• Blue

    Raigho: ROAR
    Deer: ohshitohshitohshitohshit

    • Deluge

      The Elk lookin at us be like
      Elk:)Am i going to die on this wolf or not? XD

      • Blue

        Nah, he knew he was gonna die XD

        • Deluge

          I think the Elks eye need to point at Raigho Pfft

  • Hinshi


  • Emeloser

    Deer: *looks into camera like it’s on the office*

  • Seeker

    Can’t wait til this one is redone

  • Shop Dog

    fluffy butt

  • AGV

    -How about no

  • *record scratch; looks at camera*
    Yup. That’s me. Big ol’ Spy Deer.

    You must be wondering how I got into this mess.

  • NovaAlexandria

    Odd, it’s saying this is the new page 35, but it is clearly the old page still. Is this intended, or an accident?

  • Cyon


  • i honestly still dont like the “omg, most epic lone smackdown!!” by raigho. its just waaaaay too unrealistic for me and out of place where the comic stays a little close to real wolf behavior.

    • Rachel_L_G

      In the old page at least he was biting the more vulnerable part of the neck under the jaw. In this remake he’s biting down on the thick muscly base of the neck and the deer goes limp like it’s a killing blow despite previously shrugging off three wolves at once…And the deer still runs directly at him without noticing him somehow. It’s open land, there’s nothing to hide Raigho from sight. I don’t buy it. Raigho has gary stu plot superpowers here. 🙁

      • also that deers running full speed toward him and he jumps at it. the deer would have hit him so hard it would have knocked the wind out of his lungs. along with sending him flying into the ground to get literally crushed.

        • Rachel_L_G

          The art is very nice, though. Is this whole page by the new artist on the crew? It seemed to be implied so on the tumblr post.

          • i think they all do different steps. one/ both writes, one draws, and one colors

          • Rachel_L_G

            Ah, I was under the impression they took turns or worked on separate whole panels or something. I guess having one person dedicated to one step would explain all the clean consistency between the pages. 🙂

          • they mite do that, it seems like they mainly do full steps though. to maintain the consistency in the panels.

        • Peridactyl

          his teeth should be broken

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno
    • Emareee

      Raigho pulls another epic smack down later on, at the end of the volume don’t forget. It’d be kind of boring if they just…showed them hunting like normal. What better way to establish that Raigho is a badass quickly than to have him fly top speed into the neck of an elk?
      It’s cool to look at! :3

      • i feel if they kept to the whole pack performing a plan like the page before this one, but just with a new strategy and raigho takeing the reins it would still be nicer then this “omg look how epicly awsome iam taking a whole deer down alllllll by myself.”

        i dont find it badass, just really out of place on one wolf killing an entire elk so easily. not to mention this “badassery” is destroyed when he cant even kill seven single handedly when she would actually be easyer to kill then this elk.

        • Emareee

          Well, let’s not forget the circumstances around Raigho v Seven. He wasn’t so intent on killing her for food, as he was mega pissed, and he’s already pretty distracted by shot that’s going on in the plot.

          Also him taking an elk down solo and making him look badass in this way makes his slight depression later a little more meaningful, don’t you think? When he tells Jera how upset he is that everything is falling apart. You notice that Raigho becomes less and less patient and good natured as the volume goes on, yes? This is him at his best. Raigho v. Seven is him at a low point.

          • eh, reigho was pretty determined to kill her. and if he can take a adult elk, alone, in one bite to the ground. then even in a depressive state he should still be able to do that. even then, as you said, he was more angry at someone “disguising” as a sacred spirit then depressed. so i feel that point doesint fit well.

            smashing a 700 pound elk in one bite vs losing to a average 166 pound human? i mean, come on, things are not adding up well.

            in anger you tend to get super aggressive when fighting. Seven should have lost, hands down.

            I feel there would have been more punch with the story if they hunted together. See it like this, you see the pack failing without reigho. Then he swoops in, organizes everyone and leads them to victory feasting. So its more of the pack needs him, over them just making a slip up and reigho coming in with the (CHAIR) smack down.

            This shows the pack cannot work without reigho in charge. Making his depressive break down seem even more serious as that means the pack will begin to also fall apart. Currently, I feel the pack could live without him if fehu just took over.

            This also empowers the seven fight scene. Not only does it make him seem weaker to seven, but each cut with the knife also spells greater disaster. As the pack surviving without him has been established. And when it happens you get a bigger panic from the audience as you get a sense of GAME OVER for the entire pack.

          • Emareee

            Yeah, they could have done that. But they didn’t– it would have been more pages, and this is a faster and much more aesthetically pleasing way to show Raigho as the big boss here. This isn’t a novel, this is a comic, a visual medium where the audience is meant to take cues from the visuals. Raigho unrealistically throat chopping the elk with his face like that is a fast and easy way to make it clear.

            I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s a fantasy story, so get over it, but honestly. Keep in mind that doing what you’re thinking of would have stopped the action in it’s tracks here, this sort of keeps things moving.

          • except this IS a novel, a graphic novel to be specific. and i doubt an extra 4 pages, TOPS, would have made a difference in length.

            the average comic is only about 28-40 pages per book. off white is 200+ pages per book, and even more in the sec VOL, that officially makes it a graphic novel.

            and yeah, the story’s moving sooooo fast at every other month updates. and despite authors adding pages already, this would have effect it soooo badly.

            fantasy doesint mean we have to just accept things. fantasy worlds DO have rules and there own limitation to create a suspension of belief.

            if the hobbits in lord of the rings poked the giant eye with a twig making it die and that ended the movie. would you give it the excuse of “oh its a fantasy world, so thats perfectly fine.” no, no you wouldn’t. a lot of people would be pissed if thats how the whole series ended.

            dont use “its fantasy” as an excuse, because its just lazy.

          • Emareee

            Oh. You silly goose. I know it’s a graphic novel. But it’s not a novel in the traditional sense. You know what I meant.

            Also, yeah. That would piss everyone off, if it were to end like that. Because that is the end of the story that was built up for several books/movies. This page, however is not the end of the comic. This is page 35. And really, is your suspension of disbelief going to accept the entire premise of this story, but not accept a wolf pulling off a stunt like that? Obviously this world they’re in the wolves can do cool things like, oh i don’t know, take down an elk with one chomp, flip a human over their heads by their ankles, etc. Maybe these wolves are super mega wolves who happen to act vaguely similar to our world. They didn’t evolve over time, like in the real world, they came out of the ocean in this chain of events.

            Seriously, your reaction to Raigho doing what he does is like if you where to watch an anime with lots of very big fights with magic and such, and then you get angry because a character doesn’t turn into quivering jelly when they’re slammed into the ground so hard they leave a crater.

          • there not mega wolfs though, there meant to be normal wolfs. iam not angry, it just annoys me a bit. obviously i cant change anything, just stating my opinion.

            the authors work SO hard to make the wolfs behavior realistic in both body and verbal. it goes beyond any other wolf comic. so when this scene happens, all that work is basically smashed to the side for one little scene which could have been done differently and kept the wolf behavior so easily.

            in an anime they don’t keep to realism at all with sweat drops and lines to show some emotions or breathing fire when they eat/ drink something too hot. they practically have massive fights every ep and usually involve a supernatural force, something past realism, or are for comedic purposes. this is neither and stays closer to realism.

            that doesint mean it has to be exactly to realism. all the other pages did well in keeping it close, but not entirely, its just this one raigho scene that tossed it a bit too much for me.

      • Artista

        Raigho’s knife dodging skills…. That one kills my suspension of belief every time. WOLVES CAN’T FUCKING DODGE IN MID-AIR!

        • Emareee

          Ah, but he didn’t, though. It’s kind of obvious he took a step. Just because they didn’t make a panel showing his feet doing some sick ninja steps doesn’t mean he didn’t idk make contact with the ground between panels. :T

    • Rookamillion

      Perhaps Raigho is working towards a gig with the WWE. Practicing his RKO.


  • vienix

    lighting work looks absolutely stunning. especially for the last panel.
    is that the same deer the others tried hunting? unless it’s another one, i think you missed the biting injuries on its legs from jera and co.

  • Wolfie



  • Vavs

    It’s just missing the bite marks, I believe
    Despite that it’s perfect, love it

  • Swifs

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait till the next update

  • Peridactyl

    very realistic mmm yep

  • So I’m seeing a lot of different opinions.

    To be fair, I came to Off-White looking for a good story; not a wildlife documentary. I’m not so bothered by the unrealistic action page when unrealistic hero-moves can be found in a lot of stories with tangible characters and well-developed worlds.

  • TheRebelLion96

    Are we really collectively crapping on this page just because of a few irregularities?

    • Artista

      It happens. Eventually we get over it. Then we start oogling over the fabulous background paintings and stylish character designs.

  • GoldenDragonART

    OOkk soooo,,
    you do all realize ( all the people who are pissed that this page isn’t “accurate” ) that you are basically being asses towards artists working hard on this project??

    if its that horrible, dont freaking look at it? I mean come on! way to bring down people, saying they dont do their stuff right.

    if you like this comic, stop being asses, and deal with it. these people are doing this just for us readers!

    • Agreed! People need to remember that this is a comic- a fantasy story meant for entertainment value, not a freaking documentary.

      It’s called artistic liscence! Don’t like it, don’t read it. These artists are giving us an awesome comic for free that they pour their time and love into. Show some respect, people.

      • Not to mention many scientists and people have their own misconceptions of wolves based on their inherent biases against animals, thus influencing their observations. :>
        In other words, we won’t know which part is artistic license or documentary, meaning let’s enjoy the story for what it is. 😀

      • actually, there getting $300 from patreon. :>

        and no one insulted them, wheres the disrespect?

    • Rachel_L_G

      If this is about me, I would like to say that I wasn’t pissed about it, and I didn’t mean to come across as an ass about it and the last thing I want to do is bring anyone down… I just wanted to state my opinion on something I thought was weird. I don’t think it is horrible. I thought I was giving a little bit of critique, I didn’t want to offend anyone, and I wasn’t trying to. I also praised the art, if it means anything.

      • Anon

        Your comment was fine, don’t worry about it. 🙂 I think a similar thing happened a few pages ago. There tend to be different opinions when a new page is posted, but in the end we all love it.

        • Rachel_L_G

          It seems like most people are really upset that I thought questioning something in the comic was okay…Apparently criticism is not okay here. I spent years reading and not commenting and now that I do this happens, it feels really horrible. I didn’t even mean anything negative, I thought i was being constructive. I’m just not going to comment anymore. Everyone’s mad at me. I feel like crying. 🙁

          • criticism is perfectly fine, if it wasint, the authors would have said something 200 pages ago.

            its just that many new comers get defensive when someone says anything against there newly fav comic. starting up drama when there was none. many of us older fans like piolet, tax, rook, artista, me and others have seen this happen time and time again. its pretty common.

            even over little stuff such as people talking about there misspelling of whoa. or wording of a sentence.

            feel free to give critique, it has helped these authors a few times in fact, in catching artist mistakes. =]

          • Anon

            Can’t upvote, but this^

            Sorry you feel like people are targetting you, they really aren’t. A lot of others made comments on the same things you did, and I don’t believe anyone is mad at you, it’s more general counterarguments to the points but not a single person. I hope that you continue commenting since the discussion is nice when there’s no argument going on, but it’s your choice of course. Take care.

    • Peridactyl

      (t just kinda feels like it goes off from the comic’s tone. Obviously it’s fantasy, but there’s still a suspension of disbelief when it comes to things outside of that fantasy.
      Exaggerated hunting is a strange trend in wolf comics, as well as writing and art being very difficult, so I try not to complain too much, but it just feels weird when a wolf bites a shoulder blade and that much blood comes out. Comments acknowledging flaws and critiquing the comic aren’t people being assholes, just people giving their opinion.

    • vienix

      …are people going to do this every single time readers have valid, constructive criticism? are you going to freak out every single time we talk about, say, a missing element (blood on the deer legs, for example)?
      No one is being an “ass” or freaking out here but you, honestly.
      If the authors ever complained “criticism”, or said to knock it off with noting out this or that, then we will. (and i highly doubt they’ll ever engage in discussions so there is that too)
      Until the day they come out and say don’t do this or that
      calm down with the hostility.

    • no ones pissed though? who said it was horrible? no ones being an ass. no ones calling names or insulting the authors. maybe you should calm down yourself.

    • Even though most of us are artists ourselves and understand how much work goes into each page but god forbid someone offer criticism about how a scene is played out.
      No one is saying it’s horrible. No one is being an ass. You’re not the only artist here. Everyone reserves the right to voice their opinions, just as they reserve the right to respond to those opinions. If you want to interpret criticism as hate or trolling, be my guest, but don’t be surprised if and when people call you on your logical fallacies.

  • rhez


  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Raigho be like “sup noobs” Of course it’s not possible for a wolf to take down an adult elk by itself like that, but hey it’s just a comic and like someone mentioned before it’s not a wildlife documentary so chill ur asses and enjoy the storyline

    • Maybe this is perfectly normal for East Midgardsorm wolves?

  • Aaaaaand this is why Jera chose Raigho! Someone has to be the “bread man” for this family, even if it means making everyone seem incompetent. XD

    *Five seconds later Raigho is thrown off by Spy Deer’s superior skills*

  • Also, Spy Deer has a really smug face first panel.

    Spy Deer: “See ya, fleabag b**ches ! (゚∀゚)”
    Isa: “You’re in for a surprise, fluff butt! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ”
    Jera: “Get your Deer ass back here, konoyarou! 3(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾”
    Fehu: “Aaaaaagggh oh me old legs!! .°(ಗдಗ。)°.”
    Raigho: “Why youー!!(*`口´)ゞ”

    Second panel is literally screaming

    Raigho: “SURPRISE MUTHAF**ER!! (๑•ૅД•๑)” https://youtu.be/5CfNarCjSHM

    And finally *CRASH**CHOMP**CRUNCH*

    Raigho: “Don’t you dare trash talk my wife and kid!! (And Fehu) Σ(-᷅⌓-᷄*๑)”
    Spy Deer: “Gaaaaaaaahh! (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)”

  • Nick Lopez

    Ran right into the jaws of death.

  • Rookamillion
    • Pilot

      Swag Deer has made his return

      • Rookamillion

        Swag Deer Forever

    • Ichimatsu Matsuno

      This is exactly how this page shoulda ended

  • Diznits

    How did Raigho not get his teeth kicked in pulling that shit

    You get your ass trampled like that

  • Wolftrick

    Whelp. Lemme go ahead and put this here. If people are truly looking for realism, here it is: 1. We don’t know how long they have been running the caribou down. Therefore, it could be extremely exhausted.By the time they caught up to it and the caribou broke free, it might have been on its last wind.
    2. They made appreciable bites on the caribou. Holds on its two front legs and the back leg hurt. Breaking free from that kind of bite can leave damage in the ligaments from the force of shaking off the teeth.
    3. Raigho is not taking the caribou down alone, his pack mates had weakened the caribou first. All he’s delivering is the kill bite. It’s something similar that can observed in the documentary She-Wolf: Rise of the Alpha Female, when She-Wolf has to learn how to deliver the kill.
    *sips tea*

  • Everdream

    I’m not bothered by how unrealistic this is. He’s probably biting the shoulder so they would have this dramatic pose, and I would rather have something exciting and dramatic like this in a FANTASY comic than mundane realism.

    I remember reading a tutorial about wolves, and it talked about canine bites. In reality there probably would be little blood splatter no matter where he bit the deer, because a canine’s jaw and teeth are designed to crush, not slice like a knife and shoot blood everywhere. If no matter where he bites a blood splatter would be exaggerated and unrealistic, then what does it matter if blood is shooting from the shoulder? it’s no less wrong than it would be if it was shooting from the neck. Surely it’s better to have a blood splatter regardless of where he bites, because it makes for a more dramatic scene?

    Here is tutorial explaining what I’m talking about: http://paperiapina.deviantart.com/art/Doggie-teeth-tutorial-thingy-194985461

  • EFM

    Can everyone just calm down? Do you not see the difference of attacks between the new and old pages? This is a SEMI FANTASY COMIC, so of COURSE characters can get away with certain thangs. Jesus. Stop complaining and enjoy the story; it’s already made, they aren’t going to go back and redo it for ~~realism’s sake~~

  • Pilot

    Not to add another one of these comments to the pile, but could we all drop the situation of whether or not its realistic and stop white-knighting for the authors?

    If they don’t want critics, they have the voices to say so. Either that or they have the option to ignore or even delete the comments containing criticism. From what I have heard collectively over the long time I have been here is that they do not mind their readers giving them a heads up on things whether its spelling or simple mistakes in coloring or shading.

    Though with that said, it is also not necessary to be too familiar with providing criticism nor repeating what another has already pointed out. If someone has already mentioned that something is wrong, all it takes is a simple upvote to that comment to raise it up and allow the authors to see it if they are looking rather than having your own comment on it.

    Lets stop crowding the comments with this stuff.

    • Dear Fenrir is there a lot of this stuff! D:
      I think we need to heal the hostilities to ourselves with Photoshop edits!

  • Nukawin

    People bitching about unrealistic behaviour with this comic are forgetting these fucking wolves can ALSO TALK. Last time I checked – THAT wasn’t natural.

    It’s a fictional comic people, stop nit-picking and just enjoy it.

    That aside, I actually really like the new pages. The quality of improvement in the art has improved immensely. I also love the blood effect on the bite.

    • except thats just for the audience, and its shown that when talking to people there heard as barks and such.

    • vienix

      they do not “talk”.
      like reddog said, that’s just for “the audience”.
      when will the OW community stop white-knighting and throwing a fit every single time people have valid, constructive criticism…

    • Even Fehu recognizes ravens cant “talk”, but sees Raigho speaking to them.
      So… it’s simply a matter of translation. .-.

    • But they can’t talk. If they could, Seven would’ve understood Raigho and avoid the whole blasphemy ordeal.
      They communicate, of course, and their dialogue is just the product of body language, barks, growls, yipps, everything.
      It wasn’t bitching, it was criticism. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, whether it’s serious or funny, there has always been criticism in this comment section. I don’t see why the sudden drama?

    • Peridactyl

      suspension of disbelief man
      and from the other replies you already know they don’t talk

  • okay, none of us are saying that we should do an absolute realistic hunt. no one said that.

    most of us us are just saying to keep it closer to realism. obviously some things can be let go for action/ dramas sake such as huge blood splatters, the deer not noticing a wolf right in front of it, epic jumps at the elk, etc.

    people act like reigho doing a smack down is the only way to show this action scene as exciting enough to look at. when its not. and iam not demanding the authors to change anything either. this page is how it is and how it will remain unless the authors decide other wise.

    but these authors have worked really hard to keep realistic wolf behavior and body language over any other wolf/ dog comic ive seen. so when this happens, its like “what?”. it just feels a little too out of place for a comic working hard on realistic wolf behaviors.

    they could have done a scene like this, keeping it more towards realism, but not strictly to it and no need for a lone smack down:

    raigho run up, gather the pack, do like a team huddle and break. with iki probably jumping in that back going “i cant see guys!” and squeezing in last minute only for the team to break the huddle.

    raigho, fehu, and isa stick together while jera runs off in a different direction.

    R,F & I chase and catch up with the elk, and scare it. snapping at it and forcing it to run faster. leading it right toward the rock gebo was howling at. the team force the deer to run faster by doing quick snaps at its sides.

    the elk gets ready to hop the pile of rocks, only for jera to jump out from hiding between a rock pile. the elk, startled by jera suddenly appearing doesint pay attention to his jump. getting its back legs caught on the small hump.

    the elk stumbles and trips over itself. the weight of the back part of its body going too over head as it stumbles, flipping it over onto its back to fall into place on its side. the elk raises its head in a panic with one horn appearing snapped off from the hard fall. it desperately tries to rise only for jera to bite deeply into its thigh. yanking it to the floor to buy just enough time for R, F, & I to arrive, seeing them leap over the rock with jaws open wide.

    the elk can only watch in horror as 3 open mouths tear into its soft stomach. the elk finally dies and everybody’s eating.

    then finally iki catches up, extremely wheezing from doing a run. “hey guys -wheeze- iam here -wheeze- to help.”

    it changes the whole feeling of the packs reliance on each other so much, and can make the seven fight so much more dark and depressing.

    and also makes the gebo rock suddenly more important then just being a standing rock in the middle of nowhere.

    • LukaTisus

      Well then. Perhaps if you offer to painstakingly draw out that twenty-plus page expanse that this would require, then you can start calling shots like that, mate.

      • except i know this massive description can be made in 4 pages max, i checked. if i had the skill to draw like this then i would.

  • Rookamillion

    What it looked like in the comment section when I logged on today:


  • L3Wilde

    Wow, Raigho’s really sinking his teeth into this hunt!

  • Artista

    *walk into comment section after a couple of days*
    *walks out*

  • Artista

    So we are really getting into an argument over constructive criticism vs. nitpicking/trolling?

    • Savages, are we not?

      • Artista

        Damn it! Even I, the Lord of Everything Controversial, cannot stand this.
        And here I thought if I kept world events and politics out of the comment section everything would be back to normal.

        • this is normal, wut chu talkin about. >:v

          • Artista

            I know, but…..c’mon! I thought we already had this argument? Like, two years ago.

          • History is inevitably doomed to repeat itself… even if it’s only a few days after it just happened. XD
            (Likewise, people ask the same question/point out the same thing repeatedly)

  • yikes


  • Holy shit this comment section.
    I do hace one thing to say though.
    The bites on Elk’s legs are missing.
    Don’t lynch me please.

  • LukaTisus

    I think my only nitpick is actually all the people in the comment section, calling this an ‘elk’.

    It’s a reindeer, or caribou. Both related, both similar. Just live on different continents, but definitely is not an elk.

    • L3Wilde

      So glad you pointed that out, I honestly thought it was an elk. XD

    • Now I feel like so ignorant. :’v

  • plantangel

    ok you guys keep saying stop calling this unrealistic i mean they already (insert example here) ….. why havent i seen anyone say;

    Ok guys stop calling this unrealistic its literally a comic about a wolf with a glowing blue face whos supposed to be chasing the sun, and theres a dragon dude too… theres dragons in general.

    • its just this particular scene is a little too unrealistic from wolf behavior. the artists work hard to make the wolfs realistic in behavior, and this breaks that.

      that’s all iam saying. :v

      • plantangel

        hm I guess so, but Im guessing this hunt scene is just for a little excitement for the audience… since its mostly just been conversation so far

    • But Raigho’s a normal wolf and that’s the point.

      • But which kind?
        Which kind??!

        Takeru.exe has crashed.

        • Artista

          I assume Grey Wolf. Iki is a white wolf, Isa…Mexican wolf, I think. Fehu…desert, perhaps?

          • Well, I mean, they should by logic be the same one, but which species are they more closely based off? (since it is a bit difficult to just straight off make a new species that is also realistic, when each species or subspecies have differences in physical abilities or whatnot)
            I know some wolf packs have every pack member being nearly the exact same characteristics (slight differences in some facial features) and even despite being the same species, every pack member can be very different, even between their own pups.

            Heck, I don’t even know what I’m asking anymore. At this point I’m just blathering about. XD

          • most likely timber wolf.


          • Now there’s a handsome fella!

          • Leon

            Gray wolves can be multiple colors. They are all Gray/Timber wolves. Maybe Artic since they seem to be in an Artic Biome but then they wander into a forest. Idk but they arent Mexican Wolves, I havent heard of any desert wolves, except maybe the red wolf but no, because they arent in a sandy desert or mexico.

          • Certainly not Ethiopian wolves! 😀
            (They look smaller ish)

        • Ichimatsu Matsuno

          Cherish this post

  • Swifs


  • Ichimatsu Matsuno

    While everyone complains about how the hunt wasn’t realistic I’m just gonna sit here baffled by the fact that mid jump he shifted his head from his left to his right.

    • Shop Dog

      by turning his head?

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno

        ….. but why? Why not have his head like that in the first place?
        I wasn’t asking how.

        • Leon

          Well, my thoughts were that maybe the Caribou turned when he saw Raigho. And during that turn, Raigho bit him. I know that kind of messes with the timing but… lets just say Raigho starts his jumps in slow motion.

  • Artista

    So, instead of doing homework, I got onto Pugbun’s (Akreon’s) gallery and found some nice mini-comics. This is part 1 of 7. http://akreon.deviantart.com/art/deviantART-Loves-You-189011603

    • Ichimatsu Matsuno

      Ah yes the good ol days

    • Rookamillion

      Aw man, I remember this! If I remember correctly, dA invited them to their headquarters to try and explain themselves and smooth things over after this. XD

      • DA still has sucky ahndleing of issues though. even more now that they cut over half there staff.

      • vienix

        i’m pretty sure they used some hypnotism to brainwash and silence them to this day, lol.


  • Eia01


  • Swifs

    Like if you love this series! 😀

  • Leafy

    To be honest, in the second panel it looked like Raigho was gonna get beaned in the face by that hoof. XD

    Thanks for the page~ Love the bite with blood, it looks so realistic!

    • wahots55

      Yeah, but the hoof is blurry and Raigho’s face is not so I think that means the hoof is a farther distance away. Just a small detail I noticed.

  • Can we talk for a moment about those pretty effects on the left side of the last panel? I’d never seem them before. They’re pretty :’)

    • RainingMountains

      They remind me of water droplets on a screen
      They’re are quite pretty :3

    • L3Wilde

      I think that’s the glare from the sun? One of my favorite effects, but I never learned how to create it. :v

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno

        That and kicked up snow, with sunglare it’s a weird one and sometimes requires several colours if getting a lensflare effect, but the main key is circles and rays

      • You’re probably right. I’s love to know how to create it too. :’3

    • Artista

      Then we can talk about how pretty Fehu thinks Raigho’s eyes are! Hmmm…Raigho und Fehu or Raigho und Seven…. Decisions, decisions…..

      • I don’t blame him. Raigho’s eyes are so pretty.
        Which reminds me of a handsome Raigho gif from ages ago that I must go look for now. :0

      • Shop Dog

        can we talk about how when i turn on one the hot/cold water tap in the mens room all the sinks turn on? the hecks up with that.

        • Artista

          Maybe the sinks desire a real man to fix them, cause the other guy chose to half-ass it? Or it could be The Omen?

    • Deluge
    • Peridactyl

      don’t bring it back please


    • RainingMountains

      Dear god


        • RainingMountains

          My eyes cannot handle its beauty

          • Artista

            I wonder if this is Raigho in “Jera Vision” when he’s all flirtatious.

    • flyteck

      I remember that masterpiece <3

    • Artista

      Rook will burn me for saying this: Fab Raigho is possibly even more Fab than Archbishop Fabeldyre!

      • Rookamillion
        • Artista

          And here I was expecting a text wall of ranting. Instead, I received a crimson stamp calling for my death for heresy. And the fact the site’s background is something like a grey makes that crimson stamp even more ominous.

          • Rookamillion

            The justice of Fab is swift and uncompromising. XD

          • Artista

            Wow…5 fellow Off-Whiters want me to burn on the Fabulous Rainbow Stake. Burning in agony in a colorful, gay, flamboyant, pretty, fabulous blaze. Gee, thanks. XD

          • Don’t worry, I’ll burn with you! I’m feeling rather chilly at the moment, what with the snow. XD

          • Rookamillion

            They rightfully fear Fab’s unrelenting vengeance upon those who blaspheme against him and profane his fabulousness.

        • Artista

          Rook, keep this up and you’ll end up just as fanatical as the priests of The Eternal Fire.

          • Rookamillion

            Yeah, except I won’t need a Witcher to burn the bodies and cover the tracks of my shady back deal alley backstabs. I need only the glory of Fab! XD

          • Artista

            I can only imagine how the OW goddesses react when we do this with their characters; giving them a nickname and then making a cult for them. So Akreon, what do you think of us making Archbishop Fabeldyre the Bishop of Fabulous?

          • Rookamillion

            Hopefully they look upon us and smile! For we are spreading the good word of the holy Fab. The peace of Tankrevenrin be upon you brother.

    • Shop Dog

      like a rhinestone cowboy, riding out on a horse in a star spangled rodeo!

    • Anybody ever thought of photoshoping an ugly Christmas sweater onto him? It might just be an improvement.

  • merry early Christmas everyone. ‘u’/

  • Deluge
    • Shop Dog

      ill ad it to the meam stash latter im being lazy this week

  • Artista

    Apparently, the North has decided to invade the South again. Proof? My city is expecting freezing temperatures later this week.

    • Shop Dog

      ive had ice on my windshield every day here at tulsa airport

  • Artista

    A little cookie for your brain. My study on mental injuries finally took me to this: http://www.brainlinemilitary.org/content/2012/05/the-many-layers-of-post-traumatic-growth_pageall.html Basically about how people can grow from trauma. Doesn’t mean the pain will go away completely, but confronting the emotions and putting the experience into a new frame of mind can help. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    • of course its possible for all tramas, as long as the brain hasint suffered some physical damage then its just a matter of time.

      some tramas can take a couple months, with heavy therapy, to fully heal from, while others can take many many years.

      then there are also variables like how traumatized the person was and how well they handle the trauma. some can handle it very well while others cant handle it at all.

      along with the fact of if they seek help or just try to mash it deep down (which isint the healthy way to go.)

    • I use it to help me write and create, and in some moments, help me reexamine, rethink, or realize things I’ve not known. Although I tend to also make it worse for myself by reminding me or by making new bad stuff.

      ….not exactly a great thing to do, eternally tormenting myself. But hey, we can’t hide all the time, eh? At least I’m productive! XD

  • Julian John Mckeon
    • Artista

      Can we not do rape jokes?

    • please, don’t post stuff like this. keep it mainly PG.

    • Not okay.

  • Rookamillion

    RIP John Glenn. 🙁

    • Artista

      An American hero, and an example that you can do anything at any age.

  • Swifs

    can’t wait till the next page!

    • Peridactyl

      We’re getting a completely new one next, not a redo 😀

      • Rookamillion

        I think they’re finishing this chapter before starting the next volume.

      • Not yet. They’re still going to finish redoing chapter before doing new pages.

        • Peridactyl

          I understood it as they were finishing this chapter as they began the first one of the second volume.

          • Nick Lopez

            Totally sucks. 🙁

  • Artista

    This is mainly for the OW Americans. What is your opinion on the civilian/military “gap”?

    • Rookamillion

      Whatcha mean?

      • Artista Telegram

        Basically a fancy phrase for how America civilians and military are ‘disconnected’. Google can explain. Google knows all.

        • Rookamillion

          Ooooooo. a telegram!

          Ah, you mean how nobody seems to care, just going about their lives, even though there’s a war going on? XD

          • Artista

            Yeah, pretty much. your thoughts? wat about you, Shop?

          • Shop Dog


            IE to the rest of you that don’t care about what i think is wrong with american media don’t read it, but since you asked why i there theres a gap in the way people think in the country heres a rant.

            americans are all brainwashed by a school system with no standards, a news media which reports on stories because there more sensational, and they can make more add revenue on them rather than regularly covering world issues. a bunch of winny rich collage students that think they know everything, and disregard people that are more experienced than them with a supertanker load of common sjw bullshite and making fuss over non issues and first world problems which distract from real problems.
            ya i can see why theres a gap because most people are sheltered from the issues and not bothering to look at them [like say the European migrant crisis which isn’t even boing reported on most tv news networks accept when theres a shooting big enough to stir the pot you have to go to Russia to day to even find any thing on it now days]. and the other side of the population which watches the issues & wants to talk about the issues. but because there not popular or alining with what either the east/west cost news agencies think, or deam to be popular opinion, they get ignored. and we wonder why when there bureaucracy goes wrong they say, oh who ever could have seen this coming other than all the people we ignored for months who deal with the system everyday, who clearly have no idea what there talking about who could have possibly trusted them.
            a great deal of people don’t see the issues the military is dealing with because there either ignoring it, oblivious to it. from not thinking to look up the things that are going on in the world online. or have logic which is so skewed from the educational system, that they they dont value the people that actually support the country [ military police emergency services industry utilities ect] and to a great degree talk them down. because for the most part these fields are predominantly male. not because women are forced out of these roal in fact there receive more incentives from companies because it looks better on there gender equality status. but since genders aren’t exactly the same in all industries and those things like the military utilities and all the typically lower class jobs which aren’t particularly glamorous don’t attract that many female applicants to begin with the media can conveniently disregard the opinions coming from people in those fields as a bunch of mesogynest/white/male/dumb or what ever buzz word they can fit to discredit them and not even bothering to hear what those workers at the bottom are saying even if it has nothing to do with gender.

            so the sum up, we have an uninformed public, we have a media which is not willing to inform the public. and the political correct culture is censoring the ideas of the lower class that dosnt agree with it, while the people at the bottom are trying to call attention to the systems we see falling as a result of them being ignored

            sorry if that rants a bit crude, im not an english major, writing/people is not my interest, im am a aviation tech i think i terms of machinery and blueprints not wording and conversation.

          • also @disqus_yPpqlWP5bJ:disqus

            “Americans are all brainwashed by a school system with no standards”

            no standards? American school have the highest of standards. so high that other country’s find it insane why so many American kids have test anxiety.

            in other country’s getting 50% means a pass because you know half the material. here in America that’s failing.

            UK for ex:
            100-64 A
            60-54 B
            49-35 C
            0-34 F

            95-100 A
            94-80 B
            79-60 C
            59- below F

            your over dramatizing this “brain washing of America”. wanna know the real reason why? its because were all numb to it. people deal constantly with gang violence and simply hearing about ANOTHER war doesint really effect us. we hear about this war and that war so much its practically blended together and when the subject comes up we go “who are we fighting again?”

            its not that were under informed, were OVER informed about so many battles and country conflicts, eventually you have to just block it out to avoid depression and constant anxiety.

            “oh were not friends with that country and their going to bomb us? well okay then.”

            “oh wait, were teamed up now becuase ANOTHER country wants to bomb us. oh okay”

            “oh, so now were all friends? oh wait, now none of us are friends because the other side heard a rumor about our bombs. oh well.”

            rinse and repeat for practically every issue and the media constantly shooting propaganda.

            “oh god the country’s falling to pieces!!”
            “your neighbor could be a terrorist!!”
            “all the other country’s want to invade!!”
            “the war is causing XX country to fall apart and will cause another great depression.”
            “our new president is gonna start WW3!!”
            “russia, north korea, or XX countrys gonna start WW3!!”

            its also hard to care about something when the most experience you get of it is shaking video footage and photos on a TV. that’s why alot of Americans don’t care about those “starving African children” commercials. we see them all the time and even if we do care enough to donate money, we have no idea if it really goes to them or just the company to make more commercials for “the cause”.

            take red cross for example, a big chunk of the money goes to their compains and commercials. only %70 really goes to help others, despite red cross saying its 91%.

          • Artista

            It doesn’t matter how the high standards are, but how much knowledge students are able to retain. For example, during the SBG system, elementary school students were having trouble just reciting the basic facts of American history, such as who was the fourth President. And you can’t just take just one country and build your claim on it because other countries, like Japan, take education so seriously their students have high chances of committing suicide if they do not pass their entrance exams. In North Korea, the standards are so high that most likely, their lives and futures literally depend upon their scores. But again, just because standards are high for someone to pass a test doesn’t mean they will retain the knowledge long-term, which should be equally important. Funny, my original post wasn’t even about U.S. education.
            The majority of Americans do not have much contact with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yes. But the families of military personnel are directly affected by what’s going on. But that should not keep us from keep up-to-date, and being sympathetic about it even though we don’t have much to ‘lose’. Regardless of whether we are directly affected by it, it should not hinder us from keeping in mind that we are at war and lives are being lost. Yes, it IS depressing and sad; I get mad and depressed when I hear about deaths occurring in places near where my friend’s brother is stationed, but it’s not something I can ignore and “block out” all the time. Part of life and growing up is being aware, in spite of our feelings, of the deplorable times in the world. This desire to shy away from serious business even though it’s depressing is childlike ignorance. This isn’t about anxiety, it’s about keeping in mind of other people’s sacrifices, and knowing where we stand against the enemy, in the world. Of course, we can’t always stay on top of it, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to. I think this is where Shop was really trying to hit on.
            Lastly, the media, for the most part, only reports on vets when there’s some form of negative connotation (murder, loss, tribulation etc.) that feed into the narrative that vets are only sufferers, which sets up stereotypes of the maladjusted veteran, when that’s not always the case. Of course, the reports aren’t always like that, but most of the time, you don’t see many videos and headlines about vets serving their communities even after their Service. Instead, the Hollywood cardboard cutouts are reinforced.
            The former two paragraphs is what my original post was about. I think I managed to translate for@shop_dog:disqus on some bits, @rookamillion:disqus.
            And yes, the news media is corrupt and after your viewing so they can earn money. No argument there.
            Hope you’re all well and staying warm!

          • “This desire to shy away from serious business even though it’s depressing is childlike ignorance.”

            one major thing i have to point out is people also find politics a nightmare topic, because some people go waaaay over board in bringing it up and pushing it on people. which is also why many people hate the subject, same thing with religion.

            eventually after getting something shoved down your throat so much you start to spit it back in the first persons face.

            and this is whole thing is a major example. we told you not to bring political topics up AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING AGAIN?!

            you bring them up AGAIN! i wasint going to replay, and even tried to bury it a little under some videos, but then shop did and at that point it didint matter. but now iam stopping and just going to sum it all up in reasons why.

            YES, people are aware war is happening. PEOPLE KNOW, they just don’t give a crap because we’ve been in so many wars in our history its practically a fact of life by now, just like gang violence and murder. do you look up every murder in the news paper, in your city, state and country? how about every act of gang violence in the country? most likely you do not.

            WE KNOW that we have soldiers out on the field and that there dieing or coming home horribly injured. its not surprising news to hear about.

            LITERALLY NO ONE believes holly wood cut outs are the real deal unless there kids or really dumb teens who still think they can drop out and become a famous rapper or millionaire.

            go ask random strangers why they don’t like politics, the most common reason is because:
            1 its boring
            2 its unrelateable (unless they personally know an army guy)
            3 people are too aggressive over “their side” in politics.
            4 its depressing.

            “you don’t see many videos and headlines about vets serving their communities even after their Service”

            that’s because it gets stuck in local community news and because its not a big deal. why is it so important for veterans to get recognition for doing something nice for the community done the same by police officers, family’s, and everyone else in the community who can donate time? focus on the deeds, not who specifically does them.

            what about mentioning all those veterans who snapped and started a shoot out with police? or those who served and ended up abusing there familys? should we push those up the headlines too?

          • Artista

            *rubs head and walks out* I concede.

          • Artista

            Let’s do this….

          • No please, anything but the PERFUME!

          • Rookamillion
          • Artista

            Shop, restart your system and then perform a virus scan. You should be able to perform more coherently then. XD

          • Shop Dog

            no its to late its the memz virus my computers going to warp im losing control!

    • Fauna

      If this is legit, this is like the most amazing thing O.O’

      • oh yes, just look it up, there are tons of people recording reactions to this. many of them being birth day surprises.

        one guy thought they were joke sunglasses that made things change color, until his family pointed out hes actually seeing true color for the first time.

  • just some nice things id thought id share untill the next page comes:


  • Nick Lopez

    Sigh. Sorry y’all, going into T mode for this post/comment.

    On November 20th we received news that Volume 2 would start after they finish the redo’s for this chapter. Then on November 24th we get Page 35 Redo and nothing since. I believe it was poor judgment on their part to make such an announcement unless they were prepared to upload 1 redo page pre week, obviously they weren’t.

    Now we’re all sitting around waiting for that next redo page for it will put the comic 1 page closer to Volume 2. Such excited new was announced but no real progress has been made.

    So everyone, let’s sit back and relax for the next couple months as we wait for page 1 of Volume 2.

    One more thing – P.S. ~ If I’m wrong then I’m wrong and will admit it.

    • well, practically the same announcement was made when jessie came on board and nothing changed then.

      but since they have a new artist iam giving them a benefit of a doubt and just assuming they need some time to get everything settled first with the new artist.

      • Nick Lopez

        Ugh. I never think stuff through well enough. It’s always something. 🙁

        • ah well, we’ll see how things go.

          • Nick Lopez


            Out of curiosity, on Deviantart – Did you see Thaw and Frost. (I think I have there names right. Also, they’re fan made.)

          • nope, never heard of them. :v

          • Nick Lopez

            I’ll link ya.

          • Nick Lopez
          • ah.

          • Nick Lopez

            What you think ???

          • really nice. =]

          • Nick Lopez

            I tried to tag you.

          • @disqus_0CahwApo9p:disqus
            oh, apparently you can. nvm. :v

            you enter the @ symbol and a list of names pop up below and you simply pick the person to tag. although iam not sure how the list works. only has the 4 most recent people talked to it seems.

    • ST

      …aren’t you the person that made a lot of gross comments a good while back?

      • Nick Lopez

        I haven’t made any gross comments in over a year. I don’t wanna get banned or blocked, or booted, or whatever it’s called from the site for improper comments. It wouldn’t be worth it.

        On a side note when the comic went on hiatus before it ended I said some very nasty things. I believe @reddogf.13 brought to my attention that I was trolling. I did not want that nor to be stuck with that label so I stopped those comments and put up comments begging to be spared from the ban hammer.

        Writing what I wrote 3 hours ago was not easy for me. And if need be I’ll delete it.

        • Nick Lopez

          Huh, I tried to tag reddogf.13 but it didn’t work ???

      • Shop Dog

        hes cleaned up his act, he’s not the one asking for dick shots anymore.

        • Nick Lopez

          ^^ ^^

          • Artista Telegram

            I wondered what happened to you.

          • Nick Lopez

            ?????? Oo.

      • he used to, but hes gotten much better about it and no longer does it.

        • Nick Lopez


      • Deluge

        Hmmmm… Let’s not bring the past and move forward in a good future shall we? ^_^

    • vienix

      Oh, has it been that long already? i shouldn’t be as surprised, haha…

      i’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but clearly at this point, with years of false promises and new artists and plans etc, they have poor judgmental as well as next to zero communication skills. They go completely radio silence after each “update”. They didn’t even bother replying to any of the questions or concerns regarding their recent announcement, and that’s telling enough.

      Couple of months is VERY generous. i’m expecting at least start of 2018 where we’ll be close to finishing volume 1, if we’re being realistic here.

    • i just remembered the girls are also finishing up there witcher card game project for the company. so that’s probably also adding to the delay.

    • a23spyro


      You might need to wait even longer than that for Volume 2. They’re re-doing almost the entire comic!

      • Nick Lopez

        Obviously you haven’t read Important News on the main page. Yes they are redoing almost the whole comic but they are starting Volume 2 as soon as they are done with this chapter. Here, go read.


        And that post on deviantart is over a year old. Posted on August 21, 2015.

        While the post here on OFF-WHITE is not even a month old yet. Posted on November 20, 2016.

        So thanks but I’m going with the up-to-date post here on OFF-WHITE. ^^

    • Anonymous

      If I’m not mistaken, what they meant is that they’ll redo a chapter and then start a new chapter. This chapter isn’t over yet. They also have jobs that takes up a lot of their time. You can’t expect them to give up their work and just do this comic. They’re hardworking people. Also, they have a life. Below, you state that “obviously you haven’t read Important News…they are starting Volume 2 as soon as they are done with this chapter.” That’s true. You say above that we got this redo and nothing since. Have you considered that they could be working on the page(s)? You’re saying that they had poor judgment to make the announcement. However, personally I feel that you have poor judgment. Nowhere in the announcement did they say they would update once a week. They’re hardworking people, buddy. And obviously, you’re a lazy, insulting, demanding person (no offense–I’m just describing you) if you don’t have the empathy to understand that they don’t have all the time in the world to make a comic and meet your standards.

      • Nick Lopez

        We are each entitled to our own opinion’s. I admit that I am lazy at times. Insulting, not so much but it more so has to do with a person’s own point of view but not always.

        I did go abit far with the page a week comment. It’s hard being patient for Volume 2 when it’s been about a year since Volume 1 ended.

        Demanding ?????? Hmmmmmmmmm, guess I was a little demanding so I’ll give you that.

        Yes they do have their own lives and it’s nice of them to do this comic when they can.

        And why are you Anonymous, got something to hide perhap’s ???

      • dude, some of us have been watching since the beginning. weve been around through MULTIPLE promises of “fast updates” only for things to stay exactly the same.

        and eventually facts have to be faced that there needs to be a faster pace. there planning 2 more vol of 200+ pages and its taken a whole year to only get through a quarter of the redos they plan to do.

        weve estimated time and time agian that it’ll take possibly 8 years for redos alone.

        not to mention on top of the waiting weve also dealt with the problems of no mods such as trolls sexually harassing people for MONTHS. despite people emailing, noteing them privately, and desperately trying to get any of the 3 authors attention to get some sort of help.

        and when someone finally did come and cleaned up the mess. they completely abandoned us soon after and the trolls returned a few weeks later to harass us for another few months.

        so excuse us for sounding “demanding” on the “hard working” authors who cant bother hiring a single mod and get $300+ dollers off patreon.

  • Ichimatsu Matsuno

    I look back and, wow I hate most of the comments section :V At least the most active averages in it. I liked Gehn, Bagnome, Diznitz, and Rookamillion, they were always laid back and were funny, but part of me never wants to touch this comments section again. I was looking for light hearted jokes and stuff, and some of the people’s comments I see just.. kinda make me sick. And surprisingly it’s not Nick.
    I had friends who were chased off here because of peoples lack of tolerance and chill, and with some of them when they were offended by something they were actually very good sports about it and kept quiet because they knew it wasn’t meant to harm. We just need a day and age where everyone reaches a new level of chill so we can finally ascend to the sky probably high or something. But seriously tho :V I hate the comments section, nobody has chill anymore.
    Final thoughts, penguinz is our lord and savior and they’ve become the embodiment of chill.

    • Soviet Kapitan(I hate soviets)

      wtf are u talking about?

    • what?? theres tons of jokes and Photoshops below, even the handsome regho has returned (to haunt all our nightmares.)

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno

        You’re kinda being part of the problem, w the vids and other stuff
        Aside from that I’m generally afraid of you because I was usually a quiet background bystander of dog/wolf webcomics and I saw you do stuff that was really just kinda mean. To go from borderline attacking someone to posting the colour blind videos..
        Please don’t reply to my comments anymore.

        • ???
          the videos that i just started posting? i dont even remember the last vids i posted before then. its not like were doing much else here.

          and attacking how? ive never cursed, i never insulted anyone. i have passionate debates on subjects, but that’s it.

        • Well that’s… unfortunate(?)
          I’ve found reddog to be pretty chill since they joined a couple years ago, but as Pilot says: to each their own I guess.
          I’m kinda curious about why you’re so apprehensive toward red, but it’s also like… not really by business so much as it is for yourself and red :V


    • Pilot

      I personally don’t think the comments have been that bad recently, but hey, to each his or her own.

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno

        And you, I liked you also, I feel sad I didn’t add you to the list of people that were cool

    • RainingMountains

      I can understand your viewpoint. For the past few months, we’ve all held a bit of a sour note. However it seems nowadays things are looking brighter for this comment section. If you wish to stay away, then that’s totally okay (accidental rhyme). Like pilot said below, to each their own 🙂

    • Nick Lopez


    • Cantcomeupwithaname

      I agree with you a lot!

      • Ichimatsu Matsuno

        Thank you

    • For some reason, it always seems like wherever I’m sitting in, it gradually sours and dims. Is it coincidence? D: (maybe it happens some point in everywhere)

      Anyways, what is it we can do to brighten our small world again? Would it be a good idea if I look back in the old archives and showcase some old things?
      Let Tak be useful please (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    • Aaaaay never thought I’d be mentioned in someone else’s comment without being like “LOOK AT THIS THING” or sommin’
      For real though, I think most people on here are relatively chill- barring the politics discussion that was going on a number of pages back, but that discussion has already been long addressed. A lot of it seems to be that conversation dims after a while of nothing new really happening; there’s only so much one can add to the same page before falling out of the topic. As someone who’s been chilling in the Off-White comment section since the site revamp in 2011, the comment trends have been more or less the same.

      Heheh part of me want to bring up Kiba as an example of the REAL shitstorms that have gone down

  • Artista


    For all of you who like Zootopia, or need another animal comic in your lives. Here’s a preview. It has humor, sex jokes, violence, loyalty, a bromance, and sibling rivalry. Introducing Inter-Schminter by the Spintherella!

    • ah, thats a good story. XD

    • Shop Dog

      darn it, I’ve all ready read this one

      • Artista Telegram

        Spin said she’d update sometime before Christmas. It’s pretty good, though! Spin managed to keep the characters true to their original design, but also put in her own flare into it. Nick being the classy gentlemen while Judy being the horny rabbit made just go, “YES! An exemplary act of a real man! Now if only more guys were like that….”

        • Shop Dog

          your saying we cant be?

          • Artista Telegram

            Course not! Just not that common these days. Too much hormone rage that trumps restraint and thinking. Both sexes are guilty of that, though.

    • Rookamillion
    • Oh yeah, I’ve been following this one. Ever since I watched the movie, I’ve wanted more of this universe. Been reading all these fan made comics and fan fiction.

      • Artista

        If only Zootopia was adult-oriented…. I think Spin’s comic has possibly the best, right next to ‘Try Everything’ and ‘Judy’s Dead.’

    • The floofy fox tail is so perfectly captured here *o*

  • Nick Lopez

    Out of curiosity, how many peeps aka people here play Candy Crush ??? Oo.

    • Deluge

      My mom xD

      • Nick Lopez

        Cool. Know what level she’s on.

        • Deluge

          Level. 938 and the worst part is her CC Soda not working in progress in her IPad which she really pissed off and play through her another device in Android xD

          • Nick Lopez

            1,626. ^^

            Been playing for years and am still not caught up. But I’m getting closer.

            Current level is in the low 2,000’s.

          • Deluge

            *Hands down* you a BEAST!! XD

          • Nick Lopez

            Thanks. But think of those who are ahead of me.

    • Cyon

      Flow anyone?

    • not me, not much into mobile games. i only got the virtual villagers series and plague inc on my ipod and rarely play them since i also got the PC vershions.

    • Shop Dog

      no because its the same re-skined pos they’ve been trying to get people to buy for ages.

  • Deluge

    What Tasty show how to cook

  • Artista

    So, what exactly is the future of the DSM now that the director of the 4th edition said, “it’s bull.”

    • the what of what?

      • Artista

        The future of the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders, authored by Jon Frances.

        • ah, well its not like mental books stay working forever. eventually new things are discovered or views are changed. just like science books, by next year a lot of the stuff is outdated knowledge on things and they need to be constantly updated to keep up with new discovery’s.

          that’s why science books don’t come in VOL unless a personal scientist made them as like a “famous scientists XX collection and thoughts of XX subject.”

          • Artista

            This is different, though. The main author practically discredited his own work. It’s not just new discoveries or ways of diagnosis, but he urged his collegues to not write the fifth edition.

            As much as I hate linking…http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/804378

          • same out come either way. he either scraps the vol and remakes them, or he leaves the cruddy books up with all the errors.

          • Artista

            Actually, he’s left the study altogether.

          • then most likely the projects doomed unless somebody else jumps in.

          • Artista

            Against his wishes, the DSM-V was created and published. His worry is the chance of psychiatry being used for every human emotion. In other words, a possibility of abusing the manual.

          • most likely, but there are also many other books that can go against his and eventually it’ll be cast out as an unreliable book.

          • To be fair, armchair psychology is going to exist whether the DSM continues to be updated/published or not

  • Deluge
  • Shop Dog

    its snowing in the midwest

    • WARxWOLF86

      It snowed in my area (southern Canada) about 3 weeks ago but now its the drifts we worry about lol most cars are parked for the winter

    • That’s because it’s the Midwest. Meanwhile, here in Louisiana: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4df2d3a1bac6cce35452bd6c21d7a3bd4a78999b2c17b52e7da77f11acccf4f.jpg

      That was quite literally our weekend last weekend.

      • It was actually colder in the Lower 48 than it was in Antarctica on Sunday. O.o

      • Rookamillion

        T-shirt, shorts and flip flop weather my dude. XD

        • Northern Louisiana and the rest of this region’s in a weird place. We’ll get warm systems from the south come up, and cold systems from the north come down. It’s been really cold early on in this week, but we should see 70s temps on Christmas day.

          On a side note, if it weren’t for the humidity and heat, living in the deep south and creole country would look more and more appealing every year.

        • Me living in Southern Arizona speaks for itself hEH

      • Artista

        Same, but without snow. We have a saying that Houston is bi-polar. St. Clair, on the other hand….

        • We get snowfall two or three times a year, but it doesn’t stick. It only sticks if there has been a blizzard or something that has moved south or we are just catching the southern end of it. Last time that happened was two years ago. In the middle of quarter finals..

    • … and therefore also snowing on mt. fuji

  • Cantcomeupwithaname

    I love the improvement, it’s so good! The clouds and snow and stuff are so pretty!

    • Rookamillion

      Dammit Raigho!

      • Remember when I made the Santa one where Santa was hanging off the cliff while Iki’s running by. I thought that could be the follow up to this, but I can’t find the picture.

        • Artista

          You do realize that your inability to find that picture violates our (forced) contract, right? oh my gosh….I WON’T HAVE TO BE CHAINED TO THIS DESK ANYMORE! Soon I can eat more than a crumb of bread! Then I an expose BagCorps. to the world.

          • Well… Damn… You want a raise?

          • Artista

            Can I get 47% of my Enterprises back under my control, including Rook’s “The Rooks Research Laboratories,” and full use of my GNS force, plus a raise in station as Senior Secretary and I get to eat at least a bowl of rice with Lo Mein? I’m being fair here. Did you know that you actually own a chunk of land the size of Lativia? Seriously, you need to consult your diplomats more.

          • But I need that chunk of land for my air conditioned pet rock collection warehouse… Anyway. Make it 40% and I’ll make it the premium Lo Mein. And because I’m feeling generous, I’ll throw some watered down stock into your Christmas bonu- Dammit, now I have to give you that now that I mentioned it.

          • Artista

            Allow all of your employees to undo their shackles for at least three hours so the can bathe. Seriously, being enslaved next to Rook makes me feel like I’m next to rusty iron. Only then you can get the 7%. Give the stock to Susan. She’s been having some financial problems, and marital….and family…. Uh, when was the last time she left BagCorps. HQ?

          • Rookamillion

            You sayin’ I smell bad, son!? XD

          • Artista

            Yeah. But Bagnoms will release your shackles so you can head to the locker rooms.

          • Fine, but they have to stay in a guarded *cringes* break room.
            Just the thought of a room dedicated to unproductiveness makes me lose my appetite.

          • Artista

            You have no idea how hard this made me laugh. “A room dedicated to unproductiveness.” That is the truth.

          • Rookamillion
          • Rookamillion

            Hey! You can’t take my research company! We’re still studying important research there! For example, we’re really close to figuring out if the Earth is flat or not! We just set an intern adrift on a raft towards the edge of the Earth. He’s the fourth one this week. None of the others returned, so logically, the only answer is that they fell off the edge of the Earth.

          • Artista

            Yyyyeah…. I think I can get them to reach their full potential. Since we are developing virtual reality,, the Laboratories will be developing combat simulators.

    • Nick Lopez

      Lol. ^^

      • That was like every mob/gangster movie stereotype and trope mashed into two, three minutes.

    • Cyon

      Top quality microsoft paint 😛

  • Artista

    One of the most annoying arguments I’ve ever come across: Was Walt Disney a furry?

    • no.

    • Deluge

      No, i think that our youth/generation exaggerately assume that we think Walt Disney is a furry. Word “furry isn’t a big word in the past but for now…….

      • There isn’t even a general consensus within the group of what the actual definition is.

        • Deluge

          Yah i agree

    • Wait is that like… a real debate going on??? In this world of ours, this is an actual topic of controversy?

      • Artista

        *inhales dramatically* Unfortunately, yes.

    • Rookamillion

      Don’t think they existed back then.

      • Artista

        They became the thing in the 80s. And ever since, if you ever liked a talking animal movie, you’re forever branded a furry. Of course, they probably never British animal films. Cute is not their language.

      • Peridactyl

        but was he attracted to animals/anthro animals?

        • You don’t need to be attracted to them.
          But I’m sure he had a strong interest. (Plus, animals are easier to draw)

        • Artista

          No. He did marry a woman. He was a nature artist growing up. Sold sketches and drawings of wildlife when he was a teen, . He actually tried to get into the Army at age 17,, but was rejected because he was too young. Then he joined the Red Cross, and lied on the form this time.

    • Cyon

      ITS THE NUTSHACK but every time they say nutshack its the whole script of the bee movie 😉

      • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

        • kind of funny because they recently disproved that. XD

    • Faved ;3

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    merry christmas!! 😀

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    Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Merii Kurisumasu!

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    Merry Christmas to every beloved person in here xD

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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE! I hope you are having a great time =3

  • (Had to delete the last one because the resolution died.)
    Happy Holidays everyone. 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/05972d3077a58321b4f1f367358e41c013e2028a2f031aa4e6c0b6625660d824.jpg

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    Happy howl-idays to everyone~ 😉
    art’s been kicking my tail all year, so have this really lazy doodle of Iki trying to catch snow:


    • madame dead eye

      for you too ^^

  • Cyon

    Merry Christmas all, wherever you may be!

  • Artista

    It’s nearly been a year since the last update.

    • HatiFan

      Because they are upgrading/improving the previous chapters. As they’ve stated more than once.

      • (my english suck, i use google translator)
        Yes, both of you are right and I really understand the situation of the authors, I usually visit their websites and they are doing Gwent masterpieces (out of this planet!!), but for a long time (not only these last updates) the rhythm of Off white has become so Slow that seems eternal…
        I know that I don’t publish much in the Off-white comments (my english suck), but I’m one of the oldest ones here, I’ve been following this comic before It had its own website (and I have almost all the old comic pages XD) but I see so little content (and a long way to go to the end) that,sadly,I’m getting bored and I’m afraid to stop reading the comic, God forbid that …
        Still, I’m glad it has readers who keep the website alive…

        • Cyon

          Yeah, it’s true that the daily comments keep me coming back too, although as Off-white was the first comic I ever read there’s not a chance that I’d forget about it! I find that re-reading some of your favourite passages once in a while is a good way to stay in the flow of the story, if you have some spare time 😉

        • Rookamillion

          You’re English is perfectly fine.

          • Rookamillion

            Rip. Mine isn’t apparently. *your*


          • HEHAH

      • Artista

        That’s actually a running joke we make every year when there hasn’t been an update in a while. We don’t mean anything serious by it.

    • Rookamillion

      Lol. I think your joke went over their head Artista.

      • Artista

        It appears so.

      • Artista

        And I think I accidently unleashed a monster.

    • little early for that joke. XD

      • Cyon

        Not for new additions to the storyline it hasn’t although these redoes have been worth doing…

  • Blue

    Gotta let this out (please don’t reply with a lecture, I know very well these girls are busy and such, I don’t need to be told that again by someone who’s trying to ‘protect’ them despite the fact that this isn’t in any way a dig towards them).
    They say things like “production time is speeding up” and “we will be starting volume 2 soon” and all this, and we still barely get a page a month. They are a team of three people. Three people post a page of this quality a month. It takes a creator like Autlaw or Cakeindafridge several hours to make a page of this quality, and that’s them on their own! I hate to say this kind of thing but it’s really getting on my nerves. They are a team of three people working on a comic for us and despite the fact that they say “production time is speeding up” and this and that, it’s slowing down. Are they losing interest? Do they just not care?
    They have a big fanbase who pays them for their work. It’s ridiculous that they do so little for us in return, especially in comparison to artists such as Johaan-N on Deviantart who posts multiple high-quality pages a week. I’m a comic artist myself (not a brilliant one, but a learning one) in high school. I get to draw maybe once or twice a week, and at this pace… I’m sorry, but this speed is absolutely ridiculous and I personally think it needs to be seriously thought about. They say they want to update about a hundred pages of this comic, and they’ve done about thirty in a year. A year? By that speed, it’ll take three more years for this comic to be completed! It’s ridiculous and I’m sorry but it’s tiresome.

    I think they should either give us a full explanation on why it takes so long – even with work alongside they could dish out a few hours at the weekend to bring out a page – or stop giving us updates such as “We are starting Volume 2 soon!”. It’s doing nothing but lifting us up and painfully dropping us, and it’s unnecessary. Please, be reasonable creators and give back to your community in the way it wants.

    Just a reminder to those reading this, please DO NOT reply with any lectures or hate. I am stating an opinion and that is not a crime. This has been bothering me for a while and I need to let it out before it along with a myriad of other things breaks me down. I’m on a fragile thread in life at the moment and I need to relax; please let me do so and do not give me an unnecessary lecture or hate comment. This needed to be said. I’ve been with this comic for nearly three years and it’s stupid how slow the updates are. Please let me state my opinion without biting my head off.

    • L3Wilde

      Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, I guess?

      What I do when I feel impatient with the comic is find something else to fill the void in between updates. Like, another project or series or comic or whatever. Something else to look forward to to get your mind off of things, y’know?

      • Blue

        You literally just did what I asked you not to do ^^’ I didn’t want a lecture or any advice or anything.
        I’m a creator myself. I have my own comic on my DeviantArt and I know how hard it is to juggle work and art. However, the level these guys are working at is ridiculous and I needed to say it.

    • Peridactyl

      I agree. As much as I understand that they are busy people, someone has to be real and they need to be honest about why they’re taking so long.

    • (Google translator strikes again)
      I think what is missing here is a bit of communication by the authors about Off-White’s course, they are busypeople and I understand it, I swear I understand, but I would like to know what is the”place” Off-white for Akreon and Tanathe to know if I visit the page once a month or once a year.
      With the last update (November 24th) a ray of light appeared and then nothing.
      Maybe if there was a note from one of the authors saying “We are in a great artistic project that means a lot to us as artists and we must delay Off-white in pursuit of this opportunity” I would perfectly understand it and even make me happy that the girls grew so much as artists, or something simpler like “We found a puppy in the rain, we adopted it and we are very happy, so we will not publish Off-White in a while because we will spend our days with a new friend” and I understand (so sweet)! But I didin’t read any of them a long time ago and this generates the uncertainty of some (I include myself) here.

      • Artista

        I think they are still working on The Witcher card game. If you watch them on dA Akreon posts a few previews for the cards every now and then.

        • Blue

          Yes, but it’s ridiculous for them to not even try and communicate with us about this. They’re throwing us aside and playing with our expectations and it needs to stop.

          • yeah and the only reason we know about the project is becuase jessi informed us first on here, not becuase the girls posted an official notice or anything. jessi was literally the only communicator and news bringer. now were more in the dark about news here then ever.

          • Artista

            All I had to do was contact them through deviantart.com to give them a heads up on what was going on. Also, working as a concept artist is very busy work. About as much as animation. And I it is impossible to they’re playing with our expectations because we have no clear evidence. Anyway, stuff’s cleared out. Meant to reply earlier, but Life called.

    • vienix

      people (or whatever is left of them?) already know how i feel about this whole thing.
      i totally agree 100% but let’s be real, their biggest problem is not lack of updates, but lack of communication, transparency/honesty, and just total indifference.
      if they don’t have time for it anymore, i’d wish they would just put an end to it by announcing they’re dropping it, share what the rest of the plot goes like, and then Q&A for a few days and move on.
      They already work for CD Projekt Red, they have nothing to gain from OW in comparison (they update very scarcely to even consider Patreon as a source of income, heck, Jessi’s name is still up there instead of the new artist, shows how much they bother?)
      But well at this point, i’m just tried of repeating myself without them caring to grace us with a professional reply.

    • Cyon

      I’ve been looking at Akreon’s Deviantart, and there was a definite drop in posts in December, even for the Gwent card game…

    • You’re absolutely right. Fans are one of the most, if not the most, important things that can happen to a comic, or any kind of public project fpr that matter. But with OW it feels as though we don’t matter.
      As many people have already stated, it’s not the lack of pages, it’s the lack of communication. A simple “Hey guys, we’re back. :)” doesn’t fit anymore.

    • at this point everyone is beginning to agree. for YEARS we stood by the authors side and usually ripped apart messages like this stating “off whites a side project, the authors are busy, just be patient, they do this for free be grateful, they’re just taking long because the comics high quality, etc”.

      but now they’re making $300+ off patreon, STILL havint hired a mod despite this site seriously needing one since the one issue that lasted half a year with no help. and every other author having the same exact reasons still regularly updating there high quality comics and at least communicating often when they cant. with WURR, bloodstain, and asmundr/ home coming to mind. EVEN arven92 the author of Africa and chakcra heros updates 2 comics every other week with extremely high quality traditional pencil art all alone and sometimes even doing live streams the fans can freely join.

      you cant go “updates soon! :D” and then take 3 months to get a single update out. eventually the straws gonna break the camels back in terms of false promises made every half year.

      honestly i cant in good conscious buy any products the authors try to sell, not even the books when there published, because who knows if the series will ever have a ending or just end up canceled after another 5-10 years.

      and if they are planning to switch between a redo and new update pages. thats a horrible mistake. “oh boy! a new page! now i gotta wait a month for a redo and 2 months for another new page!” pfft, i dont know about you all, but iam not gonna be happy reading the ending when iam possibly 54. they started off white in 2008 and now its 2016, 8 YEARS, and they havint even gotten a quarter through redos. By this time it’ll be possibly the year 2043 to see the ending.

      i myself am doing a comic and due to it being so long i estimated it to take possibly 11 years for me, BUT thats with me working hard to completely finish 3 pages a week and finishing an entire 30+ page book in only 3 months.

      and that’s with me entirely running on the hopes that the books will become my job and make money. i dont have a job and due to my high social anxiety i don’t think i will ever be able to get one or even hold one for long. MY comic IS my life, i basically have nothing else and honestly if it doesint work out i don’t have a plan B, i have no idea how ill be able to live on my own. i know i cant rely on my family all my life and i really dont want to. So for me i am desperate to make it work and so far ive been doing okay for someone without great drawing skills, just made 300+ fans across 4 different sites and I plan to get published on JAN 22nd, the first year anniversary of my comic, but that’s all depending on when the proofs arrive.

      You have to talk with your fans and give them some thing to keep coming back if you don’t have common updates. The fans are your bread and butter and a comic artist cant afford to lose any of them, but it seems like the girls have off white and its community to be the last thing they care about. Why would they care anyway? It doesint make them money. The patron page is a joke. They ignore us and ask for donations, let trolls sexually harass fans for half a year and dare to make one of the rewards being able to “talk with the artists”.

      honestly I also feel sorry for the new artist being added to this project, most likely there going to get some betterment toward them before there even able to bust out anything. As we all know as well, adding a new author/ director/ project manager is a sign of the project having bad luck and failing.

      • Artista

        Maybe you can publish a series of short comics? That’s what Oomizuao did.

        • well my main comic is about to be published, its just a matter of the proofs arriving on time and i dont spot any errors. either way there getting published next year either on time, jan 22nd, or sometime in FEB.

          i just prefer jan 22nd as its the first anniversary and would be nice to share the date with the publication day.

      • vienix

        well-said, reddog.
        at this point not only they’re dishonest and indifferent, but also seriously taking their “audience” for granted.
        good luck with your projects, btw.

    • Liciandragon

      I couldn’t agree more. I love this story, I love the art style, but I would barely miss it if they stopped it altogether. Things were supposed to get faster when they hired a 3rd artist, they were supposed to get faster when they started a patreon page, yet they never got faster. If the artists don’t care about this comic, why should we?

    • akreon

      …and that would all be fair points if not for a very fundamental misunderstanding of what this comic is for me. I really don’t think about it as this grand, epic project. For me it’s like knitting. After work, when I don’t have other shit that I have to take care off, when I don’t feel like hanging out with friends or family, I like to draw me some Off-white. Every thing in this comic is well within my comfort zone artistically speaking. It’s easy, it’s relaxing, totally mindless for the most part. I’m not making a magnum opus here, I’m making a sweater. I’m happy that people are liking my sweater and I’ll keep knitting my sweater but I’m not about to start stressing about it. Take a step back and remind yourself what is causing you this frustration – a cutesy webcomic about animals. Chill and enjoy the knitting for what it is…or don’t it up to you X)

      • Blue

        I understand that very much, but the fact that we’ve been given 0 communication before this reply and that can be very frustrating for readers. Like I’ve said, I’m a comic writer myself and while my story, like Off-White is to you, is more of a little hobby, I still make time to keep up decent communication with readers and update at a reasonable pace. You need to understand that people enjoy this story, and throwing us the occasional ‘update’ bone and then not delivering is not fair on us.

        • (Google translator part 3)
          I am happy to read a statement from the author after more than a month, it gives me a little pity that it is just a Reply to Blue.
          I am happy to know now the place that occupies in the life of the artist and I am also glad that she prioritizes her work, family and personal art.
          I don’t criticized the lack of updates (not in my case in particullary), but yes the lack of communication like Blue said
          Thank God the response was entrusted…
          I love the swetter that is being woven but sometimes a bit of communication between the weaver and those who want to see the “cloth” is appreciated (only communication that does not mean final result)

        • The Guest

          Did you pay them anything for THIS Story? I mean, I didn’t. And I don’t cry about taking the comic too long. I mean, I hardly notice it X)
          You’re on High School you said? So… Well… I’m studying and work full-time. I get a few hours of sleep before I start over again. While I was in High School the days where very long for me. High School is the easiest time of your life, y’know? X)
          I am working on a Comic too. But this Comic isn’t my goal in my lifetime. Without Akreon saying it here in the comments I already new that she has a lot more things to do. Like me, actually. I am enjoying this comic, because I know it is made out of love and not for profit. It is a way of life and it feels like this.

          Also… Akreon doesn’t need to explain herself for working slow on a hobby. It is HERS not yours… It is nice so many people like this story of course. But you guys just don’t realize that all this grumbling and moaning arround doesn’t speed up the process… 🙁 I rather think that at some point those three just will give up the comic sooner or later because no one seems to enjoy it anymore and it can be really frustrating and stressing for the artists just reading moaning comments or even hate…

          Even I don’t read this comic anymore… It isn’t because it takes so long but it’s because all those life-losers in the comments seemingly refreshing this page every single minute because they’re hoping for a new page. I just ended up here because I wanted to look at it since my last visit in July 2016… And it is sad to that the readers aren’t changing after all…

          If it is so annoying to anyone here, why don’t you stop reading? I mean, one or two new pages in a half year is not much, you’ll hardly notice it by closing this page for a while and find something else to read or do.

          • Cyon

            “but it’s because all those life-losers in the comments”
            Quite a monologue you have there… the whole reason people were stressing out was because of the lack of response. Now that we know about what’s going on there should be no reason to complain (unless you’re unhappy about the update pace but at least there is a reason for it).

          • The Guest

            This was only against people who are complaining and maybe hating. I didn’t like the comments here for a long time. True I want to know what happens next and stuff but I also think that complaining about the artists behavior is nonsens and will not speed up process. And someone did, many people does (I am too lazy to search it).

          • The Guest

            Also I have to say that I chose the definicion “life-losers” because I couldn’t find another more “softer” explanation of what is happening in the comments quite a while. Sorry for that. You don’t know me. There is quite the misunderstanding here xD I normally don’t pussy around. I usually speak up what’s on my mind.
            This community used to be very cool. I posted many things and stuff back in the day. Eventually everything changes. People started to complain more than they did before. I didn’t like that and I still don’t like that.

            What I’m saying is (if you read closely, which you didn’t obviously but let’s pretend you did), that when some community is pissing ME (a reader) off, how does Akreon (the actual artist who is reading many comments) feel with such a community. I know that Akreon has a powerful mind and all. But it can still be very annoying over time

          • I study veterinary, work in a pet shop and my hobby is to draw, I understand what is to do a job of these quality, even if is a swetter (I loved the analogy XD) I don’t complain about the lack of updates, I just wanted to know what happened to Off-White
            “The guest”, you understood everything wrong, I feel sorry for you because you behave like “those life-losers in the comments” that you dislike so much
            Oh my, english is so complicated DXXXXX

          • The Guest

            This was only against people who are complaining and maybe hating. I didn’t like the comments here for a long time. True I want to know what happens next and stuff but I also think that complaining about the artists behavior is nonsens and will not speed up process. And someone did (I am too lazy to search it).

          • Blue

            You just did exactly what I asked you not to do in my original post. I asked for no hate or anything – I was stating an opinion, not looking for a discussion about it.
            And I disagree with you that high school is the easiest time of your life, and I know at least twenty seven other people who can confirm my view on this.

          • The Guest

            I didn’t lecture you. I just stated my own opinion on things. Tis wasn’t hating at all. If you read closely, I just stated my opinion on this comic and all the other people reading this comic. I didn’t hate, so I don’t understand why you bring this point up.
            If you have enough free-time to complain about this comic being slow, and if you have time to complain about other peoples life-style then your High School doesn’t seem so hard and all.
            And also… keep that in mind… High School is the smallest and the easiest part in your life-time. You will spend most of your life-time working. If you think that High School is already hard then think of this: life isn’t meant to be easy. Life is hard and it is not so that I don’t believe you that High School is hard for you and your classmates (at with point, bringing them up into this argument is nonsense… but whatever man.)
            I’m just stating that High School will be the easiest time of your life. I know everything you kids are going through. You maybe just forget the part that I too was in High School a few years ago.
            But I found out (and you actually will probably find it out for yourself soon) that life isn’t getting easier. It is getting harder. MUCH harder.
            Please, read closely. I never said that High School IS easy. I said that High School is THE EASIEST life-time.
            THat’s not lectureing.
            That’s not hating.
            That is just the truth.

            It is and it always will.

            Akreon isn’t at High School anymore. She also said that High School is the easiest life-time. She experienced it herself. Maybe it was hard for her too back in the day. It was hard for me, too back then…
            But everything coming afterwards is just getting harder…

            So AND NOW YOU CAN SAY I AM LECTURING YOU! x) My first comment was a statement. And THIS was actually a lecture x)

          • vienix

            you will get tired white-knighting the artists. i’ll give it 5 months max.
            we’ve been there. it’s ok, it’ll pass.

          • Pilot

            I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you on this. Everyone is different. Everyone. Maybe you’re right.. high school was easier. But just because it was for you, it doesn’t mean it has to be for all. I’m not saying my time in high school was all too hard, hell it was a breeze for me, but I know people who had a shit of a time in high school and it was the hardest fucking thing they have ever done. Yes, life isn’t meant to be easy, but that doesn’t mean that people are meant to work all the time. If you have issues finding free time for yourself or maybe you’re having a hard time right now, then that’s on you, not everybody else here.

            I would like to argue on some more of your points, but this is all that needs to be covered for me because of how blatantly and carefree you just decided on how everybody’s life is.

            And you say you don’t hate, but you lack tact in your responses.

          • Erica

            As Pilot mentioned, everyone experiences life differently.

            Personally, high school was, by far, the most difficult period of my life. For others, it may have been the easiest/funnest part of life but I know, for me and others, it was hell.

            And yet, at the time, I remember hearing the opinions of those older than me — those whom I had once looked up to — stating the exact same perspective as you; that high school is the best time of one’s life and that one should make the most of it.

            How did this make me feel? Frankly, like shit. My feelings felt invalidated and the future felt even more ominous and uncertain than before. Hearing “but high school is the easiest time of your life, wait until you enter the real world!”, did nothing to help me. On the contrary, it was actually rather damaging. Adolescence is a very tumultuous stage of life. And teenagers, especially, are susceptible to self-harm and even suicide. As Pilot mentioned, your post lacked tact. And I am going to add that it also lacked basic empathy and awareness.

            To any highschooler going through a difficult time: hang in there. It gets better. I know it did for me — substantially. 🙂

          • Artista

            Honestly, being a college student, I definitely would not want to go back to high school. College is a bit more fun, and doesn’t carry all the b.s. HS does. I’ve heard from older folks that your high school years are the “best years of no responsibility.”

          • Erica

            Hear hear. College was a great experience for me. I grew a lot and became a much better person. Yeah, there were some sleepless nights spent studying and some stressful last minute cram sessions. But I’d rather go through that than go through high school again.

          • Rookamillion

            College is freakin’ sweet if you ask me. XD

          • The Guest

            Also, I’m sending this with my smartphone so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to ask if something is phrased up badly.
            And here is another thing: I’m posting comments with my smartphone in the train home. The one and only actual free-time.

        • akreon

          We are at different stages of life so we value different things. It’s cool that you are starting early with your comic. High school is the chillest time so it’s good you’re using it well.

          • Peridactyl

            please just make, like, an announcement about how you view the comic at least. you don’t even need to speed the updates. just tell people that this comic isn’t your main focus instead of just saying it in the comments.

      • vienix

        was this so hard to say on the front page, years ago…?

      • That’s what I’ve always understood it as, glad me wonderings be confirmed!
        Although sometimes I wonder what happened to the sweater. D:

    • What is this and why did I upvote it.

  • Artista

    *reads comment shit storm* Hmph, I did unleash a monster, after all.

    • Peridactyl

      it’s not all you, not to be rude

      • Artista

        I didn’t interpret that as rude at all. I’m trying to be comic-relief. And I’m failing.

        • I have been dragged by your storm Artista, i haven’t post any comment here for a long time until i read your comment 2 days ago XDDDDDD

    • I recently came back from camp, so I’ve not been on for a while…

      Should I scroll down? D:

      • Rookamillion

        Sweet! Camping is fun!

      • Artista

        Only at your own risk.
        And camping is always fun. Even when you have to set up in the rain. Ah, good times!

  • Deluge
    • Cyon

      O’er the fields we go,
      Slaughtering reindeer,

      Oh wait that can’t be right…

  • Shadow Hunter
  • vienix

    it is really comforting to know how the authors feel about the frustration of what is left of their readership. Disregarding our main issues and concerns, making it so insignificant to just:

    “…Take a step back and remind yourself what is causing you this
    frustration – a cutesy webcomic about animals. Chill and enjoy the
    knitting for what it is…or don’t it up to you X)”

    Buried in a sea of comments. Not even bothering to just copy-paste such a statement to the front page, years ago. That is effective communication right there. I feel appreciated as a loooooong time reader that stuck through the drought and all!

    • akreon
      • vienix

        i am glad we get to see you engaging more with the fans as of recent, akreon.

      • Anon

        I’ll try to be brief: Akreon, I’m glad you’ve told us now where the comic’s priority in your life is. It’s perfectly okay and understandable, though I do wish we could have known sooner. No problem if the updates are still slow, and great that you all have other things in your lives. I’m sure you don’t need anyone reinforcing that opinion.

        The shitstorms have erupted mostly from lack of communication, as you’ve seen. I’ve been part of them. I don’t mean to be rude or demanding, but would you, Kate, or Alex be able to reply to a few comments whenever a new page is posted? Even if it’s like three few word replies, it would help. Or fanart features, doodles, anything. Posting that comment down there as a thing on the front page would be good to clear some things up and prevent some other rants.

        We probably do come off as a bit short tempered and whiny sometimes, based on deviantart comment replies, and I’ve certainly been part of it, but while you don’t have to do anything of course, I’m sure I speak for everyone in that it would be nice to hear more from you all.

        Hope you’re all having a good holiday anyways, and things in your life continue to be nice!

        • akreon

          I appreciate how level-headed you are 🙂 The solution is not as easy as it may seem though.

          Alex is a bit too new to the whole Off-white thing and I still want to shield her from the uglier parts of the community. She is beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. Y’all just break her and I need her for the actual comic

          Kate is the very opposite of Alex. She has zero patience and starts trolling and shit posting immediately. So she has been under a self inflicted ban from commenting for years now.

          I on the other hand am the worst combination of aloof and scatterbrained for this task. Even if I manage to muster enough fucks to give to do some community managing I’ll immediately get distracted by some shiny thing in the corner and wonder off.

          In conclusion we are good artists, ok-ish writes and absolute garbage community managers 😀 and you are stuck with us. Hah

          • could we possibly get a full-ish mod on here? like hire rook for example? he did manage the forums for a while until it died from lack of traffic.

          • akreon

            Sure, I can give modding right to some brave soul willing to comb trough this comment section. I just need a volunteer that won’t immediately turn into psycho führer and ban people on a whim.

          • Ichimatsu Matsuno

            If I can give imput I’d say Diznits, Aaron Gehn, and Pilot are the better choices, they keep a level head no matter what goes down and don’t seem like they’d abuse their power.

          • i agree, a vote for Diznits, Aaron Gehn, and Pilot!!


          • Artista

            I would nominate Gehn, but he isn’t as active on the site as much with life and all. Rook is easy-going and tries to lighten the mood. It’s just when the two of us get serious the world burns. I also propose Pilot. Not sure how often Pilot’s active, but he keeps a level-head and doesn’t put up with drama and nonsense. I think Bagnome would do well, too.

          • Ichimatsu Matsuno

            I keep forgetting rookamillion, they’re my other choice, and I haven’t seen Bagnome around

          • Artista

            *le gasp* Do you dare forget the Messenger for Archbishop Fab? He pulled out the Heresy Stamp on me! xD Bagnome comments every now and then.

          • Rookamillion

            A psycho-fuhrer… I have no idea what you are talking about…. I’m a very level-headed person……

            Day 1 of Rook Moderation:


          • Pilot

            I think you’d do good as a mod :A

          • Rookamillion

            Why, thank ya Pilot!

          • Artista

            I thought only Maxim would receive this….
            MEIN FUHRER!!

          • Artista

            That would so NOT be me. I’d only ban people on half a whim. ^^

          • Rookamillion

            Gehn did more of the forum management to be honest, Bob and I were like his sidekicks. XD

          • But… I miss Kate’s trolling. We were quite fond of it :c

  • L3Wilde

    is it just me or did my picture get featured…


    • Artista

      No. Your pic did get featured. I guess Akreon loved your holiday spirit.

      • L3Wilde

        aww yey 😀

    • It’s you.
      Just kidding.
      You deserved it.

      • L3Wilde

        I am honored ;u;

        • ya damn right you deserved it!

          it’s made me want to draw some off-white too hhhh

          • L3Wilde

            one of my inspirations has been inspired by a picture of mine? inspire-ception…

            2017 is turning out to be a good year.

          • i’m an inspiration? aaah god nooooooooooooo i’m not worthy of that you’re too much, friend hhhhhhhhh https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc8bbb540ae4138c9aa95cfc35f287665194fc511f5ea25920d6f0e1a493f690.jpg

          • L3Wilde

            you are most definitely worthy!! your art is so expressive and I love the colors you use and your HTTYD dragons?? woah. not even just those dragons tho, ALL of your dragons are A++ seriously whenever I need a pick-me-up I just go to your Deviantart and instantly feel inspired to draw all the things

            (i’m trying not to gush so much i’m sorry i’m such a n erd )

  • Artista

    I can hear it… The cannons ceasing, the shouts and cries that curdle the blood of the purest infants, the gale that rips through earth and tears the heavens, all coming to close. It is already over… And in a streak of light that pierces through the dark, cloudy fog stands the victorious Akreon.

    Featuring the Lion King!

  • Happy new year everyone. Hope it’s a better year for you all. 😀

    • L3Wilde

      Same to you!

  • Julian John Mckeon

    Raigho is Pacman!

  • Parody Hike

    super wolf strenght???