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  • Tansaki

    OMG its the BBA!!!!

    (blackblood alliance)

    • lolwut


      • Tristan

        Look at the comics. (The Blackblood Alliance is a comic by Kay Fedewa)

        • Macy

          Wow, thats funny!

    • Veeda

      I love BBA

  • Keftense

    Anti-tank launcher + frag grenades = happiness

  • mysteriouswhitewolf

    I find it amusing how she mixes normal girly stuff with weapons of destruction, and then the random comics. Lol.

    • WildatHeart

      I do too. Its wierd yet amusing. Shes an odd one.


    They Put 3 of my fav’s! The (Epic) BBA, Frags, and (I think) a mofo Strela-3 Air Craft Lock-On (only) Rocket Launcher!!!!!!! That doesn’t really make up for the fact the she kills wolves but I like how she thinks a little bit more now :P


      Come to think of it…that frag almost looks like an F1 Frag ‘Nade…

    • WolfNightV4X1

      Green day forever,indeed

  • http://facbook wolf blead11

    I love the blackblood alliance

    • Amber

      i do too

      • hannah

        I was shocked that it had BBA comic!!!!! It’s epic

      • nightrun0

        same here

        • Rainshadows

          Is it still going? Last i checked the site was abandoned

  • Izzy

    My reaction:

    “Whoa you would think she’d be a tom-…
    oh wait, never mind!” XD

  • CoolPie

    is it just me or did anyone else see him over there yelling “COLD COLD COLD” in the background of the first part of this page?

    • Ivylight

       Yup.  Made me giggle. x3

  • Sky

    Hehe I love this page.

  • Nakomiwolf

    HOLLY CRAP! 4th time reading this and NOW I notice the BBA! I LOVE THAT COMIC!

    • IceWolf2212

      BEST COMIC EVER EY? (of course its about the same as this one XD)

      • Mistclaw of shadowclan

        These are my two all time favorite comics the BBA and Off White!!!^^

  • LuigiDesigner

    haha what every women wants , a frag granade and a anti-tank rocket loucher oh an the shoes who combines.

    • amakuza

      true on that buddie!I’m one of them -w-d

  • NightRade

    Frag Grenades? Rocket Launcher? Women, You scare me sometimes.

    • okami129

      My kind of woman. XD I just love her.

      • HaloOkami

        O we’re not that scary :3(>:3) HaloOkami

    • Altea the white wolf

      it’s so we can get rid of “unresolved issues” with ex boyfriends. >’ D
      the icon has one eye as a Shilo refrence. MHWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  • Valkyrie

    Did nobody get that last part with the ring, and the blush when Albert intrudes on her fantasy?

    • Confusion


    • Tayenne

      Oh glob. o.o

  • ElementalQuest

    I’m not the only one who noticed the BBA comic cover am I?

    • RandomWolfaboo


    • Kagethevampireking

      i noticed too. thats a great webcomic too

  • Mary Kate


  • AnimalLover15

    Omg That girl is girlyer then i though!

    • Kitchi

      She’s dreaming of rocket launchers and frag grenades, and you call her girly? O.o

      • Eid

        You’d be surprised how many people with vaginas also appreciate lethal weaponry just as much as shoes.

        Multi-tasking, see.
        *Badum chhhh!* (See what I did there? A sexist joke! <–Dear Internet, I Am J-O-K-I-N-G.)

  • Wolfstalker

    In the first slide the dude in the back ground is doing the Evil Scienstist Move…

    • Wolf_Girl17

      lmfao, and its hilarious to watch!

    • Sayjayikoiko

      Goodness I didn’t think about it before but that is just so true!!!:O

  • Mrwarriorchicken

    I want an anti-tank rocket launcher for christmas :3

  • Msmirielle2003

    Lol she wants a Bba comic XD

  • Laurie

    «Boss is smiling !» XDD

  • vroomcat

    Me: Oh, she’s loosening up!

  • wolfgirl6

    I would smack him…lol…

  • Helixwolf

    So is she tracking the white spirit to make clothes out of him or to save the world?

    • Baltobud8

      People want to transfer the white spirit to a human body.

      • Helixwolf

        Yeah just wondering and since when was Seven a fan of Marvel?

        • Hypetonian

          And DC apparently . . .(Marvel’s better) . . .

  • Brianna Phipps

    Am I the only one seeing the Albert whining about cold in the background in the 1st panel

    • Maya Bary


  • Tutuwolf

    Did Anyone Else Notice The BBA Comic? XD

    • oh man


  • Ink_Raven

    I like how Albert is still whining about the cold in the background. XD

  • SpeedyWolf

    An AT rocket launcher and frag grenades… Thats a girl for me XD

  • Mchael Sander

    Shoes and grenades… I really like her now!

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    My gosh, this woman belongs in Lollipop Chainsaw!

  • Cursed~

    Yay bba (Black blood alliance) comic

    • GoldenWolf95

      I saw it in there too… I love that comic! LOL

  • eclipsewolf25

    well that was a big change to the face

  • Creole

    I’m just trying to picture her shooting the ant-tank rocket launcher while in red stilettos….and I can’t stop laughing, I try so hard….. c’x

  • WolfNightV4X1

    hehehe, Seven is my favorite person because she’s one of those girly girls that’s also freaking badass on the side!

  • vXCinderpeltvX

    oh hes no no he cant be hes jeff zah killer!!

  • Artista


    • Jeremy Girvan

      Dude, you’re awesome!!!

  • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

    freezing my…? XD This page so funny

  • ShadowsOfTheBeyond

    Seven isn’t girly… grenades ?

  • Millitrix

    Why the flip does she want a grenade and an anti-tank rocket launcher?

  • ahkeria

    lol seven wants the wierdest thing ever! i mean, granades and gold rings?

  • WolfNightV4X1

    Good to know spiderman and black blood alliance exist in that world…

    Also, seriously does nobody notice the last part of Seven’s daydream? As a hardcore shipper I just think that’s supposed to be an engagement ring…to Albert…which is why she’s blushing.

    • ArcticWolfSpirit

      Id ship them.

  • Melody Liu

    Fabulous reed heels, a blue diamond ring, lovely pink goggles and all that girly stuff…she says that with a fangirl “squee”, blushing, and all.

    Then she wants a frag grenade. (._.)

    • Rainstormwolf55

      Dont forget about the rocket launcher! :D

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