• oh.. it’s ok then

  • “Damn, that man sure looks womanly!”

    • Pilot

      Dude looks like a chick, I can only imagine what his voice would sound like.. 🙁

      • Artista

        Orochimaru from Naruto.

        • Japanese or English voice?

          • Ponygirl74

            To Me English voice, I never heard his Japanese voice.

          • Artista

            English! XD

          • His voice is unexpectedly high. D:
            (I’m so used to his low voice in Japanese XD)

          • Artista

            In English Orochimaru sounds like a very feminine rapist. I cringe when he says ‘Sasuke’-sounds too….husky, rape-like-I ddon’t know. *shivers* Orochi really needed a girlfriend….or to get laid at least one in his life. Then again, he just create shadow clo- Fuck you, Brain!

          • Oh golly! XD My mental eyes!
            Say, if Naruto can make ‘harem girl’ clones (such a funny, inappropriate, yet effective distraction), then I suppose Oro-chan could… Ew. I wonder what it’s called when you do the do with ‘yourself’.

    • Haha nailed it with this gif Takeru. 😀

    • Dusty

      A+ use of that gif ^-^

    • Ponygirl74

      They might be surprised that in all the blood covered room that he’s all clean and spiffy.

  • yumhappy

    He’s gorgeous! He must be evil!
    Also I like how he just strolls out of a blood-splattered room as if it’s just a normal day

  • For some reason, I got an avatar, Fire Nation vibe. :3

    • Fire

      Long ago, the two elements existed in harmony,
      but everything changed when Archbishop Fabulous attacked.
      Only Sköll, Herder of the Sun, could save the world,
      but when the world needed him most, he vanished.
      Less than a year later, my mate and I discovered the new white wolf spirit, an incredibly stupid wolf whom we named Iki. Although his skills are none, he has been captured by the enemy, left with no option but to defeat the guardians of Black magic. He has everything to learn before he’s even ready to catch lemmings.
      But I believe Iki is more than a Moon Moon. I believe our son can save the world.

      • Nick Lopez

        Laughing my ass off over here.

      • Deluge

        The best part what i read is how they discover Iki xD

      • flyteck

        I read all of that in Katara’s voice in my head and I’m dying over here

      • Artista

        Arigatoo Taki! You need to send this to Flesh Creature so he can animate it.

        • Note sent!

          • Artista


          • I’m also planning to make some money so I can ease poor Fleshcreature. ;A;
            Gotta support fellow artists!

      • Dusty

        Yes 😀

  • Since this is the final page of Volume One, I say we hold a massive celebration down in the comments section for this achievement. Here’s to another volume of Off-White!
    So now, any page updates that we will be getting will be remakes of the old pages, so I guess technically the comic is not on hiatus, as many of us believed, since it’s still going out with pages. :3 (It’s going to be a long while)
    Also, I was hoping to see Embla before the first volume’s end, but I guess that was not to be. We’ll certainly get to see her in the next volume (and maybe more humans)!
    (also, if you could pleaaase keep the old pages (in an alternate site, storage, tab on the main site?), they are a part of OW history, and its cool to see how the comic changed! Otherwise we Offwhiters are going to have to screenshot many pages XD)

    Congratulations, Akreon, Vesner, and Jessi!! Thanks a many for your time and work into this comic!

    • I’ve got all the old pages saved somewhere. I like to look back and see the differences.

  • Vienix

    wow, how long has it been since page 1??? i hope you guys have good plans on making this happen at a steady pace. Otherwise; congratulations. I can already see many things (story-wise) to be completely changed for the better. good luck

  • Nick Lopez

    Congrats on reaching the end of Volume 1. And lol, it’s still 8/1/15 on my end. Also, the Facebook page needs to be updated about page 285. @Akreon, @Vesner, and @Jessi

  • Nick Lopez

    Congrats on reaching the end of Volume 1. And lol, it’s still 8/1/15 on my end. Also, the Facebook page needs to be updated about page 285.

  • Anonymouse


    Congrats on reaching the end of volume one guys!

    • Ponygirl74

      I hear this song and think of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire where they play this song with Robin Williams character.

  • ➳Hurricane✞

    Talk about a dude-woman, ha…

  • Shop Dog


  • Sparkleman55

    Keep the old pages up somewhere!

  • L3Wilde

    Dunno why but I was expecting (and kinda hoping) him to say “After all… I’m fabulous.”

  • Deluge

    Well guys, seems this comic would farther than we expected. I’m so glad that i met an amazing people like you in my life, this is not a goodbye message XD

  • Shop Dog

    i dot get why there freaking out. you’de think this would be a a normal thing he would say.

    • Perhaps his prayers are never answered? XD
      “Oh my lordy, so they DO listen once in awhile!”

  • rhez

    I’m getting a kind of “Loki” vibe from this guy… Villainous yet charming.
    BTW grats on reaching the end of volume 1 and good luck with updating the old pages!

    • Dusty

      He’s like a blonde Loki with longer hair 😀

  • Blue


  • Ann

    I love how huge is the painting in his office.

  • DozerTheDozerian

    This jimmy looks like one hell of a bastard.

    • sea-eagles

      This is the best comment I’ve ever read on here.

  • Soup

    He doesn’t look that feminine to me, don’t know what you guys are on about.

    • Well~, we aren’t entirely the serious sort.
      We could be joking…or are we?

  • Love

    His prayers have been answered! Off White has successfully finished volume 1!

  • Leandro Evequoz


  • Celia Ána Rosendahl

    Whaaaat! congrats guys on finishing Volume 1, it has been a joy and an inpiration to see you post all of this so far. Heres to another year, and another volume!


  • No that’s how a villain makes his debut. Amazing!! I loved the build up heading to this page!

  • FrickleFrackle


  • Emareee


    //clutches chest
    Seriously guys
    favorite character alert

  • lecatbeetle

    *falls off chair* HNNNNG

  • Nabehon

    omg omg this is amazing

  • Brightheart10


  • HellhoundMutt

    Oh my God… It’s the end of Volume 1….? At last, its… over… for now. XD
    That was amazing. I’m really curious as to who this mysterious man is or what his intentions are. There are so many questions and secrets yet to be answered and discovered, and I am just dying to find out more. I love it how you three ended this. You built it up brilliantly in my opinion. Now that is how to end a good volume to a good story. To leave it in a way so that not everything has been answered, where the readers are at the edge of their seats to find out more in the next part.
    I seriously can’t believe you three finally finished Volume 1. I haven’t gotten passed Chapter 2 of Volume/Book 1 in my series yet, but you three have succeeded in finishing Volume 1 of yours. I am so jealous… XD JK
    Anyway, I can’t wait for Volume 2, and I can’t wait for when Volume 1’s been published once the older pages are redone to match the art and coloring style of the newer pages. I can’t freakin’ wait. You three are awesome, and Off-White is one of my biggest inspirations in my art and my series. <3 Good luck with working on Volume 2 and I will be looking forward to it.

    — HellhoundMutt

  • Aex Longden

    I could be wrong but his face makes me think he’s related to the woman with the red goggles 0.o

    • He’s a manlier Seven.

      • Artista


  • melebula

    I’m so excited ahhhhhh 😀 😀

  • Nia

    ahhhhhh nuuuuu i need the next page, cant wait to buy the full thing as a book (heard someone say you guys were going to sell a book)

    • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

      Yeah, after they go back through and re-do the old pages. 🙂

  • Yami007

    end of volume one? so the next updates will be remakes of old pages? wheee! =D

  • zelda74

    Can’t wait to see what will happening next *-* Congratulations for all your work !

  • HutchTheLupe


    i cant wait for the next volume!

  • Acuraaquatosphoenix

    Yup,this guy will make everything so much better XD Also concidering he was painting symbols with cats blood,his clothses are every sparkly and clean…I guess someone did speed-laundry before they came out from the room? XD

    • maybe he had a spare pair of cloths in the room

  • Jaster


    • Dusty

      *imagines him in his underwear*

      • Artista

        0.0 *walks out of room* 🙂

    • *fan girl squeeing everywhere*

  • twistedlunatic

    Wow he’s hot!! @-@ it almost makes up for whatevers hes going to do

  • Kathryn

    Why, he has so girlish constitution appearance!

  • kizyoi

    Yep….that arrogant stance just screams dragon.

  • Artista

    Doesn’t the guard look like Zaheer ftom Legend of Korra? And fuck, now we gotta wait a while for volume 2.

    • Kiaz

      THATS why he looked familiar!

    • L3Wilde

      Holy Chuck Norris, he does look like him…

  • Mistclaw

    Awe I cant wait for the next volume, and I do hope that the whole comic will be published one day, I would totally buy it! ^^ Keep up the good work girls I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

  • D-d-d-d-drop the bass!

    • Gehn oh Gehn, you never fail to amuse us.

    • HellhoundMutt

      This. XD Just…. this. This is brilliant. <3

  • sea-eagles

    I absolutely LOVE how contradictory this guy is.

    Person of high standing for the people, but seems to be an age-old enemy in disguise.

    He’s an archbishop and an obvious member of the church but looks like he could charm and seduce his way through any sort of confrontation whatsoever.

    He appears virtuous despite the fact that he gutted a cat with his own bare hands and then wrote an incantation on the wall with its blood just a short time ago.

    It’s fantastic. He’s like two sides of a single coin. By all outward appearances he looks like a trustworthy individual, but with what we’ve seen it is quite obvious he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I can’t wait to see more of this guy in Volume 2.

    • Join Archbishop Fab’s Fanclub, sea eagles. ;^;

  • Dragon Lady

    That’s one sexy beast!

    He could totally be in house Lannister (sorry had to get it out of my system xD)

    • I know, I’d tap it just to say I did LOL

  • Rue

    Welldone you guys, you have created something really special here. Off-White has become more than just a story. Thank you for all your hard work, this is one of a the greatest webcomics out there.
    Can’t wait to see volume 1 fully finished and be able to own a copy for myself!

  • Now I’m gonna get anxious about next volume’s release. I hope it’s not gonna be like 100 Deeds or the second half of My Little Pony season 5 :c

    The updates should be interesting… >_>

    • …I don’t know what 100 deeds or second half of MLP is…

  • Nafsi-chan

    Damn! I know this Archbishop guy is probably a bad one, but DAMN he’s fabulous!

    • DragonFlight

      Yaaassss! Freaking gorgeous… Why are the bad guys so hot?! D: #conflicted

  • OMG BOOK ONE IS DONE?! when is it getting printed?!

    • TevaFox

      They are going to redo a lot of pages first (as the art style from beginning to end has changed dramatically) then possibly release the comic 🙂

  • So… this guys IS the dragon. He feeds on human souls… so his interest in the matter is restoring the human soul balance so that he can continue to eat people without worry his supply is going to go out….. RIGHT?!

    • Ann

      Interesting theory.

    • Ponygirl74

      See my theory.

  • cheesecake5573

    Omg finally 😀
    I had to wait ages for this page to load because of slow broadband. It’s like that moment when your given a box with a present inside it and your just like open the box! Because you can’t open it yet because it’s an Xmas present or something like that.
    Well here’s my version of it

    • Shop Dog

      o lord my eyes!!
      seizure warning.

  • Version Herrscher

    I’m giving a wild applause~
    cant wait to see more….


  • Ferocity

    I see it now… A special blue and red book case hanging on my wall with the Off-White comic books and other merchandise all over my room and clothes… Must redecorate my room soon… The Fangirl is coming.

    • Phoebe Tranile

      you’ll be the very first of the new off-white fangirl kind c:


    • Surrah

      Yep. Gotta wait like more than a month.

  • Madog

    When r u going to update this again

    • Ponygirl74

      The artists are going to update the style and writing of the older pages to their new style before the start on volume 2. So there will not be new pages story wise but updated pages of the story art wise.

  • ANTIcarrot

    But is he gay or european?

    • WARxWOLF86

      Why not both

      • Shop Dog

        “he’s gay and European!! he’s gay and European!!”

    • Artista

      As far as I know homosexuality was not all that common among Norse people.

      • Perhaps he’s one of the rare ones?

        • Artista

          Probably not, given how he’s possessed by two evil human-hating dragons. That’s gotta be so confusing if somewhere deep within Fab’s real consciousness is trying to make sense of things.

          • Well, if he hates humans, and homo is a rarity among Nordic, he could take that orientation just to be as un-norm as possible to the humans…? XP

          • Artista

            But what if the black and white dragon spirits are male and female respectively, or vice-versa.

          • Umm…I’m not sure what to think.
            Could they fall for each other? XD

    • Cacer

      I want to know as you-_-||

    • Ponygirl74

      As he’s the 2 Dragons – why not bisexual.

    • Shop Dog
  • Dziadek

    Jak księżniczka ♥

  • Ponygirl74

    My theory: Archbishop Fab wants Skoll – not to bring back the humans but to finish what they (the dragons) started in the spirit realm- the blast didn’t kill Skoll but reincarnated him- it was meant to kill, so the dragons somehow took human form and waited for Skoll to become old enough to do his job as the Sun Herder then made the order for him (Skoll) to be captured alive so they can finish the job properly. As they have been reincarnated many a time before the dragons ( species) were destroyed by mankind, they would have more of an idea when Skoll would become old enough to remember his task. That’s just my take on Fab’s intentions.

  • Doesn’t matter

    Finally the end of the volume. Hopefully the end of the comic.

    • Ponygirl74

      Sorry to bust your bubble – there’s two more volumes. hence the to be continued.

      • Doesn’t matter

        They say that there’s gonna be, but it’s been years and only the first volume is done.

        • Ponygirl74

          they are updating old pages before the start of the new volumes – that and they all have paying jobs. The comic is a free side project.

        • Good things come to those who wait.
          Even if it takes decades.

          • Although from what I’m reading from the second post and such… ‘Doesn’t matter’ (what a very strange and agrravative name, no?) worries that the wholeness of the good things won’t come. (I guess it’s natural for people to expect something to happen over years

    • Seriously, why even bother checking and reading if you don’t like it?! Just stop reading it if isn’t your cup of tea, no need to rude about it, sheesh!

      • Doesn’t matter

        I never said I didn’t like it. Well, I used to like it. Because now it takes really long for pages to update an how many years..? How many years has it been disincentive they started? And only the first volume is done. I hate waiting weeks for just one page, but idk why I just keep checking on the page because I want to know the ending. And now that’s worse, they’re going to re-do like 100 pages. Like seriously. Who cares if they’re old styled or they aren’t really good. Re-doing 100 pages is going to take long, so we won’t be seeing a new page in weeks. Maybe even a month.

        • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

          Nothing I hate more than impatient, pessimistic spoiled brats.

          • Doesn’t matter

            I am only impatient and a bit pessimistic about this comic I’ll admit that. But I’m no spoiled brat. You’ve only seen my comments on a comic. You haven’t seen me.

          • Realider

            You complain about a comic that you don’t have to pay anything to view. It doesn’t matter how long it takes them to upload a new page because they don’t work on your schedule. The artists and writers behind this webcomic have lives to attend to as well, you know. And they don’t answer to folks like you.

          • Doesn’t matter

            They don’t answer to anybody actually. (I mean by reply) and I know they have lives, but it doesn’t take that long for just a lil page. Besides, it’s not one artist. It’s like 3 or something. I know of a comic that is daily, the one artist posts two pages in one day.

          • flameear

            I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I do know what you mean about how long it takes. and I love this comic and want to see it succeed, but that long break was mostly because the Two artists had gotten sick, and one colors while the other draws i believe or one writes and the other draws. one or the other. And It takes upwards of 20 plus hours to make one of these highly detailed pages. They are also redoing the earlier pages so that they can sell their work for a profit and spend more time on this project instead of other work they have to get done while trying to work this out.

          • the long break wasint becuase ” the Two artists had gotten sick” they dropped it because of there paying job. they even stated the reason on the main page. they work for a gaming company and just helped release the new game they helped on called the witcher 3.

          • flameear

            Okay wasn’t sure if it was this one or another one that the artists where sick. And wicked I disn’t know they worked on Witcher

          • one of them did have surgery, but that was around December. and the artist said she was doing fine. =]

          • silvermoon

            Would you by any chance be talking about Kique7 on DeviantART? They work very fast on their comic pages, the reason being why they upload multiple pages a day.

            And yes, there are three artists working on this comic but the original two had grown extremely busy as they left college and tried finding jobs for themselves- At least I believe Akreon did. The reason why the third artist came into play was because the two original artists who had collaborated on this comic needed help in order to get new pages out. And for a “lil” page, they put quite a bit of effort into each panel as well as make sure everything looks anatomically and aesthetically pleasing to the viewers. Don’t take me the wrong way in saying this, but you should try and draw a comic like this with this much detail and see how long it takes you to upload a page in less than a week when you have your job, school, family, etc going on in life.

            Now back with the three artists working together- They don’t all visit the same house and work on a page for a few hours or anything, I believe they interact with each other online about the storyline and such, then interchange between each other. Say Akreon did the next page, then maybe Jessi would work on the next one, then Vesner, then back to Akreon, etc-etc.

            And there are hundreds of comics that have pages being thrown onto the internet every single day, but those people have the time and/or speed to actually create a full storyline as well as dish out multiple pages in a day, every day. But these three girls do not have that time and spend a lot of it on each page. I’d take up the idea of finding completed comics to read in the meantime or extremely long, unfinished comics to fill your time while pages are made on this comic. In a couple of months there will most likely be more pages for you to read if you want to check back in on this comic.

            Might I suggest some reads, that is if you haven’t read them already?

            –Son of the Philosopher


            –Chakra: Battle of the Titans // The art is weird in the beginning but she has improved immensely over time~



          • Doesn’t matter

            I know very well of Asmundr, I love that comic it’s my favourite. But I wasn’t talking about Kique I was talking about another comic that I was reading one time but that was a while ago. But yes Kique is very fast with pages too. I know it takes a lot of work for a page but they’re doing a comic when they have jobs, work and they’re really busy. They should do one when they have the time. Thanks for, not being offensive.

          • silvermoon

            It’s not a problem at all, I mean, I wasn’t trying to offend you either xD
            But yes, that was my point c:

          • Yes, my only addition is that each artist can’t complete the page from scratch (As far as I know. Aki might be able to). I believe Jessi only helps with coloring, Aki or Vesner the script and outline. (And the coloring)

          • …I’ve been replied to by the artists before.
            ..all three.
            So have others I know. o3o
            (Including recently on the last page)

          • Realider

            That depends on the individual artists and writers, their schedules, how fast they typically work, and their levels of motivation to work on this project. They’re free to update how often they want, when they want to. It’s not up to us to set their timelines.

        • sea-eagles

          You hate waiting weeks but that is /your/ problem. Not theirs. They cannot cater to every person nor do they need to.

          can either find other things to fill in the time, or you can cut it as a
          loose end and find something that is more satisfying to your needs as a

          Redoing pages is something they want to do. They want to sell the volumes of the comics individually and to get the art up to snuff. It’s better that they get it out of the way now than to keep going with volume 2, because the pages are mostly redos and thus easier as a cooldown, letting them handle other things, and even script out/plan further into volume 2 before they start it.

          • sea-eagles

            OK wow my formatting got destroyed there. What the heck happened?

          • Doesn’t matter

            Yep it’s those comment problems…

          • sea-eagles

            Gotta love them comment problems, lemme tell ya.

          • Nyssa Willstealyoursoul

            Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • Doesn’t matter

            Really… All you said was “Your a impatient, pessimistic spoiled brat”… Why didn’t you say something like that? Something non offensive maybe? Jeez

          • Doesn’t matter

            What I meant by “something like that” I meant sea-eagles comment.

          • Doesn’t matter

            It’s not like I check every single second for an update. I do other things, I live my life. I only check in my spare time. Yes I know they’re gonna re-do the pages and stuff but they should keep up with the comic first before, who knows, they might give up on the comic.

          • sea-eagles

            That’s true. But still, like I said, they can’t please everyone. The best that could be done is to try and exercise patience, check once in a blue moon, or look for something that is both enjoyable/liked and satisfactory in how its upkeep.

            I can understand being annoyed. I know I’ve felt bothered, but in reality it’s not much different than letting out a puff of air out on open, winter tundra. It’s just a bit of hot air visible like steam and then poof, it’s gone, and in the end is nothing more than a waste of energy.

            It also broadcasts to hungry wolves and polar bears – judging from the kind of comments that have made a string from your original post, LOL.

            It may be better for them to update old pages first, or it may not. That’s a thing of opinion and I’m so used to waiting for things that I don’t mind which they choose. They’ve said time and time again that they enjoy making this comic and I feel so long as they continue to have support, they’ll continue doing what they do.

            I sure as hell hope they’ll never stop because this comic took what has to be the most unique twist on ‘uber powerful unnaturally blue/red eyed creatures’ into something so fresh I feel like I’ve taken in an entire pack of mint gum in one breath, but if they do then…well, I’ll at most be happy that they got as far as they did. Considering how many comics die within the first handful of pages/chapters, the fact that they have reached a final volume page (not counting outdated pages) is monumental.

        • Whoever is going to buy the comic is going to care.
          Better to look professional so that even non regulars could find it and enjoy.
          (Although I like art evolution too, but they have it explained already on the main page)

        • They have their own lives to live and they have to make money to support themselves and their families. They don’t make any money off of this comic. If you really liked it you wouldn’t mind waiting for new pages. As far for them re-doing the older pages I don’t blame them a bit. Yeah I would love to see more pages and get on with reading the story but you need to understand the situation from their side too. Stop complaining about how long it takes and just be grateful that they are still updating at all!

    • sea-eagles

      If you don’t like the way the content is served, then you are more than free to leave.

      • No one is forcing him to eat it. :>
        This ain’t his mother’s house where he has to eat what’s for supper, it’s a restaurant where you can come and leave as you please. Don’t like its menu? Don’t like how the food is served?
        Go find another place.

    • Doesn’t matter

      Guys don’t start offending / hating / being rude to me just because I’m not patient. I like this comic, and the reason I want to rush the artists is because I don’t want to let this awesome comic fail. What I mean by that is, I don’t want to artists to “abandon” the comic. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve done it, and remember that big 4-5 month long pause? They almost gave up on it. But they came back luckily. I hate seeing good things that are given up. Speeding the process may not help with those chances, but at least we will be further in the comic.

      • Nicole Katic

        even if you “rush them”, they can get disheartened they can’t keep up the pace that the fans demand and give up still anyway because the comic is “too demanding” to their time. its obviously not failing, considering how many people read, and how many comments they get. Let them do it at their own pace, that way they won’t give up (as long as people aren’t vicious and rude), and they won’t burn out from trying to do too much at once. just be more careful in your choice of words, so you don’t get misunderstandings about what you say in the future.

      • they didint give up on it. they stated on the front page they were working at there jobs. the one job that actually pays them and helps keeps this site running.

        they were working for a game company to get the new witcher game out. they had no free time for this comic.

        ” I don’t want to let this awesome comic fail. What I mean by that is, I don’t want to artists to “abandon” the comic.”

        and saying “Hopefully the end of the comic.” is suppose to help? that’s not helpful at all.

        “Speeding the process may not help with those chances, but at least we will be further in the comic.”

        yeah, and then the fans will be pissed at the sudden poor quality there pumping out. that will lose more fans then help gain.

        if i saw a awesome comic like this suddenly turn poor. it would just say to me that the artists don’t care anymore and are just rushing to get it over with.

        • Doesnt matter

          They didn’t give up on it, but they could of. Ending the comic will help them. Sure, fans will be sad and stuff, but if they can’t keep up with it and have other things to do, that would be an option. But the other option, get workin on volume 2 asap. Quality doesn’t matter to me, they can get working on that once they reach the end of the comic if they have time.

          • it may not matter to you, but it matters to everybody else. stop being such a paranoid fan.

            yes, they could give it up. yes, the story mite turn horrible. yes, they could speed it up with crummy quality. and yes, they could just stop it here, finish all the pages in 20 years ahead and THEN start posing again. would that be better for you? you definitely wouldn’t have to wait for updates when they come.

            you cant rush art. if you do the artists wont be happy, the fans wont be happy, the artists will feel more stressed. and in the end nobody will like it.

            fans will hate the crummy quality and leave. stress and rushing out of a page will have the authors grow sick and tired of it. by then the authors wont even care for the “slightly good” crummy quality anymore. they’ll just give up on it because there nicely made comic is now a mess of garbage that they’re no longer proud of or happy to do.

            one comic i really like just ended because the author felt too stressed making a page every week. leaving it at a cliff hanger.

            cant they handle there comic the way they’ve been handling it for years without a impatient fan saying “thank god that wait is over. now why isint the next page up right now?”

          • Doesn’t matter

            Just read what I said above.

      • after the long pause they posted this:

        Hello dear readers, it’s been a while!

        We are happy to announce we are ready to get back to posting Off-white.

        First things, first: you may wonder what happened to us. The answer
        is overwhelmingly simple – we were just insanely busy with work. We
        really do enjoy working on this comic but it’s not the only thing we
        have going on right now.

        That’s why this white wolf:

        had to temporarily take a back seat and let this white wolf get a bit more of our attention:

        Both Ann and Kate worked on Witcher 3 and The Witcher Battle Arena as
        illustrators and concept artists, so hopefully you got to see some of
        the work we did there!

        So yeah, after the hiatus we finally managed to catch up a bit with
        the comic. We even have a few pages ready in advance to ensure more
        regular updates.

        Another thing you might have noticed is the fact that we’ve finally
        updated our website. It’s been a long time since we’ve refreshed the
        coding of the page. Hopefully everything will run smoother now.

        Unfortunately due to the new architecture of the website all the old
        comments had to go (sorry, we really did try to move them!). We also
        got rid of the forum and the cast page. The former, as we warned in
        previous updates, is gone forever. The latter needs some refreshing and
        will be back… soon-ish. If you find any bugs or broken links, please let
        us know in the comments.

        Enjoy the new page, the new website and please, don’t kill us.

        • Doesn’t matter

          I already saw that. What bothers me is that they didn’t even say that they were busy. I though they died or something

    • Doesn’t matter

      Alright guys, you win. Me vs the fans of off-white. Can’t say one thing without everyone replying back and arguing. I will be patient. Even though I’ve been like that since the start. I appreciate those of you who were polite. I will stop rushing them, but if something ever happens (don’t say nothing can happen to this comic, because anything is possible) I’ll just say I tried.

      • Artista

        I am so sorry. Sadly, some fans are too passionate.

        • Doesn’t matter

          Yeah I know. Thanks for understanding.

    • Doesn’t matter

      OK guys I get it just stop replying to me I already gave up jeez

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        Once again
        “If someone make a mess on wolf, they will bite- back”

        -Takeru Avila-

        • Doesn’t matter

          Yep. But I’m not against the fans, I’m not a “hater”… It’s complicated.

        • Sadly it’s true. ;^;
          (Say, I want to see the original comment from which this quote came XD)

          • Deluge

            Yeah, i think my ipad got broke that’s why i got spam the same comment (-_-)

      • Deluge

        Once again
        “If someone messed us, we wolves will bite them back”

        -Takeru Avila-

      • I think it’s an instinctual urge to reply for many people?
        (I know I have it)

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      (Which makes them awesome & climb walls)

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        • What kind of Eagles?
          Bald? 😉 (because ‘Murica!) (jkjk)

          • Artista

            ALL THE EAGLES! The Brotherhood is international after all.

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        • Artista

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      • *catches fire*
        He’a so hot I’m burning HALP!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to create this amazing comic! Can’t wait to see Volume 2 and the updated pages!

  • Phoebe Tranile

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    Why do the evil ones always look so stunning? 😀 I really look forward to the older pages being updated, though, even if it means the story loses some forward momentum~ The new prologue is gorgeous, after all.

    • Artista

      Even villains need to look drop-dead fabulous. It’s in Da Rulez of Villainy and Proper Dress Code Requirements by Dante Levian circa 1421 A.D.. Unfortunately, the book fell out of popularity until it was rediscovered by Loki, who then passed it on to Hati, then made several copies to Embla, who forwarded it to Askr, who then sent it to the dragons (for neither the previous three Spirits mentioned by name took it seriously) with a threatening letter stamped with a bloody knife. The dragons then researched the whole Dress Code from hot mannerisms, to silky, shiny hair, to that perfect skin complection, to how to make everyone stare at you In awe, and thus Archbishop Fabulous was born.

      • Fabtire favorite movie is Zoolander.

        • Artista

          Bagnome, you’re back!

          • I’ve only been off for four days. XD

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    • Artista

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      • How about…
        Totally thinking here…
        Means messenger in Slovak…

        • Artista

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      Sorry for you, mate. ;A;
      But good art takes loong time, and as it would be in book form, the pacing would be alright. (Webcomic readers have to experience the pauses)
      Just take in the glory of the page. The art is great, isn’t it!
      And if you’re in dire need of plot, make some up as I do, have fun with it.

      …Guess the ‘douche’ trolled you by having one sentence, no? XD *gets slapped*

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    And for those who wondered who the guardians of white magic may have been on the last page or the one before… as I said: Unicorns XD:


    Guessing they mean drake = dragon
    The unicorns must have been the white magic guardians, since the dragons are the ones of black magic
    And due to how it is worded, it seems that the magic was so strong that one side, as I thought, needed two guardians.

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        • Nick Lopez

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    • Artista


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        • Artista

          One of favorite lines from Hati.

      • Drake=male duck=fowl=foul
        There WAS something ill-scented, no?

        Drake=artificial mayfly=cute
        Hhhnnngggg mayflies are so adorable
        That explains his charmingness.

        “I AM THE LAST ONE”
        Last living dragon(s)

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    • Some Villians have this strange charismatic aura that they emit due to many factors.
      It’s in Da Rulez of Villiany and Proper Dress Code Requirements by Dante Levian, as stated by Artista way down.

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    Or is this strictly going to be a web-comic only, no printing?

    If this has already been asked and answered, i apologize because i cant find it.

    • we’d like to publish ours one day and deliver as high quality product as possible.

      Main page.

      • Though not sure if it’s going to be a digital or physical.

        • Ooh, hadn’t thought about a digital publication.

          • Though if they did manage to land a contract with a publisher, they would probably end up quitting their jobs and go full time on the comic, the comic would then have to be taken down off the website. And if everything goes as planned, then they’ll either live off the royalties, and/or find a job somewhere else. I could only imagine this comic being a short term job. (of course it gives them good footing for a job making comic books)

            So, it will being interesting to see what they do when they get to that point.

  • Ooh, so tye Askr and Embla painting is big.
    I mean, it takes up half the wall.
    I thought it was smaller, on a corner or something.

    • ???

      Do you think he could be Embla? Since yknow, blond hair or whatever.

      • No, we saw Embla was a girl. (Hence Raigho caling her Ms. before he found out Seven was executing blasphemy

  • Shop Dog

    are his earrings runes?

    • Deluge

      I think you’re referring his hair that has accessories which is Fabolous XD

  • lilly

    Could someone submit a reply to this comment with this page as image attached to it? The real one just won’t load, no matte what I try, yet I can see other images on the site.

  • I came up with a wierd theory…
    What if Fab is actually a good guy?
    Yes, he holds the title of KittySlayer, and he’s a dragon, and wants vengeance but…what if he really wants to restore the balance, and fix things up? Since, ya know, things got way screwed up.
    Yeah. Just a stupid theory. XP

    Now for a flash fanfic scenario:, cuz it’s my thing:
    *finale of whole comic, Seven and Albert bust in*
    “We’ve caught you, evil dragons! We know you used us to rule the world! Now hand the white wolf back, and….hey Albert, help me out here
    “Yeah, what she said! You’ve been foiled now!”
    Sigh, humans…when shall you stop bothering us?” *facepalms*
    “When I get my money and you’re gone! We’re saving the world!”
    “Uh…guys….its all a misunderstanding. They’re not evil…but scary
    “Ack! Wolf, you talk! Again!”
    “He is a spirit. The question is, are we talking to Sköll, or someone else?”
    Silence, mortals. We have business to do. It is you who are the evil ones.
    “But you ate Askr! And human souls! Took leadership of the Temple…evil!”
    “Yeah! You and man went to war! I bet you’re still trying to finish the job!”
    “We got over it, guys…a war happens, we… move on. damn you, Hati
    Indeed. And now we are attempting to restore the balance, as we were meant to protect. Yet you humans always strive for its destruction!
    “What about the other white spirits? What of them?!”
    Oh, they’re fine. Some of them will reincarnate some time later, nothing permanent…we just gathered everyone to discuss. Some volunteered for a testing. We made sure not to eat anyone! Promise!”
    Ideally we will resurrect the white human spirit to restore the line of morality. Our friend here shall reason Askr into not causing another battle, so that we may get back to our duties.
    “…and what of you guys? You’re still dead.”
    Do not infer that we shall remain in this state. We will bring back our race upon this world!
    “Aha! So you are evil!”
    “Not really…is it that ill-willed if someone wants to live? Their race to exist? In addition… You can get magic back! The way to do it is…err”
    The ends justify the means. Do not worry yourself. Only a mere thousand souls shall be consumed in the process.
    “That’s what started this war in the first place!”
    “…it’s a win-win, catch two lemmings with one bite scenario, isn’t it? you sneaky sh-
    We only take action for what is good for the world, and what is justified. Do not quarrel with us.
    “Well…fuck. Looks like we still became tools for dragon rule, either way.”
    “Hey, could’ve been worse!”


    See the irony? ;3

    • Hazuki721

      It’s possible that he’s trying to get his hands on some strong enough magic to split himself to a white and black spirit. It would be a way to bring dragons back into existence again. If he can figure out how to do that he can bring back all the black and white spirits lost. However it sounds like the price is to take the place of another being that exists. Since they’ve been removed from the natural order of the world through the extinction of their kind. Which makes me worry that might be Embla’s body the dragons took and altered with magic. It was available when they ate her soul.

      • Hazuki721


  • Surrah

    According to ma calculations, if the pace of updates is the same, and adding in a few little pauses, it will take about 20-25 years to end this comic. Wonder if I’ll still be interested in it…

    • Surrah

      Or even if the comic will last that long…

      • Maybe it won’t last that long because it will complete sooner than that? ;3

    • Surrah

      How I calculated (math warning duh lol): Say there’s about 52 weeks in a year, and the new pace (before the huge pause, it was different) is about 1 page every 2 weeks. So 52 divided by 2 = 26. That means 26 pages per year. In this volume, there’s 285 pages. In the other volumes, the pages could vary between 200-300. So lets pick 250 (as an average). Divide 250 by 26 = 9.6… So about 10 years for 1 volume, and since there’s 2 volumes, that would make 20 years. I said 20-25 because there could be really long pauses and stuff.

      • I was pretty sure there would be three volumes…?
        Oh look, math. *brain fizzes*
        (Interesting process of calculation+estimation, nevertheless)

        • Surrah

          Well the first is done and then there will be two more left… Or is there three more left?? Lol and thanks

      • Artista

        This means I’ll be in my 40s when the series is done! T-T

        • Don’t worry Artista, we will all partake in the journey of life to reach the 40s, too, to see the completion of Off-White!
          ….not exactly comforting, is it? XD

          • Artista

            No, not at all. I can’t wait 2 decades. XD

          • I don’t believe I’ll survive another decade. XD

      • hell, at least off white has a ending in sight. just look at the poor Simpson. running for 20 years and still going with no end in site. and ive heard many fans agree that the Simpsons is getting a bit old for its running age.

    • Really?
      I thought it would take decades. (As in: Longer)
      (Still won’t affect my interest lulz)

      • Surrah

        Lol could be longer, depending on how long the breaks are and the page re-dos and thangs…

    • akreon

      Ohai “doesn’t matter”/ “Wolfeh”. Please pick one nickname. You are creating a fake crowd.

      • Wait what..? They’re all one person?!

        • I think moderators can see the IP of everyone who comments.

        • Artista

          Their grammar and sentance struction are the same.

          • Ah, well, guess my instincts was in a sense right.. I tend to look at some people and think, “They’re the same!! o.=.o”, but without any hard proof to get to see that they are, such as ip, I can’t let myself judge (or it makes me an arse)

      • Surrah / Doesn’t matter

        Yeah doesn’t matter was suppose to be me no one figured it out, I meant to say like “my name doesn’t matter” but I do share my phone with my sis and so this “Wolfeh” might be her because she reads off-white too.

        • We aren’t as quick to judge/assume two or more people are one so much anymore since page 281.
          Plus, if we do and we are wrong, that doesn’t do well.

  • Artista

    My American siblings, the Debate is on.

    • Shop Dog

      prepare you’re anus. shit is about to go flying.

      • of_dragonflies

        Unless they are preparing you are anus.

        • LuckyIcecube


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          So what you are saying is they turned me into an ass? Dam I though I was one already

    • Rookamillion

      Indeed. Hell, everybody join in! XD

  • Shop Dog

    political question: should persons applying for police positions, be legal citizens. if they are not legal citizens or do not know the law, should they be denied for somebody who is a citizen and dose know the law? is that discrimination, or is that a fare to the parson who went through the citizenship process, and tok time to study the law.

    • Artista

      In my opinion, it is discrimination-choosing one action or another, or discernment. Having friends of parents that went through the legal process, legal persons only applying for police positions is fair in my book.

      (And because why not?) My question is: Is it okay to deport entire families if their parents are illegal, including their kids that were born in the US?

      My opinion: I’d argue yes. Even if the parents did have a kid here, the whole family should be deported because the parents should have applied for citizenship. As cruel as it sounds, if the parents are using the kid as an anchor, it is a bad one. The “solem sangre” argument would still allow illegals to still establish false residence, and therefore, we ought not to give a welcoming carpet because of it. Yes, I know I’m a monster.

      • Say, how did people get a citizenship if they come in illegally? At least, back in the 70’s?
        Do you live there for a few decades work then do paperwork? Or….what? (Question coming from someone who has absolutely no idea how this works)

        • Shop Dog

          every know and agin there would be a big amnesty and they would just stop tracking the people they couldn’t catch and let them be citizens.

          • Ooh, interesting.

            Now I went and read some stuff on naturalization, it all still is a little confusing. x_x

          • Artista

            What is your resident country again? Italy, right?

          • Nye.
            Though that’d be cool. *o*
            Italy was my grandmother’s resident country though. (Resident country means…wait, does it origin, or current?)

          • Artista

            I just guessed Italy. And I meant to say origin country.

          • Oh, ok.
            It could’ve been Japan or México, but my mom insisted their kids be born and raised in the U.S.A.

          • Artista

            Chigaco is just like my home State and it’s Motown: dying. And from what I hear, much of the money goes to politics. No need to claim the title ‘Chicagoan.’ XD So you’re Italian and Japanese by descent then?

          • Well, I guess it’s complicated, but then again, not really? o.=.o

            My mother is pure Japanese, from Toyama-ken/富山県 on Honshu. Strangely, a few people have said she looks Chinese or Russian.

            My father has European blood in his family tree (Spanish popping up most) (Can’t forget México!). Looking at his past grandparents and more last names (they have both surnames put into one, joined by a hyphen), there is a Romanian surname in there, too?! At least my dad’s dad is half native Mex. unknown, another member also but more known. I think both my dad’s parents are half Spanish?

            I just go by with my dad being Mexican XP it’s more simple.
            I’ll go find the list again, we went over it once as best he could remember. He even explained what some last names mean.

          • Artista

            My mother’s family arrived to the States from Germany around the 40s or 50s. And jut in case, no, they weren’t Nazis. My father’s family is a mix between Scotch-Irish and Native American. Fun fact: Many Scots settled in in Southern colonies. My dad’s mother(not father) is Italian and French. My grandmother on his side actually had family that immigrated to the States, but it was, from how she described and how complicated it sound they could only get one person here at a time, take awhile for the paper work to go through and such. That was back in the 60s, I believe. My father’s mother is full N. A. So somewhere in history, I have roots in Asia. Oh, and since your father is Mexican, I think he’s also Aztec or Mayan by descent, so he may have some roots in Asia. That’s about all I can say for now.

          • Deep down, we’re all Asian. :3

          • Rookamillion

            Hell if I know my direct origins, but it’s mostly German on my fathers, Irish and Native American (isn’t everybody….XD) On my mothers. Time in America dates Pre-Civil War. My Grandma swears to me that my ancestor died in the Battle of Gettysburg, but she can be a bit loopy. XD

          • Artista

            Was your ancestor North or South?

          • Rookamillion

            North. XD

          • Artista

            What’s your favorite period of US history?

          • Rookamillion

            WWII-Cold War

          • Rookamillion

            My town is already dead. XD

          • Shop Dog

            the 70 were some of americas best years, then there were the 80s which were ok. then the 90s came and it was all down hill from there.

          • My dad was primarily offended by… the drugs and sex. (cuz of the 60s?) Besides that, I don’t think he had a problem with America, actually. (Well, he was really really disgusted by the prevalence of said issues enough to claim it worse than origin country)

          • Rookamillion

            60’s and 70’s should go die in a hole in my opinion. XD Kill it with fire.

          • I hear crime was high that time. D:

          • Rookamillion

            Drugs, sex, diseases, corrupt politicians, nuclear crises, senseless violence, maddening wars, and shitty music.

            Huh…..I guess much hasn’t changed. XD

          • Artista

            And back then we had Ellis Island.

          • I don’t like how they had to change their last names >u>
            But~ hey, more variance, I suppose.

          • Artista

            When comes to name changing, it’s mainly for pronunciation reasons. That’s why many Asian Americans have a Western name. Or, well, an English translation of a Hebrew or European name. There is no such thing as an ‘American’ name.

          • Ah, I see. It’s definitely going to be a problem living in a new country, and then no one can say your name!
            Perhaps I should get a new name? XD

          • Shop Dog

            i like how you had to complete the process in your country of origin before you were allowed to come.

            also when ever people say in the news say ” where all immigrants in this country”. well thats not rille true before the 1860s because you weren’t allowed to come to the us unless you were a us citizen. so it wasn’t technically “irish immigrants” that came to the us, so much as so much as just americans coming from Ireland.

          • I think the completing the process in your home country sounds nice and helpful. It settles things up so you can come with less issues, and you can get started sooner being a citizen already.(I don’t know about what society would do, though) Then again, if you come to the U.S., and it turns out you don’t want to live there, after gaining citizenship… Whoops. XD (Of course, people should probably take a trip once or more to see how it’s like to get accustomed before deciding, but money money)

            Well, I’m not sure descendants of immigrants are immigrants themselves… xp hee (My parents may have been immigrants, but I was born in one place, haven’t moved to another city, or block, since!)

            Citizens can’t immigrate to their own nation, right? (Your Ireland example)
            (Also, I like your historical fact bring up! Very nice to learn new things)

        • Rookamillion

          Amnesty. Signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

      • Shop Dog

        ya i under stand that too, but that wasn’t my question. And i’m asking you as somebody who knows immigrants personally[legal and otherwise] is it more or less fare to deny an illegal immigrant employment in favor or a legal immigrant.

        • Artista

          The first paragraph was my answer. It is fair to deny those positions to illegals, cause it’s like a slap in the face to those who arel, or those who have some form of legal documentation.

        • Artista

          I just decided to spice up the question, ’cause that’s another part of the crisis that creates even more fire.

        • Rookamillion

          More fair. I know plenty (I’ve even helped some find jobs) Illegal immigrants. Not that they are bad people, but taking those jobs makes it impossible for actual immigrants and low income families to find work. Since Illegals are dime a dozen, work for cheaper wages than a tax paying citizen could survive on and are easily replaced, businesses have no reason to hire non illegals unless they are doing government work. Out of the 200 some people on my stepfathers construction site, there were only 2 legal citizens…..him included.

      • Also letting parents stay using their children encourages others to cross into the country. I’m fine with people immigrating legally, but I believe we should be strict with those who did not.

        • I think they should fix up the country before letting in too many people, because then
          neither the new immigrant or citizen gets it good.

        • Artista

          My thoughts exactly.

      • Checkers

        As someone who has yet to approach immigration court to get citizenship and have seen close people get deported before, it is a hellish, terrifying prospect that is simply not something people who haven’t experienced it will understand.

        And if you don’t fully understand, I don’t feel you have the right to make such decisions of human life at all.

        • Artista

          Did they have any legal document?

          • Checkers

            They wouldn’t BE illegal if it didn’t take years for the gov’t to process paperwork half the time and it wasn’t so hard to get into the country in the first place. It’s a two way street, man. If it wasn’t such a pain in the ass (speaking as someone who’s been in limbo and STILL gathering paperwork to get MY citizenship for over 5 years) then it would be easier for people from foreign countries to get proper citizenship and, you know, not be illegal.

            There was paperwork of some sort allowing him to live here but it was more tied to the marriage he had with his spouse. When they got divorced, it became null, and he got deported before he could properly try to process for citizenship.

          • Checkers

            Meant to add this but forgot.

            There are practically a handful of ways to get a Visa for the US and all of them are hard as hell to get and even then take a long time to process. The person I know that got deported was here by marriage. The way that I am doing it is through close relatives to sponsor for me who are US citizens (mother, aunts/uncles, older siblings).

            I have had to present medical records, birth certificates, and show various proofs of the dates that I had come over here are as I say they are. My mother has had to gather affidavits and been requested to present decades old passports to prove her own citizenship and that she was born here herself so that it can be used as a stepping stone to get mine. Over $1400 (probably more, I stopped counting) have been put into the last 5 years for me to get citizenship, and still have yet to see any progress at all.

            All of this, because my US citizen mother gave birth to me while she’d been abroad. By laws and circumstance at the time I was born and the sponsors I have it is one of the easiest ways to get citizenship and it still has an estimate of years to get processed. If it takes this long and is this hard for me – who has good resources to get it done – it is definitely far, far harder for those that don’t.

            If you don’t have a sponsor that’s a US citizen willing to vouche for you, you will not be taken seriously. And if you have it, it will potentially take years. Considering all that it is not surprising at all why most people aren’t even legal here. It costs an arm, leg, 500 souls and money people simply don’t have anymore to get it.

    • I personally think if you’re going to enforce the law…you should know it in the first place! XD
      I don’t know on citizenship.

    • I don’t see it as discrimination, I see it as hiring someone based on qualifications. A person should be a citizen of the country he or she is enforcing law in. Obviously they have to know the law. And I believe any government position, whether is be local, county, state, or federal should require citizenship.

    • Rookamillion

      Of course. You can’t hold government jobs without citizenship. XD

      • Shop Dog

        tell that to the people of Organ who protested shutting down there state police force, just for asking the question.

        • Rookamillion

          Jeez. Maybe the police will just stop putting effort into their job and let the place fall to sh*t like Baltimore City is. XD

  • ???

    kind of attractive tbh

  • SugarTits

    I was gonna say “Good, maybe now you can cut out all the anime shit from the earlier panels.” But now you have foppish bad guy bishounen desu, so nevermind. Guess there’s some things you can’t grow out of.

    • oh yeah, some of the older expressions were the overly cheesy anime junk. but they were so bad its funny. XD

      like these.

      • SugarTits

        So bad, I couldn’t take the comic seriously until Fangs of Steel lawl

        • There’s this thing called “art evolution” = improving.
          Which is what they are going to reapply to the old pages, as said in the update. (Main page)
          So~, you kept on reading since it’s so bad it’s good?

          • SugarTits

            I make it a point to understand what I’m hating. I’m hoping it improves, there’s nothing wrong with it wanting to improve. But when it doesn’t thennnnn, what can you do.

      • Artista

        How do Iki panels 1, 2, and 3 (just below 2) classify as anime expressions? And let’s not forget Iki’s Darth Vader expression.

        • there overly dramatic expressions when they don’t need to be.

          • Artista

            . In comics or cartoons, you need to squeeze as much emotion from your characters as possible. I thought it was good comic comic relief, and funny because Sköll is the exact opposite. He likes roasting things in his flames. But to each his own.

      • Artista

        And looking at Seven now after a few years-hallelujah for human improvement!.

      • RainingMountains

        I actually rather enjoyed those expressions. They were quite hilarious XD

      • Iki’s faces here are by far one of my favorite. XD

      • Checkers

        how the heck is iki’s ‘i haven’t caught any’ pout ‘anime’? it’s nowhere near as stylized as hati’s smirk or as exaggerated as skoll’s manic grin before he saved raigho. save for the teary eyed one in the lower left all of those are just stylistic choice in charicature for comedic relief. not ‘anime’.

        everyone these days seems to think ‘exaggerated expressions’ is a manga/anime style but it isn’t. it’s really becoming quite bothersome.

        • because the authors are trying to keep close to a realistic style but breaking that with overly cartoony expressions.

          • Checkers

            That still =/= ‘anime’.

            It’s simply artistic and stylistic choice to provide comedic relief.

      • Awww, I actually really like the last one in the lower right. I hope that doesn’t get too much changes when the page is redone.

        Although I do have to (politely) agree with Checkers; the only anime faces I can see are Seven’s irritated expression and Iki’s crying face.

        • Acuraaquatosphoenix

          I dont think they will change expressions to much ;the expressions will be the same but I think they meant more the cellshading style. COmpare the old cellshading from that page to this page and you see huge jump XD While anatomy was working nicely and was correct the cellshading colouring is different. Effective,but different.
          So I wouldnt worry too much of them redoing them into super duper realistic wolf expressions since this is a comic and when you work with comics you need to give clear facial expresions on the caracters especially when they are wolves XD

    • Artista

      Actually, he doesn’t look all that anime-ish. He’s got an actual chine, no huge bug eyes, more semi-realistic design, and a head that is proportionate to the rest of his body. And long dangly robes were the fashion in some higher class family in Middle Age Europe, even the Vatican still uses them. XD

    • Hmm, why didn’t you say that in the previous page? Or even farther back?
      That made no sense that you were gonna say that quote, then seem to suddenly have this fabulous man appear. He’s now been here for 3 pages.
      There is a month of time between. Unless you were waiting all this time to state that at the last page.

    • I don’t think he’s anime… ;-;

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    • SilverDust

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          Totally how I felt when Jacob and Edward died in Twilight. Oh wait….that was a dream.

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    • WARxWOLF86

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    • WARxWOLF86

      I think so as that’s what they normally do

    • Probably they”ll start again with chapter 1. I would be confused if it were with chapter 7.
      Chapter 7?! Where are the other six?! XD

      • Nick Lopez

        Lol. So true.

    • Checkers

      It’d be weird for them to start with chapter 1 all over again. A slight recap on the current happenings at the beginning to gloss over volume 1 and then starting with chapter 7 seems like it would work better.

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    • Artista

      If only long hair was the alternative style for guys in the U.S. Ah, the 18th and 19th centuries. Then the hippies hijacked it…

  • Artista

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    • RandomBookLover

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      • sekkechi

        askr was stated as being female i’m pretty sure, so it couldn’t be askr. i’d thought that too but gender says no

        • Misaki

          If you look where Askr appears in Skoll’s remembrance, Askr has a male figure. Not to mention Skoll says how HE (Askr) will be dissapointed when he finds out that he basically brought Ragho back to life.

          • sekkechi

            ah okay. well woops xD i thought askr was female but maybe i mixed up askr and whatever the black human spirits name was

          • the authors draw askr as a girl.

            and he never said that.
            he said:
            “hati will be so pissed when he gets wind of this! and embla?

            embla would try to blast me straight to the netherworld!

            poor, poor askr. i can only imagine the disappointment!”

            he never even mentions askr being a he.

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    • there redoing all the old pages. so maybe in a month or two.

      • Artista

        I suspect at least two, three and a half if they aren’t getting strangled with Projekt projects. The style looks like it takes at least 5 or 6 hours to do right.

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    Maybe they’re just a little same facey.

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    • after all the old pages are redone. so possibly in 2-3 months.

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        i actually have much more i was able to recover from the old website when it accidentally reverted but i couldn’t upload them because of the format. i still hold on to them though because there gold.

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      redoing old stuff. they actually have been uploading redo pages on an almost weekly basis now.

    • Krystal Ewing

      Try reading the comic updates link under news archive on the right. They say they are going back and redoing about 100 pages as well as touching up the story a tad in those parts. All to get the art and writting up to par with the current pages as they would like to publish this some day.

      • spirit

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      I KNOW RIGHT?! I wish they would kinda just ….. die XD… But any way D:

      • Shop Dog

        where you two even paying attention when you read it the first time. seven and albert are looking for the spirits, because the human spirit died and no children can be born until he is replaced by another.

        • Quite a serious matter, indeed.

        • bente

          yes but is it really necessary to kill an entire other species just so we can live? And this strange man with two eye colors got me thinking it’s probs the humans fault, anyways.

          • Shop Dog

            who said any thing about killing any one. there trying to transfer him not kill him. thats why they have been trying at great expense to avoid using lethal force and have escape by re-enchanting somewhere else. and there not trying to eliminate the wolves either. because neither the wolves nor the humans will live if the other dies. there trying to share the white sprite so they wont go extinct. because as explained in the comic every time a spices dies an aspect of the world is lost. and since skoll/iki controls the sun [which we can assume the humans know] they are trying to preserve him rather risk losing the sun.

          • AnaShadowWolf

            But every species need their own two spirits, so transfering the White Wolf spirit would probably bring problems to the wolves, leading the species to be extinct.

            I don’t think anyone is right in this situation. It is the question “Can we sacrifice a whole species just to save ourselves? Do we have that right?”.
            I think no one has this right, but I think it is one of the points of this situation.

            Is that humanity own fault? For what I understood, yes. They hunted down several species, unbalancing the world’s nature, but when they hunted down the dragons (and Hati pointed out that they should have known they would seek revenge even after death, being guardians of magic), their Black and White spirit hunted them down. Askr and Skoll fought them and (apparently, because of Skoll), Askr got killed. But if humans had never done this, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. So their own actions started a chain of events that lead to all this mess. If we have to play the “Blame Game”, humans would be the first to be pointed wrong. As childish as this sounds, “they started it”.

            Is Skoll right? No, he is willing to let all the world DIE (please, humanity IS NOT that important to the whole damn world, sorry to be honest, Nature doesn’t depend of humanity or any other species). Is Hati right? Not so much, he already made quite clear he will do whatever it takes to force Skoll to chase the Sun again, even if it means murdering his pack (innocent lives). Are the humans right? No. They are trying to save their species, fine, but this doesn’t give them the right to mess EVEN MORE with such matters and doom another species.

            And now we have this guy who apparently is the Black and White dragon spirit hiding in human form (or the guy is possessed, hell if I know).

          • While I’m not sure how important these humans are important to this world, I think Morality is quite a significant aspect. In that, we may see our heroes’, and everyone else’s, goodness slowly degrade , since it was Askr who specifically died.

          • Thing is in this situation, they’re both screwed. They probably have no idea that the wolves going extinct will also have the humans go extinct, too. (Which, by the way, they’re both slowly going extinct, humans first. Doesn’t justify it.)
            Had they known the risks, they’d still be juggling two evils, and figuring out which is the lesser evil.
            The reason they can’t kill him is because it’d be harder to find him again. Once they have his spirit, they probably have very little reason to keep him alive. (Or that they simply don’t know how to keep the spirit alive after their attempts) After all, they likely know very little of the spirits. (Considering that they had to rediscover the mythos)
            Now as for sharing spirits, we don’t know that at all, but if that were the case, the likelihood that the humans failure of transferring all the other spirits and in the end not destroying them increases.

    • Soup

      I’m very annoyed that people are demonizing the fact the humans in this comic are trying to save their own race. Think about it. If you were in this scenario, where you have the option to save a species of wild dog or the entire human race, which would you choose?

      • spirit

        I would save the species of wild dog XD

      • I’d imagine any race would try to save their own.
        (Of course the aliens are still demonized in the movies, saving their race at the expense of humanity, but then again, most here are humans…plus the aliens could try being, negotiable?)

      • well, i think it depends on how much knowledge they/us have on what there/ we’re doing. each time they destroy a white spirit. they are killing that species and its brother species.

        if skoll is destroyed to make a white human, then the human race is doomed either way. they just got a slight bit more time before things collapse.

        then there’s also the fact that this whole thing is just a desperate gamble that they have no idea will work.

        • JustAGuy

          OR Goldilocks here knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and plays it all goodie while planning to doom the entire world for his own ambitions.

          Damn, he really is Loki.

    • They soon will. 😉
      (Not that finding out either way they’re both screwed, and that dog napping Sköll will only just escalate Plot Conflict (TM) is a good thing…or is it)
      Cmon, surely they must be somewhat likeable! D;

    • Blue Wolf

      While it’s not all Seven’s fault she did have a really weird/bad childhood

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    • there updating the older pages. so vol 2 mite not start for 6 months. more or less.

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        • Blue Wolf

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    • or the cat was drugged

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        • akreon and vesner work for a game development company called project red, that’s the company that just released the 3rd witcher and jessi is in college.

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    • cute black fox.



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      i remember this! this was one of diznits early works.

      • ..wh
        but I never drew this :’]
        If you wanna see my early internet life, you’ll need to look at the shit I drew when I was 12 dgdjcvaj http://diznits.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=456
        I’m honoured you thought I drew this though fvfvsfsff

        • Shop Dog

          my mistake then i thought you posted this in the past.

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    Hmm; i wonder if this human is the reincarnated Dragon previously killed by Skoll.

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    • Ikko

      The artists won’t actually see this since they never actually visit their own website. Silly me, I almost forgot there’s no more attention paid to the main storyline

      • B.M.

        Oooh, honey you also forgot that the artist are PEOPLE with lives and feelings outside of all this. They aren’t here to please you.

        • CintrixGaming

          True dat

        • Sheena Cheever

          Completely agree with you.

      • “they never actually visit their own website”

        How new are you, I inquire? D:
        I could bring up all the comments they’ve ever posted on this website in our Off-White history of the Comments Section.

    • Ettie

      If you followed them on Facebook you would know they are spending a lot of time redrawing the earlier pages for the volume release. so they have been working on it, just the new volume is on hold while the first gets finished.

    • They have lives, you know. Jobs, families. They do this as a hobby, not as a living. They’re redrawing a bunch of pages anyways. So hush, child.

    • Dude, they ARE still working on the comic. They WILL make volume 2, but first they are are redoing all the old pages. If you paid attention you’d see for yourself.. It’s great that they are finishing what they started before making something new, otherwise the beginning would look quite out-of place, and lacking in detail (not just art wise but story wise too) compared to the rest of the comic (no offense to the artists). Also, they do have lives of their own too you know. You should just be glad they aren’t forcing people to pay before reading any of it and appreciate what they have been doing for us!

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    • This page confirms the stereotypes that dragons are jerks

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      The Wolf gang hopes so to

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    • There will be more. Right now they are redoing the old pages. 😀

  • Yo guys, I know it’s gonna be a long while, but what do you guys think/predict will happen next volume? 😀

    • Soultail

      Haiti and raigo are going to kick ass to save ther beloved/ crazy son/brother

      • Fallen_Angel_The_Coywolf

        heck yeah

    • Seven and Albert are in for a wild ride from Msr. Kittyslayer. 😀
      A horrible, horrible ride to a frozen hell…

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    • When the last page to be redone, page 100, is updated.

      So far, we are on page 28. It’s a long road

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      • Alice Klein

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        • sekkechi

          because they want to update the art of the old pages to their current skill level and fix some of the story since they have improved on their ability to do so.

          • Kyle Ness

            I don’t understand why redo the older pages? They were already good and fun to see how art progresses over time. No other strip ever goes over redoing old work again

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  • Blue Wolf

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      Redoing most of the pages in volume 1 BEFORE starting volume 2. Might have to wait a year or so… Or more. Depends on the pace.

      • Blue Wolf

        Fine fine. sounds fair

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    Keep up the good work creators of Off-white!
    I’m not going to give up on it.

    • sekkechi

      they’re updating the older pages since their skill level has significantly improved since the start of the comic. once they’re done with that they’re going to volume 2

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  • Drahma

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