker is merged in the dragon. Her spirit is strong because her sister and the wolves are alive. the DRAGON IS HUMAN!!!!!. If you LOOK car fully at the mouth of bishop IN THE FIRST PANEL it’s a women’s mouth.

    I have a feeling in the end Asker will be alive and seprated from the dragoans.

    • Dragoans

    • Nick Lopez

      Grammar correction. It’s spelled Askr. Proof, here. http://off-white.eu/comic/page-263/

      I’ve always thought of Askr as a guy. And now cause of you, I’m doubting that. I’ve searched every page that I could find that mentions Askr, none mention if Askr is a man or a woman. So…………………………….

      • Gender bend! 8D
        (It’s a legit thing, Word of Tankressi states so)

        • Ooh, battle scars!

          And now time for another Flash Flash Fanfic!

          Askr: “Ugh, I am so exhausted…..fighting with those darn street cats again, stealing my koi fish as always…
          Embla: “Eeey gurl, cheer up! You know those lovely kitties are not goin’ hungry tonight cuz of your sacrifices!
          Askr: *rolls eyes* “Cat lovers! One day you’ll understand that canines are the true companion, and that feline fiends are to be shooed! None have such loyalty and friendship to family!
          Embla: *sticks out her tongue* “You’re just jealous that cats don’t purr and snuggle by you! All you get is a dirty, drooling wolf who doesn’t know what he’s doin’!
          Askr: “Enough about Sköll! He has his troubles, but his heart is in the right place, and he would always do what’s best for everyone! He is a real friend to me. (And gives the most adorable, biggest wet kisses any wolf could) I’ve had enough of this….I am going to bed, now, just please…don’t bring any more cats in?
          Embla: “Fiiine. But you’ll see that Sköll would mess up his job as soon as you stop holding him. Can’t do nothin’ without you, that poor whelp.

          The End. 😀

      • ACO K

        Hmmm, it always amuses me
        that people like myself that graduated from a private university like Loyola
        Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

        I majored in Animation
        & interned at Disney Studios, but got burned out with it. Thank god I had
        back up job plan and I love every minute of that job.

        I got great grades on my
        English essay and etc papers. Now these days I and others are told about our grammar
        is utterly wrong! It makes me think the correct grammar is seen as bad American
        langrage, while bad grammar is right and correct American langrage. The teaching
        of grammar and the American langrage changed sent I gotten my bachelors degree
        in old skool university. Now these days in new school JR High to University the
        English language is taught by bad teachers that grade the bad grammar and
        spelling with A+, while grade the proper grammar and spelling with a F. Like I’ve said I went to Old skool University
        (LMU) and got A’s and B’s in English classes. I’m sure if went back and did the
        same classes. I’m sure if I turned in essays I got A+’s on from English 1A it be graded with a big fat F!

        I also noticed if someone
        mis-spells a word, others call it bad grammar! There’s big difference in
        SPELLING and Grammar! Spelling IS NOT GRAMMER, WHILE Grammar is a total different

        No I’m starting flame war
        or try starting an augment. I just wanted point out some honest facts! I’m
        pretty sure some furries would get their knickers in a knot over this. In the past
        others used think I was a furry because, I art’ed sweet cute non-yiffy anthro
        art. No I was never a furry because furries draw yiff, they start flame wars, rape
        animals, into soft paw cub-kiddie porn (a lot furries are sex offenders that
        gotten busted for downloading kiddie porn or molesting minors), fur suiting, stalking,
        slandering and braking down the legal
        fence people like myself voted to have
        in place!

        • Nick Lopez

          My apologies for my grammar correcting mistake. Now then, there are many types of furries. There is what you mentioned and there’s what I am for I consider myself a furry. I can’t draw worth shit so no art of any kind from me, I don’t commission art because I can’t afford it and that’s because I have very limited spending. I love both clean furry art and dirty furry art aka Yiff.

          I don’t do wars of anykind. I’m still a virgin, it doesn’t matter if you or anyone here believes this for I know that I am, and the thought of animal rape and molesting minors disgust’s me. I admit that I do look up porn and I make sure to stay very far away from child porn.

          I hate fur suits so I’m with you on that one nor do I go to any furcons or any kind of furry conventions. I don’t stalk anyone nor do I slander. I’m not really into politics so I don’t know how to respond to the fence that you mentioned.

          Well, I’ve said my mind.

          • *clings to Nick for standing up for himself*

          • Nick Lopez


          • ACO K

            Guess you just that less then 1% furries that not into kiddie/animal porn or kiddie/animal molestations.

            I feel no matter how great one’s furry art is. If they art yiff it down grade their art and make their art ugly. Any artist the arts porn or yiff is a poor artist and their art is ugly and that artist should be ignored.they only art yiff because they know their art sucks and they know they get attention by drawing their ugly furry smutt!

          • Nick Lopez

            To each our own. We like what we like. You have your likes and dislikes, I respect your choices. And I to have my likes and dislikes.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            That was rude…

        • wow most of what you say is just you saying how good and great you are.

          someones full of themselves.

          • ACO

            Hmmm yeah I’m great I’m not furry and molesting children and animals. I have a bachelor degree and a job that I buts up to 1 to 4 furries a month for a felony animal molestation charge and 100% have a child molesting background history 😉

        • i just noticed you spelled skool. mutiple times. out of all the words to spell wrong/ short.

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          Please be a little more humble…

        • TheIncredibleHibby

          Just because you’ve gotten good grades in English doesn’t mean you can’t make simple, honest grammar/spelling mistakes, and just because you make those mistakes does not mean you are terrible with handling the English language…we all make honest mistakes, it’s just part of being human; it’s why things such as editors and drafts even exist. Though I’m sure I don’t need to be telling you that, looking at those accomplishments you so generously typed out for all to see. *shrug*

          That being said, I feel like you’re being really quick to judge and condemn an entire group of people that is just as diverse as any other group of people, be it fandom, religion, race, sex, what-have-you. And while you are justified to be annoyed that others always assumed you were a furry because of what you drew, you are being JUST as irrational as they were and you are NOT justified in assuming all/most furries take part in gross sexual deviancy such as zoophelia and pedophelia.

          And as far as yiff art goes, I personally do not draw it nor do I much care for it, but I at least can understand WHY some people end up resorting to it. It’s a tough, money-driven world we live in, and as long as there are people willing to throw enormous amounts of money at someone to draw anthro characters being naughty, then hey, do what you gotta do to pay the bills and continue being able to live in an actual home with some food in your belly.

          And that’s my 2 cents.

          • ACO

            99.8% furries are pedophilia and zoohelia. Sorry that what the truth of about the furry world. Furry is not a race, it’s a sickness! 100% of the zoohelia cases I had deal with the person said in court he’s a furry and nothing wrong in having sex with your dog because he or she really a animal trapped in the human body 80% those have been busted for 1 degree child molest crime! I know for a fact there’s close 10 furries per a furry con been been arrested for touching a minor child at the furry con or show the child yiff art! It funny that the furry is always in denial living in that fantasy world that they can do no wrong. But hey furries are one the well known child molesters, because they can use their fur suites and art to attract their child victims!

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Oh dear, it seems I have fallen for a troll trap…silly me. it’s obvious you won’t listen, so I’m going to cut the conversation short to save us both the time. Have a nice day. ^u^

          • -citation needed-

          • Cite your sources, please. Claims like yours desperately require it.

        • Erica

          I, too, went to a prestigious, rigorous university and graduated with a degree in biology (with honors, I tell you!).

          Therefore, I can confidentially assert that I know more regarding astrophysics and quantum mechanics than these darn kids nowadays who are corrupting the very core of physical science.

          Oh, but I’m really not trying to cause any drama …

          PS: Back in the day, people actually accused me for being dutch due to my affinity for herring and some nice, strong lager. How dare they?! Curse the Dutch! Just a bunch of hooligans, I tell you. Hooligans!

          (Please note: this is clearly sarcasm.)

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            (omg I love you ahahaa)

    • Ahem, if you excuse me, Shop Dog has some words….

      Funny how its’ not so much cat people raging. but people panicking about the cat people going to rage.

      • ACO K

        Hmmmm, you don’t make any sense at all!

        • Hey, it’s not my quoted words. :/

          • ACO K

            Sorry! I’m NOT overreacting!

            I personally hate drama!

          • Ok, good to hear!

          • there was no drama, what are you hating on here? only one person stated that they hated the comic for the dead cat, and it was a troll.

            its mostly the people joking saying “oh noes, the hatred of the cat lovers is coming” that went on for 3 pages after that 1 comment.

            you are overreacting with your first message sprouting CAPS and complaining about the people worrying about a dead cat when its in our nature to feel empathy towards others.

            there was no need for your CAPS LOCK MESSAGE. and no need for you to whine about people being worried. especially since most the people here are not animal control officers. they are NOT used to this, they don’t see this every day like YOU do.

            take that with a grain of salt.

          • ACO K

            I was just making a point to a fact. I don’t really post to form, I only will do so when people get stupid! When one gets and acting stupid, well it time bring out reality hose and spray away the stupid!

          • no one was being stupid. your throwing up dust and complaining about a fictional windstorm.

          • ACO

            Hmmm noooooo. I’m not doing anything, expect pointing truth and facts. If you calling the truth a fictional windstorm. I just proves to me I’m trying have a educational with a bunch well furries that don’t get it. Only education a furry has is child/animal molestation 101 at child & animal molestation university!

            Well I’m finish with this convo anyhow, I don’t don’t socialize with child and animal molesters.

          • wow, you have no idea what a furry is, do you? a furry is anyone who remotely likes anthro animals, they are not pedos.

            your just a judgmental, ass who thinks having a higher education makes you a better person. hate to break it to you but a educated person can still be lower then a non educated one if they act like a fool to others.

            you are a disappointment and not worth my time.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            You’re finished because you’re losing. All furries do is draw bipedal animals

          • Do you have any idea how tiring the argument you’re spouting out is? At this point it’s not even an insult. It’s just proving that you’re downright ignorant.

            I won’t ignore the fact that Rule 34 content of the furry fandom is probably the most /horridly unfiltered/ thing on the internet, thus making it very easy to freaking find, but that doesn’t make every single furry out there disgusting level perverts. I won’t say that there aren’t people on that level within it, but they are very few and far between. But nope, people like you just soak up the negative aspects of things and put down an entire group of people you don’t even want to try to understand because you’ve already deemed them lower than yourself. Nice man, real nice.

            I really don’t get the stigma against furries beyond the things I basically just mentioned, really. If you were to look at the innocent side, it’s literally people making their own mascot costumes. I mean, ever look at sports teams? Or see Simbas or Pikachus on Halloween? It’s not that much different than that, just that you use a personalised character to represent yourself instead of a character already produced by some sort of media. And because you like animals enough to want to dress as one.

          • Deluge

            Keyboard Warrior! Aye!

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      ….. But nobody’s complaining about a dead cat.
      The ONLY person complaining about it was a troll, and the rest of the people weren’t complaining about it but shocked by the suddenness of it.
      Why are you doing this when plenty of other people are doing this already? If you don’t like drama and wanted the drama to end, you wouldn’t comment about it and add to it. Because really the only drama here is people lashing at nonexistant people for getting worked up about a cat. Everyone knows it’s a fictional cat here, nobodies actually getting worked up about it, people are even joking about it. So why are you lashing out when nobodies causing an issue about the cat?

  • Rookamillion
    • Shop Dog

      Could even call her a “whichy woman”.

      • Lol witches xD
        (Me and my friends had this joke on calling our English teacher ‘witch’ while reading The Crucible. She said anyone could’ve been accused of witchery, even her, so we did! It was all in good laughs)
        (Also whispered about the physics teacher after she did some pretty rad mindblowing stuff)

        • Shop Dog

          Tak Eagles man… come on..

    • Generic-username427

      that is a fucking awesome gif

      • Rookamillion

        It is. XD

  • Ponygirl74

    I think Archbishop Fabulous Tyre had to of sacrificed several animals to paint his blood mural. I think the cat just added it’s blood to the bowl. If it was a big cat like a lion or tiger, then I’d say he could of done his finger painting with it’s blood. Not a nice guy, not Fabulous at all.

    • Supreme Ü

      Noooooo, you used of as a verb. :(((

      • Ponygirl74

        My bad – – it should’ve been ‘” had to sacrifice several animals” is that more grammatically correct?

        • TheIncredibleHibby

          They were just referencing the relatively common mistake of typing “of” instead of “have” in that case, since tbh when it’s said quickly, it sort of does sound like “of” o:

        • Supreme Ü

          That works. Just remember; “of” is not a proper alternative spelling or short form of “have”.

    • Like my version better. :p

      Well, who knows, he might make a pretty badass villain! (And lul Ironic name)

  • Katstica

    So wait, the two dragon spirits are inside that one dude? rad. put poor kitty :C

  • Deluge

    I think the cat needs my purr-ification for hiss wounded belly

    • *cat wakes up and stretches*
      “There goes one of my lives…..Someone get some cleaner here! I got a huge scratch in my belly, it ain’t licking itself!”

  • kaiserandoreothecats

    poor cat! :'(

  • Until we know what this guy or gal’s name is I’m just going to call him/her Curiosity.

    • The archbishop’s name was said on the previous page, unless you are referring his first name.

      • Shichibi

        I looked back and Fabeldyr comes close to the German “Fabelwesen” which would translate to “Imaginary Creature”.

        If you look at this: https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabeldyr
        You will find the Naga and Lindorm, which are both giant seasnake like creatures as well as the Midgardsnake.
        Which solidifies my thought, that those are the dragons taking the shape of a human, probably Askr’s body.
        I mean, they are, after all, the guardians of black magic… so that should not be too difficult for them.

        • Jiranaiqua

          Read the first sentence in that article!
          FABELDYR er fantasiskabninger og VESNER
          isn’t that the nickname of one of the authors???

          • yes.

          • Nick Lopez

            What happened.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Tanathe, you’v don been found out!

          • Shichibi

            Yeah, though I didn’t pay much attention to it, because it simply translates as: “Fabeldyr is fantasy creatures and BEINGS”.
            So, they probably used Norwegian before they created the comic ^^.

          • So Tailcat’s name is ‘Beings’?
            Sounds funny in English. XD

          • Erica

            Somewhere, in Poland, one of the artists is laughing malevolently.


        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          Hey! ouo You’re from Asmundr!
          I’m Schizophrenicsurs

          • Shichibi

            Yus, I am XD ~waves~.
            Glad that I found Asmundr while OW took a break :3.
            Stories being so different from each other X3.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Yes, and I have a horrible habit of wanting to mix up their names and call Raigho Kainan or something.

          • Shichibi

            Though, I think Kainan is the better leader, but he’s not under the same pressure as Raigho, so who knows, if he would end up throwing fits as well (as seen in the travelling already back then).

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Kainan actually was tested under pressure when he snapped at Niita, kinda similar to when Raigho snapped at Iki? XD Yeah, Kainan’s a better leader in general because he’s accepting of others decisions and otherwise tries to keep the pack safe, Raigho’s been against Gebo since he returned to the pack and wanted to find a way to lose him to talk to the ravens. If Kainan was there, he wouldn’t snap at Gebo for wanting to leave nor hold a grudge against him and think of him as weak. (He was even nice and somewhat respectful with Finn) So yeah, Kainan’s a better leader.

          • Shichibi

            In general I would say the same, though I don’t know how being a different species also affects them behaviour-wise.
            Finn? Well, I thought being so generous to Niita and Lifa and even LEAVE, rather than making a huge deal out of it was way more than Raigho would have done, probably XD.

            But, we also need to take all the other things into account, not just the species stuff, since Raigho also spent most of his young years – as it seems – with a God, while the Asmundrians are still a bit puzzled about their Gods by the looks of it.
            Also Kainan seem to have had a rather sheltered life, while Raigho ran away from his pack to be with his godly brother and also, since they detected Iki, had to wander around all the time.

            It would be interesting to see how one would act in the other’s shoes, though X3.
            Haaah~ theories lol <3.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Dude, shichibi, I need to add you to our skype group!

          • Shichibi

            There’s a skype group XD?
            Just search for… DUN DUN DUUUUN … Shichibi XDDD…
            Though, I am the one with the cat eye :3.

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            NVM my question XD I didn’t catch this before I asked

          • I find it strange when I see a familiar person on another site. 0^0

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            That’s what I feel every time I see Reddog on Asmundr, heck I even saw her in Steam post comments regarding Shelter 2 (I love that game so much aaa), I was like “WOAH you’re here too????” xDDD

          • Shichibi

            Don’t Starve made me go to Steam now, as well… soo XD
            ~is everywhere o3o?~

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            I love Don’t Starve too, omg that game <333333333333333 Ahaha x3

          • Shichibi

            Ooomg me, too <33333333333333333.
            I can't stop playing it D=!
            Atm I am at day uuh ~opens the window~ 365 XDD.
            Sadly I don't have peeps to play it with… I did have someone, but this person tend to turn out pretty weird and so I was like: "Nope, gtfo ^^."

            So, DST is sitting aroung, though I heard they finally added RoG into it <3.

          • Day 365?!

          • Shichibi

            LOL XD.
            It’s not as hard as you think, once you passed the first Summer :3.
            I died at first a dozens of times around day 30ish and sooner XD.

          • Longest I survived was just before spring. It started raining. I play as Foxy, an animatronic. OnO
            And then my dear friend Deerclops swung by.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Do you, by any chance, play DST too? :O

          • Shichibi

            I have it, but nobody to play it with XDDD

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            ‘,:D Well you can totally find me on steam (and basically everywhere else xD) as TheIncredibleHibby, if you wanna dive on into Maxwell’s realm together som time 😀

          • Shichibi

            We need to make an Off-White DST group, if I look up and down this comments right now XD.
            And I will do :3.
            I hardly know anyone who has Steam o3o… at one point I need to download Life Is Strange, too (that story <3).

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Yeah I agree, I am very pleasantly surprised at how many here have that game 😀
            Yee! ^w^
            I seem to always eventually find people with steam, and I’m always surprised every time I do for some reason xD Omg I really want that game too, that reminds me I should actually put it on my wishlist haha!

          • Shichibi

            Again: Same here XD!
            I didn’t think a lot of people would own it D=, let alone DST.
            Well, I was reluctant to download Steam at first and tbh? I didn’t quite get the concept :P… but then I saw DST Let’s Plays and I could not resist anymore XD.
            Plus, I’m quite the money saver, if I can, so I’m keeping myself from buying too much XP.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Me either! But i’m glad it’s such a popular game, it really deserves it because of how awesome it is 😀
            Yeah lol, I was actually told by a friend at my high school to get steam so I was like “okay!” xD As am I, which s why things usually end up on my wishlist instead of my actual games library xD But thank sköll for Steam summer sales haha xD
            Ah I wish I could keep up the conversation but I’ve gotta go get ready for a job interview now, so nervous ;3; I shall be back later!

          • Shichibi

            Alrighty, wish you the best of luck o3o !!
            Just added you or rather friend-requested to on Steam ^^.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Thank you, it went so well I think I got the job!!! ;U;
            And yus I got it, woo! 😀

          • Shichibi

            Whoooo o/!

          • ooh, do you play? 83

            me and takeru have been playing together on DST. X3

          • Shichibi

            Yah, I do <3.
            Only problem for most people is: I'm GMT+2 and will going to bed shortly XD, it being 11:22pm at this very moment.
            Somewhere up or donw is a little screenie of my current world or rather shitty, but functional, camp XD.

          • Shichibi

            Throwing it in here, because it will get lost in the Skype Group XD:

            If you guys want to play, just add me and tell me when :3.
            Just keep the whole GMT+2 thing in mind :P.

          • cool, sent it. X3

            our schedule is a bit random in play. we just sort of catch it in our free time.

          • I’m usually a money saver, and then I go ahead and buy a few copies of DS and DST. XD
            *becomes broke*

          • When I can, Yes! So far I’ve only teamed with reddog (the hounds just freaked me out, lulz)

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Heck yeah, we should totally play together 😀 I’m TheIncredibleHibby on Steam, and if that name doesn’t work, try searching LLawlietDeathNote (me and my big goofy names haha) My picture is a cropped version of this: http://fav.me/d83e66w With Canada on my head because inside jokes xD

          • Rookamillion

            How much does don’t starve cost?

          • Hmm…..I, don’t remember. I bought it during the Exploration sale. Maybe it is 20~ so $? 14.99??

          • Shichibi

            It cosst 21€, if you buy it together with the DLC Reign of Giants and the multiplayer Don’t Starve Together… I think it is called the Mega Pack.
            Wait maybe I can find it in my profile …

            Don’t Starve MEGA PACK

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Alone it is $15, but you can buy the Don’t Starve+Don’t Starve Together bundle for $20. :3

          • Shichibi

            Oh god the Clops, that fucking thing scared the hell out of me when I got to my first Winter <.<.
            I just had awoken a TreeGuard and thought that weird breathing was him… but nooooo … night came and suddenly wüäöüöä weird crashing sounds, big ass thing XD… I was shitting my paaaants XD.
            Now I just lead him to a field with toothtraps and he dies :3.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            IMO the deerclops is adorable, even if he is a giant ass xDD First time I’ve ever had him appear, I heard growls that I didn’t recognize so I was like “Oh shit better leave camp because that’s probably really bad news”
            Thankfully I left in time because he came stomping by in a big field not very far away from camp xDD I left him alone because the thought of taking on a giant by myself is a little harrowing haha

          • i usually die at summer/ winter. :c

          • Shichibi

            Winter is not so hard, if you can manage to get hold of a Beefy Horn to make a Beefy Hat (yes, Beefy – I am lazy XD).
            If not, try to get as much stones as you can for at least one Thermal Stone, two is usually the best (put one chest near the fire and leave the extra in there to heat up, while you explore with the other).
            Fire is your friend in winter and the Endothermic one in Summer – put the Thermal Stones in the fridge then to let them cool and try to get as much red feathers in Autmn as possible (and pig skins).

            I usually use Autmn to prepare for Winter and Spring to prepare for Summer, although Winter isn’t as harsh, if you get used to it and so you can also stockpile for Spring’s stupid rain XD (i.e. pig skins for umbrellas).

            Always make a camp near Beefys or near a lots of rabbits – they will save your butt in Winter @food.
            And keep in mind to dig up as many shit you can carry back, before Winter comes, but don’t forget the poop to refertilize.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Oh man I find winter to practically be paradise compared to spring/summer, but perhaps that’s just because I’m more used to it xD I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where I can survive well enough provided the world seed is a good one, and I don’t make any silly mistakes. Problem is, I always end up dying via silly mistakes. (rip Webber who accidentally hit a spider while trying to attack a shadow creature xDD)

          • The only possible way I can survive is by starting in Autumn. Start in Spring and I’m dead in three days. XD

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Omg me too, spring destroys me with the constant rain killing my sanity and freezing me, then drastically shortening the length of time fires last aaahh Dx

          • Shichibi

            Believe me, I died once at day 150 or so, because I failed to recall that the Beefys were in heat and walked right into them with a floral shirt on <.<…

            Spring is almost unplayable, not because so much of the rain, but you have to get a ton of gold and stone and more importantly: GEARS and ICE, because you will need them, direly, in summer.
            For the Ice Flingomatic, so your camp won't burst into flames, and for an Ice Box, to cool down your Thermal Stone better… plus, you should make a Edothermic pit as well, though keep that outside o f the Flingomatic radius, otherwise it will be put out as well.
            I mean you can just make Edothermic pits, but eeeh.

          • Shichibi

            There, since I don’t like to say it without proving it XD: http://i.imgur.com/CEeEf4v.png

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Every time I play it I feel so inspired to draw everything, and the music is so great and there is not a single character in that game I dislike ;w; (Webber is my absolute favorite ;O;)
            Omg 365?? I haven’t been able to make it even as far as a third of that, as of right now I’m just trying to get through Adventure mode to beat the game xDD
            I play DST pretty avidly whenever me and my friends have some time from our busy schedules (adult life sucks aaa) xD And yes they added ROG content a little while back, and ever since then I’ve played as Webber xD They also actually recently added Wes!

          • Shichibi

            I have to try to play as Webber at one point, but I really LOVE Wendy…. her personality and especially her quotes fit me XD.
            Shitty camp looks shitty, but at least it functions XD….

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            No really, I need to add you, I wanna watch you play don’t starve

          • Shichibi

            D= ….
            Sudden spike of sociophobia XD…
            I don’t think I am that good at playing D=… just a weird German woman, playing a game thingy XDDDD… ~scratches her head~

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            But it’s still fun ouo
            And do you speak English ok?

          • Shichibi

            I had a british bf for 15 months.. his family was surprised that I was able to speak fluently … soo, that probably should answer the question, no XD?
            Yus, I do love my English skills :P, because it’s my only talent D=… besides helping people, pissing them off and crit them to the ground ~whistles~… XD

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Can I add you on skype? My DA is the same as on Asmundr so you can note me there.

          • Shichibi

            Shichibi on DA as well XD, just with the actual Shichibi and not Bloodspill :P.
            And if you sent me a contact thingy a few moments ago, I accepted ^^.

          • Rookamillion

            Ya’ll should join the Off White Steam Group. And add me on Steam. I go by the name Rook. XD

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Ohh, may I join in? ;3

          • Rookamillion

            Sure! XD It was made for the forums, but seeing as they no longer exist, I guess Disqus is the successor state. XD

          • Shichibi

            Jesus, how many groups does OW has XD?
            Skype, FB and now Steam XD?
            Alright, I will try to find you …. uh oh there are too many Rooks x.x

            There, way easier XD: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shichibi

          • Rookamillion

            We conquer all we touch, Shichibi. XD We are the Off-White Empire! XD

          • Shichibi

            Oh dear, I didn’t even know people could do that btw. XD….
            Just saw it and was like: Oh boy XD…

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            DAT BASE THO, omg 😀
            Wendy is pretty fantastic, and I love how awesome Abigail is! Though it’s always a huge trouble whenever a Treeguard spawns and Abigail always ends up going to try to destroy it, even when it’s neutral…ripx2 Abigail x]

          • Shichibi

            YEAH lololol XD!!
            AND in Spring, when the Beefalos go nuts and you – with the hat – can pass safely, but Abigail gets murdered (but this time the ten thousands hounds approaching killed her XD).

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            I swear, Beefalos in heat is the best and worst thing in-game, I love the amount of loot those things drop whenever they go to war with everything else! It’s especially great if you have a savanna next to a swamp, they can deal with those damn tentacles for me xD They’re also the ones I run to whenever the hounds come around, I can sit back and watch the fun and collect those awesome drops :’D

          • Shichibi

            Yeah, same XD!
            And I swear those Treeguards know it, too <.<… they hardly ever spawn during Spring.
            The only hard thing at first is to get that ONE horn to make the hat.. best thing is to just tackle a loner XD (especially with Abi at night).

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            I only ever have Treeguards spawn once in a blue moon for me, maybe once every five world attempts! And as of yet i have not had a Poison Birchnut spawn at all…looking forward to that eventually happening xD
            Oh god yeah I have a ridiculous time trying to acquire a single beefalo horn, if there’s one thing I want it’s for beefs to drop those a little bit more often xD

          • Shichibi

            The Birchnutdudes hate me XD.. but you can use them to your advantage: Just plant them near Beefalos and when you progress further into the game (I would say they spawn pretty often around day 200), just chop them down and they will fight the Beefalos, if they get to close => Meat, Whool, Horns => Yay ^-^

            Just keep Birchnuts in your pockets to appease it, which is easier than appeasing a Treeguard.
            And those guys, the guards, spawn easier for me, because I keep tree farms and chop them down before Summer (too much risk of burning the whole farm)..

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Oh wow, thanks for that tip! I’ll do that definitely, even if I most likely won’t ever make it that long xD
            And thanks for the summer tree trimming tip too, (holy cow dat alliteration xD) I hadn’t even thought about the tree danger, mostly because I have yet to survive long enough to make it to summer (since I always start in autumn)

          • Shichibi

            Poison and Guards have a set spawning rate, if I recall, the more you progress into the game – i.e. the higher your day counter is – the more can spawn at one time and more easily.
            I think they won’t spawn before you haven’t passed day 3 or 7 or something like that, but after that it can happen anytime, but I found that the Poisons hardly spawn so early (never had one at that early stage tbh), but rather enjoy to spawn very often in the later game.

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            Indeed they do, the percentage chance of them spawning increases the longer you’re alive, much like how the difficulty of hound attacks increasing the longer you’ve lived..thinking about it now, I guess the main reason the poison birchnuts don’t spawn as much for me is because I really don’t cut those down nearly as often as I cut the pine trees down xD

          • I was exploring once when I came across a large forest clump with like 10+ Treeguards wobbling around!
            Is that like the thing when spider nests spawn in a circular pattern?? (Wiki says nothing)

          • Shichibi

            I think that is called a “Set Piece”. Just look that up in the Wiki.
            Usually I find those with the Treeguards in the desert, for some reason XD and then they are sometimes fighting the Clockwork Rook.

          • Rookamillion

            Why tree guards always gotta be hatin’ on us kindly Rook folk. XD

          • Shichibi

            LOLOL XD

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            Red is everywhere~

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            So I’ve started to notice, ahaha xDD

          • Shichibi

            I find it generally strange when people start to recognize me XD!!
            Usually people take what they need from me (like friendship, shoulder to cry on, ear to whine into, love) and then they fuck off as soon as they are satisfied, forgetting about me completely :P.

          • I was like, “Wait, is that Shichibi? No, it can’t be! Shichibi is on OffWhite, this is Asmundr! But…are they the same??”

          • Shichibi

            For bettere reference, I put my Avatar on there now, as well XD.
            ~creeps around the corners~

        • Shop Dog

          so s/he’s a snake is what wikki is rille saying.

          • Shichibi

            It’s not saying anything, since Fabeldyr points to any imaginary creature, though snakes are – back then – also often dragons (in old mythology, etc.).

    • Archbishop Fabulous “Fab” Tyre, officially goes by Fabeldyr on paper, and “Curiosity” as another nickname.

      We just LOVE naming this guy. XD

      • We sure do! I just like to call him Curiosity because you know… curiosity killed the cat.

    • Nez Noodles, you are now responsible for causing the creation of the longest thread on this page, maybe in OW history!
      How does it feel? 😀

      • TheIncredibleHibby

        And the funny thing is most of it doesn’t even have to do with the OP hahaha xDD

      • It feels like my entire life was leading up to this moment, Takeru. 😀

    • How abput the Archbishop? Or cat-killer? Or dragonaboo? Or… Yeah, Curiosity’s fine. XD

  • lazu

    oh man, is that mannimarco?

  • Phoebe Tranile

    Love the texturing of this page, super detailed!
    By the looks of it, she’s holding the two spirits in her.

    • It’s a she? o_o

      • Phoebe Tranile

        Not sure. May be a he too, but also she because on of the spirits may of been female

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    To anyone thinking that people are gonna get worked up because a cat died, guys, nobody is getting worked up. We know it’s a fictional cat, we’re not calling the creators out or quitting the comic, we’re just shocked at most by the sudden gore and dead cat. People are making jokes about it even, like the PETA jokes or the jokes about how the blood will stain or even the cafe under the building jokes where the cat will be served as food.

    Nobody is getting worked up about the cat, the only person that even did was a troll. So can you please stop commenting about people complaining about the dead cat? Because so far you guys are the only ones complaining and causing trouble/drama for us.

    • Dork

      I’m someone who is triggered into anxiety attacks by animal-related gore, but I don’t tell people what to do with their fictional comic. It upsets me that someone would…

  • So in the 5 days this page has been up, we’ve made over 450 comments, in comparison to the 21 days for nearly 550 comments for the last page.
    Quite the difference, is it not?
    (Expecting to see 600+ comments by next page)

  • Rookamillion

    Wait…… That’s a he? XD

    • “But Fab, you are clearly woma-”
      “Silence! I am a man, whether this body appears so or not!”

  • Gorabe

    This is the last page?

    • Elanor Carsinda

      In the volume, I think so. Not in the whole series 🙂

  • So first this comic gives me wolves, now it’s giving me dragons. These artists are spoiling me rotten.

    • LilOliver

      Dragons have been in far back into the comics when Skolls’ BG story to his memories were reveled; showing that he worked along side the humans to defeat the dragon spirits- thus, killing off the dragon species.Not sure if that is exact, but it’s bout the jist of it all.

      • Well, yeah, but there wasn’t an actual dragon character, or it was never implied that there would be. Not until now, anyway. I wonder what this will mean for Askr, though? If the dragon spirits really did kill her, and Fabeldyr is the dragon spirits spliced together, then why would they attempt to resurrect her? Something’s fishy here.

    • Artista

      This panel is a middle finger to all those who say it’s ‘just another wolf comic.’ XD

  • Deluge

    Observation impression

    Panel 1:The light through the doorholes where the 2 guys talking was terrific. I like how light shine from up to the bottom where it starting to fade realistic

    Panel 2: Blood written on the walls and candles were good

    Panel 3:The best part on what i’ve seen is the bowl filled with blood and a bit of bulb. The reflection of the blood were marvelous like it’s telling that the blood was still very fresh and new

    For all what i see Panel 3 got my attention
    (Pls Note) i’m not a critic nor a good drawer, i’m just a reader who loves to read and see amazing things

  • Nick Lopez

    Anyone want to join an OFF-WHITE group chat on Facebook.

    • Deluge

      Yeah why not

      • Nick Lopez

        I need the link for your Facebook page. Also, the chat is mostly for OFF-WHITE, getting off subject is allowed but trolling isn’t.

      • I gotta warn ya, sometimes it gets a teeny wierd. xD

        • Deluge

          Lol haha xD

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    If anyone wants to join the OW skype group please note Schizophrenicsurs on deviantart

    • Nick Lopez

      I tried Skype once, I didn’t like it at all.

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        -Shrug- It’s got its ups and downs but to each their own

        • Nick Lopez


  • The Lone Wolf 2413

    They killed a cat. I quit. Nope, I’m back.

    • undeadwolf7

      exactly my reaction lol xD

  • Rookamillion

    Fab’s official theme song: XD

  • 2Wings (AKA Gecko_Gaming)

    “…OUR friend…”
    Interesting, so now it seems that they’ve added a character with some form of Multiple Personality Disorder.. 😛

    Also, I’m looking forward to find out if he’s talking about Skoll (the more likely) or someone else… This comic has been known for brilliantly done plot twists! XD

    Also, we already know from history that those who claim to be able to speak on the behalf of God(s) can, and HAVE, used others beliefs to their advantage, and earlier in the story, it is specifically stated that, when the Great Ice Sheet advanced south, the people looked to their faith, and they received no response. However, we KNOW that (what we would call) supernatural beings do exist in Off-White, and we also know (supposedly) that the red and blue glows on the text-bubbles don’t lie, so, does this man really have the ability to communicate with the spirits? I guess it doesn’t matter, because either way, he can easily exploit his position in society for his personal needs.

    However, what DOES matter, is the specific emphasis on dragons in the last couple pages… The humans drove them to extinction, but we know that the dragon spirits still exist, and since this comic has used foreshadowing exceedingly well up to this point, is it not logical to assume that this character doesn’t have MPD, but instead is the embodiment of the dragon spirits, still looking for revenge on the humans? In that case, Skoll may not care about the balance of the realm he resides in, because he is actually focused on getting his OWN revenge on the dragon spirits who, for lack of a more accurate term, ‘killed’ his best friend…

    Please, give me YOUR theories and opinions on the subject, and feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong in my understanding of the lore so far… I would love to hear your ideas about this comic! 🙂

    • Nick Lopez

      I honestly don’t have any theories about dragons at this point but I think yours is very interesting.

    • Lunar

      I think that the priest is the light and dark dragon spirit, bound into a body. What I think happened after Askr got devoured and Skoll hiding himself as a mortal wolf, is that the dragons used the humans fear to bring Ragnarok, by guiding them to hunt the white spirits in futile attempts to save the humans. Which is causing greater unbalance in the species.

  • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

    Yknow, I’ve heard the term woman trapped in a man’s body, and vise versa
    But this is ridiculous

    • Star Wolf~

      You win the internet today

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        Haha! 8D The internet is mine!

  • Blueray Darkes

    There are dragons in that blood :O

    • Not in the blood itself, but in the plate.
      If that’s what you meant… ;-;

      • Blueray Darkes

        I just saw dragons and squeed lol

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    He’s a wizard. Yup. That’s it.

  • Spiritstrike

    LOL! We’re calling the Archbishop Fab now because he’s “Fabulous”! Brilliant!

  • undeadwolf7

    But.. The cat… it looks exact like my cat 0_o.. omg ;-;

  • TevaFox

    I don’t know if its been mentioned yet in the comments but back on page 202 (page where skoll recognises his past and the humans vs dragons). On the last few pannels- it shows that Askr gets swallowed by the red spirit.
    Couldn’t it be possible that this may cause the combined being that they are in this page?
    But hey that’s just a theory…
    A Comic theory

    • I got your MatPat reference!!

      • TevaFox

        You have today’s….

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      Thanks for reading~
      (I’m going with this theory and that the red spirit is controlling the white cause it’s stronger than her)

      • Shichibi

        Hrm, it could be that it doesn’t matter who swallows what, if they share a stomach o3o.

    • Rambonata

      If you look closely, the dragons are sharing a body. Is it possible that the person is actually both dragons?

      • TevaFox

        If the person is both dragons (disposing my ask and dragon theory for the time being) then it is a wonder how the dragons became human. Nothing about ‘shapeshifting’ in the comic that indicates that this could happen unless, it could be something to do with what they guard? Just like Hugin and Munin- thought and memory. I can’t recall if it’s ever been stated what they are guardians of. It could be possible and I’m just thinking too deeply lol

        Now nothing has been said what happens when a Guardian gets swallowed by another so who knows if askr is actual dead due to being swallowed (even skoll thinks so) or whether the dragons can actually split apart when they reach certain circumstances (enough spells etc.)
        Now by swallowing askr, the dragons could then possibly have enough spells to split (if they were indeed one being as pictured in page 202) causing two individual dragon guardians.
        Considering it must be 1 to 3 years approximately since the fight between dragons and both askr and skoll due to wolves becoming sexual mature in development.
        The red dragon could somehow use askr human form and is stronger than askr hence why he remains in control.

        I mean I could be wrong but I do love speculation and guessing games ^_^

        • TevaFox

          In the blood bowl on this page, it shows two individual dragons too instead of one conjoined dragon.

          • Shichibi

            Well, two headed dragons are not really uncommon in history and folklore and such.
            So, it could well easily be that they still shared a body, while being two seperate souls.
            And they could not be reborn, because all of their kind as driven into extinction by the humans, though being the guardians of black magic, they still were able to act in the netherworld and seek revenge.
            That’s why I think they swallowed Askr to posess the body of a human… ”easy” with black magic and probably easier when you are the guardians of such.
            While sharing one body now, maybe, as the human, their minds are still two.

            Also, since it is their ”appearance” they might not have been able to ever exist as two seperate bodies, same as they would not be possible to change their eye colors, if you know what I’m trying to say XD.
            I.e. it would not matter how much spells they used, they would not be able to split apart and the bowl might just be showing two seperate ones, to kind of be a symbol that two souls exist, not just one.

          • TevaFox

            Very intriguing indeed!
            I was unaware that dragons were guardians of black magic so thank you for informing me of that. Although I thought that they would be opposites-sun and moon, thought and memory etc so would both dragons be guardians of black magic (obviously linked somehow to magic ,light/dark magic?). I didn’t know if ‘magic’was part of this universe or not -despite off-white being a fantasy comic of sorts lol
            Now that they are involved with magic then it makes sense that they could use askr’s body.
            It is also notable that we haven’t seen the archbishops eyes yet so perhaps it may be a case for a red and blue eyes? Since Heterochromia does exist in the human world-although a red and blue eyed human would stand out =/
            Your explanation of the appearance makes perfect sense 😀
            Lovely theory and a nice read 😉

          • Shichibi

            Sun and Moon are, of course, Sköll and Hati.

            Thought and Memory are Hugin and Munin (I hope I put those two in the right order XD).

            Good and Bad are Askr and Embla.

            I always thought when the dragons were Black Magic, the Unicorns were White Magic?

            Though, this begs the question why one isn’t black and the other isn’t white magic.. maybe because magic is such a strong essence and it needed two beings to guard one side of it?
            Or it could simply be, because they never seperated (like all the other beings did), body wise, that they just kept on guarding just black magic, instead of both sides.

            Even Hati seems to have confirmed that both are only guarding one side of it and the white magic side was already lost, when the humans killed off the dragons => http://off-white.eu/ow_v2/img/comic-pages/207.jpg

            Oh, I thought you knew XD, because of the spells and Hati explaining everything or most of it o3o.

            Also, I think the dragon is most likely Nihodggr or Nihödgir, etc.

            If one looks at the texts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%AD%C3%B0h%C3%B6ggr
            Plus this one snipped from another page: “……The second leads to Niflheim, near the spring of Hvergelmir, where the dragon Nidhogg, when he tired of eating corpses, chewed on the root of
            Yggdrasil from below.”
            => http://witcheslore.com/bookofshadows/mythology/norse-mythology/3521/

            I mean, Askr and Sköll went after them, because they ate human souls, which sounds equal to those texts.

          • TevaFox

            Hmm, the dragons and unicorn theory could make sense.
            That off-white page, Hati states “humans deserved a punishments after so foolishly destroying the only source of magic in this realm”
            Not stated what they destroyed but could be the light magic as you stated however “in this realm” interests me completely and can be interpreted differently.
            The realm they are in the page is only for the guardians so in theory magic was not destroyed in the human realm yet-unless he meant the whole of midguard as a realm *strokes imaginary beard*
            Magic is powerful so yeah why not two species guardians for both sides of the magic.

            I haven’t re-read off-white for a while so couldn’t remember if it was stated of not XD

            I love your last theory, especially since the Norse dragons are closely related to ragnarok anyway besides Fafnir anyway. Hati stated that Ragnarok is coming so I’m sure the dragons may be able to sense it.

          • Shichibi

            I do think he means the dragons here, because they were talking about the whole thing, especially since he mentioned the humans driving the dragons into exctinction just a page before that.
            And I guess he meant the realm as the world in general, i.e. Midgard, since he called this one they are in a ”moonlight shadow”, i.e. probably a world/realm/sphere only he can create.

            And the other realms or the other realm simply may be the netherworld and,if they exist, the other world Yggdrasil is connected to.
            Plus, he also was talking about how the Chromlechs still have spells stored, meaning that the supply is getting shorter and those are in Midgard.

          • TevaFox

            Now I re-read that, I did miss the “revenge from beneath the grave” bit so probably the dragons now that you say that.

            Yes your right, I know this comic is slightly based on the Norse mythology but I don’t know if they kept the same sort of universe of the Yggdrasil and the nine realms or altered it to better fit their story.

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    • Artista

      Actually, Askr is a spirit that takes on human form. Archbishop id like your normal priest-like thing guy.

  • Did he make that circle on the wall with the cat’s blood? Is there that much blood in a cat…?

    • RainingMountains

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      • But where are the other cats? Not that I want to see more dead felines, but… Still bugs me.

        • Maybe…he ate them? 0^0

          • Yum, ”Cut-in-half” cat! 😛

          • Only at Fabeldyrs’ Restaurant

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          • Someone’s gotta make a fake menu of that…
            Because that’s hilarious.

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      • Eww! D:

      • Shichibi

        Keep in mind, that they were hunting down other white spirits.
        My guess is, that the cat on the floor is one as well, due to the lighter color.
        So, while Fabeldyr is saying he is trying to transfer it back into a human, to make a new human white soul, he probably needs all those white spirits for the ritual he has there… maybe to keep themselves in the human body.
        They = Guardians of black magic = the dragons.

        • WhiteWolf

          This may very well be true I’m kinda wondering how many other white sports they have tryed this with

    • Probably not seeing as the blood volume of cats on average is…what…50-60 ml/kg or something? Calculate it with possible weights that aren’t massively obese and it’s usually like…what…about 6-8oz on average?

      That’s if I’m doing my math right at all though. I always failed at measurement related math (I blame my lack of interest and the fact I wound up skipping over most of it when I’d moved over from Canada to the US; shifting from kilometers to miles etcetera without warning or explanation was not a fun experience).

    • to do all that hed have to use 2-3 cats.

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      *still has yet to make the scene where Raigho and Fab battle*

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        • Our nickname for Archbishop Fabldyr.
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    • That’s Embla, no? And Embla’s a female. O_o

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        i don’t think it’s embla, that person there looks clearly male to me. i think it is the dragon spirits taking a human host.

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  • So like the dragon assholes ate Askr right? Maybe somehow that gave them the ability to take a human host? especially as it seems that the dragon spirits would inhabit the same host anyway, but with separate concsiousnesses

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      • Desmonaea

        :< That's so sad. Do you know why it's always a cat? Is it like cats are more connected to the spirit world or something? I'm really curious.

        • Celestial Navigator

          Cats are are believed to be able to enter the spirit world on a whim and that they also can see spirits and such. So in short: cats are a highly magical animals despite being rather small. It’s widely believed to be ability of all felidae but you see, sacrificing, say, a lion, maybe a bit too dangerous.

          • Desmonaea

            Thank you for replying to my question. It was very informative :3

        • LuckyIcecube

          Cats are usually seen as superstitious, especially black cats during Halloween. The origin of the Halloween celebration came from the Celts, who believed that the veil between this world and the afterlife was thinner on Halloween. Friends and relatives that had dyed would return to earth as a black cat. Later on, in the “Burning Times”, witches were believed to own black cats. From then on, cats are associated with dark magic.

      • Artista

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    • It’s just a drawing, y’know?

      • Not to sound grim, but there are some few people that get problems when seeing things like that, real or drawn. (And by problems, I mean like a terrible mental reaction triggered by gore and such)

        Although I do agree that it being a drawing, far more people should be somewhat more relaxed it didn’t actually happen in our world. (Still okay to be bothered by it in my opinion)

        • Desmonaea

          I know that it’s a drawing, but it’s more of the thought because I know people do it in reality.

          That being said, and all terrible thoughts put aside, I’m certainly not downing the artist. It’s still very good art and it makes me want to know what will happen next :3

    • I’ve never really understood why cats in particular are always involved in magic stuff. :/

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    Anyway, FabTires needs a whole lot bigger drawing board if you ask me. You can only fit half a circle on that wall there. Those scented candles ain’t gonna cut the cat smell either, Mr… It just gonna mix, you need to sanitize the room from past ceremonies YOU BIG FREAK!

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      For the top the first two words are ‘the dragon…’ not sure whats after that and I can’t make out anything else

      • LuckyIcecube

        How do you know?

    • Silvereye

      Translation: From (something) the dragon darc (something) ()orth

      That’s as good a translation as I can give. I’m not as fluent in runes as I used to be, and a lot of it is not clear enough for me to make out.

      • “From below the dragon dark comes forth” maybe?

        I remember seeing a passage in some Norse that was interpreted with a line like that but I can’t rediscover it for the life of me.

        • Silvereye

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  • Dug through the freaking internet for that poem and finally FOUND IT jeebus

    After digging around for a few hours I’m almost certain that the runes on the wall here are taking a line of this poem http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/poe03.htm

    It’s a telling about the world’s beginning and it’s coming end as told by a seer to Odin. She seems to describe different things or different amounts of things depending on the version you read.

    What we’re able to discern of the runes on the page is something like
    From [blank] the dragon dark [blank] orth.

    It almost completely matches the first line of Stanza 66, where it says:
    From below the dragon | dark comes forth,

    The whole stanza for those that don’t want to click the link.
    66. From below the dragon | dark comes forth,
    Nithhogg flying | from Nithafjoll;
    The bodies of men on | his wings he bears,
    The serpent bright: | but now must I sink.

    • We’re all professional rune detectives now.

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    Anyone else notice how the blade looks like a dragons claw a bit? It has scales on it and it looks like a dragons talons…. maybe it’s another hint that this is “person” is actuAlly the dragon spirits.

    • Also, the runes on the wall say something about dragons. I can’t understand them pretty well because my rune reading sucks, but I’m sure it does mention dragons.

      • Dragonheart

        It reads, “From [something ending with W] the dragon mark comes forth”.

    • Tholfie

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    Alright, I have so much to say right now (you’ll probably know what about), but I’ll keep my mouth shut once again only because it’s not been that long.
    But I’ll just say something for the authors. End the story here. Why? “The story we want to tell should close in 3 volumes 200-250 pages each.” Considering you used to update once a week, and how there’s around 52-53 weeks a year, it would take around four to five years to complete just one volume, and around fifteen years to complete Off-White. But you don’t update once a week (let’s ignore the time excuses for a while, I don’t care about the reasons, just for the simple fact), so when will this comic end? In 30 years? More?
    And do you know what happens with long comics like that? Either a) the authors get bored of it and don’t update anymore or b) people will stop reading. Both of these are happening already, as I can see.
    So in my opinion, it’s better to end this as quickly as possible. This began in 2008, it’s 2015 now. Some people are getting angry already at having a page every month. And considering this: “We’re planning to publish in print the first volume”. You shouldn’t take this so lightly if you wish to earn money for this.Let’s not forget how you couldn’t even spare 40 seconds of your life to tell us what happened, some people were worried that something happened to you because you literally didn’t show any signs of life.
    This is my honest opinion. Take it however you want.

    • Tholfie

      Be angry all you want, but that is EXTREMELY RUDE. How can you say any of that?! This art style isn’t easy to make, and art itself takes a while. Not to mention planning, page layout, rewrites, edits, and the fact that- Maybe!- THE ARTISTS HAVE LIVES OTHER THAN THIS COMIC. And who knows, they might not even be looking to make a lot of money in the first place. I cannot believe someone would say such rude, horrible things. Yes, comics have problems where the authors end it (like Teahouse, but they still gave us the plot for the end so there was nothing to wonder about) and some do go on for years (Questionable Content, ElfQuest). It’s the creators’ decision, not some snappy angry “fan” with a vulgar mouth.

      • Arcaine

        Vulgar mouth? Tell me where did I insult the authors, and where I was rude. I was not angry, just pointing my opinion.
        I understand this takes a long time to make, but they managed quite well until now.
        They have lives, but they are three. Didn’t they add one more so they could have this done faster? And if they REALLY didn’t have ANY time, can’t they at least tell us, instead of making us wonder whether they are alive or dead?
        I’m not saying for this specific day, by the way. If they take, I dunno, two/three weeks to update, I would be ok with it. But that was not the point of my comment. It was how this comic will take longer to end than it should, and nobody even knows if it WILL end. I’ve been following this for a long time now, and I used to visit this page every sunday (if I remember correctly) to see what else happened. If they couldn’t update, I would be like “oh, doesn’t matter, that happens”, but now I’m disappointed in the fact that they don’t even seem to care about their readers (not me, everyone in general).
        It’s the creators’ decision, but can they at least have some respect for those who’ve been following them since 2008? What I said wasn’t an order, just an opinion. That’s why I said “take it however you want”.

        • i would like to point out the authors each have there own step and not all have the ability to make a page. such as jessi is only able to color. he cant draw or anything else.

          and the girls split between writing and drawing.

          some comics have a double team. but one only writes and the other only draws.

          and okay, lets say the authors don’t care about the readers. now what? what are you going to do? stop reading, not buy the books, write another angry comment that falls on deaf ears?

          • TalesOtaku21

            Three people working together saves a ton of time. There’s an artist I follow on DA who writes and draws and colors his comic entirely on his own and still updates five times as frequently as these guys do, and his quality is even better as it is more realistic, in my opinion. The comic is called Asmundr. The story is also less convoluted.

          • Well, the only thing we, or at least I, know about Kique is about Asmundr. What about life? Work? Free time spent? (Could probably find that…also I don’t mean to be a creep, but we kinda know some of these things about the gals)
            Besides, I’m pretty sure Kique is vastly different as a person as with circumstances that allows him to be able to do this. I think he also really, like really, has the passion for Asmundr, stunning. Awesome to find people that dedicated to their work, whatever it may be (not neccesarily Art)
            (Btw another Asmundr reader! :D)

            Another thing, there was this one guy who made an animated movie, all by himself. (Voices along with his wife?)
            Pretty good, especially done alone. Took years! (Obviously years long like any movie xD)

          • Checkers

            The paneling of Asmundr is something I have always found to be incredibly poor.

            I always have to read pages several times to understand the flow of text because they are in strange places and make it hard to flow with the art. Time skips are often abrupt and aren’t easy to perceive either.

            The art is good, I’m not going to lie. But I wish Kique would take more time for the pages so that they not only look nice as they do, but read well, also. The speed he uploads them is neat and I’m happy that he can do it, but there are aspects of the comic that suffer due to it.

          • “Time skips are often abrupt and aren’t easy to perceive either.”

            i feel that the beginning needs to be redone just because of this reason.

            also for the fact that it just … starts? with like no explanation/ context as to whats happening besides.

            “hey lights!! am gonna go look!!”

            (why? are they rare, do they mean something? did they see something, did they just appear abruptly which is unusual?)

            “nooo!! don’t go!!”

            (why?! its just lights on a mountain??!!)

            ignoring the explanations in later chapters. becuase SOMEthing should have been mentioned, like them being bad luck. not like talked about 3-5 chapters later.

          • Checkers

            If the first few chapters can benefit from anything other than being completely redone, then it would be a prologue.

            A prologue could very easily introduce the world and touch upon the symbolism of the lights and gods lightly, then smoothly transition into Kainan going up the mountain in chapter one.

            It wouldn’t fill in ALL the holes that the early chapters have, but it would definitely fix the abrupt and confusing way the comic starts, and make it less of an immense pain were he to go back and edit those earlier chapters/pages.

          • i agree.

          • yes, but that one person can do it all by themself and entirely relies on there own time and no one elses. while as the authors of this story cannot do a entire page alone and rely on everybody having freetime to work. it goes in steps for each of them.



            color and shading

            if only one girl is able to write, then the girl who can only color cannot help, now can they?

            so, if one part gets snagged or paused because of issues, its going to cause a pile up like traffic. being unable to pass to the next step.

            and comparing two different comics by different authors means nothing. its unfair to compare the two. both have different circumstances and the authors have different lives.

          • Checkers

            That’s something that everyone always forgets with this comic. The page has to be passed around and is balanced on the schedules of three different people.

            There’s also not only things like work, personal struggles/life stuff, and downtime/recharging to consider, but timezones as well.

            Vesner and Akreon are both in Poland, but Jessi is in the States. It’s possible that there’s a blank period due to the time gap depending on how they pass the files for the pages around, and since they have other things to work on/keep them busy, it’s not as simple as “do thing for comic, pass it to next person, start on thing for next page of comic”. It’s possible there are times where they have the ability or time to have it work a bit like that, but it’s not like they’re machines and will do it all the time.

            There might not be a muse or they might just want to use the time to recharge instead, since they have stuff on their plates along with this. I don’t get why people don’t think about it because really, it’s not hard to comprehend.

          • indeed. not to mention any possible complications like internet troubles. a page being ruined by file corruption while working or a computer just going kaput (like when there comp caught on fire a while ago).

          • Checkers

            Yup. Something that’s also common in comment arguments like this is assumptions or theories to how the authors may feel about it. There’s always a chance that one side is right or wrong, or that both sides are outrageously, hilariously wrong and that they’re just kicking up dust for nothing.

            It’s hard for me to word it but I guess I may be blind. I’m pretty sure I’m grossly wrong in my ideas about it but I stand by them because that’s what I know from experience, but I suppose I just have faith and confidence that the girls can handle themselves and know when to step back and when to not.

            I feel a true community is a solid and supporting one, not just one bent on keeping to rules or obligations like some status quo. One that thrives and is understanding, even if things aren’t always enjoyable. OW is far from it and I have yet to see one that is that peaceful and problem free, and I don’t that there will ever be and I must sound like a raging idealist for voicing it, but there’s no shame in hoping.

            It’s a far better thing to dream for than to sit in reality and complain about things and then have them voiced again many times over like an echo in a canyon.

          • I know a comic creator who sometimes loses a page and things due to errors. :c
            (Example: exiting by accident without saving)

      • Surrah

        Uh do you even know what rude means? Let me explain. Rude is when someone offends someone or something. Arcaine did not offend anyone, he said his opinion. And he’s not angry… Do you say this to everyone who seems to be “angry and offending” to the comic? It’s ok to like, defend what you love, but what’s that gonna do? Not everyone likes this comic (not saying Arcaine or me don’t, I like this comic, but it’s just way too slow with updates). Arcaine was not rude or angry or offending. But you were. And just because someone seems to be rude, etc., doesn’t mean you should.

        • no, thats not what rude means. rude basically means when someone has been impolite.


          adjective, ruder, rudest.


          discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way:
          a rude reply.


          without culture, learning, or refinement:
          rude, illiterate peasants.


          rough in manners or behavior; unmannerly; uncouth.


          rough, harsh, or ungentle:
          rude hands.


          roughly wrought, built, or formed; of a crude construction or kind:
          a rude cottage.


          not properly or fully developed; raw; unevolved:
          a rude first stage of development.


          harsh to the ear:
          rude sounds.

        • Just gonna butt in, but,
          Nearly anything you say can be seen as offensive to someone somewhere

    • Surrah

      I so agree with you! Nice to have someone that shares the same idea/opinion. Like, it takes so long for just one page, and making (drawing, doing the art) doesnt even take long. It takes about an hour or two of time. Like I said before, you have to have the time and effort to make a comic. I also said that soon, it will be abandoned (like you said the authors will get bored of it).

      • Arcaine

        True, nobody seems to share this kind of opinion. As for one page of Off-White, I would say it takes a bit more than two hours (around five? at least that’s what other people say when they upload their drawings). It can be done in a week, I believe, especially with three authors if they can manage correctly their time. I really like this comic, to be honest, but I’m about to stop reading it because I’m sure they’ll get bored of it and I’ll be left wondering how it ends forever. Something like that happened with others like Blackblood Alliance, InuKami (and all of this author’s comics) and Sweet Lullaby.

        • Surrah

          Yeah, wasn’t sure how long exactly, because there are many styles and stuff, and you know like there’s 3 authors. I wanted to read Blackblood alliance, it seemed good, but when I was reading a bit of it it was kind of confusing… Now that you say there’s no ending or something, I won’t bother. Sigh all interesting, good comics are the same. Something happens and then we don’t read it anymore or there’s no ending… But except one that I know of, Asmundr <<So freakin good! If you didn't read it, then you really should. The page updates are like, DAILY! The artist, Kique, makes the animals so realistic and beautiful and the story is like nothing I've ever seen/read. Basically, it's a fight for a territory, sure it sounds boring when you put it that way, but there is so much more to it. It hasn't finished yet, and it's not volumes, it's chapters and he just ended a chapter now (he takes a few days off between chapters) and its totally worth the wait. And no one is talking about weird stuff in the comments. The readers share their opinions and thoughts <I like that, I hate seeing people so bored waiting for pages to update and they got nothing else to do || It's literally my favourite comic. Do you know any comics? MAN I type a lot XD

          • Surrah

            Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the heck happened with my comment… o.o

          • Surrah

            I’m just gonna stop talking now XD …

          • I laughed so hard xD
            (I dunno, I just thought the strangeness of the comment with the equal signs and whatnot was really funny)

          • Arcaine

            Lol that comment. As for me I’m writing fanfiction, I wrote a LOT of stories and at the end I got bored and stopped doing them, but at least they were on my computer so it didn’t matter, since I was the only one who read them. Now that I’m uploading some online, I feel like I have some sort of… debt to my readers, even if they aren’t many, they help me continue. I believe that, as soon as you decide to upload something so others can read, you owe them everything; your “fame”, your improvement. It stops being a simple hobby to yourself, and everyone’s opinion counts on your stories (or whatever you do), even the harsh criticism.
            Some people from this site should understand that. These three authors are not gods nor perfect.

          • Surrah

            *claps* that was beautiful XD

          • Rookamillion

            Surrah….. You broke the internet. XD

          • XI

            xD i would only like to point out that it’s not fair comparing Kique to OW authors in terms of speed. It is indeed incredible the speed at which Kique works, but many don’t seem to realize that he always literally traces real life references for everything he even made a tutorial about it
            that’s half the job done. Then comes the coloring style: he doesn’t use cellshading nor multiple layers for complicated furcoats and the like. The BGs are actual photographs in which he either paints over of apply filters to make it work for the comic.
            Now i personally have absolutely no problems with any of this (until he does it for paid commissions but that’s a different story….)
            it’s just i keep seeing you guys make comparisons between the two comics and it’s not an equal “fight” when it comes to quality vs. speed

            But anyway, it would be nice if at least OW authors like… write a BRB post if they are in the middle of important stuff. I don’t think that’s too much a fanbase can ask

          • XI

            is there no “edit” option anymore? D: well please ignore any awkward typos.
            -paints over OR apply
            -Also all his backgrounds are more or less of “nature”. Meaning it takes a significantly shorter time and effort than detailed architecture and vehicles. Also there are no humans (not yet at least?) so there is that

    • Surrah

      I also want to add that part when they took a 5-4 month pause to the comic. Like you said, they didn’t even tell us that they were busy or whatever. I almost deleted my bookmark of this comic. I thought it was abandoned. I kept commenting “What the heck what’s taking so long?!” While everyone else was blabbing away about things off-topic. And another thing why I think your idea is good, it should end. The beginning of the comic was really interesting, but now it’s getting confusing and weird. I hate how Iki turned into a jerk named Skoll… But whatever, that’s not important. I don’t think I’ll be reading this anymore, though I keep checking for updates and new pages, because this story is very unique and interesting. But I can’t just keep wasting my time checking for pages while there isn’t none, so they should just, end this comic and work on those other things that they were insanely busy with. Sure, a lot of people would be sad or whatever, but they’ll get over it. It’s not like they’ll cry their whole lives for the comic to come back. Besides, they just spend their time talking about other shit on the comments. (Sorry if I sound EXTREMELY RUDE when I’m just sayin my opinion)

      • TalesOtaku21

        I agree about the story. The fact they take so long to update also makes it hard to remain motivated for the story, and to follow along.

        • Checkers

          That’s because it’s not meant to be read slowly like this but all in one go. It makes far, far more sense when you read it over from the beginning with all the pages.

          It’s why I only check here once or twice each year. The pages make far more sense and piece the world together better than when looked at one at a time.

    • I’m sorry but this is the silliest thing I think I’ve ever seen on here.

      The Adventures of Tintin ran from 1929 to 1976.
      Hellblazer ran from 1988 to 2013
      Naruto ran from 1999 to 2014
      Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure started in 1986 and is still going.

      When it comes to comics, time means literally nothing when it comes to telling the story is full. They take as long as they need to tell what they were written and drawn to tell. If it takes years, it takes years. If it takes months, it takes months. Chapter and page updates may be quick or may take more time.

      Telling a person making a comic to “just end it here because it’s taking years” is about the rudest thing you could ever tell a person making a comic or trying to tell a story. It makes you look like an outright dick, to be honest. You’re basically telling them that the time it takes for them to put together a page while balancing out their other duties is so slow that it’s not worth them tying up the loose ends the comic presents so far and just closing the door on it because of it.

      It’s telling a writer to stop writing because their wordcount is really high, and I find that ridiculous.

      • Arcaine

        Sweet Lullaby began in 2008/2009 and it’s been almost cancelled.
        The Blackblood Alliance began in 2007 and it’s also dropped.
        InuHoshi made her account in 2008 and right now every one of her comics are cancelled.
        90% of the webcomics that people begin are cancelled sooner or later.

        Basically, you are giving me examples of mangas that are being sold? Do you even know WHY they make them so long?
        Let me tell you, it’s money. When the authors know it’s gonna sell, they continue for as long as possible. That’s why animes like Naruto or Pokémon have thousands of filler episodes, because no matter what people will watch them. The difference? At least they do it, because they owe it to their readers or watchers. (Though you say “takes years to tell the story”, when those episodes offer nothing to it) Mangas like Shingeki no Kyojin are being sold even now because people
        are still reading them in Japan, and other mangas that might be good but
        they weren’t lucky enough just have 10 volumes or so, the time they take is equal to how much they sell. Your examples have nothing to do with the comic here, because this is Internet and if they want, they could do anything with their stories, even end it 200 pages ago.

        As I see you’re also missing the point of my comment. They are so busy that they can’t continue, then just end and get that weight off your shoulders. OR tell us what’s taking so long. Do you think this is the only webcomic I follow? There’s another one in Facebook, they’re three authors as well, and sometimes they update twice a week, with three pages. Are you going to tell me that they don’t put any effort in it? Or that they have enough time?
        Well, let me tell you they don’t. They’re either studying or working or going through serious problems, and if they can’t update they post a status or something. That comic doesn’t seem like it’s going to end soon and I don’t even care. Because the authors do seem to care about their readers and they do seem to care about that hobby, and the art is just amazing. From the OW authors I feel nothing at all, they just don’t care about readers.

        Lastly, do you really think that’s how they want to tell the story? (the manga creators, I mean). If a story sells, the company owners tell them to continue it for a bit longer. But if it doesn’t they FORCE the creators to end. At least here they have the option to continue or not, but I guess that having a different opinion is forbidden, right? As I said, this is just my honest word to the authors. I’m not expecting them to do anything, but at least think about what they want to do from now on.

        • A’ight, fair point.

          Still though, I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously. We’ve never really gotten a major explanation or heads up on OW updates and there have been times where it’s gone into the dark before. It’s a tad bothersome, but it really isn’t anything new.

          Seeing that the reason there was a long pause with page 282 was because they were working as concept artists it just shows that they’re putting priorities first, which is…pretty much normal? They had a lot of stuff happen within the last year or so, from what I know, so it’s normal for things to just go idle.

          • I disappear sometimes for a week and never felt like telling anyone beforehand. :V
            I guess it’s a normal thing to just forget about others/not feel the need?

        • TalesOtaku21

          I’m tired of seeing ‘they can do whatever they want’. I disagree.

          Artists are not some magical beings that don’t follow everyone else’s reality. The reality is that people will lose interest when products aren’t being produced enough. Especially if those products cost money because then you have production issues and scalping.

          As with any product, if it isn’t selling, you cancel production. There’s little point in continuing to produce something that isn’t helping your bottom line. Nintendo tried with the Wii U and they barely started making a profit again after three years of dealing with heavy losses. And we’re talking about a multi million dollar company.

          Yeah, artists can do what they want, anyone producing something can. But artists deal with the consequences of bad customer service just like anyone else, money making or not.

          Communication is incredibly important between a customer and producer. It would be just as easy for them to have a twitter account dedicated to weekly updates if they aren’t going to update the comic for months.

          • magazine

            “Products aren’t being produced enough”. That’s because those people are losing MONEY. Logic that applies to money doesn’t really stand well with a comic that’s available to read for free, a free thing that they are doing for fun first, and not for money or selling.

            “Bad customer service” you are treating this comic as if it is a service or something that they are profiting from when it is something that they are doing as a hobby FOR. FUN. You cannot apply the same logic as corporate plans and the like on something that is made and shared for the enjoyment of it for no price at all.

            I mean heavens forbid that artists can’t do something for themselves and simply share it with people that enjoy it and get happiness from that when they can, ey? It’s always about profits and reputations and customer service and never just something that the artists have for their own personal enjoyment without that kind of stuff, it seems.

            If this is how people act or think with comics like this, with people constantly thinking that the comic is there for THEM and not for the artist as well, then there’s no wonder why so many of them up and die.

          • Arcaine

            You know, I’m also a writer, and sometimes I give advice to other writers. I also discuss with others about narration and everything, so I’ve seen a lot from many people. And the one phrase that every “bad author” seems to say is “it’s my story and I can do whatever I want”.
            Some people don’t seem to get that it’s not just yours. It would be if you haven’t published it in the first place. But now that this is on the Internet, with thousands of followers, the authors don’t have to continue this comic for THEIR fun but for OUR fun as well.
            You say that the logic doesn’t apply to this comic. Why? To me, TalesOtaku21’s reply made sense. There are differences with a product that someone sells and one that someone offers for free, that’s true, but is it wrong to expect quality for both? If I offered you the worst story you could imagine, with terrible drawings and characters, wouldn’t you tell me how awful it is? Or just because I’m an author I should be thought as a perfect being? Either way, different opinions are to be expected if they don’t respect their readers as much as they respect the authors.
            The comic IS here for us, do not forget that. The same goes for every video, story, book, drawing that is on the Internet. It is for us AND the authors; in my opinion, both parts must enjoy it. If it wasn’t the case, then Off White would have been deleted a long time ago. Try to see from the other perspective too.

          • Checkers

            You actually put down someone’s argument that used published manga since it ‘relies on money and gets cancelled when it loses popularity/money’ and then turn back around and support an argument that says ‘production of products get cut when they lose profits’? I’m smelling a hint of hypocrisy here.

            I saw from your and TalesOtaku’s perspective for a long time, and it was one that only made me sour, bitter, and a downright piece of shit to other people. It’s not a perspective I like to look at. It’s full of negativity and feels more tinged with selfish mindsets than anything. This entire mindset had been floating around in the comments back on page 281 due to the 4 month lull, and after seeing so much of it it looks like nothing more than impatient mongers wanting a page and not considering just how taxing other artists are.

            After I’d stopped caring about the update pace, focused more on my own life and enjoyment and just supporting and being there for other people with their passions, it made the wait for pages and the frustrations of other aspects of my life far easier to deal with.

            I’m not saying ‘artists can do whatever they want’ but more encouraging that ‘they /should have the choice of it/ with things more for leisure’ regardless of what a fanbase wants. Angry comments aren’t what they update pages for, but for the positive ones and because making the pages is something they enjoy. People who act like asshats or just say they should stop because their jobs are more taxing than they had in passed years about it without considering how much they might actually like doing this regardless just make the whole entire process sour on both ends.

            I’d rather just enjoy and let them go their own pace. There’s no harm if a time comes if they decide they stop nor is there any if they keep going. With the right time management then the update pace and the quietness isn’t even anywhere near as cumbersome as people make it sound.

          • Arcaine

            What, hypocrisy only because they both talk about companies? I already stated why I don’t agree on the published mangas argument, but I supported the others on the “bad customer service” part. Are you all really expecting everyone to be happy if the authors don’t care about us, or the comic?

            It may be “full of negativity”, but it’s looking at things the way they are. You can’t go on pretending that you’re okay with everything and not speaking what’s on your mind. I wouldn’t be an “impatient monger” if they took a little time to tell us what’s happening. As I said before, I followed many webcomics and other stories including Youtube animations, and I don’t care if they take a month, two, three or a year in getting something done. But those people at least take their time to communicate with the people who follow them and to explain, because it’s not only for their entertainment but for the others too.

        • Lynnzl

          Blackblood Alliance isn’t dropped, it’s going through a reboot.

      • WARxWOLF86

        Well I think you basically covered it there but I just want to add one more thing and that is plans change yes they may have wanted to do 3 books but who said that they have to for all we know plans may have changed so much that this is a one and only or maybe this one is done and they are just making use wait while it there finishing the other 3 maybe 5 books we don’t know that there plans are or what there doing we can only gauss but more then likely all our gausses are wrong

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      Honestly, I agree, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m looking forward to seeing the human characters I’d drop this comic. I like Embla from what I see of her and I see a lot, so I can predict she’ll be somewhat energetic and playful, with a stronger girly side than Askr, and otherwise a badass. I’m curious about Askr, I like Seven, I like Albert, I wouldn’t mind if the comic abandons the wolf pack story mostly and focuses on the human characters because after the more recent pages a lot of the wolves feel kinda annoying now other than Isa and Fehu.
      I feel the comic artists have low respect for us, as shown when they said nothing about the giant hiatus and only said something when done, and the fact that they barely seemed to do anything when the comments were ripped apart by harassers other than delete most of them. They may of fixed it some by shutting off anon but they should of hired another mod, like Gehn, to keep that from happening again. Hell even now and recentish someone made something considerably along those lines, posting a link of a pig getting brutally cut in half during a festival, which secretly offended the said user and many others.

      • Arcaine

        A bit off topic but nevermind, why don’t they want to add an admin for the site? At this point, with so “little time” they have and so many children on this site, it becomes 100% necessary.
        I understand when people say “maybe they forgot” but man… some readers respected them so much that they were already grieving for their hypothetical deaths, and it’s been… three months? Can you really forget a big project like Off White for three months?

      • Speaking of their personalities:
        Embla, badass playful energetic cat girl
        (Whereas cats like to sleep a lot)

        Askr, maybe the opposite of Embla’s personality, more -.-, serious? More….slow going? Oh, and dog/wolf person (Sköll)
        (Whereas dogs are very energetic)

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          I ship them XD
          I don’t care if they’re technically sisters, if Hati and Skoll can be shipped I ship them!

          In reality, I find that so adorable because I think it may link to their bond, they’re attracted to the opposite personality because it reminds them of their sister, that will be my headcanon!

          • Artista

            I ship Embla and Hati… WHAT NOW??? XD

    • Avaryn

      I find it pretty sad that you can’t say what’s on your mind or express your opinion in the comment section without getting literally MAULED by fanboys/fangirls.
      While I recognize that some can think the way you voiced your opinion is rude, I don’t see any offending words in your comment. Sadly nowadays being honest and direct makes you an angry douchebag.

      I haven’t been following the comic for that long (I think I arrived just after the fight between Raigho and Seven), but I, too, think the authors have too high expectations for it. Or maybe, those expectations were accurate when they began the project, but then their lives changed. I can understand that Off-White is only a hobby, something they do because they like doing it, but there’s quite a discrepancy between the seriousness of the thing (making a brand new website, selling goodies, making a printed version) and the fact that the girls cannot actually keep up.

      Of course everyone is happy when a new page is published. Then a few weeks later everyone goes berserk because “omg why is it taking so long i want new page now what happened to the authors let me talk about my dead dog”. Is taking so long to update the comic a lack of respect toward the readers? In a way, it is. Especially when you’re not giving any updates as to why it’s taking so long. When you decide to make your comic/fanfiction/stuff public and share it with people, you’ll end up having people following your work. There’s that implied contract between the reader and the writer – the reader remains faithful to the fiction as long as the writer keeps providing it. If, as an author, you cannot keep up anymore, then I think that ending the comic right now, at the end of volume 1, would be the best choice.

      Some people take Off-White way too seriously and literally worship the authors as if they were gods. It’s only a comic (a good and interesting one, I really like it myself), which means it’s only a hobby both for you and the authors, so stop acting like the whole world revolves around it.
      Don’t take me wrong, I love reading Off-White, I like the art and the story, I really want to know what will happen at the end, but sometimes it’s better to let things die.

      • Surrah

        I so agree people are taking this comic too seriously

      • Artista

        I agree on all points you’ve stated.

      • magazine

        IDK man.

        Those who are understanding and faithful in things are always what I appreciate when it comes to my work. I always feel bad when I take too long, and the people giving constant assurances and being so patient about it are breaths of fresh air and are basically what make me love doing what I do in the first place. I love making things that they enjoy and their happiness and appreciation and cute conversations about it are the reward i get in return, and it is a very worth reward at that.

        The people who are annoyed, or wonder or demand to at least know ‘why’ there isn’t an update are the people that make me not want to update at all, because they are only thinking of the update. Not considering on their own what might be keeping me busy, or thinking that the things that are busy are too personal for me to grossly summarize in a paragraph meant to simply appease them. Those people are not worth the time of day, and if they leave, then it’s no issue of mine, because it’s the people who are understanding and willing to wait that I keep updating in the first place, not the people getting angry about a lack of one.

        Everyone on here keeps saying the authors should tell us why or when there won’t be updates or update more often because they have a following but that is just selfish thinking considering that this comic is completely free to read and that they have gotten as far as they have when so many other of their kind die within the first handful of pages.

        They basically updated in terms of the next few pages all of us on page 282s announcement but it seems no one has properly read or comprehended it. People need to go read it again, and read it properly, because you guys keep saying that they don’t keep you informed on that thing when they actually really do, they just don’t do it every week there isn’t a page.

        • Avaryn

          That’s what I mean when I say that people take it too seriously. I myself think that the authors should let us know why the updates are taking so long or why we don’t hear about them, as a matter of respect for the community, but no need to make a fuss about it if they don’t either. It’s not the end of the world.

          • magazine

            Oooh. I guess I misread you on that. Sorry, mate.

            They really do update on reasons why though, just not in a way people would like, and it gets frustrating to look at when people say they don’t. They explain stuff with uploads when they feel like it; it’s how the girls work and is something that people need to learn to accept.

            Other artists do stuff differently, involving themselves more or involving themselves less, uploading more often or uploading once in a blue moon, and comparing those parts of them with one another is like comparing opposite colours on the wheel to one another and saying they should be more the same. It’s a baffling thing to witness people do.

          • Avaryn

            Yes, but when it takes several months to publish a page, especially when it’s not the first time it happens, then it most likely means the authors are too busy with their personal lives to really care about a comic and its angry community. In that case, they should let go.

          • Checkers

            The fact that it has happened before is the reason why there’s not much cause for worry. This thing has always been a side thing for them. Just because their jobs now take up more time than it used to, doesn’t mean that they care about the comic any less. It just means that they do not have as much time. People still read Lackadaisy and the update gap for that

            Saying they should let it go just because of that is the same as saying that the time they put in so far was not worth it because their worktable is no longer convenient anymore to those who read it. As magazine had said before: those who are patient and faithful are what make continuing it worth it. Those who are angry at the pace are not.

            By saying they should let it go just because of the pace is more putting a viewer’s feelings on it, and not so much the artist’s feelings. It’s not putting into account what they want but what the viewer is perceiving onto the artist based on what they feel about the issue. And that’s not fair to those who are willing to wait, and to the artists working on it in the first place.

            The common saying is ‘artists can do what they want’ but I think it’s more like ‘artists /should be allowed/ to do what they want’. There are always opinions on what artists /should do/ in regards to their art either based on unwanted critique, perceptions, or opinions. There’s almost never a moment or a place I have seen that says ‘just do what you do best, I support you whatever you decide’. The instances I do see it are always tinted by a selfish opinion someone always has to tack on.

            If the update speed and the lack of a new page when checking every week is really something that bothers people then they should just aim to check less often or even put it on RSS feed and find other things to take up their time. The only reason it’s an issue is because of individual feelings on the matter. If you take those away, then it is literally not even a problem in the first place.

          • Checkers

            people still read lackadaisy and the update gap for that isn’t exactly clear* is what i meant to say

          • Checkers

            Holy shit that is way too long

            TL:DR just because people have busy ass lives doesn’t mean it should decide whether a hobby or side project should be dropped or not. it’s undermining how much they might actually care about said project or hobby even with the busy schedule.

            Also forgot to mention that I hardly have seen comments that actually look angry. The 4 month gap with no word was understandable, but the only angry comments I’ve seen on here were the ones put up in the last day, and only a handful of people seemed to be agreeing. So save for the fact that arguments and debates break out often, I hardly see the community as ‘angry’.

          • Avaryn

            Maybe you didn’t read my first message, but I mentioned that maybe when the authors started the comic they had much more free time but now their expectations can’t follow with how busy they became with their personal life.
            It gets annoying to see raging people everywhere in the comments, and I agree with you on the fact that the authors should be able to do what they want to do. But at the same time, and as I said before, when you end up having a community of fans you have some “obligations” toward them, in a way. And if you feel you can’t fulfill them, then just drop the project, at least for a while, but make it clear instead of giving updates that can be quite random.
            Right now, but maybe that’s just me, and it’s most likely just me, but I get the impression that this comic has become more of an obligation than a hobby for the girls. Even if they get happy comments when a new page is posted, everything turns into whining messages after a week or two. With those conditions, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to carry on. Or at least not now, not with this pace.

            A comic should be a source of enjoyment both for the authors and for the readers, and when I see how much drama there is in the comment section, I think something is really wrong.

      • I can’t take the ‘worshiping’ part seriously. XD
        Although, if they were gods, wouldn’t the worshiper think they could post out insta-fast (Maybe like as fast as Kique? Not saying he is a god, but it is astounding) or have it all out?

        Im overthinking this, I don’t know what you mean. x_x sorries
        (Explain please!

    • TalesOtaku21

      It should end when the story is over. However, I agree with you about the disappearances. Personal lives are respected, but if you have a fanbase following you, please at least take the time to communicate with your fans. It’s only respectable.

  • Surrah

    Oh and one more thing XD if they can’t keep up with the comic how the hell are they going to make it a print? And if I were doing a comic, (which hopefully one day I will, and surely keep on updating, and do it when I’m on vacation, but I just need like a tablet and stuff) I would do it for my pleasure, my pass time. Not for money. But that’s not important either…

    • Surrah

      Shit I didn’t write it on Arcaine’s reply lol

    • Well, they are doing it as a hobby (I really hope I am using the correct term here…..)
      I think the money thing is like, just a bonus for them. CD Projekt Red gives them a nice salary.

    • I think part of the reason they wouldn’t work on it in their off time would be them being burned out by their job since their job is making art for CD Projek Red. I enjoy computer programming as a hobby and am working on my b.s. computer science, but if I were to have a job where I program all day, that would be the last thing I would want to do.

  • Well down there makes me sigh.
    Anyway, I won’t get into that.
    Let’s just be careful, shall we?

    • Bwahahaaa You made my day skyrocket! XD

    • My favorite is that last one.

    • Hysteria

      The last one.
      Why. Just… *throws up hands in surrender*

    • L3Wilde


      The sign’s edges aren’t even that sharp…

      • *touches the sign edge*

        *gets sliced in half*

  • Soel

    Can someone tell me what those floating orbs are whenever Skoll or Hati are around?

    • Those are spells!
      Magic orb blueberry/cherry things that many times lack a will, or w command to do something. When they are given something to do, they go fly off to do it. Such as Iki yelling stop at the bird and accidently killing it, or when Sköll attempted to blast Hati, and instead hit Munin.
      Hati explains in a page during the Dark Side of the Moon chapter. I gotta go look for that.

      • Soel

        Thank you so much! I read this comic a long time ago (besides the new updates) so I guess I forgot or something, haha. Tell me if you find the page, please, but I can probably find it on my own. Thanks again c:

      • Shop Dog

        speaking of spells. if this is a place of magic there should be some around the temple shouldn’t there.

        • Hmm, you make a point. Either it’s hiding in the basement, or everyone just chills around the spells.
          “Oh, just another day of those wierd floaty things around”

          Although it’d be very strange and noticeable. I doubt anyone would ever just ignore it. XD

          • Shop Dog

            well there was that dot on the last page

          • I have trouble finding it. ^^’

          • Shop Dog

            11/16th’s down and 1′ 6/16th’s from the left.

  • taquito

    this project is beginning to feel a lot like aro’kai too
    in the vaguest of ways

    damn :v(

    • MoonSlayer

      Arokai and Off-White are still being worked on.

    • What’s Aro’kai?

      • MoonSlayer

        A game that’s been in the works since a year ago if I remember correctly. As far as I know, you can play as different species and explore land while interacting with fellow players and NPCs. Not too much is known about the game (Details), but many people are waiting for it. They’re on Hiatus right now, you can see their progress here http://arokai-game.deviantart.com/

        • Checkers

          It’s been in production since 2009, not last year.

          It’s mostly made by hobbyists and they’re doing it mostly for fun slash side project thing. They’re nowhere near the professional level (a good portion of the team is in college if I remember correctly).

          Most of the team is skilled artistically, I.E. concepting and markings and textures, and not exactly all that excellent in modeling beyond the lead of the team. It’s why the retirement of their main animator/also-a-modeler back in Feb is something I find incredibly sad, because almost all of the burden is being put back onto one person.

          • MoonSlayer

            Ahh sorry for that misinformation! I hadn’t realized it was being worked for since that long.

  • Warthog

    Surely, that guys must have a strong British accent and he drives a Jaguar

    • WARxWOLF86

      If so you may want to be carefully I’ve heard they have been known to punch people

      • Artista

        The English have sadly been castratws, along with America. Oh, and I read today that Her Majesty is being forced out of her home because Buckingham Palace is on the verge of collapse. Her advisors hid it from her. She’s also clamped out on the family, bypassing Camilla and Patrick (?) as successor and handing the throne to Pricnce Wlliam and Princess Diana.

        • WARxWOLF86

          Hmmmm it appears your trying to speak English but I’m not all that sure about what how ever if it had something to do with Jeremy clarkson and top gear then at least someone got that reference

          • Warthog

            WOW, you watched that episode?

          • WARxWOLF86

            I haven’t seen that one yet but I’ve read a fair bit about the whole thing

          • Shop Dog

            It started with a temper, there was a plate of eggs, then it was all down hill from there.

          • WARxWOLF86

            It was a real big hill

          • Artista

            Yeah, I thought I corrected those mistakes. How humiliating… It was just a thought with no relevance to the main topic.

          • WARxWOLF86

            Huh mistakes??????? I was talking about u talking about politics and all that boring crap

          • Artista


  • Allech

    omf omf omf
    Bringing back Dragons? omf omf omf.

  • Randomness

    I bet she’s the white spirit. She must’ve never died. Maybe. The bubble was blue.

    • Tsukiyami Foxclaw

      And Red…

    • sekkechi

      and that’s a dude ^^; not a girl…

      • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

        It’s a girl, look at the lips/hair

        • Feminine man? He also likes makeup? Maybe….it’s a thing there?

          • sekkechi

            i’ve seen enough feminine looking men to not be surprised. i didn’t see any makeup on the person though. the face structure looks manish to me *shrugs*

        • sekkechi

          long hair isn’t strictly for girls. i’m looking at the chest and i see no boobs on that ‘girl’. might still be a girl but i’m not buying it

          • Flatchested girl? 😀
            *gets face smashed in*

          • sekkechi

            lol xD well i suppose it’s possible to still have that flat of a chest as an adult, but it usually depends on the build. but i don’t think it’s likely to be that flat unless they’re wearing a binder

          • *points to Flora and Natani* xD

          • sekkechi

            natani realistically would have broken her ribs and probably her spine for binding herself/himself like that, it isn’t safe by any means. as for flora… well they’re also keidran not humans ^^; but i did say it is still possible, just isn’t too common from my knowledge

        • lupus

          are you guys even reading? in the first panel it says his

    • Shop Dog

      psst. person, theres an edit tab below you’re comments, you might find it helpful.

      • Checkers

        guests can’t edit comments

        • Shop Dog

          oh ya a forgot they allowed guests back in.

  • Randomness

    He I meant he.

    • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

      I’m pretty sure it’s a girl

      • L3Wilde

        But doesn’t the guard refer to Fab as He? (“During his prayer”)

        • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

          My suspicions are correct, it’s a man trapped in a womans body!

          • L3Wilde

            Well that explains everything!

          • Ponygirl74

            Fab is transgender! That explains it!

  • Hysteria

    Oh goodness. I think the dragons are talking to Skoll trough Mr. Kitty Slayer here.
    Completely off topic, but this page gives me a strong Millennium feel.

  • Revelation

    Oh, I think I understand! Looking back at this page: http://off-white.eu/comic/page-202/ The dragons are combined on that page already, and the red one eats Askr, possibly giving the dragons the ability to change into a human form!

    • I’m really curious…
      Why do dragons really need to eat souls? Aside from the obvious answer to why they can and want to is because 1), black magic, and 2) Sweet vengeance.

      But like, does it do anything is what I want to know. Do they need souls to do something? Maybe bring themselves back to life?? For use in black magic stuff? Maybe they get hungry even when dead?!
      I’m probably overthinking this. XP

      • Anon

        DRAGONBORN 😀

      • TevaFox

        Maybe the dragons truly believed the phrase “you are what you eat”
        Why else would they fly around munching humans all the time?

      • Rookamillion

        Souls are a nutritious part of a daily breakfast. XD

  • Speltkoren

    Leave the comment section for three days and we’re already back to arguing about when the next page is coming out and why it’s taking so long etc etc. Wow that escalated quickly…quicker than before at least.

    • Surrah

      Actually, everyone is pondering about the dragons… I don’t see any comments saying “When’s the next page”… If your talking about the ones with Arcaine below we were talking about the pace of the updates and ending the comic. Not much of when’s the next page.

    • Surrah

      And it’s been a week… I think even longer and no one is being impatient. Well, no one talking in the comments. I am though, I have to admit. But just me as far as I can see. I don’t like to say “When’s the next page”. People are going to be like “be patient” “it takes long to make the pages you know” and shit.

    • Surrah

      Lol actually 2 weeks. It’s been 2 weeks without any updates.

    • I haven’t noticed, actually. :/

  • Deluge

    I don’t think Fab is a Woman, by the looks of her back is like a Man’s back and his hips are thicker than a woman’s hips. Or am i just guessing XD

  • I never thought I’d say this but… I miss Iki.

  • For those people who think it’s a girl, are ya’ll even reading? /)_-

    • “The archbishop wishes not to be disturbed during ‘his’ prayer.”

  • lupus

    Who ever thinks he is a girl you better read it again. The first panel says “The archbishop wishes not to be disturbed during HIS prayer.”

    • This is what I try to tell people.

    • Surrah

      I knew he was a he at the start. People started saying “she” and I was like “Uhhh pretty sure it’s a he…” Lol

    • A lot of people keep switching my genders, even in front of my face! XD

  • lupus

    so tell me dear commenters, how did you discover off white?

    • hedgehog1010

      I don’t remember how, but it was the first webcomic I ever got into. I started reading around 6th grade I think, and now I’m in 11th.

    • Lynnzl

      I technically knew of it for a long time already, since I’ve been on dA a lot and I remember even following Akreon back in these days, though I didn’t read the GN back then because my English was terrible so I didn’t understand it anyways. But in early 2013 (not too long before the prologue got updated, and with Chapter 6’s cover just being released) I finally gave it a read and I liked it okay, but just kind of neglected page updates until we got to the part with Iki finding those special stones with those engravings, after which I started to catch up again and follow it page-to-page.

    • Deluge

      I discover this Off-White cause all i’m watching/reading story about wolves. I go on Google and ask a list of Manga/Comic and a guy recommend this Comic on Yahoo.
      I’m very thankful for that guy on what he share to the others. If he’s here, i don’t know what to say but to thank him.

    • tbh I really don’t remember. I think I clicked an ad.

    • Guest

      Personally, I discovered it through DeviantArt. I was looking at Milk for the Ugly, I liked it, and I saw people commenting about “Off-White”. The comments were generally positive, so I went to check it out. I’m glad I did!

    • Rookamillion

      A youtube video, although I didn’t actually read the comic until a few years later.

    • Silvereye

      I found Off-White through Strays. Can’t remember how I found Strays.

    • Artista

      An OW youtube tribute with Bring Me to Life as the theme.

    • L3Wilde

      Deviantart! 😀

      I was into nothing but wolf comics back in the day, and one of the pages were suggested while I was reading another comic. At first I couldn’t find the other pages so I gave up for about a year until I found out that there was a website. :p

    • lupus

      its so satisfying to see so many off white lovers!

    • Surrah

      I can’t remember… It was a way while ago… Ohhhhh wait yes ok I remember… I was on Instagram and I foun this account that had pictures of off-white and other things. I wasn’t sure what it was, I though it was just art (drawings) of wolves. But then they uploaded a video and I asked what it was. He gave me the link. It was that YouTube animation of Off-White. After watching it like a thousand times I googled it and found the comic. I was reading it and yeah here I am lol

    • Surrah

      By the way, I love how you commented that question. It’s a very good one and I like seeing how people got to know Off-White

    • Deluge

      Tbh i really like the Off-White community, we treat good each other XD

    • WARxWOLF86

      Well I was riding my polor bear to my local Tim Horten’s for a double double and Tim bits when all of a sudden a penguin crossed the road without looking and my bear was just going to fast to stop in time so the penguin well.…HE DEAD so while my polar bear was eating what was left of the penguin I decided to cheak out his phone and as it turns out he was reading off-white so once all was said and done and I got back home to my igloo with my timmys I fired up my current bush and plunged in my laptop and well here we are

    • Shop Dog

      Many years ago. I was watching some wolf’s rain videos and i saw on of arkons art videos. I thought it looked pretty good so i googled her art and that led me here.

      • I watched the speedpaint on DeviantArt so I decided to read the comic.

    • I watched the speedpaint DeviantArt so I decided to check out the comic.

      • Same here, actually!

    • I watched the animation of the first chapter on YouTube and some time later realised it was a comic and started reading it.

    • Nick Lopez

      In 2013 I was on Google and typed in wolf comics. OFF-WHITE came up and it interested me so I tapped it, been hooked ever since.

    • To be honest, I can’t remember! XD
      It might’ve been from searching for wolf comics (because <3 Wolf)
      Or…ah, Idk. The connections revolve from OW, sumikooneesan, and Wolf's Rain. The orders somewhere.

      • Deluge

        Ahh same here sugoi, feel like i found a soulmate

    • Michelle Caswell

      A friend found it in design class (she sat beside me) and instead of doing work, went through the pages. She told me I should read it when I got the chance so I went home and started reading through it. I think she eventually stopped reading the updates but I never did. I was always checking for the new page but lately it’s been slow with updating… but that’s okay! I know the artists are busy working on art for the game they’re hired to work on, and it’s not like they get paid (expect donations) for posting comic pages. I’m glad my friend showed me this comic, back then there was only a few chapters out, nothing compared to the amount of pages it has out now.

      By the way, is anybody is looking for another wolf/human story, you can try “Strays”, I recently caught up to the current page and they update once a week. It’s a really good story. Just like OW…


  • CrazyWolfFreak

    I think it’s not up on dA?? I checked by chance here because I was confused it didn’t show up!

  • Phil

    I found you thru an older comic call Shifters; still a favorite if LONG overdue for updates. Your art caught my eye and I took a stroll thru the archive. Wonderful if dense art and quite mature story. Thanks for sharing with us.

    So I made friends with another one of the neighbour’s dog, which I called Wolfy.

    Info about Wolfy
    -Does not respond to clicks, chirps, claps or any calls that I know of.
    -Does not respond to any given name.
    -Is a huge ass fluffy white dog of an unknown breed.
    -Does whatever the hell he wants including going in and out of my house whenever he wants.
    -Has no actual weakness, just slight fear of my dog.
    -Not aggressive.
    -Always has the happy doggy face.

    How do I make Wolfy not stay in my house @_@ my mom would get mad if she sees him, but he’s so adorable oh my gah

    So I realized I just found a moon moon.

    • Gebo

      he walks throught doors? well then I guess you have a problem.

    • Tell the neighbor that owns the dog?

      If their dog is getting out, then it is their responsibility to make sure their dog stays in their yard.

      • The dog is intended to be loose. They have a gap in the gate for him to get in and out.

        • Shop Dog

          Well thats irresponsible. once dogs grow older there isn’t very much you can do to train them. there behavior around the moment they reach maturity is normally how tha’ll act the rest of there lives.

          • Also, if it were my yard and the dog became an annoyance, I would have the police pay my neighbor a visit to tell them to keep their dog out of my yard.

        • Artista

          Then you say, “I’ll grab my gun if it ever comes in my yard again.”

          • Rookamillion

            Lol. You gotta be careful though. People take that shit serious. One of my Stepfathers co workers beat his neighbor to death with a 2×4 for threatening his dog. O.o

          • Artista

            (: O

          • Sigrdrifa ‘Seven’ Valdsteinn

            That’s someone who loves their dog
            Respect to him

          • Dear Fenrir
            I wouldn’t beat someone to death for a deaththreat… 😮
            That’s like
            (Can’t say I won’t bite viciously for the threat.)

        • Checkers

          Call the police.

          Dogs are not animals intended to roam loose and it’s a matter of time before the lot of them will get hurt. They don’t have that homing beacon kind of thing like cats do so it is only a matter of time before they roam too far and get permanently lost and that will leave them open to get hit by cars, shot by people, and a load of other hazards.

          I can go on forever about how stupid those people are being by having their dogs loose but I’ve seen it so many times and have seen so many dogs die that I can’t fine the energy to properly rant about it.

    • Checkers

      What is he doing, invading your yard and following into your own home?

      Cute as the dog may be, they aren’t supposed to do that. You can always talk to your neighbors and try to get to know them, maybe even ask how often they walk him and offer to do it if they ever get busy or can’t do it themselves.

      I did that with a GSD that was in my neighborhood a few years ago and wound up dogsitting while they went on long trips and accompanying them on walks or even being the one to do the walking on occasion, and playing with the dog when they were too busy.

      They eventually had to give her up because they were so busy and had to care for a newborn child, but by the time that had even happened, their dog had basically become mine in every way save for the paperwork and not living in the same house.

      • Tbh I think the neighbors don’t really care what trouble their dogs get into. They rarely walk or play with them. They’re not very social too.

        They let 4 of their dogs loose (including Wolfy), one was a puppy I met a long time ago and trained her to behave. I think it’s a lot harder to do the same to Wolfy.

    • WARxWOLF86

      All I do is say “OUT” and my dog goes outside try saying “if you don’t go out I’ll kick your ass” might work but my dog has been well trained so it may not work at all for you

    • Deluge

      Does Wolfy waggle his tail whenever he sees you?

      • Can’t really tell if it’s a wag :/

        • Deluge

          Hmm that’s a hard problem bro

    • Sounds like me. o3o

    • Shop Dog

      I don’t know how to help with this .I crate trained my dogs from a very young age. i taught them that when i tell them “bad” they will go to there crate and stay there until i give them permission to come out. but that kind of ‘go to this place when i say so’ takes years for dogs to learn.

      you could try training by spray bottle and reword. i think that might be the best way to try and teach it now thats an adult.

    • Rookamillion

      My neighbors dogs used to do that. I would just be chillin’ feel like I’m being watched all of a sudden, turn around and see a corgi staring at me through my back door. XD I don’t even know how she made it over the fence. XD

      • Shop Dog

        Corgi’s have portal guns built into there heads.

    • Fauna

      White fur color is often linked to deafness in many animals, there is a genetic link between the two. Does visual cues get his attention better?

      Use your body language to get him to move out. Ceasar does this constantly if you want to see it done. Just stand and puff your chest, slowly and calmly ‘herding’ Wolfy out the door and standing there for a while to mark it as your property where he is not allowed. His space, your space. Dogs aren’t stupid or respectless, it’s just a matter of making sure he understands what you want to say.

  • Nick Lopez

    Here’s a question. When Volume 2 is started, how are they gonna rearrange the Archive section. Volume 1 has 6 chapters plus the prologue. And if Volume 2 is gonna be as big, if not smaller or if not bigger, then Volume 1 then how will they manage the space ???

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      They have ways. They always have ways~

      • Nick Lopez


    • vol 1
      list of pages
      vol 2
      list of pages

      • Nick Lopez

        That’d work.

  • 13 days since I last said this:

    So it’s been less than a week, only a day since I said this….

    So in the 5 days this page has been up, we’ve made over 450 comments, in comparison to the 21 days for nearly 550 comments for the last page.
    Quite the difference, is it not? 😀 We sure work fast!
    (Expecting to see 600+ comments by next page)

    We’ve already jumped the 600 comments Mark.
    We’re gonna have more than a thousand by the month’s end!

    It’s only halfway into July, and over a thousand comments… o.o

    • You act like its uncommon

      • It’s been a while. >u>
        Have we gone to 3000 before?

        • Checkers

          It’s gone above it but we have to remember that it took four months to do it.

          • Well, considering that right now it took half a month to get to this thousand, it’d take two months or so in this time to get over 3000…
            Are we evolving as commenters/OWers? (Faster commenting? Or more commenting is done)

  • Artista

    I ship Askr x Sköll.

    • I ship Embla x Snow Leopard. (Or Embla x Kitty)

    • Rookamillion

      I ship Rook x tons of money. XD

    • L3Wilde

      I ship stuff to people

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      I ship that dagger thingy and Seven’s knife. :3

      • Artista

        Wait! What about Alber’s nerf gun? And the BEANIE?

        • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul


        • no!! the beanie belongs to reighos ear!!

          • Artista

            Nein! JERA’S ear. Raigho is already shipped to Iki’s buttocks, or is that Fehu? Gotta go back to that page. I ship Kaya with Iki’s killer balls of swirls.

          • spirit

            Lol when I first read your responce I thought it said “I shop kaya and Iki’s killer balls”
            -_-. XD oops

          • Artista

            This made my day!

      • *prepares to marry them*

  • Wolfpelt24

    How… How can they just kill that poor cat? DD:

    • Evil

      Ikr ;w;

    • Avaryn

      How? Well… By the looks of it, the feminine man there took this fancy-looking knife and sliced the cat’s belly open while it was possibly still alive.

      Haha I’m so cruel!

      • Hmm, but it needs technique! What if the blood spills unevenly? D:

        • Artista

          Even blood spills are essential to ahealthy murder.

          • Ah well, ones’ sacrifice to another’s health!
            (The carpenter men and whatnot v. KittySlayer)

    • Reality Check

      Late comment is late, but… *shrugs* Do you eat meat? It’s not pretty to look at, but if you do, then animals are killed and gutted every day for food. What makes a cat different?

      • Chathu

        Welcome to the cruel world we live in! Not so pleasant is it?

  • Shop Dog

    i wonder if those pointy cuff guards of his could be used as a stabby stabby.

    • Reivonn

      For some reason your comment made me die laughing, so yeah, I’m dead.

      Why would you wonder that…mwahha

  • Gabrielle

    Isn’t that Embla? Isn’t Embla a woman not a man?

    • We believe he is both of the dragon spirits. If he were Embla, then his speech bubble would be entirely red, and we know Askr is dead. And from what we know of Sköll’s relationship with the dragons, he is them is the conclusion we’ve came to.

  • (The cops in my country don’t work like that lol)

  • sowusgoin

    Has anyone else noticed the dragons in the blood bowl?

    • Wolf

      i did

  • Tenka yoru

    poor kitty 🙁

  • Phoenixherz

    Poor Cat T_T

  • spirit

    notice how he said (in the bottom panel) “what are you up to this time OUR friend?” … notice the “OUR” …. so s/hes obviously more then one soul.

  • Sarah

    Arrgh. What an awful person. Or not. He might not be all human.

    • Shop Dog

      hes a spirit you can tell by the way wis speech is res and blue.

  • just woah

    that blood looks like actual liquid like woah lets just appreciate the fREAKING TALENT HERE FOR A SECOND LIKE 10/10

  • Fatima ZA

    I hate te human of this comic xD