Oh my god, I love Iki so much XD

  • vienix

    new page in 3 days????? is this the real world? i must be trippin
    i’ll be back tomorrow to process….

  • Aw man, doesn’t look like Iki will be as placated as he was in the first version. Maybe Raigho will be able to get through to him, still?

  • Another new page?!
    Caaanntt… comprehendd.. Too good to be true! *explodes*

    Anyway, superbly awesome page! Better yet, Iki is being so darn funny. XD
    See now, this is why Raigho doesn’t explain things to you, Iki.

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  • Deluge

    The Author’s moving so fast and i was like

    • Deluge

      Also i love Iki’s expressions, his character was priceless XD

    • Rookamillion

      Yeah, Lemming is pretty sweet. XD

      • Deluge

        This ones really legit meme XD

        • Rookamillion

          Why thank ya! 🙂

          • Ponygirl74

            Lemmings Fuck Ya!

      • Jessi

        I read the “Thud” as “THUG THUG THUG” and it only made this a MILLION times better!

        • Rookamillion

          If only I had the photo editing skills to do that. XD It would make it so much better. XD

  • RainingMountains

    A new page only 3 days after the previous?? I was caught completely off guard by this
    Not complaining of course!

    Also can we all just take a moment to bask in the glory that is Iki’s face?

    • Deluge

      ikr, they’re back now and i’m so glad for them

      • Technically, they’re still working on that one project for Witcher, so no guarantees.

        • Artista

          Another Witcher?

          • witcher the card game.

          • Artista

            gwent is fun

  • DarkShadowfax

    Whoo, new page! 😀 So pretty! Love Iki’s exasperated face and I love the epicness of the 2nd and 3rd panels. <3

  • Julian John Mckeon

    I want the second panel where Hati and Skoll are standing on the hill for my background.

    • TheRebelLion96

      I second this request.


  • VERY Pleasantly Surprised

    !!!!! A new page, after everyone was complaining about how slow this was?! WOW!

  • Artista

    Panel 1: Venressi trying to explain patience to the fan base.
    Iki: The fan base not caring.

  • Artista

    Venressi, have you guys ever talked about the OW with some of your co-workers at Projekt RED to get their opinions and critique on it?

  • TheRebelLion96

    …Are Deep Blue…

    • I bet Raigho is trying to get Iki to see that he himself has blue eyes, so connect the dots… but of course, he isn’t our village jest/idiot for nothing!

      • well, its not like he can just pull them out and see his eye color. :v

        • What do you mean, I do it just fine!

          …..am I not supposed to do that? *screams*

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Iki stahp making me look like an idiot while trying not to laugh in front of my family when looking at ur stupid face, please

  • Swifs


  • L3Wilde

    Holy carpals this page caught me off guard 😮

    Also, I always love it when we get these eye closeups. So much detailllll. <3

    And one more thing: Iki. Just, Iki. And the two wolf spirits. Ok everything about this page is just yes

  • Leoshade

    Some merchandise or even a wallpaper of that second panel? ;;

  • Oh my god!!!! an update so fast!!! you make my day girls!! thanks!!

  • madame dead eye

    what is the name of this effect? awesome page

    • Artista

      looks like a mix between blurring and transparency.

      • Nick Lopez

        Makes me wish I had 3D glasses with me. ^^

      • L3Wilde

        Don’t forget that little 3D effect. Think you can achieve that by copying layers, changing their colors to red/cyan and moving the layers in opposite directions or som’fin? idk I looked at many tutorials

        edit: It’s actually called Anaglyph not 3D effect kek. It’s a pretty neat effect tho

  • Nick Lopez

    OMG. Absolutely love the last panel. ^^

  • Rookamillion

    Hows this for a quick update?

  • MrAwesomeMatty

    I can imagine after Iki says “I! DON’T! CARE!”, he literally lets himself fall backwards XD.

  • rhez

    Oh god, Iki is MELTING.

    • Rookamillion

      Sir, you spilled your Iki. XD

  • Cyon

    Those eyes are AMAZING! Desktop background picture anybody?

  • L3Wilde

    Raigho: However, the white one’s eyes…

    Ravetho: …

    Hanzo: … aRE YOURS HAHA GUESs what iki you’re the white spirit lol

    ick: wat

    Raigh: oh also the entire world’s existence lies on your shoulders

    ikarus: .

    *roll credits*

    i shouldn’t be allowed free time

    • whos ravetho, hanzo, raigh, and ikarus? whats going on, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??!! D:

      • Deluge

        I’ll guess, since Icarus is a greek mythology who fly using his father who is Daedalus wing made of wax invention. He endead up fall and die in the sea after the wax melted by the sun which is by Sköll from Norse mythology.

      • Shop Dog

        its there stunt doubles.

  • wow the detail in skolls eyes are amazing

  • Iki’s song:
    I hunted lemmings on a winter day when the pack was gone.
    I crashed my face into the snow. Jera watched, she chewed me out.
    I bitched back cuz she never teaches me anything.
    I crashed my face into the snow.
    I! Don’t! Care! I love it.
    I! Don’t! Care!

    I got pissed when Raigho told me of a friend that is long gone.
    I crashed my face into the snow. I bitched, I was so mad!
    I told him I’m sick of his shit and wanted the truth right now!
    I crashed my face into the snow.
    I! don’t! care! I love it.
    I! don’t! care!

    He told me different stories, of spirits like Hati and Sköll
    He mentions colored eyes, but I don’t give a fuck
    His stories are so damn annoying, I just wanna kill a lemming
    He’s from the olden days, but I’m a spoiled bitch
    I love it!
    I love it!


    • spiritmoon

      OH MY GOD XD This is beautiful!

    • Eia01

      lol XD

    • Artista

      I woke up 3am to watch some Netflix
      I drew some porny fanart
      And wrote some slashy fanfic
      I keep thinking they’d make such a good pair
      In cannon they have never met
      I! Don’t! Care!

      We’re off the cannon grounds we’re up in crackship space
      Let’s start a shipping war
      Don’t care if I get hat
      Don’t like my pairings well then you can hit the bricks
      This is my OTP I’ll go down with ship!
      I! Don’t! Care! I ship it!

      I hate how catchy this song is.

  • Emareee

    I like this new Iki, he’s such a brat. xD

    It makes…*cough*thebite*cough*….later on more acceptable, like it was gonna come someday cos dad doesn’t have any patience for Iki’s shit

  • WARxWOLF86

    Wait what another page? Gauss i need to start cheaking more often

  • blop

    This page is absolutely stunning, well done girls.

  • Eia01

    I LOVE THIS!!! X’D

  • Deluge

    I don’t know what else to do but XD.

    • Wolfie

      Ahhaha xD

  • Shelly

    Those eyes are beautiful!

  • Artista

    I look forward to see how Iki’s romance scenes will be done…

  • Artista

    Wonder how long till OW gets 34d.

    • That which must not be named!!!

      • Artista

        Thankfully the only slash was done by FleshCreature. There is hope.

      • Nick Lopez

        If that does happen, please let it be Kaya or Isa in good quality and in a very open position. ^^

        • I don’t know why I burst out laughing. XD

          • Artista

            Well, I’ve officially fan-established them as the conquering in-laws, soo…

        • Jett Ashfeild

          Or Jera 😉

    • Rookamillion

      The long awaited day of Ragnarock my friend. XD

      • Artista

        Would that be better or worse than the Porn Invasion of 2015? (Worse).

        • Rookamillion

          It depends, where you on the forum to witness the pr0nbot and salesman invasion of 2014? XD

          • “Buy our kitchens!” *SMASH*

            Rook whacking salesmen out the windows since 2014.

          • Artista

            no. I didn’t visit the forums much.

          • Rookamillion

            It was horrifying.

          • Shop Dog

            oh the dutch kitchen people.

  • Ashley van der Ham

    Cant wait for the book to be finished. I wanna buy it already D: the art is sooo incredible and soo is the story.

    • Savage Cute Wolf

      Well, they uploaded the re-done pages twice a month and they still have approximately 100 pages to be redone. So, it’s about 50 month (4 year 2 month). Let just hope those girls can make this comic run faster. This is free after all.

      • Ashley van der Ham

        it already took super long for the book to finaly be finished, i hope they work faster, if its going to take another 4 years i might lose interest to buy it. since the story is (for this book) pretty much done. so i only briefly admire the new pages and kind of await till its FINALY updated.

        • Not much luck, since they’re all concept artists for CD Projekt Red, they’ll be spending the vast majority of the time working. :>
          However, in between projects, they’ll have pleeeeenty time, or unless the game is into the works and past the conceptualizing stage.

          • Ashley van der Ham

            I see.. I just really hope the book itself wont take years more to be done for the art style. I’d really just want to buy it.

          • I’m sure they won’t be made to work sleepless nights too often. ^^’
            Maybe after a few weeks or months, the concept stage is done, and they’ll have more free time! Hopefully a few weeks only.

  • HutchTheLupe

    xDDD!!!! OMG THE IKI’S FACES!! jajaajjajaaaa, every page is getting better and better, nothing more to say, BTW girls can you make a wallpaper for the second panel please!

  • cheesecake5573

    Cant use my account right now on my computer and have been deprived of my internet for to long i am currently using my grandparents old laptop that has a better wifi connection but it is so ancient a word for you all out there JUST KEEP SWIMMING! just keep swimming through time i will be back the day after tomorrow only to be away for two weeks in god knows where i hope you guys are having a better time than me

  • Hey Artista, you remember the thing you did a while back about the OW characters discussing the angry fans and then about Gebo being submissive? I’m in the process of making it a thing! c:

    • Artista


    • קיילי בת אברהם

      The thing has become a thing. Finally.

      • Artista

        Verrick: Zhuli,, do the thing!

    • Shop Dog

      yes please make more gif meams. i hunger for comment spoof art.

  • Saikkusukka

    I could use Iki’s face anywhere. The I. Don’t. Care! meme!
    Gorgeous artwork though. I love how Iki and Skoll stand together like that and neither is oversaturated or overshadowed.
    And Iki’s eyes in the last panel…..Oh my dear giblets

  • Wolfie

    Woah…..the eyes….you guys has improved a lot

  • Artista

    I think Iki is going to blurt, “hey they began hunting!” before Raigho says, ‘deep blue. ‘

  • Iki, eat a snickers. You become a drama queen when you’re hungry.

    • Shop Dog

      found it!

  • קיילי בת אברהם

    Lol. Iki.

  • קיילי בת אברהם

    I swear to myself I will become as masterful at Photoshop as you, Jessi, Kate, and Anna. Then I will wield the skills like a mighty hammer of Thor and break the Internet.

    • Shop Dog

      looking down on ye mortal from above

      we need more of these, theres nothing happening here any more.

  • Artista

    Pray for the families and loved ones of Nice, France, everyone. Viva La Francois!

    • קיילי בת אברהם

      We (Germany) increased our strength along our boarders and check points.

      • Artista

        Ein! 😀

  • Julius525

    Just love Iki’s expression LMAO XD

  • קיילי בת אברהם

    Can’t stop oogling over the art. <3

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing back fan art features! It helps make the comic feel more alive inbetween pages, and it’s awesome to find new artists!

  • Artista

    This is a very random question, but does anyone know why/how some veterans have very dark eyes to pitch black?

    • possibly due to constant production of certain chemicals in the brain. when under high stress your brain pools out adrenaline, which causes the pupils to expand. if the body continuously poors adrenaline out (at least 2 years for soldiers) then the brain thinks the body is entirely reliant on it and just continuously produces it despite no longer being in a high stress environment.

      it can also be caused by injury such as stroke, chemical poisoning, or from some brain damage.

  • SiriusCL

    Goddamn, your art has improved so much *^* I’m going crazy over the last panel… TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!! This page came up pretty quick huh, guessing it was already done but just needed a few touch ups. Hope you guys are doing well, and end up rocking the first volume soon 😛

    Seriously do the majestic eye zoom up for Hati *0*

  • Artista

    Söll for President 2016! Those eyes could hypnotize everyone into voting for him. No…better. Sköll for Midgardsorm Man Hunt and Cromlech Idol!

  • Can I haz last panel pleez.

    I mean look at them eyes. Them eyes be rad. I want them eyes.

  • HutchTheLupe

    the details are getting better and better every page you update girls, but people never forget!

    • he was still a cute ass fluff then as well and a really detailed cute ass fluff now

      • HutchTheLupe

        i want a remake of that face, that will make me so happy :3

  • Artista

    Damn, it’s quite here. You know…one day there will have to be an abridged version of this.

  • Shop Dog

    i need some 3d glasses for this picture.

  • Artista

    Someone needs to make a meme out of the last panel. Something about hypnosis?

    • Deluge

      Lemme think about that xD

  • Deluge

    When someone didn’t expected

    • Deluge


      • Shop Dog

        is that anderson and lanson? i dont know, im not sure which blast site this was.

        • Deluge

          Don’t know who test the nuclear nor the place where they tryout.

          • Shop Dog

            united stated, bikini atoll. i just don’t know which bomb this one was.

    • Shop Dog
      • Deluge

        Awe ^_^ the old times.

  • Lizzy Wister

    Can’t get over the third panel, its too amazing 。゜(`Д´)゜。

  • Deluge


  • Wolfheart

    Kinda wish there was a wallpaper of that second panel, its so gorgeous o3o

    • KaGaOri

      There is a wallpaper of the second panel on Patreon, but you have to be patron to see it. I would very much like to have the third panel as wallpaper, though. Those eyes are amazing.

  • Brynn Cherrier

    When you want to be a patreon, but then you realize you are broke

  • Nova Alexandria

    This page is not showing up in the archive 🙁 Beautiful as ever.

  • Deluge

    I wanna be the very best!!

    • Shop Dog

      om my god your cant get away from this stuff. its every where.

      • Deluge

        Much prefer to play GBA than walking on the outisde like a lunatic that is not aware of his surrounding XD

        • WARxWOLF86

          I play pokemon go but only when im bored and waiting but much prefor to play gta 5 on xbox one im over lever 320 on there no cheats glitches shark cards or mods

          • Deluge

            . Oh XBOX, i remember when i bullied and beaten the hell out of the one who teach me how to play Bloody Roar, Tekken, MVC’s and other games on XBox and he got really piss off when you’re good on your first time. XD

          • WARxWOLF86

            Oh yeah i love it when the try hards fail and your not even trying and succeed while there dead and watching you they get so mad they either rage quit or try and kill you the next round

          • Deluge

            yep it happends to me a lot XD i feel you man.

          • i helpped my mom catch some pokemon as we drove around all day specifically for the game. caught her a few new ones and evolved others.

            personally i want the game, but not till gen 2 comes out, if ever with how things are going for it right now. so that i can catch a houndoom.


          • Deluge

            Mine’s Milotic. I would be satisfied to own it, what matter is

          • Deluge

            And you need a fucking Pamtre Berry, which the old man give you only 1 but it needs many to evolve Feebas. Itis really pain in my head to plant every 2 hrs and gives you only 1. FUUUUUUUUU!!

    • I’M CRYING

    • Archbishop Fab Sakaki finally catches the legendary Sköll with Team Rocket 7even, being too busy finding other Shiny Pokèmon on his own! (Not to mention being a Shiny hirself)

      But with grave news, it is presumably only to find they caught the rarest of them all…. One which near everyone considers the most worst Pokèmon ever!


      HP:40 Attack: 60 Defense: 39 Speed: 105 (Due to evasiveness of Jera)

      Eat –Will attempt to eat targets. Heals or damages. May or may not result very badly
      Fail –You guessed it
      Wail –Iki will express his upset feelings and confusion. Unclear as to the effect.
      Annoy –Irritates targets. His stupidity and annoyance can be very dangerous. Usually only to him.

      Special move (Only when you bother him enough)

      S. Attack: 200
      S. Defense: 130

      • Deluge

        But the Team 7even didn’t even know his special ability, of course even the owner gets in trouble XD

  • don’t have a phone like that (or ipod) to get Pokemon go i only have an ipad and 3ds I feel so left out :'(

    • i think you can play it on ipad. as long as 4G or whatever is available.

  • Ikis face in the first panel!! I’m dying!!! hahaha

  • XD

  • Luca

    I actually loved that iki was actually listening to Raigho

  • Bouh

    That’s Naruto and Sasuke right there