• Phoenix

    The second panel is beautiful

  • NatureCreature

    So I went to this page and at the bottom I see an ad for none other than the comic Off-White.

    • Haha, same here!

    • Mischeive

      its fatebound for me

  • WolfPelt

    in the first panel the elk is like “Can’t touch this” and looking all badass 😀


  • (next panel)

    The deer continues to run, dragging all three wolves in tow with its burning will to survive!

    Jera: “Dmmt! Vit iff too fffst!!!”

  • Isa looks so fabulous in that third panel for some reason :’D

    and poor Fehu. Gets yelled at for something that is hardly his fault :c

  • Artista

    Shouldn’t it be “these” instead of “those”? Showing the effects of Fehu’s age like this does a good job of giving us an idea of how old he really is.

  • Anna

    Fehu in the last panel is priceless. Poor old Fehu.

  • Wolfie

    beautiful ;A; poor Fehu XD

  • Pilot

    What’s your excuse, Jera? :v

    • Deluge

      Blame Xd

    • the support disconnected.

  • Deluge
  • Kaitlin

    Whoo! I’m so exctied for this new page! Looks AWESOME!

  • Akela missed his kill.

  • Fehu looks so cute and silly in the last panel

    • Artista

      I really want to pet his belly. Who else?

  • Susan

    I think if you want Fehu to be talking about his own teeth you should use “these” and not “those”. Right now its like he’s talking about Jera’s teeth.

    Sorry if this is annoying, you can ignore it if you want. I remember you mentioned somewhere that you appreciated English pointers.

    • ST

      It’s an odd way to say it, for sure, but it can still work (though I assume most would say ‘these,’ of course). As is, it can also be read as Fehu referring to his teeth as some separate entity–as in, “While my body may still work, those teeth [of my body] aren’t as good as they used.” Not sure if I’m explaining this well enough, but, basically, I see it as Fehu talking about his teeth as something separate from himself, and, thus, he can excuse himself in Jera’s face for not holding on properly.

  • (Says Jera as everyone lets go)

  • L3Wilde

    Looks like Fehu could use some teeth-strengthening Sköllgate ©™

    • goatfromoffwhiteツ

      That’s exactly what I thought !

    • Artista

      I am so glad that Thing hasn’t died!

  • Wolfess4

    Why does every page have to be criticized

    • becuase its simply jokeing around most the time. it also helps the artists improve by pointing out flaws and how to fix them.

  • Luss

    With anatomically incorrect teeth like that, of course a hunt ain’t working Fehu

    • Fehu knows someone messed around with the ordering of his teeth.
      Explains why he refers to them as “those”. XD

      (At least he didn’t have a gender mishap like someone here)

      • Mossy

        what’s wrong with the way his teeth are drawn? they seem well drawn

        • I myself actually don’t see what’s wrong with them, Luss pointed it out.
          (Though I’m thinking that it’s different from Jera’s set of teeth)

          • TheIncredibleHibby

            I think I know what they might be talking about, the first panel looks like he only has 5 upper incisors instead of 6…however that still wouldn’t really make Luss’ comment any more correct seeing as incisors don’t have anything to do with holding on to that leg xD

      • He’s a cheap scape. He gets his dental work done at some cheapo dentist on the other side of Daleko.

    • I think they’re anatomically perfect? Must be just me tho.

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    I wonder, if Fehu’s 7 years old, then is he really that old to be weaker than others ? He’s only 2 years older than Raigho and Jera

    • Artista

      Isn’t 7 approximately middle age? I thought he’d be around ten or eleven.

      • Heemajeebit

        7 is quite old for wolves in the wild. While they can live to be 15 or 16 in captivity, it is very rare for a wild wolf to get past 10 (though it can happen!). But larger animals such as wolves tend to start to slow down around 7 years old.

        Of course this is a fantasy comic so real world rules may not apply. xD

    • well 7 is 49 in dog years.

      • Not very accurate to go by the 7-year thing, otherwise that’d make young adult wolves only 7 years old, or 14.

    • Blegh

      Two years is a lot for wolves.

  • Spiritstrike

    Better brace yourselves for Raigo the Barbarian!

    • i really hope that doesint happen again. it was incredibly unrealistic for a wolf to do that along with the way the deer fell/ reacted.

    • Butterflyhornet

      Oh yeah the great Raigo to the rescue! Not to mention he will be about 40% more heroic than last time. This deer is more badass than the last because this one took down 3 wolves rather than 2. Or should I say the old one only faced 1 wolf that tried to bite but missed. https://web.archive.org/web/20151008094623/http://off-white.eu/comic/page-25/

  • Eia01

    I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! And I LOVE the last panel!! Hahah XD

  • rhez

    Take a good look at this old geezer here and ask him again why the hell he let go.

  • Dear Fenrir, this page is hilarious. XD
    Fehu in last panel is the BEST.

  • Rookamillion
    • Rookamillion
      • Shop Dog

        thug life

        • Rookamillion
          • Oh dear Lordy what in the world XD


          • caffine is suggested to be more like cocaine for spiders.

          • Rookamillion

            Try telling that to the crack cocaine spider. XD

          • Rookamillion

            If every documentary was like this, I might actually watch some of them. XD

          • Artista

            Watching this while eating is not a good idea.

          • Rookamillion

            I disagree, it is surely the best idea. XD

          • Shop Dog

            love how accurate this documentary is.

          • Rookamillion

            Drug abuse and gang life is a hot topic affecting the inner-forest wood spiders these days.

      • Deluge

        For real i laugh at the last part XD

    • Ichimatsu Matsuno

      Swag deer x Dapper

      • Rookamillion


  • suzq044

    The expression of Fehu in the last panel. Lol

  • For a moment I thought Fehy had abs in the first panel.

  • Zatyr

    THATS WHY wolves dont go directly to the legs, because they can get kick. They prefer the soft parts, or the neck when they have the chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfGP4Xbme3o

    yeah i know this is just a comic but…meh, just saying

    • Well, first off they should be exhausting the elk (wolves have great stamina), and also go for the rump (specifically the perineum) to incur heavy blood loss (soft part.. Yum). Makes it easier.
      Of course, who knows how long they’ve been hangry.

    • they go for the legs, just definitely not those parts. they go for the thigh area. if they mess up the thighs enough the animal cannot run properly and causes it a lot of pain. possibly even making a leg go lame from muscle damage.

      • Zatyr Lucy

        (Another website used my facebook to create an account yesterday and now it seems it automaticaly works here too lol)
        Yeah, i guess in this case Fehu’s mistake was that he was bitting to low, near the hoof, not just his old teeth heh
        Now i just want to know in the next page how the heck Raigho is gonna take down that caribou without breaking a sweat.

      • Artista

        So in other words, Fehu jacked up the whole thing.

        • more like this pack has no idea how to hunt. if real wolfs went for the leg parts they bit:

          1 they dont really harm the deer. theres nothing but thick ass bone there.

          2 they’ll get runned over with literal bone crushing power by the deer as it can easily drag 3 wolfs. not to mention they’ll be holding a part that moves the most as the deer run.

          • I really wanted to see the deer run off with three wolves as legs.

          • the new bracelet trend of the deer world!!

  • Shop Dog

    aww poof fehu

  • Julian John Mckeon

    Anyone else picturing Fehu doing a Loony Tunes and going like this?

  • He’s also asking to throw out his back with that kind of activity. XD

    • Artista

      Oh man. Fehu is going to be the brunt of all sorts of ‘old man’ jokes. Poor guy!

  • Nick Lopez


  • lol they got rekt

  • Artista

    They better give Gebo more of an arc! I refer back to mine and Goldenwolf’s convo on the previous page.

  • Artista

    You know a wolf is really old when he forgets to bite the meaty part of a caribou’s hind leg. You can blame it on your teeth, Old Dog, but you CAN’T escape the truth!

    • Deluge

      I wonder how the Elk kick Fehu since the teeth immobalize the tendons. It should rip apart of his Tendons skin if it slide into Fehu’s throat.

      • he didint hit the tendons, he mostly bit into the thick ass bone. even when the deer kicked it had no bad effects on the tendons. if any of the wolfs wanted the tendons they would have to bite from a side angle over the oddly back one they did.

  • Rookamillion

    I guess you can say he lives….THE THUD LIFE!


  • Shop Dog

    theres a bug with the end page button that takes you to the link for this page instead of the last page of the comic.

    • Rookamillion

      Oh wow, it does. Good catch Shop.

  • Hey everybody! You’re all awesome.

  • Shop Dog
    • Deluge

      Okay, enough internet for today. This frightens me in 3:43 A:M

  • Deluge
  • Deluge
    • Deluge
    • NOPE.



    • That spider would be a great spy-der.
      I’m done.

      • Spider -> Spy-der -> Spy Deer

        ….no wonder the spider and elk are brother species!

        • …tmw when you realize bad puns are connected to the spiritual origins of species.

          • Deluge

            True true

    • Rookamillion
      • That is no joke one of the mist terrifyingest gifs i’ve ever seen i mean look at that holyshit.

      • Deluge

        Human:Oh what is this? , it’s like hair maybe i should touch it
        Few seconds later….

        • human: oh a fuzzy caterpillar! ill just pet it! 😀

          -1 sec later- not a caterpillar!!! D:

          • Artista

            Spiders: PLAAYYY!
            Human: OMFG! *screams*

      • WARxWOLF86

        Starter fluid and a lighter had to do it a few times on spiders and bees

          • If it were me, I would be quietly whispering with a grim expression on my face, “worth it,” even as firemen were clambering to rescue my needlessly endangered house.

          • In the end, the spider still got out alive!

          • WARxWOLF86

            Not yet had to roast these bees the other day out of my farm trucks passenger door and its still standing https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6bfec5c61986abefa8aaa60d353e5418cc994780b824ecc3afc23cd33c9649d6.jpg

          • Shop Dog

            there was this other guy that had to cut a hive out of a truck tyre.https://youtu.be/IW9zAiOUl28

          • WARxWOLF86

            Nope nots saving them after getting stung 15 time over the peried of a year bees mean nothing to me excluding honey bees there cool

          • Lunatalia

            Bumblebees need saving, too. Cute little things. Did you know that they can put their wings “out of gear” so that their flapping generates heat instead of lift? It allows them to start pollinating earlier in the year than other bees. Coolest little fluffs you ever did see.

          • Shop Dog

            not really they leave you alone if you don’t f with them directly and keep your distance however attracting the truck and bumping around might set them off.

          • I’m terrified of yellow jacket wasps (hardly bees, we chill out in the garden), mostly since they like to be touchy, but I learned they just reaaaallyy like to get on everything.
            I even rescue the lil buggers from danger

          • and setting there nest on fire like the person did.

          • WARxWOLF86

            Its kinda funny to because i just got this truck a week earlier and drove it 30 km on a bumpy back road from town to my farm and around my the place almost daily doing chores and never noticed them then i went to clean it out and heard a hum while i was standing right there next to the nest so i grabed my lighter and can of ether wicth was right there because its a old diesel farm truck and then roasted them and crushed the nest

          • i dont think they were there for the drive. that nest in the picture is incredibly small like they maybe started it a few hours, to just a day ago.

          • WARxWOLF86

            You think?? You think they can build a nest that fast and i never actually knew hkw long it takes that why i figured it came from the other guys place because i rarly see bee nests at my place well at least that bug

          • well the nest in the picture is basically just started. its like the core for the nest. its just a bit of comb with a thin outer layer. also those arnt bees, their wasps or hornets, which are waaaay worse. they’re super aggressive and unlike bees they dont die after they sting. and can repeatedly sting you as much as they want. some can be brutal enough where they dont bother stinging and literally just bite a chunk out of your skin.

            hornets nest are suppose to be 12 times that size when completed. some have filled up entire rooms.


            the difference between a bee and hornets nest is that a bees hive is very open, unless they have like a crevice in the tree to build in, where it doesint have that layered round shell. while hornets and wasps make their circular hives in a form of paper mache. they make a paste in their mouths and spit it around the hive, it dries into a paper texture. since they do layers of it, they get a swirly patter of rings in the paper layers.


            bee vs wasp:

          • WARxWOLF86

            Well thats very good to know thanks

      • Artista

        How do those spiderlings fits in that tiny thing?

        • The entire fuzzy mass is entirely composed of lil harvestmen.

        • that tiny thing IS the spiders. curled up in a ball. the “fuzz” are mutiple spider legs. you see the middle chunk of it missing, becuase they ran away.

    • Artista

      Why hasn’t someone used any spider scnes from HP and the Chamber of Secrets? Ron’s faces are hilarious!

  • Pilot

    Normally don’t post stuff unrelated to Off-White, but guys on the East cost, I hope you all stay safe.

    • Artista

      My prayers with those people. Especially those reporters out there! Just now Fox reported 300 dead. To ANYONE on the East Coast, I implore you to evacuate if your officials have advised you to! This beast is leaving a lifeless bodies behind. Evacuate if possible.

      • Pilot

        Wow. Already that high of a number..

        • Artista

          Excuse me, I meant to say, “300 dead in Hati.” I feel terrible for that country. They can’t ever get a break.

          • Pilot

            Yeah, damn. :/

  • Artista

    According to CNN, only a 50-year-old woman has died from the storm because hospitals couldn’t respond to emergency responses. It is now a category 3. Evacuation are still goning on. http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/06/us/hurricane-matthew-live-updates/index.html

    • Deluge

      Shoot… This is madness, hope the people in the East Coast be safe. It really saddens me to hear about the Elder and it’s painful to imagine on what happen to her

  • Shop Dog

    theres been a series of violent clown impersonator attacks down the street from my dorm. the actual clowns in tulsa are forming together in groups agents the dangerous clown imposters because its putting the lives of real clowns in danger of being mistaken for the others by the locals and police. thus starting the clownlives matter chants.

    • Rookamillion

      Any clown that comes near my house won’t live to regret it. XD

      • Artista

        Let’s see…firearm…butcher knives….metal bat…that one teacher you hate…archery set…chain….Chuck Norris…Hillary Clinton (for decoy and threats)….Donald Trump (for decoy and taunting)…and either a German Shepherd or Pit Bull….Walter C. Dornez…and Jan Valentine, and you’re all set!

        • Shop Dog

          might as well phone the hellsing organization while your at it.

    • I heard the sightings have extended all the way to like 20 other states? Honestly this shit isn’t funny anymore.

      • Shop Dog

        its like a repeat of the killer clowns back in the 80’s. it wasn’t until we showed the clowns getting there asses kicked that they lost there balls and stopped doing it. i think with all the PC no hate stuff anti gun culture and weak police there making a comeback now because there cot seeing anyone to stop them other than the locals.

        • I don’t even live in the us, but I can’t believe the police haven’t been able to handle it? I mean, maybe it’s more complicated than it seems, but if random people could tape clowns…

          • Artista

            Police need leads to go on. Generally, these clowns may hide in areas that give them a wide range of cover and hiding space, like the woods or forest. Without any leads, they can’t do a crackdown on these people. The clowns could also ‘hide in plain sight’ by taking off their costumes. To do this correctly, they need to capture a clown, or find his/her real identity, both of which can be hard to do. Even with a giant search party, chances of coming up with any success or leads are slim.The fact it’s becoming a national problem makes it that much more complicated. Police can only do so much, and they can’t dedicate all their time to this sole issue on top the hundreds already on their plate.

          • Shop Dog

            or we could beat up every suspicious clown that comes near us show it on the media and tv until they get the message if you come out doing that shit your getting your brains bashed in on sight and theyll stop. thats agin how it stopped in the 80s.

          • Artista

            That’s more of a public obligation, though. Police can’t exactly do that without leads.

          • Shop Dog

            and you point, is this is a fear issue, if the people look like just as challenging of targets as going after police officers thats a good form of repulsion.

          • Artista

            Not to be rude, Shop, but if I have to guess whether or not you’re starting off with a question or statement then you need to check your grammar, or at least, use of commas before you post. I’m assuming you meant, “And your point is? This is a fear issue.”

          • Shop Dog

            im sorry my English isn’t that great, im not a writer or a people person. im a machine person, my public education came close to worthless at times and most of what i learned came from people outside of school, old machinery’s handbooks and talking with people in comment sections.

          • Artista

            School is only useful until the 6th grade, in my opinion. I wish I could get rid of high schools and replace them with apprenticeships. Get started with our lives a lot sooner. College is actually very disappointing. Only slightly better than high school education-wise.

          • Shop Dog

            not all ways true but in a lot of places true

        • I guess there’s a little Pennywise in all of us

      • Lunatalia

        States? Dude, the insanity’s gone north of the border. We’re seeing Mad Clown Disease up in Canada, too.

        • Holy shit, all the way there?? Did it just become some kind of trend of a sudden?
          Has there been any incidents or are they only sightings?

    • Artista

      Same clown shit happened at my college. spilling oil in the lot. This is in Texas.

      • Shop Dog

        im glad my collage has armed guards and also on airport property, any threat agents the collage is technically a threat to the airport so we can scramble the police or airport guards in addition to regular guards.

      • Rookamillion

        So in other words, just your normal day in Texas? XD

        • Artista

          It WOULD be normal if there were bullet holes in his body. ;I Gotta admit, Maxim’s map of the world had Texas rightly labeled as ‘weapons fanatics.’ Course, you gotta be careful on the road because we have a problem with idiots shooting drivers dead because of raod rage. So, bad driving can increase your chance of getting killed in some instances.

    • Clown stalked (and approached) our band during the football game. Screaming and running ensued. For the wrong reasons.

      Also, our security chased them right up to jumping the fences. XD

      • Shop Dog

        and they didn’t draw or chase em down slackers.

        • What I meant was they even jumped the fence to chase him, not stopped at it.
          They went pretty darn far until we couldn’t see em. (At least more than a mile)

  • Deluge