• TheRebelLion96

    First Kill.
    First Serve.

  • Bits and Pieces

    properly…Yes. conversations haunting energy … travel safety dance.. get away alive..alivealivealivealive…Ik humiliated -alive

  • Cute faces aside, I’m curious if they really need to posture themselves in such a way. After all, they’re all family, but I guess they want to be respectable at least (since they fail at catching deer)
    (Proceeding is what they are meaning without saying)
    Jera and Fehu: *we are unworthy of your excellent skills, Raigho! ;3;*
    Raigho: *Totz, I am ze best, guys and gals -w-*
    Iki: *I totally helped guys yah yah any food for me plz*

  • spirit

    that sly face from raigho tho

  • flyteck

    I love the lighting in the first panel *o*

    I didn’t realize how much the art had changed until I compared the two pages.. Poses are the same in some places, but infinitely better looking.

    • Artista

      I just hope they don’t improve it further. By the looks of it, each page might take around 5-6 hours to complete. But that first panel looks so cinematic!

  • Wolfie

    mwhaah XDD jera

  • Rookamillion

    Whoop whoop! New page!

    • Nick Lopez

      New Redo Page.

  • Nick Lopez

    Lol. ^^

  • Cyon


    It really stays true to the original image, and Jera’s expression on that final panel is just priceless.

  • I’m ridiculously happy with how true to the original this new page is <333


    Guys this means we only have a page or two left for us to finally see Seven and Albert again!

    • Shop Dog

      unless they add more dialogue, jera still has to finish insulating iki

      • Hence why I said “a page or two left” lol


  • Artista

    Well, everything from the old page just got more gorgeous.

  • Artista

    Jera, one of these volumes, Iki is going to go ape-shit on you. Of course, if Iki bottled up all of his feelings, then we would for sure. Suppressed emotions always come out one way or another.

  • Deluge

    It brings back our good memory, nostalgic xD

  • Ven

    Happy New Year guys! 🙂 We are one step closer to new content – only one more redo page and we are starting with Volume 2 prologue! We will also have a small surprise for you as well so stay tuned 🙂

    • Swifs

      sounds great!

  • *Hallelujah chorus begins in first panel ♪*

  • I still can’t get over how much improvement to the style and overall art has occurred. Yet another beautiful page! <3

  • Artista



    And comparing and contrasting.

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    It sure brings back some memories <3

  • Anonymous

    -The art on this page is gorgeous, especially the perspective and detail in Jera’s fur in the last panel. The blood on Raigho’s mouth looks great too.

    -A teensy critique (which may just be taste): it kinda feels like the entire pack is made to be incompetent to show off Raigho. It doesn’t help that the last page wasn’t corrected to include the prey’s wounds, so it makes it seem like three wolves could accomplish nothing.

    -Back to good stuff: Super happy to see the audience being spoken to again. Now that I know this is like a sweater, I won’t read it with such a hard mind. Sorry for harsher criticism in the past, I used to think this was a dedicated big project for publication, so I commented as such.

    • Ven

      Hey 🙂 About the blood on the previous page – it will be fixed but we want to focus on finishing the redo batch first, especially since there is only one page left. Akreon will fix the blood when she has a spare minute soon 🙂

  • Winter Dawn Paw

    I love this comic, but one question. How do you do the text bubbles

  • Julian John Mckeon

    Jera: Are you ever going to be useful, Iki?

    Iki: Depends; are you ever going to escape our racial stereotype and not be a bitch?

    I also realised that personality-wise, Iki is a lot like Tucker from Red vs Blue.

    • Artista

      Why can’t these lines be in the comic?

  • Rookamillion
    • Artista

      Holy s*** it’s been nine years. Damn I feel so old…

      • Rookamillion

        I know, it’s crazy to think it’s been that long…..

  • L3Wilde

    Wanted to tell a joke about reindeer, but I doubt anyone would caribout it :,c (seriously tho, been having a lot of trouble with puns for a while. It hurts.)

    Strained puns aside! I love this page. It’s v beautiful! keep being pawesome, OW trio <3

    • Pilot

      Hey, that pun sleighed me

  • Looking at the three of them running out of the sunlight like that in the first panel like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYJzcUvS_NU

    • Cyon

      First time I’ve ever seen the original video 😛 What year was the song even made?

  • *tries to get over how pretty the clouds are again*

  • Nafsi Sookie

    This is great! This is the exact same page as the original one, only redone in the new style! I don’t know why this made me so happy… :’)

  • Is it just me or is the shading changing from very simple to very detailed and back? It’s making me nervous for some reason.

    • Artista

      It’s more detailed when there are close-up, like Jera’s last panel. Realistically, the farther away the subjects is the less detail there is.

  • Cyon

    Gebo has quite a face in the second panel…

    Whats the time?

    • Deluge

      Hmmmm…? Somethings missing?

  • StarMoon

    geez jera ,not like you did any better the iki :l
    BTW love the backgrounds on this one :3

    • Peridactyl

      Well, she actually did put some effort into the hunt, biting and injuring the elk along with Fehu and Isa X) even if the plan failed

      • SupperMoon

        That’s true but still she could actually take the roll in being a mother and show him instead of insulting him every time. :

        • Peridactyl

          I mean she has her reasons but still

          • SupperMoon

            If you ask me not vary good reasons :l just because she has lost 2 of her own doesn’t mean that she can just faver the one and not take care of iki (I know he’s a magic sprit and all but at the time he was alone and lost pup you think she have some kind of respect) just saying :/

  • Deluge
    • Rookamillion

      Oh my God. XD

      • I though he said he was selling chocolate!

      • Tick Tock

        Well that was chicken shit :/ yet pritty bam funny XD

    • Artista

      This guy’s got more than class.

  • Shop Dog

    ya im back sorry im late to the sunset

  • Cyon

    So as I’m scrolling down I go past an ad called “Don’t read the comments”…


  • Rookamillion

    Still patiently awaiting the free icon of the holy Fab to be added to the freebies section… XD

  • Artista

    Iki in a nutshell: The rebellious teenage wolf that’s lazy; always beaten by Daddy.

    • Rookamillion

      More like mommy. Raigho doesn’t get like that until Iki starts acting a fool involving humans. XD

      • Artista

        But in this instance he gets beaten by Daddy because he’s way too slow.

  • wahots55

    So much improvement since the last page!

    • Snowman

      Yes I agree. A- LOT of improvement :3 everything looks so pretty, even the sky like looks beautiful, as the snowman in frozen would say the sky is awake XD jk that’s only at night. But still..

  • Shop Dog

    oo feature comments. fancy

  • Mori-Ookami

    Anyone know where the authors were able to learn the runes for this comic? I decided I want to use either elder or young futhark for my own story. I figured it would be easier and faster than developing my own old language. I’m not skilled like J.R.R. Tolkien.

    • they just did a simple letter switch from the below chart. although the language is much more complicated then that.


      • Nick Lopez


      • Mori-Ookami

        Thank you so much. I may have to do it this way. I know it won’t be accurate, but this is going to save a ton of time.

      • Cyon

        Very cool! It takes originality to invent a whole new alphabet

    • I’m not trying to be like J. R. R Tolkien, but my perfectionism won’t let me make a simple letter switch as satisfactable. >.<
      (You may as well just use another language and then do a letter switch. Tada~ That way it’s a little more like a different language!)

    • Rookamillion
      • Artista

        The solution to Life’s problems.

        • Shop Dog

          accept for those awquard times when a new boss comes in. and throughs away all the maintenance manuals and microfilm because she wants her employees to go paperless and look everything up online. meantime in the real world her employees are trying to get some costume peace of equipment from the 1970 going and now struggling because they no longer have the documentation for it. thanks boss this is so much more efficient. looking up something that isnt there! rather than just having the damn manual written by the guy who made it!

          • Artista

            I hate the desire to go paperless. Paper can be filed and is available as long it isn’t burned or 300+ years old.

          • Artista

            Paperless makes me cringe. Files can get infected, deleted, damaged, edited etc. The internet does not have everything. Your boss is an airhead. I’d flip my shit, probably.

          • Shop Dog

            well to be clear this is my gramps last boss and she is, or was running san onofre nuclear power station and the sdge region of the southwest power grid for the united states covering southern California northern Baja California and a bit of navada. she’s also really annoyingly left leaning and progressive to a fault she cares more about being politically correct than for safety of her employees and maintaining the part of the power grid there responsible for. workers have actually been killed because of the negligence of people running sdge

          • Artista

            Wait, how does her being ‘politically correct’ affect her employees well-being?

          • Shop Dog

            she has a tendency to hire employees based on there political leanings and there skin color regardless of there safety record education or qualifications for the job, like hiring electrical engineers who couldn’t read electrical diagrams because to artificially raise cultural diversity. these people who didn’t know what they where doing would often break or get themselves hurt. sometimes these employees would steal or cock the book on work done that wasn’t actually done. once in a bored meeting they asked one of these guys to draw a circuit for a repeater and he latterly just drew a square on a peace of paper, submitted it to her and got paid for it. as i’m sure you can imagine putting people like this can put a lot of strain on the people who actually have to cover for the work these people where not doing but she would try to remove any one who called them out. and would fire them based on the company not being culturally diverse enough to keep them. as workers where replaced safety regulations where ignored further. leading to even more accidents as there where not enough capable people left in the company for these guys to just piggy back off of anymore, these guys who agin couldn’t actually read electrical diagrams well and often acted complacent ignoring the dangers of electricity would end up getting themselves shocked to death.

          • Shop Dog

            any ways im trying to get involved with the faa rather than sdge since they actually take safety of people in the industry quite seriously. but even then have gone into the OBSOLETE DELEET HYSTERIA of trying to abandon all analogue mediums as fast as possible, even though analogue tube computers are plenty capable of the fairly simple job of following beacons and compass headings. and hey there not as susceptible to emp bomb data corruption like most new airplanes these days. tubes are pretty hard to kill that way.

  • We usually post stuff like this in the comments, so I’ll go ahead—we’re grieving here over a school shooting. Four injured, one dead (the shooter, he shot himself and died later on.) I’m not one for “thoughts and prayers” but, you know.

    • Nuuu why ;-;
      I hope things are getting better on your end. D:

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. If anything, I’m relieved to know that no victims have been killed. I hope everyone recovers fully…

    • Rookamillion

      Well it’s fortunate none of the victims died… My deepest condolences to those children for the trauma they must have suffered.

      • We all hope they can recover. But if you could only see this, man. The city itself seems to be upset. At school, you could cut the fear with a knife. It’s horrible, and everyone’s so shaken. We’d never seen anything like this before, especially not in Monterrey. The whole country is grieving. There’s a certain beauty to that unity, but it wasn’t for the right reasons.

        • Artista

          Tragedy often reminds us of what’s most important in life. Ironically, it has a way of bringing people together. I’m deeply sorry for what happened. Any update on the survivors?

          • Not yet. None of them have died, thankfully, but I haven’t heard anything else.

      • Artista

        At least that fuckwit is rotting in hell right now.

  • i finally got my book published. its goes on sale this 22nd. iam so happy!!! ;u;


    • Rookamillion

      Congratulations! For all the people looking for a good comic to read, I highly recommend this one, especially if you are into Macabre themed comics. I’ve enjoyed every page of it I’ve read thus far. My compliments especially on the carrion monster. It’s legitimately creepy.

  • Artista

    My fellow Americans, we are entering a new Age. Welp, good luck!

    • Rookamillion

      It’s going to be an interesting next few years, that’s for sure.