• Shop Dog

    drawn back when hummers where still a thing.

    • Goes to show how ancient a relic this page and Albert’s taste in cars is. XD

  • Ponygirl74

    Looks like the snowstorm with the headlights of the Hummer, makes the shape of a wolves face.

  • Phoenix

    I love the sketchy look of the hummer in the third panel!

  • David

    wait what. what the hell is up i thought this was gonna be all ancient timey

    • The “RoseRed” Skittle

      Yea, and how often do you see a Hummer now adays?
      It is ancient.

  • Checkers

    I remember first seeing this page and the sketch lines of the jeep and my only thought on it was ‘that must have been hell to draw’.

    Considering the amount of effort that went into the perspective of the sled panel on a later page, that thought still stands.