• Ariel

    awwww poor Iki lol

  • lol

  • Deluge

    That’s me when i tried to help someone and ended up to be a burden. Just why Raigho why…..?

  • Alas, poor Iki. You spent all that time leveling up your lemming hunting skills thst you completely forgot about stamina xP

  • HutchTheLupe

    HE IS DOING HIS BEST!, love it!

  • Yayyyy!

  • Rachel Gatlin

    I always love to see a new beautiful page, but to be honest my interest in this comic has been dwindling because it feels like it will never be done. These come out so slowly. According to the journal on Deviantart there are still a ton of redo pages to go. At a rate of about one redo page every month and sometimes longer than a month, it’s going to take years for this first volume to be finished before the story can resume. I have been battling depression and sometimes I feel I won’t be around long enough to see stories like this finished. That thought makes me sadder. Anyway what I mean to say it I can’t wait for the story to continue. There are a lot of things I have been wondering about for a long time.

    • I have found that seeing Off-White as a fun, monthly activity– kinda like a hypothetical art magazine that publishes monthly issues with a bonus art piece at the end that’s a comic page– instead of a real graphic novel helps me stay sane. It’s kind of like this monthly example page of how to make a comic page work, while faithful subscribers get to piece together the story for themselves over time.

      …. ugh that made more sense in my head…

      • Shop Dog

        i just stick around for the chat room

        • Artista

          same. They should try getting a few of their Projekt Red co-workers on the line, and reduce quality some.

          • well hopefully the card game project, once finished, will help them let out on page making.

            but i agree with everything above. if you only update once a month with little to no interaction with the fanbase, it does begin to really stretch for people and there comes a point were the authors need to fix this issue or move on.

            i seriously doubt people will be happy still reading the same old stuff in 2021 – 2026 when were all 5-10 years older.

          • a little calc got me to guess that in order to complete all the old stuff within 2 years, they need to finish 7.5 comics a month.

          • Soviet Kapitan

            Yeah, besides they are making much more pages per chapter than before, so – more years, more pages per month.

          • Soviet Kapitan(I hate commies)

            Actually it would be very easy to solve this problem by adding more artists. Come on, world is full of beautiful digital art artists (the one who draw Bjorn, for example – that totally looks like Off-White!), it would be no problem to get at least 10 people working on this thing. Then it would also be possible to finish all three volumes in a no-time!

          • trouble is about how to pay these authors.

            or the same issues jessie had like the different time zones.

            and other things like finding mutiple artists that can mimic the style and have enough free time to work with it.

            doesint help to have 10 authors but half are sleeping, a quarter are expensive to pay, and the rest dont have time to work.

            the girls already added jessi to help the creation pace, and still look what happened. were still at the comic takeing a snails pace. how many more authors need to be added before we can catch up with time?

            and just how many names can be squeezed onto the covers. :>

          • Soviet Kapitan

            No, I meant only those who agree to help without payment.
            There are many with similar style.

          • there are still the other issues.

          • Soviet Kapitan

            If they have absolutely no free time to work, then they can just not sign up.

          • and that takes off many artists from the list.

          • Artista

            You basically just described the animation industry. Works like Sintel are filled with that mess.

          • Artista

            I would LOVE to start a Gwent club at my college! It’s so fun!

          • Shop Dog

            they should have a gwent tab

          • Artista

            I think Heaven is calling my name.

      • Also to be fair, there was far less than a month’s time between this page and the last.

      • Artista

        Ever thought about being a counselor?

      • Rookamillion

        I love the comic, but it’s the people who bring me back here everyday.

    • Everdream

      Yeah, I think they need to either add more people to the project, or lower the art quality, or both. Normally, I’m a “it’s wroth the wait if the quality is better” type of person, but this is swinging too far in that direction, (not sure how to put it better) There has to be some type of balance between art quality and update frequency. You can’t have good art and update once a month, and you can’t have terrible art and update every day. Swing to far in either direction and you lose the audience.

      This used to be my favorite comic, but my interest has waned because I’ve found other comics that update more frequently, and the story of this one has ceased to progress. All we are seeing is old stuff re visioned and that is all we are going to see for years. I’m honestly afraid this comic is losing it’s audience, and I think it is because new pages get far fewer comments than they used to. I wish I had came across this comic years from now when it is finally finished, because it honestly is not worth waiting for years to follow the story.

      I’m not trying to be a whiny asshole nor am I trying to be rude/irritating. I’m just giving a honest and hopefully useful to the authors feedback.
      Most of this comment was more directed towards the authors, but to Rachel:

      I hope things work out for you. I’ve had moments when I thought I
      wouldn’t live much longer, but things got better. There is always the possibility of things getting better even if doesn’t seem like it could be so, and it often doesn’t seem like it could be so because of the depression. Please don’t give up.

  • Dat tongue, Iki.

    Don’t worry Iki, I can toooootaaallly relate. XD

    • Deluge

      What?! XD

  • Anon

    BEAUTIFUL. Raigho looks so badass in the last panel and your skies make me want to cry. Great job, love it!

  • Shop Dog

    ya new page, somebody hasn’t been working out.

  • Peridactyl

    Snake-ish tongue, panel 2

  • Deluge
  • Eia01

    Bwahahahahahah X’DDD

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    “Don’t worry…I can… keep up…” – this is me at P.E.

    • Curiously, despite being rather out of shape and terrible at breathing (small chest, skinny, and asthma), people have trouble keeping up with me. XD
      It’s cuz I really love hunting down prey/other peeps

  • how can a wolf be this out of shape? i cant imagine it being that possible unless hes got asthma.

    • Anon

      I would like to believe the asthma thing from now on, hahaha. TAKE YA DAMN PUFFERS BOY.

  • Jett Ashfeild

    I read that last part in deadpool’s voice XD

  • I’ve never taken Iki as one to have a sharp tongue.
    *ba dum tss*…

    I’ll show myself to the door…

    • Ichimatsu Matsuno

      Best comment

  • when iki goes skoll mode its over 9000

  • madame dead eye
    • Artista

      That’s me on Tuesdays. Right before school starts.

    • Julian John Mckeon

      That’s me whenever I have to mow the lawns, or go to my Job search provider.

  • Shop Dog

    wow only 40 comments.

    • Soviet Kapitan

      It’s 60 now.

  • Artista

    So, how many of you all hear Iki’s ‘voice’ as the v.a. that voices Sumiko’s Wolfen?

  • Wolf Tears

    I don’t think Iki is out of shape so much as he is just too lazy to put in his full effort.

  • Artista

    All right, chaps, since it will be a while before the next update, I have some comic suggestions to balance your comic cravings. If you’re a Zootopia fan, I recommend “Inter Schminter.” http://spintherella.deviantart.com/gallery/59815492/INTER-SCHMINTER

    Nord Guard by Scewbald/Blotch/Kenket (you can find it on YouTube).

    Several comics by my favorite Norwegian artist Oomizuao. This is just one of them. The rest are in her gallery. Not a bad artist either. She does all sorts of stuff. Oh, and I recommend her novel “SPIKE.” Be warned though, some material you may not find suitable. Part of the stories’ conflict is the protagonist’s relationship with his verbally/sexually/physically abusive uncle, and his strained relationship with his best friend, Sam. The links for these are http://oomizuao.deviantart.com/art/Little-Moments-632040811 and “http://oomizuao.deviantart.com/gallery/15894619/SPIKE-the-novel” respectively.

    • Deluge

      Holy fuck!! You just bring out my favorite comic fanfiction “Inter Schminter”.
      Guys i highly recommended you to read what Artista bring in his bag.

      • Artista

        Out of all the fan comcis I’ve read “Inter Schminter” tops them all, may even the comic “Judy is Dead.” I love how Spin portrays Nick, and adds to his character. She made Nick such a gentlemen, but can still be the sarcastic hustler.

        • I’ve read “Judy is Dead”, too!
          Such an agonizing life Nick lead. :c

          Currently reading fan comic Zistopia, and there were a few other fan fictions, but I cannot recall their names at the moment.

        • Deluge

          Narrator:)After Deluge finish reading on “Judy is dead”, Deluge looking menacingly at Artista in the eye and say.
          Deluge:)Artista, you gotta pay my bills for the leakage of my tears you “sniff” you!! Gahhhh!! T_T
          Yep i agree “Judy is dead” was really fascinating to read, it really hits the feels on how the story was goin great. God Mead is a good storyteller.

    • Fun fact, Oomizuao is the Japanese name of the Japanese Luna Moth, “Blue Waters”, actias artemis aliena.

      • Artista

        Here’s another fun fact, Oomi’s last account name was NocturnalMOTH.

    • Peridactyl

      Mature content is some fake blood and swear words, little more than what you see on Off-White. It starts off slowly, but gets really good if you push through.
      Also readable on deviantart: http://johaan-n.deviantart.com/art/Asmundr-Chapter-1-Gods-and-Demons-421106968

    • If anyone wishes to read UnderTale related fan comics, lynxgriffin created several comics/art on their tumblr (same name, pic is of a bird thing), the ongoing one called Dogs of Future Past (it’d prolly make more sense if you already played the game/did some reading)
      Personally, I think these were very good, even without taking into account many other fan works, keeping true to elements of the original while adding some of their own theories to stitch it together for an interesting situation.

      They also have their own comic called The Skybox (link also at their tumblr)

      (Btw, lynxgriffin is also one storyboard artist for a children’s (?) show)

      • The “Endertale” fancomic by TC-96 (deviantart) is pretty good, too ^^

    • i also recommend zistopia, a zootopia comic based on the original dark plot of carnivorous being repressed with shock collars.

      INK recently continued after a LONG haitis. updates monthly now:

      Africa, updates every other week:

      chakra heros, same author as Africa. updates every other week, switching with Africa:

      thunder fang, COMPLETE:

      The Caretaker (my comic that iam shamefully advertising. :v) updates every Friday:

      • No shame in sharing your own art/comic/works with us, its what we’re here for! 😀

      • You had me at Zistopia! I’ll be sure to check out your comic too ^^

        • Artista

          Zistopia sort of makes me think of a really bad case of acne.

    • I just read SPIKE. That story was so good yet so depressing.. I could feel all the emotions the characters felt. And then I got stabbed in the heart by a FECKIN’ CLIFFHANGER!!! >O<

      • Artista

        Feeling what the characters is one of the top comments her story gets. I feel the same way. The author has planned to get the 1st draft done by November of 2017, so about a year from now. I’ve been following her since 2011-12, so you won’t have to wait as long as me. XD

  • Wolfie

    awesome XDDD AHHA Iki XD

  • rhez

    “No fair, Raigho! I want to hug the stag too!”

  • Badger

    These redraw pages are so well done story and art-wise!

    Tho it got me wondering… if Iki and Isa were raised together why would Isa be the only one who knows how to hunt? You’d think that Iki would be taught alongside Isa, although we know that Iki wasn’t given proper lessons because the pack was busy travelling. Maybe Iki was excluded from these lessons? Or maybe in the revamp Iki joins the pack at a an older age hmmm

    • I’m sure he knows, he’s just too lazy.

    • Rookamillion

      I think he can’t hunt primarily ‘cuz he’s a loser. 🙂

      • Artista

        Even I’m not that blunt.

    • i think its a matter of events like something above and the traveling part.

      they were busy traveling from the start and when a hunting situation like above happened. they couldn’t bother helping iki when they had to quickly eat and start moving again.

      isa probably was less afraid of her mother then iki was. so she got more hunting help. meanwhile iki kept going off because he hated the traveling and no one bothering to tell him whats going on.

  • Artista

    You know your out of shape when your old man can run 10+ yards ahead of you when your at full speed.

  • Artista

    I noticed something. Isa is the only who calls Raigho “dad.” Iki never did in the first draft, even here in the revamp.

  • Peridactyl

    Do they mean “stray” instead of “stay?” It makes more sense.

    • He isn’t straying off as in wandering away, he is staying behind as in he is not progressing forward as quickly enough.

    • Deluge

      If they make it “stray” that would be like no sense as they were hunting in their situation

      • Peridactyl

        What do you mean?

        • Deluge

          Okay?….. This will make you more understand what i MEAN. XD
          If Raigho tells you to not go wandering/stray around again in the meantime of hunting, would you not follow and still go wandering around?

          For me? No!! Why would i go wandering/stray again if theres nothing important than a hunting.

          • Peridactyl

            From what I can grasp, Iki is known to get easily distracted, but that’s not what I meant in the first place.
            That was sorted out above 😛

    • going astray or stray means to go off in another direction.

      hes basically telling him not to get lost or left behind.

      • Peridactyl

        He’s saying “try not to stay far behind,” even though Iki is right beside him. That’s what confuses me.

        • yes, but as we can see hes no longer able to keep the pace and is falling behind.

          hes telling iki not to get too far behind him. which seems to be a big issue and is probably a repeating hunting problem they’ve faced.

          telling him not to go astray would mean him telling iki not to wander off. but since iki is heading the same direction, just really slow, hes not going astray.

        • Lareyn

          Try not to ‘fall’ too far behind would make sense

          • Peridactyl

            Yeah, I feel like it would come off as more natural. 😛

  • Nick Lopez


  • Small thing, but the correct spelling for “woah” is “Whoa.” Granted, its mispelled counterpart has become ridiculously common among online peeps, but still~

    • Artista

      They were right, who needs editors when your fans can edit for free.

    • Wait, they aren’t two different words?!

      • Artista


      • Am I the only one who can’t access Off-White right now? My browser is acting like it doesn’t even exist…

  • Harley

    And instead of enjoying the comic, the ‘fans’ feel like its absolutely reasonable to critique every inch, word, and pixel of each goddamn page.
    Fuck off and just enjoy what these ladies put out for you shits FOR FREE..

    • Rookamillion
    • Shop Dog

      the reason they put this comment section here originally was so they could hear critique on every inch of there page, and receive feed back about the community.

    • ST

      Calm down, Edgelord McWhite Knight-y.

    • Flip

      You realize fans give them $380 per PAGE released, right?
      I think they have the right to critique.
      And if the artists didn’t want critique, they’d turn off the comments.

    • Pilot

      Well aren’t you pleasant.

    • Deluge

      Are you a new comer in here, if that’s the case pls you can’t just bang the door open like crazy and say inappropriate word if you had a problem about the critique. That’s not a good aproach and it’s offensive.


    • You must be new.
      We’ve been doing this for years. While they sometimes have not enjoyed it, otherwise I believe they appreciate us chatting about it.
      If you want to see unreasonable trash talk, go back a few years.

    • Artista

      Yes, they crank out pages of this comic for free. We love it. We also act as their editors-checking their text, syntax, grammar, and pointing out anatomical errors in their subjects FOR FEE. While I am sure it must aggravate them sometimes, the fact we’re reporting mistakes shows we want this comic to be as good as it can get, for the authors to crank this comic out in top condition. I do, at least. I will add that I have been on here five years now and have not seen anyone critique in a way just to be an ungrateful asshole.
      Almost always when there’s an actual complaint, it is going to be about the gap between updates, redoes in this case. So in conclusion, while I understand your heart may be in the right place, do not make an ass of yourself by defending the artists against older fans editing and critiquing their work when a defense does not need to be given. While we can get spoiled and irritated about the lack of updates, we in no way wish to give Venressi a difficult time and tear down their work like an angry mob. We want this comic to be their top-notch quality when they decide to publish it.
      I wish you a good, Ms. Harley.

    • TheWolfsFate

      As an artist myself, I find it very helpful when somebody critiques my work. In fact, I absolutely hate it when someone’s nice to my work. I like the brutal ways of my fans and mentors.

      • Artista

        In my mind, comments like, “Omg that’s great/that’s nice” and all variations thereof are dishonest and sugarcoat everything.

    • nice comments are great, unfortunately they don’t get you anywhere.

      if you continuously get “its perfect” comments, in my experience, it gets annoying. you want to grow and improve, you want to see if something new you did looks okay.

      “its perfect” suddenly turns sour as its all your getting and you have no idea with what your doing mite be really bad at this point. if the mistakes are pointed out its not the end of the world. it will help you see your mistakes and figure out a way to fix and improve upon them.

      and the authors want this to be published in the future. if it goes out with mistakes, those people looking at it definitely wont show mercy in judging it. and it WILL affect the books sales, which is a big deal.

      • Artista

        I still don’t get why some people just quit when they get that one negative comment that seems to be the end of the world. To be an artist of any sort means you have to develop thick skin. I once had a teacher that would say a student’s work looks like crap if it was crap. She was merciless!

        And I can’t tell you how many web comics I read that were just bloody awful in terms of artistry. That were not saved by a good plot or characters.

        • As I once read on an image:
          NEVER GIVE UP!
          The good artists are the shitty ones that NEVER GAVE UP!

          • Artista

            By chance, did that image have Naruto in it?

          • Qit didn’t, but that’d be a perfect match!
            (I would go ahead and post the image, but I realized the source artist also draws… well, rather questionable stuff?)

          • Artista

            Porn? We’ve been there, done that.

        • yeah, and all the comments are the same “its perfect, beautiful, wish i could draw like that”. when the art looks like blobs out of MS paint.

    • We always mean it in a good way. Almost always anyway, there’s always the occassional troll.
      Critique helps greatly in every sense, and most of the timw the critique you see here is just a joke.
      Try not to take life so serious, mate.

  • Nicole Katic

    ok, guys… yes, CONSTRUCTIVE critism is good, and yes, its good to let people know how well they are doing as well, but the one thing to keep in mind, IS THE TONE. you do NOT need to be bashing or attacking people for saying its good, nor for people who are critisizing, just BE RESPECTFUL. people seriously need to chill. if you ARE giving “constructive” critism, there shouldn’t be negative words, and, you shouldn’t only point out whats wrong, but also offer helpful solutions. people saying things are perfect, always keep in mind compliments are nice, but don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something wrong. you all that are attacking people for stating their opinion need to relax, as long as they are being respectful, and aren’t being demeaning, belittling, or insulting anyone, where is the problem??? -_- ok, done with my rant.

    • Deluge

      1st:) If some stranger used a inappropriate word and pointed it to a Strong follower of OW,and you said it “BE RESPECTFUL”. Well ask yourself who did first and who did wrong
      2nd:)About the “Constructive Criticism”. If we’re going to be too fancy and elegance in this comment section. What are we Era of Mona Lisa

    • Deluge

      1st:) If some stranger used a inappropriate word and pointed it to a Strong follower of OW,and you said it “BE RESPECTFUL”. Well he/she didn’t us

      2nd:)Otherwise, “dont be afraid if you see something wrong” we didn’t attack him/her first, he/she did. Maybe yes we attack but we can’t hold our temper like that kind of attitude.

      3rd:)About the “Constructive Criticism”. If we’re going to be too fancy and elegance in this comment section. We’ll become like this in the Era of Europe.
      You didn’t make any rant cause you’re a good person but you can’t just tell us what we do and not to do, we have the responsibility to do what we want in individual in our mind. Not you, so respect us to do what we want.

      • Anonymous Person

        “If we’re going to be too fancy and elegant in this comment section[,] we’ll become like this […] era of Europe:
        Hello, Deluge, please realise constructive criticism is probably the only way we can say “criticism that helps a creator improve without hurting them” in a short way. The topic of Nicole Katic’s comment was that those who criticize OW should be respectful about it, not say their criticism in a rude, hurtful way. They stated that you don’t have to be mean to people who say the pages are awesome and wonderful, not people who hurt followers of OW. “Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something wrong” was meant to mean, “Don’t be afraid to give criticism if you see something wrong in the comic (like a random red scribble somewhere, put there by accident.) They made the rant because they were angry that people were being harsh with mean criticism. You may not see anything wrong with it, but maybe creators will be polite about this. I wouldn’t know if they liked it or not. “Respect us to do what we want” was a (I think) hypocritical statment. You did not respect this commenter to say what they thought, nor respect them enough to analyze and think, “What are they trying to say?” Don’t take this to offense. Please, if you have the responsibility to do what you want, don’t abuse your power and overlook things.

        • Deluge

          Sorry if i made any wrongful idea and use any example of other stuff which it really didn’t go well and i don’t blame anyone since i did the damage for now because of my anger. I hope you will forgive me what i did that make you offended to say the right thing. From now on i won’t promise myself but doing it carefully to say any statements before i let them go. When i read your message i felt guilty

          The guilt in my mind can never make me calm unless if you forgive me.
          Forgive me that is all i’m asking.

          Looking forward to reply me back.

          • Anonymous Person

            It’s okay, anger can get the better of us sometimes. I’m sorry if I sounded rude (I was a little angry myself)! Our mistakes usually make us better people. Thank you for everything, I hope you can see I forgive you.

          • Deluge

            Thank you

  • L3Wilde

    was anyone else having some problems with the website for a bit? seems it went offline or something…?

    also, I’m surprised no one’s used a “try to keep pup” pun yet. I’m also surprised that I just used that pun, and shall now go sit in a corner.

  • Shop Dog

    iki has weird teeth to one of his lower fangs go’s backwards the other goes up.

    • Artista

      He gets it from Jera.

  • I found an awesome thing to help with emotion referencing. for those of you who mite have trouble drawing expressions, like me. just thought id share. =]


    • L3Wilde

      bless your soul

  • I… really don’t get the sudden drama over proper criticism?

    As far as I can tell, I’ve almost never seen hateful, offensive, or damaging critique directed toward Off-White except for the regular whining for faster pages or like, that one time over a year ago when someone expressed frustration over the way the wolves’ teeth/jaws are drawn (which the authors even replied to, acknowledging that they knew it was a weak point.)

    The vast, vast majority of what I’ve seen has either been critiques that would be best described as dead-pan observations, friendly hints, or at worst lighthearted comical jabs (such as Jera’s… gender confusion.)

    Considering all this talk happened not long after my comment over “whoa vs. woah” I also can’t help wondering if I somehow offended anyone or something??? Overall I’m just confused and frustrated with this sudden need to defend the artists from a terrible threat that scarcely even exists.

    With all of that said, these three are tough cookies. I’ve seen them out-troll their own trolls. You think any deliberately mean comments would legit ruin their inspiration and drive to finish Off-White?

  • Raigho

    *Deeply smell in the air*
    Ahh, back in the pack of my friends and…. new friends?

    Can’t wait to show of my… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e105307d510d1815f0393c76d485b18be06432de62f6261ea9a74b11e88477c.jpg

    • Pilot

      Wot you’re alive

      • Raigho

        Always….. not too much….

        • Artista

          Where the bloody hell is Gebo? And Seven?

  • Deluge
  • Off-Topic (see what i did there mhh) but I thought I was safe from clowns. Welp turns out a body just showed up dead near where I live with a clown mask with signs of torture and sharpie’d.
    I’m scared.

    • Shop Dog

      i cannot help you. just keep close to your friends and if some one starts looking at you funny get out of there. sad where getting to the point where people are forced to worry about there safety more than ever. not just the clown thing but terrorism in general.

      • I’m always worried, but that’s more likely because I have GAD/paranoia. :/
        (Well, I do have some good reasons, like gassings and haters)

    • You think a clown did it to them, someone made it a message by putting the mask on, or were they a clown themselves then killed?

      • I have no idea tbh. I just know he had a clown mask and was apparently tortured. Maybe it was just a bad joke. He had a middle finger and the word “cochi” on his chest.
        Still though. Clowns.
        Not even Mexico is safe. ;-;

        • Shop Dog

          in not sure Mexico was the safest place to start with

          • Believe it or not, it’s not as bad as the movies show.

          • Shop Dog

            im not judging bassed on movies i’m basing it off all the amber alerts i got living just north the border. when ever somebody up north got kidnaped and was seen being taken down south all THE BELLS AND WHISTLES GO HOWLING. it wasn’t exactly a rare occurrence for kids to be taken and held for money over the phone.

          • Ok, don’t take that the wrong way. Sorry, but I’ve seen far too many people are who think every single Mexican smuggles drugs and hops borders.
            Still though. We don’t have serial killers, or mass shootings, or bombings, and if someone shows uo dead they probably brought it to themselves, which is what I’m thinking happened to this guy.
            As someone who’s lived in both Mexico and the United States, I can tell you I feel safer walking at night back home in Mexico than in the US.

          • Honestly I find it highly offensive when people insult Mexicans in my face without realizing I’m a third/quarter Mexican (native). (Although the jokes are sometimes funny and relatable XD)
            Not because I’m part Mexican, but because it’s stereotyping in general.
            Fact is, whenever people do that to anyone, it stings me.
            Getting involved in gassing is one thing when you’re not known; once people do know, they either actively attack you (with death threats), or silently despise you. Stereotyping hurts a lot of people, even when you say “Asians are very smart”, someone who may not be as academically strengthy feels more pressured (or just me, not that it matters)

            @RainyDayz My dad grew up in Guadalajara, and he told me to never walk out at night should I be in México visiting family. (probably because 1) he grew up with shootings where one of his adopted family were killed 2) I’m not so fluent in Spanish and 3) I wander. A lot. 4) Also easily taken advantage of)
            I guess it’s more of an issue of nationality, which is sad to say happens rather everywhere. Then again… he grew up in a… well, not great spot, and not so great decade? Tends to follow you.

          • In cities like Guadalajara (which are actually really big) there are especially some places where it really does get bad. But, as I told Shop, most bodies that show up are there because they hung out with the wrong people. As far as ny experience goes, normal decent citizens are purposely avoided so they don’t draw unwanted attention. After all, no one really blinks an eye about some dead junkie.
            Anyway, you’re right. I don’t like stereotyping either, at all, especially because I have personal experience that I’d really love to avoid.
            For example, I went on exchange to the US for a few weeks. There were other hispanic students there, but no one really wanted to talk to me because I’m from Mexico so my father must be a drug dealer and I certainly don’t have papers. (My dad doesn’t smuggle drugs and I have papers, btw).
            Even inside Mexico it’s still there. I’m from Ciudad Juarez, and I have a very strong and noticable Chihuahua accent, which I try to avoid when talking to new people because they ask where I’m from. The moment I say Juarez, they almost look afraid.
            Eventually they get over it but it’s still annoying that I have to prove myself to everyone that I don’t hop borders or smuggle drugs.
            The media also annoys me. I have never seen Mexico being shown in a movie or TV show like I know it. It’s always some desolated gas station with a huge Virgen de Guadalupe in the middle of the desert, or a bar filled with thugs who look like they just came out of prison, I wish they’d film in Monterrey some time.
            Wow, long rant. Sorry. :v

          • Rookamillion

            It seems to me like it’s probably a symptom of over sensationalism in the media. It’s a common thing apparently in every country’s media, whether that be movies, T.V. or the news. It’s like they almost base everything off stereotypes and tropes and then when something actually happens, they literally blow it up into epic proportions, then fill the screen with “experts” who enlighten us with their own opinions and agendas. XD

            So don’t fret, you’re not alone. America falls victim to it too. It’s why everyone seems to think that the U.S. consists solely of New York City and Los Angeles, everybody wears ten gallon hats and carries assault rifles and gun battles just break out spontaneously on the streets. XD

            I imagine the stigma for Ciudad Juarez is similar to how people in the States feel about places like Compton or Chicago. It’s just lingering memories of it’s violent cartel turf war. It’s just how people tend to associate it.

            It’s going to be a hard stigma to break I’m afraid…..It probably won’t happen in our lifetime. Because to be entirely honest, even though I know that it has on average less killings then the typical U.S. city does and should know better than to judge a place based on it’s stereotypes, the moment I saw the word Juarez my mind was like:


          • Don’t worry, it’s good to rant. It’s essential to keeping a healthy mind. XD
            That said, it helps to speak about ourselves so that we can understand each other better; not from the ever attention-seeking controversial-loving media, but the day to day people who live out their lives there, who experience the world there.

            About my dad, he grew up as a farmer, but it didnt make life any safer. (He still had to go to the city, too) And as I know, he had to sell at a very you age (and learned his trade in jewelry making from his uncle), and use a rifle to be safe from rabid dogs (the scorpions, rattlesnakes, and coyotes hang around, too)
            That’s enough about me self. xp

          • Your ranting gives me life tho.–

          • most amber alerts are due to parents with custody issues, not actual kidnappings.

            mainly like the dad “kidnapped” his kid after mom got main custody. in Mexico, the custody order doesint matter, so the dad can keep his kid all he wants with no trouble in Mexico. just like fugitives running there for sanctuary from the law.

          • Rookamillion

            Based on what the guys from Mexico who work with my stepfather have told me over the years, the craziest places are typically around the U.S. border. Of course, cartels, like any criminal organization can get you anywhere, and In some places, they are essentially in charge of areas through political corruption and violence. Especially in places like in Michoacán, Those areas are Cartel Land. XD They focus mainly along the U.S. border because that’s where they base their smuggling operations to smuggle people and product into the U.S. and guns and money back out.

            Back in the day, it was pretty relaxed along the border though, my stepfather would go into Mexico and chill all the time, buy food and party for the weekend. Then things got all crazy with the kidnapping and cocaine cowboy shit. Especially during the late 80’s, you’d be safer walking down Piru street wearing blue than walking across the border to buy groceries.

            That being said though, places like Monterry are almost idyllically peaceful.

          • Artista

            A friend of mine said that Cancun is relatively peaceful, outside the cartels’ main trafficking range. Shame people can’t own firearms and take them out. I’ve read stories of freedom fighters getting arrested.

          • Rookamillion

            Yeah, there are groups that fight against the cartels. If you want to watch a really good documentary about one such group, the Michoacán Autodefensas, there is a documentary called Cartel Land. It’s really graphic, but it was damn good and has a bitchin’ original soundtrack. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7db5b8a53c49adb2af3e21a2bd36e58c9cac43359fe18a6d80ec0a421078787f.jpg

          • as long as you avoid the more desert-ish spots your fine. Mexicos actually really populated, especially at the boarder.

            left is USA, right is Mexico.


          • i think it is.

          • Shop Dog

            i know what elapse looks like reddog

    • Rookamillion

      Oh God, the clowns are spreading beyond our control! We gotta sterilize the area before it’s too late! XD


  • Deluge

    When you shout in the middle of the night and say “I HATE CLOWN!!”


    • Deluge

      When you tried to lied but you’re the only person in there.

  • Artista

    Does anyone have a clue what mental injuries Skoll might have? Disassiociative Disorder perhaps? Since he’s created a separate personality.

    • Deluge

      I think he didn’t make himself to have a 2 personality in his morale life for now, you can see at Chap. V Dark side of the moon.

      At Munin’s part


      As what Munin stated that Sköll most likely put a Barrier or immerse all of his memory.


      At the battle, Sköll was being shot by the Dragon and send from the sky down to the earth and become a mortal pup,

      • Peridactyl

        He’s not a “mortal” wolf, but he has convinced himself that he is. All spirits have a regular physical form, just with their special eye color.

      • well after askr was eaten by the dragon, skoll pretty much fell into a sort of depression. as the humans being guardians of good/ evil and also being the brother species to wolfs. both humans and wolfs were doomed to die off/ destroy themselves.

        so skoll basically said, “fuck it, everything’s ending. mite as well relax and enjoy my last days of existence.” so he quit his job, landed to earth and locked his memory so he would forget his depression.

        hati however simply believes they should do there jobs while still existing even though their slowly dieing and soon their jobs will end anyway.

    • I’ve more been seeing it as the psychological suppression of memories. The kind of things humans sometimes do when they go through something traumatic.

      My personal theory is that this was Skoll’s personality once upon a time, when the world was new and his soul was still innocent and all that. He’s locked away all the memories that changed him and made him what he was, bringing him back to square 1.

      • I agree. While I’m preeety sure I only have one personality (?), any recurrence of old memories can easily turn me into something different. Myself currently is pretty much like Iki.

        • Artista

          Definitely not a separate personality. A separate personality is like you access a different person and you shut doown while your other side takes over.

          • If it was, I wouldn’t know if I turned off lol. XD

          • Artista

            Trust me, you’d know. *read about personality disorder experiences*

          • Whether I knew I have anything or not, I never visit a doctor to avoid confirmation. (If it isn’t proven, I can pretend it’s not real/I’m normal, even though if I’m supposedly normal, I really don’t feel it)
            …. Which diagnosing inevitably happens when you’re hospitalized. ._.
            In honesty, I enjoy not being diagnosed with anything, as I have enough issues existing as it is.
            Then again, sticking oneself in the dark is just as hell as knowing everything. Constantly wondering what’s wrong with ourselves or what we may be.

            Glad to know I can at least confirm I don’t have DID/BPD.

      • Artista

        Skoll is becoming a bit more relatable.

  • Cantcomeupwithaname

    If this poor child has to run and herd the sun again someday, I don’t know what he’ll do.

    • well, if this is in the far north where the days are super long, then maybe he mite not have to hoof it as much. XD

    • Artista

      Don’t worry, Iki can always go Spirit State and Yip-Yip into the sky.

  • Shop Dog

    ah voting time the most stress free month of the 4 year cycle. remember kiddos less than 3 weeks till our new president is chosen, we the gov dose something that makes the rest of the world angry with the citizens of the us, and the red button is inevitably pressed.

    • Voting time is on my birthday. ;c

      • Artista

        I am truly sorry…

    • Rookamillion

      Can we just pretend like this election never happened? Is that an option?

      • Deluge

        Yeah, wish it could happend. I guess we should drink sometime and toast our glass for the last taste of our peaceful days left.

        Wish it never happene………

        (Drop my frontface in the desk)

        • Shop Dog

          i dont think we can escape the realm of humanity this time theres no commit passing by earth this time, and i don’t have any poison.

      • Artista

        I’ve spoken with people who have different opinions than me on very touchy subjects, and we can both agree we hate our choices.

        • Shop Dog

          im going for a write in candidate. even if he dosnt win i hope enough people will vote for people other than Hillary or trump for force the choice on to the house of rep. then they might choose a better candidate.

    • Artista

      I’ve already heard talk about us going to war with Russia. We the People need to “bind [the government] down with the chains of the Constitution,” if they anger us. Those officials need to fear us! I really hope we don’t get locked another war. I find it funny that seniors tell me there were times when we were not at war.

      • Shop Dog

        i think america is once agin in a sort of second cold war era. where were as close as we could be to being at war with a multitude of countries, without legally being at war.

        • were actually in the most peaceful time in all history.

          • Shop Dog

            its not that peaceful. and dinosaurs didn’t have nukes

          • Which goes to show how much “peace” we are capable of having. Xd
            Anyway, not nearly as bad as even being in a Cold War, although Syria can almost be close to being one (it’s a big enough mess as it is).

            Anyway, I really hope we don’t go too deep into worldly politics or whatnot, this is a comments section after all.

          • i think you skipped a big chunk were the independence war, WW1 – 2, and Vietnam war happened.

            we ARE in the most peaceful time in history.

          • Shop Dog

            your focusing in the wars not the time in between the wars.

          • Artista

            Last I checked we’re still at war with Islamic Terrorism. Honestly, I wish it was the German’s we were fighting. At least they were more defined.

      • Rookamillion

        Don’t worry about it Artista, the Russians are just posturing. Their leaders aren’t stupid, they have a lot more to lose in a war then we do and almost nothing to gain. This whole thing is just bluster. Besides, if a war does breakout, why fret? Nothing we could do about it. When the shit hits the fan you just gotta hold on for the ride.

        • Artista

          Yeah, but this war will be fought with nuclear bombs and red buttons.

          • it cant be becuase of M.A.D.

            nations know that, whats the point of blowing everything up, making everything a hostile and unlivable wasteland for the earth? absolutely nobody wins.

            a nuclear winter will pretty much make everything extinct. and nations know this well, and i seriously doubt anyone wants to go to war. because every nation pretty much relies on each other for trade.

            thats why the whole north Korea issue never escalates, even though one side clearly tried to attack the other.

          • Rookamillion

            No dude, I’m no expert, but I can almost guarantee you, war between the U.S. and Russia will not go nuclear, and it will probably not be very long. It will be won or lost in the Baltic states. We tend to think of things like we did in the Cold War, with Russia as the Soviet Union on one side and NATO on the other, both with massive armies and invasions of each others countries imminent. That’s simply no longer the case. Russia is only a shadow of the Soviet Union’s military strength and NATO is just a few thousand rotating troops. If Russia were for some reason to declare war on NATO (And I don’t see why they would) The extent of their invasion would probably be the Baltic States and Eastern Ukraine with the objective of linking up with Kaliningrad to the North and Crimea to the South. Once they’ve done that, they would probably pull their fleets back into a defensive picket in the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, then they would probably dig in with A2/AD Area denial and try and hold their ground against the NATO/US counter-strike. The probable aim would be to secure beneficial standing in the treaty to end the war. If they can weather the assault, then they may be able to force concessions out of NATO, maybe even annex Eastern Ukraine and the Baltic States. If they are pushed back to the Russian border, then hold their ground, you’ll probably get status quo ante bellum. If they are pushed back over their border, and begin to lose ground, NATO would probably seize back South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. It would probably never come down to the use of nuclear weapons because neither side really is at risk of total defeat.

          • Artista

            Uh, where the hell did these stats come from? XD

      • Shop Dog

        i wasent necessarily talking about russia the middle east would be a far more likely option.

        • Artista

          I was just giving an example of one of our rocky relationships. I wonder what would happen if Israel and the US went against each other. I predict Israel would emerge victorious.

  • hey, comments are back. they were super funkey a little while ago with a broken format.

  • You know guys, I can’t wait to actually make a photoshop with Off-White, (I’m in a Digital Media class), but I’ll never match anyone else, especially Gehn Senpai. ;^;
    Although is simply hand drawn also as good?

    • Rookamillion

      Anything is good, Tak! If you’d like to learn the ways of the Gehnpai though, I’m sure he will give you some advice if you ask him!

      • Artista

        I can seriously imagine Gehn living inside a pagoda somewhere in the hills of China, or Mount Fuji.

    • Artista

      Hand-drawn drafts have been steeped in the blood, sweat, and tears of master like Michelangelo and Raphael. Don’t worry about it. Digital is just another media. Don’t think there’s some extinction war between them (cause I actually thought digital was out to get traditional when I was around 16).

    • Deluge

      It’s not that bad when you’re getting started to studying Photo-Edit, everyone were started from the bottom with no experience until you’re getting used to it. As Rook said, it’s good to teach by someone who had a lot of experience.

  • Artista

    Hey Raigho, does Jera love fluffy butts? And how can you deal with a strong girl like her? Guess it takes a strong man to deal with a strong woman.

    • Raigho

      Ehr? I can’t tell how if Jera loves about my fluffy butt or being other recalls me like “Badass” or something like tha-? Can we just stop talking about mens butt since this is not how mens talk, it’s a girls stuff who like to talk about mens butt.

      Ok now you’re asking me how i deal a strong woman like Jera right? Well too bad i can’t answer that question because i ask myself either on how i got her in my life.
      You can’t tell or explain how love works, it just sparks or ignite our souls
      Love can’t be predicted or be seen to a person, love carrying unexpected warm feelings.

      • Artista

        Technically Raigho, I consider you an animal, not a man. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made that comment. And where’s Gebo? And are you attracted to green eyes? After all, our esteemed Fuhrer dubbed her Lime Eyes.

        • Raigho

          *Sigh* the last time i tried to talk to a hooman i appreciate on what she GAVE to me, we can’t easily understand each other since you’re a hooman and i’m a wolf.
          And i respect that
          And Gebo? Hmm i don’t know what happend to him , i remember the last time where all the Pilgrim member showed up from nowhere (Hehe)

          Her eyes? Everybody knows the answer.

    • Rookamillion

      I don’t know how he does it, but I’m sure it involves lots of alcohol. XD

      • Artista

        We love getting the OW characters drunk. Shame Gebo didn’t make it time on The Mountain. Beanie and all.

      • Guest

        Why would it involve alcohol?

    • Peridactyl

      She might just be the “alpha” of the couple.

      • Artista

        I actually guessed that in a comment I made a couple pages back. I was done as a ‘behind the scenes with the cast’ thing. Goldenwolf is making it a thing.

  • Peridactyl
    • Anonymous

      Kique traces though, and attacks people

      • Peridactyl

        What? I’ve never seen him “attack” people. If anything, he’s been bullied recently and is going through some tough times..

  • Rookamillion

    Whoa. Dat name…. So fancy!

  • Yes yes you have a good taste I approve.

  • L3Wilde

    The Property of Hate <3

  • WARxWOLF86

    Heres a few i read ofter to

    Souls journey

    Dark white

    Jamestmattingly he writes a number of different novels it may take awhile for a new chapter but a worth reading his two main novel’s

    Bloody war

    If you have read sallyces comic onward you would have come across arven92s comics Africa and Chakra-B-O-T

    And last but not least lets not forget BRIME

    Well this is just a list of a few of the comic/novels i read on the internet i could go on for days but these along with a few already said are my faves

  • Can we suggest TV shows now instead of comics? I need new TV shows to watch. Preferable if they’re on Netflix but if not it’s cool.
    I’ll start.
    Ray Donovan. It’s not for younger generations if you know what I mean, but it’s amazingly written and well-acted. (And it’s on Netflix hue hue.)

    • i watch series while working, or else i get too distracted and agitated by the silence while sitting for hours. so i have a large collection i watch.

      some of these tv series are from book adaptions and are animated.

      over the garden wall (TOP HIGHLY RECOMMEND! a short series that can be completed in an hour or two. )
      first full ep up on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wc1-q1CX_E

      silver wing
      animals of farthing wood (kind of old, so it has that aged cartoon look for the first seasons.)

      invader zim
      courage the cowardly dog

      house M.D
      neds declassified school survival guide
      Sabrina the teenage witch
      the nanny
      Dexter (although the endings very disappointing)

      bar rescue
      hells kitchen
      kitchen nightmare
      who the bleep did i marry?
      fear thy neighbor
      dates from hell
      scared straight
      30 days in

      30 day fiance

      • Yeee Hell’s Kitchen!
        It’s so fun to watch Gordon Ramsey shouting bloody curses at the lot. XD

        (I also watch Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares for those curious another what else he does)

        • Artista

          There’s a meme that claims he only screams at American adults. He’s really good with kids!

          • he only screams inside the kitchen, and its almost always justified. as some of those adults who have claimed years in career cooking are doing things like sweating into soup, miximg fish and chicken in a pan, which is a BIG NO NO, or attempting to serve raw food. which can make people sick or even kill them.

            meanwhile on shows like master cheif kids edition. the kids arnt adults claiming to have 5 years experience in a cooking career and are still learning the basics. so hes much lighter on them with screw ups.


            and then he also has to deal with stuck up ass holes who act high and mighty while being purely delusional. like amy from amys baking co. its no wonder he gets so pissed with some people.


          • Artista

            You took my comment way to seriously. But that one episode with that blond crazy chick was perfect.

          • just saying, cause a lot of people assume ramseys just a straight up abusive ass when hes only like that in the kitchen, and for good reasons. :v

    • Pilot

      The Walking Dead (if you’re among the few who haven’t seen it), Daredevil, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Stranger Things.. that’s all that comes to mind right now lol.

      • Deluge

        Mainstream xD

        • Pilot

          xD That’s what I’m into for shows haha

      • L3Wilde

        Y’know I actually really liked Daredevil until season 2 came up. Seems like they upped the blood/gore a whole lot or something? My overly-sensitive self couldn’t take it. :v Are the s2 episodes as good as s1? Plot-wise, that is.

        • Pilot

          They did up the amount of blood, but the directing and plot did seem to get a lot better. I liked the second season better than the first :A

          • L3Wilde

            I knew it’d be better. Marvel has a way of making their shows get better with each season. I just hope that one day my tolerance for ridiculous amounts of fake blood will grow, ’cause I reaally wanna continue watching.

    • WARxWOLF86

      Well some could recommend a few but the trouble with netflix is problem with netflix is the makers like Americans more then Canadians because american netflix has probably twice as much content as Canadian netflix so its difficult to recommend a movie on there as you may not even be adle to watch it

    • Deluge

      Trauma(A really good show although i lost on what episode did i stop watching xD)

    • Shop Dog

      bojack. imagine if my ed the horse behind the seen had a drinking problems abusive parents and an out of control sex life. while at the same time constantly being one upped by his best friend. this show looks cute but it actually gets deep into the problems of stars in holly wood, child stars, depression alcoholism, but its done in a way thats so well done its worth a watch it has 3 seasons and you can find it on Netflix. any you got my penut butter who has the best theme song of any caricature ever

      MASH, one of the most successful sitcom show of all time you’ve probably seen bits of it all ready. but if you haven’t its based around us field medics who try to survive the Korean war without going insane by going insane. funny as hell you can find it on VHF ch23-2 probably different where you are.

      macgyver, not the shitty nock off series that there making now but the original 8os series.

      hill street blues/ nypd blues both good police crime shows if your into that.

    • Rookamillion

      I love Ray Donovan! I’ll suggest some of my favorites for ya’ll:

      The Wire (HBO)

      Homeland (Showtime)

      Game of Thrones (HBO)

      True Detectives, Especially season 1 (HBO)

      Band of Brothers (HBO)

      The Pacific (HBO)

      The Leftovers (HBO)

      Shameless (Showtime)

      Vikings (History)

      Inside Combat Rescue Afghanistan (National Geographic)

      Westworld (HBO)

      Preacher (AMC) (Not for the faint of heart)



      • Oooooh you have great taste.
        I’ll check all of them out. Thanks. :v

      • Artista

        You left out Outlander (Starz).

        • Rookamillion

          I’ve actually never seen Outlander. I never watch Starz. XD

      • HellhoundMutt

        So many HBOs… XD
        I don’t know what the rest of the ones on the list are, except Game of Thrones. XD Game of Thrones is my jam! <3

        • Rookamillion

          They’re all really good. If you love Game of Thrones, you’ll love Westworld. Give it a try.

    • Those I had watched in the past (either they are completed or run at an inconvenient time for me)

      Stargate SG-1 ; Atlantis

      Doctor Who


      …I have poor memory. :c





      Other stuffs (I’m lazy and embarrassed for no reason)

      • Timeless and Fringe sound cool.

        Thanks. 😀

    • flyteck

      //quietly crawls back into the comments//

      Orphan Black is really good. Not on Netflix unfortunately. There’s three seasons (30 eps) and its going onto its fourth and final next year. I’d try to explain it but it’s very difficult… If you like cool characters and realistic, modern day sci fi stuff you’ll like it. There’s some graphic stuff and some sex scenes, but you can always skip those. That’s what I do.

      • Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while! Good to have you back.
        I’ve heard a lot about Orphan Black. I did find in on my Netflix, though. Anyway, I’ll definitely check it out. Thank you.^^

        • flyteck

          I’ve been around, just not talking much. I’m more oriented to talking about the story, and since nothing new has happened lately I haven’t had as much to say.

          It’s not on Canadian Netflix unless it’s new (so I don’t have it), but I’m glad you found it! It takes a few episodes to get interesting but it’s really cool and addictive once you get into it.

    • L3Wilde

      I wanna suggest some shows, but I’m afraid none of them are as cool as the others sound? I never watch TV, and basically watch the few shows I know online, but they’re all kids cartoons probably. Live action can never keep my attention long idk.

      but, yeah, there’s these off the top of my head:

      Spectacular Spider-man

      Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

      Guardians of the Galaxy

      Voltron: Legendary Defender (It’s a Netflix show huzzah)

      Avatar: The Last Airbender (I mean even if you’ve already seen it it’s always worth watching again, right?)

      Never watched it much, but Gravity Falls was pretty neat.

      Steven Universe

      And some live-action shows:

      Agent Carter

      I hear The Flash, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are pretty good? Never got to watching them. The Flash isn’t Netflix I think, but the other two are. I also hear Jessica Jones is really adult-themed, but I dunno about Luke Cage.

      I’ll also throw in Brooklyn Nine-Nine ’cause why not

      Aaaand, that’s all I can think up atm. And yes, I know, my taste in TV shows is kinda lame.

      • Don’t worry, cartoons are cool too. And those you mentioned seemed pretty entertaining.
        I’ve got my eye on Jessica Jones too. xD Thanks a lot.

      • Guest

        Steven Universe is great, especially when you get further into the show.

    • Blue

      NCIS: LOS ANGELES is my favourite show.
      And my lifeblood.

  • Julian John Mckeon

    That last panel is exactly why I don’t run anymore.

  • Deluge

    Can I suggest to make a game in here since everyones talking about TV Shows or Movies (Although you may not like it) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/603f3e20e3642b1e0851b7840884e3027b9a01d1ed8c95e270e9123fed638f34.gif

    • Shop Dog

      um ok

    • Pilot

      Make a game or make a game topic? XD Cause I can list a hell of a lot more games than I can shows, but making a game I might not be as helpful lol.

      • Deluge

        MY BAD xD!! I should be careful to leave a misleading sentence with only 1 word.

  • Artista

    Raigho will need a lot of Hati Cream after that sprint.

  • okay so i have this issue with gimp and fonts thats been lasting for a few years now. iam desperate to fix it after doing so many things and asking in so many different places and so far no help at all. so i mite as well ask here.

    i installed some custom fonts i made into windows font folder, but i either deleted them, or made some changes to the font that required me to replace/ reinstall them.

    UNFORTUNATELY despite deleting them from EVERY SINGLE FONT FOLDER i could find. they wont go away. they only appear in gimp when its opened.

    ive tried almost EVERYTHING to delete these hidden fonts that dont exist in my computers opinion, but gimp believes they do and is even still able to fully use them.

    ive tried:

    control panel -appearance – fonts – but none of them exist there, so i cant delete them.

    c: -windows – fonts – basically the same folder, and still the fonts don’t exist

    deleting every gimp font folder i could find. also the gimp font folders are empty.

    i uninstalled gimp so many times, going so far as to hunt any remaining left overs to delete

    going into the computer registry with win button + R, they don’t exist in that font file either.

    using a command prompt to try and delete them, but still the comp says it cant find them.

    deleting gimps font config -which deleted any ability to read fonts, and even after fixing it, they were STILL THERE!

    deleting all the folders that gimp reads fonts from. but gimp still says it finds the fonts in the c: – windows – font file. yet i cannot see them, even when i press unhide font just to see if i can. and i still cant see anything.

    i have like 10 copys of 1 font showing in gimp because i made a little tweak and replaced it and its really pissing me off now.

    system restore is out of the question as this has been going on for YEARS now. i think my only salvation is a factory reset, which i absolutely dont want to do just to fix this small annoying font issue.


    • Did you try installing it into a program folder of your own creation? I had to do that with FeralHeart

      Basically you just make a folder anywhere that you would normally install gimp, and then direct the installation there.

      • just did it, and didint work. its still grabbing the uninstalled/ old fonts from somewhere.

        theres like a hidden save cache of deleted fonts that i just cant find somewhere.

    • gimp had been grabbing fonts that my system says i deleted, even though
      gimp was still able to find them from SOMEWHERE. but i FINALLY found
      using %SYSTEMROOT%Fonts which showed all fonts versions new and old and
      all the fonts that were “uninstalled”, but wernt.

      now they are officially gone from my gimp font folder. and i dont have 15 duplicate slight variations of a font floating around.

      iam posting this just encase some other poor soul with this battle finds peace.

  • Rookamillion

    Happy Halloween!

    • Artista

      Fun fact: October 31st is also called “Reformation Day” by some Protestants because that was the day Martin Luther nailed is 95 thesis on indulgences on the Wittenberg church.


    And there’s tons of fireworks exploding in my neighborhood now.

    • Deluge

      Why not celebrate? It’s been 108 years ago since they won and it’s globally talking about xD

    • Rookamillion
      • thAT GIF OH MY GOD.

        • Rookamillion

          It’s been a weird year. A lot of improbable things have come to pass. XD

          This gif about sums up how I feel about it. XD

          • Artista

            A business man goes into politics, the Cubs win, Fehu gets even more fabulous, Raigho acts more fatherly with his adopted child, a new phone is coming out that acts like a real camera with surround sound, J-Harper shows previews for Homeworld, Zootopia kicks Frozen’s butt in the Box Office (Let It Go, Frozen), Akreon displays her amazing anatomy skills in her sketches, and an entire country’s workforce goes to work naked for a day, and One Punch Man saved Japanese anime. Definitely a weird year.

          • To make it weirder, I’m in high school for a fifth year! 😀
            (Non-academic reasons)

      • Guest

        pigs will fly when the cubs win

    • Artista

      the what?

      • CUBS: Chicago baseball team (which the last time they won the World Series, Kaiser Wilhelm was still ruling)

        World Series: Baseball championships.

  • Artista

    Ass is being kicked in Mosul, everyone. And luckily, it’s the enemy’s ass! Still a lot more work for them, though. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/civilian-casualties-are-starting-to-rise-as-iraqi-forces-push-into-mosul/ar-AAjTgaV?li=AA4Zpp&ocid=spartandhp Other entries available. This one is a bit sad though. Yes, politics. No, I am not sorry. If you don’t want to see world events, please refrain from clicking the link. Buon viechio.

    • I didn’t know they had many donkeys there.

    • how about we just not bring up political subject at all?

      • Well

        because sometimes people love politics so much that they feel they have a point to prove to everyone else about it

        enough people in the world are like that I’m used to it by now

      • I guess a webcomic about magic wolves is just a really great place for everyone to shove politics down everyone’s throats.

        *Peter Pan’s “I’ve gotta crow” song starts playing in head*

        • As soon as you said “magic wolves”, I immediately thought of sparkle dogs.
          …. Toootaally just as relevant to this comic. XD

          • Artista

            It is, really. First time we see Skoll he glitters bright white with a touch of blue like star. Skoll is the biggest sparkle dog of the whole cast.

          • Does that make him a vampire?

          • Artista


            Don’t you dare try to combine Jacob and Edward, Taki! Oh sweet Fabeldyre….Skoll is the spawn of Edward ColdStare and Jacob Fluffbutt? I need to alert the Archbishop so he can launch a cleansing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWKfKM6zEOU
            Und with that, the war on Twilight begins!

          • I prefer Jacob, because wolves > undead, and He’s a freaking BIG CUDDLY FLOOFY WIRWULF! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
            (Gender matters not to Takeru)
            (Although what little snippet I read in a book, I really like Seth. He’s funny, following Jacob around, the poor wuff. XD)

            Dear Fenrir, Tak is discussing Twilight positively. Only because werewolves!

          • hes actually just a shape shiftier. not a WW.

          • Either way, Fluff.

          • Artista

            Cause Twilight couldn’t get werewolves right. 😉

        • Artista

          To be technical, it’s world events. I’m merely informing. And then there’s the many other things that are brought up that aren’t OW related. But whatever.

          • With all due respect, Artista– and I do have a lot of respect for you– you specifically referred to your world events as politics, and acted rather bold and unabashed about it. It’s true that the OW comment section rarely ever stays on topic, but at the very least, we all try to follow that unspoken rule of trying to keep it a friendly, supportive, and enjoyable place for everyone. It’s still controversial material that’s either going to make people feel uncomfortable or upset. Bringing in “world events” like this and acting like it’s all good news and funny ass-kicking jokes while ignoring the fact that innocent people are also getting hurt in the crossfire is treating the article less as current events and way, way more of a political affair.

          • Artista

            I didn’t look at it that way. Particularly taking into account that innocents getting caught in the cross-fire, and me making “ass-kicking” jokes” humorizes it in a horrible way. That wasn’t my intention, but I my overall tone was arrogant.

          • Shop Dog

            its fall of an election year its literally impossible to suppress political discussion forever. the hype of the last year and a half is built up to now. especially all the bad hype of things that have happened in the last year

          • No one’s saying that political discussion should never be seen anywhere. All I’m saying is that for God’s sakes, it’s a wolf comic. Not exactly the place for forcible politic talk.

            You can’t expect everyone to be happy with that topic when a majority of us visit the OW site for reasons vastly unrelated to politics.

            In case you haven’t noticed, politics are everywhere right now. And quite a lot of people would rather get away from it.

          • i feel this way exactly.
            ” politics are everywhere right now. And quite a lot of people would rather get away from it.”

            i don’t come to fantasy web comics to read up on the news. if i wanted to read the news i would go somewhere else for it.

            also the authors DID have a rule of no politics here. it seems like some people have forgotten it.

          • I recall that rule quite well. No politics, also no topics on religion, anything that’s going to start a flame war.
            Even then, there are comment wars… (page 241… shudders)

          • Peridactyl

            You did call it politics

    • Rookamillion

      Finally, the sun shines through the clouds.

    • vienix

      world events does not belong on a webcomic’s comment section

      • Everything belongs in this comment section.

      • Shop Dog

        oh where not a real comment section any way. this is more of a random chat room, full of a conglomerate of people that came from online that just happened to get stuck here due to our common love for dogs.

  • Deluge
  • Rookamillion

    Hey all Americans! Today is the big day! Make sure you mosey on down to your nearest polling center and cast your vote! Remember, Democracy only works if you participate! 🙂

    • I don’t know most of the names on the ballot. .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

      • Artista

        I’m not sure if anyone does.

      • Rookamillion

        I honestly just voted straight ticket, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me.

        • Artista

          Thank God we’re all being neutral about this.

    • Pilot

      I am slowly dying inside right now.

      • Rookamillion

        That already happened to me long ago. XD

      • Shop Dog

        my chest feels like its going to have a heart attack

    • Shop Dog

      exciting !!!!!!

      • Pilot

        Trump is clutching right now lol

        • Shop Dog

          come on Pennsylvania Arizona Michigan break that tie

          • Artista

            If my home state MI breaks this tie in my favor I will die of happiness.

          • Shop Dog

            hes got it Hilary’s history. pa pushed hime into the safe zone

      • I’m watching this like the World Series.
        Just having a brain aneurysm over not knowing what will happen!!!

        • Artista

          The Eyes of the World are upon us. Literally. I hear foreigners pay more attention to American politics than anyone else.

    • Peridactyl

      RIP america I can’t talk to anyone without this topic coming up and I wanna die

  • Shop Dog

    HA HA Mcmullen was only 200 votes short of beating Hillary in utah!! the mormons almost made a funny on the map.

  • Aahhhh hah hah, ohhhh the sheer stubborness of some of you people.

    Off-White is now my least favorite community on the internet right now, this could very well be the last time I ever bother to read the comment section or comment at all.

    Good job, give yourselves a pat on the back, you all sure showed us!

    • I am very weak willed. :c

    • Artista

      By tomorrow all the political tirade and hype will be over, and everything will be back to normal. Seriously, the hype will die down like country roadkill soon enough then we go back to memes and sparkle dogs, as per usual. The whole country is eaten up with it. The handful of commenters and I are just letting out some apprehension, nothing more. It’s not like we’re purposely out to irritate people with the subject. Granted, my ‘political world event’ comment was uncalled for and should not have been worded in the proud, arrogant way it was. I understand the backlash it received because yes, it was rude.

      At least our comments in regards to the election are remaining neutral and civil, not showing favoritism or bashing supporters of candidates, for the most part. I am not trying to be an ass to anyone, or about anything. I admit, I get carried away and often don’t use caution, and for that I am truly am sorry. …I really don’t want to be on bad terms with you, or anyone for that matter. I do respect you, and understand you want to keep the comments toxic-free. By tomorrow the hype will be over and then we go back to Skollgate, Jewish Gebo, Hati Cream, and whether or not Skoll is the magical spawn of Edward the Sparkler and Jacob Fluff Butt.

      This will be my last post on the subject.

      Post-Script: Should anyone wish to discuss the election results, or the election in general, feel free to note me on DeviantArt.com.

    • Rookamillion
    • just bare it for a few more hours and it’ll all be fully gone. political stuff does suck and i rather not have it on, but it is the final leg of a major election race. today it’ll end and no one will want to talk about it anymore.

    • Pilot

      Sure, politics don’t really belong on a comic about wolves, or really any comic not specifically centered around politics as the ideal theme, but, with that said, politics are not taboo and shouldn’t be treated as such.

      There’s a line when it comes to politics on the Internet, which I don’t believe Rook’s comment crossed. It was a fairly neutral statement and not offensive, one sided, or forceful at all and the same for the replies that followed. As Artista said, no favoritism or hate was shown. Some may take it the wrong way, but you would have to be a very fickle person to take offense to that.

      I’m not trying to give a speech and looking back I’m realizing it’s getting a bit long, but keep in mind that it’s not wrong to casually talk about politics if presented the right way, and this is coming from someone who despises talking about politics, especially online.

    • Look, I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t know how to sugar coat it. Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit? I mean, it’s completely understandable that you want to avoid politics, but downright saying you now hate this comment section and are never coming back is honestly a little… I don’t know.
      The topic will die out and we’ll all be going back to normal, but it’s inevitable that in the most important days regarding this you can’t excuse mentioning it.

    • Ichimatsu Matsuno

      Agreed, so very agreed

  • Deluge

    As for now i would like to ask to take your time to observe on what’s the meaning of this picture https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9f00b47086fac1280f9c0b5863c2e56777e98f198c185fd3249f4c8d16c24584.jpg

  • Artista

    Damn, can’t upload PDFs. Just did a sketch of Skoll. I’m rather pleased with it.

    • OTP Beanie x Black Rotary Police Woman Phone for best couple.

      • Artista

        It shall be legendary!

  • Artista


    I am so proud of that hand, you have no idea. Presenting Barbarian Skoll. Wake the White Wolf at the Dawn of War. The Witcher inspired this.
    Used ref for head, freehanded everything else. I need to get a real scanner….

    • Peridactyl

      Art is a series of trials and errors. It’s good to see your own mistakes, because that means you know what to improve.
      This is really neat, though! I especially like the hand, fur (the way it all flows, but individual tufts go their own direction), and belt/skirt thingy.

      • Artista

        The tufts for the head or overall? And yes, the belt was impatiently done. I was trying to make it seem the wind was blowing towards the right. But now that I see it more, the skirt looks more like it’s in a gentle breeze. I focused more on the hand and copying Skoll’s head.

    • Deluge

      Hey don’t let yourself be getting embarrass for your hand drawn, for me it’s good in the upper and middle although i understand what you did on the lower part xD. And for the most part, how did you take a clear shot on the drawing? I struggle to take a picture of my drawing without a slight shadow? xD

      • Artista

        I used the scanner build in the printer. But I recommend buying a real scanner.

  • Deluge

    Does anyone encounter “Error establishing a database connection” When you check this website?

    • Peridactyl

      All the time

    • Artista

      Okay, half the website failed to load and all I see is black and dark grey bars.

    • ive had that a few times, but it usually loads once i retry a few times.

  • Artista

    So, just finished watching The Purge: Anarchy. Yeah….scary. Now to watch The Purge: Election Year.

    • flyteck

      We (me and a few people in my uni res) just watched the election one last night. I’m more a fan of the concept than the actual movie, but still decent.

      • Peridactyl

        Didn’t much like the ending myself 😛 Then again, I’m a sucker for happily-ever-afters, so that could be why.

        • Artista

          Happily-ever-afters just don’t sit well with me anymore. I like it when stories are bittersweet. I guess those types of endings feel a but more realistic.

          • Well you’re in for luck, because I believe absolutely none of the 30+ stories I have could possibly be considered to have happy endings in any way! 😀
            ….Is that a good or bad thing?

          • Artista

            Good, in my opinion. Greek tragedies are my favorite! I especially love Sophocle’s tale of Ajax. It’s incredibly sad. It gets even sadder when you realize the whole play is about PTSD and veteran suicides because of isolation, stress, and feeling betrayed by commanding officers. But that kind of play actually made things like that easier to talk about between the ranks. Ever heard of Theater of War?

          • I don’t believe I have heard of Theatre of War.

            Hmm, most of me stories I cannot call a Greek tragedy, as they aren’t downright depressing endings. Sure, they might be thought of as “happy-ish”, if you disregard how many close people die, how much suffering one endures, and in some cases one cannot even physically die despite not being able to stop others from dying (no matter how many times they try). (That surely sounds like suffering extreme sorrow like in a tragedy XD)

            For the most part, they’re bittersweet, because let’s face it, there’s no real happiness to be had if nearly everyone and everything you’ve loved is dead and destroyed. :>
            It usually ends up, if not already, a crapsack world. 😀

            (It’s basically psycho/emotional torture, especially for me since I largely create these stories because of my experiences)

  • Artista

    We’re about due for another page. Next Time: Raigho’s Special Move: Fang Over Fang.

  • Hey all, November’s Supermoon is upon us! The best time to see it is around tonight, tomorrow’s early dawn, or next night, depending on where ye be at in the world.
    It might not look much bigger, but it’s the biggest it’s been since 68 years!

    • Deluge

      We should probrably picture the moon and share each other when that day happend.

      • It was so darn big and yellow right by the horizon and of all times I had no camera!!

    • Pilot

      I tried to take a picture of it but my phone wouldn’t take a clear picture because it was so bright.

  • Hey guys

    Behold, the spirits of glory and modesty

    and overused jokes


    Bye guys

    • Rookamillion

      Good thing his life cycle should be fairly quick. XD

      • Artista

        Who wants to see more Baby Munin?

  • Artista

    Scroll all the way down when you open the page link and behold the cuteness of sibling love! http://akreon.tumblr.com/page/18

  • flyteck


    I’ve wanted to post some kind of art here for a while because that’s a thing people do sometimes, but I haven’t had anything that isn’t Pokemon to post |D

    Butttttt this is a dog so yeah. I just wanted to share here… Not more off-topic than usual I don’t think.

    • an ass

      Apart is misspelled not to be an ass

      • flyteck

        I’ve been looking at it and thinking that but I didn’t actually check… This is why midnight is not a good time to draw. Thanks for telling me |D

    • I bet Sköll tries really hard to live by that phrase. XD

    • Anon

      Yoo, this is awesomeee, seriously good job aside from the spelling error (but whatever). Is this a character of yours?

      • flyteck

        Thanks! I fixed the spelling error on the original, but I guess it didn’t update this version (I’ll change it when I get my computer). And yeah! She’s a weird dog mutant thing that’s been experimented on; http://flyteck.deviantart.com/art/0002-Ref-529825587

  • Deluge

    For 1 entire day, i’m really beat up after studying tutorials and finishing my drawing. Man the anatomy of a human body is really hard, the angles sideview, topview, frontview and everything really confuse me.

    Really tired just like him after work T-T and oh he’s a wolf


    • iam not the greatest at anatomy, but here are some tips i learned over time and a basic body frame i made to kinda help me start out in measuring. =]

      shoulders (without arms) and hips should be the same width. able to create a rectangle box if lined up. different widths mean one cant support the other. or creating a top heavy situation.

      the rib cage creates the whole chest. if you can fit two long ovals into that cage then you can fit a pair of lungs. the stomach area in between the ribs and hips can be any variation of size. however size can suggest toward current health ex: overweight or sickly thin. to keep and “average size” you keep it lined up with the shoulders and hips or very slightly thinner.

      pectoral muscles stop just as the rib cage spreads apart.

      elbows end at the same place where the ribs end. the tips of your fingers should end mid thigh.

      the hand should be able to entirely wrap around the face. with palm
      starting at the bottom of the chin, being able to cover the mouth and bottom half
      of the nose. fingers cover the rest.

      half the arm to the elbow, is the same exact length as the other half. excluding the hand.
      same thing with the leg. thigh to knee is same as the other half from the knee down.

    • Artista

      I spent an entire hour and forty-five minutes on a portrait of classmate. So much frustration I crumpled up the first attempt. A long time later, I busted out a decent sketch. It resembled her, and she loved it so much she wanted to put it on a wall in her room. She wanted me to draw for a while. I don’t like drawing life portraits of women because I hate screwing up a lady’s face.
      The moral of the story: No matter how frustrating it gets, in some way you are improving.

    • Artista

      Okay, the main problems I see here is the vertical head proportions. The base of the chest is a bit lower than what it should be. How did you start off? Skeleton?
      I recommend copying some of Raphael’s and Michelangelo’s figure sketches. Help you get that shift in the body.
      I envy your feet and hands. I CAN NEVER GET HANDS RIGHT! The left hand looks very relaxed. Just adds to the impression he’s asleep.

      • Deluge

        Well i started with a muscle anatomy tutorial by Draw with Jazza from YT. And yeah the chest really failed to shape the right size in the torso part and the the head is kinda too big to the body and the drawbook weren’t too big to fit so i immediately finished it cause on that time it’ll be evening on that day.
        The Hand draw part where kinda messy as you can see (i am really struggling on that time to draw that xD) i picture my hand and visualize it, after i finish i put all the nail and paw parts. The feet where kinda good i guess (*Pffffft!! XD I hate myself).

  • Iki, you are setting yourself up for natural selection boyo

    • nnn

      I’m jealous

  • Artista

    Once upon a time, there was a wolf named Iki…..

    • Deluge

      Although he may acting like Moon-moon

      • Artista

        …..he eventually found the perfect lemming….

        • and married it. 😀

          • Before he ate it.

          • Artista

            Then Kaya heard the whole story from Gebo…

          • Deluge

            Kaya was disheartened…..

          • That he ate it without her.

          • Shop Dog

            Raigho saw his daughters distress, and decided to show him up..

          • Artista

            Iki was flabbergasted at what Raigho had done….

  • Shop Dog