• Shop Dog

    othalia seems even more bipolar than jera. one moment she’s hollering for her pack to come and kill them the next she’s all pice and love. she’s like those hipsters that act all peaceful and all accepting, but as soon as you start asking them questions on any thing deeper that a superficial level they counteract themselves and look no more convincing than whoever there standing agenst. at least with jera her psychotic behavior is consistent. where as this girls like “o you’re my long lost uncle person guy that i haven’t seen for like a quarter of my life, INSTA LOVE”

    • Artista

      It’ll meet the ‘redo brush’ soon.

      • lara

        I thought it was just because they’re animals? They can be like that in our world already, It didn’t came as a surprise to me when this “intelligent” wolves showed strong, almost-sudden changes in attitude. Also, the emotions are so linked to their ears and tails, it causes a great contrast between them, without necessarily meaning they completely changed their stance. I apologize if the idea didn’t make it through, English is not my native language :I Great comic, by the way!