• Darkcanine

    She tired the elk and rounded it to Raigho, making her just as important, if not moreso along with Fehu, Iki .-.

  • Shop Dog

    this is the old style, before the old style.

  • L3Wilde

    I never understood this part, you know. The last two panels, I always wondered which came first: “We have to hurry” or “How beautiful! It’s snowing again…”

    • Hopefully it will be more… understandable in the updated page. (!!)

    • Checkers

      Not really? The format of reading is Left to Right, so you read everything left to right down the page. ‘We have to hurry’ would come first because it would mess that format up otherwise.

      (late comment is late but w/e)

  • Again, like all the faces here! (Iki’s sassy face, Fehu’s face, Raigho’s face)
    Also yippee, snooow! It’s so beautiful, ain’t it Raigho? No worries, in a few more years there will OnLY be snow…

  • Shop Dog

    i think iki’s trying the crazy old religious man pose in this one, and fehu remnant of the mk1 version of the comic back when they still used anime symbols.