• ナナ/ Nana

    Oh… I miss seeing our wolves. But this guy is creepily interesting!

  • Nia

    omg wow

  • laila millers

    wha…Adam and Eve… he looks like Adam, he has both red and blue eyes. He is hiding all this….. What is going on? Next page please

    • tytoquetra

      It’s Embla and Askr. Remember this is Norse Mythology

      • Trux

        He has reptilian or cat slit eyes, plus the bowl of blood in the last page contains two dragons… 😉

        • tytoquetra

          How is this relevant to what I said?

          • basically its the dragon, not embla and askr.

          • Trux

            Well I’m sorry I said anything. I think he is the dragons, and I thought you thought he was the humans.

      • laila millers

        yes yes, of course

        • Artista

          I was thinking the same thing, but tben I was like, “Oh wait….”

  • Alexandra Longden

    ohhhh I can’t wait till we fin out more about this guy his reptilian blue and red eye was intriguing and makes my head scream for questions to be answered 0.=.o!?

  • Artista

    Shit just got real.

  • RainingMountains

    Uhh, is he the white spirit? The white spirit is male?!
    I mean, makes sense in a way. The whole Adam and Eve thing. But I always thought the white spirit was female…this is becoming interesting 🙂

    • Nick Lopez

      No. White Spirit is female.

      • RainingMountains

        The painting on the wall depicts Askr as a male, so I can assume they are male ^^

        • Trux

          The first white spirit might have been male bodily, I am not sure they identify as a gender while spirits 🙂

        • Nick Lopez

          My apologies. You are correct. It’s the other human spirit that’s female.

    • Yin (the white part of the of the Yin and Yang symbol) represents the masculine, whilst the Yang (black) is the feminine. The development of the spirits is based on a similiar manner, even though the physical sex of the spirits’ hosts (whether human or animal) may be the opposite sex of the element of the spirit.

      For example, Cancer is a water elemented zodiac, and in polytheist belief, water and earth are considered feminine elements, whilst fire and air are masculine elements; similiar to how the upward triangle – “fire” is also the sign for man, whilst the reversed triangle is “water” and the sign for woman in Sumerian, Native American and Pagan beliefs.

      • Chaluny

        Yin is the female / black part
        and Yang is male / white ;>

    • flyteck

      I’m pretty sure they can be incarnated in different sexes.

    • Last I saw an image of the white spirit…
      Askr was female. 😮

      Of course, they can genderbend upon reincarnation. (Word of Tankressi)

      • Artista

        I wonder how awkward that is.

  • Nick Lopez

    Holy god. Remember in the beginning that the spirits were one but then they split. He is both dragon spirits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OO. OO. OO. OO. OO.

  • tytoquetra

    This blonde dude looks very similar to the blue spirit fellow in the painting….

  • It is indeed going to be interesting, Fab.

  • Checkers

    He did all that with his bare hands?!?!

    That is absolutely unsanitary, my good sir.

  • HutchTheLupe

    i just wondering, how much white gloves he must have, that a really waste of gloves

    • Somes

      Maybe he uses doctor’s gloves and buys in bulk to save money.

  • KC


  • GaaraXBlue .

    oh mai..how can he be…black/white spirit cross o.O

  • Barbara VenQuill

    Okay, what I love about this comic is how it keeps making me go: “WHAT THE FUUUU-?!”

  • S-uh-nAP

  • Hannah Simon

    GUYS! What if he’s Seven’s dad?!

  • Dragonheart

    How do you decide what the runes on the spells translate to? Is it just a random word generator, or do you guys actually write out a few sentences to translate to runes? Because one of the only visible words is “snake”, which picques my curiosity.

  • Ferocity

    That person is gonna be one of those evil jerks you want to hate but can’t because.. just too sexy…

  • Drezzeblade

    eeeeeekkk!!! yet cool ok we know its a pare of to sprites bye the look of the eyes in the fist square it has to be the dragons undercover in the form of a human they must wont revenge ?
    and that panting was soo not there!? was it?

  • Emareee

    My gosh. I love this guy already. //Wheezes

    • iemācies latviski

      love? That f**k*r??? Cat killer…

      • LukaTisus

        Nothing enrages the internet than a cartoon feline being eviscerated.

        Cool your jets there, bro. It’s a goddamn webcomic.

        • Your icon is adorable! Is that a jumping spider?!

      • You gonna hate on humans for squashing a fly?
        f*ck**g fly killers


    • Archbishop Fabulous Tyre is now my new favorite villain!

      …too soon? Or not soon enough?

  • L3Wilde

    Guess you could say this guy’s really got his eye on the prize

  • Vienix

    Finally getting to the humans side of the story. I’m proven correct that he uses the cat sacrifice to conceal his identity. Hopefully we get to see how did they (dragons) end up in such a higher-up position sometime later. And where is Embla in all of this

    And since there is no word on it yet, i’m assuming this is not yet the last page of vol 1????

    • Or well, the dragons’ side of the story! *nudges towards Fab*

    • Artista

      The human side is what keeps me interested.

  • Avis

    Okay so he’s the dragons, BUT THEN WHY/HOW IS HE HUMAN?!

    • Surrah

      Ikr? Well maybe, it’s because the dragons ate the human and somehow had the ability to turn into one? My guess :/

      • Avis

        I’m kind of wondering if maybe it’s three spirits in one? The white human spirit is in there somewhere they just took over the vessel. Which is why there isn’t a reformed white spirit. Although I don’t know how much sense that would make. Either way frickin plot twist. I thought Embala was the one trying to hunt down Skoal not whoever this is.

  • The-Blue-Goldfish

    It’s maybe an impossible theory but… What if, by killing Askr, the two dragons spirits put themselves in his body [I mean, his Human form], in order to go in the Humans’ world and have their revenge ? That could explain what this man who looks terribly like the Askr representation on the wall, speaks in blue and red, aaaand has blue and red eyes with reptiles’ pupils.
    [Sorry if my sentences are not correct, i’m French]

  • Artista

    I gotta say, they made a mistake using black outlibe for the human spirits painting. Ruins the intense value work on the forms imo.

  • I want a brown and a blue eye…

    • Checkers

      Colored contact lenses? :3c

  • Surrah

    Finally I though the pages were weekly pff no it’s been 2 weeks but whatever. A lot of people are really interested in seeing the humans. I prefer the wolves. I love the beginning, and when the wolves got to a pack and sadly the pack died, but I hated when Iki remembered his true self and turned into a jerk and I also hate the part with the human shit involved (this part). I have a few questions… (It won’t be about the process of the pages and volumes) I forgot her name, that wolf that Iki fell in love with, what’s she gonna do? Like she’s alone in the forest… ._. Was she just a useless character to add in the comic? And what the hell is going on? Okay, I have an idea, they are the dragons /humans and they want the wolf spirit to bring back shit but like, what is Skoll and Hati and the other wolves gonna do against humans and a human/dragon spirit??!! Fight??? And what if the wolves win? Is it just like, the humans are going to be gone and the world will be at peace with just animals living there? Will Skoll chase the sun again and remain a douche? What will the pack do? Will it just be like, a weird happily ever after? (I may have been confused around the spirit laws and stuff, so maybe I made a few errors. Don’t take things seriously)

    • Nick Lopez

      Her name is Kaya and I’m hoping she no joins up with the others.

      • Surrah

        I always forget her name, thx and I am hoping as well but I’m not sure if the relationship between Kaya and Iki/Skoll will ever be the same…

    • Josee Poulin

      You’re literally asking to know the entirety of the story & complaining about not knowing stuff ahead of time. dude just chill, keep reading and you’ll get your answers, alright?

      • Surrah

        I know but, it’s gonna be a real long time with this pace.

        • Checkers

          Tough it out and find a way to pass the time like everyone else following this comic does. Put this on RSS feed so you don’t manually check every time. Start a personal project that will keep you busy for a while and check in here when you reach a milestone in it/complete it.

          There are tons of ways to make time fly faster than it already does. Sitting on one’s butt and worrying about the pace of the comic is not one of them.

          • Surrah

            Uh okay I know how to pass time and I don’t sit on my but and worry about the pace of the comic. I have a life you know. And I don’t want to be like everyone else, sharing dumb videos and shit like, this is a comment section of a comic. It’s not Twitter. This comic takes way to long with updates, even if time is passing by.

          • If you think this is way too long , you should see the time length for comics I’ve seen that are not said to be put on hold.
            Two+ years it was for one.

  • HellhoundMutt

    Oh, boy… This looks very freaking interesting… XD I love the blue left eye and the red right eye, contrasting the normal iris colors. I guess the dragon is inside him, or took a human form of some sort… I really like those two statues. They kinda remind me of Adam and Eve for some reason. And I just love the way you three work together on this story, its wonderful characters, and its amazing art. I’ll never get over how gorgeous and amazing the artwork is… Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • I’m curious to know how they got glowy paint in that painting.

  • sekkechi

    ha, i knew it was a boy ^^ i knew it. and people were doubting my ability to stop a girly-looking guy 🙂 woot. though it seems they are not the dragon spirits, but rather the human spirits merged together somehow by pulling askr from inside the dragons. no idea how that works but… meh

  • It’s as he says…This is really getting interesting. It’s like he comic is now taking a full new direction. 🙂

  • lupus

    well titties.

  • Wait… last page? :0 Do we have to wait longer for a new volume?

    • Surrah

      Oh shit I hope not or I’m just gonna be like “SCREW THIS COMIC” and read my other two favorites

      • 2lazy2login

        I really do not see the problem with there being a waiting period between the volumes at all, seeing as…well, they kind of need to update a fair score of the older pages since the art on them is outdated to all hell.

        Even if they were to take a break, it’s no different than waiting for the new seasons of shows on TV, so I really do not see the problem here.

  • Carola Yanay

    This comic is amazing

  • I miss the update titles. :c
    I hereby name this page, “Pretty Eyes”.

    • lupus

      i never noticed they stopped naming them. that sucks. they always gave each page a cool name.

    • Checkers

      They usually quote a part from the page dialogue or something within the page itself with the titles.

      “Done Anyway” seems fitting.

      • Gebo

        or ” Bears good news/bearer of good news”

  • Reivonn

    Gaah it is so f—ing awesome! my avatar expresses my feelings for this comic!!!
    That guy’s eyes are so fabulous that I want to eat them, kidding…just kidding…
    Oh and look, there’s nudity. Haha

  • Shop Dog


  • rhez

    Those eyes were definitely draconian. Also woot, more heterochromia! 😀

  • Shop Dog

    the spell is almost presented as the forbidden fruit. not that i’m a religious guy that knows anything about that. But it looks as though he is offering the spell to her in a similar manner and she appears, reluctant.

    • “Let’s make some magic!”

      • Shop Dog

        Slaps! A second time!

  • Spiritstrike

    Wait, you do not suppose that the paintings of Adam and Eve are… the dragons? There’s something suspicious about it. I mean, why is Adam holding the apple and not Eve like it says in the bible?

    • Fauna

      Those are paintings of Askr and Embla, not Adam and Eve 😉 It seems like the Off-White religion is something like a mix between old Norse and Chritianity as far as aesthetics goes. There was a page way back where a priest stood before a painting of Thor, wearing an outfit that resembled that of the Catholic Church.

      • Shichibi

        In Norse mythology, Ask and Embla (from Old Norse Askr ok Embla)—male and female respectively—were the first two humans, created by the Gods. The pair are attested in both the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.
        In both sources, three gods, one of whom is Odin,
        find Ask and Embla and bestow upon them various corporeal and spiritual
        A number of theories have been proposed to explain the two
        figures, and there are occasional references to them in popular culture.

    • Checkers

      The second I read holding the apple my mind went straight to Assassin’s Creed and my insides screamed TEMPLAR.

      I am completely and utterly ruined.

    • Maybe because they aren’t Adam and Eve? 😮
      Although I do understand people may associate a ‘first man/woman’, plus maybe being covered, and holding something (yay blueberries) with Christianity. I don’t know if Ask and Embla from Norse mythology are inspired by the Christian thing, but lots of societies I believe had a first man, and first woman. (Europeans tend to do with trees, Near East with clay/earth)

      So, it’s not neccesarily they from the Bible. Being the OW universe (and having
      basis in Norse mythology), it’s Embla and Askr (plus, they can have different genders upon reincarnation, also it’d be strange only having the first two humans to be one gender), and….I don’t know about the blueberry orb. They like their spells, I guess.
      Of course, who’s to say it isn’t a mix of multiple things from our univers??

      • LuckyStarhun

        What I heard is that North mythology and Christianity got mixed up when the first Christians reached the Nordic people to convert them to the new faith. In fact, they linked the end of the North mythology – Ragnarok – to the beginning of the Bible. (That’s why Adam and Eve get into the story, I guess.) This way the nordic people accepted Christianity more easily. This is something like cheating (altering the original story and beliefs), but this method may have worked also when converting people on other parts of the world (like Africa) to Christianity.

    • kizyoi

      That’s not an apple. I think that may be a spell of some sort ’cause apples aren’t blue. The dragons are the guardians of black magic so that’s most likely a spell.

  • Zero

    Theory: The dragons’ brother species are phoenixes. He’s actually possessed by the phoenixes, who are communicating with the dead dragons. Because the brother species dies off if their counterpart becomes extinct, phoenixes could share the same hatred and be willing to destroy everyone else.

    Bonus theory: Cue this guy (‘representing’ humans) ‘trying to save them’ by ‘transferring’ white spirit souls, when in reality it destroys them (like ladybugs, etc. the rest they used), thus ending the world sooner.

    Idk, just throwing those out there. Haven’t seen much talk about the dragon brother species, and you’d think they’d be just as angry about going extinct thanks to humans.

    BTW: LOVE his eyes <3 You guys are such good artists.

    • Shichibi

      I always speculated the brother species must be guarding the white magic and thusly unicorns came to mind.
      Phoenixes sounds more like Guaridans of life and death.

      • Zero

        Totally agree about phoenixes guarding life and death, but doesn’t the white dragon guard white magic? I thought the dragons being killed were why all magic is going away. I know they specifically mentioned black magic before in the comic, figured that meant the black dragon’s ability to use necromancy or something to sort of bring them both back.

        Also white/black magic dragons kinda seems like it’d go with humans being good/evil guardians.

        • Shichibi

          No, I don’t think so @ white magic, as you can see here, Hati is referring to both of the dragons as the GuadianS of black magic.


          It could be:

          1. that they never split and that is why they were the guardians of black magic and noth both magics

          2. that the humans destroyed the Guadians of white magic already and all that was left was black magic

          3. or, since he says the only source of magic in this realm, that a white part of the magic never existed and the only one being there was black magic and thusly they never needed to split anyway.

      • If the Phoenixes die, what would happen?
        No one dies?! D8

  • Lynnzl

    Stuff I noticed here:
    -his (presuming that it is a he) pupil shape changes once he goes back to “normal” mode (again hinting at dragon spirits)
    -No glowy markings around his eyes like you’d expect
    -eyebrows are a really different color from his hair. This is unusual unless he dyes either one.
    -I thought Askr was a she not a he?
    -Heterochromia iridium is officially a thing in the Off-White universe
    -continuing on the previous point, until now it seemed to be impossible for creatures (or at least humans, by the looks of it) other than the white spirit to have blue eyes (even in “normal” mode). Fabeldyre seems to have one blue eye, therefore breaking this trend (unless he is part white spirit, which isn’t impossible)
    -I thought that this comic was mostly based off of Norse mythlogy, but we also have some Christian influences by the looks of it.

    • “-I thought Askr was a she not a he?”

      they can gender swap with each incarnation. so he can also be a she at some point.

    • Shichibi

      – I don’t think it is “normal mode”, I think they are using black magic (since it is their thing) to hide their true identity as well as their soul colors.

      – I assume that they have no glow marks, because it is not their natural body, i.e. swallowing Askr allowed them to overtake his or being reborn as a human.

      – I see a lot of people with lighter hair than their eyebrows. For example I was born natural blonde, though it darkened when I hit teen years, and had dark eyebrows as well XD.

      – Askr and Embla can bei either gender, it’s the soul that counts, not the body :3.

      – Only wolves don’t have blue eyes naturally, if I recall right.
      I.e. the artists are probably following nature and it is not uncommon for humans to have blue eyes, I think the hunters are having blue eyes as well:

      Also Albert was talking about odd eyes in animals here: http://off-white.eu/ow_v2/img/comic-pages/120.jpg

      – In Norse mythology, Ask and Embla (from Old Norse Askr ok Embla)—male and female respectively—were the first two humans, created by the Gods.
      This also means, it is not really Christianity, but still follows the Norse myth.

      Hope I could clear some stuff up for you :3.

      • Lynnzl

        I meant the way the stained glass windows were constructed, that resembled stained glass windows often seen in churches, not the myth. I’m a Christian myself and I know my Norse mythology xD

      • The only creatures that have blue eyes are the spirits. Akreon answered this in a comment a couple of years back. The guy we see here has heterochromia, which does actually exist. I doubt he is the manifestation of the dragon spirits, but summoning and possession? Thaaaaat’s what I think is going on here.

        Also it’s never been proven that the spirits can be born into different sexes, so I dunno about saying it like it’s fact- I mean… it’s headcanon at this point. There hasn’t been any sort of confirmation as to Askr’s biology aside from some concept art from 2010, and there’s definitely been a few redesigns and all that jazz since then 8U

        • Shichibi

          There has been a confirmation.
          The art you are talking about was commented on by one of the creators, saying that the body’s gender does NOT matter and can change ;).
          I’ve been here since apparently 3 years and read a lot of stuff that is sadly now gone with the old comment system.
          Though, if anyone want a true confirmation, they can poke Akreon via DA, I guess (or Vesner or Jessi).
          Like I did, when I asked about Munin’s gender, in his previous body.

          Yes, heterochromia does exist, but that only means the eyes have a different color, not that they need to have blue+brown :P.
          I.e. I think it is possible for humans in that realm to have blue eyes, like normal in nature, just not animals, as explained by Albert.

      • LuckyStarhun

        Well, I assume wolves do have blue eyes naturally as dogs are derived from them and they have blue eyes. 🙂 (Where did the blue eye gene possibly came from?) And it’s not overbreeding since huskies (who are quite wolf-like) naturally have blue eye color. It’s only rare among wolves because the blue eye gene is not dominant (both parents have to have this gene for the mere chance to have an offspring with blue eyes. I hope I was not too scientific 😀

        • Wolves usually only have blue eyes as pups; when they grow up, it changes to the amber/yellow/brown iris, and green, too, so I’ve heard.
          “dogs having such and such qualities means wolves have em naturally” may not be a fair argument, since the dogs were bred for specific qualities: that could possibly be rare or a mutation. (Well, I suppose many things/qualities are mutations) But that’s my op.

          (From what I’m reading, pure wolves do not get blue eyes except in those extreme rare genetic defect cases, or similar due to cataracts (which look pretty shiny blue). If you see a blue-eyed wolf, in a movie, it’s possibly a dog, since as you said, Huskies appear wolf-like, but there are other dog breeds (or dog individuals) that also look wolf-like. And if you have very wolf-like dogs, people would assume it’s a wolf. Even if it has no wolf blood (yes I know they had ancestral ties, but I mean in closer generations) Also, I don’t believe it’s safe to assume the more wolf-looking you are, the closer to a wolf you are, since that could be a bred quality)

          And….there is a little word confusion for me on ‘naturally’. Since genetic mutations occur naturally (or by unnatural means), then technically, it is natural. However, I believe by what your saying is that wolves have blue eyes as naturally as like humans do (nowhere as frequently) as in ‘its not a rare mutation that pops up bizarrely but instead recessive’ (which I’ve read to be opposite). But, anyhow, it is very rare for them.

          I’m no scientist, though, I just did some reading! :s
          (but I do know how recessive genes work. (Yay biology) The thing is ya gotta have them first, or enough of them.(Being no scientist, I don’t even know if they do have the recessive gene for it, of course there is this thing called ‘researching’, so I’ll go do that some more)

          This reply is completely unnecessarily long….gah.

      • LuckyStarhun

        What I wonder is if the authors gave up the idea of blue-eyed dogs as well? It is a secret as Rufus had brown eyes and the comic did not reveal the eye color of the other dogs.

        I also got a bit confused about the time the story is happening, as it says at a page that the sun waned in year 1066, and then some centuries later the white human spirit disappeared. The story quite apparently is not set in the middle ages but then I don’t know. For example in the Lord of the Rings series Tolkien explains the reference point from where the time is counted, I am not sure if the authors of OW have missed to do this? If somebody can explain this to me please do so otherwise I have to troll Akreon’s page on DA 🙂

    • kizyoi

      Any of the spirits can change gender with each rebirth. Askr (or any of the spirits) can be a female during one rebirth and then be reborn again as a male in the next. The white and black spirits basically all depends on the soul not the body.

  • Fauna

    Okay, I managed to translate the runes on the wall with a little help of the brightening function of Photoshop. One word is obscured by the speech bubbles, but it reads:

    “From ??? two dragons dark come forth”. I am wildly guessing that the unknown word here is ‘below’, just because it ends with a W. This guy is indeed summoning the two dragon spirits, no doubts about it.

    • Checkers

      The runes on the wall were already translated by a user on the previous page. It’s from a stanza in Poetic Edda’s Volupsa. The correct line is “From below the dragon, dark comes forth”.

  • sea-eagles

    Not up for recovering my password to log back in at the moment, but yay! Runes time!

    The runes in the second panel are a bit too small and distorted to read quickly, but after talking with Ana for a while (bless them for being able to read the runes bc gods know with my terrible eyes I can’t), we think it might be from this

    Blond was his hair, | and bright his cheeks,
    Grim as a snake’s | were his glowing eyes.

    Seems very fitting for our man here if I do say so myself.

    The lines are from Stanza 34 of Poetic Edda’s Rigsthula (link here)

    • Avaryn

      I read the runes and translate them, you make the research and find the source. What a crazy combo we are!
      Let’s congratulate ourselves.

      • sea-eagles

        [kazoo noises]

  • Gebo

    sup with the pitch black eyebrows and blonde hair?

    • Rin

      A couple of possibilities: simple artistic choice, he dyes it, or it’s natural (different hair colors on one person is uncommon but not impossible). Or it might be similar to his differing eye colors, hinting that maybe he’s carrying both black and white spirits – if that is indeed the case.

      • Checkers

        I have a friend who’s backwards compared to the guy in the panels. Dark hair, but eyebrows are incredibly light.

    • Goldenheart

      I have blonde hair and black eyebrows. It’s not as uncommon as you think 🙂

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Askr is a dude?! :0

    • Marisol Perez Perez

      Askt is dead

    • Marisol Perez Perez

      Askr Is dead

    • Shichibi

      Embla and Askr are supposed to be the first humans in north mythology, like Eve and Adam.
      So, yeah probably was male in the beginning, but the souls can switch their physical gender, because it doesn’t matter.

    • kizyoi

      The gender of any of the spirits can change with each rebirth.

  • DishonouredWolf

    10/10 want more tits

  • suinu

    Haha, the black spirit is a chick and the white spirit is a dude. Funny. I love their humor

  • Bahamut

    Not sure where some got the idea that Askr was a woman; in the previous pages depicting him and Skoll’s fight with the dragons, he seemed pretty manly to me. 😀
    Also, I don’t think that’s an ‘apple’ he’s holding, it looks like one of those spells.
    Still wondering how it works that the dragons are in the same body/same person? I thought they were supposed to have been split?

    • Checkers

      The old website had concept art desplayed that depicted Askr as a woman, that’s likely why.

      • SPIRITS

        Well wait a minute, when a white or black spirit dies, it is reincarnated (unless unable to, when a spirit dies), which would suggest that a spirit could be reincarnated as a different gender. The definition of reincarnation is 1: The rebirth of a soul into a new body, 2: A new version of something from the past. Neither of those specify if the gender remains the same. I’m not sure what Akreon, Vesner and Jessi-Mei are planning for the comic, but I personally think that the spirits don’t have a set “gender” for the actual spirit, but do have a gender for their physical body. Askr could have very well been a woman in a past reincarnation. The fact that the portraits of Embla and Askr are female and male are kind of contradicting my theory, but I think that might be a reference to Christianity and the story of Adam and Eve.

    • This image
      Also, taken from a snippet of Akreon’s description directly underneath,

      And yes, they are both girls during the time our plot takes place – the white and black souls are reborn irrespective of sex

      That is how we have gotten the idea Askr was a woman.

      Mmm, blueberry spells. :9 delish

      We are theorizing on why Askr and the dragons aren’t split, I’m thinking they stole the reincarnation and reborn as ‘humans’, having consumed Askr. That, and dragons are f***ing badass they are the guardians of black magic, so they must’ve had some powers that could do wierd things like…this.

      • Avaryn

        Embla doesn’t exactly look like the black spirit woman you can see on the painting either. Maybe when they reincarnate they can also change gender? It would be weird, but why not.

        • they do gender swap with each reincarnation.

        • Shichibi

          If you mean the painting on the wall, well that one is probably ancient and since they get reborn everytime they die, their appearance will probably switch as well as their gender can.

    • Shichibi

      One of the artists once mentioned that it doesn’t matter what gender they are, since it’s the soul that counts.
      So, basically… I guess Sköll was female at one point as well XD.
      Would also be interesting, if Munn is female in his new body.

      Nobody knows why the dragons haven’t split, but they seemed to be combined in the netherworld.
      Either they fused again when they refused to die or maybe they never split from the beginning, since it seems that both spirits are guarding black magic, according to Hati calling them “Guardians of black magic”.
      My best guess is, that the essence of magic is so strong in that realm, that one side of it needs both souls to guard it.
      There were probably Guardians of white magic at one point, too and maybe those didn’t split either.

  • Deluge

    As the next Update

  • Artista

    Artista is happy because we have arrived at a more interesting plot.

  • Brightheart10


  • DRAGON MAN CALLED IT I CALLED IT mmm dos eyes doe

  • Nick Lopez

    I have a theory. What if there are a few abilities/spells that can only be done when the spirits are combined with their other half, remember that the spirits spilt in the beginning to divide up the work, and what if that golden light happens as a result.

    White Spirit ~ Blue Light.

    Black Spirit ~ Red Light.

    When Both Spirits Of The Same Race Are Together In 1 Body ~ Golden Light.

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      I’m wondering if he willingly became the dragons’ host, or maybe he was killed and resurrected by them inhabiting his body? Who knows…

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        • And Embla will get a lot of screen time. :3

          • Artista

            I’d like to see Hatin/Embla scree time. After all, they aren’t on good terms. Makes me wonder if Embla supported Askr’s and Skoll’s dragon hunt.

        • I’d like it to focus more on human, though, considering the fan base of the comic, not to many people are going to like that. XD

          • Their pain for our enjoyment! 😀

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          • To make anything interesting instantly, add one human.
            (Humans are the jackpot for all kinds of Shiz and weirdness, and….horror.)

            Bonus points for chaos if Humans are Cthulu!

          • Artista

            And what’s a Cthulu?

          • Lovecraftian deity, and part of a Trope. I also I added a link.

      • Likana Stark

        But this was a mere self-defence, since human kind destroyed dragons. Anyway it’s funny, that wise and powerful beings just couldn’t understand each other.

        • Humankind got butthurt over the fact the dragons wanted revenge over their deaths. That, and they fail to remember what they’re the guardians of. XD
          (Those acts of vengeance being eating up nutritious human grey souls, Mmm yum)

          • Lunar

            I think the dragons were eating human souls before the humans started killing them off, since Skoll did say they (him and Askr) weren’t going to let them devour human souls.

          • sea-eagles

            Hati also said “they could eat several thousand a year and it wouldn’t make much of a difference” so it’s obvious that it was something going on for a while.

            The question is why were the dragons eating people? Was it normal survival, or was it something else? That’s what I’d like to know.

          • Shichibi

            They weren’t eating people while they were *alive*, they – the guardians – did so, when they were dead in the netherworld.
            It’s also part of the Norse Mythology, i.e. Nihodgr or which spelling you want to choose, the dragon sits in the netherworld devouring human souls.
            They did so for revange, because they humans drove them into extinction.
            I.e. if they would have kept going, the humans would have died off at one point and Askr wanted to stop them and Sköll went to join in to help.

          • http://off-white.eu/ow_v2/img/comic-pages/207.jpg
            This page (and the one before), contains the info.
            It could be that the dragons were also butthurt that they died at all.

          • Artista

            From Seven’s father’s ballad, it seems the humans got atheistic/agnostic as time wore on, as they advance. Maybe?

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    Skoll: why are you coated in blood? why do i smell cats? i don’t like cats.

    to be continued, maybe.

    • Fab: Oh, by the way, here’s your lunch.

      Sköll: Cats?! I hate their taste! D:

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    • Fab does not neccesarily have to be the one in the picture. There is nothing in the comic that says it must be so.meven if they are technically the same spirit, the bodies are different.
      That is because Askr does not neccesarily have to be male, since they can reincarnate into the opposite gender.
      Read Shichibi’s comments down below.

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      That dragons did split. Remember when Skoll awoke while talking to his brother. A flashback showed a red dragon and a blue dragon. But right now it looks like they rejoined in a human body.

      • they were connected though. there Siamese twins.

        • Nick Lopez

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    • maybe they didint want to. and just did a “screw the world.” kind of thing.

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    It’s a really nice touch.

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    • If so, then Sköll or Hati may have been a father (or even a mother) at one point.
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      (Fleshcreature’s ‘yaoi’ picture would make perfect sense then, lulz)

      • Artista

        That it would. All we know about the beginning is that there were two types of Spirits. They really should say where grey spirits come from. Oh hey-it turns out that Iki is actually Jera’s father!

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            The kid’s sibling’s(+company) bullying and their already present dislike of the restaurant just mixes together into straight up fear from the constant scaring and getting left behind there. It basically turned into the kid’s boogeyman, where normal every day monsters would walk the dark halls or sneak from the closet/bed have their places taken by the mascots that terrify him every waking day.

            If anyone on here were ever at a haunted hayride or on a rollercoaster that you were terrified of riding (and likely never will again) the feeling the kid feels is likely akin to that, just intensified because it’s a nightmare and is attributed to something he’s exposed to/deals with all the time.

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    • I don’t think they’re supposed to be based off them, perhaps its Adam and Eve?

      • Artista

        It’s the Spirits.

      • Well, this scene is set in the Temple of Askr, or so I’m led to believe. If not, then it’s in Fabeldyr’s personal quarters (here’s assuming he’s the high priest of the Temple). I’m not sure why he’d have a picture of Adam and Eve there since they come from a completely different viewpoint from the one this story assumes. They could be allegorical of Adam and Eve, perhaps. Still, I think it is supposed to be the two human spirits.
        Takeru mentioned that Askr has been reborn as a male, though. According to Akreon, anyway.

        • Gwyn

          it’s not Adam and Eve, it’s Askr and Embla. In norse mythology they were the first human beings —white and black spirit, respectively

          • I know, I wasn’t the one who suggested it was Adam and Eve. I imagine the parallels between Adam and Eve/Askr and Embla would be quite interesting to compare, but as far as the story’s concerned, the presence of Adam and Eve would make no sense.

      • Chathu

        This is Askr and Embla, not Adam and Eve..

    • Based on what Akreon’s said, yes, he has been a guy before. Multiple times, I believe.

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        • It’s possible for them to switch genders with each reincarnation.

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      • I would think Askr would identify as whatever gender s/he received upon being reincarnated. As far as the temple is concerned however, it seems Askr is generally depicted as a male. In spirit form though, it would make more sense for them to be genderless. But that’s just my guess.

    • NightFuryScream

      In traditional Norse mythology, Askr and Embla were the first two humans, and Askr was a guy.


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      The spirits of any race have red and blue eyes. The dragons (whom no longer have physical form) managed to possess him. Thus he has one red eye and one blue eye. Once long long long long ago the spirits were one, as see on pages 4 and 5. On page 5 it states that the spirits spilt to divide the work. Now I personally believe that the golden light only happens when the spirits of one race, in this case the dragons, are one. I also believe that there are spells that only can be done when the spirits are one.

    • Gebo

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    Also would explain why he’s doing that ritual thing – kinda.
    Just my thoughts… And also would mean he’d know all the other spirits… In my eyes its appearing that he’d be the main antagonist of this story so far… Either that or he’s suddenly going to really be just a random and really untrustworthy friend To Iki…

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