• Phoebe Tranile

    Wowie. Love the second panel

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    omfg when this is updated it’s gonna be amazing

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    When this page gets redone it’s gonna be SO good :’D

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    This is one of my favorite pages… I love the bottom panel ;-;

  • l33tninja

    my prediction: Iki is the white spirit. Check out those blue eyes . . .

  • Sarah

    Then my soul is brown! Neat!

    • A Person

      Eye color doesn’t equal soul color o,o The white spirit has blue eyes, and the black spirit has red eyes. Grey spirits just have naturally colored eyes, so your soul would be grey.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for explaining it to me.
        Grey is nice. 馃檪

  • IK Thunderbolt

    this comic has come so far, I love it all. Such fine detail in the future pages and redone pages

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    Lol. Love the look on Iki’s face. ^^

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    Thank you so much for the new page <3 I was worried we were losing you C:

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    oh my…iki’s face! XDDDD just beautiful

  • See guys? What did I tell ya? :3 On another note, I think Iki took lessons from grumpy cat. XD

    • Zero

      That’s missing the point. Don’t get me wrong, this page looks hella amazing, and it’s wonderful to see all the new spirits.. but the lack of communication wasn’t addressed at all, the page still took a month+ to release, and still at this pace, the first volume won’t be released for another 8-10 years. As I believe reddog mentioned before, the pace of releases isn’t an issue at all as long as the artists communicate with their audience, because that makes the comic feel more alive. Five minutes per week of just reposting a fanart or mentioning a headcanon can go a long way. This art is fantastic, but the site still feels emotionless and robotic.

      • Artista

        It’s gonna be like Samurai Jack at this point.

    • exactly as zero said. its not a matter of how long it takes pages to get out (although 10 years before we see the next vol is kinda ridiculous).

      the main point is that its dead between author to fan communication. if theres ever a major issue with the site or someone wants a few questions about the patreon, where do we go? they never answer.

      for a comic you can either keep communication high/ updates low or updates
      high/ communication low. not both because then it feels like the comics dieing, which horribly plagues comics. especially WOLF/ DOG comics which many comic fans have come to dread and avoid as soon as the comics reach updates taking longer then 3 weeks. because once updates slow to taking 3 weeks to a month, the comic gets canceled shortly after with a sad message from the author stating why.

      even worse in the case of off white becuase the comics die at about chap 2. we got past that a while ago so we felt a little safe, but guess now where were heading back in the re-dos, chap 2 again.

      we want to be patient with the waiting, but its hard when we havint the slightest
      clue on what the authors are doing off the comic. did they get a promotion and have more work at there jobs, did someone hurt there wrist, get a flu, another computer burst into flames, back to school, or just on vacation??

      fans like hearing both the bad and the good news. it helps us understand the wait more while also feeling this project isint going to just be sitting on a shelf to slowly die in the corner. that the artists do see it and us and let us know the speed of progress.

      • I know it’s often difficult for me to understand or take many people’s stance here, since I’m a pretty loyal wuff ( to a fault).
        But I certainly see that people are in unease due to lack of communication. Whatever species or culture you’re in, communication is always important, even if we suck at it (like me). Now, the only thing is we don’t know how Polish culture is on communication or patience..

  • Iki: *cough* bullshit *cough*

  • On another note, everything in this page is badass. The fighting spirits, Raigho’s epic serious face… Even Iki’s grump face.

  • madame dead eye

    I just was clicking on my favorite navegor when …….

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    Holy roly poly chips n’ guacamole, Batman, I’d say this is my favorite updated page yet!

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    Happy Canada Day!

    • Artista

      The big brother that stayed humble to Mommy England, when America turned sixteen and flipped the table and went ‘independent’.

      • Rookamillion

        I don’t know if we can consider them our “big brother” though… We were a British Colony first. XD

  • hnnnn

    You guys totally missed out on the chance to make the black-spirit fox a “silver fox.” XD

    • I was thinking the same thing – especially considering they actually are born naturally in the wild, being that they are just melanistic (black) versions of the standard Red fox species.
      If the black wolf spirit is a black phase wolf, wouldn’t that make the most sense? I would think that, for leopards and jaguars as well (and many others), the black spirits would most likely be panthers, for instance.
      Just a thought of course.

      • its been said that pelt color isint important to the black/ white spirit, just the eye color.

        iki and hatis pelt being the only exception through out this entire comic. however hati conveniently got his dark fur color from his earth mom at birth. while iki got it an entirely different way.

        • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

          Which causes me to wonder what happened to Hati in order for him to be reborn. :3

          • hnnnn

            I’ve been wondering this, too. Iki came from the sky, but Hati was born. He could have just been born from Jera in Isa’s litter, but they made it a point that Iki came down from the sky instead of being naturally conceived. Makes me wonder which form of reincarnation is the norm for the black/white spirits.

          • Fauna

            Normal birth is apparently the norm. My best bet is that Hati knew what was happening to Sk枚ll in the Underworld and he pulled some strings to haul his furry butt the heck outta there. You can see Hati doing some spellstuff in Sk枚ll’s flashback page.

        • hnnnn

          I know, but it still feels like a missed opportunity to me.

      • Katstica

        The mortal form of the spirits often vary in color since they are reincarnated multiple times. In one life the black fox spirit could have been silver, sure. But it just depends on the parents who it is born to, if I understand correctly.

        • Artista

          So then the Spirits are literally mystical transgenders? If anyone has the second to last page they’d get this.

    • Jessi

      Nah, I tried to make it a silver fox when coloring this page but it didn’t really work out toward the end. I tried to find real-life examples of light and dark naturally-occurring colored animals to use for that panel, but some things had to be adjusted for the sake of pretty composition. 馃檪 It happens. I’m happy someone picked up the white eagle spirit is a Fisher eagle hee hee!


        Great job on the page, glad you researched a bit and tried to apply the pelt colors (I think they’re good as is :3)

        I don’t mean to pry, but you know, since there are a number of others in agony without communication, is there a reason why you guys can’t talk so much? Pleeeaase. ;3;
        (Personally, Tak doesn’t mind since it really likes you guys, and ya know, canine stuff)

        (Is it too much complaining? (Well, maybe normal for Americans..) Awfully Busy? A Pole related thing, considering the different culture from American?)

        • Jessi

          Eh, more or less this:


          And to address some other complaints and/or concerns I gleaned from the comments:

          1. The comic is not dying and will not die until it’s finished in full – we have periods where we can make a lot of updates and other periods where we just cannot due to time-constraints in the real world. We’re trying, but we have bills to pay. It would be great if we could work on this comic full time but we simply cannot and everyone’s circumstances are different.

          2. We don’t hate you guys and never have. It’s never that we don’t want to talk to you guys, we just have so little time lately. I hope you can understand.

          • Thanks for replying Jessi. :3 I know these problems exist, but sadly, not everyone does.
            Rest assured, this little wolf will always love yall! *glomps*
            (I imagine you weren’t allowed to leak info on new CDRedProjekt projects, too) Good luck on that!

            Can we make your comment post a Featured Comment to put it at the very top?

          • Deluge

            Like an Announcement from the Author which people can see/read.

          • Jessi

            I don’t have the website power to do that, but I can say with 99.999999999% certainty that if we take a long time between updates, it’s because we’re working on other projects that require more attention.

            Ann/Akreon refuses to let Vesner/Kate and I forget about Off-White. Which is fine because I love working on it. I harass her regularly for lineart to color and shade at times as well. ;P

          • Anonymous

            Hey Jessi! Good to hear this from you. A lot of us, myself included, were feeling like maybe this project had become a chore to do for you guys. Do you feel discouraged at all by the time we guesstimate it will take to finish it, or are you guys just kind of willing to push through no matter how long?

            Thanks for giving us an update anyway, it’s great to know that you’re all okay! Pages are gorgeous as usual. (Updates were the other main concern, having some of us feel like we’re in the dark about what’s up, though we do understand that life gets busy). 馃檪

  • Artista

    Then why do the animals hunt each other for food if even the brother species themselves are interdependent? One would think the the Spirits would get pissed if their species was getting eaten by species.

    • maybe its like a lion king thing. they understand the circle of life and that everybodys gotta eat. just so longs as they don’t hunt for pleasure/ sport and eat what they kill.

    • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

      It’s mainly the gray spiris who eat each other. Remember what Raigho said about the typical relationship between the gray and the black/white spirits.

      • flyteck

        This is true, but the humans did end up getting angry at the dragons for eating so many of them and wiped them out. I don’t think anyone else has acted that way though. So what you said is 99% true, just wanted to tack that on.

      • actually the black and white have eaten greys. which was the whole reason skoll went to battle the dragon spirit. the dragon was hunting hundreds of grey human souls from the spirit world.

        • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

          Oh ja! I almost forgot about those guys!

  • Deluge

    So guys, pls have faith for them. It would be worth if you miss the chance.

  • Eraine Ng

    May I know why keep update pages only? The drawing are alrrady very impressed for me to say. But I always look forward on the story line, its agony to wait the story continue. Very love this, thank you for the hard work too.

    • I’m not entirely sure it’s the exact/only reason, but they’re planning on publishing the comic, and so want a uniform, updated art style throughout the entire thing, as well as update/re-write the story to fit their current writing style

    • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

      To answer your question, go try being a professional artist and you will understand just how anal we can be over our work.

      • One of my friends worked on a painting for more than a year. Eventually became very beautifully realistic, but to her it still “looks unfinished and bad”. :c

        • Artista

          The moment an artist is satisfied with his work is the day he ceases to be an artist.

        • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

          Such is the tragic destiny of being an artist. :'(

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    • Ashli Blake

      I know! I started laughing when I saw it!

      • Eia01

        Who didn’t? X’DDDDDD Hahaha!!! BEST Iki face so far! Like the time he has food all propped into his mouth :3 (if you’ve come that far? I’ve read every page so far

        • Artista

          I think his best face in his “Darth Vader: face.

  • Ashli Blake

    I love the look on Iki’s face; talk about priceless!

  • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

    That is a long snake. And lol Iki, you non-believer, you. XD

    • Artista

      I wonder if this world has atheists.

      • Fehu is. He said at some point he thinks the blue eyes are just a rare genetic occurrence. Though now who knows what he’ll think after seeing the outcomes of the end of the volume-

        • Fauna

          It’s a long jump from knowing a character don’t believe in a specific religious belief to assuming he’s an atheist, you know :/

      • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

        Iki is one. He doesn’t believe in himself. Lol

  • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

    Iki is the creator of memes.

  • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

    Raigho trying to explain things to Iki is like a parent trying to explain sex to their child. *hands Iki the off white comic* here! Explained through pictures!….. and some words.

  • 拽讬讬诇讬 讘转 讗讘专讛诐

    The white spirit for the eagle reminds me of a Fisher eagle. o3o

  • vienix

    this is a pretty page and all
    i was hoping i’d see them address the issues discussed in the previous page by now.
    oh well, that’s too much to ask i guess

    see you next month guys

  • Artista

    Does anyone else want a cute rred-eyed glowy fox for Christmas?

    • No but I DO want a red-eyed glowy dark wolf! 馃槈

  • I like how Raigho talks about them all having this glorious higher purpose but the picture is just all the black and white spirits getting into hissy fits with each other for no real reason. I especially feel bad for the deer. He looks like he just wants to get the hell out of that mess.


  • Artista

    So…why don’t superhero comics look this fab?

    • Deluge

      Cause they don’t like furry i guess?

    • becuase they dont have 3 seperate people takeing 3 months to create A page. longest they get for 3 months is for the entire book to be done or they get canned.

  • Rookamillion

    Happy 4th of July!

  • It is good to see a new page after so long!!, excellent as always girls, I love the leopard but it seems that he fights whit all the other animals XD
    I also like the fantasy deer! he reminds me of Akreon’s adoptables

    • its got the same exact pose, so that could be a reason why.

  • Artista

    Happy Independence Day, My Comrades! Together we will be the strongest nation in the entire world… who will DOMINATE THE EARTH! Except Germany and Britain, maybe Japan. The world needs tea, beer, and most likely Pokemon to survive.

    • Don’t forget sake!

      • Artista

        Never had sake. (Forgive me, Japan).

    • Rookamillion

      No comrade, we must take over Britain! We need them to produce Fancy tea and Top Hats for us!

  • naelii

    Not to be rude.. but how do they intend to finish this comic? Volume 1 has been in the works since what..2007? They are becoming more and more inactive, and it seems that they will take until at least the end of the year to remake pages. Shouldn’t they add more members to their team?

      • cool I wonder if its a new Witcher

      • Artista

        Let’s see…..managing jobs and school, teach a bird Polish, building their relationship into something stable, the bird adjusting to life in another land with new culture, values etc. gathering research for New concepts to meet time demands for next projekt (gamong indusrry is busy as hell), creating visually unique panels that might take around 4-5 hours…..

    • “they will take until at least the end of the year”

      you mean end of the year 2020 or up.

    • Tagging onto Reddog’s comment, the Off White comic updates on a monthly basis (I don’t think the authors feel comfortable giving their fans a spoken schedule but this timeframe generally goes without saying), so be prepared to wait a while.

    • Anonymous

      We calculated that it will take around 7.5 years to finish the remakes for this volume, and 48 years to finish the other two volumes at this rate. So 55.5 for the entire comic.

      You could go take a look at the big discussion on the previous page if you want (warning: it got heated). We talked about a lot of suggestions for making the comic more active by making merchandise, or since they might not be interested in the comic in 55 years, maybe just sharing the ending and doing a Q&A or something, and most of all, talking more to us (even if it’s only 5 minutes a day to reply to comments or post life updates more frequently). We know it’s a free project for fun, but especially with patreon now not doing much, not many of us seem hopeful.

    • They have jobs and probably families to tend to. Maybe when they finish their next job project, they could pick up the speed with making the comic.

  • cheesecake5573

    Finally my internet connection has been so slow recently it takes around half and hour for anything to load around here thanks for nothing BT
    But it is worth it to see that look on iki’s face the same face I had facing a never ending loading screen

  • goatfromoffwhite銉
  • Moonus

    I’m sorry to say, but Iki legitimately annoys me with his attitude. He complains that nobody tells him anything, but when they actually try to explain what he wants to know, he pushes it away and doesn’t even consider there’s a reason he’s being told this stuff.